Pic Stitch - Collage Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (57.6K)
328.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pic Stitch - Collage Editor

4.67 out of 5
57.6K Ratings
1 year ago, sonrisa arquitecto
🌺Lifetime All The Way!!!🌺
I categorically disagree with the one-star reviewers!! Every app in the collage category offers the Premium features at a cost! Whoever blames the developers of the PicStitch for introducing the subscription plans is not entirely sincere/ correct/ honest!! I don’t use the app that often, but wholeheartedly agree with the fellow 5-stars reviewer who has recently called the Lifetime Membership a “steal”!!! Yes, it is!!! Especially, when you experience yourself a myriad of remarkable features that the app offers!!! One day… One day only, it has always taken the App Support to respond to my messages! I think that is remarkably quickly! With a zillion of the emails they get every day - it is EXCELLENT in my book! Therefore, I am infinitely perplexed when reading the reviews that describe the “unresponsive” App Support!! To the developers: A TRULY OUTSTANDING APP! HONORED TO BE THE LIFETIME MEMBER!! BRAVO!!!
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3 months ago, Briannalottchea
Greed is going to run these apps into the ground
I have used this app for probably close to, if not over, 10 years. I once paid for this app’s features and loved to use it whenever I needed to make a quick collage. Today, to my surprise, I opened the app to make another quick collage and discovered that every single feature I once had access to is now locked with a little orange crown, telling me I have to subscribe to the app if I want to use everything I used to use. I can’t even use/edit collages I made several months ago because those are ALSO locked and only show a preview. This is greed at its finest. Every single developer that thinks they’ll make more money by ripping features away from decades long users just to force them to subscribe is sorely mistaken. I will sooner delete the app than pay weekly, monthly, annually, or $129 to use it for life. $5-$10 for lifetime use? Sure. But you’re out of your mind if you think anyone with half a brain is paying $129 for a simple collage app. This is essentially legalized robbery. Incredibly disappointed in y’all.
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4 years ago, Valfx
Used to be free and awesome.
This app used to be free and awesome. It was my favorite collage maker. I loved all the options and even that you could create your own custom design. I haven’t used it in a while, so to my horror and shock I opened it today to find out that now most of the options are locked. And so is the the custom layout feature. So it is not free anymore. I would have considered paying for it... till I saw the price. $29 per year, or $129 to not keep paying monthly. What??? This is just a collage making app. It not like you are getting a full fledged photo editing software. You are just putting pictures into little squares. It’s obnoxious how all developers now are trying to squeeze every penny out of consumers. I guarantee that few people will pay $129. Some might, probably by accident thinking that the $2.50 is a one time payment, not recurring monthly... but I guarantee that they would make more money and have more happy customers if they charged $2-$5. Sorry, but I feel extremely cheated now and will not even use the free options. This app is getting deleted!! You have lost me and all my friends as customers.
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7 years ago, MrFuzzknuckle
Once again the best collage app in the store!
This is again THE collage app. Rich feature set, intuitive interface, and excellent options. The recent updates broke some key features I relied on, but they were VERY quick to address those with repair patches and the app is now better than ever. I highly recommend Pic Stitch for any collage editing you might need! EDIT (19 June): I'm late to check the most recent patch by a week or more. Everything is working just as well as it used to, and it even feels more responsive, with faster load times. Thank you very much for your hard work! EDIT (31 May): The latest patch definitely helped things. The export feature now works properly. Unfortunately, they seem to have broken a couple other features. The 'Resize' feature now forces you to adjust entire rows & columns instead of just the joining partition between images. Just make your own template you say? Why should I have to if all I need is a minor tweak or two? About that... The custom template menu suffers from the problem they just fixed for the export menu. When you try to set up a custom layout, it doesn't offer the option to save it (the layout looks like it might be blocking the save/export button).
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3 months ago, iOS 7 fail
Great customer service!
