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Ping Identity Corporation
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4 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PingID

2.19 out of 5
21 Ratings
8 months ago, Ayrton117
It’s ok
I appreciated that the app made it pretty easy to sign in from my Apple Watch. In a recent update, it now puts the GPS location in the Apple Watch alert and I have to scroll to accept the two factor, which is annoying when you do it all the time Please rethink this. If you want to tell people the location, just use text instead of trying to cram an entire map into a tiny Watch screen. It’s unnecessary and creates friction when the one job this app has from an end user’s point of view is ease of accepting alerts
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3 days ago, Orlando g
Doesn’t work on iPhone 14Pro. Won’t leave off the camera mode!
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3 years ago, LeoZ100
Works great!
This app works great for me, whenever I need to authorize a login a can just click on the notification and it will use FaceId to authorize it. Also it works great with an Apple Watch, if you have the watch on and it detects your pulse you can just authorize the login from your wrist. I think a lot of the bad reviews come from people that either don’t know how to use it, don’t understand much about security, or their organization doesn’t have the application properly set up. We all hate having to take that extra step to login or to access to something, but this app makes it really easy and removes some of the friction from this action.
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1 year ago, asnyder1
Stupid false notification
I've been using this app (requires for school) for 5 minutes and already I hate it. First it asked to always have access to my precise location. They claim that some organizations require that. Fine, if that's true, ask for it for those organizations only. They don't give any indication of if yours does or not. Mine does not. Then, I closed the app and immediately got a push notification stating that device security will be reduced if I don't leave the app running in the background at all times. That is in no way true. All the app is used for is to approve logins, it does nothing to improve the security of any of my devices, and trying to scare people into leaving it running so it can skim as much info as it can gather is absolutely despicable for a "security" app.
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1 year ago, Okkjk
Intrusive and dishonest
The app says it needs constant access to location, activity across other apps, camera, and a range of other intrusive things that it doesn’t actually need to function. Every time I close the app, a notification pops up to say that closing the app will reduce my device security. That is completely untrue and a gross way to try to get people to leave the app running in the background. The app does nothing to increase my device security so how could closing it reduce security? If anything, closing the app increases my device security because at least then it’s not keeping tabs on everything else happening on my phone. I have to use it for work otherwise I would have deleted it immediately.
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2 months ago, Nicholas______
If your company decides to use this app. Run
This has to be the worst app ever created. Had to download this app to be able to access certain things through my company. Since downloaded has deleted and removed all my passwords from my phone and has me locked out of my bank account and other apps. Wanna turn off the notifications for this app? Good luck cause with out letting this app have access to everything on your phone it’s un useable and your stuck allowing this awful app to your personal information if you want to be able to access items through your company.
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1 year ago, Explorer 512
What happened?
I began using your app for work at the new job about a month ago. Until today, it was easy to use and I liked sliding the slider to authorize my logging into work. (Yes. I’m easy to amuse.) Today was a different story. I kept getting an error message, “Network Error [Error 03]. Please retry. But I’ve been trying to retry for hours. I cycled the power on my phone several times. I checked for updates. I couldn’t figure out what had happened to make it abruptly stop working and not reset itself when I powered my phone down then up again. It leaves me wondering what happened. I hope that my help desk at work will be able to help, and I wanted to let you know so that if my issue is common, you can fix it quickly, before it damages your sales/image/reputation. I bid you success in quickly resolving this issue.
