Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter

4.8 (869.7K)
785.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cubic Games
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter

4.77 out of 5
869.7K Ratings
2 years ago, bvop. (2015 player)
The game has obviously changed a lot since 2015.
If we’re going to be honest here, Pixel Gun 3D has changed so much since the early release of the game and since then they have made the game so much better. I just wish people wouldn’t make this game so underrated! It’s very addictive, but not TOO addictive, and unlike many, MANY other mobile games it doesn’t overdo it with the ads, with about an ad per 2-3 matches. Any other ad you see has probably cause you wanted to get an extra spin, or something. I remember when the game was in it’s prime, though. The lobbies took like 2 seconds to connect to, and Deadly Games 4-5 seconds. One thing they have unbalanced is the fact that gems are so easy to get now. Coins are just basically gems from like 2018. You have like 4 of them since you use your coins on guns, and then to upgrade you guns you have to use coins! Why can’t we just keep it just as gems, like it used to be? I have no criticism for this game whatsoever except for the fact that this game needs to nerf the early snipers and make the actual 20-50 level snipers one-shot, instead of some 9 year old grabbing a Brutal Headshot Hunter and upgrading it with 100 gems (which is like a days worth of gems, 2018 players just cringed) to make it a headshot weapon. Thanks Cubic Games!! I hope you found this helpful, especially for the old players.
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5 years ago, GlacticTacos
Fun but there is some problems
I enjoy this game it’s awesome and they added a BUNCH of new stuff. Some of the things they added like the new world is cool and all but other stuff like the trophies is not. First of all the TROPHIES you lose like 30 or 33 trophies when you lose a match but when you win the match you only get like 20. Second of all the PLAYERS, you get matched players with higher levels that you! These players have stuff you don’t even know existed because you haven’t unlock them! The players have god armor and god guns and it basically leads you to an automatic lose because it makes other players rage and when you want to see how many players are in your team you find out they all left. Then there’s the main problem I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but there’s this thing about the new world. This new world is WORLD 4 in the world there is some thing that tells you that you need 6 stars to unlock guess what? I can’t play in the new world! Before world 4 I completed all the other worlds and I have more than 6 stars in all the worlds and I still can’t play the game I searched all around the internet to see what to do but I can’t find anything only videos of YouTubers playing through the world. I’m really sad that I can’t play the world because I was really looking forward to playing it. Hope you fix the problem or plz tell me if I’m just being dum and that there something I need to do but until then I’m just going to be sad :(
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6 years ago, TheBelugaMan45
Please fix the lucky chest!
I enjoy this game very much. But there are some problems I must address. The main one I was thinking of is the lucky chest. Before, once it landed on one of the special weapons (ex. Spark Shark, Power Claw...) you would obtain it instantly, though very rare. Now though, it is just as rare to land on it, but when you do, you only get about 5 parts. I know it is just as rare because I had not received any parts until I was level 23. I don’t even grind a lot to get to a higher level very quickly. Please put those items in it back to how they were before. I’m fine with all the other parts of random weapons and customizations being in there, but the special weapons should remain how they were before. NOT REQUIRING PARTS. I want it to be just as rare as before to land on them, but once you do, you should obtain them instantly. I don’t even want it so that it is common to land on them, but you only get a few parts. I just want it how it was before. Honestly, unless the rarity of the drop is only for me, I feel like everyone who got a drop of only parts for the special weapons should now receive the weapon that they got the parts for. Just as a reminder, I am only talking about the weapons like the golden friend, spark shark, power claw and the candy baton. I must add in that other puzzle piece weapons should be less expensive, and gems should be easier to obtain. Besides these issues, I really like this game, and I hope to see it improve.
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4 years ago, AsheyPretty
Match Same Gun Players with other Same Gun Players
Okay, I’ve been here since 2013 or so, and I’ve been on and off of this game for a few years just to come back to see that the matches I’ve been put into have players with OP level guns? They have the new update guns and the ones that you have to craft from chests, and I’m over here with the standard shop guns, which can’t even compare to how much damage it does to the ones that were just released. I feel useless to my teammates in-game when I keep dying to an OP gunned player, and I end up with like two to four kills on average in each team game I’ve played. I find it ridiculous and unfair that they have those kind of guns which are close to one shot kills, and I have to go through all of my guns to kill one player. My patience runs thin when I’m put into a game with players with those kinds of guns who should be fighting someone on their level with the same kind of guns. It makes more sense, because if you’re fighting lower leveled players, then that’s not making you a better player, it just makes it easier for you to enjoy the game when it should be a challenge. Other players with those new OP guns are like bosses to defeat by others in-game. I just want a chance not to be killed every time I spawn in by an OP gunner. Please take this into consideration of players who love this game yet want to battle same level opponents. Don’t put a puppy in front of a bull to fight, that’s how I feel in this situation.
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6 years ago, My dog is actually an Alien
Fun, but BR is unbalanced and the camera is bad
I have played pixel Gun for a long time, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve made friends on that game when I was younger, and have fond memories of it. But after replaying it, I found some gripes with the balancing of weapons in the game. First, I’m going to talk about normal multiplayer, then about the Battle Royale mode. The main modes are pretty fun, and my favorite is Deadly Games. But, there are major issues with the weapon balancing in the game mode. All of the guns feel WAY too weak, and then there’s the double barrel shotgun, that could Instakill at very close range. That’s the only good weapon in the mode, and the only thing coming close to it is the flare gun. I want the guns to be able to do good damage to people, but not too much damage. Right now, it feels like I could unload two whole magazines into someone, and they still haven’t died. The battle royale mode has the same issue. I feel like all of the weapons are unreliable in combat. Only a select few feel good to use in those modes. Now to the camera in BR. The third person view in Pixel Gun BR is awful, in my opinion. I want there to be an option to change it to first person, but I can’t find a way. Besides that, the gameplay is pretty smooth for a Mobile game. One final thing I want to see added is a more detailed skin editing mode. Please. (Also bring the ability to use the firework cannon to knock people around in sandbox and bring back Quiet island 😐)
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6 years ago, just look twice
Well one problem
So this game is great but there are some miner problems and one big problem. The miner ones are like the prices of upgrading and how hard it is to get a thing different than coins in the lucky chest or gems it was my first time getting something besides that and what it was is worth 20 gems rather a gun being a lot more rare. I had another account and I had the power claw from the lucky chest and the golden friend also from the lucky chest and it feels like you just made it more rare or I’m just unlucky and everyone else that wrote a report as well. So for now call it the unlucky chest or just make people a little more lucky because the coins I get are usually 3 I can get 3 coins in one game. And now the big problem is the fact that people can shoot you when your a mile away but on their screen ur floating so all they have to do is shoot you on their screen and your being damaged until they pretty muck kill ya and that pretty much wastes your trophies like I probably would have won if that doesn’t happen. Another miner problem is adding so many new things like battle Royale fun but we aren’t trying to compete with pubg or fortnite like just kind of make your own game but otherwise great game and if you read this whole thing I just want to say I rated it five stars because it is great just has a lot of “bugs” if you know what I mean campaign players.
