Pimple Popper Lite

3.2 (1.1K)
181.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Room Candy Games
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pimple Popper Lite

3.23 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
9 years ago, Santa1Cat
Ads and saving!
Ads are continually popping out, first a video then a screen! Ads are popping out too much!!! Even if you had ads, can you just make them pop up when we're not playing the like on the menu screen once in a while. Also, it saves the level but we have to start the level all over again, can you have a level screen like Bag It and save the work we were on? It really annoys me that I have to start that level all over again😡... As soon as you press the home button and go back after a millisecond, an ad pops up, then an ad screen and to the menu, find the place and start that level all over again! Plz! If you don't change this I'll share this message over Facebook to never download Pimple Popper ever! And also I'm going to delete the app because it has too much ads and wake up ROOMCANDY! Listen to the comments, update it right don't add things, fix it! (You better fix it right!👿) People, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE GAME UNTIL THE NEXT UPDATE!
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8 years ago, Fashion forward :)
This is so weird!!
This game is SO WEIRD. It's a gross app. I saw it on the featured section and I downloaded it mistaking it for another app. First off, it is absolutely disgusting and the only reason I gave it five stars is because it's my opinion though it is SO GROSS. Also, I read some of the reviews it is so dumb that half the reviews talk about too many ads. Are you serious? I have LITERALLY played this app enough to know that it doesn't have that many ads. And if you want to be critical stop and think about the app because it has this little thing called a skip button. And, I will admit I have seen a few ads that didn't have the skip button till the end but they always had a two second button that lasted just a second to try and X out the app. I might hate this app and also think it's very disgusting...Very but that is no reason to rate it bad because of a couple of ads. And quit complaining because I assure you that everyone who has written a review about this app has an entertaining app with many ads. So, talk more about ways to make the app better and what you don't like not about the stupid ads.
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9 years ago, Elsa 🍦💁🏽❄️❄️❄️
The game is fun... But it could use more work... It was Fun to play, for like, maybe two days.... Then, after even trying all of the little in-app versions, it got boring... And it was always gross. There aren't any challenges, or any extra things that kinda addict you and make you keep playing. If there was a little more work added to this game it would be a lot more fun. It was a great try, but I'm deleting it... Maybe you should try? Who knows...
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8 years ago, Darth Tardo
An ad revenue-generating machine disguised as an app.
This game is just plain bad from the foundation up. It's a bad sign when a game forces you to watch 30-second video ads BEFORE you get to the main start screen. Once you finally get to play, these video ads pop up frequently, even if you're in the middle of "squeezing" a pimple - it's shameful. If that wasn't bad enough, while you "play" the "game", there's an ad bar on the bottom constantly showing ads - usually about home mortgage loans. Has ANYONE ever secured their home loan from an ad on an app? Why are these ads so popular? All of that MIGHT be tolerable (not really) if the game graphics, music/sound effects, or play mechanics were awesome, but...they are not. They aren't even mediocre. The sound effects in particular are laughable, especially when the guy or gal goes "aaahhh" as you're making process on a skin blemish. Basically, this app is insulting. It feels like some people who had NO interest in making a quality game lazily threw this together, over-burdened it with frequent, intrusive ads in a lame attempt to make money, and then convinced themselves it was OK to put on the App Store by telling themselves "hey, it's free, OK!?! In true Roman coliseum fashion: 👎🏻 In Mortal Kombat fashion: "Finish Him!!!"
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4 years ago, soph10123
The game needs to be fixed
The game freezes on me every single time I play I zoom in and then pop it twice and then It freezes up every single time it won’t even let me pop one pimple and I have tried exiting out of it and going back into it but it does the same thing and I have tried resetting my phone and going back in to the game and it still freezes up on me I have tried everything more then once and it still freezes up on me nothing works it is like a 2 year old made this app and actually saying that a 2 year old made this is giving the people who made this game a big complement because I bet your two-year-old could do better than the people who made this game The game is over all is trash it needs to be fixed
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3 years ago, z0rxss
This app is pretty good dont get me wrong but it’s been lagging out for so long now. I’ve played the app for a while and now it’s not letting me in the app. I don’t know if this is the app bugging or the device I’m using but it shows the logo and then kicks me out.
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8 years ago, Paul King 5
Absolutely Terrible
The app seems as if it was coded by an 8 year old. The developers gloat about having 4 pimples in the game, but cant even put in a simple tutorial to how you go about playing. The ads are also unbearable; so much so that a prospective customer would be turned off of the full version. This app has little to no work done on it, uses royalty free sounds, and has terrible mechanics where i cannot tell whether or not i am doing anything to the pimple. Would give 0, but Crapple does not allow it. 0/10, this game made me quit mobile and go to computer.
