Ping Pong - Watch Retro Game

4.5 (4.7K)
42.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Briegers GbR
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ping Pong - Watch Retro Game

4.5 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
4 years ago, TheTruthfulReviewer123
I love this game. it's great for when you have nothing to do. i LOVE the new update (if you beat heard mode then you get the customizer for free) one thing is that it would help alot to have a pause/resume button. also I love the feature where if you beat hard then you get the customizer for free (great) but how about you get breakout for free if you win 10-0 on hard. thanks and I hope that this review helps.
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2 years ago, Livideous
Bad mechanics. Bad controls. Bad game.
First and foremost. The player doesn’t move fast enough when scrolling the crown, and there is no way to adjust the setting. Or any settings at all for that matter aside from color customization. On top of that, every single time you lose, the developer designed a pop up for another app they made. The problem is that this happens AFTER you choose to restart the level. Meaning it stops you from controlling your character, and you lose. By the time you can close the ad you’ve already lost again. This causes an infinite loop in practically all of the ping-pong game modes. Oh, and did I mention you have to play the ad on your PHONE, NOT your WATCH, because it won’t bring you to the install option until you’ve failed a level. In your phone. That you have to use to scan the photo-code to play the ad in the first place. Instead of, I don’t know, just making the ad playable on your watch to begin with since it’s advertised as a watch app even on the ad itself. This app is not great, I wouldn’t recommend anyone with any self worth(or short fuses ig since that restart bug is infinite most of the time) to download this game, let alone spend ANY money on its expansions. If they couldn’t be bothered to include QoL settings like sensitivity to PONG of all games, I have zero confidence they were willing to make any kind of convenience for any if their other games.
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2 years ago, DerpDargon454
Great time waster, falls a bit short, though.
I adore this app! It has multiple different games and is pretty fun. I do have a couple problems though. The "watch" mode for pong doesnt work anymore, the AI for the right side does nothing. It also tells you to do something in settings that doesnt exist, so you cant make it return to the app when you turn your apple watch on. Breakout, invader, and the new jump modes are all cool, I do thing that its a bit annoying you have to pay for each one, but theres no ads so the dev has to be paid somehow. Although, there used to be a glitch with breakout where you could still access the levels without paying, despite the popup that appeared when you won, and when it got patched I got stuck on the music note level, but idk doesnt matter that much, I just have to buy the breakout mode to fix it. The jump mode is interesting, but the "demo" you get before you pay is too short. Also, I would LOVE an infinite mode like how the app used to be when it was new, 10 pts isnt enough sometimes. Thats all, thanks for making this awesome app!!!!
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4 weeks ago, GenerallGist
Good for watch, but there are better games on phone.
This is a fun game, I am not going to lie! But there are some bugs. And I am not going to call them little, because usually when the ball is hit into the corner, it ends up giving the other side a point. This is just a suggestion, but maybe there could be little power ups that show up whenever somebody is at nine and is about to lose. I am not absolutely begging for this, I just think that this would be a cool setting, and it would give the game an, “Oh, now I’m done exploring, maybe I should try experimenting with all the cool power ups” and giving players a way to keep the game interesting and exciting for everyone, even the losing person! I had three stars for this game, but I would have to give it four because this game might not fit everybody’s expectations but it is still pretty dang fun! Try it out yourself! You be the critic!
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2 years ago, Its_Jibble
How to play versus
I recently got this game on my Apple Watch and got the verses game mode so I can play against my friend and give them my phone, but when I open it up on my phone and watch, it just says waiting for the other device even though it is open on both devices. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. But other than that I think it’s a great app, I’ve already beat hard mode and a few levels of invader, and I love getting the cos tonisier for free once I beat hard mode. Over all great app, I just want to figure out how to play verses.
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2 months ago, Monochromatixx
Not good, not bad, just bleh.
Before downloading, just know that basically every game that’s shown in the ads, (other than pong) is paid for. Which I know that the dev needs to make money somehow, but that’s something I thought was worth mentioning, because I got suckered into thinking that those games were free too. But pong has its own issues too. The “A.I” for ping pong is slow, like REALLY slow, barely counts as an opponent, it just slowly moves up and down over and over again. And your striker, (yes I said STRIKER, as the game is designed like Air Hockey for some reason) is ALSO very slow, not unbearable, but the least they could’ve done is add some sensitivity settings, which also aren’t there either, the customization options are also paid for. So if you don’t care for all that stuff, this app’s for you. If you DO care, then know that this app is basically a cash grab.