I love this app! As a teacher it is great for making quick collages of student work on the go and I can even combine videos with still shots which is amazing. Unfortunately, after getting a replacement phone about a week ago I lost all the features on this app after having full access for over 10 yrs! I reached out to customer service and they were able to walk me through submitting a claim and proof of purchase (even though it had been a while) and after abt 4 emails I was able to restore all features! It was frustrating that the restore button didn’t work but it was nice to have quick response and detailed instructions on how to recover this program 🎉🎉🎉
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2 years ago, QuirkyCarter
$$$ for Basic Function = not actually free
Apps like this should not be listed as if they’re free. Sure, you can download it for free. But you won’t be able to use it the way most people expect to use it without paying for a subscription or pricey one time fee that apparently doesn’t even cover future updates. You can make a ‘collage’ from 2 pics and save it with a watermark on it for free. Like I said— it isn’t really useable for most people without paying for it. My problem isn’t that it costs money… I’d be willing to pay $5-7 (one time, not per month) for this app if it had a history of being stable and supported. I don’t even expect tons of new content for free… I just expect that it continues to function properly over time with the features available when I purchased it. $129 is waaayyy too much money for a phone app like this. Unsure why people are willing to waste so much money… wasn’t always like this, yet it will continue to be until the spending stops.
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4 years ago, Joshua D.
Another Greedy Bait-and-switch
Subscription plans are not the future for applications. You cannot portray a photo editor as a service that could ever hope to warrant users paying indefinitely. It's just pure greed on the part of the developer. I'll pay the one time price but I refuse to pay indefinitely for a collage app. I'm so fed up with greedy developers taking premium apps and turning them into subscriptions after they make all they think they can make from we suckers who bought the app thinking we were buying a premium experience. It's a bait-and-switch and seriously unethical and immoral for a business to pull this type of sleazy & underhanded scam. You have lost any respect I had for you as a developer and business and you're now no better than any other App Store crook. Thanks for helping with the continuation of the ruination of the App Store. Also, thanks for helping with the continued withering of my faith in the prospect of believing there are still developers out there who are actually good people with a conscience.
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3 years ago, l0calgal
No longer usable
I’ve use this for years on my iPhone to turn screenshots into collages which I easily exported to my E store sites. Noticed the app was no longer on my iPhone without any idea of why. Went to App Store and found it, with the cloud and arrow symbol which told me that yes it was something previously opened. So downloaded again and it just wouldn’t download to my iPhone. Realized that it must no longer be a pic stitch for iPhone available app. Clicked on reviews and selected most recent and at least the top 10 are all highly negative for the change to the app, especially it now being virtually for pay with little or no use that’s free. In every review the admin requests the OP send them an email. I’m not gonna send an email because Lord knows whether or not that will get me hacked. Developer should just start working on clarifying just what you are getting if you download this app. If it’s virtually unusable without a charge state that in the description
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2 years ago, JoAnna((;
A must have app! :)
I have used this app for YEARS! At first, only for collaging pictures to post to Instagram but in the most recent years, I started to use it for journaling and it has been such a huge help in adding photos of all sizes to my journal. I recently had an issue with the app and not being able to access the frames I had paid the premium subscription free for, and after reaching out to the the makers of the app, my issue was resolved in a VERY timely manner! I so appreciate the great customer service and care this team put into making sure the app was working on my end. I can’t recommend this app enough!
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2 years ago, houmi
So I have been using Pic Stich since 2014, it's true that back then this app was very inexpensive, but at the time, developers needed to get into the store and compete with other apps. Granted this is one of the best apps, I am not surprised it's doing fairly well. I had bought the app with borders and frames packs back then. However being a Software developer myself, I understand that cost of living is high, software development costs are higher, but there is this thing called loyalty that unfortunately software developers on the app stores lack. I recently had to reinstall my iPad and I see that I am being asked to buy this app as a subscription model, or buy it outright for over $100. Well this is a punch in the gut, I'd understand if you were asking like $30 for old users to cover the cost or even a one time upgrade but not giving us access to what we had before (Restore doesn't work), and put in the top of that watermark and ads is really an insult. I am not going to contact you to fix this, you should have the decency to provide a better upgrade mechanism for your old time users, this is just plainly unacceptable. Unfortunately this has become the norm and Apple just lets this method fly... so what happens when I pay $100+ for a one time fee, are you going to ask $500 in 5 years and take the previous features away ? This is just morally wrong!
