Pinochle - Online & offline

4.7 (12.2K)
60 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pinochle - Online & offline

4.69 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Glam jellyfish
Love this app
I play both canasta and pinochle mostly online with friends. I love the flexibility to change the settings to change up the game. For instance we just changed the value of all double marriages in all suits to 30 points. We have created a table online that we can easily access with our desired settings thus making it very easy for everyone to access the game. We pick certain times weekly and set up a conference call so we can talk and play the game at the same time. Settings are easy to access. You can play off line also as well as games with random people but I don’t do that very often. Love the look of the game on the screen. After trump is set all trumps are moved to one end of your hand to remind you what is trump. You can go back a few hands to see what was played and I wish that could be turned off. I haven’t played the other games yet. Great game application! Thanks
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4 years ago, Lets. G
Best Pinochle App/ Cheat Sheet
I learned Pinochle in Prison, we don’t play with 9’s. This app has a very active table that plays by prison rules unlike other apps that play with 9’s. Only thing is people could be very toxic on here because they can speak to you via microphone on their phone. So here’s a cheat sheet for all you beginners Pinochle (Q♠️,J♦️) 4 points/ 30 points/ 90 points (1x/2x/3x) Marriage (KQ) in Any suit 2 points (4 points if Trump suit) Run (A,10,K,Q,J) in Trump suit 15 points (+4 points for every extra marriage) Aces Around (♠️♦️♣️♥️) Ace in every suit 10 points 2x(Thousand aces) 100 points Kings Around (♠️♦️♣️♥️) King in every suit 8 points 2x(Eighty Kings) 80 points Queens Around (♠️♦️♣️♥️) Queens in every suit 6 points 2x(Sixty Queens) 60 points Jacks Around (♠️♦️♣️♥️) Jacks in every suit 4 points 2x(Forty Jacks) 40 points Round House (KQ) in every suit 24 points (With a Run 35 points) Round Robin (KQJ) in every suit 32 points (With a Run 43 points) If your partner bids 10 above what the bid is that’s telling you he has a lot of meld. For instance bid is 65 your partner says 75 that means he has meld to back you up so take the bid if you got a good hand but not a lot of meld.
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5 years ago, please improve1
Please improve
I have been playing this game for almost a year now. It is the best pinochle game that I have found in the App Store. I have requested several changes and no action has been taken. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed these issues: My issues: 1 - when the opponent is trumping a suit, the computer continues to play back the suit that is being trumped, allowing the opposite team to score more points, which could potentially cause the bidding team to be set or miss their bid. It doesn’t matter which team is trumping, that is what happens. The correction- don’t feed the person trumping, play a different suit to try and reach your partner. 2- When the opponent calls a trump, when my partner gets in to play, if they have aces in the trump, they play all of their aces. We don’t want to help the other team, this gives them an advantage because they now know where the power for the hand is. The correction - they should only lead with their aces in trump if they only have a very few trump. Please fix, I like this game.
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2 years ago, Marichan46
Almost the real deal
First: When playing computer opponent game, my partner constantly over bids me (70 plus) and opponent and have only 10 meld. Very frustrating when I have better cards! Your computer partner seems to bid against you. It should defer to the live player after computer partner is overbid by the live opponent 2x. Second: I enjoy the online Friendly game where you periodically play with same people, the Robot is sometimes more intelligent than real players, if table not full with online players. Third: Players on the online Rated game (when no openings in double deck Friendly table) are intimidating, seems to be very critical and use bad language, but I can play on par with them. I learned this game from my dad who was in the military, not necessarily a prison game to me. Subtle changes, like no bad language or Name calling would make it more enjoyable, but I do love playing the game.
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6 years ago, Gage9717
Worst customer service support team ever
You get banned because losers take this game to serious oh I lost a crown hahahahahahaha. Played a game yesterday and a guy took all the wait time to bid and pass 4 cards and play his first card was literally 8/9 mins before first card was played in the game. I asked to hurry up the game it was going to be a long one at the rate he was playing. His response was he was just settling in and quit (swearing) and was quite rude. So I hit delay chat messages and stop room chat. Just to finish game and get private messaged and harassed by this person then 2hours later boom I get kicked out and blocked because according to customer service I broke rules by asking someone to play faster and turning off chat. I have over a 1000 games played on this app without a issue. But word of mouth from a slow grumpy anger management person flips out on me then gets me banned for asking them to play faster. This is ridiculous. I can’t wait till this week is over to report him and everyone else that acts like him, just to keep your support team busy.
