Ping Pong Fury: Table Tennis

4.7 (31.1K)
301.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ping Pong Fury: Table Tennis

4.71 out of 5
31.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Uber Ate
Should be a model for all mobile games, though one minor complaint
This is top tier stuff. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now and I’m hooked, for real. I wasn’t even in to table tennis and now I’m considering buying a real life table and paddles to play with. The other players you go up against you can just tell are genuine people and not bots, you can make your way up the ranks with a reasonable balance of challenge and fun, it doesn’t spam you with advertisements at all. My only complaint is that getting cash is a little bit of a grind, you definitely earn considerably less than the average cost of upgrades for your gear - but besides that, this is a really good game. It’s high quality and I highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, Triple Chee
Great concept with major flaws
I was a big fan of Yakuto’s offline table tennis game. This online version takes those excellent gameplay mechanics to an online setting but has some major issues. First off the paddle routinely stops tracking your finger in the middle of a point, this needs to be improved. You will also notice spin shots routinely being hit without the spin motion being performed which doesn’t really add up. My biggest complaint however is the matchmaking. Since getting this game a few weeks ago my opponents almost always have equipment 2, 3, 4 times better than mine. There’s clearly a “bag score” assigned to every player, why is this not used in matchmaking? The epic equipment from the higher arenas seems impossible to acquire so is this just blatant pay to play or a poorly designed matchmaking algorithm? Either way, a match isn’t fun if your opponent has every stat maxed out and you have basic gear, it all but removes the fun of an even, skill based matchup. Surely there must be other opponents out there who don’t have every epic piece of gear in the game. The upgrades are so ludicrously expensive that you’re just stuck with bad gear all but demanding you spend money to upgrade. I’ve unlocked all arenas but need so much money to even play the higher levels that even if I grinded enough to get there, good luck beating a maxed out player hitting physically impossible shots. FIX THE MATCHMAKING
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3 years ago, creekhooper54
Very enjoyable game
I have been playing for a few weeks now and have had a lot of fun playing the game, i feel that the rewards mean something unlike in other games of this type, and it is very simple and easy to learn, while still being able to have ways that you can get better at it, it’s great that it has tutorials for more advanced moves and topics, which all help you advance your level of play, I currently play in the Sydney arena, but I do have all arenas unlocked and am approaching the legend league. Overall it’s a very easy game to learn, and a fun game to play when you have free time EDIT: Patch spin please, I see my opponents doing straight swings and then the ball has more sidespin than a serve. It’s impossible to read when it will happen and usually results in a free point because the player didn’t have to try, they just hit a straight power shot, and it magically does a 90 degree turn. When this happens, it always goes to the right too. I can’t tell if my opponents just have maxed spin rubber, or if there is a glitch allowing players to put way too much spin, and overall, I hope the team patches it because it takes the fun out of playing because it just becomes a guessing game for when it will spin to much
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5 months ago, Gaielmemskseosmznsgdg
Am I insane?
I downloaded this app as a fun game to play with my partner. I began playing against other people and performed really well, I kept winning and losing (but mostly winning) until i had about 200k stacked up. Things took a MAJOR turn against me at this point. I was placed against people who were much above my rank… that’s not a huge issue until you lose x amount of money and can’t play in certain arenas. I’m then demoted to playing for less money which is also fine, but the players are still MUCH higher rank than me. Two days in a row i would play somebody in a stage 6 arena (get dominated) and have to play in a stage 4 arena… just to match up against the same “person”. They want us to believe there’s some likelihood that the person who just took my money decided to play for significantly less money and match up against me there as well. Key notes: - when you start to make progression, you get set back by either AI or maybe employees? idk - They target you based on how well you play - they want you to win, lose, win, lose and over invest your time to the point you feel it necessary to PAY for certain items that give you a major advantage. GG ping pong fury. I really enjoyed your game, you have a very smart strategy to get people to spend money on this game but I won’t be one of those people. Cya
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2 years ago, Turtle^Dude
Very good game but two glitches I know of and kinda grindy.