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4 years ago, Zooba17
Major disappointment
I run a Lost & Found pet site. I lost ability to crop pics today. So I updated & same problem. My members, many of whom have broken hearts, look forward to seeing their pets on cover photo every night. Imagine my shock that I made a few pics @ 5 p.m. & could crop, @ 9 pm I find out a dog I was going to post was found so I tried to make a different photo & couldn’t crop. So everyone is going to be upset with Pic Stitch. You could have given some warning. I just want to make simple pics, nothing fancy so I don’t want to pay a bunch of money to do volunteer work. Cheesy of you though not to state we’d loose to the crop feature. Guess I’ll have to close the Lost & Found Dog & Cat Site. All I want to do is put 2 photos in 16x9 divided in 2 areas but can’t any more. Can’t crop. Why do you have to make it more complicated? Why don’t you leave it as it was for ppl who want a simple way to make pics? And charge the ppl who want high tech stuff like filters, etc? This 💩now.
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2 months ago, Whovian63
Breaking Up With This App After OVER A DECADE
I first started using PicStitch in 2013. I paid for premium access to features way back when, only to open the app today to find these features (both originally free and what I paid for) all suddenly behind a paywall that’s charging nearly what I had originally paid as a *one-time purchase* now as a *monthly fee*. You can’t even remove the borders anymore without paying, or use the oh-so-popular 9-image layout. And now there’s a watermark if you don’t pay?!? This is a despicable cash grab if I’ve ever seen one, and I will be deleting the app promptly after this review. I’m extremely disappointed in the developers for their decision to lock up everything, even after some of us gave them our money already. This app was my bread and butter for creating quick colleges both then and now, and you’ve made it virtually unusable unless we fork over our wallets. You should be ashamed.
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2 years ago, NYC Jason
Useless unless you pay
This seems like a good app, but it’s impossible to know because the free version is useless, never mind that every tap brings up a nag screen asking for money. Launch app, choose layout (nag screen), select photos, insert first photo (nag screen), insert second photo, save (nag screen that won’t let you save), save (same nag screen), delete app. I’m a computer engineer so I’m happy to pay for good software, but I need to know it’s good first. A free download should be able to do at least the bare basics, like save a simple image. Better: give a reasonable free trial period with all features unlocked so that users can see how good your app is and what it’s really worth. If you’d done that I would probably have spent several hours playing with this during the trial before gladly buying a subscription. Instead, I used it for 10 minutes then deleted it. Trust me on the free trial thing. (AKA: the Endowment effect.)
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2 years ago, Jucasaurus Rex
Switched to a MUCH better free competitor
I used this app for over 6 years. For me, it filled in a small gap that I should really be able to do natively on my phone by now. I opened it up yesterday to use it like normal and was surprised to see the update paywalling me out of basic features. Now, notion that someone should pay more than $5 TOTAL for the simple functions this product offers in a pretty unattractive package is absurd. But to go as high as a TRIPLE digit price tag makes me not only committed to never using this app again, but also convincing others to jump ship as well. In just a few minutes after uninstalling, I’d done a little research on alternatives and am very happy with the replacement I chose, Canva. I don’t care if you also choose that. I’m just throwing what worked for me out there. To me, the most important thing is everyone getting rid of this garbage app, Picstitch.
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2 years ago, ChloeIsARobot
One of the worst photo edit apps out there
DON’T USE THIS APP!! This app is by far THE most annoying, frustrating, and useless app I have ever used. I have never written an app store review in my life, but I am so angry about this app that I made an exception to warn everyone else. I wanted to join 4 simple pictures together and this app has made me want to pull my hair out. You have to pay for 80% of the features. I don’t mind in-app purchases but if you don’t pay, your photo collage is guaranteed to come out looking basic and chunky. Beyond that, the app is glitchy and hard to use, and you are inundated with ads and watermarks. The pre-made layouts do not work well and you can’t easily align your photos within them. If you want to make any adjustments, it knocks everything out of place. Photo collages are a SIMPLE THING TO DO RIGHT and picstitch seems to do it very wrong, every step of the way.
