Piano ٞ

4.5 (126.3K)
228 MB
Age rating
Current version
Impala Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Piano ٞ

4.52 out of 5
126.3K Ratings
4 months ago, ✨chikreeative🌈
Nice app! :)
I love the realistic sounds, different instruments, effects and sizing on the keys, and the record button! I am also glad that it isn't all free, since a quality app like this one needs its developers to make money from it, while also allowing people who aren't able to pay online but love playing music to use it too. One thing that could be better about the app are the toy piano notes, since the lower ones sound like there are two tones, and one set is going off key. Another would be to maybe include more of the other keyboard instruments, like the ones played with mallets, and maybe even with key designs that match the instrument. Overall, it is a great app, and I recommend it to everyone who likes playing music.🎹💖😃
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4 months ago, ROCKET999955
Very nice! I like it but please add this
I really like this app. I like how it shows you songs and it also lets you just free play. Something I would really like if you could add where it shows you more things than just songs, like how to read sheet music and stuff. Another thing that would make this app 10 times better is if you added MIDI support. I have my own piano and I think that it’s easier to muse the piano instead of tapping on a screen. Another thing is the way you’re supposed to time the notes on the songs. At first I thought you were supposed to tap the notes when the key lights up or when the note collided with the key, but it was actually wnen the note hits that little line above the keyboard. I didn’t really like this choice and I thought it was a bit hard to get used to so I think you should change that. But other than the problems this app has I think it is excellent. Have a nice day 🎹 🙂 Edit: something else that would be cool if if you would show how to play with both hands in the songs and not just the right hand parts.
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4 years ago, Bug-a-ly boo
I’d give it a 3-star rating...
It’s a good app but I mean..I’m taking piano lessons so some of the many more important and valuable things is a real piano, fun, and food which is important if you wanna live to play piano, am I Right or am I Right?! Now if you don’t have a piano and you want to play piano but your mom and dad or mom... *remembers stuff* yeah like— just. Mom. Can’t afford a piano this app could be good but like, IRL you could buy a piano, buy a selfie-stick, set up your phone or whatever and actually see yourself playing your piano AND hear the song. Again: Am I Right or am I Right?! You know what I’m sayin’?It’s kinda even-Steven bounce between having a real piano and having an app for a piano... But then again yo mama be like “The app is free so...” but with real pianos yo mama be like “Eeh This app here is free this real piano be like... what... $300 $350 *looks at phone* IT’S $579” and that’s when you know your gonna have the app or nothing... so that’s why my rating is 3 stars ✨ (there’s an extra big line spacing because I used the emoji of 3 stars together.)
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5 years ago, Waiting For Reveiw...
Great But Could Have More...
It is a great app and I use it when I don’t have a piano but I wish it had more keyboards. I am a percussionist and I love playing on keyboards and so I think that it should have more. I also think that you should be able to combine two recordings. The reason I say this is because I would love to make recordings of songs that you use bass clef and treble clef together. One last thing is I think it should have a section of music so you can play that music. I think with that music it should have a button and it plays that song for you so you can know if you want to play it and also to help you know what notes to play P.S Every time a alarm goes off on your phone the sound goes off and you must refresh the app before you hear it again.
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2 years ago, 𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕞𝕔
Great App But…
This app is amazing.I learned Mary had a Little Lamb and twinkle twinkle little star in one day with this app. Another great thing about this app is it is completely free you don’t have to buy anything at all it’s just free piano playing. There is one little problem though. The problem is you can’t see the entire keyboard at the same time you can only see part of it at once. Another great thing about this app is it has so many different settings so you can change the sounds of that notes and everything is really cool. So this app is totally amazing and I totally recommend it to people who just want free piano playing and they don’t have a piano.
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4 years ago, BruhMonJee
-On-the-Go-> PIANO
This is a wonderful Piano app. Clean graphics. Wonderful sound. The free version is worth the full version. Honestly the free version is just enough for anyone who wants to play a little piano here and there, or for those who want to record pieces and have a digital portfolio for their recorded music. I personally use this app to make riffs and short piano segments I later re-record in studio on my laptop, and I dig the music portfolio for my piano pieces. I’m all about separation, labels, and organization when it comes down to my music and this makes it easy to manage all three and still have a good time playing. - Boo (DJ) Brain Sauce
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2 years ago, APersonWithABlackHeart
Great app! Just one little thing that bothers me a quite a bit.
