Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game

4.1 (48.1K)
165.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game

4.13 out of 5
48.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Catzatmatsat
I love the game. I usually don’t like there times of games. But I love this one. My first +1 is because it helps me tipe faster. That’s because it goes fast sometimes and I end up getting better at ripping fast. My second reson is because of something weird. Ok so I can’t stay still. Like I need at the most 1 body part moving. If I’m not moving fast at all my brain hurts. Like really bad. It makes me mad. That’s why I like this. It’s challenging my fingers to go faster. I think that’s how I got to #1 on the Christmas leaderboard thing with the galaxy coffee cup? Ya know the thing...? Well lol 😂 still I really like this game. I literally got #1 in like 1 min. It was crazy lol. Never knew there would be such a good game like this to challenge my fingers lol 😆 definitely recommend if your like me and can’t stop moving lol idk if it’s only me buttttttt.............................. yea. The only problem is the bait.... I mean. It says u can do the Alan walker songs but... YOU CANT! U can only do one halfway for free.... the rest you can’t do! If you wanted to play those songs then don’t get this game... I won’t let you........... I know I know I’m as sad as you are lol 😂 but if you get passed that it’s a good game!
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5 years ago, AccuReviewer
Too Confusing
Why can’t we just have a simple game where we do what this app was designed to: tap the piano to play a song without hitting the white keys. Instead, you have to worry about all the weekly and daily challenges and rewards while being bombarded with ads every 2 seconds. Here’s how it basically goes. When you first play, you get to play a simple song - Twinkle, Twinkle. When you finish, you get an ad. Then, make sure you play Alan Walker’s song! After that song, you get an ad. Want to keep playing Alan Walker’s song? It’s only $2.99! Oh, and here’s 40% on coins so you can play more songs! While you unwantedly browse the prices for the coins, here’s an ad! Now, here’s the song menu. You’re only a beginner, so the next song is Happy Birthday. Let’s play! When you click on it, you can get a SPECIAL BOOST that will let you speed through the song! But, it costs 200 coins, or an ad! Don’t want to do either of them? It’s alright, you can play the song. Oh no, messed up on the second one because you’re a beginner and still practicing? It’s okay, here’s an ad to cheer you up! And now, we’ll show you the weekly challenges. This week’s challenge is to get the best score on a song you could never play, because guess what? You’re a beginner, and mess up on the first try. But it’s not your fault, you haven’t had any practice because every time you try you get an ad. It’s so stupid. No one cares! We just to play the game!
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6 months ago, 37738578:)
Ads ruined it
I liked this game (heavy on the past tense) but the ads are more than a little overkill. I can’t press a single button without an ad popping up, for example if you fail the game and you decide to not watch an ad to continue, it still shows you an ad. I understand its a way to make money but really? do you care that much more about making money than the people that play? you say “thank you for making our dreams come true” and then RUINING the game with the stupid and non creative ads that are repetitive and make me want to NEVER download the game advertised. if this really was your dream come up with some better ideas than pop ups. maybe make it so there are more voluntary ads instead of just having pop ups? Or maybe make it so you pay $2.99 for the game and there are minimal ads? Or have a banner at the top/bottom of the page? Or have longer ads that are few and far between? Look at the way the game “I want Watermelon” does ads. PERFECT. I also know that there is an ad free version but i’m not willing to have a subscription to an app and I’m guessing it’s the same for many people, they just don’t have the extra money to pay for it. Also the music choice is so bad, songs that are annoying and only a few people actually like them. Don’t listen to the five star reviews. Don’t get this pathetic game.
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4 years ago, isabella .L
best game I ever played! 😍😍
This game is one of my FAVORITE games I love it. You get coins really easy, it helps you type WAY faster, the first level, SUPER easy for beginners. You build your way up into new levels, and get 3 new songs along the way, I have to warn you though, it has lots of ads.. I don’t really notice though. Sorry there a lot of comas btw lol. I just love this game ✨✨ there’s new songs to unlock, challenges to be in #1 place, you can favorite the songs you like to! I do recommend using both fingers wall you play it makes it way easier. I prefer (don’t know if I spelled that right) piano tiles 2 better because it’s not like the other apps where they put the original songs in there adds but when you play it’s just a fake version of the song 😅 this game has classy songs, Christmas songs, they have the real Alan walker songs, (it’s money for Alan walker songs) I just love it 😍 I have not seen any bugs either! You can use power ups such as slowing it down, a shield, and doing it for you! This is just my favorite you should get it! It’s completely free! And I assure you THIS WILL BE WORTH your time
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3 years ago, Nickudomus
What Happened
I used to play this game all the time back in high school, it was a fun game with good music (granted it to took a while for them to get a few of of my favorite songs in the game but they did eventually) and I made it fairly far into it level wise but I don’t remember why but I stopped playing for a while and I was like hey this was fun let’s download it again, little did I know that the developers went off there rocker and changed it. ADs are flipping everywhere in this game now and you can’t go 2 whole minutes (a bit of an exaggeration but not by much) without getting a blasted ad. I spent a good hour trying to find where the Facebook connection option was to get the songs I earned, back (almost half of that time was dealing with ads) and it’s not there; what on earth happened to it, it was so much fun competing with friends on who could get the best score and of course what happened to all my data that I accumulated through the months of playing. Also, what happened to all the music that used to be in the game, a good chunk of the music that used to be in the game (I’m mostly only salty over three songs that are no longer in the game), you just shot your game in the foot and told it to go run a marathon. I’m severely disappointed in the greedy direction this game went and I can only hope that it will be remedied in the future but I doubt it.