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7 years ago, KittyMischief14
Great Game but I still like the way it used to be
So I played this game around a year or two ago and I remember how cool it was, I just started playing it again and it took me awhile to get used to all the new things, at first I didn’t like the fact of how now in the Co-op survival there’s only a certain type of weapon you can use at a time, like primary, back-up, melee, special, sniper, and heavy. Back when I used to play I remember that you could use whatever type you wanted, I also miss some of the maps that you can no longer play in, like the slender forest and some of the other maps that you can play in the Business mini-game. There are quite a few of maps that got removed and they were fun to play in, I also remember that you could play team with the scary pizzeria map, I also miss the red and blue team system because then you could pick what team you’re on instead of going in and be on the team that has 12 points more than your team, I also don’t like the fact that if you exit out of the match you’re in you lose a lot of trophies and when you lose matches you lose trophies as well, I just don’t like that part, if you lose you shouldn’t lose trophies because if you keep losing and you’re on team it’s not your fault you keep losing, the other team could just have better weapons and defence, if you win trophies you should keep them
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6 years ago, GoodVibesJoe
Incredible, but needs improvement
I LOVE this game. It is an incredible experience, and is a good way to pass the time. I am very pleased that you can earn extra trophies after a fight for getting more points and kills. The idea of rewarding a player even AFTER they have won with even more trophies is great. And how if you do better than your team you can lose less trophies instead of the classic 30 makes it even more fun. My issue with the game is all of the insane money spenders. I personally have thrown a few bucks into it. But the fact that when new weapons are released, more expensive and powerful than the old ones, I can’t keep up with those who pour so much money into the game. I remember how the Automatic Peacemaker used to be one of the best weapons in the game. I worked for the gun, and it payed off. Then, the game had major updates and my favorite weapon, I spent more than a year buying gear to help it be better and training with it, was useless. New weapons like the Anti-Hero rifle took the spotlight, and even the most powerful weapon in the game, the Prototype, was replaced with a new gun. And later came the Champion Peacemaker, which we also eventually nerfed. I’d just like to be able to use my favorite weapons I’m good with without having to lose every time. We all know that losing time and time again is no fun. Thank you, and I hope the developers read this!
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3 months ago, hndfygmhgsdrghmgfesrhmg
i absolutely LUV THIS GAME!! maybe too much…..but let’s not small talk! (all these glitches I’m naming are in free play) I need to talk about good things and bad things (mostly bad things) glitch #1 a cars hit box several times i have been out of the way of a car and i still get killed!!!!! I’ve been playing for…for…ffooorrrr… I honestly have no idea, maybe two or 3 years??? 2023 right now, I DON’T KNOW but it has happened. glitch #2 one time my brother was playing and by the way, if you jump off of a High enough place yr glider will kick in so my brother did this but instead of gliding down to safety he went underneath the World……wut?!?!?! Glitch #3 you have a bomb u can throw but if you walk into a wall or fence or latter and throw your bomb!… your bomb won’t cool down this means you can throw infinite times when you’re at the fence or wall glitch #4 this one is really weird there’s an airport you can go to and a helicopter that you can’t drive but you can get underneath it while you’re squatting and you can hit the jump button (which will cause you to unsquad) and The helicopter won’t stop you from standing up!!! Well, i I think that’s it!!!! Ohhh! One good thing! i forgot, if you play on a mobile device it will tell you what percentage it’s at from 3 bars or under!!!!! if all these glitches weren’t in the game i would give it 5 stars but….. well ya, you know. Have fun playing!!!!!!!!! :)
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5 years ago, Someone who lost Gems
Great game but
Although I enjoy this game in every way, I have found a huge problem that has been affecting more than one person. Eventually in the game things get incredibly expensive and gems and coins get harder to obtain. I was saving up my gems for weapons and gadgets in the future, but as I was trying to play the game I accidentally upgraded my feed instead of just changing my weapon. I had 90 gems and I dropped to 60 just from that. Not much of a problem, I’m pretty lucky, but I had tried to spin my lucky chest for more gems (my free chest has been available), but I had lost all of my gems from nothing. All of my hard work down the drain. Gone just with a snap; furthermore, I would like to ask of you all to please try and fix this and provide a solution for all of this. Like maybe an ability to downgrade things, or sell them for gems and coins. Maybe add a trading system so people can do giveaways easier, and trade things for coins and gems. That would easily change everything, and make people more able to get currency so they can buy more. Another suggestion is to add a whole menu where extra deals are made, or items that are starting to gain value are sold for more or have deals. That was just a suggestion for you guys. I would like you to mainly find a way to get my gems back considering it was hours of grinding for those gems.
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4 years ago, Barbas lee
pixel gun 3d
pixel gun 3d i’m giving this a 5 star because this game is super fun and cool i enjoy it and love it but there are some issues and problems about this game. first off i like to say that when i join or play a duel match the person i’m going to play duels with see my trophy and thinks that i’m in a higher level which makes them cancel the match i wish that when you do a duel you don’t see the trophies and lvl. i also want you guys to add like a training match to train players better and become a pro not a noob but if you do add a training match don’t make it minutes just let it be for free train how ever you want , because for sandbox it a time limit which makes the game boring and not fun please take that away from sandbox. Also can we hire a training coach and to pay them with 20-40 coins or gems ? i also recommend to create our own guns, collect parts to create our own powerful gun. and why are the guns so expensive ? i can only barley afford 1 gun... because i’m broke but it’s okay just make a good discount on weapons to make the game better . And maybe you guys can create a hiding spot on any map that would be so cool!!. One more thing can we donate coins and gems to people/ friends? i would love to do that anyways thanks hope you read this. i’ll be waiting for you guys to make an update of adding all these stuff i told you guys about. thanks!
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1 year ago, children saftey
My Basic Review
I’ve known Pixel Gun 3D for a long time now, and personally I think it is one of the best games. There are so many game modes to choose from, same as guns. I do find it a bit overwhelming that you can upgrade your gun, I feel like the developers should choose one main damage amount for each gun, and here’s why: So basically, if I’m in-game i’ll encounter somebody, which we are fighting with the EXACT same weapon, I hit them multiple times and they’re still alive, and take note that they have no armer, we both just have our regular 100% health. Than, the other people hit me once with the same exact weapon and I die, isn’t that a bit unfair? Also this is a 50/50 game because some guns do take lots of work to gain up to, but at the same time you can also just pay to win. I think being able to just buy anything with real money is a bit of a mistake since many people put in loads of effort to get up to very good weapons when somebody who has been playing for 2 days automatically has it already since they payed for it. I understand you may need the money, but it just ruins some parts of the game. I do understand charging money for large amounts of coins or gems, though. Besides that, I think it’s a really nice game with lots of things to keep you entertained! Thanks for reading, 😋.
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6 years ago, lidhsdlibddlub
Pixel Gun 3D Review. To much money.