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1 year ago, Accept the nickname
Game is rigged
This game is rigged and set up for you and your partner to lose. Computer opponents always have ridiculously high meld allowing them to bid well into the 70’s on a regular basis. Rarely get a decent hand and even more rare to get a great one but when you do the computer has a better one. The computer get double queens, kings and aces at least once every 7-10 games and double pinochles at least 3 times a game leaving you to struggle to bid 60. Partner sometimes throws the game by playing a suit that you are boss in and allowing it to get trumped sometimes even costing the hand. Multiple times partner has made a bid and went set which is part of the game but this happens too often to not notice. Statistics are false readings in the game saying that you have a higher percentage over your opponents but on a regular basis they have a 10 out of the 16 aces that are dealt to them along with a run for them to call trump or even meld to go in any suit they desire. Love playing pinochle hate being cheated.
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7 months ago, queennn_farrahhh
Unfair game
I absolutely loooveee to play pinochle. REAL PINOCHLE! This game is rigged. Before the game the winning team is already picked. They never fail , always gets the best hands but maybe once, the card shuffle is absolutely the WORST EVERYTIME !!! They allow folks to waste people’s time on the app by not having an option to boot them out and penalize the person not playing and making the game drag out longer than it should. They allow people to be racist towards black folks all the time. I had two people gang up on me w one of my old profiles and one of them was my partner and they were constantly calling me monkeys etc and they NEVER got banned but admin will ban you for defending yourself. I request apple to allow another online pinochle game outside of this one because it’s the WORRSSTTT EVER. You can’t report people for being evil on the app and they allow all type of folks to talk about drugs , sex , politics like this app needs to be shut DOWN !! Absolute WORST APP EVER !!!
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2 years ago, NoLifeHiLite
Don’t waste your time
I played this religiously for days upon end when I wasn’t working for a couple of months . There are some people who cheat which hey , not every game is going to be fair . But one night upon getting home from work , I decided to play a game and my partner did everything in his : her power to throw the game . Upon questioning why , I was hit with a one day ban . I instantly emailed support and deleted the app . Just don’t have time for abuse of power from people who are considered admin material . I consider my time valuable and am a positive part of the community . For things like that to happen are just wrong . The community for the most part is awesome , although somewhat weird . All in all the best app for IPhone users but not worth it if your progress and time is arbitrary at the hands of vindictive people . I would recommend other apps or playing online elsewhere .
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4 years ago, FlBored
Good play; lousy deals
Update - t his has to be the most frustrating game out there! Just went through another game where opponents have massive melt every hand, opponents partner always has at least 2 of their trump aces, and they consistently have most of the aces. Since I have been playing this game there have been 3 double runs; all of them by the opponents. There is absolutely no way the dealing in this game can be random. The game seems to play pretty well once bidding is done. However, it is a wonder I have not smashed my expensive iPad on the table because of the way the hands are dealt. The opposition AIs seem to get an inordinate amount of meld and aces every hand. It is also amazing how the opponents always know which suit to lead when finishing their aces; the ALWAYS bypass my team unless it is one of the rare hands my team has aces around. It also seems like 4 aces in a single suit will always go through, if those 4 aces were sitting in the opposition’s hand.
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6 years ago, Ashenefe83
Best pinochle out there!!
I’ve been playing pinochle for over 20 years. This is by far the best app I’ve used thus far. I had to dial it in the way I play. I’ve found it challenging. Not sure why some people think it’s unfair. I take the bid 80% of the time. And win 96% of my bids. It gets tricky to win a junk hand, But it can be done if you practice techniques to do it. I’ve learned over time to count multiple suits along with trump. Kudos to the developers. I’ve never been able to tailor it this much. ALMOST like home. I Only wish i could set a double marriage in trump to 300. Like a pinochle. (Single deck) Then it would be perfect.
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6 months ago, pmsudoku
Frustrating, time for an app change.
I love double deck, partners pinochle. I play with the computer, and my partner, Rick is as dumb as a box of rocks in this app. He rarely gives me a meld bid. He passes with better hands then I make our bids with. Statistically, I have the lowest bid average and the highest success rate. Our opponents outperform us statistically in every category. They are always hitting each other in trump, while my partner (and I) consistently miss each other and rarely can count on any support from the other. And yet we do perform fairly well. They have more doubles in everything by a large margin and I have ended the game on more than one occasion because I truly believe the computer is dealing us bad hands far too often. So, I think it's time for me to check out another app online. If Rick were a real person, I would choose another partner, if I could. He is just that bad a player and partner.