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5 years ago, bøiZ
Skip to end of review for TLDR this is a long one
I recently took a break from the game and came back and oh boy was the game different but not for a good reason. This game used to be an amazing game that you could play anywhere without needing to worry about internet and not be flooded with micro transactions and now it’s not. At first everything was fine except some new pop ups which I had already gotten used to form previous updates but after 1 game. Only 1, I got an ad. This was fine at first but as i played more and more I saw it was after every. Single. Game. It used to be your choice to watch ads like if you wanted a revive but now you’re forced to watch an ad that you can thankfully skip. The medkit system is just flat out horrible. You can revive for free with an ad and yet they expect you to pay them so you can revive instead of paying them with ads with money that doesn’t come out of your wallet. I’ve had a problem with pop ups since the first introduction of them but I didn’t mind because it was only one but now it’s like 6 just telling you to buy a song and spin the wheel and challenges and do the ranked pieces and other useless stuff. Its just horrible. TLDR This game used to be an amazing game that you could play anywhere without needing to worry about internet and not be flooded with micro transactions now it’s a horrible ad and popup mess.
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4 years ago, Sorealis
Used to be great...
To start, this game was a really good game and I loved playing it. The music selection was large and the challenges to unlock them were fair. Since then, though, I’ve had two major issues with it. The first, while a common issue, is the whole an ad after one play through. Being used to this, though, I can usually bare through such issues. The biggest issue for me, however is the linked account info for facebook. A while back I had linked my account to Facebook having played so much, but eventually I got a new phone. When I downloaded this game, though, the link to Facebook option refused to work; I checked the faq, I did all the suggestions, and literally wasted an hour and a half trying to get it to work. With all the data lost and the game already frustrating to play, I’ve essentially dropped it entirely for different piano tiles games. I’m pretty sure that whatever issue with Facebook that occurred has worsened since there’s no longer an option to link to Facebook, but needless to say it is very disappointing to have such a great game lose all value to me; I heard many different kinds of music through it, but until I find a way to recover my data my view on the game remains the same as it has for the past 2 years; not worth it.
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4 years ago, TheSassyDiamond😋💎
Ok one thing: I love this game. But the ads and glitches, seriously? I don’t really mind ads, but today when I was playing a level on it, I got an ad and after 1 level, there was always an ad. I really wanted it to stop, but there was nothing I could do about it. And next thing, the glitches. I messed up at the end of the level, and I wanted to use and ad to revive. But when I clicked the button, it wouldn’t pull up an ad to revive me. I clicked again and again, because I needed it and I didn’t have the other thing that would revive me. Nothing worked, I just had to restart. This has been happening to me when I have internet and it doesn’t have the glitch when I have no internet. And one more glitch. So you know how you can get prizes when you get t stars? Well, I got 8 stars and it is still saying I have 3. It won’t stop! Every time I try to get the prize, it says “you need 2 more stars to get the prize.” IDK why it is doing that... So please, could you cut back on the ads, and fix the glitch? If you could, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I am so sorry that this review is very long... :p
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4 years ago, OliveSiern3
Great, but....
This game is great I’ve had this game for a very long time I’ve been extremely happy with it but sometimes I kept running out of space on my phone so I had to delete it.... and once I have reinstalled it they remove the Facebook feature where all of my data has gone I was level 37 the first 15 groups of songs were all Triple Crowned I even had 2 Alan walker songs unlocked, but now all of that has been erased because they removed Facebook sign in which wouldn’t be a huge problem if they never had it in the first place but the fact is that they had it then removed it and other groups of songs they still claim to have like Alan walker was removed, NOW this is all what I personally see in the game, it might be different in others but that means they need to fix it, but Now don’t let this discourage you this is a great game that is always being updated new songs new items new power ups and new competitions but since I have downloaded it last they have removed the Facebook option so if you’d like to save your data find other ways to save it before you delete the app or else you’ll never get the data back
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5 years ago, -robodose-
Advertisement problem
I believe that this is a good game with a lot of good songs and high quality sound. However, there is a small advertisement problem. I am not sure whether it is just my device or if it is a common problem for a lot of people, but I often decide to watch an advertisement to be able to continue a song or to unlock something. I find that it’s a good way of advertising, it’s just that whenever I watch an advertisement, it doesn’t do anything. For example, one time I was playing a game and I was so close to getting to endless tiles, but then I missed a tile, so I watched an advertisement to get a second life, but then the game was still telling me that I needed a med-kit or to watch an advertisement to continue the song. I watched another advertisement, but the same thing happened. I would highly appreciate it if you put this review into thought. As I said, this is a really good game, one of my favorites, and it would be even better if you fix this small problem. I appreciate you reading this review, thank you.
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5 years ago, EmuPig
Why so many pop-up’s?!
This game is a classic that you can play while in the car, waiting for something, etc. This game kills time. So can the Dev’s PLEASE at least attempt to take or dilute the pop-up menu’s for new events and song, rewards and offers... It’s honestly insane the amount of menu’s and pop-up’s Piano Tiles 2 presents. For example, you’ll be playing a song, say you fail; you now get a menu or two asking you to buy in-game currency or revives. Annoying. Simply annoying. However, that’s only extremely annoying when you realize that more pop-up’s after you go to the main music menu... They consist of: Offers, Event Notifications, Rewards, New Music, etc. Do keep in mind that this is a SUBJECTIVE review, and that I don’t want this game to suffer from other musical piano games. So I give 2 Stars, (I would give 2.5 if I could, but surely not 3) I give 2 for its content and music. I TAKE the 3 Stars due to how immaturely this game manages its pop-up menu’s/notifications. If you actually read this, (Dev’s) or if a player actually reads this; especially if you are reading reviews before downloading this—get it, (and fix it Dev’s) but expect a lot of pop-up menus and ALL. I didn’t expect this and suffered, so take this into consideration.
