Picsart AI Photo Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (1.1M)
239.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
PicsArt, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Picsart AI Photo Video Editor

4.68 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
4 months ago, Newbie to this App:)
I have used this app for YEARS. &I've loved it for for years and will for years more.💖 But there is one possible new PicsArt app update that I am NOT too thrilled about.. When you first click on 1 of your recent photos that you uploaded to PicArt in your own profile, there are usually a few icon options to choose from that you CAN USE..right there on the bottom of the picture. There's a ❤️ (like icon), a 💬 (Comment icon) and then there's usually the 📝 (EDIT icon) that allows you to Edit your photo RIGHT THERE WITHOUT having to go through other steps just to edit that 1 photo. I thought and STILL KNOW this Edit option is and WAS...VERY EASY AND CONVENIENT.!💕👌🏼👍🏼 ...but for some weird reason, the EDIT icon is NO LONGER THERE.?? I have to go out of the picture I tapped on to edit...and go to the main middle, pink (+) button on the bottom of the screen that has the.. 1.) EDIT 2.) Collage 3.) Draw 4.) & Camera... ..options... and then click Edit, then go through ALL my photos in my gallery/camera roll to try to look for the pic and THEN choose the same photo I want to edit from my camera roll or gallery. Call me lazy and all, but I frankly don't like having to go through all that just to edit 1 photo when I'm on the go. PLEASE BRING THE 📝EDIT ICON OPTION BACK.!!??<: (✏️
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2 years ago, Joslyn G.
Great app, problems with lagging.
I started using Picsart and I fell in love with it. I use it for all of my editing. I find myself scrolling and looking at filters for what seems like hours. I like to participate in the challenges. But there is one problem… lagging. Lagging has been present recently but right now I’m creating an aesthetic bored through the app and it glitched out and lags and often even kicks me off the app. Sometimes I have to wait a couple of minutes for it to allow me to move a photo around since it’s lagging so much. I know it isn’t my phone because I don’t have problems with any other apps and I have Picsart updated. In fact, I had Picsart open while in another app and it was glitching out and lagging and kept crashing until I closed out Picsart. I also had my camera and Picsart open at the same time and it wouldn’t even let me access my camera until I closed Picsart out, it was just a black screen. And sometimes the lagging and glitching gets to the point where when I try to turn off my phone, it glitches and lags out also. When I hit the off button, it’s delayed for a few seconds and when I try to turn it back on, it’s also delayed for a couple of seconds. I really enjoy this app, but the lagging and glitching and crashing is very annoying and sometimes makes me start all over again on my projects once it finally loads. I hope this gets fixed at some point, and if you read my review, thank you.
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1 year ago, Kate•108
Great app, one preference
Review: Honestly, I like this app! It’s great whenever you need to edit a photo (remove something or add), and even to create something. For example, making a calendar. You could use it to stay organized, and it lets you express your creativity. My issue: The only complaint I have is that with the new update - You can’t take screenshots anymore for free. I get why this is emplaced, but it’d be very nice if this was dropped. People who don’t want to pay will end up downloading other apps. (This is if they need to use screenshots for something.) Overall though, it’s a nice app and lets you edit. If you’re new: This app is for you if you need to edit photos. There’s a lot of options to choose from. You can add stickers, use effects, add texts, change the background, edit someone or something out, draw, add shapes, and the list goes on. It’s also very simple to use once you get the hang of it. However, like almost every other app, there is of course things you have pay for. Not a complaint since it helps the owners of the game to make money somehow, but just putting that out there. For example, you do need to make an in-app purchase in order to get access to all the stickers. Also, as mentioned you cannot take screenshots without a purchase, as well. In addition, though, the app is very nice for the few side wishes that come along that with it. Would recommend!
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3 years ago, L.broom
Great app, just a few issues
I’ve been using PicsArt as my main editing app for quite a few years now and it has become my best friend. The multiple features are easy to use and unique to PicsArt. The variety of stickers provided by the community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and the fact that you can use them in iMessage is just- wow. One of the only huge problems I’ve had with the apps is crashing. I will sometimes do paid commissions on this app which can take up to three hours. It really angers me when I spend so much time on an edit just for the app to crash without literally anything I just did saving. Just a few hours ago I was doing a commission, and then the app crashed and the only thing that saved was the background. I had made a full on edit of two people just for it to vanish. Another problem I have with this app is having to pay to load fonts in- it’s really inconvenient because I have to load my edit into another free app, add text, reload the picture into PicsArt, and continue editing when I could save 10+ minutes by just being able to load in even a limited number of fonts before I have to pay. Another great option would be more fonts already in the app. I don’t think the selection has changed at all, if so very little since 2017. Anyways, great app! I would love if the developers would address some of these issues to make everyone’s experience amazing! Thank you, PicsArt!
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2 years ago, Appusageonly
It is a lovely app! It’s very good to make edits and videos. There is only one problem. I saw this app needed to be updated. I am yet to update it, but when I was reading the one star reviews, something caught my attention. They were talking about how bad the update is and how you basically have to pay for so much more or you can’t even screenshot your edits. Since I haven’t updated yet (and I probably won’t until a long time) this didn’t happen to me but I’m concerned when I update it, I’ll have to buy so much! Please fix this update, I wouldn’t like to think your a greedy app, but it seems like it. Please please please don’t do that! Don’t be a greedy app, Picsart is amazing. I wouldn’t like to uninstall or stop playing it all together. Please listen to the people, and change it so we can all enjoy it, premium or not. Also, I’ve read some other reviews and the developer response is usually the same like 3 things over and over again, saying stuff like “there will always be a free version of Picsart” I feel like premium has taken over many’s editing experience, making it worse and worse for ppl that don’t have premium. I feel it will cause further problems and cause your app to go downhill. Please respond to me, but actually take note of what I’m saying and don’t copy/paste or say the SAME exact thing though it might not be true. Thank you for your time. -Slay
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3 years ago, 🍄•Frog•🍄
I have many problems with it
Alright- so I have a lot of problems with this app. First of all; it’s so hard to make anything without premium gold. Second, it crashes often and I end up losing more than half of my progress on an edit. It’s really obnoxious and I’d like it to be fixed. My phone doesn’t crash with any other app so I know it’s a problem revolving solely around this app. Third, (this is the most annoying thing about it) it will just randomly stop working and it refuses to let me apply the layer of stickers I put on it. It refuses to let me apply anything on it. And when I try? It sends me to the “GeT PiCsArt PreMIuM tOday!¡!!” Screen. Meaning i have to get premium to be able to even continue working on my edit. And any logical person would think- “okay well you can just screenshot it right? NO. NO I CANT. BECAUSE WHEN I TRIED THE SCREENSHOT LITERALLY DIDNT EVEN WORK- IT WAS JUST A PICTURE OF PURE WHITE. AND THIS LITTLE GHOST EMOJI THING POPPED UP AND IT SAID “well at least you tried 👻 give your edit it’s due credit subscribe now to save your work and share your creative vision” so yeah. I’m p¡ssed off and I’m consistently never using this app again unless this is fixed. Because this isn’t fair. Yeah so if you dont want this to happen to you maybe your shouldn’t get this app. I’m really angry right now so sorry if that sounded really mean, I just wanna make some weird core edits- man. T-T anyway have a good day.