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2 years ago, JACK/cato
Not bad but not Great…
I download this app to play when I was on a road trip or something so I wasn’t board..but the app is so complicated I do not know how to do the verses thing with my Apple Watch. It’s just difficult to use so I’m just saying if you download this app it’s a bit complicated to use so I’m just saying so yeah that’s about all I have to say you must be good at Technology and stuff to figure it out but please tell me how to the wurst stay with your Apple Watch ⌚️ idk if it has to be a new series your something but I have the 6 Apple Watch idk if that’s to old or something but please tell me.
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4 years ago, JimmyDukeStr
A classic must have for Apple Watch!
This Apple Watch game puts a Classic right on your wrist for anywhere on the go play! And with the update adding color customization, it can look how you want. For all the people wondering, you can unlock the customizer without paying for it by winning against the hard difficulty! I wish there was an option to adjust how many points it takes to win, though!
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4 years ago, Minegeek531
Great App!
So I really enjoy this app but there is one thing I would like added. I would like to see a pause feature added so I don’t have to close out of it to “pause” it. It will literally pick right back up immediately when you go back in. Also when you unpause please make a little countdown timer. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Octononymous
Its fun on watch and phone. BUT!
I really like this game. Love it even. I had it on my watch before I got it on my phone and tried to connect the two but, as always, you had to pay $2 which I’m just not willing to spend to do so. I mean if I can do it free on the watch, why disappoint on the phone? Overall I give it a 4/5 star rating because the game and trials are really fun. Would I recommend it? Yes, but only on the watch.
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1 year ago, Seedity
Random question
Love the games honestly, very cool. The only question/complain I have is that you keep changing the app icon. I'm trying to have a theme and I keep having to change where your app go because it doesn't color match anymore. I'm being picky but having an option in the app to select from a couple icons and not have to reorganize every few weeks would be great thanks!
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7 months ago, Ultimate_ Champion
The game is truly terrible. There are two major things that make it that way. First, the ping pong game itself is really bad, with it always scoring without the ball going into the goal (which it does it this way probably more than it scores actually going in the goal). The second reason, a more recent happening, after every game finishes once someone gets to 10 (if it even finishes after that, sometimes it just keeps going), there is always an ad that no matter what just kills and forces my to restart my Apple Watch. Disappointing.
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3 years ago, CoolASLTeacher
Very fun
I love playing pong on my watch! But I did notice that if you click restart when you win or lose and hold it so the menu comes up it then press it again it will glitch it so you or the bot has a lot more points then possible. But to be honest I like doing that every once in a while just for fun so you should keep it in the game!
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4 years ago, Rrr!Rrr!🔑
Perfect game!!!
The game is very addicting and fun, great for the watch and the AI is so extremely smart that every new level is an adjustment. Practice is key, mastering the movements of the opponent and knowing when your screwed is important. Getting 3 points ahead of your opponent is an often sign of victory, however they can catch up. When the bouncing begins to intensify, the ball will slant and miss you instantaneously. PERFECT GAME PORT.
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2 years ago, doglover194
Love this! But just one problem
This game is amazing! It cures boredom in just a matter of moments! I do have one complaint though.. After maybe one or two rounds of playing, it pops up this thing that kind of looks like an ad? It’s weird. And when I touch the screen, it pops up a loading symbol. I have to reset my watch to be able to do anything else
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4 years ago, Firestorm40701
Very Good And Cool
I played this game but eventually it got boring. One day it randomly gave me the customized for free!! So I think there’s an algorithm to do this to keep people hooked. And honestly the customizer is pretty cool. I am playing more often now. One thing though - please add a pause feature it would really help
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11 months ago, A Pruitt fan
Love it, but one problem
It’s a really good game overall, but if you could just get rid of the pop-up ads, or maybe make them less common, then it would be much better. I do like that it has free demos of the other game, modes, or whatever, so you can play the first level. also, I’ve only played on Watch, so I don’t know what it is like on iPhone.