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1 year ago, Aya Dreviis
Very inconvenient
I had broken my phone and can only use this god forsaken app to have access to my work schedule and other important documents. Because my previous phone had Ping activated my new phone doesn’t transfer over the saved info from my previous phone. Had to call someone over the phone to deactivate my previous phone attached and the guy told me he didn’t know what to do. I hung up and tried another person and she was much more helpful. Overall very annoying if you’re getting a new phone and need to download this app again
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3 years ago, dataanalyst2020
iOS update makes the app unusable
After I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS software 13.4.1, the app now locks me out saying that my device is jailbroken and does not meet policy. I even have Face ID and a passcode on my iPhone and have contacted my company’s IT department numerous times about this issue. Still nothing. Even tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but the software update has now made this app unusable for me :(
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4 years ago, Frustratedbynohelp
Not user friendly
No way to regenerate a token to authenticate my phone. It worked originally but no content downloaded. I tried to delete and redo but it would not let me. After reading dozens of reviews I have come to the conclusion my organization didn’t research this app very well. Very frustrating. At this time when I may need to work at home I’m unable to get my emails. Read I should contact my IT department to have them unpair my device and they had no clue what I was talking about. They tried to get a hold of support but didn’t get a response back. Use at your own risk.
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2 years ago, DR-Proton-2
Works perfectly!
Our org has been using this for years. It is an excellent though bare bones MFA app. Remember that you can tap and hold on iOS notifications even from the Lock Screen to immediately approve or deny a request without entering the app at all. This means you really never have to launch the app once it’s configured.
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2 years ago, jnockname
Bad execution of a bad concept
Putting the fact that a company can require authentication on a personal cell phone aside, this is a bad implementation of that already bad idea. The app requires notifications, camera access, location tracking, and your Face ID/passcode to work. Why? And if you delete the app or change devices there is no way to re-connect without going through your company IT dept. Incredibly frustrating and I will use my company’s other option of two-factor authentication instead just to avoid this disaster of an app.
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2 years ago, Repent&TrustJesus-Mark1:15
If your work is having you log-in to their work website .. and then having you use this Ping App (that works actually quite wel)... to authenticate you on your personal iPhone.. just be aware that this app appears to be collecting personal data …and who knows — maybe sharing this data back with your company ? Not sure … just READ THE PING APPS PRIVACY POLICIES.. either way .. get a VPN .. “NordVPN” is recommended by Consumer Reports .. delete your cookies in safari & others often.. and use the “BRAVE” BROWSER ..
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1 year ago, Steel Drums
Device security?!
Installing the new version that was just released today and then closing the app from the background now results in a message saying that my device security is now reduced. That is very very exaggerative to imply that the security of my device is now compromised to a lesser extent - and to do so without providing any details - EACH AND EVERY TIME THE APP IS CLOSED! And an app that must run 24x7 in the background to have alleged “security” for my iPhone is a fundamental flaw in what fundamental security should be about.
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5 years ago, marcmo70
Easy to set up, easy to use...
The best security solutions should be very seamless and not disrupt easy access. Ping accomplishes this with easy setup and quick access to apps. When I log into my corporate network or work apps, the Ping App sends me a banner alert to my iPhoneX that can be unlocked with facial recognition! Easy, simple, painless!
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2 years ago, Henry Floyd
The pinnacle of laziness
Simply put, the app completely lacks any method to pair a new device if you no longer have access to your old device (for instance, a damaged or replaced phone.) This glaring omission from the app’s otherwise straightforward workflow is beyond unacceptable, in this modern world where two-factor authentication and vastly more complete authenticator apps are commonplace. This is a developer devoted to providing the bare minimum and nothing more, even if it negatively impacts thousands of people’s lives.
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1 year ago, huginnmuninn
Appalling Interface. Barely functional
They’ve updated the app to lose all functionality really. The app used to log me into the actual work app that needed authentication by Touch ID. Now, the app switches to Ping ID and the work app decides that the session is over. The interface for Ping ID is from the 1990s before any of my peers were born. It is excruciatingly slow and the set up process required me to log in 4 times. To me, this is absolutely unusable in its current form.
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4 years ago, Stephanie Quintal
Horrible app. I give it ZERO stars.