I have played Pixel Gun 3D for a while know. Me and my cousins play it all the time. We only have a couple of fixes that should be made. First the coins, gems, passes, and what ever you want to make are overpriced in actual money. Second things to help you out in the game such as guns cost way to much, they should really bring the cost down, and have more good guns be in the cost of coins and NOT gems. Third they should add older types off guns that do good damage. Fourth the “lucky” chest is NEVER good it only gives out coins and gems also the egg spawner is absolutely horrible it only gives out common eggs sometimes better but very rarely. Fifth they need to add the final island in campaign mode, this is because I love the campaign because you can play it offline. Sixth when they add a new weapon it is way to over powered, such as the judge that thing is still overpowered. They should also add more of those block destroyer maps. Maybe with more levels to it or in a shape. That is what they should change and add to Pixel Gun 3D to make it more suitable to me and many other people. Ps-I know that they are not gems they are diamonds but I did not want to type diamonds all the time. I also still love the game but those few things make me mad. I really love the sniper shoot out it is one of there best ideas. Also I’m adding on to this when I think of it. So one may be one day then another the next week so on.
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4 years ago, hbgvhbgvgvgv
A good game if there wasn’t so many issues
Lemmie get this straight, this could be a good game if there wasn’t SO many issues. Emphasis on the word COULD. The weapons are too expensive. I’m level 34 and you expect me to have 1,000 coins at that level?! No! That’s just not possible!!!! There can be two changes. One: Lower the costs of all weapons by a MAJOR amount. Two: Increase the amount of coins and gems you get from matches. I think 10 for coins and 1-10 for gems could be enough. This 3 category spamming is just too much... make like a cool down between switching weapons or something because I’ve had enough of this... also nerf weapons like the Epee, Proton Freezer, and those other high damage weapons. I was one shotted like 5 times my last game! And I had pretty good armor too! Also implement some sort of skilled matchmaking. There are way WAY too many lvl 65s I’m getting match up against! Lvl 1-10 will be matched up against each other, 11-20 will be matched up against each other, 21-30 will be matched up against each other, 31-40, 41-49, and 50-65 should be good. Also don’t make this game SUCH a ptw. I’m never able to get coins ever. Also, is it just my luck or is it where you purposely rigged it to where you are never able to win in the luck based chests and lottery. Plus don’t stray from the FP like nature from BR! This game is mainly FP, so keep it that way! Thanks for reading! Please make these changes. If you did, I might give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
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Read my review please
Best mobile game to exist, that’s what I thought until realisoft sold this game and you guys added pets and over complicated random stuff that made the game far too easy. I liked the game more when it was hard to win, easy to die, and there are too many guns so you basically don’t know what’s good. You ALWAYS need to upgrade your weapon every rank, not giving you a chance to get new ones. But since early 2021 I feel like the game is feeling a bit better, but not by too much since your just making the game easier. I dislike the fact that the clans stuff is like impossible to get, and you can just farm gems by ads every day and end up with like 300 at the end of the week, and only to spend it upgrading weapons and not getting legit stuff. The game is really weird in my this sense and I want you guys to do a balancing update or something. I always loved this game ever since I heard about it, and I played it since, loosing accounts and getting new ones and what not. It was a trip, and the game is still good. But you guys can do a lot of things to make it better. Also WHEN YOU LOOSE MAKE IT SO YOU LOOSE TROPHIES! how do you play like this. It makes the game more fun when there’s a loss. You have to be good to get good, ranked trophy matches are here for a reason. Change it back. Thanks.
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5 years ago, The red hoodie guy
Too Much
I have played this game for almost 7 years now and it’s been alright, however the game is just to OP. There’s SO MUCH STUFF they’ve added and it’s just so much. To be like really good you HAVE to spend money theres no other way. Some of those guns are like 1500 gems and anyone who has played the game knows that you don’t just get that easily. You would have to play the game for like 3 hours a day for like 2 months. Also, people, I hate Fortnite but this game is kind of turning into what happened to that game. The OG times of the game like 4 years and it was fun back then. The game wasnt SUPER hard and you rarely saw someone with like really good guns. And not everyone was a SWEAT like it is now but it was easy to rage at the game. There is some things that the game needs to change, the one thing I would like to see is that the people in the lobby’s should be the same levels. Because it’s not like a small amount of people play this game. Also I’ve spent almost $80 in this game so I wish it was worth it, but of course as they always do, 2 weeks later there was another update and the guns I just bought were trash compared to the guns they added. I’m not complaining because I don’t even play this game that much anymore and I’ve moved on. But Please read this because I know people who play this game (like 20) and they all think the same.
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6 years ago, Gokooryo opposite
Prices and FALL DAMAGE :0
Ok so I want to report this as a message of my opinion and the opinion for many other pixel gun players. This game is so amazing and is arguably the best mobile game ever. Especially for me. This game has been through changes over each update you place upon it. Now I don’t have much of a complaint to the new generated movements because it is a very good way for players to adapt to it and I have successfully achieved this updated virtual exercise except for the ongoing fall damage. I have noticed whenever I approach a fight I always end up Getting dominated not from my opponent but from the in avoiding fall damage. Not only does this remove damage but from higher range this can remove all your health at once. Not only does this issue occur to me but the price of parts for new weapons is now entering the game. Usually when I write a report, relying on cubic games you have always been kind to answer my willing opinion by removing or adding things, which I appreciate. But most weapons are currently running as parts that come in small amounts in order to collect hundreds of parts. I understand your change but I think it’s better to lower your parts to collect on each item or at least make it purchasable for many players. I know I can rely on your company and I hope you understand these unnecessary issues. Thank You.