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4 years ago, Magdalena Moon
Fun: one Question/Complaint
I’ve been playing it on either levels or easy mode, I’m not sure which, but I have no clue how to change the difficulty. Everything I try doesn’t work, and the force touch just keeps telling me to press harder. Can someone please explain how to change the difficulty? I’m so frustrated that at this point I don’t want to deal with the app.
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2 years ago, MegaDoggo
Why do you have to pay to get to play the full game?
I really like this game where you can play games on your watch or your phone when you are bored. But when I completed the level of one game it told me you had to pay to get to the next level. You have to pay 1.99 for it, which is very cheap but I am not spending my money on this game platform. There are other game platforms for free which are actually more fun than this game. So I do not recommend getting this app because you have to pay for a bad game.
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2 years ago, her her has
Good game! But…
Game is good but you have to do all the purchases and you like like the endless mode you have to do all the purchases to get all endless modes I’m not sure why do you do this But like games are good but like everything cost money to buy endless there’s also glitches like likes like I don’t know I like oh wait I remember so it’s like a thing where my friend is playing but it says waiting for Apple Watch
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2 years ago, ambdis
The game does not look like the pictures.
The game used to be only ping pong and look like the pictures, but now when you play it loads ping pong, but not like the pictures suggests. It has a blue background and white circles that you would use to hit the ball with. It turns out you would have to buy the customizer pack to make it look like the pictures ( The pack is I believe $1.99 usd ). Then it also comes with more games that you have to pay for. So this game is advertising a game that the pictures and name do not sagest.
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3 years ago, NeonBeary
Great game!! One problem though :( (READ ALL PLEASE :) )
This game is really fun if you are looking for a classic old game! There is one problem though. It is hard to get to the menu. I press the screen and it says “press harder”. Honestly, I don’t want to break my Apple Watch by pressing too hard on the screen just to get to a menu. My fingers might be the problem, I just do not know. I have some suggestion for this game. Maybe when you end the game you can have the menu there. Or maybe before you load into the game the menu will be right there. Another suggestion is to make a pause button that you can get to the menu. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day! 😄
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3 years ago, chickipo
They ruined it
When I first got this game, about a year and a half ago, it was called “pong” with the plain logo and regular pong as it was in the 20th century. Now, the logo is a blue joystick and it’s called “ping pong” even though the free game is ice hockey and you have to pay a dollar to get actual pong. Edit: they fixed it in the new update. Still would be nice to have it as the default theme.
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1 year ago, Sushrut J
The BEST watch game of all time
very entertaining to use when you have free time, with one small issue. why doesn’t the customized unlock on iPhone when you beat hard mode? Is it only for the watch? I suggest that you also add a sensitivity slider (mainly for iPhone)
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3 years ago, randomnickname18257
Love the app! One small suggestion…
One of my favorite Apple Watch apps, so far playing pong has managed to keep me awake in psychology class. I have a little suggestion though: when playing in the iPhone app, haptics similar to the watch (when hitting bricks) would be great.
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2 years ago, gvx799
Pretty fun! Devs read please!
This is an awesome game u love it on my Apple Watch and I think it’s quite a good game. I do have a problem. I want to have more and not pay premium. I mean sure still have premium but ONE level for each thing? Please developers that’s not ok. At least make us able to do three levels. Just three!
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6 months ago, Test me brih
Good game but
It’s a pretty good game but it’s too easy. the pony bot is so easyyy. and i’m playing on hard. i did my own personal challenge on hard where i didn’t move at all. i did two tries. first try bot won 6-10 second try I won 10-7. wayyyy to easy even on watch bro. just make it more difficult
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3 years ago, Reat.
Awesome game!
I played this game in school during our free time before school shut down. I would have played it on my phone at home as well but the update for it released only 3 days before my review I’m writing here. Now I also play it on my phone occasionally as well during my lunch break!
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1 year ago, I E Alonzo
Fall is broken but everything else is amazing
Ive bought jump and invader and i loved them then fall came out i love it as well but when you go on modes flappy doesn’t work on watch so id just like to worn you guys
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2 years ago, Chase the Robloxian
I love it!
I just got my apple watch a few days ago and I have a few games and this is by far my favorite. Even though there is not much content, I just keep playing.