I think the 5 stars reviews here are fake. The app is extremely complicated. I got a new phone and the app gives me SO much trouble. I can’t log in reason why I won’t be able to get paid this week from work... The information I find online is useless. I need to call my company IT so they can help me unpair the old phone, in the meanwhile I’m not getting paid. It’s totally not worth it. I’d quit my job if I didn’t love it so much. Employers should never use this app. It’s horrible.
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4 days ago, MacLarenv1
Easy to use and handy features
It is a simple tool that is easy to use. It also helpfully enables features like automatically alerting and allowing response via smart watch.
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1 year ago, MsCookieM
Other ways
So if you pair ping with a phone and you don’t have that phone anymore because you had no choice but to get a new one, if you don’t unpair that phone, you will be unable to pair your new phone. You will have to contact your phone company. This is dumb. So many issues for one account.
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2 years ago, Knot-a-fanboi
Just works!
I was hired by a large enterprise that requires using PingID for 2FA. I was concerned after seeing the ratings. However, over a week into my new job and I’ve never had a issue. It’s so easy to use. No complaints.
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4 years ago, anon00000005
Terrible authentication
I got kicked out of my phone email because I can’t authenticate with this app on my desktop. When I go to my desktop, it then asks me for a passcode! This was already setup before between the devices and now it doesn’t work. I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find the key to unlock my desktop so I could unlock my phone just so I can get into my email!!!!!! Unreal, this is too much for something as simple as logging into my email. Terrible app.
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1 year ago, Ryan3108
Works As Intended But Could Be Improved
I use it for work and something that I think could be a good addition would be watch support or even perhaps widgets in the future where you wouldn’t have to open the app each time.
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2 years ago, gefilte
Works okay, only bare bones though
I haven’t had any problems with the app though I’ve heard some of my colleagues have. Would also be nice to customize the alert sound or even just having a fixed alert sound that was different than the system default.
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6 years ago, BuddyToliver
Notifications don't work as smoothly as they should, I find that I have to navigate to the app and then activate the authentication. It should (and looks like it's supposed to) work easily with a notification from the lock screen or otherwise.
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11 months ago, PeterJH3
Impossible to setup a new phone each year
iPhone Upgrade Program user here. Why would I consciously have to think to unpair this app before turning my old phone? Every. Year. My old phone is still listed and there’s no way to remove it…and there’s no way to add a new device. Now I can’t access my Windstream Internet account. Such a waste of an app’s purpose. You guys really need some better developers.
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5 years ago, mvan231
Great app and function
I love that I can approve the request right from the banner notification or from the lock screen without having to open the app up all the way and slide the slider bar to get the approval. Great work with the app!
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12 months ago, SGTom1234
Easy - only need to use occasionally
It’s an easy way to access my work accounts. I only need to MFA when I’m traveling or accessing secured apps, so I don’t open the app that often.
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4 years ago, Alfredo01
App support not working. Email verification never happens, and cant contact support
Ping ID app support account creation process is faulty or a hoax. Asked to create account and then look for verifocation email to then continue. Email is never received. So I can’t contact the developer for support on app issue with iPhone 11. It has a glitch that makes the app believe phone is “jailbroken” and apple has verifoed the phone to be fine. Cant use this for work and can’t contact developer.
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5 years ago, Ryohazuki222
Seamless with Apple Watch
I have to use this for work, like everyone else. I love how seamless this works with my Apple Watch. I’ve used Okta, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Authenticator apps in the past and never liked them. Note that the negative reviews are NOT REVIEWING THIS APP — they are reviewing their company’s IT.
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5 years ago, Mike@wendys
How does allowing access to location services improve security.
The title says it all. If you know where my phone is when I'm authenticating, so what? How does that improve security as your pop-up claims?
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3 years ago, samoyedprincess
Haven’t had a problem
I actually find this app to be incredibly reliable. One of my devices is even running iOS 14 beta and it is perfectly stable there too.
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3 years ago, Coqui728
This App is Functional
I was able to install this app without any issues. I receive my push notifications whenever I am trying to login.