Hello! I’d just like to start by saying that this is an amazing app and I recommend it for those who don’t have an actual piano ( such as myself ). There’s just one thing: if you press the same key two times, the previous press of the key is cut of and replaced by the more recent one. I noticed this while attempting to play Megalovania. The first two notes are the same, and are close together as far as pressing them goes. So, as a result, that part of the song ( also, the same action is repeated multiple times throughout the song ) sounds choppy. But, other than that, it’s a great app!
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3 years ago, collyott
Only a few probs. 1: you should have it to were you can have the full piano or just your own piano. 2: it needs songs you can do. What I mean is you play it yourself and learn nothing. They need songs to teach you how to play. 3: well I guess I only have 2 but please look at this! It would make it a better app a lot better! One last thing maybe add more instruments. For people who looking at this I would only advise this to people who know how to play the piano because for beginners you learn nothing besides to play your own made up songs. If I was ratting this I would give you a 2 outa 10. Not being rude but it’s not a very good game sorry. I only do it because I know how to play.
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4 years ago, Craig.Watkins.210
Combining music together
Hello! I love this app. You can record and create your own songs on the go. But there is 1 thing that’s missing. COMBINING PIANOS TOGETHER to make a song with multiple pianos in it instead of just a single piano. Here it goes. If you have made 2 songs you would press the “combine music” button. And then it will give you a pop up asking you to combine two pianos or not Note here: every time the phone rings the audio goes off and it could not hear what was playing Please make this and fix this tiny little bug that has occurred with me please do this or you will have an unhappy pianist
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1 year ago, jgjgxhtdhc
I can sing and play my heart out with this beautiful game. I’m not much of a piano player but I made a few songs(with bad posture probably 😅), and they are beautiful! It’s like this game opened up a new musical world for me! I know it will for you, too. There aren’t many variations of piano, but you don’t have to pay money to play grand piano or xylophone. I got this game just a few hours ago, and I am LOVING IT! I have literally invented two songs(which isn’t a lot) and I plan on adding lyrics. You have to give this game a shot-it will change your life just like it changed mine! Thanks to the developers of this game- this game is perfect! Hey, you who are still reading! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU GET THIS GAME! This game is great- I promise! This is a suggestion but it is one I highly recommend and love and agree with. If I could, I’d give this game this many stars:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for reading!
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2 months ago, Chips Ahog
It needs More updates
Okay,So the updates that I personally think that they should add is Maybe A Competitive Coarse that you need to complete and if you win the competitive coarse you unlock Competitive and play against other Pro Players. 2nd Update. I think they Should also add PvP against your friends and A money Currency To buy Skins for the Notes and Piano, and to buy New songs to Unlock. These are the Updates That I think they Should add because I would Definitely tell my Friends That THEY NEED TO HAVE THIS GAME and Would Probably Play Every single Day And Night.
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3 years ago, dory111013
Review of is piano game
OK go to it and you will learn so faster in your own way to make your life better than your life is not the way that you’re doing that is not the way you’re not doing anything but you know what you mean about the things that you’re going through the game you are doing your game you’re doing it your life your own life is your own way It i’ll be better because you know how to play piano you might not like it but it is really nice I would do for $2200 even or thousand and 20 I just want to tell you so you make the right decision go to this app right now
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2 weeks ago, jrnfnd dd
It’s good but
This is a really nice game but obviously y’all lied about fixing bugs bc I have never seen this bad of a glitch on the piano learning game Everytime I try to learn a new song it’s lagging glitch or freezing y’all need to get that fixed but over all it’s a good app I’m sorry but the glitches have gotten worse and I’m trying to enjoy the piano but it’s no fun when we can even play it without a lag I’m so sorry but.. Edit: i redownloaded this game hoping that the piano game would work and it lags worse then before and now I can’t even play one piano song in piece with out it glitching I really need you guys to fix this bug bc now it is getting irritating
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2 years ago, Jesse Metzler
Fine, UNTIL Subscription update
I’ve been using this app for a long time, as an easy way to find my pitch when transcribing tunes, and sometimes for my kids to play with on iPad. I would have paid a couple bucks to remove ads or add more sounds had there been an option, but was happy as it was. After a recent update, pop-up and banner ads are flooding the experience. The remedy of a paid subscription is laughable. I can’t imagine an app as simple as this one requiring much maintenance, so $30/year is baffling. Seems like a Hail Mary for quick cash from dummies. If the developer simplified with one-time purchases for no-ads and more keyboard sounds (at a reasonable fee), I’d consider purchasing. But as it is now, I’d recommend looking elsewhere for your keyboard.