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1 year ago, Rose7256482552
Subscription is fine but there’s some other problems
I’ve read a lot of reviews complaining about how expensive and not worth it the PicsArt gold is but I personally think it’s not too big of a problem. You may not have access to as many things like stickers but there’s almost always a way to get around it. Like if you can’t use a cloud with a face just take a plain cloud, add some effects, and throw a face on top of it. Then use the Blend Tool. It may not be as efficient but it actually also helps you use your creativity more. Or the “you can’t screenshot thing” actually only happened when I was offline. There are some problems, however. I think they shouldn’t limit you to like 10 texts per “layer”. When I try to make templates and things it’s quite annoying since I can’t match the style and color once I exceed 10. Also the fact that if you save something you were working on for a Challenge as a Draft Project, once you finish it it’s just a regular edit and not even entered into the Challenge. Plus most of the AI generated images only fit half of what I said in the text. So basically, I think PicsArt is awesome app. It’s subscription is fine, every app needs to make money somehow. It’s not flawless but I think it can easily improve.
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4 years ago, leillen
I adore this app, but the CRASHING!!!
Well, I’m just gonna say right off: I love this app. It has such a variety of everything for editing and you can seriously make some awesome creations on this app. But the worst part is, once you’ve made something with multiple layers of stickers, filtering, drawings, photos, etc., it completely freezes and crashes. I’ve lost so, SO many projects because of this app crashing. I love to edit photos and make wild aesthetic edits with them, but I also love to layer and continuously add things, which the app can’t handle. After about later 25, if you hit the undo arrow, it’ll load for 15+ minutes and evidently most likely crash. My phone has lots of storage so I know that it’s the app crashing. I’ve had to just start taking screenshots of my progress every once in awhile in case it crashes I still have a save point (I can’t save it because I’m still layering and moving things around). Overall, I use the sticker feature more out of anything. I love how people can upload their own stickers and such and you can share yours. It’s a great way to share creativity and really helpful to make cool photos edits. But the app just can’t handle the excessive layering that I’m trying to do. I haven’t heard of any other app that can do this much and NOT give me an annoying watermark on my photo. I’m not sure how fixable this issue is but if it is, I would be over the moon and definitely change my rating to five stars. Thank you.
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4 months ago, Jules8321
I’ve been using this app for 8+ years! Having tried every image editing app out there I always end up going back to this one because it simply has the best & easiest to use features; feeling like you need to read a manual to understand how an app works is a recipe for giving up and deleting, and that’s mostly how it ended with all the other apps I’ve tried 😖 or, the features are just overly silly and not useful for the real world or adults. Pics Art always has had classy fonts, ways to manipulate the fonts, clipart and illustrations to add and FAIR access to unsubscribed features. Some apps out there, make you pay for just basic editing abilities, and PicsArt puts out a wide array of free tools. That quite frankly sustained me for a good 5-6 years of use!!! I finally decided to stop wasting my time on all the other “trendy” new apps that just weren’t cuttin’ it & sign up for the yearly subscription giving full access as I use it *SO* often for so many different reasons! I didn’t want to be $ taken advantage of, to be sure that I was investing in the most useful app for iPhone image editing, and this is my 2ⁿᵈ year as a “yearly all access subscriber”, and I’ve never regretted it….never looked back 😁
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2 years ago, Mollzz yeet roblox yeet
One of my favorites! But a few flaws..!
I’ve used this app for 1 or 2 years I’m pretty sure. Overall, it’s been a pretty great and trustworthy app. Is has TONS of options to edit your photos and it’s helpful! I loved creating my account and making so many friends! 💗 Me and my friends share many memories from Picsart! However, every good thing has a bad thing to go along with it. I was always bothered on the price of the subscription. It’s expensive and I don’t think I would spend that much money on an app. And a lot of the features require needing a subscription. And I understand tons of apps have subscriptions, and I respect that some people enjoy to buy them! But I noticed there are very limited filters that are available to people without the subscription. So maybe, if Picsart possibly added some more features to be available for people without the subscription, that would be helpful! Other than that, there isn’t much I would complain about! Picsart is a great app to spread your wings a little and have a touch of creativity. Actually, I was never interested in virtual design or virtual art until I discovered Picsart! So thank you for inspiring me and I’m sure many others will be inspired! Thank you for taking your time to read my review. I highly recommend Picsart to any age! Have a good rest of your day/night! 💖✨
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3 years ago, Sofias Reviews
Love Picsart but here are some suggestions
The first thing I wanna say is right off the bat Picsart is a amazing editing app and I use it for editing all my photos. But I do have a couple suggestions. I would like to start off with hashtags. I get that hashtags are going to make a Photos easier to find and better to sort in categories but I don’t like how I have to do a hashtag every single photo. I would also like to say that there is a ad right when you open the app and you have to wait a couple seconds to exit out of it it’s kind of annoying. There’s ads every time you save or post a photo. The third thing I would like to say is that I don’t get why we need an email to follow people or write a comment because some people don’t have emails. I also like to make different accounts for different photos but I don’t have 1000 emails. It’s also very hard for people to find you without an email which I don’t like. I have one more thing to say I wish it was easier to get featured or on the discover page. I would also like if PicsArt could have a creator of the week or creator of the day. That would make it so much easier to get noticed by people. I also want Chat to come back because I had so many friends and now I can’t talk to them privately. In other words I love Picsart so much these are just suggestions. ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, lem673
Used to be my No. 1 photo app
I don't know what happened to this app... I have been using this app since it FIRST came out... That has to be at LEAST 10 years, but pretty sure much longer than that even. I loved that it was free, but I purchased sticker packs and other items here and there. Now I can barely use it. When I am trying to use it on my iPad, literally EVERY 30 seconds it launches Safari and some random window with spam... Including invitations to naked photo sharing (definitely not something I have looked up independently) and every other spam window possible. Not even just pop up ads, which are annoying enough, but kicking me OUT of PicsArt and into Safari (which is NOT my default browser) and then into some spam or virus link taking me to web page telling me I've won something, or want me to buy something completely unrelated to PicsArt. It's impossible to do a project because I am kicked out every 30 seconds; and there are plenty of other free apps out there that I can do the same work with... So... Sheesh... Unless that stops I can't use this again. I just looked at Safari which I never use and in the few hours I just used PicsArt to try to do project, it opened more than 200 browser windows in Safari, one for each time it kicked me out... I was actually thinking of getting the paid subscription but these ad links worry me so much that I am concerned with their information collection.
