Pixel Art - Color by Number

4.7 (671.8K)
185.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixel Art - Color by Number

4.72 out of 5
671.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Cghjfgv
Love it, but it has small issues.
Ok, so don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this app. It is a great way to pass time and calm stress. I have a few small complaints though. First of all, this thing drains my battery so fast that I can’t feel comfortable using it unless I have a reliable power source. I use it for 20 minutes and I go from 98% to 70% on a good day. It also heats my phone up really easily which isn’t that big of a deal but probably isn’t ideal. My second complaint is the addition of pop up adds. I could tolerate the adds playing before and after puzzles, but was it really necessary to make them start popping up while I’m coloring it? It just interrupts my experience and makes me want to play a different game. One thing I love is getting into a rhythm and being able to play automatically without much thought, and the pop up adds just ruin that because it forces me to break my concentration. As a final little criticism, the pixel count for the art made from personal pictures is terrible. They used to be pretty high and then they were changed to such a low pixel count that it’s not very useful anymore. In conclusion, the battery problem could use some improvement (though I can imagine that it isn’t an easy fix) and the adds need to be kept out of the puzzles while users are coloring. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs stress relief and is willing sacrifice their battery charge.
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4 years ago, i luv queen glory
Great game but has issues
My biggest problem is the freezing. This game will completely freeze up, sometimes I can’t even get back into the game if I restart it. I will have to power my phone all the way off sometimes. My second issue is the picture selection. I wish there was a way to filters by pixel count and also that there was a way to sort the pictures such as people, animals, flowers, etc. and then using the pixel filter you can find your perfect picture. I really like doing the high pixel count bird/animal ones, but I have to scroll for a really long time to find new ones. Maybe a way to go straight to the bottom? Third is the feature where I can see the pixels I did the wrong color. They sometimes make it very hard to find the square in looking for because they blend it. I think being able to remove them or at least lighten the opacity would be great. I also would like a way to remove the buttons at the top while coloring, because they get in the way and sometimes I accidentally click finish and have to watch two ads to get back into my picture. The new pop-up ads are also annoying, because they sometimes freeze my game too. This game has many upsides though. It has an amazing selection of pictures, is pretty easy to use and has lots of bonus pictures to get. I love collecting stuff so whenever I finish a book and get the high pixel count picture I am very pleased. If you fixed the issues I talked about this game would definitely be a five star for me!
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1 year ago, WeegieB
here to complain about what everyone else is
I have been playing this game for at least 5 years now and have recently gotten my friends hooked on it too. Besides the app using so much battery, i’ve always had a good time while playing. After this new update, I’m stressed while playing because I don’t know when I’m going to get an ad and ruin my concentration. Just the other day i was coloring the last picture of the coral reef booklet and there was a large chunk of one color that i was working on. Instead of waiting for me to finish the color, I was interrupted midway through for an ad. The frequency of the ads is about the same as it was before the update, but it’s just very nerve wracking to not know when they are coming anymore. It used to be when you finished however many colors, you would get an ad, but now it seems very random. I’ve noticed most of the recent reviews are also complaining about this, so maybe you guys should listen to your consumer base before you lose money and change it back to how it was before this update. Another suggestion that I have for the game is a search bar. It would be so much easier to find things that I want to color than scrolling through the thousands of random pictures in the main menu. Each image could be tagged “spring”, “flower”, “easter”, “red”, “yellow”, etc. to make it easier for players to find pictures to color. Other than these two things the game would be perfect.
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2 years ago, scrappyperson
Enjoyable, but ads are seriously an issue
I really like this app. Personally, I stick to creating my own images, so I don’t really have anything to say about the images they have available. I stumbled onto the most recent Garden event by accident and that was really fun, so I hope they continue to create those in the future! The ads are a huge issue though. Personally, I don’t really mind the ads that pop up after you finish a color or when you hit the exit button, because they usually only happen every few colors and there’s a decent gap between them. I can see how this might be an issue when coloring pictures with fewer pixels, though, so keep that in mind! The banner ads that play at the bottom of the screen are the issue. Every time the ad switches, I get at least a 30 second freeze to the game where I can’t color in pixels or move the screen. Sometimes this lasts even longer if the ad has moving text or animated graphics. I’ve had the game freeze up for several minutes with these ads. Playing in airplane mode does get rid of the ads, but this isn’t always viable when I’m waiting on replies for emails or text messages for work. I would love it if they could change the ads so that the game no longer freezes, or implement a one time charge for an ad free version instead of the $15 a month subscription they advertise. Overall, it’s a good coloring app if you’re willing to overlook the issues with the ads.
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6 years ago, Annica13
Fun app, don’t like the latest update
I do like this app a lot. It is very relaxing and almost zen-like to color the pictures. And I love that there are so many pictures to choose from and always more being added. BUT . . . the ads are pretty annoying. Mostly because there are so many. I get 1 every time I open a picture, whether it is marked Premium or not (so seriously, what is the difference between them?) and 1 every time I finish. Plus every time I just want to go back to the main menu, and then when I accidentally hit the done button in the middle of coloring, which is too easy to do. So if I do a bunch of simple ones in a row, I am watching just ad after ad. I understand you have to make money, but a minimum amount of time between ads would be great. And if you had a 1 time charge to get rid of ads, I would pay it in a heartbeat. I refuse to pay monthly subscriptions for any app. But my biggest complaint right now is about the latest update. Why did you change the way the pixels and the numbers look? I don’t like it at all! I miss the dark, thick lines between the cells, and just something about the way the colors are applied now. It’s just not as satisfying anymore. Please, please, please at least give us a menu option that allows us to pick which look we want. Also, an option to have it not color the cells I accidentally hit in error would be great too. It is distracting and bothers me for some reason. Overall, good app that would be great with a few updates.