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5 years ago, neisj4462
Awful AI, unfair deals, unrealistic. Period.
Devs I challenge you to reply, I can even send you video screen shots of how true all my comments are. Go with the other Pinochle app made by “Strategy” if you’re looking for a more realistic and fair version playing against AI. This app is a joke when it comes to AI...your partner outbids you when they have very little points, you have to adjust the aggressiveness level on the opponent seriously? Just make it realistic...why is that even an option? To force you to be risky?...I had Marta continuously outbid me in the high 20’s with a 2 point meld...that’s not realistic at all. Naturally I got set because of the high bid. Then there’s the fairness aspect...the opponent AI literally gets near all the Aces every single game, I am not may get a decent bidding hand every now and again. Please stay away from this app and go with the one stated previously.
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5 years ago, bogart1234
Aweful but could be improved
Hands are unrealistic. Meld is almost nonexistent except for the dummy opponents. I suppose it’s good practice, but not much fun to have hands with no meld every time. Playing against real people on here is just a waste of time. They are either to slow or they quit in the middle of the game. Are the hands computer generated? Seems odd that the computer hands always have plenty of meld to your nothing, and every hand. Real pinochle is not like that. And how does the computer players know which aces I have and which ones their opponents have. I’ve watched the cards and even when there are no lead backs and nothing on the table when the meld is shown, they always get through to their partner, not realistic....uninstalled.
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3 years ago, Appleman 2010
Pinochle is fun and a Great App
Our extended family from across the USA have been playing online pinochle together most weekends since the covid started. We have 16 players and this app is very user friendly and games can go quickly or at our leisure. At the beginning I was so in to play play and conversation when I looked up I was surprised that I was alone at home but yet felt like I was with my family. We use Zoom for looking at each other and for chatting and use our smart phone for game play. We all look forward to at least some normalcy one night a week without any covid risk. Great app.
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3 years ago, chrixxlee
Love pinochle!
This is the only game that compares to the real deal. I been playing it for years and i love it! Great design without complicating the fundamentals of the game. Couldnt have asked for a better pinochle app! One thing that could use improvement tho.. there should be a timer bar to give each player a sense of urgency to play their card when its their turn. Also with a ticking sound+vibrating that reminds you that youre almost out of time and to play a card, other than that i think the game is great! Thanks to the developers
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1 month ago, 530jpzzzzz
Timing change plz plz plz fix it asap
This game is the best one out the way you guys have put us together with the mics and can communicate is awesome. It’s the only thing that makes me not want to download another Pinochle app but unfortunately you get people that don’t play and your 35 seconds or 15 seconds I think shouldn’t last. I think it should be just 15 seconds and if they pat if they don’t bid or get out, I don’t know you guys need to figure something out because the people that are playing if one person leaves, and then we’re all playing a really really slow game review but your guises timing and all that stuff needs to be fixed
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7 years ago, Revolttub
Realistic including the Cheaters
When playing the solo with computer generated partner and opponents, the other team seem to be aware of each other's cards. They always seem to be able to lead a card after their aces have been played to get to their partner. Oftentimes leaving your aces to be trumped. I understand legit methods for determining a weakness in the other teams hand, and or playing specific cards to communicate to come back in a specific suit. This is different. The end result is they are talking across the board and you cannot call them on it. I still like the game a lot.
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3 years ago, AKmom6336
Great game
This has been wonderful! I played this long ago with my mother and loved it, but it’s so hard to find anyone to play with I’ve almost forgotten how. This game allows me to play with the computer and replay hands to see what I played wrong. It had been so long since I had played I would have been intimidated to play in real time. There is that option for those who are interested in playing with friends or on the internet. I probably will when I get confident enough.
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5 years ago, Adub2837483
Some issues with logic of computer’s gameplay
I play double deck and the AI is overall pretty good. One big issue: every time a player from the other team plays an Ace on my teammate’s Ace (signaling that will control that suit next time it’s played either with another ace or by trumping), my teammate always goes back to that suit and therefore loses the lead. I think it’s a mistake on the logic because it happens every time. If an opponent plays an ace on an ace my teammate should go to a different suit to try to get to my hand. Also some minor issues with bidding. I wonder if the developers have any response to the issue above?
