PicPlayPost: Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (94.6K)
147.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mixcord Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for PicPlayPost: Video Editor

4.77 out of 5
94.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Ngyingka
My Mom’s Memorial Slideshow
I really appreciate the creators of this app. They made it perfect. I wanted to make a slideshow for my Mom’s memorial, but only had experience with PowerPoint. After having unsatisfactory results with that old clunky Windows’ product, I found this app after a short search in the app store. PicPlayPost made it easy to arrange all my gathered digital photos, and create a lovely tribute to my Mom. Right on my phone. Complete with music in the background. And professional looking transitions from one photo to the next. Plus every photo slowly pans in and then the next photo slowly pans out, almost like they’re breathing. It is a beautiful effect. Another app that I used, was called Photomyne, which I used to scan in my old physical photos into the slideshow. Both apps worked together seamlessly if you have a storage library accessible to both apps, like OneDrive. All in all it was a pleasant experience creating something so beautiful and fulfilling. Thank you for making such a great app.
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9 months ago, Jcaraballo79
Useless for slideshows
I love this app for collages so I had really high hopes for the slideshow feature. Unfortunately I am deeply disappointed. When creating a slideshow, the app will take all your selected photos and automatically organize the into whatever template you choose and then put them on the timeline which is a very handy feature and I really like. However, it’s completely useless if you want to reposition the photos in a frame or reorder them into a specific order because what it does is that, once you select your photos and select your layout, it creates a bunch of small video clips for each slide in your presentation. There is no way to reposition a photo in a frame or reorder the photos in a specific sequence since each slide is a video clip. You can reorder the video clips but they will still have the same photos. So if you have a particular photo that you want to start or end with, there is no way to move that specific photo by itself. The only way around this problem is to have a single photo by itself on each slide. If you don’t care about repositioning your photos or reordering them then it’s ok. But if you do, you're outta luck.
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2 years ago, idontwantoprovideanickname
Hate this app!!!
I have never ever written a review for an app before, but after wasting the last three hours of my life, I will now!! I spent a long time selecting the photos I wanted for my slideshow, only for the app to tell me I could only select 50 without purchasing the app. I tried the 14 day free trial, and it’s telling me I’ve had the app before, so I can’t have the free trial. Odd that it would give me the option to do so, but whatever. I stick to the 50 free photos, which takes forever to narrow down, but I do. I go through the entire process. Narrow down, go through and edit, change the order, select music…can’t use anything of my own, because it’s ALL F’ING protected. Again, why offer the option?? So stupid. Anyway…select one of the stupid themes offered in the app. Finally get down to it. But wait. My video is more than one minute long. Now I can’t share without upgrading anyway. F YOU. F YOU PicPlayPost. For that reason, I will never use this app again. Had I known that to begin with, I’d have upgraded and done what I wanted to three f’ing hours ago. Now you’ve wasted my time, and I’m not handing over a dime. Stupid piece of garbage app. Be straightforward instead of playing people to force them to buy your app. That’s bullsh*t.
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5 years ago, Mamaabcdefg
Amazing App Makes Editing Videos Easy!
This is by far my favorite app for making videos! It is so easy to use! The results always look professional. I’ve tried so many other apps and this one is the best (and easiest to use) by far! So glad I found it. I mainly use it to make videos from special events (our vacations, birthday parties, etc.), and I also use it to make a video scrapbook for each calendar year. I love that you can easily combine pictures and video clips and that you can add music (more than one song) and voiceovers! Just when you think this app has it all, they keep adding new fun features. This app is so much faster and easier to use than other apps or computer programs I’ve tried! The finished product looks like I spent so much time on it, when the reality is the videos don’t take a long time to make. I also love how intuitive it is! You don’t need to be familiar with editing software to figure out how to use it. I recommend this app to all my friends (and to you)! So worth it!!!