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7 years ago, Rolth
Too many ads
I immediately had a 30 second ad before my first time playing the game, then had a one screen ad page for another one of their games. I finally got to start the game and after popping 1 pimple and getting half-way through the second pimple and got a 20 second ad. There is no tutorial so you kind of have to guess at everything. If you hit the question mark it tells you what to do, but the controls don't really work like they say.
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8 years ago, JuiceLover939
This app is great. The juicy pimples turn me on sooooo much. It is so hot. I feel entertained playing this. I love the diversity of all the delicious pimples. The programming of this game is 10/10. There are absolutely no advertisements at all. If you want to pop some luscious pimples, get this game. It is a great turn on.
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9 years ago, Emma2002
Level 2 Glitch?
The game isn't really all that good, bad graphics and no challenges. Just more pimples as it goes on. However I keep encountering this one glitch that says level 2 has 6 pimples but only five are there. It happens very often, but sometimes it works. I just don't like the overall game. In order to get into the game and proceed onto a next level, you must endure a 30 second ad and poster ad immediately after.
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9 years ago, Hey buddy 1970
First you get the game and your like "this looks like it might be fun!" And yeah, sure, it's fun for a little while.... That is, if you ever GETS to play he game! For real, every time I opened it, it either had one ad after the other or it crashed. Actually got to play it for two minutes, and I tried to get this things to work for THIRTY. Save yourself the time wasting and the anger when the ads are there. Don't get this.
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1 year ago, m28holzman
Never mind my last comment
It fixed itself, I’m so happy to see that I don’t have to be annoyed every single day! 😄
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10 years ago, one_direction6789
Too many adds!!!
This game is fun there are to many ads. Every time you open the game there is a 30 second ad😡also random ads pop up during the game.
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7 years ago, Gay4gaga
Would not recommend downloading this app. When you first open it, it forces you to watch a 30 second ad. I also didn't even get to experience game play. It was just a black screen. Also when I first downloaded it and opened it, it told me I needed to update to a newer version even though I downloaded it not even a minute before.
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2 years ago, the Crawford guy
Do not download this
I do not like this app. The pus is SOOOOOOO GROSS that I literally puked. I’m serious, do not download if you don’t want to puke. Okay, so, I’ve been wanting to pop pimples/zits, and so I found this app, and I downloaded it. At 3:40, I didn’t feel well and puked on the stairs. I’m serious. Download another pimple popping app. I’m deleting it.
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10 years ago, Renieee
good effects
i love this game because of its audio and visual effects . The thing i really dont like is all the ads. Otherwise , it's a great game and i enjoy it .
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6 years ago, kkalynn
thi$ app wont download
i need ios 11 to download it and im just like bruh bc i dont have ios 11 bc im very impatient and i dont like to wait for my phone to download the new update my mom could call me and she would think im dead and she would call 911 and tell them im dead she’d have all these funeral plans but really its a waste of time bc my phone was just downloading. so THAT is why i hate this app.
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8 years ago, Daddy's Little Country Girl
Wayyyy to many Ads. And....
I love this game! But I have to say there is too MANY dang ADS!! I hate that every time I get on, there is a ad that pops up. Also every time you get off... you have to restart the level. NEEDS UPDATED!!!
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9 years ago, TootieMarie
This game would be totally awesome but literally every single 30 seconds an ad comes up. and it isn't just one you can "x" out, it's the video kind. it makes me hate the game and i hope the creators fix this because this game will get zero stars and no one will ever play it unless fixed. so thanks a lot advertisement.
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8 years ago, kevmimcc
The worst ad experience ever
I used a lot of free apps. This one is by far the worst with video ads and ads popping up in the MIDDLE of a level meaning you might accidentally click on an ad because you were in the middle of trying to pop a pimple. My first review. This app annoyed me so much, I just had to write something.
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9 years ago, Birdie the Human
Too Many Ads, App Restarts
Even opening the app itself is staring at two ads at least, every time. And every few moves results in another ad. And you can't leave the app at all, even with it in the background, because you'll have to start from round 1 all over again.
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10 years ago, Candy Cane Christmas
Too many ads!
The game is fun and all, but there are 30 second ads every time you open the game! I was just in the middle of a game and a random ad popped up! 😡 Fun game, shorten the ads PLEASE!
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8 years ago, focusben
Too many ads
Other reviews are right. Way way too many adds and they just keep popping up and they run for far too long. The popping actions do not work well either. To bad - could be really gross but fun to play.
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10 years ago, 12nt
This app is kind of annoying because there is always to many ads that pop up while playing it gets annoying but otherwise a really fun game!
