Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

4.8 (52.9K)
1989.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brandon Smith
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

4.83 out of 5
52.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Culpe
This game is a very fun shooter but it good use a FEW improvements. One is the ADS. The ads are just TERRIBLE every time they try to get my daily reward I get interrupted by a 45 second ad, and here’s the worst part I can’t get out of it, not even quitting the game, so I have to sit on my bed for one minute watching these DUMB ads. Also when I first played this game I was confused about where you get weapons. It also kicks me out every 16 minutes on average. Please six these bugs! This is the best FPS first person shooter! The previous game I USED to love was 3D pixel gun. They were so good in the first couple of years but look what problems are now! They even have a lower star rate! They have made prices for guns so much higher. A Swap Force Rifle used to be 50 coins and now it is 150! Plus they have made to many mythical items that are taking over the game! They need to delete the company. Vulcron on the other hand is making better updates. Including real guns more effects and even guns that give you Debuffs. Please read this carefully. watermanfire
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4 years ago, CyliusWolf
Unbalance Matches
I’m extremely skilled at first person shooter games. I find this one totally unbalanced in my opinion. Why because I know for a fact I reached a certain point in the game. That you only play with higher level players which I know is fair based on my level. I think its after you reach level 10 or something. Well to be honest it’s like a little unfair because Im very skilled and I just get one shotted before I can do anything else...... People just find you, and they just keep killing you, it’s humiliating especially if you are good at the game. Some of the maps are just bad. There was this one map like it was some kind of train. You only move towards and it’s literally bizarre. I get spawned in front of someone and I get shot from behind and it’s pretty common, also annoying. Make the ranks more accurate and on point because I have weak guns compared to those players and I know I can easily beat them if i had the guns... but I don’t because I’m still considered a new player. I rated 4 stars but i’m not saying your game is bad... it’s amazing but it’s super frustrating at the same time...But man everything is awesome. The animation, quality, the fps, everything is perfect. I love your game but make it less frustrating once you JUST started playing with high level players. I know I look weak for typing this and people may make fun of me or call me a noob for writing this review but I’m just being honest. Thx for reading i’m Cyliuswolf 👏🏽
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6 years ago, ₩ãr₽rø¢
My Review about pixel strike 3D
My review is about pixel strike and how it could change. The game is so amazing pixel guns would wish they were better and like YOU! But let me say there is a lot of unfair glitching like in outpost one of the bases, someone does a glitch and is able to get there! Though other players will fail trying. It isn’t funny or cool. Also we should work on a system when you type in a players name and they tell you why there protesting on them. There is a lot of inappropriate comments and statements! And some people I get there feelings hurt Very quickly. Also can we have a better way to get credits? It takes maybe a month to get 30! Maybe like quests or challenges and when u complete them you earn rewards! One more thing before I finish this off is the maps. You now get sent to a map they didn’t want to go to! Can we change it when you can choose where you can go? This is where I finish off, please pixel strike company read my statements and maybe even just try to do something about my ideas, I will be going now. See you! I can’t wait to see what is new for pixel strike 3D!
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6 years ago, Smartpersonguy101
I love this game but this game has horrible ads, I’ve seen them over and over again, like I’m tired of them, every free daily coins, ads, every time you lose or sometimes win, ads, and every time when you’re in your own like area or place where you’re deciding on what mode, ads I like am done with ads, and there is no other games that had no ads, but it cost money for a free 3 day trial for 1 dollar and a only ONE MONTH FOR 7 DOLLARS, THATS NOT FAIR!!! You even have to face against hard people and that’s what makes people angry and mad and rage, make it where there is easy ppl only for level like 1 to 10 and a medium for 10 to 20 and then a pro for 20 to what ever level! That would make it so much easier for me I am a noob at the game so I don’t have good stuff but I just fought against a pro and like I was frustrated by that time! Please make it less ads and make it have the modes please I beg you!!! I gave it a 3 star but I still love the game and I made it 3 because there were 2 or 3 things wrong I don’t wanna be too salty
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4 years ago, gsgakevduajdvdja
Love the game couple problems tho
First of I wanna say great game it is awesome I’ve played for a few years now and the game has changed a lot first thing I made a custom skin worked real hard on it and I love zombies so I play a match of zombies and the skin I spawn with is not my skin it’s a default skin and I try again and same thing then I find a game that is about to start and I have my skin so thought it was just a little glitch then I got killed played the rest of the round and next round I have the default skin again and I got kinda frustrated because I couldn’t play my favorite game mode with my skin could you please fix this it’s really annoying by the way I haven’t played in a while but I remember that the v.i.p used to cost credits not real money this made it a lot more accessible because I personally don’t like spending money on Apple store games and a lot of people don’t could you please switch it back to credits because it was a lot more fair anyway great game guys you did a good job with this game keep up the good work. P.S love the new samurai gear can you please make it cheaper thanks.