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6 years ago, This Old School Photographer
Professional Photographer addicted to “Old School” Photography
I am well over half a century old and have been taking pictures around the world since I got my first 35 mm auto rewinder Minolta at 15 years of age. Prior to that I travel the world and and Instamatic 110 camera was my first obsession! I grew up watching my father with his lenses and how he had such a beautiful eye for everything around him take pictures and it inspired me so much to become a photographer myself. Because I don’t like technology and being an older person, having easy programs really helps. Ones that are very similar to the format of Adobe or such. Time will tell on whether this actually comes through the wagon out but so far I’m extremely satisfied and did actually update to the pro. I will keep you posted if you are curious as to what I think in the future. But I do highly recommend this as far as I have experienced it at this point. Well done and great app! thank you
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6 years ago, Gamelover❤️❤️😂
more smoother transitions!!
now dont get me wrong i loveee this app but the transitions can be a little choppy. i wish the translations were smoother. we also need more transitions! some of the transitions are really ugly like the 2 step up, right, down, and left and the ccw square (the ccw square could be fixed by making it smoother). some suggestions i could make having a 3D transition section. for example one where the whole picture/video is flipped into the next picture/video in a black or picture filled backround (it can flip right left down and up), or having a cube full of 1-3 pictures and it spinning in the next picture/video on a black or another picture filled background. another idea i have is for the picture/video to zoom out spin the photo and have a choice of how far you want it to spin around (1°-360°) and then zoom back in and while its zooming back in change the photo. i make my “instagram” edits on here for people and i wanna make your and my content better! idk if the developers are gonna see this but if you do please consider these suggestions!❤️
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5 years ago, Rdy4ThaNxtLvl
Most amazing app!
This app really came through in a pinch. I’d been using another app Flipagram, and was very disappointed to see that it’s no longer available. I downloaded a few different apps before I finally settled on this one. And I’m SO glad I did. It’s absolutely amazing!!! I created a slideshow with photos and videos and it came out perfect! I could easily add music and adjust the video audio and music audio! I just can’t rave enough about it! I thought my annual slideshow was doomed after the previous app disappeared but this one is way better!! I can’t wait for all to see it!! Update: app is still great.. but once I exported the slideshow to my phone or usb, the volume is lower than it sounded in the app. I hooked the app up direct to the tv and it was louder inside the app than we I viewed the version I saved on my phone. So I ended up having to play it direct from the app for people to be able to hear, which reduced the viewing size of the pictures on the screen. Not quite was I was envisaging for the grand reveal of my slideshow at my daughters birthday party. Deducted one star.
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6 years ago, MLReviews
Good Solid App!
I’ve now had about a month under my belt with this app, and it’s a good solid app for my needs, which are mostly biz social media. It allows the average person to make quick, pro videos with ease, and on the go. Support is usually responsive and good to work with. So, great job on that! 👏🏻 A couple of tweaks would make this 5 star for me: 1) Colors/ fonts/ designs /music are limited. It would be great to model Canva and allow biz users to import their brand colors, fonts & designs, and offer free stock images as well as the option to purchase stock images and music right from the app. We need one stop shopping! 2) Pricing: based on the current model, I feel it’s better priced at 4.99/month... if it had the additional bells & whistles, I would totally agree that 6.99 was the magic number. Or maybe have a low priced option for recreational users and higher for biz account? 🤔 In any event, test it out and see if it’s right for you! I haven’t found one yet that meets all my needs, but this one has come the closest. 🙏🏼✌️
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3 years ago, RArmstrong0904
What a COOL APP!