This game is very fun to play and got me hooked easily. Easy to learn, hard to master. I only have 3 complaints. It is so hard to get good equipment no matter if you’re in Las Vegas or London. I’ve had this game for 3 months and I haven’t gotten an epic paddle. Either make the higher level pods give epics easier or make the silver pods less common. I also think there should be a way to discard old pods from low arenas. My other complaint is a glitch. Sometimes when you miss a serve the ball will curveball under the table, when this happens the ball doesn’t respawn and you get locked and you can’t do anything. Also sometimes people will do a straight shot and the ball will bounce and do a hard 90 degree turn, always to the right. It is really hard to defend and it doesn’t make any sense. Beside these things the game is very fun and I will definitely stick with this game. 👍🏾
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2 years ago, kDaesung
Could have been fun, ads ruined it
At first the game was pretty fun. Playing against people can be challenging. Occasionally you got prompts to watch an ad for bonuses. This was fine because you could choose not to. There were product placements in matches. Progressive and others on the billboards and backgrounds. No biggie, you gotta pay the bills and I respect that. What I don’t respect is when you started forcing ads after matches. It didn’t happen until i got further in the game, but when it started it became really intrusive. Sometimes you win or lose really quickly, likely due to poor matchmaking, but immediately after you must watch an ad. Made me uninstall. Sometimes I only have time to play a few rounds, but when you force an ad, it really detracts from the time. In short, if you don’t mind timers, battlepasses, optional ads, micro transactions, and forced ad breaks, you might like the game underneath. For me, the game is fun, but the time I spend wading through the other crap isn’t worth it to me.
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2 years ago, JohannD16
Amazing game, horrendous matchmaking
When it comes to pure gameplay, this game is fantastic. It checks all the boxes. I’ve been at the top of Vegas for over a week now, and I’d be surprised if I wasn’t ranked on leaderboards for total money pulled in. My only qualm is that there aren’t any tournaments… and that’s probably because there are so many bots in this game. Seriously, where are all the real people?! It makes the game incredibly repetitive and I don’t feel any sense of competition anymore. The only times I’ve lost over the duration of the last week have been from game freezes (which appears to be a relatively common glitch that occurs when accidentally serving the ball underneath the table). If they improve their matchmaking and social/friending system, add tournaments, and adjust the game to account for higher levels of competitiveness then I could see this app being a top mobile game.
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3 months ago, tuffweggie
Fun but bad matchmaking and pay to win
The gameplay itself very good but as I got better, the matchmaking suddenly shifted and now the game feels pay to win. It felt almost too easy until around arena 7. From this point, I have not seen a single player with worse gear than me. Most players I face have all maxed out gear while I have more basic gear from around arena 3. It doesn’t make sense because often times players who are ranked lower than me still have better gear. Even when I play in arena 1 people have better gear than me making the game feel much less skillful. Matchmaking should be based on bag score to make games fair. I think most of the players are real as many of them are toxic. I have also encountered a bug that prevents switching between paddles. This has caused me to enter games with the wrong paddle. Overall the game is very good but does not feel fun anymore due to the flawed matchmaking.
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3 years ago, Matser Gamer
This is the BEST GAME EVER I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love this game, there is no problems at all with this game and it’s not a bad game I love it so much and it’s free so I can play it for free and play it as a past-timer. I might play when there is no WiFi but I never done that and I think it might be a problem with world tour but overall I love it so much. Written with so much happiness from your good friend-nw10 Truly yours, Noah W. Have a great rest of your day/night. Day: let lots of sunshine into your system. Night: always go to sleep on time so you are energized in the morning ready for what is waiting for you today. Good luck and thanks! 👍🏻👍🏻🤝🤝🙂🙂
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3 years ago, AnthonyplaysDavis
Hey, listen
There are a few reason why I think this game isn’t 5-star in my perspective, starting with, why is there almost no way to get gems as a free to play player, add some sort of daily challenges or logins so free to play players can get a little bit more gems. Also, whenever I have max pods, the one pod it tries to replace is the only good one I have, not the 2 silver ones from arena 1 and 2, no, the gold one from arena 6, why is that, shouldn’t we be allowed to choose which pod we switch the new one out with, or Atleast not switch it to the worst possible option. Another thing, why the lag, almost 1/3 of my games goes I hit the ball, the ball freezes then teleports on my side and I loose the point, over and over again the whole game. Idk if servers can fix that or not or if you need to not allow certain connection speeds or what. And last but absolutely not least, can’t you guys put in some sort of teams aspect to it, like clans up to 50 people or something like that. Have rankings for clans based off of games won or money earned or challenges completed. And along with that, have us able to add random friends, instead of having to just go out and get other people to download the app to play with us. Thank you for your time, I hope some of these changes can make it into the game.
