3.6 (1K)
113 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harden Consulting LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pitch

3.64 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, you stinck
Not happy
I love this game. It has the rules I grew up with. But one thing, from what I can tell the high joker is invisible in the 6 point game! Very disappointing! I also had happened where I would bid and when I chose trump a very important card was missing. Another player had it. This happened twice. Will not happen again because I’m deleting this app! 2 dollars down the drain!
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6 years ago, Jägs
A bit buggy, despite updates.
This was the first pitch game I found that was faithful to the 10-point pitch rules I grew up with. Unfortunately it is beset by bugs: - portions of the screen are clipped on iPhone X - if you leave the app after winning, and come back, it will often start on the last hand of the previous game; sometimes this works, otherwise it crashes - if you start a new game after this, it will only let you play one hand before it ends the round and scores what few points have been played - sometimes in 10-point pitch, two threes of the same suit appear I’ve contacted the developer about these issues, but they remain after a couple of updates. It’d also be nice to have the following: - hands sorted by rank after the kitty has been dealt - skipping or speeding up on tap of dealing animation - a dark mode for playing at night
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3 years ago, Bored(ish)
Mostly good
Most everything is great. I like having this game around to sharpen my skills for when I go cage match against my son and daughter in law. Only downside is the customization of the game gets stuck when I tried to customize names. I have to quit the game to back out of it and no changes get saved.
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1 year ago, Way to busy
Needs help
First try asked for a review before even got a chance to play. First game 30 second ad, I get sponsored ads but 30 seconds is ludicrous! Went back to game and the game board is frozen. Tried to reload still froze on playing, but 30 second ad still works. So far not impressed. Looks like could be fun. Spent less time writing this than ads I already have seen after two hands. You decide what you want. I am deleting.
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5 years ago, Dkropat
So many problems
Computer makes ridiculous plays and doesn’t play suit lead even though they still have it in their hand. Since new update one of the computer players bid 3 nearly every single time even if they have complete junk in their hand. Purchased multiplayer and it doesn’t work. Overall the app worked a little better before the update now I just get angry when I play. I don’t think the developer has actually played it. Please fix!!!!
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6 years ago, Edogg1976
Like the game, but it keeps crashing on my iPhone X
The computers could stand to be a bit better and i believe i’ve seen them throw off suit (possible a variation i’m not used to) but all in all i’m impressed. Pitch isn’t the most well known game and with some tweaks i think this could be great. Hoping to see an update in the future, all in all-even with the crashes-good job!
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6 years ago, BunnyLimas
Not bad
This app works well enough. Not sure I understand the negative reviews. It’s just a card game.
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3 years ago, Scriemann47
Fun but buggy
I enjoy pitch and it has options for 5 point, 10 point, or other games. That is great. Unfortunately, the computers you are playing against card playing make errors that a typical player would not. Additionally, which ultimately caused me to stop playing the game, is that the game is buggy, particularly if you stop a game and return to it later.
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6 months ago, IARedHead
Bug to report
After a new hand is dealt, following an advertisement, you are only dealt 8 cards (or at least that is what is visible). Played this game for months before I detected this…
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5 years ago, Portland-pitch
Mostly good
I like the look of the game, and the number of options to play. However, two issues bug me: first, about 20% of the time, the program scores improperly (usually involving crediting the low card to the wrong player); and the app has my partner failing to throw to me the low card when I open with an ace.
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7 years ago, Jobrry
Never seen bots play this game so poorly.
The bots are horrible in this game. I play this game with real cards all the time. These bots give away more unnecessary points than they make. You can forget about playing this game with a point to the team that played the Duce. Half the time it scores to the other team. I love this game but the way the bots play makes this game very frustrating. They had an update and the game is worst than it was before. Really really stupid bots.
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6 years ago, Okie at Heart
Cheating players
The AI players have always been a little touched, but since the last update, they’ve resorted to cheating. To be specific, they frequently renege when trump is led. I can tolerate a partner giving away a ten or a jack unnecessarily, but reneging is a deal breaker for me. For now, I just call it game over and start fresh. I hope Developer Jeff fixes this soon, because it’s driving me nuts.
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3 weeks ago, oldsmal
The actual card game I’d fun and entertaining. But I have had to remove the app and reload because it locks up saying resuming saved game and will not let you do anything else. So either third time is a charm of it will be gone.
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4 years ago, Wiseone045
Computer moves are horrible
The moves the computer makes are horrible. When I lead with an Ace my partner will throw a king instead of a two. Always losing points because the computer gets rid of the highest cards first. The computer bids are horrible too. My partner bid 12 and led with a 5. It’s crazy and very frustrating to play.
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7 years ago, 
Full of bugs don't waste your money
Waste of money, played with 2 players and kept giving the 2 card to the other team when we took it. Also gives wrong points to teams. Before you sell a game you should make sure it's working right. I see another player had the same issue as us. I'll be deleting the game.
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3 years ago, Oscar3479
Great app! It took me a minute on the high joker, but figured it out quick. From the mid-west and played pitch all the time. On the west coast now and no one plays it, so happy to have the app now!
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4 years ago, magal22
Could be a lot better
Very frustrating. When I play with a partner and the dealer to my left wins the bid and throws an Ace my partner throws him a 10 off suit. Many times the strategy makes no sense if you’ve actually played the game. Unacceptable. Also my partner reneged. Then playing cutthroat I never get any cards and/or never get to bid.