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5 months ago, CrystalJCB
I love it But it could be better
For those of us who don’t like to get behind and I am way way way way behind… So when I scroll all the way down to work up it starts me over you know how irritating that is… I’ve already sent in a request for this so I’m gonna do it again you keep coming up with these little folders for these cool little stuff which I love. Don’t give me wrong I love your app but it would be 10 times better or 100 times better if you guys would please do a separate folder where when we click it then you have these years to pick and then you pick like 2000 or 2015 or whatever andWhat will pop up will be the pictures associated with that year that way we can color what we missed that would be awesome then we don’t have to scroll for 30 minutes try to get to wherever it is that we left off please do this it will be wonderful and I think it will be just less irritating for those of us who do not like to get behind. I want to say one more thing that when I was talking about like when you’re scrolling down to get down to the very first one that you ever had I guess when I first watched this app so when you’re coloring and then you get more picture so you can go back to where you were sometimes it will sit there and think a minute and then it starts you back at the top that’s what I was talking about while ago that’s irritating you spent all that time getting down there and so anyways yeah there’s a lot of catching up to Forest people that are behind
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6 years ago, pheonixpenguin
I’ve devoted well over 100 hours to this app and colored every picture (along with about as many of my own photos.) I figured with this much time spent on it, I should go ahead and sign up for the premium subscription. I’ve been very happy so far but do have a few criticisms/ suggestions. First, increase the max resolution of the images you can make. I noticed that at some point, you decreased the highest difficulty setting to be fewer pixels. One thing I really love about this app is finding other images of pixel art online and coloring them in, but it doesn’t work if I can’t match the resolution of the original pixel art image. I’m much more limited now with the reduced difficulty range. Second, don’t show created images in the create an image tab. While I definitely want to be able to access images that I’ve previously created, it (understandably) takes a while to load that page for me and I don’t need to see it every time I go to create a new image. Third, add a limit to the number of previously created images that are saved and, once you’ve reached that limit, automatically delete the oldest image when you create a new one (unless you favorite an image or something.) Other than that, I love this app and, while I do think the price is steep and am looking forward to a different payment model, I don’t regret spending the almost $20 a month on it!
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1 year ago, ngyufbhu
Best game I ever had, and here are somethings you should know before downloading this game!
I love this game it is so fun, and I can never stop playing it! That’s why I rated this a five star it actually should deserve more stars! Anyways these are somethings you should know before you download this game. #1 there is no search bar so you can’t search for what you want to draw. which I really think needs to get fixed. #2 there are books that have a lot of drawings in them, and they are based on things like fruit, furniture,and other stuff + I just got done with the fruit one and trust me the fruit one you should try first. #3 there ads aren’t even that bad there actually really helpful and interesting! Thanks to the ads I have gotten 7 fun and interesting games! #4 you can even draw yourself! All you have to do is take a picture of you, and not only yourself you can take a picture of anything and draw it! #5 once you get done with your drawing you can change the shape of the squares! Here is an example you can make it an x, a star, and lots more! I could go on and but I don’t want you to keep reading this for a long time. So can you please add a search bar to search for what you want to draw thanks. All in all this is the best things I have before you get the game! Bye🙃
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6 years ago, littlegirligirl
Before the update I’d have given 5 stars
I really liked the previous version better. This new update I’ve had for about a week. There are a few differences in the appearance of the pictures while painting by number that change the feel of the app. For example, the shades of the boxes for the different numbers isn’t as differentiated as it used to be. The boxes looked a little different and they seemed less... rigid? Modern? I’m not sure the word to use but it’s less relaxing now. Playing mostly at night after I put my kids to bed, I would turn off highlight cell, zoom out on my large screened iPhone and and click away until I was able to fall asleep. I was ADDICTED and finished pictures as they were added. The intricate ones of paintings, models/people and pretty cupcakes are always my favorite. Even my children enjoy it, I purchased them their own version on our family tablet so as to not deal with ads. But this update, I’m not liking it. And I don’t think I’ve gotten new pictures since the day after the update, where I believe it used to be updated daily or at least every couple of days. Thank you for providing so many free pictures. And I’m glad to see that we can watch videos to unlock pictures. I appreciate that, as it was an unavailable feature for a while. I also greatly enjoy I can take a picture with my camera or upload from my photos saved on my phone. Pictures with 25+ numbers are most enjoyable.
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3 years ago, yelluha
A few suggestions made with love
I love this game and it feels like I’ve spend hundreds of hours playing it. I love it so much that I’m writing a review, which I never do. I have a couple suggestions that I feel would make the game better—-being able to change the order of numbers/ their position on the image. what I mean by that is when I play I often like to start in the middle and fan outward but the numbers aren’t laid out like that so it requires me to switch back and forth between colors. First world problems right lol. Anyways i would like to be able to set the numbers to how I want to color the puzzle that day if that makes sense,, inward outward vice versa top to bottom etc. I think that option would be so helpful. I also think being able to change the speed of the gif would be awesome too. That’s a big part of why I love the app so much. I really enjoy seeing my work at the end in a gif, but sometimes it goes so fast, especially on the bigger puzzles. It would be great to be able to change the speed on those. That’s all. It is really a beautiful app and I can’t say more great things about it. If these things aren’t doable, don’t even worry about it!! xo
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3 years ago, Melana :)
Used to be great
I used to love this app so much, and it used to be such a fun way to easy my anxiety and color. The pictures were beautiful, I loved that you could create your own, the 3D ones and books were a nice touch, and everything was great. But I soon devolved a big problem with the app: There were WAY too many crashes. It would freeze up ALL THE TIME! I can’t color one picture without it crashing at least five times, and I don’t color big pictures anymore because of it. Sometimes it will freeze for a few seconds, others for such a long time where even restarting the entire iPad doesn’t work. I wish they would take care of this problem, te app just isn’t fun anymore. That’s not the only reason, there are lots of other problems as well. The update made the app look so different, and Irish there was a setting to choose which type of way we wanted to make the app look. Another annoying this is that when you color the wrong space, it faintly colors the blank one, and it’s SO ANNOYING. It’s completely unsatisfying, it bothers me, and makes me miss lots of areas because of it. I wish there was a setting to change that. One more problem is the ads. There are SO MANY of them, one after you color a picture, one before, and the ones WHILE you color the picture. Those are way to easy to click on. I know that’s probably the point, but it’s getting ridiculous.