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6 years ago, Jays job
Very cool. Very easy. Tons of value here.
I just got finished putting about 30 video editing and collage apps through their paces. For me this is the hands down winner. It does just about everything you’ll need to make straight videos with editing and sound/your music and collage/multi frame videos. It has an easy intuitive interface and lots features only found on other much more expensive apps. If that’s what you’re looking to do without paying a monthly “subscription” (*cough PicPlayPost *cough) this is the app. Well worth the one time price of the upgrade to the pro version which adds an unbelievable amount of additional features.
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2 years ago, 2SteelGirls
I purchased and used the app for 9 months of my 12 month subscription and was asked to purchase in the app stating my subscription had ended. I still had 3 months left. I tried to restore the app many times, took it off my phone and put it back on. It refused to restore my purchase. So, because I use it for work I decided to just go ahead and get another yearly subscription tho I still had 3 months left. The paid for a second subscription. My Apple ID now shows 2 CURRENT subscriptions, on the same phone! Both yearly subscriptions active! AND YET I STILL DO NO HAVE PREMIUM FEATURES. IT STILL TELLS ME TO UPGRADE. THE APP WILL NOT RESTORE THE PURCHASES!!! I have contacted the company. They fixed it for me and their fix lasted ONE DAY!!! I am contacting Apple to get my money back!!! Over $40+ gone for an app that won’t even remove its logo and give me the premium service I’ve paid for now, TWICE!
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3 years ago, Micki 1
Four and fading - update Five & rising
Not so long ago when asked I rated you 5 to 5+ stars. You are my go to app (or at least you were - not so sure about this new design maybe I will get used to it - maybe not) I used you everyday for every event and every holiday. What made you special your STICKERS. The majority now are Happy Birthday - where oh where have the stars-bars-dashes-animals-flowers-funny characters etc gone? Without them you are a bit below average. Happy Birthday and Good Night. Hope for better. ***Wanted to update - The App designer responded to me and sure enough told me how to find the stickers I was missing. Thanks guys
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3 months ago, DeviantAndroid
Fan Until Death
I love this app and have been using it for over a decade I think. I do have to say, I find it overwhelmingly amusing that I only ever used it for casual stuff over the years and was never charged. But now that I just so happen to be starting my own business and picstich comes into play way more now, theres a solid subscription fee locking all the features I used for free for years. Oh well. Might as well start paying for it now considering its a vital tool in my arsanal. Thanks picstich and till death do us part lol
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4 months ago, Millsy508
Dumpster Fire
How can an app get worse with all of the updates to “improve performance” over the years? Look no further folks, your answer is picstitch. What used to be one of, if not THE, best photo editing/collage apps on the market apparently is all about setting itself up for failure. Not only do the tools not function as well as they did previously (with some not even performing the same action i.e. Blemish/Blur are essentially the same except one you tap to use vs drag), the stickers have disappeared; the filter options (effects packs), frames, and borders available to use were removed, locked, and now have to be purchased. Now a subscription is required to use the options that were free for years. Once again GREED kills an app and alienates its customers.
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11 months ago, RayAtCyberdine
BAIT & SWITCH = Restore my purchase
I sent an email a month ago. Explaining, I paid for the app a year ago before the subscription model. I’ve been trying to restore my purchase for a while now and I’ve still not gotten any support. This used to be my go-to app for my business graphics. Now, I use a different one because support for this app is nonexistent. Restore my purchase and I’ll adjust my rating. I have TWO iPhones on the same iCloud account. So make sure you set it up so that I either get two restore links, or make it so my iCloud account will accommodate both phones when restore purchase is clicked. I already paid for this app BEFORE the subscription model. Stop with the bait and switching with your apps. If it’s a one time purchase. Leave it that way. Restore my purchase please and I’ll promptly update this review.