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6 years ago, ItzCuki
There's a bug that makes me crash
Fix this bug please. Every time I join something like Strike or Mansion, it crashed my game. Please fix this bug. It would really mean to me if you fixed it. And make it so that you earn credits when you win a game in the next update. And make the cost of guns and accessories cheaper. And make sure you fix the problem I have. I really need this crashing to stop so that I can play all the maps. By the way when I tried deleting the app it did the same thing and I lost all my progress I worked hard on. I played this game for many years and weeks. Your game is awesome just fix the one problem I have. By the way make it so that when you swear the word is deleted. By the way I got a cool idea for this game. People who crash make it so that they have a private game that does not allow you to choose mansion or strike. So you either go with my idea for the next update or fix the bug.
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2 years ago, Arcadinator
Extremely fun but one major downside
I like this game a lot, I can see that it has major potential and was a lot of fun to play. However there is one major thing that dropped my rating to a three star and that’s the fact that there is no form of skill based matchmaking. I got this game and was playing casually. I play games for fun like a normal human being but while I was stuck with the default weapons and gear, which I am fine with, I just started the game and it makes sense. However, here I was getting curb stomped by people who played like their lives depended on winning and on top of that they had max gear. I couldn’t round a corner without getting 1 tapped by some guys max upgraded smg or pre fired by an auto shotgun. If you just began a game, you should be put up against others who just began to learn the game and hone your skills while improving your gear and gradually move up to the kinds of lobbies I experienced. My point, until skill based matchmaking becomes a thing, if it becomes a thing. This game will probably continue to have experiences just like mine.
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6 years ago, tyler181818
Best Mobile FPS Game!
I’m just gonna say first off that Pixel Strike 3D is incredibly underrated. Vulcron has worked really hard on this game to make it to where it is today. Cubic Games, the creators of the previous mobile FPS game, Pixel Gun 3D, have basically destroyed their game. I can tell you from 5 years of experience that Pixel Gun 3D was a good game for the first couple years. However, Cubic Games has added too many ‘pay to win’ items and it has gotten so bad that you can barely even have a 1 KDR without spending at least $15 on the game. Vulcron, the creators of Pixel Strike 3D have created a game where you need skill to win. All items are cosmetic only, there are various balanced weapons to choose from, and they have good deals to where if you wanted to spend some money, you don’t have to spend $25 to buy one thing. Thanks for reading my review and I hope that you will try this fun and balanced mobile FPS game.
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6 years ago, Xx killer guy ralph
Game keeps crashing
I started out just playing normally and I thought it was just a glitch I did in the game when my health was -116. After that my game crashed and I tried to tap back in and reset my phone but it doesn’t help. I join the app and in one second it crashes. Only time it will not crash g I am in airplane mode; But PS3D only gives me 2 options of games, Showdown and Operation Bathtub. After I turn off airplane mode I can’t leave the game in the main home screen but instead when I click “leave” It crashes my app. But in airplane mode it doesn’t crash but acts as a ground digger way through the crashing game. Vulcron and Brandon Smith please fix this for me, I am on Prestige 8 lvl 39 and I don't wanna waist another year getting back where I an right now. Overall this game is amazing in many ways and the awesome graphics look so cool. Just fix this Bug or Glitch please, thank you!