I seldom rate apps in the App Store because I just don’t take the time. However, this one warrants my attention. I LOVE THIS APP! It is easy to learn, has an incredible UX/UI, takes most of the guesswork out of slideshow production, has a lot of different choices for making collages, changing colors as well as AWESOME transitions (although I’d like more, please!). I downloaded this today and have already made one feature video for an important anniversary as well as made a movie montage of my sweet dog....I see many different and useful purposes for this APP and will continue to enjoy it for a VERY long time. The cost is a little steep but if you’ve tried to use one of these in the past with the similar results to what I had, it’s tolerable. Keep up the good work! (BTW - One of the transitions I would like is an explosion where the letters explode off the screen as an ending. Hint hint. 😁
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11 months ago, Masterofethics
Fraud, Abuse and Theft
Watch out! It’s a scam! After I have uploaded recording, I couldn’t see it because they have removed it immediately from editing window as if they have been monitoring and stealing documents from users remotely. I was testing the app and after loading one recording, it led to severe abuse. The owner is likely partnered with an unethical employee of law enforcement, whom has partnered with these app owners to use and abuse random, innocent customer for no valid reason. I say this because I have been harassed from law enforcement before and they have given signs of which app owners that they have worked with to use and abuse random customers for this and other similar sites and internal apps for certain phone brands. I have been looking for a simple, user friendly app and I have been disappointed, because it didn’t recognize my details to do the trial version. I have been harassed before getting to use the app and I didn’t experience pain until I uploaded recording. I found out later, that the individuals harassing have partnered with Microsoft. I recommend not uploading anything on the site.
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6 years ago, NarwaleBlast_Mochalatte
Mirroring suggestions
I’ve used this app for a while now and it’s amazing for mirroring videos for editing. I haven’t found a better app! But I have noticed some things that could be added to improve the app. For example, when going to select a video I have to scroll to find it. It would be a time saver if you could select videos or photos from albums saved. Also when I go to mirror videos, I have to scroll everytime back again to select it. I suggest putting in a copy button, where I can copy the video I selected and paste it onto another frame. I really hope you consider my suggestions, it would make using this app a whole lot easier! Thank you
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6 years ago, ECaffrey
Paid version is good but expensive for what it offers
I have mix feelings regarding this app. The free version is too limited to even take into account. I can understand the fact it doesn’t not offer 1080 resolution but the fact that it comes with a huge and ugly watermark turns it unusable. The paid version is very good. Better than a lot of other apps for this purpose that I have tried before. But it still feels too expensive for what it offers. For the price of 6.99 a month I would expect not to need any additional apps, more color filters and some other features to make it more user friendly. I really enjoyed using this app for a while, but with no option in between that allows a user to unlock certain features (the watermark for example) for less money it’s hard for me to justify that spend with the app as it is. Perhaps if they keep improving it, my view regarding the cost/benefit will change.
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6 years ago, Runningriver
Basic. Doesn’t offer enough.
I have found a few apps that started to so what I needed it to, but again, the most basic tool for making a video of pictures is being able to extend the timing per slide. It states in the information, that if you subscribe, you can extend your videos to 30 minutes. That’s extensive, and I didn’t need that. But it lead me to think I could have some of my slides up for 20 seconds—I need it for a project I’m working on. Some of my pictures have text on them. And low and behold, after paying money, I find out the longest amount of time you can have is 7 seconds. Waste of money. Not much better than over apps. Cheap. It’s not that hard. I have edited photos with text. I just want an app to display them, with the function to be able to choose how long I need each one on the screen. Guess that’s too much to ask for at this time. Maybe in 2019.
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4 years ago, SenaRaven
Straightforward and works well
I tried several slideshow apps with zero video-making experience because I needed to submit a video entry to a talent contest. One site was simple, but incompatible with my phone, one crashed every time I used it while demanding weekly payments, and one really got me in over my head with editing an timing. This one was simple to use, made it really easy to work from my camera roll directly, and unlike a lot of apps that lock essential features like saving or sharing your work behind a paywall, actually functions, and the things you can buy are interesting or useful extras, like more text, more photos per slide, ect. I’m happy with it!
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3 years ago, Update something great soon!