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7 years ago, TGR307
Great app, user friendly
Easy experience - and while it adds another step to logging in, it's really not too bad and doesn't slow me down too much
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4 years ago, MaroonPenguin3489
App identifies incorrectly that phone is jailbroken
App was easy to use until recently. Anytime I try to log in using PingID, it tells me my phone is jailbroken or requires a passcode for security. My phone is not jailbroken and it has always had a passcode in one form or another. I’m so frustrated! I’ve contacted my my service desk at work and they’re also stumped. How am I ever gonna get work done if I can’t log on??
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4 years ago, jck_22
Simple and convenient
Simple, fast and convenient Always works as expected , love the push notifications makes authentication a breeze
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1 year ago, kfaulk140
Easy to login and access my apps!
This authentication app makes logging into my apps extremely easy.
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2 years ago, ASecurityArchitect
Displays misleading notifications now
In previous releases, the PingID would display a notification that you should leave the app running in the background to approve login requests when you closed it. Now it displays a misleading message that says “shutting down PingID will decrease device security” when you close the app. That message is patently false.
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4 years ago, jrlehtinen
Easy to use, good w/ Apple Watch
Easy to use app that enrolls easy enough, has plenty of admin-side features to fine tune the user experience and security policy, and the Apple Watch pushes work great.
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3 years ago, krose31
I don’t understand why this app works one day and the next it doesn’t. I am required to use this for work and it’s the most obnoxious app. There isn’t any costumer support and when it’s not working I’m just out of luck until it starts to work days or weeks later. So annoying.
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2 years ago, NeedsMajorHelp
Flight attendant.
Horrible! The ping authentication numbers are not reaching my phone and your support staff keeps trying to change my password to get in but that is NOT the problem. Plus I have a hard time understanding them!!! This is useless! If I could give it a 0 star I would.I cannot access any of the things I need to fly!
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8 years ago, HKRBOY
Best MFA OPTION out there
This is by far the easiest and most user friendly MFA option on the market today. I wish I could use it with more apps like AWS, Github, Slack, etc. Any plans to roll out more TOTP support?
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6 years ago, aj_cardiff
Good App
Very simple. It does what it says in an efficient way. This is enabled at my corporate intranet and I don’t have any problem in last 6 months I have been using.
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5 years ago, flaca413
I have to use this app for work. I switched to my iPhone now I can’t log in to my new phone and no I don’t have my old phone
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2 years ago, 996NG
Company tracker for all your activity
If you’re not smart enough to realize it, they let you work from home but literally track your every move and obtain all data about you from this app… the app kindly suggests not to shut it down 😂😂 really hope human kind wakes up to this mass surveillance and programming, fx the new normal!!
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6 years ago, WoohooGreatApp
Stop trying to force me to turn on push notifications
I continue to receive a pop-up screen that states: "To securely authenticate with PingID you need to change your device settings." No. I don't need to do that. The app functions 100% properly without changing my device settings. Then, the app tries to direct me to my settings to turn on notifications, allow notifications, show notifications on the lock screen, and display banners. This pop-up displays EVERY time I open the app even after I decline to change my device settings. Stop spamming me. It is brutally annoying.
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5 years ago, jambles488
Fast & convenient
Always works as expected & love the push notifications that make authentication a breeze!
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4 years ago, Bryanslacie
Awful and no help from customer service
I would love to give this app a better rating based solely on the idea of how it has the potential to perform... but it doesn’t. Having a 1-800 number to call would be amazing... but I can’t find one anywhere. I am required to use this app for work and it refuses to function. This is terrible.
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3 months ago, Zay399
Works great with TouchID
I’ve had no issues on iPhone SE. Makes it very easy to sign in with two-factor.
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8 months ago, Hkntrnc
Great help great convenience
Our company recenty switched to PING for authentication purposes. I really liked it makes life easy for remote workers. Thumbs up
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