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6 years ago, Cadeopotatoe
I love pixel gun but however....🤔😏
I love pixel gun but however it’s there’s some glitches that must be fixed. I like the battle royale, but there’s some glitches like one time I was skydiving into Elite village, I was almost there when I saw Elite village on the mini map, now I know this is a early game mode and it just came out but o the mini map it’s showed I was at Elite village, but on my screen I showed I was still far from it. It annoyed me and when I was about to get there the circle formed and the storm was moving and I had no gun whatsoever. That glitch was annoying and this guy killed me when I had no gun. Now I have on more glitch that I recommend that u fix, in team fight on all maps, there’s this glitch that makes u go off the map and sends u flying when you use the jet pack. This glitch is so annoying and makes my game crash after I fall off the map. This glitch was one of my most hated glitches and this started happening after battle royale came out. I use to be able to use the jet pack to kill lots of people and take people by surprise but now that can’t happen because that strategy includes goin very high up to the fly limit. Thnx for reading my review and I hope u fix these two glitches and I really like this game and I’d hate to stop playin this game because of these two glitches. Thnx for everything!😎😍😁😃😏
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3 months ago, he thick boi
This game made me sigma
I like game it skibidi toilet sigma roller fan ur free version t I can have my phone with me if you don’t get it lol I have max I don’t wanna get lvl up on my iPad so you can have to wait till I lose my money back lol bro lol I got a hold on my computer lol lol bro I don’t feel like good it is so bad I’m on the the way I’m done I’m not working I’m just getting my car back to the back I’m going back to the house and I’ll try and stop to get my car lol lol I’m bout a jump in a shower I’m not working lol lol I’m not working I’m on my way back home lol lol bro I’m bout to go eat and I’ll be back soon bye buddy I’ll give it a shot I’m good bro bro what’s ur name and I don’t know why he was like I don’t know how much I was like oh my mom is like a kid I’m so scared to cry lol I’m so scared to be scared of me I’m scared to death I just want to die lol lol I don’t know how to do anything lol I’m sorry I didn’t know I was going to call you but I don’t feel like I’m going back lol I’m sorry I’m not having a hard time lol I’m not working today I just got home I love you mommy I love y’all mommy love you so mommy bye bye daddy bye buddy bye daddy love you buddy bye mommy bye daddy love you mommy daddy daddy love you mommy I love you mommy daddy daddy mommy mommy I don’t feel good lol bro bro I’m good buddy buddy bye I got my money done and I’ll give me some love for it lol I’m bro I love you
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6 years ago, Ice_Dragon02
Great game:Some issues
The game is great and I can’t lie about how much fun I had having this game when it was still growing, but I refuse to give it the five star that it deserves due to two problems. First problem, the “lucky” chest. This chest is not even lucky as it’s name implies to be. I cannot describe how much pain and agony I went through trying to get something different than just coins and gems. I know that they are hard to get and farm naturally, but why would you add all those amazing weapons and tools in the spin if you have no chance of getting them, and only get 3 coins or gems in return for your 4 hour wait. Second issue, the level balancing in matches. I can’t count how many times I have spawned in a match only to get camped or sniped after a few seconds by a player with way higher level weapons than me. I mean how is a swat rifle suppose to go up against a peacekeeper in a cramped map. And how is a grenade launcher supposed to help a giant a person with the Armageddon, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. All in all I’m just saying that you have to fix some of these problems. Not just for me,, but for all the players who live this game and want to see it grow more. It is still a great game and I will never stop playing it, but just keep on doing what you kept doing in the past and be more creative and thoughtful. And please keep up the amazing work with the updates.
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6 years ago, Nolan da kill
Hey! Here’s some things you can use to improve the game!
Okay so I’ve had this game for about 1 year and a half, so here are some things I think you should add. First, I think that you should do like a once a month thing we’re the discounts are 40-45% off, this way we could have more guns, and you don’t have to apply this to gem-costing guns, so that you don’t lose that much money. Second, I know you just had an update, but I think you should add a new gun about every 1-2 weeks so that we always have something to look forward to! Third, I think that you should lower the gambling or whatever you want to call it down to 200, instead of 250, or maybe even 150, because as it is, it is close to impossible for a free to play player (I’ll just call them FTPP for the rest of the review) to get one of the guns like the destruction system. Fourth, you should maybe try to add some more game modes, or maybe even more limited time game modes, like the sniper shootout, which I think was a great idea btw by adding the recoil, so that we don’t get bored of the same game modes. And Lastly, I think that you should maybe listen to these comments a bit more, even though you might not even see this, but if you do, please answer all the things above with what you might do with them. Please and Thank You, and as always, keep shooting at the enemy!!!
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1 year ago, Low-Intelligence
Help pls
Idk if it’s a bug or what but I haven’t played this game in a year or two and I downloaded it again today I played and it was just as hard but fun as I remembered but I tried to play battle royal mode since I couldn’t on my last terrible phone and it was super unnaturally easy like fighting bots type easy and everything died in like two shots from the shotgun after the first 5 easy dubs I thought only trash players played royal mode and it was easy money but after the 7th time it actually felt like I was fighting people and I finally died so I thought it was a beginner mode for the first few rounds of royal mode so you didn’t get dropped by sweats and never play again but when I went back to normal team matches it was impossible everyone had op guns advanced gear and gadgets and even unloading entire magazines of every type of gun did almost nothing to their shields let alone health I think royal mode glitched out and after winning over and over it thought my skill level was way higher than it is and scuffed my match making although in royal mode you have none of your stuff and level doesn’t matter so i don’t see why it would effect the normal game but I digress because before then the game was hard but manageable and I used to average over 20 kills on good maps now I join on death match or teams and I’m lucky to get over 5 pls help
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2 years ago, okabanab
Fun for me but not for my friend
I love this game and my friend does too but he always thinks this game is racist to beaners because he gets so unlucky sometimes. Also we 1v1 on Forge map but I was killing him too much times that at one point he left and said in chat why? And when I activated the pixel pass he was done he knew I would kill him easily and said to me. Plz dont use that on me use other weapons because it will be unfair. He knows that mostly all my weapons are bunch of Mythics! Also I have a friend that joined ever since this game has been launched and quit 2 years later skiped like 6 years and he returned only to find out hes og weapons werent that og anymore also he was at a low level which when I played with him once he died like 45 secs into the game. And when he checked what weapons there were now he knew he could not get them he would have to fight with these trash weaopns that once were og. Worse part is that is default shotgun which was that most op thing back then wasnt anymore he once got killed by the fake pistol and ultimatum and noticed hes crossbow which was rare only had done 3 damage he shot him in the head nothing… thats why he really angry but he cant really play because he knows he cant win he can only hope he will join a good team or have og people on his side!
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3 years ago, Desolation1783
This game saved my friendship.
A few years ago, I was doing choir. “Choir,” you may ask, “Really? That’s kinda lame...🙁”. You would be right, of course. It was lame. However, I did meet my best friend there, and we communicated through this game for 2 years until I discovered what email was. But enough about me, I’m writing this to inform you about the ins and outs of Pixel Gun. Pixel Gun is, for the most part, a great game that’s relatively fresh and entertaining. You can expect regular updates from the developers and a brand new battlepass every month or so. The game does have a few flaws however. The game can be pay-to-win. Players who have no qualms about spending ten dollars at the beginning of the game will, for the most part, be better than players who didn’t throughout their gaming career. Another flaw is that, up until level 10, you have played with other new players. After level 10 however, players are thrown into the mix with players who may be significantly better than them. Other than that, the game has relatively good gameplay and graphics. Compared to console, the combat and graphics are obsolescent, but for a mobile game, they are inspiring. Overall, pixel gun 3D is a good game with immersive gameplay and an interesting weapon unlocking system. All in all, it really does deserve its allotted five stars.
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7 months ago, Umm FuBu
Pixel Gun 3D Developers, We surley played this game from past and Future. This game is great with so much game modes, weapon and more players. Pixel Gun 3D has a problem with some weapons. The weapons whcih is called “Accurate Investigator” this weapon has the ability of X-Ray vison, Wall Break and Target Mark. The problem with this weapon is that when we are playing tournament. People use this weapon by hiding some places and start using scope and start targetting the player which they can see through scope because it has X-Ray vision and Wall Break ability. People don’t use there skill or gameplay but uses laziness and cheat by letting my score lose and get below. I was losing trophy because of people spamming “Accurate Investigator” and starting to hit people by standing and using scope. It is not fair play and it should get banned for tournament, also we know dash weapons for melee is banned but some melee which have barrier or reflect also makes the game unfair for weak or higher player because it has not easy ability. We know the tournament rule says that normal speed but some player moves very fast because of there melee use. It is first time to give review for Pixel Gun 3D. This game is made GREAT for players and there is know problem with it but guns ability should get right. Thank You Developers.