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3 years ago, CheemsKnight
Very (almost) accurate to the real thing.
I love this game I think it represents many of the key aspects about table tennis well, like the mind games, tactics etc... Although me being a table tennis player in real life is hard to overlook the fact that ball physics isn’t really accurate 😂 maybe there’s a game dev reason for that I understand. My main issues at the time of this review is that there’s no way to add friends within the game other than facebook, I have found many good opponents that I would like to play again but I just couldn’t friend them. Other on is that the CHOP is very inconsistent, most people don’t even use chop at all since it’s so hard to pull off, and even when it does work it’s not very effective most times, I would like to see chop spin being more powerful and accessible in the future.
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2 years ago, tatortarted
Fun game but needs more.
This game is a lot of fun once you get the controls down. There is a flow to this game and the way you move your finger for spin control makes this game addicting. The physics and the control of your ball almost feels like real ping pong. Definitely worth a try. You can definitely play this game for free if you learn your spin and cut control. Of course you can buy a battle pass that is 5 bucks every two weeks. I wouldn’t spend a lot on this game, but the devs do deserve to get paid for this one. Devs, if you could please just add more content with a team or club system. Please make tournaments. Please add more music, better adds or no adds 😆 more customization. This game is great but with a little more it could be fantastic! Thank you
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2 years ago, jmr877
Fun game but bugs need fixed
I love playing this game, but there’s some weird bugs occurring. When playing someone with a lower bag score, the ball seems to move more slowly, and my returns and serves which are very controlled all of a sudden are not controlled, often causing me to lose. Also at times the paddle will not track with my finger, and this occurs in similar “slow-moving” games. Recently this happened when I was just about to beat my previous win streak. I hate to say it, but sometimes I feel there is some rigging and the app intentionally causes this to make one lose. Please fix this. Also consider adding practice games against the AI, or even against live players, in the training section that don’t count against your record.
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3 years ago, ExxRayz
Fun but….
I’ve been playing this game for over a month now and really like it. My gripe is that if the game is so popular, why are there so many bots? I have to go through 90% bots before reaching a human opponent. Bots are predictable and consequently boring. You can tell bots simply by paying attention to their bag. I don’t understand why they try to make the bots look like Facebook accounts. They all have the same bag and the same name! Example, One Bot is Juan and you will come across Juan in every city. The other thing I don’t like is that once you get to Miami, the Bots have this very hard to defend spin. The only way I’m able to beat them is playing very docile, and timing returns. Still, you have to go through like 90% bots before reaching a human, and you really have to have the bots figured out past Miami if you have any chance of progressing due to the Bux needed to play. Good luck…
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4 months ago, W reviews :0
why you should NOT play this games
OK first of all you get ads every like 10 minutes of playing and it competitively over and over again until you’re just getting ads every single game you play now, including that the match ranking is all off you go against people that spent money compared to you and have advantages over you and your gameplay and then everybody who plays it is really cocky and just spams emotes“” the real players are actually toxic” and then, as soon as you run out of money, there’s really no point of playing because anytime you trying to make it back up you go against paying and get destroyed and lose all your money and restart came from and do it over and over again This game is a waste your time and that you should not play this at all and then the total scam of your money and that the spam you with ads every 24 seconds
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2 years ago, AngryCashews
Great fun! One small issue
Great fun so far! One small issue I’ve noticed is shots to the back corners of the table. I had a few matches that the opponent ALWAYS hit to either my far back left or right corner, so far sideways I couldn’t get my paddle behind it to counter, and when I did it just hit it straight forward off the table with no directional control. So it felt like 7 cheap shots in a row. Seems like there’s a programming disadvantage somewhere, causing those shots to be non returnable. This opponent ALWAYS made sure to serve it sideways on purpose too, I could tell. So not sure what to make of that, cause I have lots of issues getting behind those shots to counter. Otherwise has been great fun! I even bought the Pass!
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3 years ago, tripopula
This game is good, but...
