Picture Collage Maker - Frames

Photo & Video
4.3 (10.7K)
78.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
pixel force private limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Picture Collage Maker - Frames

4.29 out of 5
10.7K Ratings
5 years ago, kristen lobman
Great layout selection, poor organization
I have used Frames to make monthly milestone pictures for my daughter and also to make collages. I love the selection (sooo many to choose from) but hate that I have to just scroll forever to find something. I wish the collage layouts were searchable or at least organized into categories. I would love to be able to quickly find frames for x number of photos, or frames with only squares and rectangles.
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3 years ago, @pebble-bunny!
Bug Issues 🐜
There are a lot of bug issues that need fixing. I’m still learning how to maneuver around this program. Unfortunately it doesn’t let you undo a technique. Most of the time I have to start over from scratch. I’m not able to edit once I’ve saved. The color selection doesn’t always allow to choose the color you wish nor does the color dropper let you pick a color from your photo to match... if your font is at the top of the page you can’t pull it down - you have to stick to the original design without much editing to the design. The stickers are seriously so generic for child’s play photos. However, I do love the creative designs & fonts that you can choose from - I just wish I could make them my own with some tweaking here & there.
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5 years ago, PersephoneSnow
Decent but Could be better
(IF) there were less advertising, "promotions", constant referring to "IF you do this or buy this you'll get more of this or that" for an app that's supposedly free they quite often want mullah money $$$... I needed something reliable and I am even scared that I'll be forced to delete this app because it wants money. Fix these bugs or be honest with people. IF it isn't free just a trial then say that not persuade innocent people! Otherwise that it's a good app. I just dislike liars and false advertising something free to you you having to run around like a chicken with it's head chopped off having to give an arm and leg fo an app.. I'm pregnant the amount apps are I can get my unborn a NEW outfit Name Brand for the same price! I have four about to be 5 kids I don't have any more time or money to spend on something like a app.
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7 months ago, It’s Almost Christmas
Great app
I have no idea what people are talking about when they say there are to many adds because I literally made three things and looked through everything with only one add. I love the app though, the free version isn’t that bad, people say that it doesn’t give you That many options but there’s a good amount, it would be nice to have more but I think it’s enough. If your reading this review I think personally that it’s a good app and totally worth it.
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5 years ago, Mr Softee
Crap App
What a hot piece of garbage this app is. Installed basic version to try out and first time it worked fine. After that, it was all bad. After selecting a picture to go in frame, sometimes it shows up in frame but usually there is a blank blue square where the pic is supposed to be. Tried several times and there’s no rhyme or reason to when it works. Especially frustrating when you are making a collage and you try to select multiple pictures and experience multiple fails. The only thing that works every time without our fail are the ultra annoying ads that pop up every time you add a picture. Making a collage with multiple pics? Prepare to watch multiple crappy ads, and they come on full volume with no warning. To sum up, if you like watching ads on a failed app that only exists to sell you crap you aren’t interested in, give this one a try you won’t be disappointed! You could pay to make the ads go away but what’s the point if the app doesn’t work???
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5 years ago, randomparrot
Easy collages
I’ve had this app on my iPad for years. I paid for the Pro version. I use this app mainly for collages. Tons of layouts, effects, fonts, borders, etc. Easy to use. Quick to download the finished work to your tablet’s photo gallery or social media. I do wish there was a way to save favorite templates instead of scrolling thru all of them (but there are a lot of nice ones available).
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3 years ago, Mz may
It Grabbed My Attention!!
I was trying to work on a project with some pictures but it did not go well. The pictures didn’t fit in the frames I had chosen and to keep starting over was exhausting. After working on it for a while I decided this was not for me. I attempted to cancel the (3) days of free trial. I did cancel but it doesn’t verify if it was actually cancelled. They suggest you cancel a day before the last free day. So I’ll keep my eyes open for the verication of cancellation…
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6 years ago, Elizza
Like Used to love
I used to love this app. I still use it but it’s changed. I liked when I could save what I was working on and come right back to it. Or choose a different one and go back later. Also all the “extras” used to be free. I went ahead and purchased the pro because I needed to fonts. But I still wish it was more like the old version.
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7 years ago, A GEEK
Ok app but needs some work
I like the app but it needs some work before I give it more stars. I’ve read some reviews that people paid the pro price but did not get everything unlocked, so curious what the developer’s policy is and would have expected that explained when requesting to purchase the pro version. It also needs a way to contact the developer for these type of questions. All that said, the free version is ok.
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10 months ago, Mrjombi
This is not free
They want a whopping $7 EACH month to use it. I used to love this collage maker. It was my go to photo editor, easy to use and FREE. But a later update not only looked odd but took a way features that were intuitive to use. I also discovered they added a pricey subscription option. As for using it as a free option they added a watermark to all of my completed photos. Talk about greed. Avoid this app, there are other ones available in the store free and easy to use.
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1 year ago, DragonSlayer!
Love this but ....