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8 months ago, courtneyno
Inappropriate ads
Update 2: they continue to update their response to say they are not responsible for ads but then say they offer personalize ads. So which is it? There is absolutely nothing that would qualify me, a married woman with children, to see ads for hook up apps with woman twerking in their underwear. Seriously so weird. I’ve used this app for literal years without any issue up until about a month ago. The fact they continue to respond to me saying it’s my fault and I shouldn’t allow my kid to to use is wild. I’ll continue to update my review every time they respond. I’ll also be contacting the App Store directly about the inappropriate ads for an app they have said is ok for children 12 and up to use. I’ve loved this app for years but I can’t use it anymore with my child like we normally do because of the inappropriate ads. The ad I just saw that prompted this review was an ad for casual hook ups app and had a girl just twerking for 30 seconds. It’s just really weird that on a coloring app you would promote content that’s not ok for kids to see. The ads with anime girls with huge chests with low cut tops and short skirts was odd but this is just disappointing. Please go back to ads that are for other games and similar content. To update after their response: the AppStore says 12+ so idk why they say 16. If you think a woman in her underwear twerking is ok for a 12 year old to see idk what to tell you. Disappointing response from them.
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5 years ago, 99bottlesofmilkonthewall
Nice work! Cool update!👍👍👍 Here are some suggestions.
The new update is spectacular! Though I have read very mixed reviews concerning the big update I personally enjoy it. I can find things more easily due to everything being so organized. A few things I want to mention: 💮 Stability could be improved to where the app doesn't crash every 10 minutes. 💮 You know when you color over a non-highlighted square and it sort of shades it with that color? Then you have to exit the picture and refresh it, and that action sometimes crashes the app, especially when it is glitching already. For those of you who hate to leave colors unfinished I would suggest a "refresh" button that refreshes the picture without having to exit the picture. As I am reading the reviews, I see an abundance of fabulous ideas like a color-complete Power-up, or a zoom for finding the last few pixels of unfinished colors. Increasing the max resolution on created pictures and sorting them more efficiently would also be ideal, as well as having options for the fonts of the numbers. Aside from that, responsiveness could be improved, and pls include a few more full-screen pictures in the pic updates! Keep up the good work! Also it keeps defaulting to the magnifying glass every time I reload the app.
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3 years ago, UnrealistYT
It’s amazing! Just a few criticisms.
The game is great! It’s just that the more artworks I have filled in, The more laggier it gets. It just freezes even with a internet connection. I don’t think it has something to do with storage. The developer responded to the same question as mine, the developer stated that I should just get the new update. I have only being playing this game for a couple of days and that message is outdated. I don’t know what to do. I closed out of my contact message to the moderators and I don’t want to be rude and retype. Early into the game, the good out ways the bad. The design is simple, although I don’t like how if you zoom out the highlighted pixels blend in with the to-be-filled in black pixels. The price for premium is ridiculously high for no reason, but I get how they need money. The pop up ads in the middle of coloring doesn’t really upset me. I love their events, just wish they were shorter. Like 4 days or something. They should add a search feature, like if you want to color a certain thing. I love the diversity of how many pixels there are for each drawing because if you want something quick or long than you can choose. The camera feature is really cool! This game is fantastic, just needs some more improvements.
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4 years ago, Voodoo binger
Amazing App!!!
This app is honestly one of my favorite games I have played in my life. Every day there are new pictures and it’s very helpful when I’m bored. I’m always discovering new pictures and everything and it’s just great. I find it very calming and when I first downloaded this app I thought it would be FLOODED with ads like any other game I had installed in the past. But when I started playing this, I noticed how few ads there were. The only time I’ve seen ads is when you first click I a picture that you want to do. Other than that there are pretty much no ads. It’s almost like I downloaded a program to block ads or something! I find this app very calming and I totally recommend it for stressed/ impatient people. (Like me) this app has always been my go to whenever I want to kill time. And the best part is that it’s totally free, AND you don’t have to be on WiFi when using it. I find that as such a problem with past apps. As if I’m in the car, at one of my brothers hockey games, on flights, etc. Most apps that I download never work in the car or something because they need WiFi. And it’s not even an ONLINE GAME!! Anyway, I love this app and I totally recommend it!! <3
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4 months ago, hello my name is markis
A nearly perfect game
The game is great for just stress relief or just regular fun and it can be so relaxing (especially when I have a lot of anger to relive). There’s just some minor problems with the game. First, there are WAY too much ads. Like when I’m having a great time getting in the groove with my coloring, all of a sudden an add pops up. At first I’m like, “Okay, whatever let’s just get out of this add and get back to coloring.” Then, like 1-2 minutes later another add pops up and I’m like, “Wait, didn’t I just have an add like one or two minutes ago, whatever let’s just keep going with our drawing.” Then for the third time it happened again, when I see it I’m like “Okay, what kind of trick is this. This is three ads in only like six minutes that’s ridiculous.” Then, you guessed it, it happened again. Now I’m like “Okay now you’ve done it. Now you’ve really done it. Man I’m leaving this game.” The ads are just to constant. Playing the game can be relaxing, but those pop-up ads are just so annoying. Second, the self photo pictures are turned into beautiful bright sunny day to a picture that looked like it was drawn like a three year old even though you’ve put it on the hardest level. In conclusion, even though this game can be relaxing, it can also be straight up annoying.