This game has so much to offer. Great game mechanics, competitive atmosphere, and plenty of ranks to grind up. On top of that the game isn’t pay to win and with a little grinding you can get top notch gear. However, the BIGGEST and MOST annoying thing about this game is the people with trash wifi. When they have trash wifi the game lags behind and it’s very hard to gauge where the ball is going especially in later stages where you have great gear. For example, if someone has incredible speed and curve on their hits it’s so hard to know where that hit is gonna land when the game lags out. What I mean is you can’t tell how they’re hitting it so you have an inhumanly small amount of time to react. PLEASE FIX THIS.
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3 years ago, The Hon of Yo
Sometimes Fun, Sometimes Disappointing
Fun game to play usually, but… Some opponents— not sure if they’re hacking or what— will serve super fast spins that are almost impossible to return AND they have a mechanism that screws with the timing of the ball. The ball travel will be choppy or slower than normal, which makes fast play almost impossible. Second, some shots don’t register properly. I recently played a game where the opponent tried to return the ball but hit the net, causing the ball to stay on their side, but the game gave the point to the opponent. It was a match point, which made it even more disenfranchising. Addendum: After the update, I played a few matches and saw that my paddle would lose tracking, causing it to freeze in place or move to the opposite side of the screen. I had to delete the game because games that don’t work properly are not fun to play.
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2 years ago, Tim17273637
Very fun game but only one issue.
I downloaded this game because I was bored, and I hade a really fun time playing it. It’s addicting, realistic, and just a really enjoyable game to play. The only problem I have is when you go into the game you start as a guest and have to find the login button once your in the game. I didn’t know about this until it was too late. I pressed log out on accident and I couldn’t log back in because I didn’t have an account that isn’t a guest account. So now all my progress is gone. I think it would be really helpful to have an option to either log in, create an account, or play as a guest when you first play the game. The game is very fun and I had lots of fun playing while it lasted.
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3 years ago, ShazamTram
Gacha Game Garbage
Designed to annoy the player in order to get you to spend money on in-game currency and gems. Matchmaking is awful, you’re either getting destroyed by players who can serve the ball faster than you can manage to hit it on a return or the other player will constantly drop the ball when trying to server over and over. Players with high latency seem to have an overwhelming advantage over somebody with a good connection - the ball gets to them, the game freezes while showing a network symbol, and then the ball comes rocketing towards you, giving you no time to react because you can’t see the other player’s paddle movements. Overall the game is a cash grab and has no real way to progress without hours or even days of grinding and waiting for your pods to finlly unlock or forking over cash to get items and equipment.
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3 years ago, Redaco
I feel a little cheated by the Bots
I enjoyed this game tremendously but noticed that a lot of the players play the same exact way.. I then noticed that some of the players I play against which never talk or agree to a rematch actually play on the lower leagues .. the funny thing is that the skilled player I play against in NY (higher arena), turns into an absolute beginner in Berlin (lower arena) .. given all of that I am led to believe I was playing against bots 90% of the time .. They should at least be transparent about it and designate them as such instead of using pictures like they used Facebook accounts to sign up..
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2 years ago, noname johnny
Pay to Win
Gameplay is pretty fun but it eventually becomes like every other mobile game: either pay a significant amount up front to remain competitive or play for an ungodly amount of time to get the gear you need. The first 20-30 games are easy and you win nearly all of them. As soon as you unlock arena 4, all opponents have significantly better gear than you, even in the lower arenas. The reason for this is you can’t get any of the good gear for free until arena 5. You realistically can’t unlock area 5 without good gear. They want you to drop a ton of money chasing gear so you can move on. On my character, I went 28-0 and am 1-10 since then. There is just a sharp cutoff where they start only matching you with players/AI with the best gear.
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3 years ago, monty:
Hood game but two major problems
Look, i love this game and table tennis, yet there are two major problems in the game… First of all, i keep playing these players that can put major spin on ghe ball thats almost impossible to return… I mean literally, the ball’s in coming ag me and randomly takes a 90 degree angle turn to the side, making it almost impossible to return… Second of all, i found a HUGE ISSUE… so if you are losing very badly and you think there is no chance… you can literally turn off your wifi and all your bux are refunded! Meaning its impossible to lose if you know this! Yall need to work on those two problems asap or this game is going to remain medocre…
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2 years ago, yestogranpa
Had to send my grandpa to a retirement home
I thought this would have been a nice relaxing game for my grandpa for his iPad. Soon to figure out he was gettin Vietnam flashbacks and was yelling at the game. Enough to where he was sent into a 2 year comp where he woke up playin this game again. We found him the other day playing it naked in his bed. Once again starting to yell again but worse but we cannot take it away because he has no clothes. We had enough and sent him to the local retirement home.