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4 years ago, ZDlugolecki
Amazing app but...
I got this app because I just wanted to edit pictures and I didn’t realize that you could share pictures and that makes it better but I also didn’t realize that I would get bombarded with premium ads EVERY SINGLE TIME I ENTERED THE APP and every time I tried to post something and that it would send me back home when I try to post a picture. Also, whenever I entered the app it would want me to explore certain things, and I did that, but the next day, when I enter the app, it pops up again and the next day again etc. I love the pictures I edited but it’s just so glitchy and it says that there is no connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection. And when I was editing my very first picture of my BFF and I that I wanted to send to my BFF, it didn’t let me share it, it just went straight to home. Look, I know you want money, but no one is going to do premium if it is $8.99 a month. That’s just straight up RIDICULOUS! I’m not paying that much just to edit some pictures. Instead, it should be $8.99 for the whole price, people shouldn’t have to pay $8.99 a month they should only have to pay $8.99 once. And besides, what’s the whole point of premium when it’s just a photo editing app? Again, I love the app but just too many premium ads and it just sends me home and it says I don’t have connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection.
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3 years ago, Fluffy Anny
Very nice for editing!
Hello Picsart! Your app is very nice, the filters, the smoothness, everything. However, I have had some issues… One of them is crashing. I have gotten very far on some edits, sometimes I thought they would be one of my best edits, but then Picsart crashes and it doesn’t save. Another thing is the Gold. Smart blur is a VERY popular filter so I can completely understand why you made it gold, because since people like the filter, you already know that by making it gold, people would pay more. Unfortunately, they aren’t paying. And I’ve met quite a few people who have quit due to not being able to use filters that used to be free, and now they have to pay. I know that you might have thought “Well, this is good quality so people need to pay now.” or “Well if it’s so popular, let’s make them pay.” Unfortunately, people aren’t paying. They’re just quitting entirely. There have been some really, really GREAT editors with certain filters, and that specific blur filter. But now it just really bums them out. So me, and my followers, are kindly asking for t least just one, just one filter to be free again.. The smart blur filter - From, Tulip
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9 months ago, love_ rose336
App is terrible! Don’t download it .
IPicsArt isn’t to bad but ,when ever I want to post my picture it posts but no one seems to notice my posts , if you love photo editing then this is for you! Over all its not to bad I do like how you can edit your video and then put some music in the background. But here is the one thing that is annoying and I think is overpriced. If you want to have really cool pictures like have more choices for filters and ect. To pay for PicsArt gold (PicsArt gold gives you more filters and ect.) is quite expensive it’s $45 per year and then per month it is $4 not to bad per month. I personally think it is over priced on the on the PicsArt gold tho. The thing that annoys me is the ADDS I swear the PicsArt Gold adds pop so many times that it gets annoying. Yes, I know there are going to be adds on apps but PicsArt Gold I swear it pops up every second! OMG , I have to add more to how bad this app is unfortunately!!!!! The ADDS are out of hand now ! I can’t even make a post because the adds say get PicsArt old it’s only $55 . Like I’m so close to deleting this app if it doesn’t allow me to add stuff on my post! I’m done with PicsArt it’s making extremely mad now. Don’t download app. Terrible app I swear this app wanted to us to face so many adds so we just give in and buy it. But no I am not PicsArt. Edit: it’s gotten better
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3 years ago, Yuki-Phantomhive
Just keeps getting worse and worse
Been using this app for a while and I really liked it. These days, though? I’ve started hating it. So: the paywall. I get that Picsart needs to makes money with the gold subscription, but seriously?? Putting features that used to be free behind the paywall? It’s absolutely disgusting. I went to change the background behind my icon and wanted to use a photo from Unsplash because I really like their photos. APPARENTLY, you need the gold subscription to use photos from Unsplash. And this used to be a free feature!! I had to literally go on Unsplash on Safari, download the photo I was originally going to use, and then download it onto Picsart to use as my background. These kinds of things have been the reason why I stopped using certain apps. At this point, the only reason why I’m still using this app is because of the stickers and layering of photos and what not. Everything else like filters and fonts? I go to Phonto and Prequel. At least they have a better and wider range of filters and fonts for free on there than on Picsart! If Picsart starts changing more things that make it hard for me to continue using the app, I will delete this app and go find another one to do my editing on. And do not give me the whole “we’ve made additional features premium now” and “we offer a free version of Picsart for you to use” because that will just frustrate me more and give me a bigger headache than I already have.
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12 months ago, Lenny face( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Great, but some dumb features
This app is overall great, but it has some features that shouldn’t be in plus (in my opinion) because of how many people use those specific tool in other apps for free, first of all is the fill tool, like, why? why would you need a fill tool to be on plus? it saves so much time and you’re just making an inconvenience for others, second of all, I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for screenshots, like, why? there’s nothing wrong with screenshots, I know it’s to protect your filters being used by non-plus people but that can still be done by using a certain method I won’t go on about because you’ll then patch it, but I still feel like disabling screenshots is a dumb idea because of how many people use them everyday, and last, AI being paid for, now I know it uses pretty costly technology but hear me out, there are so many other apps that allow people to use AI for free and I just feel like paying for AI use would cause people to move on to other apps, so those are some features I think you should improve, and you can stop putting everyone’s favorite filters on plus now, now I understand that it’s to make money but I think it’s being over-exaggerated by making most of your filters and tools on your app cost money, (I wrote this entire review without this word : “the”)
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3 years ago, sickjudyhopps
Used to be good, now ONLY pay to use
I’ve had this app for SEVERAL years now and it did what I needed to do with small paint tool edits, occasionally adding text to make my own memes, etc. Never used it for much other than that but it was perfect for what I needed it for and had great other options I’ve seen for editing photos. Today I attempted to do what I normally use this app for, coloring something with the draw tool and adding my own text to the image, but I couldn’t do ANY of that without paying for a subscription. TWO features that are standard on quite literally ANY app out there to do with photos and they’re forcing me to pay to save my photo. These two features don’t even SAY “gold membership only” like the rest of the paid features do, I had to edit my photo completely to find out that I wouldn’t be allowed to have it. I understand wanting to make money, but to block the most minuscule of features behind a paywall that doesn’t exist on any other app is ridiculous. I read another review addressing a similar issue and the developers responded that “there will always be a free version of picsart” as if letting us slap a basic sepia filter on a photo is seriously what we downloaded an entire app for. This app has gotten GREEDY and i’m beyond disappointed. DONT get this app for simple stuff, you’re better off editing things on your instagram story maker. Absolutely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, bettyviolet101
Why do you want so much money?!!!