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5 years ago, Mazzy McDonald
Come back
This is so weird but when I’m bored I always went to this game but it’s not updated enough for my phone pls come back Pimple popper (omg what is wrong with me)
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4 years ago, wolfgurl98
Keeps freezing
I have a Xr and i used to play this game on my dads old phone all the time. Now it keeps freezing after a minute. I keep having to close and reopen the app.
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1 month ago, Dancing Butterflies
Popping the pimples
It doesn’t give an example and it only tells you how to do it and they don’t even make sense. The game should have an example on how to pop each one of the pimples.
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10 years ago, Fashionista 10
The game is fun but right in the middle of it adds keep popping up. I will give this 5 stars when the adds are gone!!!!!
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4 years ago, strawBento
Stop complaining of ads
Just turn airplane mode on
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6 years ago, Arlina💋
Need to update so I can play on my iPhone X!!!
It’s been too long without you guys updating it!
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8 years ago, TOOOOOO GOOD!
Just ads😉
The game it's self is awesome but it is just the ads but it doesn't bother me to much so I gave it a 5 star rate to be nice😋
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8 years ago, DaddyTheLonglegs
I never play the game but the picture looks like someone touching their nipple so
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3 years ago, abskajaoshsa
Doesn’t load
I open the game and it doesn’t load! I was sitting there for two minutes and it crashed. This needs to be fixed i used to really enjoy this game.
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4 years ago, xezse
This game doesn't even work. I thought it would be fun to try it out, but whoever i open the app it freezes and doesn't even let me play the game. I absolutely hate this app it's the worst don't download it because your wasting your storage and time.
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10 years ago, Fhethfstgfdf
Stop ads
Really fun app but way too many ads every 10 seconds add add non stop pls stop the ads but the game is good
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2 years ago, NatalieG176
I wasn’t able to play the game at all. I would open the app and all I would get is a frozen intro screen for a few seconds, and then it would kick me out of the game. This is ridiculous!
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8 years ago, Kaleystalder
Worst add problem ever
I came to this game, and within the first five seconds of opening there is always an add, they come like every 30 seconds and are even glitchy enough to exit out of the game. This hoppers to me every time I try to play.
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7 years ago, Sarahbear155
Fun, but...
This game is fun, but I absolutely cannot stand the ads! How freaking ridiculous is it that you can't even play for 2 minutes at a time without ads popping up, that are 30 seconds long each! So dumb. I'm deleting this app.
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9 years ago, Shrekmex
Look no farther!
For all reviews before and after this point consist of: ADS, ADS, ADS, TOO MANU ADS, great game... BUT WAY TOO MANY ADS, and ADZZZ. You're welcome, I just saved you some time out of your day. 😇
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3 years ago, hshsjajxxjdjfjcjjdsjjd
The game stopped on the candy icon and will not move from that page I even deleted and installed it again but it still didn’t work
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10 years ago, Imklewless
Too many stupid long ads!
I wouldn't even give this one star if it would let me. Why so many ads? The game was interrupted I don't know how many times with ads. And they're like 15-30 seconds a piece!!! Get rid of most of the ads. DELETING!
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3 years ago, ArieT15
You can’t even play this game without it freezing after zooming in. It’s a constant thing with this game i’ve tried deleting and downloading it back but it still freezes up.
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4 years ago, Jay.jay_jay
Full of bugs
I couldn’t load the game in AT ALL. I tried 5 times before it let me get on the main screen. I pressed play got a face and couldn’t do crap else. Then I tried to load back in and it wouldn’t even let me in
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4 years ago, kenz25242524
Literally just keeps freezing and not working then when I close the app the music keeps playing for like 30 secs. Very very annoying.....
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10 years ago, your chest hair
To Many Pop Ups.!
every 30 seconds an add will pop up -.- which gets annoying.. fun game tho.
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9 years ago, Mrvan99
The ads!!
You can't get through even one level of the game without 5 30-sec ads popping up that you can't close. You are forced to watch the entire ad. Deleting app. Not worth the ads.
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10 years ago, Bayzmom
Too many ads
I agree with everyone who says there's too many ads!!! Fix please!😡😡
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3 years ago, SNL1989
Won’t Open
I downloaded the game, but then when I clicked on it the only thing that comes up it the creator’s logo for a few seconds and then it closes out.
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9 years ago, Game girl123498765
Ads and more ads
Every time I play this game I start popping pimples and 3 minutes later a 30 second ad pops up. When the ad is over, the game automatically shuts off to my home screen.😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, Nicole Dolan
Won’t load
One star because game won’t load. I click on the downloaded app and all it shows is a piece of candy. That’s as far as it goes
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