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1 year ago, IsJoMo
I dont know….it’s kind of a meh game
This game is fine. FINE. Some of the equipment doesn’t make sense to me and doesn’t give a clear explanation why I should upgrade. Like shoes for example, do they make me throw better or something? You can’t even see them so what’s the point? I don’t understand. I think they throw to many complicated things the second you open the game,which tends to happen with some games which kind of annoys me….i mean you can play ping pong, i just wish they made it less confusing, the whole screen just looks kind of complicated to me. Whatever, download if it looks fun to you…..thx for reading my review.
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2 years ago, Caden Jhu
Great Game with Game Breaking Bug
I am really enthralled by this game, and I love to play it all the time. The one thing that is stopping me from playing it as much as I want is this game breaking bug. While serving, if you mess up your timing and hit the ball under the table, the game doesn’t reset and the ball never returns to serve again. The only thing to do in this situation is to forfeit. This is extremely frustrating when I am trying to gain funds to enter new arenas. Please fix this bug.
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2 years ago, ilovegams2345
I promise this won’t be 3 paragraphs long lol
This game is really good! BUT at one point my rare paddle cost… HOLY SH- 13,500 BUX. So, yeah the upgrades are expensive. REALLY EXPENSIVE. A few other issues I would like to point out are the ads after matches. I found this at around Miami, and the ads are… the horror…. 30 seconds and UNSKIPPABLE (for me). There are other physics issues (i wont get into specifics for the sake of your eyes but to me its fine, I don't expect a hyper-realistic ping pong game for ages 4+. My worst issue is prob the matchmaking. So thank you for reading this incredibly long review, im sorry for whoever reads this.😅
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2 years ago, supercalebnc
The wait on pod opening
As you know that pods take time to open, well I was playing and got a king pod but I had four pods already and it cost 40 gems. I don’t spend money on mobile games so I didn’t have enough gems I had 14. I was playing for less than an hour and I'm in Miami. This game is super easy, and every time you win you get a pod wether it being silver, gold, platinum, or king you will have to spend gems if you don’t have enough space for pods you have to discard it or you can save it for gems. It is really annoying. If you know Clash Royale you know you don’t discard chests you just don’t earn them and you get that cheat that you would have gotten when you can collect it. Don’t play the game when your pods are full
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2 years ago, SisterFisterCptBlood
Okay Game, Has Flaws
The game in general is very well done and streamlined. But the biggest problem that plagues it for me, is that it will pair you with people who have abysmal connections, where you can barely time any form of hit to the ball, since it favors the person with the slower connection. Meaning you can lose simply because of lag. Lol It’s the most frustrating thing to deal with. Especially when you lose 2-3 times in a row because of it. They should limit your connection to those with similar pings or find some better way to sync it because rn I just won’t play it like that.
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3 years ago, This is a poo poo app
Used To Be Good
I’ve had this game for a while now and it’s really fun. Except that now they make you watch ads at the end of a game. It’s really annoying because I fell like it’s turning into those games where they spam you with ads. They should make it where you can choose to get rid of a pod when all of the slots are full because I am sick of getting a bunch of silver pods and then get a king pod right after. Also what happens if you run out of money? You can’t play anymore. I know they have a thing where you can watch an ad to earn five-hundred dollars but thats only enough for two games in Berlin.
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2 years ago, Debtser63
Too many adds!! Need deep pockets!!
This game is all about money!! Constantly having to upgrade equipment ( paddle, rubber, balls, and shoes) to play. Upgrading costs thousands of game dollars and is not worth how much an item will improve. You are pitted with people who are higher levels. I cannot serve with a spin, chop, and rarely are able to put a spin on a return. Having to move the paddle counter clockwise, clockwise, and other ridiculous maneuvers to do spins and chops!! And to serve with a spin? I cannot do that at all!! I can do all those things in real life ping pong. Real life ping pong is soooo much easier!! Make hitting and serving the ball with a spin like playing real ping pong and it would be a great game, other than having to level up 4 pieces of equipment.