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9 months ago, gotuswhereyouwantus
So here’s the thing- I was being generous with the 2 stars. That’s how annoyed I am by this app. It works fine for the little I use it. What I absolutely HATE are the 10 minute long ads for games I will NEVER buy or download. They are horrible games with the most ridiculous sounds. It’s practically impossible to get out of the ad even after setting my phone down, walking away, coming back.. and still no X to get back to my pictures. I have finally just started to screenshot and not even exporting the finished pic because I refuse to deal with the ads. Don't get me wrong- I understand it’s a free app and they need advertising. But could they not change up the ads a bit? Heck everyone else stalks us on our phones to find our interests 😂.
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2 years ago, Lt Sanchez
Crashes over and over
I first downloaded this app in 2015 it was amazing, I had all of the templates but then all of a sudden this year it would crash when you try to open it. I reached out and was told to uninstall/reinstall. Fine. Did that and started from scratch but this time with the watermark on it. That’s fine, started the daily free templates again and was maybe 25 away from having them all again and it’s crashing again. It feels like they want you to buy it and not really have the free and that fine but put that out there for everyone to know. It’s a great app when it works but having done this 2 times and it’s crashing again is making it where I no longer want it. I had to find another. It’s not an app that I use much so paying for a subscription is not worth it for me.
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3 years ago, Go use a different app
The ads are getting ridiculous
I’ve been using this app for years. Used to be my go-to for stitching pics together. Well, at this point the app won’t let you save your photo until you have waited for a 1-2 min advertisement to play, and even after that, there IS no way to exit the ad. You HAVE to click on the ad and let your phone load the App Store before the “X” will appear so that you can exit that menu and save your photo. And at that point you’ve already wasted an additional 20 seconds searching for the little “X” that never appears unless you click on the ad. It’s extremely annoying and a great way to get rid of customers. I won’t be using this anymore. Save yourself some time and use Scrapbook instead; it’s way better with more features that are all free.
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2 years ago, Maltese612
So disappointed 😔
I’ve used the Pic Stitch app for 5 years prior to it now being a paid subscription. It’s been my favorite App. I’ve created numerous amazing collages that have been admired by many. I’m so very disappointed that you’re asking me to pay a subscription fee again when in all actually I paid for the App in 2017. I wish you would exempt prior paid users (I have my receipt), like myself, from having to pay a yearly subscription fee. You had a superb rating however with the paid subscription fee, not so much now. FYI this has been the first time I’ve ever given a negative rating on an App or reached out to the developers. I hope you do the right thing & exempt me from ever having to pay a yearly subscription for the full features I paid for originally. So disappointed 😔
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3 years ago, Ibiwisi
Intrusive watermark...seriously?
Re issues with latest update... I’ve sorted the issue with being unable to create anything new on my iPad Pro. I have to set photo permissions to “Selected Photos” and only choose one at a time. Then drag and drop. I’ve had Pic Stitch since it was the free app of the day. It was brill. But now there’s a forced watermark. With all due respect, I credit your app each time I use anything I’ve created with Pic Stitch. But my medical expenses are just too high for anything but medical expenses, thanks to my genetic jackpot of rare and disabling degenerative diseases. Pic Stitch was a wonderful way of dealing with Ehlers Danlos disease and the multiple comorbidities, and I discovered that my art and pieces I create help educate people as well. Putting a forced watermark, at least the version of watermark as it is...really uncool. It will just make me stop using what was a really great app. And that is unfortunate. One cannot even change the appearance and size of the watermark and adjust transparency, so it’s there but doesn’t distract from/clash with an artist’s work. So please give us back the former free version. I contacted the devs but received no response. Thank you. Respectfully...
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3 months ago, Bess55
I used to really like this app
Updated my review to remove the last possible star, as it has become totally unusable even if you are willing to navigate around the ads. All it does now is try to sell a subscription and show adds. Those sit on top of the interfaces for selecting size and ratio, blocking access to the rest of the app, most importantly, it no longer connects to my photo collection so I can't drag images into the various boxes. Older review But now it's functionality is impaired by ads that get in the way of layouts and being forced to watch an ad in order to save the file, only to have the ad freeze, offer no route back to the app, so I have to close and the whole effort is lost. Another good app ruined by monetization frenzy. And why are we now seeing links in Russian?