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10 months ago, Timber@Oakley
I would like to give this online game its props. If you play here, you surely have some first hand experience playing somewhere, live and in person. I like it because of the fact it’s all set up for you. There’s always a game no matter what. Test your skills, don’t quit games or walk away for to long because that minus 3 points is hard to make up. Some of the hands may seem a bit unfair the same as the teams, but in the now, I keep playing. Thank you
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3 years ago, Puzzle+fan
Great game
I play pinochle with friends at home. This game provides practice between games. Since there are variations in rules, you can customize the rules to be the same as the ones you normally use. You can also moderate the level of difficulty to match your level. You can choose to play against the computer or online. The only thing thing not offered is pass and play like Scrabble. Then my husband and I could play together against computer.
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2 years ago, @RidgeRider95
Ridiculously temperamental
This app goes on these multi game/multi day streaks where you will get dealt the worst hands possible and have zero chance of winning. Pathetically one sided, even the times where I'm getting the superb hands it gets super frustrating and no fun at all. So for you first timers dealing with this app…just know, it’s very rare that you’ll be involved in a good competitive game. Most of the time it’s a slaughter and if you quit a rated game, you lose 3 points. So you’re forced to stick it out and get slaughtered hand after hand. I really hope someone makes an app where every game and hand is dealt like it would be in the real world. Because even in reality, it’s never this horribly one sided. Almost comical.
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6 years ago, Doze1
Fair game but!!!
Something must be rigged in the game. The last game I played the opposition started with a double pinochle but went down. The next hand will he opposition had a double run ok kings but went down again. 120 in the hole. The next hand the opposition gets double aces around. And easily makes it. The next hand the opposition gets another double pinochle. RIDICULOUS!! It is unbelievable the number of times the opponents get excessive amounts of meld, double pinochles and double runs, aces, kings, etc. you can get a great hand and they outbid you with an enormous amount of meld. It is also ridiculous the number of times one of the opponents has more trump than you have when you win a bid. It would be nice touch to see what everybody had in their hands at the end of play.
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2 years ago, Mariobros117
Computer players are terrible
I really don't understand the way the computers bid or play. Sometimes they seem like they are giving a meld bid but then they try and take the bid themselves and end up battling you for it. Other times, you try and give them a meld bid but they pass, even when they have a good hand. Also, when they play, they always lead with their aces of trump if they aren't the one to take the bid. It makes absolutely no sense. I will say that that the interface and gameplay are really good. It has potential to be a really good pinochle game if the computers were better. I didn't play online so i cant speak to that
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6 years ago, Steelieon
Big ups
I’ve been playing double deck pinochle for about 40 years with friends and family, but it’s getting tougher and tougher to find four to play as often as I’d like. I’ve tried a few different versions of dbl deck, but none are as good as this one. The only change I would make is to allow a house rule that gives a double marriage a value of 30 if called trump, and a 45 pt value if it’s within a run and is trump. Other than that I’d say this is a definite winner!!
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1 year ago, Revkutz
I complained to “support” about the dealing and it got much worse. I then told support that I was going to pass my opinion to the advertisers and not support them, I haven’t won a game since. There were 4 games in a row that my opponents were dealt double run and/or aces, and one of those games they were dealt both. WOW. Most that I have played with have complained about the hands dealt, but there has not only NOT been any change, but it has gotten worse. Personally, I’m tired of playing 20 games in a row with a lack of meld yielding no chance to win. The few bids I win are bids that I either get it dumped on me or bid to save my partner getting it dumped on me. I’ve been playing the game 55 years and I am a very good player, but still win less than 1 in 15 games as my partner and I just sit there and play or hands on the opponents 15 trump cards and 12 aces…the few aces we have getting trumped by the time we can get in to play them. This is such an awful app. Positive reviews have to be written by accounts opened by the app creators.
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3 years ago, don't ban me bro
Great app but watch your chat!
By far the best pinochle app I’ve seen. I really like it. The only problem is that the moderators are ban happy. I had a 10 day ban and I have absolutely no idea what I said in chat that was rude or offensive. I’ve been banned for a few days several times for saying nonsense...nothing rude or demeaning. I’ve been playing games on the phone for years and have never been banned or even warned. I don’t know why the kids in this app are so strict. I will continue playing but will not type anything in chat.