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6 years ago, JJGamin
I’m so mad
I spend money to buy new load out spaces and all of a sudden my game glitches and I lost all my new loadouts that I paid money for! Please give me back what I bought. Just please fix this! Add on: omg it happens again I paid more money to get load out slots and a played a match but then it defeated the slots again! 2 hours later it has now reset my fricking account what is happening! I’m am so livid right now! I worked so hard for all that progress but now all gone like I prestiged so at least give the rewards as if I prestiged so please vulcron just fix what happens this is a huge problem this is my third complaint in 1 day I just hate these problems like seriously please this makes me so mad and probably everyone else is too who loses all of their stuff. Please please and if this has happened to anyone else please report this so hopefully it will fix this problem. I loved this game until all the problems game up it was one of my favorite games but why. I will ad on if it some how gets better or worse. +it crashes a ton! And I was level 29+ I was also about to make a purchase of like 20-50dollar purchase
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4 years ago, GMDRatuui
Please fix these
Hey i like your game and have been playing it for 2 years now. There are alot of great things about this game but there are alot of down sides. Here are some examples that you should take note of. 1 - Micro Transactions : These are the biggest issue in my opinion. The micro transactions do not work EVER. Ive tried to buy coins a couple of times and i always end up wasting my money because you never get the coins you paid for, same goes for credits. Also, please fix VIP on mobile, im literally not able to purchase it. 2 - Flinch : Yes, i know, flinch is necessary to have in a game when your character is getting shot, but really? This game’s flinch system is WAYYY to intense and should probably get toned down a good bit in my opinion, anyways. 3 - Exploits And Glitches : This game has a HUGE problem with hackers. Literally every game i join atleast somebody has an aimbot. And dont even get me started on glitches. For example, in the Ranked 1v1 gamemode, if one person leaves during matchmaking, the entire lobby glitches out. Thats pretty dumb considering how many people want to get to Diamond Rank. I hope this is seen and every problem i have stated here is looked upon. Overall, this game is SOOO fun and satisfying to play. Also, im LOVING the new update. Great job on your game, Vulcron. ~Mxrcyful.
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5 years ago, BrandonCoolGuy55
Amazing Game But...
Firstly I gotta give it to this game, this is the most satisfying and closest to a vast Call Of Duty like multiplayer game. The lvl system rocks. The fact that there’s a couple COD maps like Nuke Town and the Crate Yard rocks. For the most part this game is pretty solid. However some bugs glitches mostly miner and or avoidable. The hole missions thing is wack. Trying to invite people to my game that I know personally is wack so don’t count on playing with people on ur home wifi. There’s options and what not but its trashed. If it does work it’s to complicated. Lastly I’d like to see this game focused on more. This games got a lot of potential millions of people play COD and Minecraft around the world and plenty of them like my self work to often to put much time into an Xbox or play station so I look forward to and hope to see some new guns and attachments and much more. Stay frosty game world.
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2 years ago, ThE RaInDoWn
Remove the tomahawks in infected.
I picked up this game in 2016 and stayed with it for around two years before leaving the game for a while. I came back to check in on how the game was doing and discovered that the zombies now have access to infinite tomahawks that they can use to instantly kill survivors. I’m not really sure what made you think that this was a positive addition to the game but I assure you, it’s not. This feature saps the fun out of the entire game mode. It’s not fun for survivors, because most of them are killed instantly by tomahawks, and it’s not really that fun for the zombies either because most games are over within 1-2 minutes. If you don’t want to remove the tomahawks, at least make it so that they’re not a one hit instant kill weapon. They’re buggy enough so that you don’t even have to get hit by the axe to die from it; you just have to step on one the wrong way. I mean, I just killed a horde of zombies with my sniper rifle. I think I should be able to survive stubbing my toe on an axe.
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4 years ago, andu(3$!.
To Vulcron
This game is very fun but the ADS speed is bad. Also it takes like a whole magazine just to kill one guy. PLEASE make it easier to kill the enemy’s and please stop copying Call of Duty games, infected in was in cod now pixel strike. Search and Destroy was in cod but pixel strike thought it was a good idea to put “Bomb Defuse” to act like they didn’t have to worry about copyright! Also they put warehouse instead of kill house witch was in cod 4 again, to get copy right out of the way! And if you want to make a good game then stop putting things in other games otherwise you won’t have anybody playing this game... 47 thousand reviews?! Ok Really?? That little who plays a game like this who likes to comit copy right. That’s literally like copy and pasting all cod games and putting it pixeld because there lazy to make an actual game!!! Come on you know better than this!!😱🤥👎
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5 years ago, Codename: Luigi
Could it be better?
In some ways yes but man is this game amazing! It’s 100 times better then Pixel gun why? Well one you have to earn your guns and most are balanced, in pixel gun you can just use your moms credit card and then turn into a Demi God in that game, but here it’s just weapons, no stupid armor or gadgets that will help you survive. But I do have one thing to complain about, the Daily quests, can you make them easier? And make it so we can skip a quest once a day? And please give us more credits for completing them? Why? Well one I have an impossible question which relies on me getting 24 head shots with the Start saber, Jesus man! After 3 matches I barely got 2! And that was only because the man who I was stabbing was AFK, and then what are the rewards? 3 whole credits! M8 please make these quests better they are killing me! But still great game!