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10 months ago, csk00000082
Love the game just not this one
To many adds you still can’t start a new game without loosing because it ends the game after the first hand. Thinking about deleting because I hate adds and there is no way to block them or purchase this game so you can get rid of adds.
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5 months ago, Dittowhy
Antiquated, bad and now full of ads.
App deleted. It’s old. It’s clunky. It’s dumb ( computer gives low almost always on 2 bids with other meaningless trump cards in its hand ). And now ? Absolutely full of ads. Garbage app I do NOT recommend at all I only tapped 1 star because there’s no zero star option
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4 years ago, Pitch Player1
Bad App
(10 Point) Doesn’t count the low card (Duece) to the correct team, causing a team to go set when it shouldn’t have occurred. Partner bidding and playing is questionable at best. Glitch in the showing of the cards in your hand and doesn’t correct until you play a card. Bad app at this time. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Taco Taebo
A game that needs MAJOR improvements
It’s not bad for training, however there are many, many flaws. You can’t change the players’ names. It won’t let you always keep the two. The computer plays cards in a stupid order. It needs major work for it to be good.
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5 years ago, Concerned grandson
Make card styles easier to read. Better multiplayer. Old people will love it. Ez money, great app congrats!
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6 years ago, Nitya D.
App crashes
The app keeps crashing. And then when you reopen it, it goes to the last trick played but without the option to actually play any cards. So then you have to force quit the game and lose any progress made. Terrible.
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5 years ago, Westy2861
Not realistic
Fun game but creator must not know how to play pitch as the computer players make plays that make no sense. As an example, I play ace and my partner has a 3 but doesn't play it. Impossible to get players to join for an online game.
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7 years ago, Alleycat77
Fun version
I enjoy the variety of the games offered in this app.
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5 years ago, Old reddog99
Still new
Will see how it plays, just now downloaded the game.
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2 years ago, LadySwampwitch
Cannot believe I paid for this
I bought this app bc I am a serious pitch player but it’s an awful app. You can’t see the cards easily and it’s not easy to know what to do. I want my $1.99 back
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3 years ago, Weatherman3456
Great fun
Rules are slightly different than the house rules I play, but that’s okay
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7 years ago, -tibbsy-
Horrible programming
Seriously, the programming is so bad it would take days to list all the bugs and issues you'd experience in an hour of playing the game.
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4 years ago, SueA817
Fun app! Wish there was an option to Play 5 card team pitch. SueA817
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3 years ago, TJ Gordo
It's ok
It's ok but there are more cards than I'm used to playing with and the computer player really don't play very smart.
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3 years ago, Jeff the hedgehog
Miss deals?
So far, cards are missing, dealt short, cards played you can’t see, etc. made me rate it for more games, so there you go, a 2.
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5 years ago, drdonjr
Won’t let you play 10 point until you rate the app. Since I haven’t used the app, the rating is pointless. This practice should not be allowed.
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5 years ago, DrummerBoy143
Needs work
Constantly freezes when trying to change names and moves slow. Frustrating and makes me want a refund.
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3 years ago, Raleigh_Rob
Rate to unlock advertised features on a paid game?
Starting with a three. This game better be good because you are geting what you asked for mr(s) developer...
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4 years ago, PBEG1
Where are the players
I’ve tried several times to play and it just shows matching for 3 players to join me. I never get any players. Not even computer players to play against. Disappointing.
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6 years ago, skinny39
Developers need to fix the reneging problem especially in the cut throat game very annoying. The rules require the players to follow suit so please fix it!!
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2 months ago, Rzorbkchick
Game has potential
First off to play one option you are forced to rate! Not cool! Secondly the screens are not intuitive and unclear. Hard to understand card play. Going to delete
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4 years ago, raiderang19
When playing against computer generated teams it’s bogus. They don’t play Trump when it’s led so you have no way of knowing who has trump left. Bad glitch
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5 years ago, beaner1025
Cheating players
This app needs to be fixed so the others play right and follow trump suit when they’re suppose to because they cheat every time. FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Oya Boya
Doesn’t work, don’t buy
Wanted to play a multiplayer game and couldn’t even get a single game in. Don’t buy. Will update review if it gets fixed.
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7 years ago, Lardog38
Full version not bad. Enjoy playing
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6 years ago, jinxedj
Fun, but...
The app is super glitchy and keeps crashing. We’ve spent $3 on an app that doesn’t work long enough to finish a game 90% of the time.
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2 years ago, Strypedwonder
New to it
Still learning. Not sure yet.
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3 months ago, CJT!
Don’t bother
Too many ads and game hangs up when you leave and come back
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3 years ago, bid high or go home
Computer doesn’t follow suit!
What a joke. Computer won’t follow trump all the time when I lead with trump. Pay attention and you will see.
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3 months ago, 7captain7
Way too many adds!
Lots of adds and game doesn’t function well
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3 years ago, Restoredworshipsteve
Don’t ask too quick
Won’t let me play without rating. Since I don’t know what it’s like and they keep asking, it’s a 0 until I play.
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5 years ago, efranzen
Requires payment to play, and then won’t let you play all the game modes unless you rate them. Well, if you wanted a good rating, make a good game.
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4 years ago, someone who bougn crappy game
Waste of money
Could not even get the game to work one time. It thinks and thinks and the game never starts. Save your $1.99 for a game you can actually play.
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