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3 years ago, mllkdud
This game is frustrating
I have been playing pinochle for over 50 years and wanted to try this online game. My game partner, when I get the bid passes me some of Trump but keeps some of the Trump cards and passes me stupid cards that keeps me from having a strong hand often ending in going set. Other times the other team will take the bid and seem to have the perfect coordinated hands no matter if they have had a lot of meld or not. On two occasions that I caught one took the bid but magically the partner takes over as if they had won the bid. I’m done with this particular game and will find another to play. Don’t waste your time.
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7 years ago, Penns Pinochle
Fun but unfair at times
It's an easy way to play pinochle at anytime. Playing against the computer is sometimes almost unfair. It always seems that they get all the melds, runs, and marriages they need to score points to win the last hand. I just finished playing a game and three times in a row the computer got a run and Aces around. They were also losing by fifty but we able to come back and win. That's not the first time that I lost that way either. I'm trying not to sound like a poor sport, but it seems as though the computer always gets the cards they need at the right time.
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6 years ago, Tre12344321
Needs work
I love pinochle, and was super excited to find this app! But it’s frustrating when the computer partner overbids you and then drops the bid next round! Or overbids so high it could never win. It’s also annoying to see the other team get great cards all the time while you can barely bid. I have seen my partner hold trump as well. I have tried even playing with the aggressiveness and it doesn’t help. I still play cuz they’re arent too many options around for this game, but some minor fixes would be great! Maybe some level characters as well- easy medium Hard etc.
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1 year ago, Husk3r F@n
Great game
The way the game plays is wonderful, but there are some rally lousy players. I’ve been playing this game for more than 60 years, winning numerous contests, but I’m taken back by how some players play the game as if they’re alone. No meld bids, don’t follow lead backs, don’t play their aces, ridiculously overbid. Sure, I get some lousy hands - too many in fact. So I compliment the dealer when the opponents win.
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5 months ago, Dilly Dill 1234
The AI seems to be inconsistent. I’ve heard other players complain about renigs, and I thought that was bogus until I saw it for myself. Also, you might get a couple decent hands here and there, but then you end up with 20 or more complete games where all your cards are garbage. Which, anyone that’s ever really played pinochle knows that just never happens to anyone. The cards will fall however they fall, but they will never be consistently garbage for 5 or 10, not alone 20 complete games. It’s just impossible for the cards to consistently fall that way in pinochle. In short. The game leaves a lot to be desired. It’s in no way fair at all.
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2 years ago, ell48
Good game
Spent many hours playing. Very enjoyable. However, there is a problem sometimes with my computer partner. Occasionally he will open bidding with an inaccurate bid ie 51 with no aces or 54 with little meld. A bigger problem is computer partner’s failure to play a point card in very obvious situations even while holding only 1 non-point card. I have been held to 19 points due to failure to put a point down when it is obvious that I will win the trick. Otherwise, good to play
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7 years ago, Basketballfreak35
Good game, but has its flaws
My biggest issues I have with the app are that I wish it would let you pick any suit for trump, not restrict you based on marriages, and secondly when the setting that you must have a marriage is on, 3 times it has let the computers play without a marriage and every time I’ve missed the marriage, it stops the hand and sets me back. I like playing that marriages are required to play, but it should be required for my team, and the computers team. App is definitely biased towards the opposing AI.
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3 years ago, 1kds
Fix the program!
Mostly I enjoy this app. But I have found when playing by myself against the computer it hasn’t been programmed very well. For example my partner will hold onto the jack of Trump instead of passing it because they have 40 jacks. Keeping the jack stops me from getting my run so to get 40 points we give up 150. So frustrating!
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2 years ago, warship7
Great Game
I play pinochle at least a couple times a day. I definitely enjoy having a partner to pass cards to when we get the bid. The only thing I dislike and don’t understand is when your selection of trump is often decided by the game, limiting your choices. But otherwise, it is my favorite card game to play.
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4 years ago, DanWA206
Aggressive annoyance
The game lacks some basic rules of the game...such as the option and scoring for shooting the moon, and for folding a hand when five 9’s and no meld is present. And if playing with the robot (all the same name, no less) and you pause too long it will pass cards for you, ignoring and not using the cards you’ve selected. Really, the best thing about this game is you can play online with three other friends (not strangers). Development still has a ways to go.
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6 years ago, Milo1339
Best pinochle game but a few flaws
This is the best pinochle game app I have played. If you are a good pinochle player you will be happy for the most part with your ai partner. However they will hold onto a card to complete a four of a kind even if it is a jack which then kills your straight. If it doesn’t have an ace instead of throwing a queen it will throw a ten even though it has a loser card that it can play. These are some flaws but I enjoy playing the game and play it a lot.