This app is a great app, don’t get me wrong. I love editing my photos and seeing what others have made. It’s honestly a lot of fun. The only thing is, they want money so much that you can’t even take screenshots of your own work without having to pay them. What I mean is, you have buy the Gold Crown or whatever it’s called if you want to do basically anything. Want to save this? GOLD CROWN! Want to create your own pictures with certain backgrounds? GOLD CROWN! Want to take screenshots of your OWN. WORK?!!! THAT YOU CREATED!!? YOU NEED THE GOLD FREAKING CROWN OR WHATEVER!! IT’S SO ANNOYING!!! At the very least let me take screenshots. Why do I need to pay to do THAT!!? I understand you need money, but show a little leniency for the people who don’t want to pay/ can’t pay for the dang fee you require to do anything. If I were to have one thing changed on this app, it would be that. Get yourselves back together and quit begging for money. To anyone looking for a good editing app, if you don’t mind the fact that you won’t be able to save any of your art without having to pay, this app is perfect for you. If not, go find a different app. This one isn’t for you.
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Amazing! But PLEASE remove the social media.
Hi, my cousin told me about this app long ago and immediately downloaded this app. The photo editing is GREAT! Awesome features, and it’s really cool. But one thing I HATE. SOICAL MEDIA! I am not a fan and how the fact that my mom is always wanting to look over at what app I’m on whenever I’m scrolling through people’s photos on PicsArt, and I have to cover it or click out. That’s why I finally decided, I should delete this app. This app is still great though. But please, PLEASE remove the social media. This app wasn’t even meant for social media anyways, was it? No. Maybe not. It was for editing photos, and making masterpieces. If you don’t wanna take away social media, at least only have PicsArt’s account and not let anyone make a account. Please. It’s all I’m asking. - Sophie | Update: I just wanted to say it’s not crashing and glitchy for me, maybe it’s just people’s old raggedy devices because everyone complains about how glitchy this app is. It’s not! Again it’s just your old raggedy devices. Like bruh big deal. Update: I’m fine with social media, but no commenting would be good because I still wanna get inspired.
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3 years ago, SaurianLover
A lot of people are saying it should be more in the social media recommendation and I totally agree. In my opinion it’s a really good app and there are a lot of features that you can choose from. The only thing I have a problem with is it’s safety. There are a lot of ways people can bypass the filters on the comments and easily say nasty stuff. Also, when you’re editing a photo that you want to post you can add text to it. The add text feature does not having any filter whatsoever, so people can put a bunch of dirty things on there. It’s rated 12+ but with my experience kids even younger have been getting into this app which is not okay. There are a lot of people on PicsArt who just try and be a creep for no reason whatsoever. I had to deleted my whole account just so I could get away from some of the garbage people posted on there. Despite my rough experience this with app, I would have to say there are still a lot of people on it that can make your day. When I had to delete my account I was so sad and disappointed. There were a lot of amazing people on it that would lift your spirit but those that were negative, inappropriate and rude really made it hard to like the app as much as I wanted.
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3 years ago, N30NKLK
fake free trial
alright recently i had written this: "when i clicked FREE TRIAL and consented to get charged $0.00 for the free trial I was charged for the annual gold subscription. I did some research and this has happened to many other people as well. I requested a refund and its still pending, but the reviews I've read have said they never got a refund after requesting. Nobody is going to pay $60 for a stupid mediocre app. give me my money back and stop tricking your users." and the response wasn't very helpful because you guys didn't seem to understand the issue. I had selected FREE TRIAL and was charged IMMEDIATELY for the annual subscription. I cancelled the subscription right away because that's not what I wanted at all. I got it resolved with apple, but I won't be using this app again because of that. I've also notice some other reviews about the same issue. You just have to be more transparent and honest about what you're really charging your customers. If i'm selecting free trial then I better be charged $0 because its a FREE trial, not $60 dollars. By the way because you didn't seem to understand this last time, I never got the free trial that I selected. It was an immediate charge. That's the fustrating part. The only reason I noticed I got charged was because my bank sent me a notification for it. Again, just be more transparent about what your customers are getting.
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3 years ago, 💚👽Alien_queen💚👽
I have a few problems if they get fixed I’ll give it a 5 star
So I’ve had this for a few months now and I’ve learned how to use it better but there’s a few things I need to talk about. Like how just today I was making a little anime edit for my sister and it was one of those pictures where there is multiple of the faces everywhere and it kept crashing, and I kept having to redo it but it just kept crashing so I stopped trying to make that. Then I was making this solar system thing or which I was going to, but then I look up “solar system” and all the doodle plants had to be paid for and I was going to do a doodle picture. So what I’m trying to say is there are to many times the app crashes and to many things that I need have to be paid for. Oh and I even saw a review that asked to make it a bit less crashy but did that happen? Oh and with the crashing again I need it to be when it crashes for it to save my work. It takes me SO long and it doesn’t save it? And for the paying... please make just a bit less stuff not have to be paid for if you can’t fix that one I really understand 😅. But for the crashing you need to get to that. So I hope you fix these problems and I may make this a 5 star ⭐️.
