Pick-Up Sticks

4.1 (336)
44.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Speedy Winner Holdings Limited
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pick-Up Sticks

4.09 out of 5
336 Ratings
12 years ago, RootBeerIsWhatTheyCallMe
Great Boredom Solver!!!
This game is perfect for times when you are extremely bored! It is also a wonderful game for ALL ages!!! The only annoying part is that it'll say that you touched a stick when you didn't. You have to be very careful with choosing the sticks. I do love how there is a variety of sticks--thick, thin, and my all time favorite: meat sticks! Original! I have only one complaint and I would for sure recommend this game!!!
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6 years ago, Norm M
deleted and downloaded in attempt to fix problem, now worse
I paid 2.99 for 5 mil coins. Bought six themes. All said Purchased. All but one (feathers) was unlocked when I went back into the app. to hopefully fix this problem I deleted, then redownloaded (in my husband’s purchased section of the app store. Now all six purchased (as stated on app link) are locked. I forgot to take a screen shot photo to show that feathers was "purchased" and still locked. Apple, you have POOR quality control. Refund would be the fair thing to do, but I have to wait until something appears on your records, then I have to explain why money was taken and no purchases have been received. Pain. This is one of the reasons why I NEVER BUY from BF Games. Perhaps updates have changed this, because the last two apps I purchased were updated years ago and didn’t work on the latest ipad update. Also, I never pay to continue to play (fremium) because you pay much more (in the long run). No app is worth paying to continue to play, these are the apps that BF tends to update. This is besides the point, but shows that free is often a scam, as this app is.
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7 years ago, PLM-DE
It's ok
As far as pick up sticks it's fun to do it this way, but it's kinda boring especially when dumb hackers take the competition away. I can't believe how many don't have something better to do than beat a game of pick up sticks. The only top 25 I could see all had a time of ZERO. Impossible. And stupid.
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7 years ago, Wyverncreature
It's ok
Frustrating to tap the skinny pencil on top only to have the game register the one underneath and take away points. Fingers are wider than the app pencils people! I guess it's a touch screen thing. Idk.
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4 years ago, Matysea
Great good and service every time me and my husband partake at PICKUP STICKS. We are actually going there to eat later today!!!
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8 years ago, Fancy pony
Pick up sticks
Brings back childhood memories
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8 years ago, ANG97
Fitting fun
Great app! It is so fitting. Lol!
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12 years ago, Corinne "Corn" Robinson
My Opinion of Pick Up Sticks
I thought this this game had a slightly educational enhancement to it, and I respect and appreciate the whole game idea. It is an entertaining placeholder that is considerably easy to put down, but it can be enjoyable to males and females of all ages. Though it is not very popular yet, I have an optimistic view for this game's future. One of the few problems I came across was that in this game, you are required to tap on the stick closest to the top of the stack, and it is very hard to specify which stick the human finger is tapping on. I suggest starting with thicker sticks and making them thinner as the player goes along. Again, I hope this game does well! Thanks! #CorinneRobinson
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12 years ago, Aspen In SoCal
I use the pen and changed my sticks...
In my free version I downloaded yesterday, it does have the option to use wider sticks, and even cute Q-tips! I have not noticed an issue with choosing any wrong sticks since discovering this cool option. Also, I have that rubber-tipped iPad pen that I use for apps such as this one that may require more accuracy. I would say give it a try! I can see this app will be great for a quick time killer for me...
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12 years ago, Tbyrd22
I would give this game 5 stars but every time I try to invite a friend or even do quick match it never goes through. I am just waiting. Other than that the game is fu and definitely passes the time. Fix the glitch and you will get 5 stars from me. 😉
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12 years ago, Radio player
This is Awesome!!!!!
My mom has this game and I love it there is nothing wrong with this game. My sister loves it to. I am going to download it on my iPod touch because that's how much I love this game pick up sticks!!!!! You do not wast money downloading this game you accually will have a really good time playing this game so you should so I mean so download this game you will love it!!!