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6 years ago, Dfgjjghjjkij
Get this game now
Best FPS on a mobile system. Weapons are balanced out perfectly. Even if you don’t spend money, you are not at a disadvantage. The basic weapons are used by the pros of the game. It’s not pay to win in any fashion. I spend money because I love the game and support Vulcron. Without helping them they can’t get new content. Pro Tip: PLEASE READ THIS! When you start playing find your player ID number and write it down. Go to main screen, click friends and it will be at the top left of the screen. Take a screen shot of it. If a problem arises on your account, the player ID number will help Vulcron recover your data if you contact them via email. They are a small company so it may take a few days for them to get back with you. Ask me how I know this. Join the Pixel Strike 3D forums and make friends too.
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6 years ago, super terd
The reason why I love this game
I love this game so much because of the graphics the feedback how balanced the game is the game will almost never make you rage quit the game is kind of realistic because of how the guns are and how they work when you kill some one it is funny how they flop on the floor the maps are mostly close rage so then I can get a lot of kills I like that you get to vote on what map you get to play you can get attachments on a gun that you like it is easy to level up when you make a map there is a lot of stuff you can do when you are trying to make map and final but definitely not least it show hit markers when I shoot some one so because of that I can possibly know if the guy is low are not depending on the amount of hit markers show up when I hit them
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5 years ago, Joeymechkid
What happened?
Ever since this update.. the apps just been crashing. But today it started working. I went to device login, it gave me a NEW account. I thought it was a bug.. (what happened to just putting in my Vulcron login information and getting my account back?) So i went forward. closed the app.. went back in.. I chose the recover account option, it brought me to the Facebook account login. I continued, and it just brought me in with another new account. I am actually p*ssed off and I'm not demanding answers.. but a prestige two account (dont judge me) and 4 skins made of pure hard-work and dedication. WHY THOUGH??? Because this update is just too extra. No offense.. just constructive criticism. This game used to be my favorite. If you can re-employ vulcron logins. I'd be glad to continue playing your game. Please and thank you. Have a wonderful day.... 😁🙏
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5 years ago, randomkid25
A letter for the PS3D Developers.
This game was really really fun a ton of players were on it until sadly one day the player rate was ragingly decreasing. I joined matches and they were pretty lonely except a handful of players. I hoped i would never come across this game ever again because i didnt wanna know what would happen to the devs if everyone stopped playing the game. But now i came across it once again and i knew i just had to relive some memories, but it wasn’t really the same. I had restarted and lost all my progress, which didn’t bother me but the fact that there were EVEN fewer players. I don’t know what to say in the end but i just hope good luck to the devs of this beloved game, and that newer updates attract more players. Best of luck to you all, Pixel Strike 3D Developers. -Anonymous Player
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4 years ago, Derbogurl (bored girl)
Ups and Downs
Ups: Okay I love the new game lot better than pixel gun 3-D lot less laggy and it was amazing! I love the free snowballs and how you earn your weapons and don’t have to buy them! It’s nice to meet ppl too tho..... Downs: But most of the ppl are complete jerks and I had to delete the app and now all my data is gone! My friends and my XP I’m hurt and I just don’t know what to do....at least in pixel gun 3-D it keeps my data! And now I’m being glitched out of the game like I used to on pixel gun 3-D and this wasn’t happening before I deleted and reloaded downloaded the app. Please someone help me I love this game but I don’t wanna lose everything again! My name was RoseBlood I am using the same name, and I wasn’t in a clan I was lvl 17 pls help I just started but lost so much
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6 years ago, deadhead nIcKnAmE
Save your progress
I really like this game and it’s fun, the graphics are good the gameplay is good, except bugs... like head glitches, they glitched back and your can’t hit their head. There’s one I hate the most, it’s when you try to open the app it closes, I reopen and it closes, I then delete it, but I have my Vulcron account connected (For those who are scared of losing their account and progress connect to Vulcron) and open it. It’s work... but I don’t have my stuff. I got so scared but I tried connecting my account and got my stuff back. Please fix this so Incase this does happen and if someone doesn’t have their account connected it won’t delete their progress, it’s annoying how all your progress can be deleted just because a game can’t open.