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6 years ago, Teagan Stansell
Great but needs some changes 🎶🎵💞
Okay, this is like the best game in history, from the music to really everything, but there are a few things I suggest should change. One is, when your playing and there’s a distraction and you need to stop the game a minute, there’s no pause button. Which can be really annoying when your really far in the game and then go to do something and have to start over again. Another little thing that bothers me is when your on “Endless Tiles” which is pretty far in, and you lose, you can’t even start over again some what close to where you lost. This can be very frustrating especially when you were doing really good and was so far in. This next one is not a pet peeve, its just a question. Do you guys have any pop songs? If not, please please please try to make that possible. Other than those complaints, I think if your looking for a good addicting game you should definitely download piano tiles 2.❤️💞😍❣️😀😘🌈🦄🦄🦄😻🎵 Michelle S.
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2 years ago, 𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕟
Not bad, but occasionally annoying.
The game is overall good and fun to play, however there are a few annoying things that should be fixed. When given the option to be revived after previously clicking the wrong tile and using the opportunity, it wouldn’t work. For further explanation the option to watch an ad to be revived would pop up, I would click it, watch the ad, then click the x in the top corner of the ad to return back to the game after the ad had ended, the screen would proceed to turn completely grey leaving me with nothing to do other then to close the app and reopen(since I couldn’t click on anything or do anything else about it) this has happened many times and when it does, the progress previously made in the game does not save. Taking this into account I think it would be a great improvement to fix this issue. The game also occasionally glitches mid song when playing which I don’t find a big issue but I think it should also be noticed. Other than these things I don’t have much of an issue with piano tiles 3 and enjoy playing the game.
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5 years ago, Veraccity
Gone way downhill
Your app has gone way downhill since I first got it. It used to be a simple app with no ads, pop ups, competitions, and just a bunch of random stuff you don’t need. You already shove ads for your own game down peoples throats by throwing pop ups after pop ups about a competition or getting a new song. Another thing, why do you need so many ads, I can’t even go to settings without getting an ad thrown at me. What’s worse are most of these are the type you can’t skip, or the type that makes you click on the X 50 times to get out of it. I know you guys need money, but you guys didn’t use to be this bad. It’s hardly a game anymore, it’s more of ad central. Also, what’s with the competitions and events? It’s a nice way to make a game interesting, but there are so many going on at the same time! The puzzle pieces are another thing. You keep acting like they are a big thing, but they’re not. At most they get you a song and a picture, but most just get you a picture. And they’re random, so you could end up getting the same one. You guys used to have a great game, but now it’s just trash. In general I like the game. You guys just need to stop shoving ads and pop ups down everyone’s throat.
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5 years ago, EvaKatia
Piano Tiles 2
I’ve played this game for about 2 years. I’ve enjoyed it as much as I could. But now that it’s 2019 so many things have changed and it has made it worse. Everyone in this review thing are complaining about the ads. I do agree that it’s quite annoying. But do you care about entertainment or money? That’s the biggest issue with this game just like every other game. Another thing I complain about is that they don’t update the game a lot. Christmas has already ended and they haven’t removed the Christmas theme. Another thing is that you adore Alan Walker, isn’t this game supposed to be a classical game? Yes Alan Walker is a good singer but there are other singers who sing way better. Also you have to wait for lives in order to play this game. For those who don’t have this game, every time you play a song you’ll lose a heart indicating that you will lose energy. But why do we have to wait for a whole day just to get literally 20 something hearts?! That’s just a waste of time and we deserve to have about 40 lives. Obviously the company will most likely not read this review but to those that don’t have this game, you’ve been warned.
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5 years ago, Bean987543321
App went downhill
This app has been around for quite some time and when it first came out it was genuinely fun to play. After not playing for the longest time I just recently downloaded it again and good golly is there a boat load of ads. There are so many ads in this game, it’s so bad that when you’re navigating the menu an ad will show up if you hit a button or two. Now let’s talk about the bugs. For as long as this app has been out it shouldn’t have the bugs it has. Sometimes when you go into a song (happens almost every other song you play) there will be no sound and you’ll just be playing in silence. Another major bug is when you’ll be in the middle of a song and all of a sudden the tiles start to go really slow and the music will sound distorted. Coming from a person that had played this avidly in the past, I am sad to say that I am really disappointed with where this app has gone. This app is just like any other app that has gone mainstream in social media, they see that there are a ton of new users so they milk the heck out monetizing the app with ads. I would of recommended this app when it was in its prime, no way in gods green earth will I recommend this app now.
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5 years ago, Poppy&Mini
It USED to be my favorite game
Piano Tiles 2, a game that sounds incredibly simple and was until it got more updates. Me and my mom played this every year at Christmas on two separate devices to see who could get the farthest now we dread playing. Normally updates improve the app, but for this game/app it made it worse. Before, it was simply playing songs and reaching as far as you could, now it’s manage to at least get to the main menu of songs and pick one witho out getting at least 5 different pop-ups or adds. I know all games have adds but this game just bombards you with so many of them, you don’t want to play the game anymore! Playing the game for as long as you can is basically your goal to avoid getting a pop up add or leader board or mission or something or other thingy! After you hit the wrong key you have to hit the X TWO times after being asked TWO times if you wanna revive if you say no it’s gonna ask again! Than you get the special treat of getting about 5 total pop ups before you actually have some will to press a button without having a pop up I’m literally always preparing to see a pop up!