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3 years ago, jnc0025
Disruptive mid-game ads
I’ve played faithfully for years. It’s one of the only games that I find relaxing and I enjoy the content. I understood that ads were necessary before and/or after each page, but adding multiple, long ads mid-game is a new low I’ve experienced from any app I’ve ever had. I’d considered upgrading previously, but was taken aback at how expensive the subscription was…. $15/mo or $47/yr?! That’s insane. I’d be willing to pay a one-time fee, or smaller subscription fee (another game I enjoy I gladly pay $3/mo and get a ton of content/perks). And now, disrupting the very thing that brings enjoyment from the app, RELAXATION, in a way that feels like a shady tactic to push people to paying exorbitant subscription pricing…?! Disappointing. I guess it’s time to shop around for competitors. EDIT: Forgot to add that over the past several months, it was also taking an insane amount of time to launch the app (it would just have a blank white screen forever before the logo would eventually appear). The game also drains my battery quickly and causes my phone to run hot. All inconvenient, but easily overlooked, because of the other benefits. But those benefits are now negated by mid-game ads. No one is arguing is arguing against the presence of ads for a free app, but this is ridiculous. At least consider incentivizing them; I find I will willingly watch more ads if I can get something for it.
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7 months ago, elliot2020202
Love it, but the ads are annoying.
I used to play this game a while back, like a few years ago and I remember it not having as many ads as it does now. Heck, I don’t even think it had any ads or if it did they weren’t as frequent. Nowadays though when you play, you’re hit with an ad immediately as soon as you open up a picture to color, then you’re hit with like five or so ads during the coloring process, and then another ad when you finish the picture. It’s like come on, really? I’m even hit with ads when I go to another app for a second to answer a message or check something and I try to start coloring again, boom another ad. What is with all these ads nowadays? Y’all have premium memberships now it should be more than enough to keep the app alive. I don’t understand why it has to have so many ads right now. It’s ridiculous. We shouldn’t be hit with several ads while we’re in the coloring process. I get hit with so many of them especially if I’m on a super complicated picture and I’m taking a while, I have an ad like twice every five or six minutes. It’s ridiculous. I’m gonna keep playing it cause it does pass the time but I’m starting to look elsewhere for similar apps.
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3 years ago, Tinga-ling
Spectacular app! One small issue.
Hi there! This is a wonderful app, it brings color by numbers to life and you can paint whatever picture you like! I love that you’re able to paint community creations and that you’re able to make them yourself too. I also love that there’s different types of creations and daily ones too! One small issue that I would like to address. I’m fine with the ads, I understand that revenue is made through them. But whenever you tap the wrong square while making a piece of art, it colors in the square slightly with the color you’re using. Making mistakes are irreversible and gives the whole Pixel Art experience a lot more anxiety. I know this seems like a small issue and is my own opinion, but that feature just seems really unnecessary. I’ve seen similar reviews mentioning this issue as well. It would be wonderful if a feature was added so you could at least tap the accidental square again to make it blank again or if the feature was just removed entirely so that no color is added to the wrong number square. Besides that, I think this app is fantastic. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Nick2846
Really like all tho..
I absolutely Love this game it helps me relax much more especially when I've been out in a very stressful day. It really helps me take away like problems even though it's not perfect there is really good things about it like how the pixels or simple but so decorative one to finish it although I do have some minor complaints. It drains my battery so easily yes my device usually only takes about 2 1/2 or three hours to go to die but if I play this for just half an hour it goes from either like a 98 to 63 which really annoys me although still a good game. I still love it at the end of the day other there is another complaint I have. Sometimes the pixels are way too hard to fine and sometimes instead of being relaxing it's a little stressful and one thing that also does not help the ads Omar the at the ad really just don't help then make it much more stressful for me whenever I want to take a second to relax every picture that I just painted color show me an app for cars which is really not helpful. If I was you I will get this app just ignore some of the minor issues at this game anyway other the skin is really good and I totally recommend it !
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6 years ago, A Billion French Fries
This app is great but..
I enjoy using this app. It runs a lot smoother than the other color by number apps, and I’m glad it doesn’t vibrate your phone or make you start over if you color a cell with the wrong color. Other apps do that but this is the exception, I believe. There is also a premium feature that allows you to unlock more art to color, removes ads, and removes the watermark. With the insane amount of ads, trust me, I want premium bad enough. It’s very expensive, though. However, I feel like a new unfair feature was introduced to the premium version. We can now create our own art out of photos taken by the camera or ones in our gallery. It’s just that you’re only able to make two of these before it gets locked into the premium version. I was very excited to start playing around with this new feature, and disappointed to learn that you can only use it twice. I think this feature should be changed and updated. Users already want to have premium badly enough, and I’m sure you’re making a lot of money off of the non stop ads, so please let go of it. I’d rather not download another app that works differently than this just to be able to insert and color my own images. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Puppylover765🐶
Its is wonderful but the update ehhhh
I litteraly love this game. It is my favorite out of all the other pixelated coloring apps out there and tbh the only one i use. I love the drawings and how detailed they are. I love how they post drawings so often and how the drawing keep a theme. The only thing is the update. Whenever i try to scroll it always accidentally clicks on a drawing which is kind of annoying. Also it is sooooo laggy. Sincethe update the app had been lagging and bugging out soo much amd it only happens when im on the app so its not my phone. Also i would like it if you changed the the big numbers back. Before the update the numbers on the coloring page were rhick and bold and i know this is wierd but i feel like making them thin was useless. They look like every other coloring app and the number being thin just makes me forget im even playing pixel art, it makes feel as if im playing amother pixel coloring game. It just tales away the uniqueness. GUYS DONT TRY TO BE LIKE OTHER COLORING APPS THIS GAMES UNIQUENESS IS WHY I PLAY IT RATHER THAN THE OTHER ONES IK ITS WIERD BUT I LOVED THE THICK NUMBERS WHEN COLORING NIW IT JUST LOOKS LIKE EVERY OTHER OF THESE APPS PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK AND FIX THE LAGGS. Overall this is an amazing game
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4 months ago, Nikkay1447
Best Coloring App
I have tried many coloring apps and this is the only one that has stuck. I don’t even know how long I’ve had it. I started out using it on an iPhone 8 with either my fingers or a stylus pen. YIKES. I now have an iPad mini with an Apple Pen and it makes all the difference. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this game without an Apple Pen and iPad of some sort, but I have recommended this app to friends that have both. I like to color in real life, but after a long day of work, it can be challenging to get all of the supplies out and think of great color palettes, so this is a great alternative. I only like to color the difficult, realistic pictures or pattern pictures. I don’t ever color the ones that are too easy or pixelated because I like a challenge. This is a great app for sitting on the couch and watching tv or when you’re in the car, as long as you make sure you have many pictures in your “in progress”. I tend to color in the first number of the pictures I like so that I have a bunch of them for road trips or evenings when I want to use the app. I just don’t like the amount of ads and think that paying for premium is unreasonable
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7 years ago, Zendajas
Really enjoyable
This is great app for adults and children. This was originally obtained for a pair of preschoolers who love playing games on screen devices and have extremely short attention spans, especially in public. I convinced myself that this app may help with number recognition and fine motor skills, which helped assuage my guilt about using my phone as a short term pacifier. After hearing the apps praises, I sat down and received a short tutorial from a 4 year old. After we started a new picture, I found this paint by numbers concept was really fun. It's quite relaxing and a decent way to wind down. The biggest plus though, it is something to do with a youngster that is as interesting to me as it for the child. The app was free to download, and so far I have found that there is an ample amount of free content. I haven't found the ads to be intrusive. If you have a problem with those issues there is a premium service that can be purchased. As long as I wake up in a couple weeks and find that everything requires a subscription, which has happened with similar apps, this game absolutely worth a five star review.