Lots of options and templates but I cannot find the Hoarding section that used to be included. You should always be adding not taking away options, so I’m going to guess that I haven’t found i5 yet since there are still THOUSANDS of template
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6 years ago, RStoe88
Great for friends, birthdays, and other celebrations. They are cute. However, the unfortunate part is that the app has many pop up ads- and some of them don’t have the little x to get out of the ad. This forces me to go out of the app and then go back in. But it doesn’t save the frame. So you have to restart. I had to restart one frame over 3 times because of ads. The rest of the app however is great.
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6 years ago, gabby120997
I loved the app
I loved the app it show many cool and fun stickers that will make the photos look very cool I did not get the special offer because it cost money but without the special offer it was still really fun!😊I would recommend this to someone who loves to be creative and have lots of fun with photos😜
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7 years ago, TWAMP$
Paid $6.99, still has ads/watermark
Paid $6.99 and there are a ton of ads, a bunch of 'locked' content (even after purchasing). And finally, once you make your edits, ad your frame, etc... there is a huge "watermark" on the final picture advertising their app. As a paid customer I find all the excessive ads (which occur mid-edit), and watermark to be unacceptable. Come on, I gave you my money, now at the VERY least I should get an ad free user experience. And the watermark is just straight bull. That's all, thank you!
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7 years ago, talang900471
Very simple to use and very quick. I like all the preset options they have for different layouts and how easy it is to click each one and view the difference. I don’t use it a lot but when I do it is always really easy
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7 years ago, Ihateadsihateadsihateadsx10
Misleading Screen Shot in App Store
I was looking for a collage app that had more than 4 boxes without having to buy them. The screenshot looks like it has that, but when you download, those are extra, like all collage apps. No problem, that means they had to remove the "pro" from the promotional shot, which to me is misleading. App is fine otherwise.
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4 years ago, _Podman_
Ads everywhere
This app is a waste of time, figuratively and literally. Every time you want to go to a different tab within the app an ad plays. Seriously, don’t waste your time. And if you think you won’t mind the ads well they bury all the free features behind mounds of paid stuff, so it’s a pain to even find what you are able to use. And then every time you switch to maybe wanting to do a template or collage another ad plays... awful app.
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5 years ago, BevElay
Love It Love It!
Love this App the comments that I get when using this App makes me feel like I’m a professional in photographing & In Art. I be getting off! I use it for family, friends, Ads, collages, flyers whatever really you’ll be surprise what this App can do.
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6 years ago, NE Review
Paid, doesn’t work
I really liked the app when it was working. However, after I used the paid version the frames will no longer load. In order for me to get them to come back, sometimes, I can delete and reinstall the app but then after three or four times it stops working. If this glitch could be fixed, it would be a perfect app.
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6 years ago, General Jarkar
Very useful
I love it! I can make frames and add pictures to them that I want to make them look nice, and well presented. You guys should download it!!!!! It’s really helpful when creating picture frames and printing them off and adding them to wooden or metal picture frames, and hang them up!
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4 years ago, LJC 56
Gets stuck in mid air!
Your app keeps locking up with my iPhone 12. Doesn’t allow adjustments, you can’t see the words to correct. Just not configured well to work with IPhone 11.
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6 years ago, Suzy Palomino
Family Sharing not working
Like the other reviews, I’m having difficulty with the paid version. It says the app supports Family Sharing but I can’t seem to share the app with other members of my family. And like the others, I can’t reach anyone at the company so I have to leave a message here... Can someone contact me?
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6 years ago, ValaRed
Maybe pro is actually okay...
... but the free version stinks! Every other minute you have to watch an ad, there is a pathetically small amount that is available with everything remotely fun locked for pro, and when I finally got a photo put together that was semi-cute, I realized that there is always a tacky watermark on the photos! To top it all off the interface is confusing and not user friendly, so I wouldn’t want to spend the money on it anyway.
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5 years ago, Jo's Personal DJ
Improvements MADE!
I am a happy camper again. Lots of new stuff. App working well, most glitches gone. Would luv it if it auto saved - still lose changes made & have to start over, but I can deal with it. Decided not to let that make me crazy, so all good for now.
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7 years ago, robin slicker901
works well
What a simple way to create a photo collage on the iOS device! Intuitive to pick up and put pictures together. My friends were entertained when I send my masterpieces to them .It’s really lots of fun!
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6 years ago, Wes Coleman 147
Good photo/collage maker
If it didn’t force you to “go pro” and limit the frames and such to generic frames & fonts, it would be better. I understand that they want to make 💵, just sayin that it’d be nice if they didn’t force ya. I did “go pro” however.
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6 years ago, Yassy2302
Frames 5 star
I would definitely recommend this to people who are trying to shake things up a bit and be creative with a photo, it is one of my favorite editing/photos apps!!!!
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7 years ago, KennethOrr
Good, but.
There are a few little glitches here and there, but I don’t like the way this app nickels and dimes me. I paid to upgrade on my iPad thinking that would be that. The $5.99 I paid only unlocked a small part of the app. Every time I turn around it wants me to pay more. I’m only writing this review because a feature that looks like it is unlocked won’t work unless I leave a review. That makes the app pretty lame in my book.