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2 years ago, thebirdman7
Absolutely horrible
I’m using an iPad Pro, my connection is good but the game doesn’t always work smoothly. Points are lost when you move and the game doesn’t respond. I won every game I played but I the feel of the game play is not good and it feels like the serve is needlessly restricted such that for anyone good it’s basically a smash shot. I love ping pong games but not this one.I removed it after four games. Also if they would tone down the nonsense - crazy animations, etc — maybe the game would perform better. Also ads should be chosen by the user for some benefit not just shown whenever. Poor implementation.
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2 years ago, Zrichhh
Skill gap WAY to big
After you level up enough to start getting a decent paddle and overall bag score, you start to match up with players that have maxed out bag scores which allows these players to just absolutely dominate off there serve with side spin. And the spin always goes to my right or their left… the spin shot is nearly impossible to judge as there is no warning it looks like they just hit a straight shot then boom, it’s going hard right off the side of the table…. Very frustrating to play I hope it’s just a bug and not going to be like this forever now that I have a decent bag
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4 months ago, Bossness5000
Good gameplay, bad other stuff
The gameplay is fun and enjoyable, but it takes way too long to level things up. Also, the pass is a scam. There aren’t enough levels to it so it gets completed so quickly. The rewards if you didn’t pay are terrible. They should make this game a little bit better for people that don’t pay because there are already ads. Once you get to the higher levels it’s way too hard because their equipment is too good so I’m stuck playing in the lower levels and barely earning any money to upgrade my stuff.
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3 years ago, DogLover810
It’s alright
My honest opinion of this game is its pretty frustrating. One beachside every pod I open gold or silver from arena 5 only gives me arena 2 or arena 1 stuff. The only thing I have that’s not arena two or one is stuff gotten using real money. It is really annoying when you wait 4 hours just to get a bunch of bad stuff. It’s too pay to win and isn’t fun after arena 4 which everyone has high spin Irene and I’m stuck with nothing but crappy items. Overall 5 out of 5 for gameplay 0 out of 5 for rng and its pay to win style.
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2 years ago, nrcorner
Nice game but…
I love this game is very good and is also very competitive makes the game more entertaining, the only thing is that many times there is errors where me or the opponent can’t serve the ball and we just stand there waiting for the other one to leave the match, I had many games where I’m winning and than it this happens, is very annoying because you lose your coins and your fans too, it happens too many times and it makes me not want to play anymore, but everything else is very interesting and fun to play that’s the only reason why I give them 3 stars
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1 year ago, Jharrel11
Fun but major flaws
A lot of fun really but the problem is there’s lots of bots and once you move up a couple of levels, you get paired up with people or bots way more advanced than you and can’t really compete. I’m guessing they’re trying to get you to spend money bc you reach a point where the ball is moving so fast you can’t see it. You can click on the opponent and see they have way better equipment than you but you can’t get there bc you can’t win anymore. Very frustrating
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12 months ago, AlohaAbby12
OK if you want my honest opinion, you should read this
This is a great app but they give you some rewards and they come out every single end of a match and so some of them about the gold star ball things they you just have to pay for them and there’s a lot of paying in this but no ads know that I love it no add snow at no ads. Just makes me happy ads make me sad so no ads is awesome.
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3 years ago, TamimBen
The game is really good and has a great potential, but 90% of the time you play against bots that pretend to be real people. After playing a couple of matches, you’d be able to tell who’s a bot and who isn’t. Usually, when I play with real people, the match is very choppy and laggy, but against bots it’s super smooth. Please let us play against real people, bots are just so over powered, especially with their spins. I like the game and I wanna keep playing, I even bought the season pass, but I’m not going to keep playing if I get so many bots all the time
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10 months ago, A99098
Great game but one complaint
I love ping pong and I love this game. But I have one really annoying pet peeve about this game. I am an All star 1 rank. I crush a guy, my same rank, 7 to 1. Now explain this. Why in the world did the next games matchup be me versus the best rank in the game. Then I lost the game 7-0. The next game. They put me against the 2nd best rank in the game. I lost 7-1. It’s so annoying but I can’t complain because this is the only good mobile ping pong game so kudos to y’all for making it happen.