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4 years ago, brchsm
Too many ads
I like playing this game, so it seems a shame to give 1 ⭐️ but there are just way too many ads in this app. When I first downloaded it a few years ago it was great! It was a purer version where it was just about playing the game and unlocking the next song. Now it is: want to play a song, here’s an ad. Want to exit the song, here’s an ad. Want to start a new song, here’s an ad. Want to pause, switch songs, keep going, unlock a new song, move to a new screen, etc here’s an ad. It’s just way too much! And it used to be that all you had to do to unlock a song was play the one before it, and then there were bonus songs where you had to just earn a certain amount of stars and you could unlock them. Now you have to earn diamonds, buy coins, and tries to have you join groups and complete quests and unlock chests. It’s sad when an app gets worse instead of better, but this app has just become about making money. All that being said, if you love it and don’t care about paying for the premium version and buying gems and coins, it is fun to actually play the game and only tap the black squares as the music gets faster. I’m just not willing to pay for it.
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5 years ago, Gemini8822
I do truly love this game but I can’t even click to the next page without having to see an add. And when I die and it asks we if I want to revive with an ad, It doesn’t really matter if I choose not to watch the ad because I don’t want to because the ad will just pop up as soon as I hit that x button to not revive. Like I said I do truly love this game but there are so many ads to the point where it is ruining the whole experience. I sadly am going to delete this app(even though I love playing it) due to the fact that I haven’t even been on the app for a second before an add is shown. I tried to deal with it and just play the game but I can’t. I remember when I used to play I could play about 4 songs before I had to watch an ad. And I remember when I could click on the next page and not have an ad pop up. But now! Now it is just ridiculous! Maybe I will get the app back in a couple months to see if you have fixed the ad issue. I think it would really help if you did because you are losing a lot more of your fans way quicker by putting so many ads on your game. This is my opinion and if you see this please take it into consideration.
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6 years ago, Imagination8000
Piano Palooza! 🎹
I really wish there was a search bar because I really enjoy playing “Little Star” and others at night to help calm me down before bed. I also wish we could change the background theme after holidays and such. Does it have to be decked out in snow ❄️ all the time? Unless they change it with the next updates, and it would be nice to have tips at the beginning of what the diamonds 💎 and coin could be used for. I hope we can also challenge other players worldwide, like real life piano competitions 🎹 🌟 THINGS I ENJOY: Few reasons why I DO like this app, is that I can hopefully buy the actual sheet music from a music store in reality if I have never played it on an actual piano yet. I’m teacher-less right now, and I love all of these song suggestions. I could painstakingly learn it by ear, but I don’t have perfect pitch on piano like I do for Violin/Viola. 🎻 Overall, if you loved Guitar-Hero and are too lazy to play it on the Wii like me these days, this is the app for you. I love the free revive pause button because you can either continue from where you were in the song where you messed up, or quit that song and do another. Or simply rest your fingers for a few seconds... WARNING: Your hands may cramp or your thumbs may get tight after awhile. It’s addicting. It’s like texting but with tapping tiles instead. If you’ve got fast and restless fingers like me, this is the perfect app for you. If you don’t like classical music, then don’t get it.
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4 years ago, srrymadeitlong
I loved it..
I played this game all the time and I loved all the music! I was fine with watching ads because most games do that anyways so I continued on listening to all the beautiful music composed from famous musicians! Until one day I suddenly got logged out, so I tried to log back in but it didn't work. So then I tried again and again resulting to an error. That took place around somewhere last year, but after that incident, I just stopped playing. Then I recently wanted to play again, furthermore, finding out that you guys took off the Facebook login! I mean, I would understand if it was because of the situation I just experienced before but this happened for about 2-3 months I believe? I'm completely fine with waiting a bit more to fix this situation or if Facebook isn't cooperating or something! It's just disappointing that I haven't found that you guys ever addressing this after seeing a lot other people frustrated to! If there is no fixing it and whatever the Facebook is and whatever you added changed the algorithm, then I'll understand that I would just have to leave all the fun I had with the game as memories. :)
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4 years ago, queencute154
Fun Game A Few Problems
I love this game! It has a pretty wide selection of music and they don't cost a lot of coins to get (if you need coins to get them) I have never liked ads but most of these are not 30 second ads or back-to-back ones unless it's to get something for free like a revival. But there are some problems I have. One is also the ads, I do not know if it is just me or if it affects everyone, but the ads I get when I finish a level are sometimes laggy and glitchy. There have been several occasions where my screen has frozen and I have had to restart the app, also many of the ads I get are for apps I ALREADY HAVE! Sorry for yelling, and I don't know if this is in the developers' control but it's very annoying to me. Also the little animations that they do like getting musical notes, clovers, etc, take a long time when I want to get back to playing. I press the button but it waits until it shows me ALL of the new things I got and where I am on the leaderboard or whatever. I would also like some more modern simple songs! Thanks for listening, just be aware!
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4 years ago, Sup DKN
Lost All Progress
(TL;DR at bottom) A few months ago I purchased no ads because I thought they were very annoying (also if you are thinking of buying it to get no ads when reviving, it sadly doesn’t work like) that. However back to my point, I was connected through Facebook with all my data and had all three crowns up until level 70 or something, so I was pretty dedicated to the game (I have been playing for more years than I can remember). So when I logged on a few weeks ago to find out all my progress was deleted, I was pretty disappointed and tried logging back into my Facebook because it had been logged out. However, the app said it was having issues so I waited and kept checking back but it still gave the same error. And just today I log back in after a week of letting it sit to find there isn’t even an option to log into my Facebook and get all my saved progress. I am extremely upset because I have recently purchased ad free on one of my favorite games that I don’t even feel like using anymore. So please whoever can fix this, do so and I will change my review. TL;DR: can no longer log into Facebook and all my 5ish years of progress is gone.