No way to Delete the used Photos
I really do like this app, but I make a lot of slide shows. When you upload from your device, that works great! But by my 4th of 5th slideshow project, I had almost 400 photos in the app photos., you cannot delete them. And to make it worse, when you upload a new group of photos for a new project, it mixes them in with the already used photos! It’s not like they are at the beginning or the end, they are mixed throughout the 400 photos! It takes forever to try & pick out the new photos for the new project. I even deleted all of my projects off the app just so I could start fresh, but nope, I went to the photo section of the app and they were all there. And now I cannot retrieve my past projects, I assumed they would stay saved to my photos. Another issue is, every song I’ve tried to add from my downloaded music has the licensing issue. In other apps, I could at least find a few. What’s the point of offering uploaded music if I can’t get access? Lastly, I did contact the company for help. They wrote back that that feature is not (yet?) available. I am very unhappy, it has all of the makings for exactly what I want, but too many time wasting problems!!
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2 years ago, Sholeh86
Surprisingly Powerful Editor
I am someone who uses prosumer level software for the majority of my photo and video editing. And for the most part my goto software have been Lightroom/photoshop and Davinci Resolve. I have used that in the past to make short snippet videos but it is incredibly time consuming. The high quality of iPhone videos and photos now presented a conundrum on how to make the phone play nice with my photos and videos from more professional equipment. This software was surprisingly able to handle 4K video, 23 mp still, complex transitions, music, all with speedy response and rapid rendering working entirely on the iPhone. Very impressive
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3 months ago, Exk9
Outstanding App!
I’ve been using this app for two years and today I finally decided to upgrade and pay the one time hundred dollars for all the features. I think that price is a little high, but I have yet to find an app with such ease of use. I can jump on my iPad and within five minutes, throw together a professionally looking collage without spending hours trying to create one. This app saves me so much time that it’s worth spending $100 to have all of its features. I have tons of programs and apps that create collages and I wind up wasting so much time. This app works flawlessly every time.
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7 years ago, transcendentalaccidentalism
UTILITARIAN with lots of creative control
It's pretty straightforward for using as a slideshow builder and looper or even a video looper that's got simultaneous separate video windows of different sizes. the ability to add just as much of whatever audio you want is effortless. there is no learning curve here. it's simple. maybe too simple. that being said, I think my goal will be to make my approach within the app much more difficult... maybe combining screen grab videos of making the videos that are screengrabbed in such a way that they become ambiguously transcendental, accidentally..(*cough*) but not until I’ve screen recorded the screen grabs as they are being made, not to mention screen recording the process of PicPlayPost which will be placed into a video mosaic and screen recorded again. This is a no nonsense great app. And if you need any leads into how to use it or other apps that will integrate with it, those are there as well. Don’t remember what I paid for the IAP, but whatever it was (less than $5) it was worth every soul sucking penny.
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3 years ago, CIN919
(Here’s my reply to the email I just received from Lisa regarding an issue with the app I had today. I submitted to the team thinking I’ll never hear back, NOT! I heard back within 2 hours. ) Lisa, THANK YOU so much for your reply which also gives me a solution. You have no idea how impressed I am. What OUTSTANDING customer service!!! Subscribing to this app gives me so much joy! 5 STAR app and customer service all the way!!!! The free app is amazing and I’ve been using it for years. A couple of years ago I decided to upgrade and do the reasonably priced version. I can’t say enough about the reliability and how easy it is to use. Thanks, CIN919 @ IG
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4 years ago, Sillywabbit
I paid for this app YEARS AGO and I hardly ever used it! Now I actually wanted to use it for features I PAID FOR ALREADY and it’s been changed to a subscription service? Really? SMDH!! It’s not worth it. The free features are available on all apps similar to this one which is why I paid for the app to unlock the split screen features YEARS AGO!!! It’s too many other apps out there to do what I need this app to do for less than $99! The idea that they want you to pay $99 one time fee is shifty considering that I paid a “one-time fee” a long time ago when they were “small potatoes” and now they’re asking me to pay again? I mean who is to say that in a FEW MORE YEARS, I won’t have to PAY AGAIN?!! That’s bS!!! The fact that you can’t even hold these “app” companies responsible for things like this is sad which is why I won’t be spending anymore money with them. Buyer beware.