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12 years ago, Jo Little
This game is awesome
Ok so my friend introduced me to this game on her iPod touch and now I'm like addicted to beating her at it but the only time I could play it was on her iPod but now I have an IPad so now I can play it and get better and beat her........I will beat ya...friend who was in my health class and now we will have a diff class together WHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, ma2cuties
Fun and challenging
I really like games like this and I'm really sensitive and I'm scared easily so when ever I tapped the wrong one and it buzzed I would almost pee my pants so I turned the vibrating off and I was perfectly fine love this game and I'm extra happy because next year I'm starting 6th grade and I'm in the Honor Society this year will be fun😊.😍this game😝😜😙
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12 years ago, Christmanns
Slap a stic
I think the game is really fun it is challenging but makes me want to play it more and more it is so fun I think that you should get more ideas for items to buy in the store I will never delete this game because when I am sad I play this game and it gets me in a happy mode because it is fun and challenging I love this game
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12 years ago, Lele8369
It's Fun and Addicting
I like it! I used to play it all the time with my cousins and Grandma. Now I can play it anywhere. The only problem I have is that it seems like the touch calibration for it seems a bit off, but it might be just me. I have big hands, but it's still something to look into.
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12 years ago, de.la.ney
Great for the older audience
Let's face it. My 👵 and 👴 aren't that involved in the technical world. But when I showed them this classic game that we used to play together when I was a child, they felt instantly connected! This was a great way to spend time with them! And still stay on my iPhone!
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12 years ago, Destrwbrry
Good old school game
This is a very fun game, it reminds me of the game I used to play in school during recess. We used to clear a table, and make a paper football and start playing the game, it was so much back then and its fun now if you're old school.
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12 years ago, Sabbbiinneeeeup
Fun but...
It's addicting but needs many more themes( backgrounds, sticks)! Also the multiplayer should be also for people right next to you! The arcade should be funner and they should make the prices for new backgrounds so and etc cheaper!!! Please make a better upgrade!!!
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12 years ago, El Guapo Del Ocho
It's fun until...
...you pick a stick that isn't clearly covered by another and you lose a life, then another and another till it's game over and you realize that the game is wrong. Also, thin sticks are a little difficult to pick which leads back to the problem mentioned above. Other than that, good game.
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12 years ago, ItsAyana
Pick up sticks rocks
It's a game that you can play for no reason what so ever and still be amused I would highly rate this game to everyone the feature where you get to create your own puzzle is the best
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12 years ago, iPhone User27
I really like it
It's those type of games you play when you want to kill time or when your bored X). btw, this app hasn't closed down on me nor run slow (i have iphone 4) I think it's just your phone that's slow
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12 years ago, CandyWheeler
Love it / hate when
I love the game I play it when I'm bored like most of my other apps but I get mad when I hit one spot and it says I hit a completely across from my iPhone what's up with that
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12 years ago, Tori Kingman
Amusing but hard to use
I didn't think this would be much fun when I downloaded it, but it turned out to be a very amusing game. My only complaint is that I'm using an itouch, and I find the sticks a bit too thin. I always lose all my lives really fast, not because I'm bad at it, but because it thinks I'm clicking a different stick.
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12 years ago, amandarae14
This game is really fun and addicting. I live it and it's a great way to kill time or occupy yourself when you're bored. My only complaint is the fact that the precision isn't all that great. Sometimes it'll pick up a completely different stick, but other than that it's great.
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12 years ago, Its okay........
I don't know what people are talking about..."....
I Think this app is fun, but I agree with the person who said that the sticks are to small and the y need to be thicker and bigger. I am also upset that I cant get the awesome other sticks. -okay but still puzzled
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10 years ago, Amber 😘
Cool 👍
I have literally had this app for 1 minute. I already love it! You can choose what kind of sticks you want, you can choose the backround, if you want to have a timer on your run or not, Super considerate! You should get it! Omg that rhymes 😄
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12 years ago, StacyM5858
Difficult to Maneuver
This game is very fun and entertaining, except it's frustrating when you tap a stick and the incorrect one gets hit. I also don't understand or like for the arcade version, when you get over 100 sticks the timer runs out incredibly quick and you lose ALL of your lives
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12 years ago, skleino
Love the original sticks feature. This brings back so many memories!!! :) My only complaint is that it sometimes freezes when you play online.
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10 years ago, k_wunder
Playing with friends
How do you get iPads to connect to each other when you select nearby on play with friends option?