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3 years ago, Thisnameisthirtycharacterslong
Finally an app that does what I needed
All I wanted to do was play a short clip of a song I was trying to identify and text or email it to my Mom so she could identify it. Every other app even Garage Band was trying to make zip files for no reason or just wouldn’t let me send files etc. just a mess. This app took me 30 seconds to play the song and immediately gave option to text or email the audio file. Exactly what I was looking for thank you for not making a simple process unnecessarily complex like every other program I tried!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, AALIYAH DP
Love it better THEN SIMPLY PIANO with app is ANNOYING
Ok I love this app I showed it to my music teacher she loved that I was learning and my mom loved it too when there was a black out I played it and it made me less scared it’s the best also can you put a trumpet sound it the sound place pls and also can you make the recorber pick up close sounds for singing to the song it be nice I would love it Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm 5 AMAZING STARS ⭐️ beacause this app is better then simply piano plus that apps adds Are all over the internet THE APP HAS TO SHUT DOWN I mean simply piano HAS TO SHUT DOWN THIS MINUTE
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12 months ago, 10 at the Top
Great app, One Problem.
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ playing piano, but my family always tells me that the grand piano we have in our living room is too loud, so this app is a great compromise. But here’s the thing. I am in my 3rd year of piano, and I am used to playing songs with the left and right hand, and it’s very challenging to do that on the app. I get that it’s customizable, but it’s either the keys are to small and I keep playing the wrong keys, or the keys are big, and can only see half of the keys I’m supposed to play. Other than that, great app, and highly recommend.
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3 months ago, 𝙸𝚝 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚌𝚍!
A PAYMENT?!?i loop o l
At first glance it looks like a pretty good app So basically,It’s starts to you with choosing a song for an example I choose frozen to play, but first before you can play your song,it Teaches you somePiano notes I thought that was very cool when I learned all of them, and when it told me that I can play frozen now, and after that, I could search up my favorite singers or song artist before I could even play frozen. It asked me for a paymentI had to give 100 something dollars every month for payment and I was not OK with that so that’s why this app is not very good. I mean you can still get it if you can do the payment but it’s just not my favorite.😀😒
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3 years ago, flaka2019
This app so so Good
So I have been wanting to play the piano right. And I’m always like somewhere else and I have a. Piano at home but i cant play it because i am. Somewhere else and this app is like a grab and go so I can like play the piano everywhere i even play like anything but there’s a problem the A key is like at the end and so it’s hard for me to press the A but this game fun to use it’s a Great app to use when you want to play the piano and your somewhere else it’s a good app and I love it.
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5 years ago, Dan The Man_102
This may not fixable
This has been a major issue for me and I’m sure other players have experienced it at least once although I don’t think this is really the apps fault but the slide on the top to move the piano is a pretty big issue Because when I want to go to the other side of the piano I have to stop my playing and then start playing again making it so the song took a big pause it’s pretty annoying and probably not something you can manage but if you can make the piano full without the slider no hate on the app just please fix this.