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4 years ago, mcmelinda
I absolutely LOVE this app. I take so many photos at family get togethers and this is the best way to share with everyone all the photos! It uses the LIVE PHOTOS as video clips and it’s just amazing how the final product looks! I’ve been playing with this app all weekend. We went to World of Illumination around Christmas and took way too many videos of the lights. Nobody wants to watch all those... but this puts it into a fun video that everyone enjoys watching! And you can easily text it to your friends! I just can’t say enough how much I love this app! Toni
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3 years ago, PonyUp1980
Great app, but infrequent updates
I ama social media manager, and I use this app every day. It’s really useful for putting together nice videos and collages really quickly, and is intuitive to use. My only real complaint is that as an app that requires a monthly subscription to fully use, I wish they would add more commercially licensed music and update the transitions to keep things new. The music selection is extremely limited, so I usually have to take whatever I make in the app to another app to add better music. Would be great to do it all in one app. If you’re going to have people subscribing, and paying $4.99/month, you need to keep adding new things and keeping the app fresh. Thanks!
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6 years ago, but awesome Emma is cool
Write a review by the awesome Emma
Writer of you got it for you love you because Emma DSM is awesome because she got everything she got an American girl she doesn’t need a gun in the sky in Miami she got them babies she’s a tomboy she loves her self she made this because she wants the people to know Awesome she’s better than you so don’t try to be yourself be someone else no one likes it makes me yeah my name is not actually Emma the awesome it’s Emma Harmon and I’m better than him stupid auto correct 💩💩💩💩💩💩☠️☠️☠️💀💩☠️💀👽👹👺👿🤡💩👺👹💩💩☠️👽👻💀👽👻👺💩🤡👿👹☠️👽👻👺👹💩💀🤡👿👽☠️👻👺👹💩💀🤡👿👹💩👺👻👽☠️☠️👹🤡💩💀👿👿🤡☠️👽👻👺👹👿🤡☠️💩☠️☠️🤡💩👿👻☠️🤖🤣👽👹👻💩👽💀💀👻👻💩👻🤡☠️☠️☠️👻👽👺🤡💩👽👻☠️👻☠️👻💀👻☠️💀👻☠️💀👻☠️💀👻☠️💀👻☠️💀👻☠️☠️👻👽💀☠️👻💀💩💩💩 If you want to be my friend on roblox you are kind of cool and running on my roblox name is SXZZX sorry never mind that’s not what it is it’s SZXXZSF
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3 years ago, authordrsilva
Wish I could get a refund
One of the most consistently frustrating video editing apps I’ve used. Wish I didn’t spend $50 on it. Editing clips is unintuitive and inaccurate. If I need to split a clip, you’d think you would scroll to the part you want to split and hit split. Nope. Hitting split opens a new screen. THEN you have to scroll to the part you want to split at. Even then, once split is complete, it might have randomly jumped to an entirely different part of the clip and cut the wrong part. For the life of me I can’t find an undo button. So I have to reimport the clip and try again, hoping this time it splits right. Probably have better luck just editing on the iPhone camera roll for something like that. So far the only use I’ve found for this $50 app is adding my music to clips. 🤦‍♂️
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5 years ago, VOX_MAK
An App for my Social Media
An amazing app for Social Media effects and creating advertising videos. Solid and never crashed on me. My friends keep wondering how do I creat such amazing posts 😆 However I have two questions that sent to the team: A) I have a monthly subscription right now. Will I have more features if I purchased the app one time which will cost almost US$100/-? B) Noticed when I create my projects that I can not change the image sequence. For example if I have an image at the middle, I can’t move it to be at the start of my project. Why is that? Keep the good work guys
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6 years ago, very__frustrated
Whenever I try to make a collage there are ALWAYS black lines even if i’ve made it where there is no border and it ruins the look of the collage or sometimes I will use it for an edit and it will ruin the look of it and it is incredibly frustrating, before I download the video, which is usually in the three by three collage, it will show two black lines, between the second and third video on the top row and then the second and third videos in the very right column, then after I download it it will show a black line between the first and second row. I know it’s difficult to do this but it is incredibly annoying and if you could fix it that would be appreciated
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4 years ago, jewels_7777
Perfect for my purpose
After looking up so many options to do a video montage which I’ve never done before, got frustrated with all the must pay from day one apps. I wasn’t even sure I could figure out how to make it what I pictured in my head, so when I came across this one to try for free, I was happy. Not everything is free and to get it perfect I would have to pay for upgrades, which I may do in the future but for this one project, it didn’t make sense. Many features available even in the free trial. Would highly recommend to my friends!