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6 years ago, Idorableluver
An amazing app, but there are a few things that need to be fixed
In the time I have had it, I have fallen in love with this app. I use it to calm down, and to color while listening to podcasts or doing other things. However, there are two things that really need to be improved. The first is the battery usage. This app drains battery faster than any other app I have ever used, including extremely graphics intensive applications. The battery drain is so bad that it can eat up 40 or 50 percent of an iPad battery in 30 minutes. It is something that desperately needs to be fixed. The other problem is the inability to search or sort pictures. When looking for an image to color, even in your own gallery, all you can do is scroll all the way down to the bottom. There is no way of searching for specific types or filtering pictures, with the exception of making completed and 3D images not show up. It is very difficult to find things and look for new images to color as a result, and the app would be greatly improved if the images were a bit better categorized and easier to find.
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2 years ago, Whichgoose
OK so l got this game a very long time ago Then I deleted it because it’s scary ads. A few years and a few months days stay in then I deleted it because it’s scary ads. A few years in a few months days and weeks I got it again. We tried it out again and figured out if you broght premium eight dollars a week there would be no more scary ads so now I’m trying it again and I’ve only done like one puzzle but now I’m really seeing that if you just buy premium like you’ll be the best game on earth if it’s all the other color by numbers I’ve had like I have this color by number that’s for a TV show but this game is like way better with the premium even though the TV show one has like no App purchases so farPixel it still beats the TV show one so I really recommend that you get pixel art there’s actually a bunch of pictures is the one with a rainbow wizard holding onto a red I hope you like the review I wrote and I hope that you get this game or if there are any bad reviews don’t listen to them well don’t listen to them if you want to buy premium BYE!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Ashton cool head
It was so much fun at first but as the game gets new updates it just gets worse and worse. It's not even enjoyable that much anymore. One suggestion is for the color board, make it by tens again since it takes SO long to get from one color to another. For example when you accidentally color 28 instead of one, you have to swipe so much longer to get to that color. Also make it so you can drag the color off screen like before. That is one thing I loved about this app more than others like it, is the fact that it could continue to drag so it colored a bit faster but taking this out was a bad idea. One last thing, this app lags like CRAZY. I can't play while on wifi or any connection really without it freezing and getting so frustrating. I am usually quite patient but I can't stand when this happens. I think it may be because of the adds so I do recommend put more time in helping the game work better and not the adds. I do recommend this and it is my all time favorite app but I just can't seem to enjoy it as much with the terrible updates. I ask you please take my suggestions and make another update that can improve the app instead of making it worse. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Say Wha???
I love this app BUT...
I have waited a long time to write a review and now I need to help this issue be resolved. I have spent so many hours coloring the photos but recently it crashes like every 30 seconds. To stop the app from crashing I would use it in airplane mode, but even in airplane mode it crashes. In airplane mode some of the pictures are locked even though I have paid for the app which I think is dumb. So to be able to draw and finish the pictures in airplane mode I would go through and color a small amount of every picture before putting my iPad into airplane mode. Coloring each picture a small amount helped but now I can't even color anything for a minute without the app crashing. This app should not have advertisements if you decide to pay for it. When I first started using this app it deserved the five stars but right now it only deserves three. I don't know if having the latest iOS would help but my iPad is too old to update to the newest iOS. Thank you for the app but please listen to our feedback to help improve this app.
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6 years ago, PinkRibbon Survivor
Zero stars if it was possible
I’ve had this app for some time now, it was always my go to, a fave of mine. Just recently the app started force closing, even when I put my device in airplane mode. It force closes at least 3x every time I open it now. They used to put about 6 new pics in every day now we 6 once maybe twice a week if we are lucky, the rest of the days it’s only 1-2 pics really? I’m no longer happy with it. It’s not my go to nor is it my fave any longer. If the force close issue gets fixed maybe I will go back to it and if they start putting more pics in like they used to. So my star rating is one for now, will change if the issues get fixed. Thank you for listening to me. UPDATED REVIEW I’m loving the new update of the app with daily art to color, hiding completed work etc so now I give 4 ⭐️ but the app force closed on me 5x in less than two minutes. My phone is running iOS 12.1 so that’s up to date and app is up to date. I’m wondering why the force close has gotten worse, can you please help me get the app running properly again? It closes while I’m coloring in airplane mode, but force closes even worse with WiFi enabled. Please help
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6 years ago, vampcherie
Cross Stitch World best Coloring app Cross Stitch World
Yes, cross stitch world is a coloring app. It’s a color by letter and number coloring program that is THE BEST out there, and it’s totally free to use!! It’s only named that because they look like stitches. The outcome of the pictures are totally awesome! Lots of game options. Look at your gallery, look at other people’s galleries. Add folders and organize your photos. See how long it took others to color the same pic, upload a pic to share online, and many more features! The pictures that are offered by the developers seriously real pictures, not a baby picture of a dinosaur that looks horrible when finished. There are TONS of photo packages with like 10 photos per package. You can earn them easily start with tons of credits to buy a few packages! You get tons of colors!! Upload your own photos to color, whether they are personal or something you find on Pinterest or web search. Share pics with friends and in return get pics from friends. Every time you finish a pic, you get credits towards buying one of the many many packages of themed pictures to color. GUARANTEE If you try cross stitch world you’ll never use this app. This app is a serious joke! Unfortunately Cross Stitch world named their app that and not coloring, because they kinda look like stitches. BUT TRUST ME! It’s coloring by letter and numbers. Get tons of colors!