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5 years ago, zantaz66
Good but needs GREAT improvements
This game is a fun voxel-based shooter (although it ripped some assets from Minecraft) but it needs some improvements. For example it has a very primitive matchmaking system. It puts you with players that are either in the same rank or armor as you and other times it doesn’t. I think it should have a more adaptive matchmaking system that also accounts for the efficiency of weapons, so you don’t get put with players to can obliterate you in one shot. And that brings me to my next gripe, one shot weapons. There is one weapon explicitly called One-Shot and it insta kills anything it shoots. I think weapons like that should be nerfed or removed, it really unbalanced the game so they should not one shot you but put you at a low hp instead. Another issue I have with the game is that it is EXTREMELY unbalanced. If you get put against someone who pays money in the game then you’re screwed, no doubt about it. So, like I said before, have more adaptive matchmaking. The final issue I have with this game is the cost. Yes it is free but everything in the game costs SO much, wether it be coins or parts you need a plethora of them if you wish to become better. They can fix this by making coins more common and require less parts to craft things. This also translates to forts in guilds. It is much to difficult to get parts and defense for you base, even deco and terrain need upwards of 10,000 parts.
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2 years ago, Slo!osloth
I need help fighting
So u know I have heard people say that fighting is hard but like there teenagers almost but like yeah I AM not aloud to tell you but I want to say like the title say I need help fighting other players they are so hard soooooooooooooo hard i can only kill like 2or3 in the games and it’s pretty hard because I do upgrade and stuff but it is still hard because some players play hard and upgrade like CRazY 😝 seriously 😐 it not fun I am not doing to well fighting I want to know if you could make it so that u can find a match person to play with so it’s fair for me and him and make a chat so me and him or her and say GG heheh of so yeah I would like to know please developers ok I want to get more kills so I can upgrade stuff so I can BATTLE ROYAL so please respond to this text I want to fight this is one game that I am aloud to download and has fighting and guns not like call of duty more like what kind of duty did ya do hehehehehehe ok so yap tell while you’re doing that here’s a joke what did the left eye say to the right eye between us something smells get the nose ahahah ok why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil BECAUSE it’s point-less hehehe ok haha what do you call a belt made of watches A waste of TIME get it ok bye now I am wasting your time hehehe this message is from kawaicatprinkleface hehe bye pls respond
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5 years ago, Bibliocoms
Good but there are problems
I’ve played this game since beta, and sadly had to stop when my device stopped working. Now that I’m finally able to play it again, I am addicted, just like I was all those years ago. However, despite the game being addicting and fun, there is a bit of unbalance. I mean, a new player may find it very hard to become powerful, because all the other players are already powerful, whether that power came from hard work or waving money in the devs face. That USUALLY isn’t too big an issue though. My main problem is the free gem feature, where you get to benefit a bunch of advertisers to earn gems. The problem here is that the devs don’t seem to know their audience. This game is for children, so the fact that all these free gem things require purchases is absolutely ridiculous. Such a feature would be so much better if it had something to do with gameplay. Most children don’t even have an email, so this feature doesn’t really work. Sure, you can fake information, but it’s incredibly stupid that the “free gem” feature also requires you to make purchases! That’s not what free is, and it’s very frustrating for people like me with parents who rightfully wont spend 100 dollars to get 1000 gems. Despite all this, Pixel Gun is definitely worth a download. It’s a lot of fun.
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5 years ago, Read my suggestion
Why do they have to have the coins and gems so expensive and why do we need trophies
I got this game when it first came out and it’s a really addicting game and I should tell you guys if read to tell all your friends to download it but also why do they have to copy fortnite battle royal and why do they have to have gems and coins so expensive like for example how can you buy only 115 for a 100$ that’s basically a scam they should raise the parts to 175 and why do they make sandbox I mean yeah pros or other people that are tired and just want to relax is ok but when I joined a sandbox game it got too SEXAUL and many people in that game or robots were having negative issues with each other or in other words relationships another thing is why did they take off the snipers damage I’m a pro but they recently took off the damage for snipers now you have to get a headshot with the snipe or your basically dead like they should put the snipers just the way they were and why do they have like chest for keys and you get unique weapons and can’t get them in the item shop why don’t they trapease every unique weapons after every holiday season for gems only not coins and also why does some guns have to be so much gems like example there was a gun and it was worth 395 gems and it was a old gun this is my letter hopefully you guys that read my review agree and hopefully they change all of this . Thanks
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6 years ago, SuperAnny
Op weapon problem
I have had a lot of fun playing this game in the past, and I played since it was just a zombie shooter game. But soon when the OP weapons came out, (for example; ghost lantern nanobots rifle and etc.) I got really triggered. The nanobots rifle does so much damage, also its pretty fast firing rate, and the worst part; it is a freaking homing missle! The shots are literally tiny bits, that like takes away all your health! The judge, you can literally control for so long and its a one hit! Also Smart Bullet Bazooka (SBB) Has the homing missle... you don’t need to be skilled to use those weapons... just shoot a bunch and you’ll get kills. Now another newbie weapon, the dual cryo pistols. It is... a homing missle effiency 30 slows you down FREAKING WEAPON!!! I know they nerfed it and I appreciate that, but why did you have to make it... I know its christmaa themed, but you should’ve made it like the dual cryo, but a sniper. I would name it the “Frozen Slayer.” The bee swarm spell does I believe more than 4 damage when you upgrade it, and it is homing missle. You know what I mean, its so... NEWBIE!! Also it’s a fast firing rate, which makes it even worse. Also soulstone and ghost lantern are basically the same. That’s it for my review... I mean I really love this game, but if no one used those newbie weapons, or cubic games removed it, I would love this game so much. But they didn’t! Well I still love this game, but it’s not as fun as the past now. Done.
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5 years ago, read the 2nd part
Tournament stinks
I used to rate this game 5 stars. I would always play this to pass time and I thought of it as the best mobile game ever. But then they added tournaments. In the tournament if you get a certain amount of trophies in three days you go up a rank but if you barely gain any trophies you hog down a rank. Normally I would think that this is okay and I just wouldn’t participate seeing as I only play my phone while passing time like in the car or in line but once you join a match it atomically enters you in a tournament. Because I don’t play this game all of the time naturally I couldn’t get enough trophies and went down a rank. If they want to have a tournament that’s fine but don’t try to force people to join and play more then they want to because I used to play this every day but now it upsets me to go down ranks so I hardly play at all. However that being said the rest of the game is still really fun and like I said I used to rate this game 5 stars and consider it the best mobile ever so if you’re fine with the tournament or plan on playing this a lot then I definitely suggest this app the controls are really easy to use and you can customize them a lot too. Not to mention the game modes are really fun too and there are mini games and sand box too. There’s even a campaign mode that is awesome. I definitely suggest getting this app as long as you’re fine with the tournaments.