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3 years ago, Jaybee7414x
Very Good But Not Cheap
Excellent playability and equipment upgrades are as innovative as any I’ve ever seen in a sports game but if advancement is your passion be prepared to spend a lot of time and money. EDIT: If you’re playing for better equipment you need to play at your highest possible level and it gets pretty old if you’re not winning consistently-very close to uninstalling and am knocking it down to 3-STARS. As well built as this game is it’s a little too much like work. EDIT: I uninstalled it shortly after my first edit-good game but too tedious for me.
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2 years ago, poilt 101
Super fun
I love this game it is so intense but also super fun and you earn a lot of money plus there are a lot of levels so the game never really gets boring. I recommend that you should get this game, you won’t regret it, trust me. There are also many other games like this, for example there is one called dart fury. Please get this game for fun and to support the creators of this game, you won’t regret a minute of it. 🏓🥇🏆🏓
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2 years ago, sirickyu
Fun game
If your a bad loser then this game is not for you. This game won’t allow you to win more than they want you to. It is so obvious meaning that you always lose the same way no matter how bad the other player is . It shows how pathetic they try and make it look like you missed or lose by having the same mistakes or glitch every time you have passed their limit. Don’t spend money just play along because when you spend money you are just buying your wins which is pathetic.
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3 years ago, jcaranza
Fun game but needs fixes
I like the game and the idea but it’s still too glitchy to be fully enjoyable. I don’t like that you are disguising bots as players, it doesn’t give the same thrill to playing other real players knowing that they don’t use emotes or any form of communication which ruins the “online” aspect. And secondly whenever someone real is playing with bad ping you can not see their blade moving which allows them to score easy shots on you since you don’t have enough time to react to the incoming pong ball.
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2 years ago, DA LAMA KING66
Good enough
I don’t think you should expect TOO much out of this game. It’s fun when you are bored, or just have some spare time, like 10 or 5 minutes. The game itself is casual, and anybody can get good at it within a few days or hours. The game of coarse is not realistic , and for me it’s 4 starts due to the fact that it’s repetitive, and it is not really offline . You either need to use your phones data, or play on wifi
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3 years ago, manbaby22339
This game is the best!! But there are some bugs
When I first played it I thought that it was not gonna be that good but once I played it for a while it was the best game ever this is a complete five out of five😍 I am in love with it but there are some bugs, I went to serve but when I did it didn’t do anything in my game just crashed but other than that five out of five
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3 years ago, Pine fly
Pine fly
Just wish I would have access to all the practices offered other than the one free one, serve like a pro , spinning the ball etc. A challenge to figure it all out with the existing format I will keep trying want to improve my game. Have had played against some really good players that had a great serve it was like they were tossing the ball in the air with lots of spin when landing on my side. Very hard to return the ball !!! Game all in all is lots of fun.
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3 months ago, EmkopxcYT
The Game is a Massive W
This game is a very fun game. It doesn’t require that much skill and is multiplayer! I play this with my mom a lot! I only had this for a couple of days and I have almost 2,000 cash! This game is super good for two reasons. Number One, You can have a cool nickname. Number Two, it is kind of pay-to-win but not that much. These are the reasons why I love this game so much.
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2 years ago, hdffhbjhvfs
Ok but….
They always match me with either pay to wins with like 70 serve stuff and I have 20 stuff it isn’t fair or they match me with people in higher levels and it’s just so annoying. Then they literally give my opponents edges when it actually should be off and I never get edges. Also when I try to do a side spin serve it says I missed but I really did not. The game itself is ok but this really needs to change it messes up people when they just started and gets annoying over time. This needs to change
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2 years ago, redndred777
Another Money Grab😢😢
This game is another spineless, greedy attempt at making money off of stupid people. It only took an hour or so of gameplay til I reached the point where opponents have you out skilled every match. Literally EVERY MATCH since the 4th stage I’ve been matched against overskilled opponents. By alot. And it doesn’t matter what stage. It forces you to upgrade equipment, which requires Bux ( in game money). But equipment at lvl 4 and up are TOO EXPENSIVE. Plus the only way to obtain bux is by winning matches, or spend REAL MONEY. Devs nowadays!! The FN nerve u got for asking people for money to play your shtty games. Again THIS GAME IS FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!
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