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12 years ago, Smurf5600
I love challenges and I regularly play cards, etc. online. Pick up sticks is great although fairly easy. Being 75 years old it keeps my mind active. I also regularly work crossword puzzles.
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12 years ago, Gizluvu
pretty good game!!:)
this game is awesome!! it reminds me when i was a lil kid!! it is an entertaining game with different options like arcade, speed, and just plain ol casual. u cab also invite friends from game center to play with u. uc can even create ur own level!! but the best part of all........its FREE!!!!!!! d :D
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12 years ago, CheezyNachoes
Fun like the good ol' days
I used to play this game when I was little, when I saw this I had to get it 😊. It's still fun and addictive, it would be nice if you could shake the iPod before the game so it feels like your mixing it. But hey, as long as its fun I have no complaints.
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11 years ago, Megs age 9
Awesome game
At first it looked dumb bit when i actually played it i could not stop playing it!!! I played it 2 hours strait!!! It's an awesome game and every one should get it!!! When i post this review guess what i'll be playing......?!?!?!?!?! LOL
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12 years ago, CCCee
Fun Game!
This is lots of fun and addicting! I like that there are various ways to earn coins....buy, earn, or obtain by playing. The different themes make this fun, as does the option to use my own music. Now I just need skinnier fingers! LOL.
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12 years ago, lalalalalalala16
Best game ever!! Lol
Pick up the sticks is the best I get so addicted and can't stop playing it! I also get very annoyed when the I pod or I phone vibrates when you touch the wrong stick! I would recommend this to anyone!!
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12 years ago, Jendpul
A great way to pass time!
The greatest thing is that since you're not playing with real sticks there's no clean up! I use the thicker options for sticks since occasionally it thinks you go for a different stick than what you are but honestly a great game.
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12 years ago, Kewljewel
Cool game
Fun game but needs some more refining. Sometimes the wrong sticks get highlighted and I didn't even try to touch them. If you are precise, then it's very addicting. I will try to use a fine tip pen or something and perhaps it would help with the accuracy.
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12 years ago, Mom2shea
Reminisce ... Or build your own fun!
Pick up sticks is great fun. Challenge yourself or play with a friend, kid or sibling. Also, on one setting, you can creatively build your own challenge.
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11 years ago, Captaincheetah
This game is so fun! The only thing I would change is that most of the things like wallpapers and sticks are locked so you have to buy them, other than that, so much fun!!! 😄😄
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12 years ago, Atinfel
Nice old school game
I love it haven't had any problems so far great job guys. This game is a classic I used to play all the time when I was a kid really bring back memories 👍
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12 years ago, beth lyons
Pickup sticks
This is a great app i think it helps eye hand coordination . Very colorful and has different levels so one can advance skills my grandson likes that it has timers .
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12 years ago, 4 Nolans
Wonderful on long car rides! This app is really fun! The only reason I did not give this app 5 stars is because there is not a very good verity of sticks or backgrounds that you are given in the beginning.
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9 years ago, oteros
Very Good for Kids
This is very very good for kids because if you are trying to do work, this gets the child busy so they won't be bugging you! New levels new requirements!
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11 years ago, Gdawghomeslice
Awesome game
When I was maybe 7 or 8 my sister and I got this game. Well your version is awesome and brings back great memories. Doesn't even matter being computerized. It's so real. I just love it.
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12 years ago, Linda Sallee
This game is really fun because u get to pick how many stick u want and draw them. what I just said sounded kinda dumb! I rate this five stars!!! P.S try the cotton swabs there hard!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Kelsea A.
So addicting!
I LOVE this app. They have a bunch of different types of sticks you can get and then some that come with it. Coins are easy to earn. Get it!!
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12 years ago, Ivette_13
Good for playing multiplayer
Its fun only when you have another person to play with via bluetooth. Me and my friends play it all the time when someone else has their ipod with them
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12 years ago, Plinyskid5
Passes the time
I really like the game But it needs to be more accurate with picking up sticks in the arcade mode... Can get pretty frustrating when it says your tapping across the screen from where you are.
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12 years ago, Mrp99
Pick up stick
The first time i played pick up sticks i tought wow i really enjoy this game so i showed it to my grandchild and he was amazed at how fun yet easy it was.
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12 years ago, Granieslim
Easier than the actual game. Enjoyed playing. Using it in working with students in social skills.
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