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3 years ago, pixel man :)
Pixel gun 3D
I love this game I've been playing since 2015 but there are some problems the first problem that I noticed when I had came back to the game was how un balanced some heavy weapons in the game are and the old match making system in duels and the upgrade armor or weapon button on the side of the screen after you die in battle these are the main problems I faced. #1 match making when I reached about lvl 45 in duels I would come across many lvl 55 and 65 players and it ruined the duel experience for me. #2 unbalanced heavy weapons the pga tv and battle falcon in terms of damage are not op it is the attributes that make them unbalanced especially in duels target marking and wall break should not be allowed on the battle falcon because they can spawn trap you through walls and it doesn't give you a enough time to react pga tv is op because of the wall break effect but it is also as problematic as the battle falcon only because of the people who use it. #3 Random upgrade option on side of screen this problem is the biggest for me because I've lost over 500 gems to this over time because sometimes you could accidentally click it while trying to get back into the match and upgrade your armor. These are my top 3 if you are reading this pixel gun development team thank you for making such an amazing game and I wish you all the best.
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6 years ago, Lithog379
This is a very fun game. It’s stars are deserved. But there is one thing that really bothers me, it’s that it’s a pay to win game. If your someone who doesn’t have excess money to spend don’t get this game. Unless you want to grind like there is no end. At first the game is easy you can get guns easily, but as you move up to a high level the only good guns cost gems and the are about 300Gems. You can only get gems buy getting lucky in the luckychest and getting 3gems or less, by getting lucky in the events, in the events you can get like 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 or 15 or 100 gem(s) but it’s rigged so you will always like 1 2 3 and 5. In the highest league you can get 5gems for just being in the champion league but you can grind trophies and get to 5000trophies to get a 15gem reward at the end of each week. And you get gems from leveling up, So I’m level 32 right now and it takes 1550 exp to level up, if you play tdm and your team wins and you are on the top of your team you will get 15exp with out VIP(VIP gives you double exp and coins). It will take 103 full games to level up and that is if you get first place every game. Which you probably won’t since you don’t have any good guns. And when you finally get enough exp to level up you get around 15 gems when you level up. There was my rant I hope you take this into consideration.
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6 years ago, Ryan melof
Love this game but need some change
I have been playing this game for many years and it’s so much fun! I believe it needs more to the campaign mode and a option where you can switch on and off all outside guns you haven’t earned in campaign mode like a rocket launcher, the prototype, etc , and gadgets so you can just play with the campaign guns in order you got them in to have more fun. The game should have more mini games and cool weapons. I do think the weapon parts are very unneeded and please get rid of them and just let us buy the guns or armor alone. Please also bring in more weapons. I think you should make more cool weapons and more gadgets. I think there should be a map where only primary weapons are allowed, a map where only secondary weapons are allowed, and a map where only special weapons are allowed. I still love this game. I also think this game should have more capture the flag and base conquer maps. I finally do think the game should have multiple constant free play servers where every thing is allowed with vehicles and more. The map should be huge I mean huge bigger than all the maps like a battle royal map size and a 100 player max. You should also be able to kill,team,and use all weapons you have in this mode. This is the coolest game ever thank you for reading my review. From: golden wolf BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, WindowsError1495
I REALLY love this game, but the updates make it hard to keep up. I have suggestions for your events. I loved the old chest events. Remember when the chests costed 25 keys and we only had to get 30 of ‘em to get the Super Chest? I missed when we weren’t forced to pay in cash for only a chance at the best weapons in the game. When we finally got the super chest, we were guaranteed something awesome. It could close the gap between F2P’s and P2W’s if they worked hard enough. Now, however? There’s no such luck. You’re basically force to pay if you want any hope of getting such a tide-turning weapon unless you’re that determined. Not to mention you can only get up 3 keys per match when you were once given up to 5. Meaning if you could put in the effort to work with your team and get the job done, you were rewarded with success. Weapons out of the boxes were also WAY more common back then, so you can change up your strategy if one isn’t working out so well. These days, I have only gotten a weapon out of event chests ONCE. Yeah, it was the Hellraiser and I’m still using it, but I could’ve gotten something WAY more fun to use. You know, like a Brave Patriot, Steam Power or even the Flower Power, maybe even the Wizard’s Wand. I miss the old days of Pixel Gun events, and I feel that’s the first thing you should bring back.
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5 years ago, sixstatue4656
Good game, started small, grew big
I remember when a friend showed me this game, is was when the game was fairly new. The game had good graphics, a ok story, and good mechanics. At the time the game would crash at the drop of a hat. Possibly 2 years gone by, I forgot about this game and was going through some old games that I wanted to replay, then I saw it, pixel gun 3D. I redownloaded it, the game was the same as I remembered, though it crashed even faster before. Of course I forgot about it again, but then when checking the application store, I saw pixel gun has a new update. So I open the app, and the game had more things than I remembered. It was at the time when the clans and clan weapons had been put in, and they were very hard to get at the time. At the same time they added a new class, mythical. Then around December 2017, they added more mythical weapons, and there is when the game started to get noticed more and more. This game is really fun to play, and sure, at times it can be frustrating, but that is apart of all games. This game can be a pay to win, but it is not entirely one. Mythical Weapon parts were very hard to cross by before, but they buffed it so that you have a better chance. So try the game if you want. It is a really well built game, with constant buffs and nerfs to make the game more fair. So give the game a try.
