Photo & Video
3.2 (5)
3.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for PhotoShelter

3.2 out of 5
5 Ratings
2 years ago, eyelikeart
Doesn’t work as it should
I’ve use this app for years, and the last few months I’ve been unable to send permissions to clients because the screen cuts off as an email link at the very top on iPhone. Please fix this!
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2 years ago, NoHoWarlord
Love his app but it just
I love this app but is anyone else finding it consistently crashing on startup? I’m sure it’s me but just thought I would mention it. This is a fantastic platform don’t let that comment dissuade you I will endeavor to update this. Great app great platform.
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8 years ago, WyPhotog
Nice but could be better with simple upgrade
This app hasn't been updated in more than a year. It's really nice but could use some upgrades that would be really simple. For instance, you can't save an image from your archive directly to your Camera Roll without a watermark. Just add an option! But lately it seems like PS is focusing on Libris and isn't interested in putting much effort into updating their mobile app and platforms for individual users, which is unfortunate because individuals are their bread and butter.
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2 months ago, xbFIFTEEN
Horrible app
Not intuitive, clunky, missing so many features. Feels like a free app from the very first release of the very first App Store ever. Time to do better PhotoShelter! People are paying you for a service, least you can do it put some effort into the app ui.
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1 year ago, Joel_C
Useless for multi-user accounts
Support for multi-user accounts is unsupported so this app is unusable for us.
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9 years ago, John H Harrington
Exceptional tool makes Photoshelter even better!
With this app the ability to manage and invite clients to the galleries and receive notifications that clients have accessed and downloaded images gives me piece of mind that the final steps in fulfilling our client deliverables has been completed on time and as promised. The Photoshelter app allows me to manage past assignment client deliverables while on another assignment in the field. For example when covering the President at the White House, we often have to pre-set our equipment an hour or two before an event. One morning I was in position on the South Lawn of the White House and had two hours before an event was scheduled to begin and the event was to take an hour, so I would be out of pocket for 3 hours, as I also had my post-production person on hand so we both were not going to be near a computer for 3 hours. About 10 minutes before the event was to start, a client contacted me with an urgent need. I was able to solve what could have been a client problem with the app in just a few minutes, and not miss a beat as my assignment began.
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9 years ago, cksisson
A stellar first version
This handy app is a good example of the tool I didn’t think I wanted but already can’t do without. The beta quickly became part of my workflow, with the easy “Save to Camera Roll” finding more use than I expected. It has become increasingly important to attach photos to tweets and Facebook posts so they stand out better, but it’s not worth the effort to pull from Photoshelter on my desktop. It’s lightning fast on my phone, and now I can accent my social media posts with my own photos instead of someone else’s. As a result, I’m using my photos more on social media, increasing followers and influence. I also like being able to quickly send a link to clients that enables them to download the full resolution tiff, so I never miss a sale, even if I have to go to the doctor or want to take the evening off and catch a movie. One star off for a few minor things: galleries are showing as unlisted on the phone when they show as listed on the desktop. Also, keyword phrases join the words together into a single word, ie. “MardiGras” instead of “Mardi Gras.” On my wish list: Please, please, please give me the ability to read, write, and edit IPTC info. It would be nice to simply proof or write captions, add keywords, etc., while I’m waiting in line, trying to fall asleep, or doing something equally unproductive. All in all, for version one, Photoshelter has knocked it out of the park. Very nice.
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8 years ago, sterlingz
This app is obviously just an MVP in terms of UI and functionality, and yet it hasn't been updated in nearly six months, a very troubling sign. Seems like abandonware, dead on arrival after we waited for so long. It's simply inexcusable to be heading into 2016 with an app that's not optimized for the 6/6+ screen resolutions when millions upon millions of those phones have shipped over the last 14 months. Shame on Photoshelter - which is supposed to be a photographer's platform after all. Resolution matters! We want out images and the UI to be as sharp as possible. This kind of half-assed development effort, along with other SEO problems on the platform, really makes me question whether to continue with my subscription.
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9 years ago, MLV
Worthy add-on for a mobile workflow.
Being constantly on the move, away from the studio and mainly doing location photography the app has opened up a wide array of options of ways to streamline my workflow. I can upload to galleries samples of on-location shoots while they are happening, scouting session and such; and also I can search and download to my iPhone any image I might need to show or review, you can also send direct download links to clients. It's fast, it's easy and it's mobile!