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6 years ago, Me gusta rage comics
Complete Scam, do NOT install.
Users will find that many of the free tools are laughably bad and is just meant to strong arm the user into buying more tools from the company that will actually do the job properly. For example, the standard gif you are able to create is purposely missing giant areas of pixels essentially ruining the gif. Of course you can fix this by getting the "high quality" option which doesn't look any better than the default and doesn't gut pixels from the gif by only coughing up a some cash. TLDR: App is scam and the bulk majority of the "positive" reviews are created by the company, if you're looking for an editor this is not the one. This one may look "free" at first but you'll end up paying more on a disfunctional app than coughing up $0.99 on another editor app somewhere else on the app store.
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6 years ago, Marisolbenny
Love it!
I really do love this app. It makes creating picture collages fun for the inner child in me. I rarely use the filter selection for the pictures. But there are options for wallpaper & color backgrounds to custom your pic collage just how you like. The free options are great for me & you can upgrade/purchase the app, should you prefer. I purchased the app so I can have the "Euphoric YoGi" on my picture collages. If I have a "bad" comment, it only allows music from iTunes library & not from others apps on my phone but that's possibly an iTune restriction. Other than that, its great!
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6 years ago, Dilly-yo
Love this app
I really do. I know I left 4 stars because there is something missing that would make this wonderful. First off, it does great mini PowerPoints and Pic/Vid collages. I overkill the pic/video collages. My go too in combining multiple pics and adding some boomerang effects into the mix. The bad? It’s that I can’t add word labels. I know there is a watermark feature buts it’s limited and I can only use it once. If I want to add expressions or multiple words I have to pack it all in one watermark. It’s something I’ve lived without because it has everything else, but would it would bring me a lot of joy if we had to ability to add text.
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3 years ago, SandyKHo
Pricey, but excellent
Originally, I gave this app a bad review, because I didn’t realize it was going to be a subscription, which I hate. It can be purchased, but it’s very, very pricey for a mobile app. Then I actually tried using it, and it is a really good app for what I will use it for. It allows me to use iOS “live” photos in collages and videos without converting them to video first. I hate subscription software, but I’m concerned that if I spend the big bucks and buy the app, that it may not be updated to stay compatible with any future iOS changes.
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7 years ago, Lovesit
Excellent, go-to collage app for years.
I can't remember how long ago I downloaded this but it's always been an app I can't live without and gets downloaded whenever I get a new phone. An absolute must if you run any type of business online via social media. I've tried other similar app but I always run back to this one & the rest get deleted. Very easy to navigate, make super quick IG ready collages, slideshows, multiple video clips. The premium frames are fun, adding music or a watermarks to video clips are a breeze. All in all- Really great app. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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7 years ago, MCSCOTT702
Great For Video Editing!
This app is my favorite for editing videos. The features are easy to use and I like the variety of sizing for pictures and videos. You know ahead of time what your video will look like posted in other apps. Had some minor issues in a recent update, but contacted the developers and they were quick to respond with suggestions to fix it. That made a huge impact as a customer to see that I was not only heard, but that they were helpful in finding a solution! Thanks again!