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4 years ago, RedPanda360
Used to be great, Now it’s not worth downloading
This app used to be a fun app that functioned well, and I would compete with many of my friends and family. But now the about of bugs has rendered the game almost unplayable. I will list some of the bugs I have run into: 1.) It will no longer allow signing into Facebook, so if you had played and gotten to a high level, That’s Gone!, 2.) Say you go into FAQ and Support, it won’t let you close out of it so you have to fully close the whole app, which gets annoying fast!, 3.) If you go into support to ask for the solutions to your problems with the app, there is a glitch which won’t let you “enter” your type of contact info which therefore makes it so you can’t send the question. Those the are main bugs I’ve found so far but I also have an issue with how complicated this app has gotten, it used to be a fun easy to play app. You could compete with friends and family to try to get higher scores. Now there are so many pop ups and ads and events that the app isn’t even worth using. You are too busy trying to navigate the app rather than actually playing the game!
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4 years ago, JBscifigirl
It’s good just one problem
My family and I love this app but I have one problem. We have a young kid in our family and sometimes it takes a lot of tries, right? But it gets annoying when we run out of hearts or whatever they are. And it’s just confusing, are you trying to get us off the app? Or do you just want to buy more hearts so you can get money?? I just want it gone, because it makes me get off the app for a long time to have to get more hearts, I used to have this game when I was younger and it was INCREDIBLE but now it isn’t as great. I may not be remembering right but a few years ago it didn’t have the hearts? I don’t know I might just be remembering wrong. But I just remember having an obsession to this game and now I still like it it’s just that one problem. It would be so much better without the hearts! aim not trying to be harsh I just think it would be better in the end for both sides. Overall I really enjoy this game. Thank you for reading this, have a good night/day.
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6 years ago, MzTc hardn
Read this
When I played I played hours nonstop like that is how fun it is but it suddenly gets boring because I have to replay a lot of songs 5k times and I get one 1 gem out of it but over all it was a good game when it lasted. Also the time thing is rigged But if you are reading this developers then make your game with no in game money because this game is suppose to have fun by playing it but I can not play because of the money plus if someone just got a iPad and they always wanted this game but so sad she runs out of gems can not pay for the gems then she try’s new games then she is not happy then that makes her and her pour family sad and doubt that they worked so hard to buy a iPad then they sell the iPad because she did not play on it anymore and then the whole story repeats. You mite be thinking well did she want to buy it in the first place because all of the cool girls had the game she just wanted a friend but you had to ruin her life by being greedy. FYI that is a true story.
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6 years ago, - Songbird1698
Music Fanatic
I’d like to start out in saying that making a game isn’t easy... especially the best ones. I like the fact that in Piano Tiles you don’t HAVE to know notes to play beautiful songs. If you’re wondering why I rated it 4 stars.. listen. I love several music pieces, and one of my favorites; —(Kiss the Rain, Yiruma— has it so that I have to watch an ad every single time I want to play the Music Clip Trial. First of all, there’s enough ads ANYWAY!! I get frustrated when I want to play a song, and an ad comes up! Piano Tiles gets enough money between advertising and people who pay for items in the app! - No offense PTHQ-. I have a suggestion; since we get so much coins, why don’t we use them to buy EVERY SONG/virtual currency with them! This is going to be expensive, but people without a lot of diamonds and people who want to not spend any money on the game will be happier and will play your game more often. It’s a great game!!! Thanks for listening 🎹😉 - Songbird1698
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2 years ago, Eonks
Annoying ads
This game is really fun. It is addicting and enjoyable to play. Well that was before the ads. I used to play this game all day long and compete with my brothers and generally had a lot of fun. This game was my childhood. I recently started thinking about the game so I decided to re-download it. Little did I know that after EVERY SINGLE SONG there was a 30 second ad!! It’s so frustrating. You can’t even enjoy the game anymore. Not only is it $6.99 to remove the ads, but it’s a WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION. I don’t think it’s fair to pay $6.99 A WEEK for no ads, when we used to have no ads at all and enjoy this free to play game. The overall experience is ruined and saddening. A way to get out of the ads is whenever it pops up just restart the app. But it’s still an inconvenience to do when we never had to do this. So I say download the game if you want to enjoy a nice fast pace game and if you have good patience, but if you have little patience and like playing rounds/songs back to back, this isn’t your game. Disappointing. ALSO, the game is rated 4+ but has definitely inappropriate ads for little kids.
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5 years ago, dudhcd
THE GAME IS FUN but the ads... .-.
This game is great but...... why so many pop ups!?! I mean seriously I get an ad after every single game I have. And then when I’m in the menus I get pop-ups about challenges that haven’t even happened yet. I get like four pop ups and then ANOTHER AD. This game helps out with my finger speed and all but all of the pop ups has gooot toooo gooooo. I know many reviews I’ve looked thro have at least 200 complaints about the pop ups. I can’t even play the game itself with out a single add. I play two games and I get four ads. I love this game tho <3 BUT THE ADS HAS TO GO *or at least give a pop up that is useful* I don’t like having to pay 3.00$ a week just to get rid of ads. But also I love this game because all you really have to do is to turn on airplane mode or just turn off your WiFi. It doesn’t help the pop ups but it helps he ads a lot. This game is really fun and it gets you really talented. Thank you.
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5 years ago, urmomsjsjsjsjs
Used to be good now it’s just an ad thirsty game. Levels aren’t infinite anymore and you can’t even focus because an ad will pop up after everything. After every time you level up, you get an ad. If you beat the level, you get an ad. If you get a reward after you beat the level (which would be right after the previous ad) you would get an ad. I even get ads before I start a level. This game should be simple but instead it’s over complicated and extremely confusing and it shouldn’t be for such a basic game. Also if their sponsored once that ad will be showed off for years. It’s honestly retarted. I’ve hit more X’s on ads than tiles I’ve pressed. I definitely have more time on ads than the game. I’ve already given I second chance to this game and it’s just gotten worse. So my honest opinion is that my opinion is not an opinion it’s just facts that is clear to even the basic minded. This is game is worse than fortnite and yes I mean it. So have fun watching ads, hope you don’t get any ads that are literally about the same game right after you beat a 30 second level because they’re no longer infinite.