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3 years ago, Heathen Hare
Takes your favorite free tools away :((
Updated: As an artist trying to work on my skills to be in a place to make any financial support for my family, it’s extremely frustrating when free parts of the app that you use regularly, are taken away & added to the the subscription price. It’s like they monitor which ones are used the most for free, then take them. They did a sale for memorial day, 80% off— but I can’t pay for it right now. So many of us live paycheck to paycheck as it is. I know hard work went into the making of this app & you deserve to be paid too the same as I do for my work but don’t. So I get it... Hopefully you’ll do the 80% off again soon or extend it. I will try to purchase it when I can afford it, but can’t afford full price. They monitor what you use the most on the free version, and then take it away after you get used to using it :/. The price is too expensive especially since a lot of the imagery on the app is actually stolen from artists or used without their permission.. So since I won’t buy it as is, and since they took away my favorite free tools— guess its time to delete it!
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12 months ago, Chestnut.led
I use to love this app but….
It’s not that bad, but the reason why I rated a one star… I have no idea what’s going on but lately I have not been able to use any of the special effects brushes… it says no internet connection on certain brushes but let you uses others and all the other features within the app which i do not get… so clearly it isn’t my internet connection but a error within app… which is very inconvenient for when I am editing my pictures because the brushes that it’s doing the most to are the brushes I use… at first it was just one brush but now since I have reopen the app it’s sooo many… and also very annoying especially when I’m paying to use this app… another reason I rated it a one star… because why am I pay for app when the features are malfunctioning… idk picarts use to be a really good but since it started all these updates and different subscriptions and different features it just seems like it’s going more and more downhill and it’s honestly making me not wanna use it… which is a shame when it’s the main editing app that I use… if the developers see this please help cause honestly I don’t know what’s going on or why it started randomly not letting me use the brush effect and it’s not like the brushes are pro these are free brushes I can no longer access, and I literally have pro. If your a new user don’t waste your time!
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9 months ago, Basement cat is coming for us
buggy, ridiculous subscription service, but the best mobile editing app so deal with it
picsart is probably the best mobile app for photo editing, especially now that layers have been added. However, it has become super buggy and will randomly crash causing you to lose your progress and have to start over completely. technically it can save your work for you, but space is so limited you need to make sure to delete everything it saved before you start anything new. A lot of features that used to be free when i first started using picsart (so so many filters!) are now locked behind a paywall. This wouldn't be that big of a deal if it was a one time purchase, but no of course everything has to be a subscription model. at that point why not switch to editing on a computer? The sticker library is pretty great, although it will autofill typos that show zero results and then you can't just edit the typos, you have to backspace everything and retype or it will still show zero results. There are a lot of little things like this that add up. I think if you're going to ask people to pay a subscription for something the app needs to be a lot more polished and little things like poor search engine, sticker limit, crashing, etc should not be happening. 2.5 stars
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6 months ago, HALF_PiNTBRiTT
LOVE THE CREATIVE TOOLS THIS APP OFFERS ITS REALLY AMAZING!! I buy this app every year bc to me it’s worth it. However I just paid this for the year & this will be my third year using this app and my iCloud account was compromised forcing me to start a new iCloud. Well I lost access to this app, and can’t even sign in to my previous account that I just paid for. It’s pretty expensive to pay for full access every year and I’ve been satisfied with it for the last two years However if there is a way for me to be able to access my account that I just paid for using my new iCloud that would resolve a lot of issues and problems I’ve been having lately. Is even be happy with a refund so that I can purchase it again on my new iCloud account but I can’t afford to pay over $77 for a year subscription for this app twice. So aside from not being able to access my paid for account and the troubles I’ve been experiencing recently I do recommend this app. Hopefully the customer service is just as great as the features and tools available as well. I’ll update and let you all know as soon as my issues are resolved!
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1 year ago, why the game is good and bad
Great app!
I appreciate PicsArt getting back to me on a review I made, I believe they try their absolute best. To keep the community safe this is an amazing app to use I completely love this app! It's honestly the best app I have on my phone after Pinterest deactivated my account for no reason, this is the best one yet! I loved using Pinterest a lot when I could, it was great cause it gave me food ideas. But you can be honestly any age to use this in my opinion! It's friendly (mostly) but there are some people who cuss on the app, but I guess that's only because they're in the "right" age range for cussing- But all of that aside, PicsArt is amazing, you can use it for edits, gifs, and making wallpapers! The people running the app are trying their best to keep the app safe for everyone. It's also a very useful app for many other things. Some may get mad because of the PicsArt Gold but the reason it's there is so they can earn some form of money from the app! All though I don't have PicsArt Gold, from my POV. You still get cool features! With the Gold you get extra tools/features to the app, but I 100% would recommend getting this app!! 💗
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2 years ago, 馛峥古疦楹尸լտմֆմվ
I do love the app but my email thing doesn’t work so sadly i cant verify lol Weird how i used to be able to follow ppl without verification but whatever :/ Overall its good. You can find a lot of people you can relate to and the idea of using stickers created by other people to edit your own photos / edit their stickers is really nice. Also i don't use that many apps but i don't think I've seen a ‘remix’ feature??? Like who came up with this??? That was all the good stuff but if i were to talk about issues with this it would probably be when I put a lot of stuff in my description and i go to the ‘share’ page (the next thing after description) i decide i want to go back to description and make the image a replay but when i go back once instead of taking me to description it takes me all the way back to image editing. And then i go back to description and my description is erased. So maybe add a separate back button for the ‘share’ thing after description and make it to where the back button on the ‘share’ portion it only goes back to description.
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3 years ago, Shelby919414
BE WARNED!! Dishonest
The app is great, however I’m having trouble with the company’s dishonesty. The app promoted a 30 day free trial. I’ve had the app before but I’ve had it for many years and I didn’t know if I’d ever had a free trial before, but it didn’t occur to me that that even mattered because it offered me a free trial. I accepted with the plan to pay monthly after the trial was up because I’m low on money this month and am expecting my tax return early next month. MY CARD WAS CHARGED IMMEDIATELY UPON INSTALL OVER $60 FOR AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP! No warning was given that I would be charged, I selected FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!! It said I would be charged AFTER THE TRIAL but it charged me IMMEDIATELY! When I reached out to customer service they said it was because I’d already had a free trial so it automatically renewed by membership. I did NOT authorize that and when I asked for a refund they said they can’t do refunds and to contact Apple support. Now I will say, they got back to me very quickly and were polite, but they basically stole over $60 from me and said “oh sorry there’s nothing we can do”. I hope Apple gets back to me ASAP, but I’m very put off by this. SO BE WARNED, IF YOU’VE ALREADY HAD A FREE TRIAL EVEN IF IT WAS YEARS AGO, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOU A RENEWAL IF YOU SELECT ANOTHER FREE TRIAL (even if it gives you the option for a free trial), and there will be NO WARNING THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE CHARGED!!!