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6 years ago, mamalani3
Best app so far
I gave it four stars only because I can’t figure out how to get my music to play the full song which resulted in adding another song to the end that got cut off mid words in an odd spot. Could be user error. But I did love that I could add 365 photos and videos because that was my goal -and that I could add my own music! I will keep messing with it to see if I can figure out my one and only issue. It’s worth the pay as the other ones I tried kept crashing after a lot of time spent picking the photos. I spent way too long with the other stupid apps...thank you for this one!
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5 years ago, kioeh52
My progress isn’t saved?
I have using this app for a couple years now but it’s starting to stop working. I used to be able to put things in slower motion but the whole video would just turn black. So I learned just to stop using the slow motion option. Now when I edit videos, get out of the app, and open the app it erases my progress that I made with that video and gets rid of the music or audio that I add into it. Can you please fix that? It’s getting me really frustrated that I can’t really get out of the app to take a short break without it deleting what I just created.
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4 years ago, Topacio12493
You need change
I like this app much make the videos be great but only not like one you add music and one Finish. Not stop slowly stop faster this make the Video not look good. Pleased Fixed this issue is one recommendation. something more add diferente Fonts letters Overlays make diferente Movement s and one add my name only 6 mins and finest and I need write again keep the name in movement all video after Finest and this app be great only little details you need fixed . I’m Artist Video creador my videos need be good 100%
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2 years ago, lengohungtrang
Great video editor and best slideshow creator!
I love the new effects feature and it makes the video look more fancy. The animate stickers are good for more impression on the video but it needs to update with more better stickers. I love the watermark feature to add your images to the favorite video backgrounds but the feature only allow you to add images, would be greater if the developer can add the ability to implement the animate images or videos to the watermark feature. Best app for all fun editors.
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3 years ago, MrsTeacherMom
2 frustrations
I loved this app and use it all of the time. I don’t recommend it to others because of two areas of frustration. I’ve sent messages before asking about them but they make the app very time consuming use. One is that I cannot search a song title in my music library. On top of that, it does not even automatically sort music by title, genre or artist. I have to scroll through ALL of my music to find songs that I want. This is EXTREMELY time consuming. The second frustration is that, when I try to open a longer slideshow to edit, it will attempt to load and then shut down when it’s almost done so I cannot edit it b
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5 years ago, Yepixxx777
Hmmm... not very good
So, I recently installed this app and I was very excited about making an edit. Soon after I was looking for a song, and I am a huge BTS fan! I’ve been an A.R.M.Y since 2015, and I was looking for a sad song to add into my slideshow, but then I noticed that you had to pay... :( I was really disappointed. It would be awesome if you could make all of the songs free for about 10 days, and then add buy to the song. Recently, my friend told me she installed an “app” called “picplaypost,” and bought the song she wanted... but soon after it wasn’t what she expected :( Anyways, it would be really awesome if you could do that :) Thanks again
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4 years ago, CocoaJuice
Just call me Stephanie Spielberg! 😂
LOVE, Love love this App! Do I say I love this app? Oh yes...my sometimers kicked...haha... in any case this App is chock full of options and easy to use/user friendly and allows me to get my creative juices flowing. My go to social media creative platform. The one request I would have of the designer is they update/upgrade the theme music choices and that while working on a project you can choose to add media from the same area in your photo album you got the last pic or video so you don’t got to go searching thru tons of pics.
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3 years ago, Kontrolfreek
Best App Ever!
This app is amazing, it is easy-to-use, has loads of cool options and effects, and creates professional looking videos, in record time! I can create my family vacation videos anywhere I have my iPhone, waiting for the doctor, picking up my kids, standing in line… and I can show a finished video to my family in a matter of days after our vacation. Thank you for creating such an app, the way my family treasures memories will never be the same.
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4 years ago, Soosankahum
Quick & easy | perfect
I’ve been using this app for couple years now. It turns my quick snapshots and video clips into a more organized way. I normally use it when there are multiple shots & videos of the same place or event. Instead of sharing multiple views, I turn them into one clip that contains multiple photos and videos that can start or stop in different sequence per my choice. You can only do so much with free version. But I don’t mind keeping their watermark and work with free one.