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6 years ago, highlyNESSAsary
This game is fun and can really pass by time if you will allow it to. Although this is an entertaining game, I had to rate it 4 stars instead of 5 perfect stars for minor things within the app that disqualify the game from being excellent. There is not a way to pause the game and this can cause a loss that was not intended and a potential high score to cause you to be back at square one..being that you’d have to start over because of distractions or interruptions that occurred while playing. Another con is the ads while on the app or opening the app. I catch myself having to exit completely out of the app and reopen it in order to get rid of the ad. Lastly, there is not a way to go back once you’ve selected a song to play.. which again you’d have to exit out the app and reopen it to go back to the home screen. Other than these 3 things, the game continues to keep me occupied and myself well entertained.
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4 years ago, Harry Potter's secret sister
It used to be fun
I mean, it’s fun to play once in a while if you’re bored but otherwise... it’s SOOOOOOooooooooo boring. First of all, why all the ads? It’s insane how many ads there are. I click on the game. It loads. As soon as it opens, there is an ad. Play a song. Ad. Fail at a song. Ad. Click on another song. Ad. There are too many ads! Another thing I would like to say is the notification problem. The notifications are more annoying then the ads! Every day I get a notification from the game. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Please stop with the notifications. The last thing I would like to say is the game would be so much better if it had less details. For example, there are daily prizes you can win if you watch a ad, there are a lot of different challenges to choose from, and a lot of pop-ups to buy coins. Why can’t it just be a game where all you have to do is chose a song and try to only hit the black tiles. No notifications. No ads. No problems. Also the sound doesn’t work for me, but it works on other apps
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4 years ago, nameisntneededoof
I mean, it’s a great game and I’ve been playing it since 2015. But in the past the app was better, because it’s 3 months from March but the clovers are still here and every time it says “Disappearing in 2 days!” it extends by a week then another week and whenever I’m trying to impress my friends by screen recording my score and playing it, when I’m done there’s ALWAYS an ad. After a song. Ad. After an ad. Ad. Start the app. Ad. Ad, ad AD. Turn off the wifi? No recording for you! And when I don’t record, I have to go through at least SEVEN requirements before I can press replay. Died. Ad. Ended ad. Clovers. Clovers. Alan walker recommendation. That piano girl that gives you a rainbow jar. Spring update. March update. Clover leaderboard. Stop it. Let me play songs in peace, do you hear me? I go through all those for ANOTHER FRICKING AD. Then I skip, takes me to app store, battery dies. Wow. This is how you’ve “improved”? Screw off, I can’t even play my favorite game because of you idiots. Bring back the old Piano Tiles 2, I friking hate the new one. I don’t frggin care if you reset my stats. BRING IT BACK.
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5 years ago, omihek
Completely unplayable
Recently for some reason the game is broken. If there are 2 notes at once and one of them is on the most right hand side of the screen, the one on the right doesn’t register a touch no matter how hard I press. I know it’s not my phone screen going out because the notes on the right side register fine when there is only 1 note. But if there’s 2, the one on the middle left registers while the one on the far right does not. Basically makes all songs starting with number 2, Jingle Bells, unplayable. I keep opening the app to play, then stop because I’m not going to play a game where I lose even though I did everything right. Also, the amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. I get it, you gotta make money, but when over 50% of time spent in app is just seeing ads, I gotta wonder if its a piano game with ads on the side, or an ads app with a small piano game on the side. Either way I’ll keep playing if the game will actually start registering my right side touches when there’s 2 notes, because it’s just too addictive to avoid even with the ridiculous amount of ads.
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4 years ago, dark matter*
What happened?
I’ve been playing this game for a very long time now. It has changed A LOT. I understand you might have to upgrade the system a little just to attract more people, but this game is no longer enjoyable as it was in the past. For starters, the ads. This was one of the reasons why I loved this game so much, because it didn’t have so many ads like the others. They have only just increased and it’s very annoying to have to watch one every second. And the challenges are getting very unnecessary. I love a little challenge but maybe it would be okay to just NOT do them every time I’m on the app. There weren’t so many challenges back then, which made the game very unique and relaxing because you could just simply play different songs and earn some prizes without them bugging you to try out pointless challenges. Anyways, I hope you guys can just, decrease the amount of ads and the pop-up challenges a little. Give us a little “Old Piano tiles” and the game will be better. 😊
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5 years ago, love it few things tho...
Perfectly fine...
This game was perfect before. But when you updated it, it changed. It was so great before! Whenever I finish a song a whole lot of things pop up cause they want me to do Journey or the clovers or something then emmediately after I have an ad. Seriously? I just wanna play the game not do some journey or whatever. The game was great before, I just prefer you don’t update enless it’s something that you know we will really like. Also why is this game is expensive? Why do I have to pay 5 dollars for no ads? Pathetic! Like what the?! Then pay 3 dollars for a full song? That is just unbelievable. For a game man for a GAME. I just turn off my airplane mode cause with airplane mode you get no ads but pay 3 dollars! Overall, the music is amazing and calming which is very fun to listen too. Great game. I think you should get the game guys, then turn on airplane mode for no ads. And also, the game is fun and addicting. You’ll love it.
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5 years ago, Ovenlock
What happened?
