Photo & Video
3.8 (55)
31.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixlr Pte Ltd
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixlr-o-matic

3.8 out of 5
55 Ratings
7 years ago, DME_Ski
Really Good App
I just started using this App after using the developer's Pixlr App for many years on all my phones and computers. Pilxromatic is kinda like the "unorganized version" of Pixlr, but I think it depends upon how you like your Apps set up. I'm more prone to use Pixlr, but this is good for a quick edit as it does list your favorites at the beginning of each selection.
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2 years ago, Ronamy23
Love this app!
This app will always be my go to! I use it often, it’s easy to use and I love the free options for filters and effects. You can get a lot out of this app without even making an in app purchase. Anytime I’ve had to get a new phone, or upgrade my old one, one of the first apps I install is Pixlromatic!! I love how you can make your pictures look like a scene pulled right out of a dream, or core memory. I love the style of editing Pixlromatic gives us to choose from- idk the technical term to describe the style of editing features this app gives us, the only way I can describe it is my pics have such a nostalgic feel to them. Looking back at pics I’ve edited almost feels like I’m looking at a core memory m real life, and sometimes it feels like I’m looking at an actual snap shot from a dream. So easy to use! You’ll love it! Only warning: You’re gonna spend a lot of time looking through your photos to pick the perfect ones to edit!
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5 years ago, Jdhvd
GO-TO photo editing app—when it works
This app breaks just about ever other iPhone update. It’s beginning to be more frustrating than it’s worth. I know it’s difficult for companies to keep up with phone manufacturer updates, but come on! Right now, to edit a single photo, I have to close the app and reopen it after every (editing) action that I take, and then once I save it to my phone, I have to reboot my phone in order to clear the app to be able to edit the next photo. I rely on my photo editing apps for my business. Customers should not have to endure such clunkiness—especially when they pay for something. This is the third time in recent memory, that this app has quit functioning. I am about ready to give up on it and find something more stable to rely on. Great app—the developers are on point, in creating an easy, user friendly app—which is why I don’t understand why they are so lazy with regards to updates. They are obviously intelligent enough to keep it running. I suppose once they have your money, they already have you, and they don’t have to work as hard. Try it out, it’s a good app, but think twice before you begin relying on it or paying for it.
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2 months ago, BeyondCipher
Been using this app for a kabillion years <:3
One of my all time go to fav reliable awesome epic so many choices too many choices just the right amount of choices easy to use epic awesome wonderful love this app it’s my fav go to to use thank you so much I’m so glad it’s still on the App Store I love that there’s a website too and you can click the water and it ripples that’s like mega ❤️‍🔥🩵 love it’s like I’m in a darkroom! And yeah thank you everyone, such a good app to make edits to pics I love it and I’m so happy and thank you so much yes honest to God love this app <3 it’s so wonderful epic amazing yes I love it :))))) so happyyyy
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2 years ago, shaunskobe
Still Great
I have been using this Photo App forever now and I still love it just as much as it I did from back in 2012. I just switched back to iPhone and noticed a ton of money grumbling app developers charging an arm and a leg or an ad after every single action, this doesn’t and because of it I’m upgrading today! Great app - Thank You!
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5 years ago, mejae12
Awesome App
Love Love Love this app ive used it for about 6 yrs now . I just decided Id if they had the iphone version.
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11 months ago, ~FRANZ~
Is this condemned to death?
Love this app but it’s really not working well anymore. Most effects have been offloaded from my phone and losing them back up doesn’t work. Too bad this really was the best app. Let’s have a heads up what’s going on. Is there hope?
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4 years ago, figatcave182
Regarding complaints
I’ve seen some recent reviews for this app that talk about how i crashes very often. This app hasn’t been updated in two years. They made a new version called Pixlr which works much better and is frequently updated.
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1 year ago, Fiery Empath
saving pictures to library stopped working...I've tried everything
Wont save pics to library anymore... I love this App
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5 years ago, izzyrocksout
It crashes
First time I used it and tried to save the image the screen froze and I had to close out the app. There is no user interface to speak of. No sliders, just take the preset as it is given to you. Very few buttons and I couldn’t see that they did much of anything. Don’t bother downloading. Also notice it has been two years since they did a bug fix.
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7 years ago, akitagirl216
Best app since iPhone1
Bought this with my first iTunes card and been downloading religiously since per phone. Best pic app EVER. when i say ever i mean E VE R since before this rating system existed!
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7 years ago, Butts--7
Awesome Filters!