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3 years ago, absinthequill
New ads in game?
I love this app… or at least I did until the latest update. It was the only app of its kind that didn’t force ads on you DURING a puzzle. But every since that update, I’m now receiving multiple ads while I’m playing, which really ruins the immersion and relaxation element. It may not seem like a big deal but for me it ruins it as the ads throw me off and sometimes startle me when I’m trying to relax. I’m hoping it’s a glitch that will be removed and not a new feature because I won’t be playing anymore if it is. Without the mid-game ads, this is otherwise a 5 star app so I’ll adjust my score as soon as it’s fixed! Edit: after the dev response, that had NOTHING to do with my review, I now want to give the app 1 star instead of 3. Clearly bots are replying and no one is listening to the HUGE amount of negative feedback about the mid-game ads. This feels like a cynical ploy to force people to buy premium, but the monthly cost is FAR too high for most people to consider! I personally would happily pay a one-time price to remove ads but there’s no way I can afford it monthly. A shame, this previously awesome app sold out and like many others it’s time for me to move on. Avoid this app if you hate ads popping up in the MIDDLE of your coloring. It’s terrible.
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5 years ago, Stan BTS and Stray Kids
I liked the game better in the 2017 updates
I really like this game. I liked that it was unique and not like the other pixel art apps. I did download other apps like this, but they were not like this one, so I deleted them off my device. They all looked the same and were not unique, unlike this app, before everything changed. I downloaded this app in November 2017 because of some ads I saw. The updates in 2017 were the best, to be honest. Some of the 2018 updates were good too, like the add your own pictures one. I personally like those updates better than the ones now. I was afraid this app would turn into the other pixel art apps I had downloaded before, so I turned off automatic updates for apps. My fear eventually came true. I had downloaded this app on my phone just to see what it looks like now, and I did not like it at all. It looks like all the other pixel art apps I deleted. I don't even think the pictures are being updated because they all were the old ones I have already colored on my iPad. I would appreciate it if you would change this app back to how it originally looked in 2017, but keep the add your own pictures section. Those were the reasons why I kept this app and deleted all the other pixel art apps I had.
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6 years ago, JoomaTWF
Fun game, annoying ads
The app is generally ok. It’s nice to turn my brain off and color every once in a while. It would be nice if there was a way to look at only the pictures I haven’t tried yet, but it’s not that much of an issue. The ads are my biggest complaint. I realize that a free app needs ads to make some money, but the frequency of them is a little annoying. When I first start the app up every morning, I get one ad before I start coloring and then another after I finish. I wouldn’t mind just one after I finish, but two for just one picture is too much. I also realize it might be impossible to decide which ads get played as banners while I work, but I swear that my game starts slowing down if the banner ad is animated at all. When the game slows down, I make more mistakes as the game will continue to color past what I actually see, and I start thinking of just starting some physical paint-by-number pictures instead of using this app. With the ads that play after (and sometimes before) you start working on a picture and the full ads that play when you add bombs or paint buckets, I really think the banner ads are superfluous and could be taken out entirely.
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6 years ago, xXJCMagmaCubeXx
Unexpectedly Amazing!
I saw so many advertisements and decided to give it a try. When I started, I made a goal to finish every single free drawing. When this was posted, it is New Year’s Day at night. I am still on the first one. Still, the cleverness of the power ups and the amazing and addicting gameplay make this a game that is worth being in the list of top free games. The grenades are so amazing and helpful, but not to over powered that it makes the game too easy. The other power up that I believe is a paintbrush is basically the same. The level of advertising and regaining power ups makes advertisements fair. The magnifying class feature is amazing and makes the game easier. The game even goes so far to not make changes that are incorrect, or change already corrected pixels. Pixelation in this game make the game exactly what it should be. Zooming in and out is key feature in the game. The selection of levels to color is amazing. Way better than having to do one level everyday and having them change even if you haven’t finished.
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2 years ago, Gummy bear fan02
Fun but 1 big problem
Solid coloring game with a lot of content. However, this game just chews through your battery life. After just 1 medium picture my phone is really warm and I’ve lost about a 1/5th of my charge. Only PUBG and round 300 on BTD have given me this problem before, I often can’t justify playing because I need my battery to last. I just don’t understand why this game is so demanding, any device old or new will have this problem even tablets become hot after just a few minutes. Ads weren’t a problem until recently. The lag spikes are gone now but in their place are random full screen ads while in the middle of coloring. They appear with no warning and often fail to even load properly so I’m starting at a grey screen thinkin the app crashed. Of all the places to put ads you chose the most intrusive and annoying place possible. Looking at other reviews a lot of people seem to have these issues as well, the devs responses almost always blame the user in some fashion. Telling users to just update the app or restart their device, they either won’t or can’t understand the issues are in their app and blame the community for it.
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3 years ago, Stampingmom
My favorite app until recently
This has been my favorite app for several years now. I understand the need for ads and have no problem with them before and after coloring and to gain access to certain pictures. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks there are now ads that pop up while I’m coloring, literally making the colors disappear from under my stylus while I’m coloring. This is extremely annoying, making me not only want to switch coloring apps, but also making me not want to buy whatever is being advertised. I see your rote response to everyone who has mentioned this issue, so I don’t expect anything better, but I feel you should know how many of your loyal users this annoys. I do have an oil painting app that I also like and I’m getting to where I just switch to that when these ads pop up. I will probably start looking for another pixel app if these pop up ads during coloring continue. You’ve been very successful for many years without these pop up ads, so I don’t think it’s necessary now.