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5 years ago, evn___
This game is amazing!! Pretty good graphics considering the style. Music is pretty cool (though a few more tracks or choice of tracks would be cool.) Controls are smooth and responsive. This game is great by itself. Games like this do need some additions. In my opinion maybe level balancing should be added or improved (I dunno if there is one.) I also think that there should be a daily chest or a few credits, as credits sometimes are not easy to get. Overall that is a great game. I think it can rival some similar games such as Pixel Gun 3D and others. It reminds me of MW Series in CoD. If a game can do this to me it leaves great impressions on me. I hope you can add a story mode because I’d love to play offline with possibly more rewards. Now back to another round of TDM!
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6 years ago, TheGreatCal
A note before installing
I’m giving Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Strike 3D a fare rating, they both are the same game, only one is more modern than futuristic. If I had to choose though, it would be Pixel Gun 3D because I’ve played it since 2013. It also has a campaign, and isn’t entirely online. This game has suffered the same as pixel gun with the Credits system, it ruined it just like gems ruined pixel gun. The BEST shooter you could play that ain’t dead you can play today, would have to be Halo 3. If you don’t have an Xbox, these two games are the closest to the perfect shooter game. I’m not giving this game a harsh review like Pixel Gun, but they are the same thing, and they both deserve 4 stars. Thanks for reading, play both! It’s what I do!
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6 years ago, xExoticRusherx
Best Pixel Shooter 2018?
Ok, so let me tell you something Vulcron. I love this game so much and you really stayed true to the skill based gameplay. Unlike Cubic Games, all they care about is overpowered weapons, but like they don’t have to be too op. All the guns you ever added always required skill. Plus, I even got a chance to win when I first played this game. It’s very easy to get coins, plus, you don’t have to buy guns unless you’re not on the level to unlock it, and the game is really well balanced. This is like CS:GO but on mobile. Why do I think that? Your game is literally called Pixel Strike, and CS means Counter Strike. I’d probably also give it the nickname PS:PO maybe. In conclusion, this game is very well rounded, and I hope this game doesn’t go downhill like Pixel Gun is going through right now. Continue to evolve Vulcron, and have a nice day. #VulcronForever
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4 years ago, Reexell
Improvement but more
So when I first started the game it was fun but as I go level up I get stuff but the guns are the problem because when I level up I get a free gun but i don’t cause it says I am not on the right level even though I am, another are the glitches, all modes have this type of glitch which is when you go to some corner and look down and jump you start going up and got on top its quite fun till you hit the map “Pirate Cove” where in Infected players are able to hide behind the lava and some people do it but its just not fair when you do the glitch cause you die when you are not at the edge, and the final are the ads I get interrupted mostly 2-3 around there is where I am hit with an ad sometimes when I quit I get hit. So please reply back when you can Like the game but fix some stuff please, Thanks
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6 years ago, LaneTEM
Class Name Isn’t Saving
When I went to make change one of my classes to a christmas theme I successfully change the class and changed the name. But when I went to a battle it the class name was the name it was before I changed it. So I exit the battle and go to my classes and it still is the name it was when I entered the battle. So I go to change the name again and I exit and save my classes and I even double check to make sure it saved, and it did. So I go back to a battle it is back to the old name AGAIN!!! And turns out it does that for all my classes, I’ve tried all of them. I don’t know if this is a glitch, a bug, my games broken, or even because I haven’t played it in a few months, but if you see this please try to fix the problem.
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6 years ago, Mineocrusherz
Great game, but...
Love this game, but its crashes are frequent, on top of that, I deleted the game, and redownloaded it, only to discover that everything i had was reset, it didnt bug me though, but you should fix that. Now lets go on to suggestions... -you should fix the battle rifles sights, they are blocky, ugly, and hard to use -you should add in a weapon level system, instead of using coins to get attachments, you should unlock it by using the weapon, (with levels and such) and then you could prestige the weapon and unlock camos, or just simply buy them with coins/unlock them in cases. -you should readjust some animations. Going back to the battle rifle, it looks like you are holding it like a pistol, which is weird. Im sure there are other guns that have weird animations too but i noticed that one -you should allow us to make our own character (custom avatar), and allow us to report other peoples outfits just incase they arent appropriate Those are just some suggestions i have, you dont have to do it, but please consider it. As for the crashes and game reseting, you should fix that ASAP. Thank you
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7 years ago, XXXShooter69%Accurate
Great Game
This game is great. It is definitely better than Pixel Gun 3D. There only a few things that can be improved. For example, I can have a full clip of ammo and when I'm about to kill someone, I accidentally tap the reload button instead of shooting and because of the reload animation, the other player kills me. Another thing is ammo pick-ups should give ammo to all weapons, not just the weapon you had out while you collected it. I also think you should also be able to earn credits through playing the game and not just through taking surveys and signing up for stuff. Overall though this is a great game and I would definitely recommend it.
