Piano Keyboard App: Play Songs

4.5 (8.4K)
212.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yokee Music
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Piano Keyboard App: Play Songs

4.46 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Sunshine and me
Would like the opportunity to try app
I opened this app for the first time last night. Today, I can not have access to use this app unless I give an outstanding review. (High star rating). It feels very unethical to give a high star rating. I've have no experience wIth what could possibly be the most outstanding experience. Now questioning the integrity of the developers. To stay in integrity with myself, I will succumb to this manipulation. But will defiantly come back to revise my review.
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4 years ago, Els BG
Scam - beware
Apparently, my daughter downloaded this months ago. I was alerted to the fact that we were being charged for the premium version - $7.99/week. This was surprising to me considering she is not able to make purchases without my passcode permission. I immediately cancelled the subscription. Then I received a receipt last night for $7.99, again. I called Apple and they informed me that I have been charged $7.99/week for the past month and a half. They put in a refund request for $53. We do not have this app on any of our devices and I’m very frustrated that our subscription randomly renewed and has been charging us weekly. I did not receive an email about this until last night. Something tricky and unethical is going on here.
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4 years ago, Debugging Needed
Not as advertised
I’m have no idea why there all these 5 stars reviews. I got the trial app; couldn’t access more than 1 1/2 octaves and found no controls anywhere on the screen other then further reducing the number of playable keys. Also, kept getting notifications to win today’s contest by playing The Entertainer perfectly; from what music? In addition it took 3 weeks to figure out how to cancel this subscription that I would have preferred to cancel before the trial subscription ended. Meanwhile, four charges of $7.99 appeared on my credit card. Apple is working on a refund. The piano does seem to play, adequately, the available pitches but is otherwise useless to me, a professional keyboard player. I only tried it in hopes of augmenting a broken KAWAI keyboard at the college where I work which had 3 broken piano keys in the most used area of the keyboard.
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11 months ago, beckymcclendon
Piano keyboard app play songs
I have not tried it yet. Every time I click on it to play it, you keep wanting me to review the app. I review it & when I click on it to play the keyboard the rate it thing pops up again and again and agin to review it again. I have not managed to try it yet. It did it again. It keeps doing the same thing. I already rated this app. I guess I will have to delete the app. Ok it’s an enigma I can’t get on the app to play the beyboard it keeps doing the same thing over & over again so I’m deleting it. It’s a vicious circle ⭕️ it’s so Crazy😝😜😛😝😜⭕️
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6 years ago, Woodstock 4309
Forced to give a 5 star review to get access?
Thought so, but now that I am writing a review, I get a chance to rate (rebate)? Review 2.0 I do like the ability to play the keys to find my correct pitch. I cannot play any songs....My shortcoming, not theirs. the sound is great in that it replicates the sound of piano and allows me to practice vocalizing. What would be really cool is the space above the keyboard could show the note on the Treble and Bass Staves.
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6 years ago, SuperThunderFlynn
Very Much Fun
This is the first piano program that I have tried, but I am totally enjoying it. I played the piano for years when I was young. Anything from classical to boogie woogie to blues to rock and roll. I haven't played in years and am disabled with arthritic hands for one thing. I got ahold of this program and think it is great. I can choose the size of the keyboard depending on what I'm playing. That's my favorite part. Have fun with it.
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1 year ago, Addie Luna and frogs and dogs
This app is amazing
This app is amazing I downloaded it last night it was amazing even tho I only got to play for a minute but this app is amazing it teaches great songs but you don’t get to search the song you want to play my favorite song on piano keyboard is I hope and I bet if you download this game you will love it so what are you waiting for download it
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4 years ago, Glideforever
Great app!
I have been looking everywhere for a specific app just like this. I don't get much adds and I can enjoy playing the piano peacefully!! This is an amazing app that I use a bunch!! It's also not confusing how to work everything-like all the other apps I've used. Also, talk about sound quality! Once again, this is an amazing app that I really appreciate! :) ~User
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2 years ago, RyanKnaggs
It’s just a piano keyboard!
This is just a piano keyboard I like it because you can record a piece a song on it and that’s all I need it for. So why would I wanna pay eight dollars in a week for this!? I think that’s pretty dumb it’s not necessary and I think the people who wrote the program are a little bit greedy. I’m thankful for that you wrote it but why are you being so money hungry about this? I’m a computer programmer myself maybe I’ll write one and just give it away to people so they can enjoy it!
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5 years ago, McMele
Playback Time
Stop letting your device do all the work playing music—time for you to play your own! I love my Piano! Like to sing? Pick the key and starting note perfectly with Piano! Save time when a new tune comes to mind—work it out and record the theme for later use on Piano! My muse has a new friend who goes everywhere and is ever ready to play. Great app!
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6 years ago, Hans Urs von Balthasar
Non-musician enabled to do simple tasks!
I have been using this app for a few months. I’ve never rated or reviewed it before now, so I don’t know what the “had to 5Star it to make it work” posts are about. I am a non-musician. I cannot read music nor learn to read music. It’s a brain thing, not a choice. But with this app I am able to compose simple tones, which is great for my purposes.