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6 years ago, ELeon22
Chest - Trophies - Levels
I really LOVE this game, everything about it but what’s really unfair is the “Lucky Chest” (not that lucky) all I get from the chest is skins that I do not need, 3 coins or 3 gems, I feel like the probability of getting the guns, armor or a higher amount of coins and gems should increase Because I’ve played this game for a long time and all I’ve gotten from the chest was three coins, 3 gems, skins and if I get lucky 5 gems or coins or 10 coins, but that probably it. One thing I would really like the trophy system to be changed because when I’m in the middle of the game and my game disconnects(because of my internet) sometimes they take me out of the game I lose 30 trophies I don’t see the point of losing 30 trophies for an accident, or when I am in the middle of a game and my team loses but I still get kills I loose like 25-30 trophies. But over all the games is really really good but those are the things that makes me think otherwise. One last thing is that I play a game against people who are on the opposite team are like four levels on top of me and their armor and weapons are extremely good and I’m over here with the level 29 and they will be there with a level 33. One extra thing before I could picked a team that I would be on but now they just put me on a team unlike before. But I still Love the game. Hope you read this creator and others -{MimiLove}
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4 days ago, Xxfrostiethesnowman
The developers should listen to the community like they used too
I’m an og Pg3d player and recently came back to the game to see how it was and for nostalgia, and to see why everyone hates it now! When I first loaded into the game everything seemed normal but after a few matches people already had legendary weapons when I’m just at level 3. I realized I could get a legendary weapon by watching adds which is a terrible idea. Just by this one legendary weapon I was able to get 30+ kills every match unless there was another legendary weapon user when we still had insane kills.I hate how the developers made the new home screen too, it feels so modern and not comforting at all with it changing with the battle pass or season. Also I’m sick of all these adds and pop ups to watch them for coins it’s like the developers don’t even want there community to love them anymore. I used to have so much respect for the developers by making the game fun and adding updates that are enjoyable instead of constantly adding new material and content to the game so they can make a quick cash grab. I remember me and my friends playing this game for hours and making so many memories. I truly love this game even though it’s not fun to play anymore and hope that the developers of this game will bring back the old Pixel Gun 3d that we all loved so that one day I’ll be able to step back into my childhood once more I hope the developers see this and take my feedback…
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7 years ago, Ghtydjsjd
To pixel gun 3d
Dear pixel gun 3d company, Iv'e been playing your game for over 3 or 4 years now. I was just wondering if you can bring back the old maps and guns. Becouse i really miss them. And of you do i will donate 2000 to your comapany. And i really hope you respond to this message. Also can you also make the game so were you get 100 coins and gems in the lucky chest. Becouse i have been Collecting coins,gems for a long time. And can you please come out with the update that has the clan seige. I know this is a long message but there is a lot more i want to tell you. Ok so number one: can you please lower the price of the anti hero rifle becouse, i have been trying to get the anti hero rifle for a long time now. Number two: can you please make it so were when you lose a game you dont lose trophies. Also i really love your game and company. Im not mad or anything but i just really want all of what i said changed. So as i sayed im sorry for this being a long review. And also im on level 24 and have really good guns. Oh and also can you please lower the price of the dark force saber, please lower the price of the anti hero rifle to 100 gems, also please lower the price of the dark force saber to 100 gems also please. Your pg3d player, Noah loving. And also please respond asap. Oh and also happy new year.
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2 years ago, MasterNuggies
Game is not really heading the right way
The game right now is in a really bad state. The only thing that is coming out is new weapons. These weapons are always op and then gets nerfed to the ground. Also we are still waiting on the lighting raid, and this game in general runs really badly. This game as a blocky game runs worse than PUBG Mobile which is higher res. In my opinion a lot of the old craftable weapons need to be moved to the arsenal and gets their rarity changed. A good way to implement it is to have the arsenal on a rotation of weapons so it is always new and refreshing. I don’t play the game anymore as I have an iPhone 6 which can’t run the game without crashing, and I have been dying to play the game. But as the game is right now, it doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. This moves on to another point where there isn’t enough new players because the game is so unfriendly to new comers. There is so much grinding in this game that the name should be changed to Pixel Grinding 3D (no offense). Lastly we need cross platform play because the game is grindy and it is tragic if you lose years of progress to something that could have been prevented. A system that can help implement cross platform play is using the id because right now you can see your id but it does nothing. So if you could login with your id and a password, it would be nice. Hope you have a nice day. :D -REKON NUGGET (in game name) Former Player
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2 years ago, Rotting Child
What happened to this game
I remember getting this game nearly a decade ago, the gameplay was super choppy and hard controls, but as the years went on it got better, and funner. But at some point in 2017 or 2016, the game had changed without me realizing. I have only ever bought in game currency 6 times in my whole life, and none of those were for this game. I had played so much and gotten everything without paying a single cent, yet while playing new accounts I would realize that I would loose way more often to players with weapons that have literally not heard of. Then after a while a lot of people were saying the same thing about this game, it’s a pay-to-win game. But I was never like that. I had stopped playing Pixel Gun late 2019, two years went by and I decided to download the game again, and oh boy I was left in awe. The game had become a complete pay to win. I was just shocked, no longer did Pixel Gun have any of the charm that it had years ago. The game itself looked better (as expected) but the downside of that is just greedy developers trying to squeeze money out of kids with bright ads advertising LIMITED TIME ONLY! and 30% OFF DONT MISS IT. I know this sound like I ate the game but it’s still sort of fun. I don’t play this game anymore like I used to but I really hope to see that they’ll at least make it fair for people that don’t want to waste money. This will probably never be read but it’s worth a try.
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6 years ago, Please ad more tanks
Lots of bugs, pay to win. Can be very fun though
This game is really fun in the first 26 levels, but once you get to level 27, everybody is using overpowered and no skill weapons. A lot of the weapons cost a lot of money to, in real money. For example, one of the weapons costs 200 in American dollars, and the recently increased the price of the weapons you can only purchase with real money. There are bugs to. I unlocked the turret in my clan, and I can only place one. The only way for me to get more of those turrets is to use real money. Sometimes, when you kill people in duels, you don't get the kill, even though they don't have the revive ability. I would like to get parts to the weapons by trading gems for them. You should also be able to earn gems by winning battles, maybe one gem if you win and get first place. I would like the revive gadget to get taken away, because it is nooby and annoying. Finally, I would like to have the Big Buddy to be available in the armory, and you can purchase it with gems or coins, so then people can stand a chance against people with other overpowered weapons. I miss the old Pixel Gun. With the new updates, things are a bit better. More weapons cost coins now. I do think upgrading weapons cost way to much, and some weapons are really bad and some are really overpowered. But Pixel Gun is taking a step in the right direction.
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4 years ago, Ruthless Melon
Horrible customer support
I've been playing this game for several years and it has been a huge part of my childhood. I created an account about 6ish years ago and I had about 2k wins on it and would play the game on and off. When switching to a new device, I was able to recover my account through google play. I played on that device for several months before taking a break. One day I decided I would play again but when I returned my entire account had been reset with a few exceptions. I still had my friends list, my stats partially remained (about 150 wins) but everything else was gone. My skins, weapons, levels, had all been reset and I lost hundreds of dollars worth of items. Being disappointed, I quit the game for a long time and this week I tried to recover that account forgetting everything was gone. I have seen this issue happen with many players and it seems nobody is doing anything at the customer support. I sent an email in july 2019 and got no response. This week I have sent two more regarding my old account, and still nothing. I loved this game so much, but now I am left to start from scratch not wanting to spend another penny on this game after everything I lost. Being a great game this is, I simply wish the people at Cubic Games to do something about all these lost accounts. This same issue also happened to my cousin, who I played with throughout the years.
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5 years ago, A Fellow Pixel Gun 3D Player
My Honest Opinion
First things first, let's get this straight. I love this game. I think it is a nice game for little kids that can't play Call Of Duty, Halo, and Red Crucible. It has a nice variety of ages from 5 year olds, to adults! That I love. And to make this game even better, the amount of creative weapons are very high. But there are bad sides to the game too, like gems, over-powered weapons, and the infamous Lucky Chest. Let's start by saying that gems were not the best idea. Gems are hard to acquire, and the only way to get the best weapons are with gems. Also, the only way to get them in large amounts is to buy them. Next is Over-powered weapons like the ghost lantern, laser bouncer, storm hammer, smart bullet bazooka, and the anti hero rifle/prototype. The weapons I just named need some big changes, for example the ghost lantern. The ghost lantern is a one shot kill anywhere. That is way to powerful. It should be have severe changes. And while we are on the subject of changes, the lucky chest should not have is way to hard to get at least okay things. The lucky chest weapons are an really a scam. You need gems, or wait a couple hours to have the slightest chance of getting a weapon, like the power claw. Now back to the good side! I love that you are brought back old maps, and gave newer players (me) a chance to get removed weapons! I also like mini games and campaign mode! But x2 reward is a ehh. This is my PERSONAL opinion (so please don't hate)!