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3 years ago, Jeffrey JJR
Semi-pro photographer. EASIEST app, but CRASHES too often
I’ve tried more than a handful of other apps and programs, including Adobe photoshop, and Luminar (2 versions), and Aurora. Let me tell you, this app is fantastic, and easier to use than any of the previously mentioned, by a landslide. The problem is, and seems to be in every other review as well, is that it crashes far too often which will result in lost work that you might spend hours working on. Particularly, when you’re cutting out people and replacing backgrounds which can be a painstaking process when you use multiple layers. I can’t tell you how much time I spent working on a simple edit where I wanted to replace the background and use my Apple Pencil to “cut out” objects and people, and when I finish and click “next” (which saves your edits you just spent hours working on), it crashes, and resets the app. YOU WORK WILL BE LOST. it’s incredible FRUSTRATING and not worth using for anything other than trying filters. That’s it. Do anything more than that, and prepare to start all over again. It’s a shame because I love the user friendly interface and the robust options, I really do. Fix the crashing, and I would probably never use another app or program.
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3 years ago, hannah m. k
Good editing but glitchy
I really love this app and have had it for a while now and i just found out that once you log in you are able to participate in editing challenges which i absolutely love. But recently when i have been editing my photos to participate in the challenges the app has started to lag and freeze up on me. ( i know that it is not my wifi connection either) this is happening when i by accidentally do something and then want to undo it and then it glitches out. The last time this happened i was working on a photo for a challenge and i was all done just adding the last thing and then i messed up and went to undo the mistake, then the app froze on me. i got out of the app but didn’t clear the tab and when i went back on it said it was uploading my project and then turned into the original piece that i was trying to remix. i had spent hours trying to make the edits and get it perfect and then in a few quick seconds it was all gone. i was so disappointed and i almost cried because i had worked so hard on it. this recently happened again a few days after, and i really hope you can fix it because after working so hard and so long on a edit and then having it glitch out if very frustrating. -hannah
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1 year ago, Just a speicial girl ;)
Just two problems
Okay, the first problem is that I selected photos that I wanted to edit. After I edited the photo I went to my profile to delete the picture that I was editing (the picture was a normal picture it wasn’t an edit). Next, I wanted to delete it so I selected it and a few other pictures that weren’t edited and normal. Here comes the problem, I pressed delete on the bottom but nothing happened I pressed the other button that was there as well and it said “more” but still, nothing happened. I even powered off my phone and went back to Picsart but it still wouldn’t work.I don’t know if this is just my device or the app. This isn’t really a problem but when I’m editing or just exploring, once in a while “Try premium!” Would pop up. It’s a little annoying and the X on the screen is sometimes hard to find. So please change it if you can to not pop up anymore if we don’t want it. Other then these tiny issues the app is spectacular! The quality is awesome and it’s so fun to edit and make things! Developer please let me know if there is a way to fix these issues and I’m just not seeing it. Thank you - Zoey
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4 years ago, zära b
It keeps creating a line that cuts off a row of pixels in the middle
I’m very upset and confused with why when I edit a photo by adding quite a few text boxes which is what I have to do for what I want in the photo and of course, there’s a photo limit even with the gold feature and then I have to hit apply so then I can add more text boxes but like I’d say around the 3rd round of hitting apply there’s a terrible horizontal line through the middle of the photo that cuts off a row of pixels and it just looks horrible. I have no idea why it’s there but even when I save the photon my camera roll, it won’t go away. It just cuts off the entire photo and the line looks like a row of pixels just disappeared and the two sides meet in the centre and you can very clearly tell. I know for sure that it’s not something that I did at all! And I definitely know for sure that it’s not the blue line that’s supposed to be there that marks where the centre is. It’s more like a seam where the two halves meet up after a row of pixels have been cut. I tried paying for gold to see if it’s just some dumb feature that makes you pay for it to be removed. but no. The line wouldn’t go away at all after having to hit apply a few times for different rounds in adding text boxes even with paying for the gold feature. And I don’t even get how I have an “image limit” even when I payed for having gold!
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5 months ago, Sciaglo
Stopped doing what I needed and liked
I used this effortlessly to crop around my cosplay and designer field and scarves and add a text generated background. It worked perfectly. Now it only had the black screen so background option (white screen text generated with styles you get with generating your own image from scratch) is gone as this option. The ai background that comes up Now using your croooed item in the image is completely worthless. It doesn’t recognize what the item is, throws it off the person, oversizes it, etc. No clue why I used the text generated ai image creator as the background creator in my app for months and then it’s suddenly not an option anymore. It worked great. Now this app is worthless. Customer service has no clue what I’m talking about even with screen shots and images - they clearly do not know their own product. I could have my cowl only on screen and type in any style, on male or female with a jacket or shirt description and it gave me an amazing image - with the white background image creator - now that’s gone. The standard black background screen background ainfor whatever reason doesn’t generator even remotely the same awesome images and doesn’t recognize the image I am using in the foreground. App went from amazing to worthless in one day.
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9 months ago, poodlepoop101
This app gets more and more unusable every single update. Completely done with it
From making every single feature you possibly can for people who purchase, to changing unnecessary changes that server no true purpose (ex: getting rid of the flip/rotate option yet still keeping it there, and telling people to go to another option? Like this one has outlived so many updates? Maybe focus on all those little issues instead of adding things that make people’s time on your app more hard.) You get bombarded with ads so much on this app nowadays that I think I’m using an unofficial app. Like after every single adjustment? Seriously? The layer adding update is so buggy and unnecessary. And WHY would anyone want their work to be movable after it’s done?it’s impossible to do anything digital on this app and it’s no longer convenient. And now the newest unnecessary update that gives me another reason to leave this app: a long wait of loading and offering to edit your picture for you before EVERY picture you click? It may not be that big of a deal but with every other annoying nuisance this app provides, that’s just one more enough to make me leave. Can’t believe this app used to actually be fun. I get frustrated whenever I have to edit something because I know how hard and inconvenient it’s going to be.