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4 years ago, cj sass
you got a really cool piano games
As I said there’s a really cool piano game game so some of them I am not really happy with because you got a purchase it purchase like you got a purchase stuff do you got a purchase like a piano you got to get a real piano for some of them so I was like really mad at that but this one I’m cool with it I’m real cool I want to learn how to play piano and always wanted a real piano and actually like record it and I’m trying to do the nutcracker so good deeds for a good day and be careful coronavirus is out there coronavirus is here
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4 years ago, White & Gray Matters
Great free app to combine
I use this in combination with my voice training to practice with my pitches. I also use this app with Practice+ to coincide with my guitar and voice training. Thank you for this app because it saved me so much on a key board purchase! I suggest this app along with Practice+, although maybe Impala studios can make their own Version of Practice+ that is equal to and that will work in unison with the piano for the user to achieve a great musical experience. I’d be willing to pay. Hint Hint..... Good day to everyone and happy practicing for all!
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5 years ago, bowlergirl123
This is good, but...
I majorly enjoy this app as I am a beginner at the piano. It is able to help me with getting my pitch right for my soprano parts in chorus and I can learn simple songs. The recording feature is the problem though because it says “Failed to save recording” if it is over about 25 seconds, so I have to record each part of a song separately. Also, I will occasionally get messages that say failed to find recording of ___ so that means that I can’t listen to what I have recorded. Other than that, this app is very good and I have no other problems.
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4 years ago, samcomply
So Helpful for Basic Music Theory
I'm taking some online music theory courses right now, and not having a keyboard, this app has been quite helpful. I've used it to figure out a melody for a lead sheet assignment, to help out with ear training assignments, and other music theory purposes as well. You can make the keys pretty big, like to have only one octave on your screen, or smaller, but smaller keys are difficult to use. If you need something for some quick music theory reference, this app can be pretty helpful.
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5 years ago, spot on, spotify!
The 🎹 is awesome!!!
This app is awesome! I can play my own songs and title them, and I can listen to them again and again🤗 like, it’s the best app ever! It’s Also is a great exercise for my fingers! Ha! Great exercise. That was a joke. Fingers can’t exercise! 😂🤣😅☺️ so. Great app. Hi mom! Lol 😂 I also played a song and called it, “the 😈 speaks” I like scary things. 👿👿 I know who you are out there. You are people reading this review, and learning my notes! Well I know your notes, and I’m going to haunt you! I’m coming! JUST YOU WAIT!!!! I’m coming!!! Well that’s it byeeeeee
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4 months ago, bikingblueyes
Issues with Sound Every Time I Open the App
I have been using the app for the 7 days to practice music for choir. I find it difficult to play, and unless you have a very narrow key size, you don’t get much of a range to play in. Most annoying was the fact that every time I opened the app, I had an issue with sound not playing. I adjusted volume on my iPad, tried it on my iPhone as well, same issue. I tried several things, e.g., adjusting volumes, turning device off and restarting, and finally after deleting and reinstalling the app, the sound would work. Totally not worth $3.99 a WEEK.
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4 years ago, cupcake221100
Great app 😁😁😁😁
So I have been wanting to play piano 🎹 and it works great. It’s a great app if you don’t have a piano or keyboard. But there is one thing I will say is that if you will like to make a song and Record yourself you can’t it only Records the piano keys. Now for some of you may be okay with it. But another solution you can record yourself with something else. But other than that this is a great app hope you guys consider getting this app.
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10 months ago, A. Uzi
Could use update
Apparently when utilizing headset, the sound from the piano keys mutes itself. Would have to force stop application, reset in order to utilize headset. Glitch or a bug on app. Crinkling sound on headphones when utilizing app. Regardless works well with other platforms when it wants to operate. Exporting separate keystrokes into new notes or add to pre existing created sound is great, takes away from transition between takes. Love the fact that you can use other forms of pianos which is a plus but should be adding newer tones if possible.
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3 years ago, MuhNickname
Good app but ...
When I opened the app today to get one pitch, I got a notice that you were going to start charging. I can’t tell if you’re going to charge for any use at all or if you are going to charge just for additional instruments or what. If you’re charging no matter what, it’s been nice knowing you but I don’t use this enough to pay anything for it. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to delete your otherwise excellent app.