I've been using this app since my old iPhone 4. It's still one of my go-to photo apps :)
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4 months ago, BigE@st60
Fun app
I adore this fun and easy app, but suddenly it crashes every time upon saving on my iPhone 11. 😭
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3 years ago, Google.reader
App will not open
I love this app when the app works. The app crashes every time I try to save a picture. The only way for the app to work again is hard start the iPhone.
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3 years ago, MikeIvy
Needs an Update!
Great app but freezes on latest iOS, and really needs an update.
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6 years ago, Eviscool
Great app
I absolutely love this app easy to use and makes great photos
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5 months ago, SpIdErLeGsMuSiC
It was cooler when you could download more presets
But now you can’t . Makes it less interesting
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5 years ago, Tortorswaggasaur
Needs updating
Ever since I got a new iPhone it doesn’t work right hand the quality when I try to save anything is crappy.
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5 years ago, ctrubac
The filters and flare effects on this app are very fun to use.
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7 years ago, أنـــــا 😊
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5 years ago, Otman Rebel
Very very good
Please Update the app for more
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4 years ago, SaMi2366
Nice app
Like the app but it crashes after saving.
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2 years ago, WWEFan11
Needs Fixing
Unable to restore purchases on iPad
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4 years ago, mypaperstuff
Formerly great, now abandoned.
Freezes when you save a photo. Would it be that hard to fix it? Sheesh! Avoid.
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4 years ago, DJBSFO
No update for 2 years
Doesn’t work anymore
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3 years ago, Ashlinloe7
Professional at best!
Please update this app! I use it every week! Pretty please! It’s the best app ever for pic and ads!
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2 months ago, MsShieka
Creative Apper
I used to love this app but it’s I’m it working anymore 😔
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2 years ago, Deeashley
Needs Updaye
I love this app and prefer it over their other app even if the main effects are similar (there were no ads!). I had a lot of fun with the “random” option as well. A simple but fun little extra I wish all of these filter apps utilized. Unfortunately, the dev has stopped updating this app, which is probably why less than half of the effects do nothing when clicked on. Too bad, because this app was a lot of fun for years. I’m assuming the neglect was intentional so that previous users would be funneled to the other app, which features...., you guessed it, a subscription! No thanks. :( I only downloaded this app because it was free and figured I'd be deleting it after about 5 minutes. I have at least 50 photo edit/filter apps and they usually become redundant. At first glance this app looks similar to many others... However, I am happy to say I was proven wrong! The filters are truly unique! A perfect app for the novice to spruce up mediocre photos, (or great ones!), and a fun app for more seasoned iphoneographers looking for that unique "something" to add to their edits. Even the frames are unique (WITHOUT being too cheesy and no silly little stickers and such). A few of the presets might borderline on silly, but hey, lots of people like silly! TWO BIG SUGGESTIONS to make this a five star app: 1: most important! RESOLUTION!! 2: make the preset strength adjustable! This is my only problem. I'd use a lot more of the filters if I could tone them down a bit. :) But, hey! IT'S FREE, so I'm happy!! SUPPLEMENTAL: I am HAPPY to say that the developers have come through on the resolution!!! THANK YOU! :))
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11 years ago, AliciaHollywood
Same app as Pixelr Expess Plus
OK I just bumped this up from 1 star to 4... My original review is below. I broke down and re-downloaded all the same filters I had just downloaded for PixelR Express Plus because I was just having too much fun with the randomizer. I still wish the randomizer was PART of PixelR Express Plus so I don't have to go back and forth to fine tune, but for now, enjoying both apps... I don't get this app-- it has all the effects that come free with PixelR Expess Plus but it requires a download for an additional $.99... It has a lot less control over the effects, no fine tuning, and the only possible crop is a square one. The only cool thing is the randomizer. If they just added that on to the PixelR Plus app (which I will rate 5 stars, love it!), this app would be pointless. I almost considered paying the $.99 just for the randomizer but I don't want to redownload all those filters, they take up too much space on my iPad for two copies of the same thing. If they added a randomizer to PixelR plus, I'd happily pay the extra dollar just for that, rather than have two redundant space taking apps...
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12 years ago, Cassie36
I activated the Plus portion of the app and just Wow. This was a unique app before doing that with the names and interesting results you could get by shuffling. But, the Plus addition lets you into a whole new world of uniqueness. I have probably 200 photo camera and editing apps between the iPad and iPhone and many do not stand out from each other and have been deleted. This one just made the cut before. Now it will be a go-to app when I need something special. The additional filters are not much to speak of, but the additional papers, light leaks, and especially the frames, are different from any of the others that I have seen. I am super impressed by it. I hesitated at the $3 price of admission, but I'm so glad that I took the leap. The frames alone are worth it and I think that I'll even be pulling in edited photos just to use the frames. Like I said, I have not seen the likes of them anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and upgrade. It's soo worth it! My one complaint is minor. I wish that when a photo is vertical, the filters and such would be seen vertically. And, I really, really wish that there was landscape mode on the iPad. That one is kind of a big wish because I mostly work in landscape mode. But, overall, this app is more than worth the price of admission!