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4 years ago, Killingspree545 agian
It’s good
I’ve played this game for a while now and it can be really fun. I love how the game is not pay 2 win and you can get every gun u want fairly easy. But there is an issue, the TMP and the A180. These guns are extremely over powered and need a nerf bad. The TMP only takes around 2-4 shots to kill. It does have more recoil than the average gun, but the recoil is still extremely easy to manage especially with the right attachments and if u have gotten used to it. The A180 has way too much ammo and is way to fast of a kill. It’s a 1 burst and the burst fires extremely fast. It is way too easy to get kills with these guns and no other guns are nearly as good as them. Because of this they are spammed way too much. If you guys could please please fix this it would be amazing and this game would be 100% a five star game in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Clownmastery
Cool game but can be more
This is a cool game the weapons are awesome and the maps are incredible and a little interesting but what should be added is a map maker so you can play other people’s map and they can play on your. Making a map can be easy to but trying to see if it works is hard in some games (cough the far cry games cough) because in some of the games you can place bots but they can’t jump climb ladders and other things, so make it so there’s a bot that has the same weapons for specific game mode and the bot is able to do a what a normal player can. I would really love to see this feature added to the game it would really make it more interesting.
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5 years ago, Kris42424242424242
Okay let’s get this straight this is a really fun I really like because of all the cool stuff tons of game modes the only thing is in the new update it requires internet connection and when I’m on a road trip this is a fun game to play but I can’t another thing is there is no campaign so that ticks me off but other than that love the new update and i have all the guns but before that when I only had noob guns every body would kill with the really good guns so please make it so when you play you play with people of you’re same rank though a really good thing is if you save up credits you can remove adds free of real money
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2 years ago, Dauntless Beserker
Vulcron, listen
The game is a lot better these last few updates, but here are some ideas for the game to become even better. Ah, cases. These little things are impossible to get! They are really rare and they cost too many parts to craft! Make the cost from 500 to 100 parts and a little more common after winning games, ok? They really only give skins from what I experienced. NOBODY uses the ‘custom game’ feature. Make it an actual game mode in the casual category, so people know about it. Credits are pretty hard to get. Either make things that cost credits slightly cheaper or make credits slightly more common to come by so players get to use high res skins and premium costumes. Add different versions of the same skin. You know, to save other people’s time getting a red version of the tec soldier. Make mobile + controller actually WORK! What’s the point of playing on mobile with a controller if it does NOTHING!? I’m not angry at you, Vulcron, but it would help if you get these ideas in the game. :) From: TheCraftBros Guides and Gaming AKA DarkDigeridoo To: Vulcron and the devs there
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4 years ago, Raximuw
Pretty Good
Got this game a year or so ago and loved it, it barely had any micro transactions that bugged me and the gun play was great. I ended up having to delete the game because I had a lack of storage for other apps. Now that I’m on a new device and reinstalled the app it pains be to see that all my progress before was thrown into the dumpster. I know there were options to try to back up my old account like Facebook, but I never signed into that option in the first place which really doesn’t help. Linking in with other options doesn’t restore anything but I’m sure that’s the point. To be honest, I don’t really care that my old accounts gone, it’ll be pretty fun going through this game again.
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3 years ago, qmpQpw
Bad maps and weapons
So I started playing this game and it was fun. But the guns are weird if you want to shoot you have to aim down the barrel or else the bullet will go were ever the heck it wants. And the blunder buss is horrible has three shots and has a 5 second cool down between shots. Meanwhile the vector has full auto and about 28 bullets. The next thing is the maps, there all really small and has no room for snipers and the player speed is a bit to much. But over all I think it’s a fun game with not many toxic people and has many fun game modes. Also this game is skill based and has fun mechanics. So I like this game a lot but it has some tweaks that can be fixed
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5 years ago, Effect d director
The updates break the game.
I was exited when I saw a new update for PIXEL STRIKE 3D 👼 It is one of my favorite games, but when I went on infected, my favorite minigame, the zombies have guns witch is broken. AND THE CHAT IS BROKEN. Sure enough 3 days later they fix it in a new update. BUT THE CHAT IS STILL BROKEN. Also my favorite custom skin, enderman in a suit, gets overridden by a zombie skin even when I am not infected. Ok so now a week later the holloween update comes out. I am super excited! THE FRIKEN CHAT IS STILL BROKEN AND I AM BROKEN-HEARTED. oh yeah, AND YOU CAN’T EVEN PLAY ANY GAMES AT ALL THIS TIME. Please fix everything. Also stop complaining about ads other reviewers, it’s the circle of capitalism. Thanks.