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9 years ago, 08MSTRCLSS80
Absolutely Fantastic
As a commercial and editorial photographer, the fast, reliable delivery of jobs to clients is an essential part of both my workflow and my brand. This app puts my entire archive of 50,000 images in the palm of my hand and gives me the power to fulfill requests and solve problems no matter where I am in the world. Big thanks to the team at Photoshelter for giving me yet another way to get the job done and for making sure I look good while doing it!
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5 years ago, sad nikon user
It’s ok.
This app is ok. But it could be so much better. The desktop version is great though. Online support for the mobile version would be nice too.
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9 years ago, phatpat88
Finally a mobile App!
I've been asking for this mobile app for years now and the PhotoShelter team has finally delivered. Upload images, manage security, get notifications of downloads and more. I'm really excited to see how this app continues to develop. My BIG request is to see image details for the download notifications, a file name at the very least if not a thumbnail, too.
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9 years ago, Maryellen J
Essential Tool! So excited to have photoshelter’s mobile app! I am on the road a lot. This app gives me the tool to deliver images to in a more timely manner making for happier clients! The notifications also allow me to keep on top on who is downloading images, comp or those with permission. Love the look of the mobile galleries also. Very modern and sleek. Thank you Photoshelter!
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9 years ago, JackKurtz
Indispensable If You’re a PhotoShelter Member
This app is invaluable if you’re a PhotoShelter member. You can do all of your archive management right from your iPhone (or iPad). If you’re photojournalist working in the field with wifi equipped cameras this app opens new doors into portability. You no longer need a computer. Edit and caption on your iPad and file directly to your PS account. Very highly recommended.
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9 years ago, Bwana2012
I've been waiting for this app
I've long begged for this app to manage my one terabyte consisting of more than 164,000 images. It's gives me anytime, anywhere access to manage my entire library from my phone to download, upload or send images as well as manage permissions of galleries and collections. Love it and enjoyed using it during the beta phase.
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9 years ago, Brendan bannon
The app is great. It allows me to conduct business sharing and selling work from wherever I am in the world in an instant. Previously I had to have an assistant handle requests in real time or wait until connected by computer. I'm almost always connected by device now and with the app connected to clients and quickly passing opportunities.
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9 years ago, Pete Marovich
I always wanted a way to access my archive easily when not having a computer nearby. This app rocks! There have definitely been times when I got an email from a client requesting an image but could not accommodate them as quickly as they (and I) would have liked. The new app has solved that problem!
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5 years ago, LFols
Not great
Well, where do I start...this app doesn’t let you access certain permissions. If it does, it’s impossible to figure out. You can’t see what clients are downloading. It’s hard to scroll through galleries when it’s on full screen, it’s glitchy when you try in general to browse and just doesn’t scroll mid-gallery. I thought this would update after like 3-5 years... it hasn’t. I use it because it’s slightly convenient but like .....come on.... this is a pathetic app for a professional company.
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9 years ago, kevinGEEdavis
Amazed by the simplicity and necessary features
I expected this to be a lot harder to use due to all the complexity needed to manage professional photography but this is a breeze. I hardly qualify as a Pro but love the ability mange everything on the fly. It's also lightening fast when on wi-if. That was a very pleasant surprise.
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5 years ago, livinsales
No iPhone XS screen support
Bizarre this is one of the only apps on my iPhone XS that doesn’t support full screen. I thought apple wouldn’t even allow apps to be updated further without screen support in all devices. Looks bizarre, big screen with small app. Also pretty far behind. Doesn’t get much support anyway from what I can tell. UI is the same as it has been for years without much attention to design enhancements and usability improvements.
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9 years ago, timmatsui
Tim Matsui
If you’re an editorial or stock photographer, knowing that your images are backed up in the cloud and accessible by mobile, then Photoshelter and its app are what you’ll want. I worked with the beta and enjoyed its utility. The full app is out now and worth using. I literally sent a file to a client while the airplane door was closing.
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9 years ago, Quinn Ryan
Photoshelter is already the best online image archive management and website solution, and now with this app, I can access and send my images to clients from wherever I am working in the world, without even needing a laptop. Well worth the wait! Thanks Photoshelter crew for this!
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9 years ago, Dave Einsel
Super fast easy way to hit my archive from anywhere. Complete functionality from the mobile device. Finally don't feel the need to have my laptop all the time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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9 years ago, Legolas0720
I have loved photo shelter from the beginning and begged and hoped for this mobile version! It is so functional and easy! Having access toy archive will be so helpful especially as I travel to far away places!