I’ve been playing this game for years, at least two but t feels things have changed. I don’t know if it’s the title page with ads over and over again, or whether is the fact that I keep getting ads now even after I paid for them to be removed? But that’s just me! I love the game play it’s great, I would constantly tell my friends to play it as I still do now. But even since all there’s been is ads, I can’t get the flow I used to and that’s the only reason I won’t be giving it the perfect fives stars because after the latest of updates after I paid to have ads removed they keep getting shoved down my throat, or to buy a new song or something else! I have paid many times before on this game on each of my accounts I’ve used on it. But now it all just feels like something different, and it’s not the five-star quality I would give it in the past.
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7 months ago, dinosaur123🦕
Great game>:D
Hi it’s me and I want to say this is a great game! K so it started when I was eight when piano tiles one came out and I loved that game! Sadly I got rid of it for some reason, a few years later I stayed at my grandparents house and my coz was there and she was playing piano tiles 2. she let me try it, and it was really fun! when I got home, I begged my mom to get me it and she said yes ngl my parents are really strict, so I was expecting her to say no. but she didn’t so we got the game and I spent like two years leveling up the whole time it’s really fun even though there are some pop-ups once in a while and some game passes to buy but you don’t have to and if you don’t, it’s perfectly the same but ya have some adds! anyway, I really think that y’all should buy it or get it give it a try and tell me what you think! created by me>:D 😃😃😃👹👹
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4 years ago, DatFurryBoi
Moronic waste of time.
The game overall isn’t good but it isn’t bad, but the man problem is the pop ups. Every time I open the app I get at least 7 pop ups about challenges, some stupid wheel, and a game (that for some reason, is inside the game that I downloaded from the AppStore.) I didn’t want a game that had 4 challenges and a dumb “mini game”. When you get past all the moronic ad ons, you finally get to play the game. The music choice is great, and the added challenge of the crown version is delightful. But when I was happily about to play Breyer no. 8, this idiotic finger was pointing towards the “power ups”. I couldn’t click off it and actually play the game. Maybe some people would like a challenge instead of using a boost to miss 1/3 of the song. In all, the game really isn’t worth it. The pop ups were annoying, and to not have choice in a game you want to play, is plain aggravating. So go play Persona or Fallout 4 instead of this hot pile of garbage. Or not, it’s honestly just up to you.
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5 years ago, AConcernedConsumer
Piano Tiles 2
As an actual pianist, I can say I was excited to play this game. However, it definitely let me down. As soon as I saw a screen with the word “congratulation” on it, I knew the game was not for me. I am very particular about grammar, and the fact that there was no “s” on the end of “congratulation” sent a shudder down my spine. That was just the beginning of the downward spiral of terrible grammar and spelling. Everywhere I looked, I was met with wrong punctuation, terrible syntax, and misspelled words. I couldn’t handle it. I had to delete the app immediately. I noticed all the descriptions of the game have awful grammar as well. On top of all that, the game was a nightmare to navigate. Ads popped up all the time, and I never knew what I was doing. The gameplay itself was okay. I could have been entertained for a while if I was able to figure out what was happening. The game was just a HOT MESS. If this is Piano Tiles 2, I would hate to see what the original Piano Tiles was like. Yikers. It has potential, though. Someone, please fix this. Thank you😘
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4 years ago, MakeorBreakyou! 😬😬
First let me get started by saying the game is pretty good! I gave it 3 stars because as you can see in the title there are just so many adds! Every time I mess up and it asks me if I would like to watch an add to continue I usually press no. Then after I press no it takes me to an equally long add! May I ask what is the REASON for that? If I need to watch a 20 second add regardless of what I choose then WHY give me the option! The Ad’s are the pretty much the only reason why I’m giving this app 3 stars! There are just sooooooooooooooooooooooo many. 😡 I think all the users of this app agree! I’ve read several reviews and almost all of them mention that this app has to many ads! This game has to many options to chose from! Just give me an app where a song plays and I “play the piano” ! Just to many things going on in one app! Otherwise it’s just an okay app! Nothing extraordinary just an everyday average app. Just please take care of the ad problem! 😁😡😬
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1 year ago, emsters0818
A lot of ads
Edit: The sound issue seems to specifically happen when you watch an add to continue playing after having lost. It does this every single time. What’s odd is that the applause that comes with the gold keys can still be heard but no other sound throughout the game. Surely it’s an easy fix. I realize that this game is olddddd now, as I used to play it a solid ten years ago or longer. I decided to download this one again because I love the music and I had made it pretty far back then. First thing I notice is that there isn’t a way for me to connect to Facebook anymore so I have to start over. Second thing, after every second ad or so(there are SO many ads. Like it’s so bad.), the sound suddenly goes off on the app and I have to restart it in order to have sound back. Infuriating. I was fine with starting over but I can’t close the game out and restart it every two songs I do.
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2 years ago, insane_belle345
Stupid Changes
Where is the Facebook login?!?! I played this game back in middle school and used to compete with my family and friends and now that option is gone? What for? The game was so fun and I had earned many songs over my months of playing. I switched phones and played the game on there for a while until I eventually tried some other games and deleted it for storage for other games. I download the game again and all of my progress is no longer saved. There are ads almost after every song played. I can’t even find the songs I used to love. Why would the developers do this? I know many other Bergeron players are frustrated over their loss of progress just as well as I am. Stupid developmental greed. Why can’t anything be simple anymore where it’s just a fun game that doesn’t need to be interrupted by an ad every two seconds. I’d rather pay for a $2 game that actually SAVES the progress and doesn’t have ads then a free game that has ads and pop ups and used to be so fun and now is ruined. SMH
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4 years ago, veronica wintersparkle
Okay, yeahhh...