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2 years ago, bepiii
Seems to be one sided
I love the app but I don’t know if something can be done about the apparent one-sidedness of bidding. I have the lowest percentage of winning bids in over 1,000 games played and the opposite team seems to more often than not win the bid, have the most meld and more often than a not able to get past me. This make the game very one sided.
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4 months ago, tome1940
Only problem is the program has faults. Many times I have been winning bye 200 points and most times lose the game. You than lose so many hands in a row you loose interest in the game. If you and the computer ended up 50/50. That would not be bad. That doesn’t happen
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7 years ago, Momeye
Seldom get to bid
I like being able to somewhat customize the rules of the game to be more like the way I play, but if you play the AI game, you very seldom have a biddable hand. Since I am new to the game and use the app to practice and improve, not being able to bid very often does not give me much practice and makes the games very boring. I suspect I will lose interest in this app quickly unless an update improves the AI version in this regard. Otherwise, a good app.
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4 years ago, Reviewexp.
Not impressed
Have this one review because the computer bids for you. This means it won’t let you intentionally “bid up” an opponent, which is a strategy to “setting” your opponents that bid. Also I played about 15 hands of this and never got the bid. Crappy hands every time, so it’s set for the “computer” to control the game. I even had one hand with a big run, aces, double marriage, a pinochle, and a shirt suit (which means trumping in for more tricks) and the stupid computer set my bid to 53 and wouldn’t allow me to bid higher. Due to not being able to control your own bid and the computer giving the “good hands” to everyone else.....I got bored, very very bored very fast. Who wants to play 15 hands and know the computer has rigged it so you can’t bid or get to call trump every hand. Boring and deleted. Went to try another pinochle app. Hope it’s better than this as I sure don’t get the “higher rating” on this app.
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2 years ago, JerryInThePitt
Good game
It’s a fun game. I’ve installed it on a couple devices and it works well on them. I’ve tried both single and double deck. Rules for double deck are different from what I am used to, but I have adjusted. I wouldn’t recommend adjusting the AI aggressively much higher than 60. It’s almost impossible to beat above that.
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3 months ago, fckdbdlol
Uptight support
The support bans you for any little thing you say. When you email to find out what happened so you can avoid it in the future, they are sassy and rude to you. A response I got & I QUOTE “why would I waste my time” when I asked them to let me know what I said so I don’t say it again. When I responded and told them that’s not professional and was rude, they extended my ban for an additional week with the response being “since you insisted on wasting my time, I extended your ban. HAPPY NOW?” There are plenty of other apps. Avoid this one.
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4 months ago, TwostepRed1965
To easy to cheat!!!
If you make a bid you shouldn’t be able to back space and take it back, you can do this all the way to the last card, if you play you lose points but if you know mathematically that you cannot you can go all the way and pass meld or just pass. Been playing and counting cards for over 40 years love the game but please fix this bug, May your day be blessed.
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3 years ago, BearpawBrown
Great app for getting used to the game!
One thing to know the basics, another thing to know how the game is really played. This app gives you a feel for what works and what doesn't when you bid and play a hand. The players on the other side actually smirk at you when they win!
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4 years ago, tiasaround
Easy to play
I was hesitant about playing because so new to it. Since I don’t have to online til I get used to it, I get practice til I’m comfortable. Don’t want to slow anyone down. Suggestion: maybe be able to pick who we play with, with covid19, we can have table with friends. If you have that, please instruct on how to do it.
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2 years ago, TKoyo
For people who want to relive their incarceration
The offline mode is fine, the AI is pretty dumb and easily exploitable. Playing online will bring you into the world of 90% (ex)cons who play this game due to their time in the clink. The conduct of players during the game is what you would expect from such winners in society, swearing and threats towards other players, usually only over audio talk function as the type function as at least the text function us a ban function. Could be a good game but it has attracted too much dreck.
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8 months ago, YolandaMari
Fun for family
If you like pinochle you will love this game. It’s great because it’s online or offline and the family can play online. Hoping for offline option to be able to pass the device around and play. Still the best pinochle game out there.
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6 years ago, ItsBelle
Good Game
I’ve been playing Pinochle for over 40 years and love the game. I especially like playing with a partner. This version is good. Your bids can be set from easy to aggressive. The only thing I don’t understand is that if one of the robots takes the bid, he always leads with the Ace of Trump. Always. There are times when this is called for but not all the time. All in all it’s good if you need a Pinochle fix!
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