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12 months ago, Sell0ut1
More small arena levels please
Ok so the big levels are well designed, and beautiful - especially the new Japan one. But it’s pretty clear in the team death match that people choose to play the warehouse, container yard and (previously) OG summer garden. Why not just make a few more new small to mid size levels next? I think there are users who would play them. Big levels also encourage camping. Maybe some animal familiars too like PG3D? Why not? Some new weirdness to spice up gameplay. Lastly un -nerf the semi auto rifle. It seems like it’s accuracy is so poor now it’s almost useless
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5 years ago, ????????????666688888999
The first time I got it but didn’t play it
I was looking at all the games and I found this one. IF you could can you add a big event for an month. I would like to join for my first Tim and have a event set up for me. I still haven’t played it I’m excited to play it I read some others reviews and they were good this is my first time writing a review and if you could agin I really liked if you got an event set up right away. I love gun games I play Fortnite and lots of other ones but I might not like this one that much is just about the FUN and a gave it a four star because it was cool when I watched the video of it so I hope that request is done bye soon. Have a great day. Bye ????????????"?""??????????
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5 years ago, Daeshaun Sanders
This game is really stupid, guns unbalanced, health unbalanced, player match making unbalanced. Having to level up to be able to unlock a certain weapon and still having to buy it. Credit card users can just be complete gods being able to buy the best weapons in the game. Also it is very glitchy I leveled up to level “7” 3 times before I actually leveled up that far. My coins are showing to be at 160 but they should be way more. When you are trying to use a sniper and you go to aim as soon as I click the shoot bottom the scope goes off and I just start to no scope. The most frustrating thing of all is that when you’re playing free for all and you kill someone another person just spawns right behind you and kills you. Also shotguns are completely useless because they do absolutely nothing to people.
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5 years ago, JMcElroy20
Ads and other things
Ok, first off is that this is a great game, the guns are great and everything about it is great. The two problems I have is the ads, the ads are skippable which is great but they come up too often, almost after every game. The second thing is that when I have a karambit, or (headhunter) I literally can’t even see it, I can only see the ring on the bottom which is depressing since i paid for it because I really liked it and I can’t even see the full thing. You should fix these things because, especially that headhunter one, helps me a lot. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Slenderseth364
Crash and progress lost again
After the latest update 5.1.2 was released, the game crashed and I lost all my progress. Just like the other guys that said it happened to them. I deleted the game and try to recover my account but I couldn't. So I tried to level back up and I leveled up once and then hit quit game in game. Bad idea. When I did it crashed and I tried to play again but kicked me out everytime. I deleted it and got it back again then tried again but this time it just kicked me out even when I tried to get into the game. If you can fix this please do it because it's a great game honestly. I loved it but now it won't work...
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6 years ago, tmk33official
Offline bot mode(NEEDED!!)
All This game really needs is an offline mode and no ads because no one wants tor Return to the home screen ready to equip that new weapon or buy that new skin just for an ad to come up at random. The game is great I love it already level 30 and I started at 12:00pm pretty fun game but an offline mode where you can play on the go. To practice with active bots that would make it worth people’s wild. So if someone’s power goes out or their phone gets turned off they can go to their favorite FPS game and enjoy it and be more likely to recommend it to a friend.i guarantee you you will see results
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4 years ago, Minecraft kid playing
Been playing for a while love the game if your reading this review you probably seen or heard of Troll a really skilled player some person even thought they were hacking but obviously Troll wasn’t also madilta Queen I think that’s how you say it is a god as well sometimes it’s unbalanced if your playing a round with both of them in it and they are friends so they do stick together if they’re on the same team of course so it is a hassle to kill them and I’m talking about the infected game mode but the game is amazing you should totally give them rewards or something 10/10 game
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5 years ago, #EPIC FOR LIFE
Servers are laggy