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5 years ago, blinkingdogcollar
Add midi player
Choir director hands out sheet music. I create my own midi file in my studio. Those who can not read music would benefit if they could run my midi file on an iPhone. GarageBand is hopelessly over kill and cumbersome. You have the best piano app but it can not play a midi file. Just add a metronome and piano roll to play midi files. Files can be created elsewhere. Just play midi file with single piano instrument and metronome option on or off during playback.
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1 year ago, gettheskinny
This used to be a handy, useful little app. Now there’s a premium version that’s really being pushed, and the free version is sort of useless because there is a noticeable delay between pressing the key and the note actually sounding. The only thing that’s changed in the app, as far as I can tell, is that there are ads now. Has this extra data cause the lag? Who knows? All I know is that I used to be able to play melodies and even some harmonies (limited by the size of the keys and the number of keys on the screen). I can’t do that now because the app won’t keep up with my tempo. All it’s really good for now is as a pitch pipe, basically.
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2 years ago, renderrite
I love this game!!! Thank you!!! (Plus adult swim touches!)
I been playing this app for a year. The fun of piano playing never ends! You might not know this, but there’s a new adult swim and I tried to play it’s theme song. Here are the words to it: learning with pibby, learning is so fun! We like to spell and we love to hug! Anyways, thanks for the game. Loves ur game bunches, real name: Ada. PS. On my next writing review, I will tell you all about the adult swim!!! Bye tweedles!!!😍🥰♥️😘
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4 years ago, mmorten1
Great Until Pop-up Ads
This piano app has been a staple on my phone for a few years now. The ads have always been subtle and never a hindrance for playing. However, the recent update means that every time I open the app, an add completely blocks the whole screen until I hit the button to continue. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for most piano apps. (Which is exactly why I stuck to this one for so long...) :( Back to app searching, I guess
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6 years ago, ilmateo
Annoying Ads
I realize that some apps come with ads so that the developer gets paid and I completely support that. However, I want the option to pay for the app if it is one I use frequently. I use this app to check pitches when singing a cappella. Since I use my iPad to store all my sheet music I often switch back and forth between the apps. Every time I want to switch back to the piano, an ad pops up and you can not swipe it away immediately. You have to wait a few seconds and then the piano appears. Too annoying for something I want to use frequently.
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4 years ago, ProudlyUn-Cool727
Solid app
As a pianist played my for 7-8 years, I can tell you that there is no piano app that is a good substitute for a real piano, but for things like that playing a starting note for voice or some other instrument, getting the feel for what chords sound like together, and saving all those melodies that pop in my head and I don’t have time to write down (using the handy recording feature) this app is a very useful tool and I would recommend it for those purposes.
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7 years ago, TravelArtMusic
Just what I needed
This is exactly what I needed to check my pitch when I'm singing the alto part. I'm normally a soprano so I'm kind of a princess about singing the melody all the time. I recently agreed to sing the alto parts for the rehearsal cd in our chorus and boy did I need to confirm those notes! Glad to have this on hand. I just plug my head phone into one ear and hit the note when that part comes up and I never stray. Glad this was available.
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3 years ago, pathfinder2117
Best piano app for singers and handy for musicians!
I cannot express enough for how amazing this app is for beginner singers and advanced singers as well as musicians! I am a musician and this app comes very handy for when you want to train your voice to be in tune. I definitely recommend this app if you sing or need a digital piano (for chord work, single notes, and scales) wherever you go.
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5 months ago, Guhibjskkxjzixkxn
Ads, but free keyboard.
I mainly use this to find keys of songs, and it works great for my needs. You can get the paid tier if you want sounds other than the free keyboards included. Labeled keys and octaves are great for beginners and you can reposition your view up and down the keyboard (in case you want to play in another octave). 10/10 would tickle ivories again.
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2 years ago, Canois
Songs & you make songs
This game is so much fun you have to play this game its called The piano you can make songs and you can record your songs and you can play it to your friends and your family so get this game Now and dare you can play better than me. So get this game now and it is so much fun so get this game now you will love it!!!