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3 years ago, thatdancingpug
Great but a few problems
I think this game is great! I love color by number games, and I love to play this app while I’m watching Netflix or something. But, there are a few problems. First of all, the ADS. SO MANY ADS. There’s one when I tap on a picture, when I’m done coloring the picture, when I create a drawing. I would appreciate it if there were less ads. Second, this one bothers me. Let’s say I see a picture I like on the main menu and I think “Ooh, this picture looks nice to color!” But then I look down, and then it’s premium! Most of the pictures I want to color are premium. And third, the one I hate the most. When you see a picture you like, or when you’re scrolling down to find one, you accidentally tap on a different one! At least if you haven’t made any progress on it, it won’t appear in the “My Progress” section. I would like there to be a delete button. That way, if you accidentally tap on a picture you don’t want to color, you can just delete it. Please read these requests, and I hope these can be fixed in the future!
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4 years ago, Beef zombie pup
I’ve tried all of the pixel coloring apps
I think this might be the first review I’ve ever written, but this is my favorite coloring app of all time. I have tried countless apps to try to find one I really liked and nothing compared to this one. I like that you can zoom in on the photo without a “magnifying glass” because I personally don’t think it’s helpful. It gets in my way of what I’m trying to color, but they have the option to turn it on and off. Additionally, you can drag your finger over pixels of the same number instead of having to press each one by one, which is not only time consuming but annoying. They come out with new pictures everyday and most of the designs are really really cute!! Everything is free, with ads that are skippable before and after a picture as well as locked pictures that you can access by watching a 30 second ad. They also have bonus coloring set links for their app on their Facebook if you want extra designs as well! TL;DR this is the best coloring app, you should get it
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5 years ago, lolo4276
I love this app, I think it runs the smoothest out of any other pixel coloring app. This app also offers multiple images with 28+ colors, and these larger pictures are by far the best to color! The app is very relaxing and user friendly. There are a few things that could improve the experience of the program. For example, the battery consumption is extreme and uses more battery than any other app I have downloaded. I also wish there was a way to favorite images. It would be really wonderful to be able to save pictures that you have colored and would like to re-do. Because of how frequently images are uploaded, which is wonderful and greatly appreciated, it is a little annoying to scroll through the entire history to try and find just one. I really like the recent update that separates completed images, in progress works, and the ability to hide pictures that are done from the main screen. I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone looking for a relaxing coloring app!
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6 years ago, hayleejent
Super Great App
This is definitely in the top 3 of all the pixel coloring apps I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many varieties. I love that if I just color all over the whole image in the wrong color, I can exit out, come back to it, and it’s like I never made a mistake. Very few of the similar apps do that. I also like that I can take photos of my own and color those in. The only real problem I have with this app is how much of my battery it takes up. Whether it’s the first app I’ve used in a few hours or after I’ve used others. This is the only app I have that eats away so much at my better. And my phone is only a few months old, so it’s not due to how old my phone is. As for the ads, I can deal with them even if they may be annoying sometimes, but I really don’t think paying $7.99 per month is a fair price to get rid of ads and get unlimited wands and bombs. And maybe instead of just having them all clumped together in the same list, you could make categories so you don’t have to scroll down as much (i.e. holidays, people, animals, etc.). Overall though, it’s a really great app.
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4 months ago, mjrud
Leaving after 6 years
Sorry but I’m deleting your app after nearly six years of enjoyment. Like most other apps, it’s good in the beginning until you get your solid rating of 4+ reviews, then greed takes over and it doesn’t matter how many bad reviews you get after that, it doesn’t change the rating. You started ad-free, then started placing an ad banner on the bottom of the screen. When you weren’t satisfied with that, you slowly increased the ad content: first ads after completing a puzzle (acceptable), then ads before the puzzle, and now ads BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE PUZZLE. Now it’s: open app, ad comes up, X out three times. Open puzzle, another ad. Color EVEN ONE BLOCK, as soon as you take your finger off the screen ANOTHER AD. Then ADS EVERY TWO MINUTES DURING THE PUZZLE, and of course ANOTHER ad after completing the puzzle. Enough is enough, you have crossed the line. The only reason I’m not giving you one star is because of the fact that I did enjoy your app before you got greedy. Now it’s not an app, just an ad. And don’t bother responding with a canned reply about how you need the ads. There are plenty of other coloring apps, WE don’t need YOU.
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6 years ago, Falloutuniverse
Great game but problems with recent update
I love this game, it’s the best pixel art game out there by far, and I’ve played it for over a year now. However, after the most recent update to the game I started having severe problems with the game to the point that I can no longer play it. Whenever I open up a picture to color, I can start coloring and everything is fine for the first 30 seconds. After about 30 seconds, and it’s always the exact same amount of time after opening a picture, the game entirely freezes up. I can’t tap, I can’t go back, can’t scroll, nothing. And I know it’s not my phone because I can easily close the app and do anything else on my phone with no lag or any problem. Even if I minimize the app and then go back it is still completely frozen. It’s a shame because before this I would play this app every single day and I’ve never had a problem with the game until now. I really hope this gets fixed soon or I won’t have any reason to keep the app if I can’t play it.
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5 years ago, Robloxian Fantasy King
Love this game
This is a really fun game with great features. I downloaded it a few years back and really enjoyed it but then I deleted it. I re downloaded it not to long ago and everything is so different! I must say I like the new update better. If I’m bored or tired I can just open up this game and it is relaxing. I love the selection of 3D and 2D works and how you can take pictures of your own. I downloaded Sandbox Coloring after I deleted this and I like this game better. This game helps you relax and unlike Sandbox, you can’t upload your own created works which for some reason I don’t like. I also love the daily selection of works. This game is fun and I will keep playing! My one complaint is ads. I am fine with ads before and after every work but ads while you are coloring I do not like. It minimizes my view of the work and it sort of just ruins the feeling. Please read this and consider my suggestion. I love this game and I will keep playing. Thank you for giving your time to read this!
