Pixelated - Pixel Color Puzzle

3.8 (32)
8.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
111 (LLC)
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixelated - Pixel Color Puzzle

3.78 out of 5
32 Ratings
10 years ago, Gfdfhxfbcdhcd
Nice, but really?
I agree that the ads are terrible. The game is very clever and fun and I bet you could ad a lot of fun stuff to this. But what's annoying me right now is ad placement, I mean don't do it in the middle of the game, it's ridiculous. Just leave ads at the bottom of the screen or on the menu, that would help. Good job! :)
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8 years ago, DurfeeTeacher#1
Too Many Ads
Why are there so many ads?! Some pop up in the middle of the game causing you to click on them by mistake (and the timer is still ticking). This results in a low score. This wasn't a problem with my Blackberry. Hopefully the next update will remedy this.
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4 years ago, Jake R.E.
Don’t purchase premium to get rid of adds
There are so many adds it starts to get frustrating. I payed the $1.99 price tag for the premium which says the app becomes add free. It is not add free. There are still adds, just a few less. It is flagrant false advertisement and they should refund the money.
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9 years ago, Santino992
Bad app
The ads are intrusive and annoying. Also it opens Game Center every time wish I don't care much for. This is a simple enough app to program. It shouldn't be hard to find a better free app of this game.
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9 years ago, Kensssss17227363
More ads than game
The advertising was excessive and annoying, 4-5 per minute. I found myself spending more time closing ads than playing the game.
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8 years ago, Ali1792
Way too many ads.
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13 years ago, ,.!?LP
Great game!
Loved this game on my BB, so excited to find it for my iPad!! Have been playing for 2 days and haven't had any issues with it crashing or having to restart after each game. Like the option of picking more colors and # of moves to win
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12 years ago, CJDragonfly75
Not bad
I play a lot on 23 turns and it's not easy to win. Only drawback is, even if I win, it won't count it. Will still tell me I've lost. Oh well, still an addictive, fun game.
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11 years ago, Timpster93
I WILL NOT be updating
The game is called PIXELated, not roundated or something Also the white background makes it so much harder to see the other colors, I hate the way the new update looks in the photos and I hope you go back to the PIXELS If the game was origonally made how the update is, I probably would never have downloaded it! Please offer some type of option to go back to the PIXELS! I hope you understand, not all changes are good If you use a computer at night check out f.lux to tone down some of the blue channel at night, to be more relaxing to look at the screen.
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13 years ago, JacobDeRulo
Much better!!
Completely addictive game! It needs options.
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9 months ago, cannotfindausername
10/4/23 I paid 2.99 for the upgrade to remove ads and have the ability to change color scheme, level of difficulty, etc. the ads have been removed but I am unable to access the other upgrades.I tried to upgrade it again and was willing to pay. Received a message that I had already upgraded with the offer to and the offer to download the upgrade for free which I did. Nothing has changed. No ads but no additional upgrades. Now what? Thanks
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10 years ago, Popplegem
Horrible "in app" purchase
I love this type of game but the "Offers in App Purchase" is horrible and disruptive. You get at least three interruptions per game, and rounds are only a minute. You end up clicking the ads because they pop up and you are moving so fast you can't stop. HORRIBLE. Really ruins the game.
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12 years ago, Etheod
Lord Etheod
Been playing for a long time. Waisted many hours at work with it. Never glitched once. Love this game.
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10 years ago, Crubtrinsky
The f&?kin ads!
Would be 5 stars if the ads weren't popping up every second. Makes me not want to play they are so frustrating. Please fix
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11 years ago, 12853
Never Works Anymore
Flashes a solid color and never gets to the puzzle since the last OS system for iPhones and iPads! It is in the cloud and I cannot download it again to start fresh! No stars for now; would have been a five star game before.
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12 years ago, Vroom-Varooooom
I liked the old free version better because it had more options.
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11 years ago, BetterJedi
Awesome game
Much improved on the previous version. Good brain exercise.
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10 years ago, mgobrad
Does not work properly
What happened to the dots version. New update does not work most of the time and the ads are extremely annoying-definitely over done!
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12 years ago, Blueyesrn
No many pop up!!!!
I liked the old version much more!! Too many pop up w this on:(
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12 years ago, JB123454321
Fun game
Fun game, stable app. Good simple game, great for playing on a short break.
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13 years ago, Jstrianese
If I want to play again, I have to close the app and open it back up? Really? And no options? Blackberry versions of this game are far superior.
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13 years ago, RD Little
Good game but crash too much
... And have to crash eveytime right when am about to win.
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11 years ago, Mimilabud
Addicting Game
Once u start ..u can"t stop !!
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11 years ago, Mrs Ocelot
Way better before
Loved pixelated until this update. Why change it? It's terrible now. Change it back.
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12 years ago, Leechie0322
Love it!!!
This is my favorite game. Highly addictive!
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12 years ago, Cupcakes1414
I have an iPod generation 2, and the app doesn't work. Whenever I click on it to play, it shuts down. I've never been able to play it. :'(
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11 years ago, XxM1G3xX
It was good the way it was before! Please put the ability to change themes!
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13 years ago, Nanita3
How do you play no instructions?
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13 years ago, Shortney413x3
No even worth the download only let's you play once! Buncha CRAP.
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11 years ago, Slug69385
Fun game. FAR too many pop ups.
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11 years ago, Krom1376
Lots of fun
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12 years ago, sama368
iPod 2nd gen
I have an IPod 2nd gen and it keeps crashing
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12 years ago, MathandComputers
No help
No help can't figure out the logic
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12 years ago, Spicee222
I enjoy this game
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13 years ago, hjegd
Frickenn app crashes everytime I'm about to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, N65DAV
Fun game!
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11 years ago, labelman
Awesome game
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13 years ago, Meslf
Flood it is free
The game this is off of
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12 years ago, PDLWP
This app is a piece of crap
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12 years ago, Ale613
So much fun!
So much fun
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