Ok so the servers are LAGGY, why? U May ask is because it says “Cannot connect to server” every time I try to play a game mode, and clan chat does not work for me, it just shows 2 or 3 old texts from a YEAR AGO, also party mix is trash now, what happened to duck hunt? Why is it not sniper only? It’s impossible now to get to the end and what happened to the rpg cool down in party mix?! U can only fire one rocket! This game has turned more and more laggy because you are working on “Pixel town” and not solving the problems on pixel strike. For the love of god plz make this game great again
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7 years ago, D4ni3lpd21
This game is epic
I used to play pixel gun 3d a lot but stopped a bit due to the pay to win and other things. If you are looking for a mote realistic pixel gun, its this. Cool maps, weapons and yeah. What I really like is that you guys actually care for your players feelings for the game! The pixel gun company just wanted to take everyones money by adding gems, upgrade and craft time, and the unbalanced gameplay. And if you are reading this developers, please dont become a pay to win game. If that happens I will stop playing and most people will be angry. So just take this advice and follow it. In other words, 10/10 game :D
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6 years ago, Vecter_LA
Some suggestions but solid game 10/10
I love this new update, I hope you guys keep the gameplay basic and how it is but tweak it a little here and there but don’t end up like the PG3D devs. I suggest that maybe there should be a feature so when you kill an enemy they can drop there gun and you can pick it up or they should drop ammo sometimes. Also I think it would be awesome to have a map that was in a water park, that would be sick. Also recently my game has started to crash every time I try to open it and I don’t wanna lose my vip or progress please help :(
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4 years ago, Trolloxus
I have trouble
Hello game devs, i have a problem, people are glitching at ⓛⓘⓣⓣⓛⓔ ⓗⓞⓤⓢⓔ-on top of the house, red and blue houses, ⓢⓐⓝⓓⓑⓞⓧ- on the houses, and ⓦⓘⓛⓓⓦⓔⓢⓣ-on the clocktower. Please devs 𝘗𝘓𝘌𝘈𝘚𝘌 𝘪 𝘣𝘦𝘨 𝘶 and garentee if you fix these glitches, people will enjoy the game in infection more often - and there is this clan that glitches all the time, its clan name is Ak12, just a FYI. But please fix those glitches in those maps ;-; then I would play infection ALL the time :) I love ur game pixel strike devs , keep dion wat u doin. -Aiden Rodriguez/username: Trolloxus Ps. I woulr like a ladder on the broken house on the map with the crashed airplane snd it rains. I think u know dat map.
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6 years ago, Bastraction
Could Use More Of Everything
This game is great, I love how balanced every weapon is and the variety of them, though I feel like we could use a bit more. Such as an L85 (similar to Army Rifle, great for range and minimal recoil) and a few more snipers like an intervention or l11, I think it would be great to have new guns. Game modes, there are really only 3 fun game modes (in my opinion) I feel like adding game modes such as kill confirmed and a standard domination (3 hills all stay in the same spot) would work well with Pixel Strike, the new game modes can come along with some new maps too though these are just some cool ideas however the game is great and keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, XxxMAGIIC13xxX
Smooth feel but...
I’m new to the game. I basically wanted a shooter that felt like Pixel gun without the credit card required to play it and am definitely loving the game so far. It feels smooth and easy to play but can get real skillful. My only problems with it are that it sometimes crashes on me which is odd cause my software is updated. The only other complaint I can make so far is that the player base is significantly smaller then pixel guns so it’s a bit harder to find populated servers which makes me wonder why there’s over 10 game modes since only 3 or 4 are ever really populated. Overall, the game feels more polished and I’m loving it.
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4 years ago, Sir Twinkles
Changes please
This game Is Good! Unlike Pixelgun 3D where you don’t jump all over the place and can’t hit anything This game Pixel Strike 3D is Normal and Quick to learn! But the problem is that people spawn too quickly, on Free For All or Gun Game once I killed someone they spawn too fast that I never even moved out of the area that I killed them at... it’s annoying and second problem is the ads, Third problem is when I get killed by someone it rarely or for me it sometimes shows a white screen with my controllers but I can’t spectate and also when I resplendent back I don’t have my controllers anymore, please fix this!
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6 years ago, 1123ThisGuy3211
Better than pg3d, but lost my progress
So this is essentially the replacement of pg3d (pixel gun 3D). No armor, balanced gameplay, and a lot more fun. Unfortunately, as I reached level 27, the game continually crashed on the loading screen. I deleted the app, redownloaded it, and lost EVERYTHING. I lost my rank, guns, friends, and skins. This game is great, but this is a HUGE problem. Also some in-game glitches allow you to go outside the map, which in infection is unfair. Also multiple times I’ve started a match, and either can’t move or don’t even have controls. Again, odd glitches, huge problems. The game’s good, but could use improvement.
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