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2 years ago, @alex.tik_tok
Something quick I’d like to address, I own the Apple Watch SE and Every-time I open the app it crashes? I never had this problem until recently and a lot of people in the reviews are also saying this is happening to them, Please fix! I will change to 5 stars once fixed because it worked months ago
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4 years ago, EkoExplosion51213
Best Time Killer
The update is just magnificent! This is the only game I still play on my Apple Watch because it’s a classic reimagined! I can’t wait to see what other things will be added, and I will surely be here and await for it to happen.
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3 years ago, AlexanderHansen
Is there any way to change the new default pong theme?
I wish there was a way to get the default black background for pong back and am not a fan of the goal posts. Also, every time you go into the customiser it resets the rainbow ball that you get after beating breakout. Would be nice if it just became an option in the customiser.
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1 year ago, Hinami_hyuga14
Bon travail
I really like this game it’s creative and it’s the only one of its kind that I could find on the App Store that allows you to play games on your watch but I would like it more if you had the option to buy every game expansion at once
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2 years ago, jdgwjgeuicfejrgje
BRO U USE TO BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME BETTER NOW YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY THING heck EVEN. 4.0 WAS BETTER DONT GET THIS APP ITS THE WORST APP EVER every thing costs money delete this app if u have it it’s makes u pay for everything and no matter what it goes hi this app is free 4 seconds later time to play play a game you beat small level u have to pay for the res u may be like oh look pay with pints but where are they u press on it you pay almost 10 dollars don’t download this app
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4 years ago, PianoPusher
One of the Few Great Apps
The last update with the faster paddle response is great. This is something of a fidget gadget for my watch! There aren’t many apps, let alone games that port very well onto the watch. This app is well executed!
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4 years ago, tntgameryt
GREAT app but...
I love this app but for iPhone you could make it it where your finger could move the walls aka bouncers sorry I dont know what there called but that would be a great addition to the app.
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4 years ago, Seth Seaman
I love this game!
I really like this game but I think that we need more levels and rewards other than that I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you for making this game and keep it up!
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4 years ago, hsuilf
Great Game!!!
It is one of my favorite games on the Apple Watch. Sometimes I get bored and want to play a game but I don’t have my phone. And this is perfect for that because you can play it without your phone.
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4 years ago, jsami
Thanks for the great update. This reminds me of the original first game that came to TV years ago. Long before any games were out. Please update to be able to play on your iphone as well. jsami
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4 years ago, Michael1003
Alright. I see that the app is free, so I purchase it. I open it and press one button “Would you like to purchase,” and I press another. I can’t get any of the buttons even though the app is stated as “free.” If you guys are going to make a free app that only leads to having to pay with no other way of playing is just dumb. I wish I could give this a 0-Star review. This is one of the most misleading apps I have come upon.
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3 years ago, JamesDangerMountainDew
Pong on your watch, what more could you ask for?
This is one of the only games I actually play on my Apple Watch
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1 month ago, CNBStudent3
There aren’t many free watch games and I thought this would be one of them, but you have solo ping pong and the rest you have to pay for. P.S You do get a small preview of the game but not enough to keep you entertained. P.P.S Two stars but +1 for getting me through 6 grade
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4 years ago, a g hfgjhcrhjhd
Good game needs A couple improvements
The only thing it’s missing is make it so you can play the modes that you have to buy for free and then make some of them cost money
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3 years ago, Endergamer498
Is space invader on the Apple Watch version?
The app has space invaders on my phone, but I can't find it on my Apple watch. Has it been added to the apple watch version?
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2 years ago, xylightsucks
A bit too many ads
The game is fun, and the customizer is great, but there are lots of ads. For people wondering, you can unlock the customize r for free if you beat hard difficulty
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2 years ago, davara64
Really enjoyed until it crashed
Downloaded on my new Series 7 and it just crashes please fix
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3 years ago, sandworm22
It was good
I updated pong. Before it was great, then I updated, and I got their adds, “buy customizer,” “buy breakout,” “buy versus.” The original was better, I bought this app so that I could have a fun retro game on my watch, please make the customizer free, it was better, it could be better, and it should be better.
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2 years ago, RandomBoi36283
A bit glitchy
When I was playing this on my Series 3 watch, on hard mode the ball would sometimes clip through the wall, even scoring through the wall.
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4 years ago, MattOverDue
It’s pretty fun
It’s not bad but gets a little boring but it’s not like you will use it for an hour straight. Other than that it is amazing and saves a lot more power than regular games.
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