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9 years ago, iPhone is Great!
Great mobile app
I think the ability to check and search for images off of my cellphone is invaluable. Working off my iphone primarily when I travel, this app will be great.
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9 years ago, barbera
So happy they have this out now..
I'm going to use it for bit, and it worked very well. This makes an already fantastic Service photoshelter even better.. Thank you..
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9 years ago, _Meanwhile
Lacks iPhone 6+ support!
Great concept, long overdue. Currently the app lacks support for the iPhone 6+ - can't imagine I'm the only photographer who opted for a larger screen. I wish the app also showed some of the details available on the website, such as viewer stats with ip address, popular downloads and others. Looking forward to future updates
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9 years ago, nattyb_
Love it!!!
I love being able to access my entire archive with just a few taps! Sending images has never been easier! It also makes #tbt a pice of cake 😉
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9 years ago, Amacrae
Great tool tied to a great service
I’ve been with PhotoShelter nearly from the beginning and have been hoping for this to come along. It really makes the PhotoShelter package complete and unbeatable. Thanks folks, this is great!
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6 years ago, sramones
Frustrating bugs in features and ux
Things like the notifications not giving details on which images are being downloaded or once you hit the search icon you can’t get out of it, make me hate the app
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9 years ago, kentnish
Great way to manage and access my archive on the go! Easy to use and intuitive design makes for a headache free experience. Great job Photoshelter team!
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5 years ago, jrich07
Doesn’t work and web site is horrible
Says error loading data. And the website on a phone browser is absolutely horrible and almost impossible to use. Clunky, buggy, and just not functional.
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9 years ago, Pinochle
Been waiting for a mobile app for years! It's finally here! Thanks guys!!!!!
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9 years ago, Photo Bee 1
Great app
This app now that I have downloaded it works great. Very useful to show photos
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3 months ago, ilober
Outdated, broken functionality?
This app had potential but it wasn't update much and the last time was over a year ago. It's nice to be able to browse my photos/folders though the views are lacking. The main complaint I have is uploading through the App downsizes RAW files, for example from 4040x6064 (32.6mb) to to 1536x2308 (1.3mb) ... not good! Uploading the same image/s through the browser interface retains all the meta data and sizing. This makes the app a lot less valuable to use as a photo business tool. The help files on PS for the mobile app says "Formally supported devices: iPhone 5 & 6, Nexus 4/5x/6/7, and Samsung 4/S4/S5. Compatible devices: iPad, iPad mini, and iPod." How OLD is that??
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8 years ago, thebmrust
Not completely functional
If you upload a gallery or collection, and edit the permissions with the app, you CANNOT limit downloads OR set NO downloads. This leaves your images open to clients to download all and as often as you want.
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9 years ago, HQF Studio
Great app! You can control all your images from here.
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9 years ago, BoogieJ
Finally!!! The app is everything I was expecting plus more. The Photosheter crew hit the nail on the head.
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8 years ago, mcuna
App upload process slow.
Does not display all the photos in a certain folder on my phone -- only 6/45.
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9 years ago, Storax
Love it!
Nice work, PhotoShelter!!! This app is awesome!
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7 years ago, Evan Cahill
My thoughts
App is honestly terrible
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9 years ago, msb1982
Great, though a few quirks on iphone5 with ios7
Update 14 June 2015: I figured out a way to get the app to work on my iphone 5 with ios7. If you click on something in the "recent work" section of the home screen the app becomes unresponsive. However, if you instead click on the buttons on the bottom of that screen (notifications, images, etc.) it works perfectly. Once I figured that out, I love the app. Perfect way to access hundreds of gigs of photos while on the road. I know I'll be using this while traveling and a licensing request comes in. Mobile access to archives was the one thing missing from photoshelter (I've been a member for nearly a decade!) and this app solves that. Couldn't ask for better. Only giving 4 stars because of the issue described above. Original review: I've been waiting for this for ages, and the preview video looks amazing. However, I can't access any galleries and most buttons don't work on my iphone5 running iOS 7.
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9 years ago, CRadecic
owner, Christy Radecic Photography
So excited to have this app finally at my fingertips! Downloaded, logged in and I have immediate access to see my images both listed and unlisted. I can access requests for clients on location and makes a full res transaction and sale without any delay. Thank you @photoshelter!
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