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4 years ago, SGT Soldier
Best app ever!
I love making photo slideshows. My grandma just passed away and my family turned to me to make a slide slideshow. This app let me add more than one song, adjust the timing on each single photo or all of them at once. The only limitation is you can 365 photos. The possibilities are endless with this app. It is a bit pricey, but totally worth it to me. It gives you a free trial and then the option of a monthly subscription or a yearly price. I’m not one to hand out 5 stars just because- this app truly earned it. Absolutely LOVE it!
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2 months ago, mommymojimagic
Best Slideshow App
I wanted to create a slideshow from my iPhone for my dog that passed away. I tried SO MANY apps that were horrible. One glitched every time I was almost done creating the slideshow & it deleted all my work. I was about to give up on even making a slideshow & then I found this app! It is the BEST by far!!! It is totally customizable & has some awesome, unique features compared to the other apps I used. I was able to make a beautiful memorial video for my sweet mastiff who I miss so much!
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5 years ago, AllHailKingBerg
Great App/ This App>PC Software
I’ve tried many PC applications that have hundreds of controls however this one just makes it so much simpler. The interface is very simple to get use to unlike others and the functions are top notch. One feature I’d like changed is the unpaid watermark location, I think you should be able to choose where you want it. Especially with TikTok where theres is covered in the current location. Other than that hands down best video app out there.
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3 years ago, FranRowley
What a great app!
I used this to make a family photo video for Christmas, since we were getting together on Zoom this year (due to Covid). It was so easy to use, and provides so many options for how to set up the photos, as well as the transitions between photos! I used music and voice over. My family was thrilled and in awe of my slideshow! It was a great way for all of us to share what we were doing, enjoy each other’s accomplishments, and stay safe! Thank you PicPlayPost!!
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3 years ago, Priscila_bts127
Just what I needed
Thank you so much for this app! I never write reviews but I felt the need to since it took so much time for me to find an app to do what I wanted. All I wanted was something to let me play two videos side by side as I’m learning to dance and need to compare myself with the original choreography to catch mistakes I’ve made. Other apps wanted to make pay for such a simple feature and you guys don’t you even give us a whole lot more fancy editing stuff for free. Just thank you !
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5 years ago, isla politio
I love it
I absolutely love this app,recently my parents told me and my best friend that I WAS MOVING and that made us really sad and we wanted thing so we could remember each other and now we have them bc we can make edits of all our pics and memories and we can pick the song we want from your own vids so I use songs like “Count Me In” or “Best Friend” and they are perfect for the edits so I love that feature and I love the translations they are so smooth and not glitchy or not good.U guys did a GREAT job on this app!!!❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Lrsbby1111
Love the options for layouts, and that you can add multiple videos/photos on one collage and change volume of video or add your own music. One thing I dislike is once the video is shared it is blurry/ bad quality and I’ve tried saving it different ways. It seems to look great in my photo library but once it’s sent to a friend or posted on social media the video and photos don’t seem to come out as well. Besides that it has a lot of great features and if your willing to upgrade it looks like it’s even better.
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6 years ago, Spankmymoto
Subscription Fees Are Becoming Toxic
I went back and re-downloaded this app to use it for putting two videos side by side. Of course! To get the best quality version they want either a freaking subscription fee or a whopping $99 bucks for everything. This is on an iPhone app!! The app works fine but I can’t give a good star rating when devs want too much money to access features which should not be behind a paywall like 1080p options. There is just too many ways to work around this for free but not as convenient but to save on a subscription fee or $99 for a little simple thing like video quality I’m willing to do it. As I said, the app works great but the dang subscription fees are just toxic these days. So, I won’t give my money to this one at all. End the toxic greedy paywall business model!!!! I think there needs to be a website listing all the apps which want the subscription fee or a massive one time fee. Will save people time and not download an app that most of us won’t pay the massive fees wanted to access simple and convenient features.
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