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9 months ago, craftygirl29
Picsart please read this!! 💝
Okay so first off, I would like to say I LOVE THIS APP. It is so amazing. But here are a few things that bother me.. 1.) You need PicsArt Gold for half of the things!! After a while it does get pretty annoying when you want to add a glitch effect but CAN’T, you have to pay money. This especially goes to people like me with strict parents that will not let us buy any online items. 2.) A lot of the same stuff is just getting more popular. Some Korean girl is sitting down and the filter is dark. Boom. Gets 1.5M views. And then I spend around 30 minutes on one edit and work really hard on it only for it to get 10 views. Like, come on. It’s really overused. 3.) PicsArt needs a better way of recommending things. Like I said in #2, I only get 10 views for some stuff I worked real hard on. Meanwhile posts that are already SUPER POPULAR keep getting more and more views. Also, when I follow people their edits don’t show up on my home page. I think that might be just me, but I’m not sure. Other than that, I LOVE the app. Always use this for editing. PicsArt please try to respond if you can. 💖 I’ll give you the last star when I’m fully satisfied. :)
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5 years ago, sarah4ashley
Worked great until...
I have used this app since it first began. I loved the features and the fact that it was free to use. It is unlike any other photo editing app. It offers so many filters, edits, and tools that you are unable to find elsewhere. I used this app to edit my Instagram photos, my own personal photos, and create other fancy projects for my blog. It worked amazing! Then, it began to try to make you pay for certain edits/filters. It wants you to pay each month for these to become accessible to you. That wasn’t too vexing because some of the other edits/filters were still free to use. Now, it won’t even let you use your own photos to edit. You must use the ones that are “free to use” on the app. This new feature completely takes away the point of the app in the first place. I feel it is fairly trivial that this was put into place. Why do that to your loyal users? No, I do not want to pay 55$ every year to use this app. I understand that requiring users to subscribe to Picsart Gold in order to edit their own photos is beneficial to the creators in the financial sense, but it is also extremely inconvenient to those who have relied this on app for years. I am sure there are many others that are displeased with these new accommodations, and I feel they will, myself included, move on to find another reliable editing app. Not cool, Picsart.
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4 years ago, julianne ✨🥺💖
Great but.....
This app is great. It has no ads which I’m so grateful for because so much apps have ads and it’s annoying. You can edit photos, put stickers, put texts boxes and literally so so much more. I have made over 15 photos in 1 day because I’m so addicted. I’m constantly making edits of my idol (Taylor Swift) and I’m in love with them. Now here comes the bad part.... THE CRASHING!!! When I’m editing a photo minding my own business suddenly a black screen comes up and I see my home screen. And then I have to click on the app and restart because my work didn’t save.’s annoying with the plus version. Basically the plus version also know as the better version. Basically you get better things. You can erase things from your photo. Get better stickers. Better text boxes and more. You still have options without using plus but when I see a cute sticker it wants me to pay to get it. I MEAN COME ON. I want to enjoy my game without paying. Although this game is so addicting and I love editing my photos and adding fonts. I love this app. I’m also editing photos of myself. I love surprising my mom by editing her photo and she loves it. I recommend
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2 years ago, emrwrites
Stalls from time to time
I’ve had this app for a long time and I use it for work and it’s great but there are times where I’m in the middle of a project and it will just stall. A loading symbol comes up and just continuously circles around but nothing ever happens. I’ve left it for 30+ minutes at one point and nothing happened and the only way to stop it was to exit which then all of my hours of hard work was completely gone and I had to start over. This happens quite a bit so I’ve had to continuously save the picture after changes. It’s very frustrating and I wish it could get fixed. It has nothing to do with my phone or service, I’ve used it on several different types of devices and services as I use this for work and use multiple, various, devices for work. It does the same thing and also does it to my coworkers as well. Not sure what’s going on but would be great if ppl like me that use it everyday and for important projects and pay for all of the upgrades, could at least have a full functioning app, it would be appreciated. I’d use another app but there aren’t any others that have ALL of the features you offer. Just could use some help with the stalling issue.
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3 years ago, Lexi_Midnight
Posts, Community Violations, and Hashtags
Hi, [ Only reason its 5 stars is to hopefully be seen by these people ] I’m getting really annoyed with this app. I liked it a lot and then suddenly all these updates came up. Your forced to add a hashtag to ALL of your posts. You can’t comment or follow without your account being verified. You can’t edit without an account. It’s honestly annoying. You guys even took away remix chat, The best part. I heard you may be adding it back before Christmas (Just a theory) but I don’t know. But those aren’t my biggest problems. My problem is with the way you do the posts. I write large descriptions for my posts because thats how I like to do it, i’m fine with having to post a hashtag with it. It’s the fact every description I put since I’ve updated my app has been “violating community guidelines” Theres nothing in these descriptions thats against anything. Please fix this, bring back remix chat and fix the notifications. Please and thanks. Please Please Please bring back remix chat I really don't want to leave this app but it looks like I'll have too.
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2 years ago, Stupidlymynameistaken
Long time user scammed
You can use the app for “free” but can not save in any way. Been using app a long time. They updated app so that you have to pay premium to save your art. I worked on a piece for several hours and went to save it and now all the sudden I have to buy gold to save. This wouldn’t have bothered me if they had not used me for years promoting there app and telling us all they wouldn’t charge long time users for premium features. Well they found a way around that lie by making dang near everything premium besides the downloading of the app. Nearly everything in the app now requires a gold subscription. You can create all you want but can’t keep it. Even if you paid for extras before you can’t save your work so they basically stole all those peoples money too. Yea the money that built this app up to the point they no longer value long time users who promoted them. I emailed customer service about this and they sent a generic response Twice: “ changes to the platform affect all users, meaning that if a feature is added to Picsart Gold, it will require a subscription from every user.” I would never pay for this app because they tried to force me to pay or go somewhere else. Well if I’m gonna pay for one it won’t be here because their business practices are appalling.
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9 months ago, Tehilla o
The amount of money you have to pay
Hi I’ve been using this app for as long as I can remember. I love this app I think there is just one issues. It’s not the app itself but if the subscription. I think that there is to many things you have to pay for. Now if you adding a sticker that’s fine if one thing that you want to use cost money and you do want to pay so you go to get something that is the same just looks different I do this all the time but it the fact that is you want to cut out something and make it look perfect you have to pay money that not just it if I wanted to remove a background I have to pay. I can write a whole paragraph on how much you have to pay but that would be to long so I will summarize my whole paragraph. What I’m trying to say it that you have to pay for too many things I think that you should make somethings you don’t have to pay for because people that don’t have money to spend it would be unfair to them that they don’t have cool things. Thank you for looking at this I appreciate it have a great day God bless.