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10 months ago, One More Nomad
Dishonest and anti consumer
I purchased the full version of this app years and years ago. That gave me no ads, and access to the additional border options, among others. What a surprise it is for me to open the app and find out it’s now a subscription service just like everything else these days, and I’ve lost access to the paid version I paid for all those years ago and can no longer use them. “Restore purchase” doesn’t actually do anything and you’re stuck having to choose which awful subscription plan you want in order to do almost anything in the app. Awful and stupid practice. This didn’t need to be a subscription service and shame on you for choosing ti screw over long time users. Instantly deleted and will not be using it again.
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12 months ago, e_morgan91
I’m giving an extra star only because for so long, this app used to be great and I loved it. Basic features were 100% free, no watermarks, minimal ads… Perfect for the average user. Virtually every feature (no exaggeration…) has some undesirable element that requires you to pay a subscription fee for it. And the ads have really become ridiculous… I get it’s a way for apps to make an income and most of the time, I don’t even think twice about them. But when I try to save an image only to be faced with an ad in another language with no option to get out of it other than to close the app completely, forcing me to abandon my collage project? Sad to say I’m uninstalling and looking elsewhere…
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2 years ago, luckiest13
Free features are 99% gone. Another money-grub. Don’t waste your time.
I’ve used this app on and off for years. Do yourself a favor; don’t even bother downloading this it. It used to be great, and now 99% of it is pay to use. In the last six to nine months, the free features have started going away… first the amount of frames… now you can only have one color (white) and it comes with a giant border that cannot be edited. Two more free features gone. You can no longer edit corners, shadows, or backgrounds. There is now a giant “pic stitch” button on every single photo as well. In addition to this, the frames are not correct sizing for apps like Facebook. The “FB Cover” option is not even close to the correct size. This is 100% a greedy clickbait. I can see a one time purchase of something like $5-$20- but they want you to pay $30 a YEAR EVERY YEAR. Ya’ll are insane. There is nothing warranting that cost on this app. There are plenty of other competitors who have the same if not better features for a fraction of that price or free. I agree with other reviewers - try Canva or another app. This one has fallen so far it’s not even worth your time.
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5 years ago, Allyhi love games
Bad update
I’ve used this app for awhile and it was great for what I was doing. All the features were cool and easy to use. The only thing is it didn’t have sticker which I didn’t love but it was fine. Then the update came and the borders pack is $8.99? I don’t see why you would want us to pay $9 for that. I know there are a lot more backgrounds and stuff but I, again, don’t see how that’s worth it when before you could have the same backgrounds by getting your own image and it was was a LOT cheaper. I loved this app and I used it almost daily for what I was doing and now that I can’t edit the borders and background without wasting $9 ruined everything.
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2 years ago, mh96s
Personally I have allways enjoyed this app!
At first I thought I was going to haft to pay a hundred and something dollars just to use a app that I had used for years but I pushed the restore button and it went away (I am a long time customer).Anyways I didn’t haft to pay the new price of a hundred and something dollars and I just wanted to say thank you! Also I really enjoy this app and use it quite often.I really Enjoy all the different collages! Your doing great with this app keep it up 👏🏻
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2 years ago, NCC88
Used to be my favorite app & maybe it can be again??
Hi, I've had this app forEVER and it was my favorite picture collage editor until approximately 8 months to a year ago:(. I have not been able to open the app on my phone. I have an iPhone 11, which is the worst iPhone I've EVER owned so it may be the phone, that's why I am only taking off 1 star. However, since I have been off for a while, I hope the free version hasn't changed that much where I have to remove another star. I am going to delete the app now, reinstall and cross my fingers it comes back to life for me!!
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4 years ago, Kissy Bobrowski
Nothing is free anymore
This app is NO LONGER FREE... I even watched a ridiculous amount of ads over 4 years to get new layouts, many of which I never used. I have been using this app since 2016. I don’t use the app too often but today for the first time in many months I came back to use it, and to my dismay they are charging money. Not even a one time purchase, a subscription.. So now they are asking for $24 a month or $129 a year for an app that doesn’t even show the entire photo edges. I would have to prepare my photos by shrinking them down struggling to give them some type of edging, before I even brought them in the app. I think this app is a bit out of it’s league, and should be showing more appreciation for the users who keep them alive.