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3 months ago, Charistea
It feel magic like you know How to play every song
A lot’s of song i play here i don’t learn from the app but when i tap i know the right Note to play even no other app can help me this app feel’s magic like you know every song it make me want to learn more and more piano song
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3 years ago, sitting in Callicoon
meets my needs
I sing in a choir and this keyboard is very helpful when it comes to practicing my part. I don’t use all the bells and whistles, just the basic piano keyboard. I like that you can slide up or down to display higher or lower notes. The ads are a minor nuisance, but given my limited needs, I’m not about to spring for a subscription or whatever.
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2 months ago, KuromiDrawing
I recommend this app!
When I’m using this app for theory. It always helps me know that I am doing the correct note or pitch! There could be a longer piano though and maybe a button where you can adjust the size of the piano so it can and will fit your hands when your playing it! (Please add this!)
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6 days ago, Clauliz1
Omg the best piano app ever
Ok so I’m Analee and I just downloaded this today, but I started writing on a paper what piano music I can make I mixed those together and I saved the recording so I love this app my mom and dad are so nice and excited cause my dad always wanted me or my siblings to do piano I guess the middle child did that 😍😍😍😍❤️
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4 years ago, Diane W L
Easy to use but annoying rating window
The piano app itself works fine. Easy and friendly to use. But the obstacle of “rate us” before the keyboard appears is very annoying. Yes, I have to say it did the job! I’m commenting now after putting up with this for a month, but I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars for the daily annoyance.
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2 years ago, snowflake the chicken
It’s a good app
It’s fun allows me to practice piano but some things are kind of hard to do what I mean by that is I can only download one song that I play and I may need to download seven because I have needed to it’s fun but sometimes I need to download more songs it’s kind of mean to have a premium
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2 years ago, avoidablewade
Like concept but have to pay b4 trying
The concept is great but you have to start 7 day trial to even see keyboard or give 5 star rating. Guess I can be bought cheaply. Giving the rating hoping it will be worth the weekly cost. Will update afterwards.
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1 year ago, Jesus-loves-u 77
Great vocal training app
With a variety of exercises for all skill levels, I’ve quite enjoyed using this daily to warm up my voice, identify weaknesses, and track progress. Many useful techniques are presented here that are very applicable to singing in general. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, TG Digital
I'm taking an online course from Hoffman Academy to learn keyboards. It's a great learning tool that I highly recommend, especially for kids but certainly I can attest to its effectiveness for adults as well. I use this app when out of town to make sure I get practice in. Very handy and sounds just like my Yamaha keyboard.
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3 years ago, Ledon@ut
Amazing, but has habits.
This app is very good, but … Well… When I downloaded this app, I learned to play a LOT of good songs, but now you have to pay for those songs. I don’t mind this, but also, you have to pay to record what you learned. Anyway, app is GREAT, would recommend. If you want a mobile piano, THIS IS A PERFECT APP FOR YOU!
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4 years ago, Francis Bacon 547
VIP is expensive
I love this app; I must use it every day when I want to play a tune in my head and I don’t have a piano in front of me. **highly recommend**, but I think that the VIP is way too expensive than it should be. For a mobile keyboard app, $8 a WEEK is I think more than anyone is bothered to pay.
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6 years ago, puppicornlover3
Best app ever!!!🤩
This is so great because I do not have a piano and I think I am getting one for Christmas. But until then I am going to use this to learn songs. Actually, no. I will learn the songs on this then practice on piano. I have already learned we three kings and I am working on silent night! This is really a great app!
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10 months ago, andy subordinate
Great app to show someone ideas or if you want to try out some Melodie’s at work or something lol
Great app, certain keys are panned left all the way & some are panned all the way right, not exactly convenient with headphones but with my phones speaker, it’s perfect 👌
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3 years ago, unicornpop00
This is the best game on earth
So I can Lear my twinkle twinkle little star and all that it’s so fun and my sister play happy birthday on my birthday it was so nice if you guys did not greate this game for kids I would be sad forever so thanks to this game um have a grate day and wish you all the best on your stars and qaulity bye :)
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4 years ago, Gailbianchs
Good app but stalks me to upgrade
I installed this piano app because the other one I had constantly asked me to upgrade which I don’t need to or want to. At first this one just let me be and didn’t harass me to upgrade, but now it’s starting to. Just let me plunk away a couple notes, that’s all I need to do with this app!
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6 years ago, doxungirl
Great keyboard
I recently gave away my old piano, thinking I would never need it again. Now I need to learn a difficult alto part for a musical and the best way I learn is by picking out the notes. That’s where this app comes in handy—this keyboard is just as good as having my old piano back. I love it.
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3 years ago, FluteEd
Easy to use and works well!
I used this program to help me study a vocal score. It is by far the easiest I have found to use, and the musical tone is acceptable for a computer generated sound. Overall, a very good program for what it does. The ads scrolling on top are obnoxious, but I did not pay for an upgrade so who can complain?