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5 years ago, Gonzalo de Taboada
It’s a fantastic game just way to over priced...
I played the game when it was still new and I really liked it. It was great how most of the weapons used to cost coins but now it’s almost all gems. It’s turning into a pay to win game. I understand that there are those gem rewards but I did several of them, which piled to over 200 something gems, and I still haven’t received the gems. It’s been past two days and I haven’t received anything. If you guys could fix that small bug and try to balance out the prices, I would really appreciate it. Apart from that, THE GAME IS AWSOME! You should really install this app it’s loads of fun and the campaign is great. But seriously, please help me out here creators. Update: I’ve been reading and I’m not the only person with this problem, as well as the lucky cheat problem. It’s way to tough to even land on the item. Not only that, you only receive one part for a 200+ piece weapon! Please fix these problems and I’ll give 5. Like I said, this game is super fun, I would hate it if it turned into a pay to win game. Most people don’t like those types of games and I would be really sad if this game were to loose its players because of prices and lucky chests. I’m missing some of my gems that haven’t even come in yet. I used money to get some of them and I would appreciate it if I could receive my gems. Have a great day creators!
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4 years ago, Gage The Comrade
Extremely unfair
Now I’ve played Pixel Gun 3D for a long time, I enjoy the gameplay and environments that the game gives you, but there is one problem that really brings the game down: The fairness of the multiplayer. The multiplayer on its own is actually pretty good, you have different game modes like team death match and capture the flag (My two favorite game modes in particular). Now usually you will fight against enemies that are at or around your character’s level, but there is a chance of you being matched against players that sometimes can be 10-15 levels higher than you(Sometimes they’re at the same level as you but they have overpowered weapons that have high efficiency), because of this you’ll most likely be killed in ONE hit most of the time (Sometimes you would have to die MULTIPLE times to kill them ONCE), this results in extremely unfair matches where your team would most likely lose because of these juggernauts (Even when you have one of these juggernauts on your team you’ll most likely get last place because they literally come out of nowhere and steal your kills just to be in first). I’ve joined multiple matches where my team would lose because the enemy team had one of these guys that probably pours hundreds of dollars into the game on their team. The devs need to fix this so you won’t have someone that is lvl 6 be matched against someone that is lvl 60.
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6 years ago, Red_Stingr
Fix this plz!!
I have had pixel gun for about 6-7 months and have noticed many things. It’s a great game and I admit spending hours on it, but it has some problems. First I know that lots of people have had the problem with gems. It is so hecking impossible to get them unless you buy them or save up for months and months at a time. Gems unlock the best guns in the game and coins just can’t do it. Coins are much easier to get but you can’t buy much good stuff with them. I have only played for about 6-7 months and I almost already beat the game, because I have been getting those in app purchases that give you like 90 gems and a weapon upgrade. I checked and I spent over $10 on those offers! I buy the best guns, then I level up quickly and discover those guns are out of style and are useless. You can upgrade their damage but it always costs the same amount as the gun when you bought it if not more! Also they really need to fix the lucky chest because it ain’t all that lucky. The only thing you get is 3 coins or 3 gems or some crap skin you can make by yourself. I think for waiting 4 hours you deserve more than just that. I sure you guys have noticed that there are a lot of bots out there and are super op and kill you in like, a second! I hope pixel gun will fix these things and really make this the game that it once was.
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4 years ago, guy with a glitch
Why did you buff deadly digital system by 100%. All doing that does is makes it so people can run around and spam it. You turned it into a luxury beats 2.0. Just please nerf circular damage things. Everything with that kind of attack should be as damaging as the fire orb. Also, one of the module combos fo melee is way to overpowered. People can just switch back and forth between reflector and module combo and you can never shoot them. They’ll just run around and spam their huge area damage melee. Also, I would love to see modules or a new map or a new location in battle royale game mode. Everything seems like it’s the same. Like maybe a post-apocalyptic version of it. I don’t know, just please add something new. Also, your stupid zoom mode clan challenges are broken. 90% of the time when I get a zoom kill, it doesn’t count. Please fix the dumb battle pass. I’ve completed all the challenges but it says I’ve only done 5 out of 6. It is super-dumb. I want my rewards that I worked hard for! Because you don’t pay attention to bugs and just adding new stupid guns these things don’t get fixed. I may quit pixel gun 3D in the near future because I hate that you don’t fix all the brokenness in your game. Like in BR team, when you kill someone that is down it doesn’t count it.
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1 month ago, 1829172
Awesome game but…
..OH DEAR GOD THE ARENA ENEMIES ARE SO FAST!!! ._. I’m not kidding, they’re basically at your speed on wave 10, so either use secondary weapons or die trying to use primary. Anyways… hi, I’ve recently downloaded this game for old time’s sake and let me tell you, I don’t like this game, i LOVE it! Still has that classic feel to it, still very satisfying to get an ultra kill, and still is a very fun game! Still, I think they could use a little nerfing, either that or it’s just my horrible stats.. Either way It’s a good game and I’m glad I came back to it. EDIT: hi, wanted to say that the campaign difficulty feature might need a rework, because giving an enemy insane armor/defense is probably not what hard mode means. Maybe instead give enemies on hard mode double the health, fair armor, more strength, and perhaps speed. It really wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for one of the stars (win without taking HP damage), I mean, at least I don’t have to no-hit, but considering the fact that If you don’t focus on the mummified wizard things in world 2 you would die pretty quick unless you dodged like a.. rather familiar skeleton….. Though it is true that this game has flaws, not everything can be perfect. (still I’m kinda glad I got to return to this game)
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2 years ago, Tekno rhino
There r a lot of Scammers in this game
U work so hard to get gems and when u play a duel and u trust someone people just lie and steal your gems. For instance I was playing a duel and I had 906 gems. Then this guy comes up and asks me for 3 fighter chests and that he would repay me. So me being the stupid idiot that I am , I trusted him and gave him 3 fighter chests. But when it was time for him to give me his fighter chests he just stole them back and I went from 906 gems to 672 gems in a matter of minutes. So developers please find a way to fix this . Maybe do like a gems trading thing in the duels or find something because u will get tons of people quitting YOUR game just because if a few rotten evil people in this world who just want to ruin people’s lives. Please fix this .also u should put a monitor on the chat so if someone promises to give u something and they don’t u could like punish them or transfer whatever they promised to the other person’s account. PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THIS AND I THINK THIS WOULD STOP THE SCAMMING. developers if u have actually took the time to read this far , I thank you for your time and I hope u took into consideration of my concept. Again great game just fix the scamming problem. Trust me I’ve been playing this game for more than 5 years and it has been fantastic watching how this game progressed. Thank you again developers for this game and for your time.
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