Edit: Okay, so my last review was wrong. I had just gotten the game, but yeah, here’s the truth Ads never really bother me, especially now when companies need the money. This is ridiculous, though. I mean, when you first start, there are a lot of ads, but now I have enough ads for me to have been just starting. App Store= WRONG!!! Where are these new songs that you say exist? I’ll tell you honestly, I haven’t seen ANY Camila Cabello or Ed Sheeran in mine, and it’s disappointing, since Dancing Road already falsely advertised and persuaded me to download the crappy app. Also, this is way too complicated. It would take an Einstein UwUz to beat La Campanella in the first place, or at least someone with good thumb/eye coordination. There are way room many features that I think should be removed. These are as follows: Magic Clover, Lucky Spin, and Playlists. Finally, this one is my biggest pet peeve. I can’t open the menu with all the discs/circles on it without getting one of those puzzle piece thingies, and I can’t complete the disc without going to the challenge whatever that is, and even then, when I do the challenges shown in the hall, (🏆) I get absolutely nothing. Also, still that glitch I found where after pause or revive, song starts back at speed where you left off. (giving no time to get back into your groove) Love the game, which is the only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 2
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5 years ago, phuplayz
good game but..
This is a great game to start with. It has a lot of cool features, you can participate in cool events, break you record, and unlock cooler songs. But the one thing I absolutely hate about this game... is the pop up ads. Every time I get on, there are about 1000 pop ups about Alan walkers song and events and many many more, it takes minutes to close all of the pop ups. Then there are ads. Every time you finish a song, ads appear. You have to wait 30+ seconds just to play a new song. Again, this game is fun, but the ads and the pop ups are really frustrating and annoying to comprehend. If you would please, lower down the ads and pop ups. I get that you need ads to make money, but every song you play, there are 30+ second ads. Seriously? So I would really enjoy this game more if there isn’t 1000 ads and pop ups on my screen, thanks.
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5 years ago, (: madds :)
What happened??
This game was one that I’ve been playing since I was around seven or eight. It was a fun game, there were fun comps now and then, and you could play wherever you wanted. I was bored, so I decided to download it again because I remembered how much fun I had on it( I installed the game on other devices). I completely lost all due respect for this company because of this game. They completely got rid of forever mode(I was a big fan of that), and there are all these comps that you play, and some of them are kind of stupid, for a lack of no better words. Also, there’s always an ad when I’m done playing the game, which makes you not want to play. But the worst part is that it’s always for BitLife, ALWAYS, so it starts to get pretty annoying. In conclusion, this game went from a fun game where you can play fun music and comps every now and then, to a flashy game where there’s a bunch of annoying comps and ads. If y’all respond to this review, could you please explain why you removed endless mode? I’m very curious.
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6 years ago, MaudZero
Please fix but still an amazing app
This game is amazing. But are 3 problems I have and I think some people have to. 1. Sometimes I tap on the gift boxes first then I end up dying because I tap on the gift first. Please fix where we can tap on the gift and black tile in any order and still be alive. 2. I want more usages with the coins/money we get in the game because I have a lot of money and I have nothing to spend it on. Maybe we can make are own disk, have songs that can only be bought by coins. 3. In the missions when playing on the 3 design songs I would want to have the ability to replay the song and have the ability to still earn gift boxes, be able to be brought back to life, and use my special. This is not a problem but I would want if we can use our special when I get back to life.
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5 years ago, a good ol' gamer
Awesome Game! 👍😄
I personally think this game is awesome! It’s a great time passer for when you are bored. If people are worried about all the ads and pop ups, you can just turn off your WiFi or go into airplane mode! The game is so fun and I love to do all the challenges. However, if I could change just a few things, I would like if there was a pause button. I only want this because if I’m playing and then I get interrupted I loose focus. Other than that it is over all a epic game that I can spend hours playing. Another thing is maybe the creators can add new songs, like songs on the radio or pop songs. The songs they have is good, but I feel that newer songs would be great. They added the Alan Walker songs, which is great! I have Faded and The Specter (sorry if spelt wrong). I hope you found this helpful! Thank you!
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4 years ago, LoneLion84
Changed For the Worse
I actually REALLY used to like this game, like a lot! I got really good, and could do nearly 10 tiles a second. But I changed phones a couple times, didn’t have it for a while, and when I got it again, there was no longer the option to log into Facebook on it. I can no longer compete with my friends for first place, I lost all of my progress, and there are WAY too many ads, I can’t hardly do anything anymore without an ad popping up, sometimes in the middle of a song! I’m not not recommending this, but I’m just saying, it used to be way better, the best piano tile game out of all the ones I ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few), but now it’s just really frustrating, and I’m really sad that I no longer want to play it. If the creators could maybe change it back a little, that would be the best! I think some people just got a little carried away with trying to make it even better. Sorry if this is a little long and harsh, but this was the only game I kept and loved, but now I don’t. 😕
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5 years ago, Jason Warren
Two problems that need to get fixed👩🏽‍🔧🛠🔨🔧🔩
So, let me start off my sentence with, “this is one of the best games ever!” It is very challenging, and I love all the new Alan walker songs that comes at ya every day. That was the good news. Here comes the bad news. So, I played a week ago (maybe less or more days ago?) and I saw this new Alan walker song, the spectre. I was wondering why that ONE song costs $4.99! I wish there was some way for the songs that are new in piano tiles to be free or at least $0.99 so it will make more sense. There is another problem...😑 So, the same day I played and saw the new song, I was playing this really fast song I loved, but I was terrible at. Soon, it started to glitch. I was in rage😡. I tried every possible way to stop the glitch, but nothing, NOTHING worked! I wish it could go away. Can you please fix it? It makes me lose piano tiles, and without the glitch, I would’ve had more fun. Thank you😄🙂😏!
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