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5 years ago, Morrischick
Canceling my subscription!
I’ve used this app for years and am canceling it after the changes made in the last update! The deal breaker was not being able to zoom in on the selected pic while making edits; for example, it’s especially hard to control “splash” color editing when it won’t zoom. I can’t find many of the old features that I used use like vignette. Noticed some useless new ones like “watermarking.” I’ve stopped investigating the other changes because I’m through with it.
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3 years ago, drakesgirl
Forced to update
Ugh, I’ve been avoiding updating this app for over a year because I didn’t want to lose my favorite features, blur, blemish and focus, but with the new IOS update I was unable to use the app anymore without updating it. I was forced to update. Now the worst has happened, as expected, and now this app is utterly useless to me. The blur and blemish features are complete trash and do not work the way they did before and I can’t even turn the angle of the focus feature sideways as I am used to doing. I would actually be willing to pay for this app if only I could keep the features the way they were. So depressing because I’ve been using this app for YEARS, many many years, and now I can’t use it at all.
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3 years ago, SIowbro
No loyalty to long-time users
I’ve used this app exclusively for collage/stitching purposes for years — at least 4 years. I was a free-to-play user but I spent months of watching long advertisements every single day to slowly unlock all of the frame layouts, one by one. I recommended this app to tons of friends over the years. Now all of a sudden, all of the basic features are behind a paywall. Can’t adjust borders, border colors, etc. The app is now functionally useless. You already got the ad revenue off me watching all those generic video game ads every day to unlock the frame layouts and now you want me to pay $30 to use features I’ve been using for nearly half a decade? Not a chance. App deleted. Here’s your 1 star review too.
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2 years ago, abaker2212
I love this app. I have been using it for YEARS. I have a paid subscription because it’s come in handy endless times. I’ve been trying to use it today and it’s asking me to pay for the subscription. I checked and it’s not due to renew until April 2023. It won’t let me export anything, or restore my purchase. I’ve deleted the app and have tried restoring and it still won’t work. I’m hoping this glitch is fixed soon!!! Thank you.
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4 months ago, Master sponge wars 2014
This app is complete garbage. Back in the day when iPhones were newer, there were tons of apps that were either free or a one-time cost to purchase from the app store. Most apps were high quality and did what they were designed to do. I’m not sure when it started, but now almost every app is full of ads that you cannot escape (even after watching the whole ad or clicking the “x”). A lot of these kinds of apps end up crashing frequently. A lot of them barely function unless you make in-app purchases. Sad to see the quality of apps declined and become utter trash. The same thing is happening with websites online. I hope the creators of these apps and websites don’t make any money.
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2 years ago, hjhhlt
Long time user left frustrated
I have used this app for years, and even paid for the additional features (such as editing borders and removing watermarks). Now those features are gone unless I want to pay a monthly subscription or $129 one time?! Besides being ridiculously high cost, I have zero confidence that if the one time fee is paid, the features I am looking to utilize will remain available. It even says that one time payments don’t guarantee you’ll keep features in the fine print so what’s the point… As a long time supporter, this is not the way to treat your customers and fans. I will not be spending more money here so the app is now worthless to me. Such a shame because this was a great app.
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2 years ago, kmb788
Horrible After the Update
Picstitch has been my go-to photo collage maker for literally years and I probably use it at least once a week. Imagine my surprise when I clicked into it this week to discover it’s no longer free and now to do even the most basic of things- such as change the width of your border- you have to have the pro version! At first I figured, whatever I would just buy it since I use the program so much but then discovered it’s $29 a year or $129 lifetime! Seriously, who in their right mind would possibly pay that?! I would maaaybe consider a one-time purchase of $29, but every year? Many other free apps out there and I guess I’ll be moving on to one of those.
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7 years ago, Jolly-Swell
Incredible wonderful video and photo collage app!!!