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6 years ago, T. Hartwell
Fun and inventive, but I wish the pictures weren’t spoiled!
It’s a great app, fun for killing downtime. My only complaint/suggestion would be that I wish there was an option to not see a preview of the finished picture—as is every picture is visible in B&W, and while I understand most people like to get a preview of what they’re working on, I like the surprise of it myself. Maybe if there was an option to only see the outline of an image, or if the shading could be turned off when you’re working on the image. Before, I used to color the entire image with one color so that it showed as monochromatic on the preview pane and I could still be surprised with the final product. With the recent update, however, the app automatically “fixes” when I color the wrong numbers, which for my purposes was awfully disappointing (I used to also have fun coloring the entire image number by number, watching it grow to completion in the preview pane). These are of course idiosyncratic means of using the app, but it gave me more dimensions of playing with the images that I enjoyed. Ah, well.
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3 years ago, Kasper9981
Love it, but battery beware
This app is great for passing the time. I love the pictures and the addition of the “books” a while back. However, this app will chew through your battery in a blink. I’ve found if I turn off my WiFi (data) I can cut down dramatically on the battery drain and prevent my device from heating up. The ads that run at the bottom have been so bad at times they slowed my home WiFi a few times, so they are definitely the problem. Either spring for an ad free version or turn off your data and you’ll enjoy this app more. Also, I’ve never been able to get the extra pictures from Facebook, but that’s no biggie since the app still has plenty to keep me busy. Edit 1: To stop the app from freezing while working on a picture, disconnect your device from the internet. The ads are causing the app to freeze, especially when they transition from one ad to another. Edit 2: The developer dropped me a note with a fix for getting the extra pictures. Yippee!
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4 years ago, viprofox
The game itself is pretty good. But today I was playing and I wanted to do an art that was locked. I watched the ad ( didn’t click anything and watched UNTIL THE END ). So after I watched it, I was back at the title screen. Guess what? Yeah! IT WAS STILL LOCKED. I watched it again and the it opened. But I am not very happy. Another thing that upsets me is how u get the color splash thingie and the magic wand thingie. U have to watch an ad, and I’m okay with that. But! Once u watched one ad, u can’t watch another one to get the second thingie. ( and yes, I know that sometimes when u watched the first one u can watch another one and get three thingies. And that’s nice. But after there is no way u can get more unless u get the membership ). And ANOTHER THING. ( about the ads ). Usually, I can press the x button and get back to playing. But half the time, I struggle getting back. I have to close the game over and over again to get back. And it’s really really ( REALLY ) annoying.
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2 years ago, Vold3mortBrick0wski
Just short of being an ultimate mobile game
Ok, I love Pixel Art. I’ve used every day for the past few years and have done every daily picture. But, I do have some issues that if resolved could make for a better experience First of all: optimization. I’ve played Pixel Art on a base iPhone 8. It’s a great experience, don’t get me wrong, but performance is an issue. I’ve had several occasions of slowdowns, long boot times, unresponsiveness, and the occasional crash. Look, I understand not supporting outdated devices, but as of writing this, iPhone 8 has the latest software of IOS 15, and will also get IOS 16. I feel like at least optimizing older but supported devices should at least be attempted. There are some big quality of life things that could be very useful. First of all, as someone who has completed at least 2,000 pixel arts, there should be some sort of searching system. There could be a search bar at the top of the my works section which would allow you to search for different types of pixel arts. It could work by theme (Egyptian, animals, etc.), by type (3D, large 2D, etc.), or another system. It would just be a really nice quality of life feature. Another big thing I would love is if there was a systemic that would show you pixel arts from a certain time frame. For example, there could be one per year. So where does that leave me? Well, I really like the app, but I feel that if my ideas were executed properly, this could be one popular app.
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4 years ago, user 392026363
Pretty good
I really love this game and have been playing it a lot since I got it. I love how you can watch an ad to get one of the premium photos because on some of the other pixel art apps most of the good photos are premium and it doesn’t give you the choice to watch an add but this one does! Also I love how you can make your own without premium which is something other apps require to do so. This app would normally get a great review but unfortunately I had to give it four stars instead of five, because they don’t have categories for the photos which is something I rely on a lot. If there were categories it would be so much easier to find the type of picture that we wanted to color rather than just scrolling through the main page. I found myself wanting to color a flower but I couldn’t seem to find one but if there had been categories I could have just selected the category for flowers and look through the options. But really other than that this app is great and I would recommend it so somebody else.
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3 years ago, Reese's stuff
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game is so fun it relaxed me so much every single time I get to play on this phone I always choose this app it is the best but guess what… Some people don’t have this game!!! Can you believe it it is so good I can’t believe that people don’t have this gameSigh… I wish everybody had this game it is so fun first It relaxes you And much more but it has a lot of ads there could be a little bit of changes so people who are reading this keep reading! So you guys have to give this a five star it is like the best you need to get this app!!!!! It is like so good I can’t believe that people don’t even have this game it calms them down oh that is so not true people have to have this game like oh my gosh people oh my gosh you just need to have this game it is the best you can choose like any picture you can also take a picture and then color it like not color in a coloring book but like color it so go ahead and get this game!!! OK bye
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3 months ago, iveyrenee
Great game but amount of ads…
I absolutely love this game, I’ve had it for 5+ years and it’s great for calming stress and anxiety but the amount of ads seems insanely excessive at this point. Ad before opening a picture, multiple ads while coloring a picture, and an ad at the end of a picture. On top of that every one of these ads has a MINIMUM of 5 seconds before you can close it, some of them have more time, and some have 2-3 layers with 5 seconds minimum each. Several of these ads cause the game to freeze up and the only way to solve the issue is to close out of the app completely then reopen it. It also drains your battery extremely quickly which makes me not want to use it as much as I have to make sure I will be near a charger. Lastly, I would love to be able to sort different types of pictures based on amount of pixels, I love the super detailed pictures and only want to color those sometimes, and other times I only want quick and simple ones so I think adding the option to sort them would be helpful
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