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3 years ago, harmony on a piano
Sweet Piano
I love this little piano I just wish it didn’t cost so much because I’m a senior but that’s OK I would suggest this to anybody who’s interested in music. I really love it and it sounds like a real piano and sometimes I’ll do cords and it just sounds so sweet. Thank you
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8 months ago, gdixhxkxh
I will support piano
Piano but I will read a five star I will write a five star I will rate it a five star and it’s awesome and it’s a awesomeness app ever but it’s ever called Piano if you like you something to do something like ever again just you watch
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6 years ago, 12 year old here! :)
Luv it!
it's so simple and it's really good for songwriters! I'm writing a song called control and it's much easier to put music to it with a keyboard but my keyboard needs to be connected and I lost the wire to connect it to the wall! So I found this app and I'm loving it totally recommend it!
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12 months ago, SLP_Mama
Exactly what I needed
I needed a clear-sounding, accurate keyboard on my iPad so I could practice scales and songs on-the-go. This app is perfect for that, and even more. I wish it were a one-time purchase, but who does that anymore?
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6 years ago, Matt Timmons
Does the job well.
I just use this to help me practice singing. The piano has the note name and octave of every white key on the keyboard (such as G4), so it makes it easy to see and know what my vocal range is. The metronome and recording feature make it an easy 5 Stars for being a free app.
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12 months ago, MYDOGCOWBOY
Sounds so nice!!
I give it 5⭐️ cause -like the title, it sounds so amazing. the art is also so beautiful!! There’s another piano app I have “the real piano” or something, but I like this one better. Reason: the other app, when you press a key fast, it sounds kind of weird. But I have never had that problem with this!! One thing that I would suggest: is different sounds!! You know, violin, keyboard, bell, ext. I just think it would be really cool!! But I think it’s already perfect as it is💯💯
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3 years ago, jumpig horses
This app is very helpful it has a lot of song options and is very good for teaching people with out a piano but after a week or two you have to pay to learn songs
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8 months ago, Steven Memel
Excellent Piano App
Piano app on the App Store. Without question, this is my favorite one. I teach voice and use it when I have to give a lesson and I’m not around an actual piano. In my opinion it is the cleanest, simplest piano app to use!
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2 years ago, havetogiveratingtouseapp
Rating because I have to
I’m only giving this a four star rating because I can no longer use the online piano unless I give this application a rating. So therefore I’m giving it a four star rating rather than a five star rating.
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1 year ago, SBQT2
Perfect for me
As a cantor, I use this app all the time to learn the songs and church music I sing for each week! Thank you so much for designing this app. It’s like having a miniature piano in your pocket❗️I can use it anywhere‼️
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8 months ago, KindyElf
Looks good
I’m still trying to figure out how to just play the piano without prompts! I already know how to play! I just want to use some of these to play kids songs in the classroom!
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3 years ago, TRager1122
Piano keyboard rating
It's OK but you have to pay to save your recordings that's why it's only four star it's really cool because you can learn to play the piano and it's like a game it shows you what notes to play. It could be better.
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11 months ago, Please puppy
Best game
This is the best game you can play songs and if you need to practice do it on your phone or tablet or computer you’ll never have to do it on your piano get the game piano so get it now
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6 days ago, pjz200
Grandkids can’t get enough
My grandkids love playing this keyboard on my iPad. It keeps them busy for hours. It’s fun to watch and listen as they explore this musical instrument. I could see this leading into piano lessons.
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3 years ago, suhdrijgnngjfh;vhnvggighn
5yvgug cyifdf
I like this game so much I put it everywhere I go make sure you love me and cherish me and I need a boyfriend I know you don’t know what I look like still somebody to read it this date me do you date me
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6 years ago, bocaknitter
Great app when it works...
I chose this app because I wanted to learn keyboard techniques. At first it worked well on both my iPad Air and my iPhone 8S. Now it won’t play sounds and will not store my work. I have tried restarting my iPad and iPhone - no change. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app and it still does not work. If you can fix the problem I will happily update my rating to a 5 star. 😕😕
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2 months ago, Singing in the Kitchen
Great tool
I love this simple app.,it allows me to tune instruments, while traveling / or not near a piano I can trust, pitch wise. Also let’s me doodle around creating melodies when I am not near anything else.
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1 year ago, be thou my vision
I liked it when it worked and it was free, the last few times I tried to use it, there was a fee. So ai gave up. WishI could use it like I did in the past—- as in free!
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1 year ago, RKraczek
So convenient!
This piano app is so convenient! And much more available than my regular piano. All I do is go to my phone and play the pitches and intervals I need for practicing for my choir and voila it’s easy!
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2 years ago, Tubbee_innit
I guess it’s cool
Even tho it’s pretty small it’s great to use but very hard to play when you have giant fingers you should really buy this app I really recommend it
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3 years ago, nfjdiriri nrkforlwjje
Does what I need it to
I use this piano for vocal training and it does what I need it to. Just wish there was less of a lag when it was played over Bluetooth.
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3 years ago, Pete the Pitcher Plant
Convenient app to have
I don’t own a bulky, costly maintenance piano but sometimes I wish I had one so I can play just a little, not even for a full song, just a melody. So this is great!
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