Must Download!!! I have used other video and picture collage apps and the other ones don’t let you add text or let you resize the photo and this app does everything! You can add videos and photos in any frame and any background pick or color and you can put text in and edit and change the color of text! This happen as everything you need for your video and picture collages! Must Download!!!
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7 years ago, porcupine888
Simple, just works
I've been using Pic Stitch first for iPad then phone for years now, and have never had need to go looking for another collage app. It does what it's meant to do easily and cleanly, and while they've added features over the years they've never let it get bloated. It still does the basic thing I got it for perfectly: put several photos together so I can post them as one picture on Facebook.
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3 years ago, ahg84
I give up
I have tried and tried over the years to download this app. Lots of people I know love it but for whatever reason I can never get it to work. I just tried again to no avail (and that was after the update to fix the bugs) I have an Apple 11 Max Pro and the pictures stall when trying to download them and it freezes up my phone to where I have to reboot and delete the app. It must be user error since I seem to be the only one that has this problem. I wish I knew what it was. I thought about paying for the Pro version bit until I can fix the free version I’m not going to spend the money for something I can’t seem to get to work.
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5 years ago, Austarr
It was a five star app
The ability to edit small details was great because you could zoom in while editing. It was my go to app for small details. I don’t know what you guys were thinking, removing that feature. I assume it was a mistake and I hope it is corrected quickly. How can you touch up a blemish or whiten someone’s teeth when you can’t zoom in to the specific area you are trying to adjust? The features that made this app great have been ruined. It’s practically worthless unless this issue is corrected. I hope the developers read these reviews. It was a five star app until the ability to be precise was completely eliminated.
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3 years ago, Chasekidd
This app has been around for a long time, and if you’ve been using it the whole time you may remember, they’ve gone through this cycle of making you pay for basic features and removing the water mark, leaving it alone for a few years, changing the payment mode, charging you again, and repeating. The app does essentially the same thing without any major ui improvements in years, and now once again they’re trying to charge you to remove the water mark even if you paid for the app multiple times in the past. Find something third party to do the saw thing, don’t support these bottom feeders anymore.
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2 years ago, SwonRansonCPA
Not free
This used to be a great app. I haven’t needed it in a long time. Downloaded it again recently. Saw that there were certain layouts you had to pay for. I didn’t care because I wanted to do something simple. Had to watch an ad after I made it before I could save. Annoying, but fine; developers need to make money. Once I saved, I decided I wasn’t happy with the finished product so I re-did it. Came back later to tweak it just a little more and was informed that I had reached my limit of collages without a watermark. I could pay to remove the watermark. No thanks. I’ll use another app.
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2 years ago, _4071_
Free Version Is Now Useless
I had this app for years and loved it, but this newest update makes the free version of the app absolutely useless. Previous updates gradually reduced the functionality of the free version (such as removing layout templates, adding a watermark, etc.), but I was willing to deal with all of these until they removed the ability to save your collages at all with the free version. You can just make them, but when you click the “export” button, it just prompts you to pay $30/month for functions that used to be free. If you don’t want to pay that (as I certainly don’t), you might as well not even download the app.
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2 years ago, 312ToThe313
ALL EXISTING USERS - do not update this app unless you want to have a watermark after a few exports! Devs - I have been using this app for YEARS, since iOS 9 at least, and now I am no longer able to export pictures without a watermark unless I pay for it. This was NOT STIPULATED in the details of the app updates recently. Had it been, I would have stayed on the legacy app version. I understand your developers need to be paid, but since I only used the most basic feature - combining pictures without any special effects or frames - I don’t see the reason to have to pay a subscription to avoid a watermark. Thanks for reviewing my feedback.
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2 years ago, MugsyMickMan
Can’t recommend this app anymore
Recently the ads have made the app impossible to use. I’ll finish up putting two pictures onto one screen and once the ad pops up you can’t exit out. Eventually I just force quit as I can’t move forward which causes the need to restart the project. App has become unusable unless you pay for their subscription to remove the ads. Apple is also being notified of this functionality of app to adjust how it is marketed on their App Store. I fully support watching and interacting with the ads, but to not allow the user to go beyond after viewing them is unacceptable.
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