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3 years ago, Scotty I am a girl
This app is amazing! It’s also educational. I play this game everyday, and it will help you learn your piano skills. with some help of a adult. I think you should get the app because it is amazing. 5 stars! P.S. ( To game creators ) I think the game needs a button that you can click, that can teach you how to play Certain Songs on the piano. Overall it’s great :)
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3 years ago, beanie boolovercutie12340
Omg I love it-!!!
Okay first off, there is NO ad’s. Which is AMAZING!!! And I love this app so much. It’s perfect! Better than having to buy a real one!!! (which would be really expensive) thanks to this app, I learned how to play twinkle twinkle and Mary had a little lamb! And yeah I don’t actually know how to play, I only know how to play this two songs. Love this app, AMAZING JOB!!!! Sincerely, sunsetflowerbloom2!!!
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3 years ago, jennblake
Fun but needs songs to teach us
Hello I love this game but there’s no songs for all of us to play on this game but I love the game but I review it a 5 star rate but still owner I need something to tell u why is there no songs? But people all around the world that are bad just can’t learn by there self u no people need help thank you for reading this though
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5 years ago, supercreeper3k
Truly the best piano app
There are rarely any pop up ads for me which is essential to recording a song. I can change the size of the keys, and change to 3 different piano like instruments. And best of all, there are no In app purchases that limit the use of the piano. But if I were to criticize I would ask to add a few more instruments. But this app is truly the best piano app.
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4 years ago, عبدالله محمد
A bit of problems but 4 stars I guess
the game itself is fun but I want an option to listen to your songs like when you make like 10 songs or any number when you tap on the listen to your song thing there is all your songs to pick from and to delete the songs you don’t like and a zoom in and zoom out on mobile that’s what I want please do it I’ll give you * stars
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6 years ago, Littlemissreporter#
I have this app on my phone and LOVE it!!!!!! It is perfect for when you are learning piano and don’t have a piano yet!!! Also I’ve seen many complaints about ads you can go to settings and touch cellular data and turn it off and there you go no more ads!!!! So simple it’s hard to believe!!! It uses no WiFi or data I love it definitely a keeper!!!
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1 year ago, *(=7/
Great app but some issues…
First of all, you have to pay for this app. Second of all, my parents don’t want to pay for stuff. Third of all, I deleted it for storage and I didn’t get it back because what’s the point of it?😶You would like playing the REAL piano. It gives you more experience about playing piano. If your playing piano, just play it by watching videos or learning from your piano teacher. 🎹
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5 years ago, O-Inari
Ad issues
I downloaded this app to my iPad Pro, and deleted it maybe five minutes later. I would play with it for a couple of minutes and then it would stop working (no sound on touching a key). I’d have to hard close and re-open to get it to work again. I assume it was the ad at the top of the screen interfering. I have no issue with being shown an ad as long as it doesn’t render an app unusable. Telling people to pay for the Pro version to get rid of ads is not an adequate response to this problem, so don’t try that on me like you did a previous reviewer.
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2 months ago, Reckless_Flamingo
Not a free app. For simple pitch reference tool, look elsewhere.
Not a free app, just be aware. It used to work free, which is why I had it. Now there’s ads after one note and then it’s frozen. I only use it for pitch reference once in a while so I’m not going to pay for it. That means I’ll be deleting this one and getting another one. That being said, if you need a piano app for more than pitch reference, I imagine this one would be decent.
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4 years ago, unicon Ava
I love this app
Ok so now I LOVE this app it’s so fun I also learned a new song it’s my favorite app now and I edited this last time I sent a review I really just want to give it five stars because I don’t like using my brothers play piano so now are use this thank you whoever invented this you are the best :-) love it and again thank you for making it thank you thank you thank you 🎹🎹
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6 years ago, thisgirrrrl!
I LOVE this app!!! It’s the best thing I have ever gotten on my phone! I look up tutorials and I don’t have a piano at my house so I just use this! And the only time there are adds is when I’m done with a recording which I’m fine with so idk why people are hating so much :/ BUT THIS IS THE BEST! 100% RECOMMENDED ( I’m also learning real piano ) and I made lots of progress after using this app! Thank you!!!!
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