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7 years ago, lokiala1
I downloaded this app and it has served my photo collages well. Very simple and lots of frames to choose from, plus fonts, borders, colors and so on. Would highly recommend – easy for kids also
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2 years ago, Jimackmusic
Nice product but glitchy
Worked on it most of an evening and eventually got what I was looking for. However, it had shut down numerous times and only through my stubborn persistence did I complete it. Not sure yet if I’ll pay for a year.
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5 years ago, Cali Cool Chick
Can’t go back to previous projects
The earlier version use to allow you to go back to previous projects you created but it doesn’t any longer. It would be great if they brought that back along with the option to edit it.
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6 years ago, Invitation maker!💙
Never would use another app! This app has more than just frame making! It has editing and I even make my digital invitations out of here! I recommend using this app!
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6 years ago, HypnotoadAZ
Camera Roll Update Needs Fixed
I love Frames! I’ve been using it for years. The latest update changed access to my camera roll. Instead of seeing your recent pics, it goes to the beginning of the camera roll. I have to scroll through 2,000 photos multiple times to build a photo collage. Sorry, not going to do it! I’ll find myself a new app. Very disappointed!!!
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7 years ago, yayyapp
What do I think about this app?
I like this app. It has a lot of great things, very exceptional. It cost money to upgrade it, but I like it. I will try to explore all the futures it has in order for me to work with it.
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3 years ago, MikeGargano
I had this app before a subscription was required to use it. I re-downloaded it and now it requires a subscription to use?? Wow that’s incredibly dumb. I will just use another app. Your app is not good enough to justify $30/year to use when I can do the same thing for free with another app or using software that came with my Mac. Reevaluate your business strategy.
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8 months ago, Raistlin's Sweetmama
Old layout was better
It won’t let me write a review. I like the old layout better where you could see more lay out Choices and everything wasn’t so huge. Why isn’t my comment showing up on my screen?!
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7 years ago, NetflixAndPoptarts
Good app but...
i like the app and everything but i wish there we more cool frame choices for the collages, they just all seem so basic. i know there is a pro but some people done have the money for the pro version. thanks!!!
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6 years ago, Sc1ladileo
Frames ratings
They’re all really cool. The creative team behind the designs did an amazing job. Almost to the point where it looks like pro photo shoot. Thumbs up & keep the creative juices flowing
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6 years ago, NICKNAME MAKI
I have to rate to get frames
Why do you have to rate to get frames??? You should just make them watch an ad or something bot rate, its like you want a bunch of people rating
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6 years ago, Lafterz
Awesome App collage!
Has a variety of frames to choose from. I totally love how easily I can make a beautiful collage to share with family and frames for any type of occasion.
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7 years ago, JayCfresh
Too many obtrusive ads
I can understand a banner add on the top or bottom of the screen, but you have to sit through multiple full screen ads to access the program and even then options are locked behind a paywall. There is a watermark embedded on your images. Maybe the paid version version is better, but I find the free version to be unusable.
Show more
7 years ago, claudiav73
Love the new options
Love making my photos more special and sharing special moments with my close friends and family
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7 months ago, team#27
Amazing 🤩 frames!!!
I was really enjoying discovery this app , my frames was so perfect!! For just newborn Child and my lovely husband! Thank you so much for wonderful app!! Thank you!! Happy holidays!)
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6 years ago, Katstara
Annoyed rating
This app wants a review before you can even use it so it could have been 5 stars but I rated in the middle because I haven’t actually gotten to use it yet. Perhaps using the obligatory rating feature should come AFTER use and before saving.
Show more
6 years ago, Jaila money
So Amazing! If you need anything as in collage, frame, etc. this is the app for you. They even make you rate them in order to unlock frames. Anyways, get the app!!!
Show more
6 years ago, PhotoPhanatica
Used to love this app..
It stopped working since the update! Update...... I deleted app and re-downloaded now it works perfectly again!!! So I changed my rating. I love this app.
Show more
6 years ago, BellallungBlade
What happened?
Used to be a great, user friendly app for quickly editing multiple photos for social media, etc. Ads were present, but not intrusive or a hinderance to usage. BUT NOW? EVERY CLICK TAKES TOU TO AN AD? That’s ridiculous. You can’t even navigate the app and all the frames presented are premium. Ridiculous example of a pathetic money grab... plenty of other apps in the store. No thanks.
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7 years ago, Books&Brews
Outside the Box
This app allows you so many, many templates from which to choose! It is user friendly and simple, yet produces fantastic results!
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5 years ago, Home searches
Over the moon
I love the frames and selections . I take a ton of pictures so variety is always something I look for . I also like that they are the seasonal choices.
Show more
5 years ago, FroukjeA
Unclear where the non-pro material might be
This looks like a promising app but with no way to filter for the non-pro (paid) material quickly (and having to watch a 5-second video ad to be able to see what is under each heading) it gets tedious fast. If I could try the free material & like it, I might spring for the pro version but it seems too convoluted to use right now.
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