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4 years ago, beens01!
it’s a great app but...
this app is awesome. it is so much fun and i have made some good internet friends. i do have a couple things i am annoyed with about this app though. first off- the premium thing comes up every single time i open the app, every time i make something, it has really got on my nerves. maybe you could put that in some setting thing. so it doesn’t come up every time. i hate it so much. if i haven’t bought it already i don’t think i’m gonna now-but that’s why i think you should put it in some setting thing, so if somebody does want to buy it they can go there but some people don’t and it comes up EVERYWHERE. second off- the community guidelines; i understand there are children on this app but if i say something besides “oh that’s cool” or “so are you” and don’t make it specific it says it violates community guidelines. i go back and try to change a few words i think could do it but it’s still violating. it doesn’t even tell me what to change or how i’m violating. it’s very annoying. maybe you could show what words or things are violating because i try to comment and i can’t because of all the violations. besides those- this app is great so far! thank you for your time and i hope you can read this!
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2 years ago, daisybts
Picstart :(
I don't usually write reviews often unless it's necessary to share; I've been using Picsart for about 4 years now. And honestly it's Been great until recently I decided to edit a piece. I've never had a problem with Picsart what I loved about it is that when you would be editing something the app would save your work ! And you would be able to continue where you left off:) and I was also able to download my image afterwards ya know ? The simple stuff that anyone should have access too + that doesn't require a subscription or being a member.. mind you I was never a subscriber because I sincerely can not afford the price to be one but now things have changed. So basically I was working on a piece. Editing it as I was done I obviously wanted to private it or save it but an ad pops up from Picsart saying "Try Picsart Gold!!" I had to do a payment ? To get access to my picture? I couldn't even screenshot it due to copy right or something because it turned black. I'm honestly very upset and I can't imagine how other picsart users feel.
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1 year ago, Disneycheergirl
Cool photos, not everyone can pay though
I love getting to make cool new edited photos on this app but, to use certain features you must pay. This is annoying because some people just don’t have the money for that in their budget. Not only do you have to pay but it is $60 for a year, that may not sound like a lot but just to edit photos it is!🤯😡 I would like to be able to edit photos of my beautiful family using some premium features but instead I have to settle for the free edits. Also, I thought I found a loophole and would be able to screenshot my work and then crop it so I can still have this gorgeous photo. I was upset to find that the app would not allow screen shots and would try to make me pay. I understand you want to make money and if you do so bad, get ads! I apologize if you take this the wrong way, the app is great really but, most of those great features are premium. I feel so frustrated with this service and I really don’t want to be mean but-all the free features aren’t the best-I just need a good photo editing app!!!😡I wish I could get premium but my current budget won’t allow. Please listen to this so you can make it better for other users!
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3 years ago, Emma Knutson
Free version was already mediocre at best but now it's even worse!
I've used Picsart for years at this point, and I have to say that today I think I've finally been pushed to delete the app. What was once a relatively "good" editing app with convenient free features, has now become a sparse and frustrating experience. Annoying pop-up ads the second you open the app aside, many of the free, simple options and tools that I used semi-frequently, are now locked behind a paywall, which is incredibly annoying because the app is NOT AT ALL WORTH a recurring subscription in my opinion. The true nail in the coffin for me was the moment I came across the software that was implemented to prevent users from taking screenshots or video captures within the app of the photos they are working on unless they've paid for the locked features. It's something I've done to cheat the system for quite a while now. All in the name of profit, I guess... I understand why they've done it, and I know it's a pretty dumb thing to be complaining about, especially since all I was trying to do was make a MEME when I came across the problem today, but really? Like I said, this app was already not worth paying a subscription for, and now it REALLY isn't. 👎🏻
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1 month ago, MCG2015
How it’s amazing
So first you can do so many things on it it’s so so so amazing you may want vip for more stuff but not much there is still a limit on stickers per a picture but otherwise it’s great cool graphics nice has everything in real life you can make a landfill farm baddie softie person work jobs and anything you basically want it’s so fun I just love it even without a update it still works great and doesn’t give you notifications that much I have usually so many notifications it’s amazing how this app holds so much progress for teenagers adults kids I just love it I have got a lot better at drawing and thinking from this app toltally get this for yourself or your kids it’s just amazing hope you like what I said so far but more stuff is still coming you can take screenshots and show ur friends before you get this get this and sketch games and stuff like that I really really love this game and I think you will too hope you and ur family and friends have a awesome amazing super fun rockstar left of the day hope you think my words helped love y’all bye.
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2 years ago, isabelle_is_bored117
Idk what happened - also the screen freezes
I absolutely LOVE this app, I would give it 5 star, but something weird happened and that’s why it’s 3. A couple days ago I finally made an account after having it for a while. It was going good, then when I had to verify my email, it just signed me out, and I couldn’t get back into my account. Has this happened to anyone else? It was really weird. I’m really sad because I was enjoying posting my edits, and people really liked them. I’ve been trying to get it back, and I’ll try more. EDIT:: I just made a new account and everything is fine. But there’s one problem with this app that has been driving me crazy since the day I got it. So every time I try to scroll down to see the description of people post, the screen will freeze and stay like that for 10-15 seconds and it drive me crazy, it happens on every. single. post. Also the screen will freeze at random time, sometimes while I’m editing and it’ll kick me out of the app. The screen freezes so much and I hope you guys can fix it. That’s the only problem I have with the app right now.
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7 months ago, 12246 moorpark street
Very annoying
Okay, this app is OK but I’m very disappointed because of the reason why this app keeps suggesting me about getting a subscription. So I didn’t get a subscription and I was trying to edit my photos, but I could barely do anything because every feature there, you had to subscribe to use it and I tried taking a screenshot and it didn’t let me take a screenshot. It didn’t let me do anything actually without getting a subscription and then it just randomly pops up about getting a subscription and it’s very annoying. I can’t have a normal like five minutes to myself without popping up a subscription and I don’t want to subscribe I just want to stay normal I don’t wanna pay for anything and just keeps popping up just keep suggesting it. I don’t know how to turn it off, but it’s just stare like it never leaves so I find it very annoying and disappointing that I constantly need to go through this and I really think you need to fix it. I think there should be an option to get a subscription not like you need to actually get a subscription I mean this app is OK but like I don’t think you should constantly be having thissubscription ad popping up and may not be able to use any features at all because I don’t really think it’s OK so thank you. I hope you understand.
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