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12 years ago, CanvasSpots
Great App!
IMPORTANT HELPFUL NOTE: If you download the "plus" version using the in-app purchases, you do not download the plus app. However, if for any reason you restore your iPhone/iPad, do not worry about losing your purchases. Tap to download the plus version from this app again, it will say you need to pay again. Ignore that, type in your password, and then it will acknowledge that you have already paid for the plus version. You will NOT be charged twice to get all the filters and effects. Thank you. I love this app for giving my photos that final touch-up, and my friends are always impressed at the photos I take. I always recommend this app! Some things it needs includes moving the back button to the top left instead of close to the editing buttons. I've pressed it by accident and had to start over. This app also needs a rotate picture button and a rotate button for both the lighting and frames. Last, it would be great if we could move the lighting around. Other than those things, it's still a great app and I highly recommend it.
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11 years ago, IG: ✨_feliciachristina✨
I never write reviews! This is my 1st. So worth my time.
I have tried and bought many photo editing apps. I have a lot of favorites but I always run my photos through this - it's a must have. Makes my pics stand out and has so many options and filters to choose from, so it allows maximum customization. It is also a good idea to shell out the 99 cents and buy all the filters. You can try them out as tiny previews and pick and choose. You can star your favorites for quick access later. When opening the app you'll see an option to go right back to editing your last photo, picks up where you left off with each filter. The only con I have about this app is the fact that I can't crop my pictures and has a square crop option but it automatically does it for me. Also would love to be able to choose which parts of my pics can go in the filters that grid sections of the photo (there's a couple like that, I love the rainbow one) Overall amazing app! Totally worth giving a detailed review.
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12 years ago, Terryp33
Great app but needs improvement
As a freelance portrait, pet and travel photographer, I am constantly trying out new photo editing apps. As soon as I downloaded the free version of this app, I was so impressed by it that I immediately upgraded to the full version. While I am still basically delighted with it, a little bit of tweaking here and there is called for. First and foremost, an undo button is an absolute must, one that would both do an instant restore to the original photo as well as undo each enhancement in increments. Another welcome addition would be a pan and zoom feature. Currently in order to see the photo at full size, I am saving it and then deleting it each time I apply additional effects. A slider that would control the intensity of each effect (the width of a frame to cite one example) would also be very useful. But the undo button is most essential. Add this one feature and the app will be stellar and I will happily upgrade my rating to five star.
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10 years ago, Vampoler
I was about to delete the app until I figured out how to get all my stuff back. When editing a pic, tap the gear symbol in the top right corner... Then you can re-download the color filters... THEN WHILE STILL THERE...tap the middle circle at the bottom and you'll be able to restore those...then tap the circle for the frames and those can be restored. It seems like they're gone if you switch to the second filter or frame section and then tap the gear, because it automatically shows you the color filter section instead of anything in the section you were actually using to edit the pic.
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12 years ago, Recronin
Easy to Use With Great Results.
Pros 💟Large selection of filters and effects; many more included with an in-app purchase. 💟Quality of effects are top-notch. 💟"Favorite" feature for keeping your favorite effects at the front of their list. Cons 🆚Having a paid version of this app is confusing/unnecessary. It's the same as this free app and just includes the in-app purchases. 🆚Needs better organization of effects (choosing a drop down such as "All," "Grunge," "Nature," etc.). Other Thoughts ✳There's a huge amount of filters and effects to choose from, which is a good and bad thing. It can take a while to find the effect you want, even of you know the name of it. Fortunately there is a way to "favorite" effects, and they will show at the beginning of the list. ✳With the Retina Display on the new iPad, an accompanying update to match the new resolution would be nice. It would take a lot of work on the part of Autodesk however as all the effects would need to be recreated in higher resolution. With the camera resolutions of the current iOS devices and the smaller preview window of the effects within the app, this may not even be necessary unless users import photos from their digital cameras. Retina Display updates to the new iPad can just be done to the interface instead.
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12 years ago, nola723
One of my favorites
I don't see why everyone seems to be having a problem with this app. It has always worked beautifully for me on my iPod. In the world of effects, filters, and borders, this is THE BEST APP, hands down. No other app comes remotely close to the level of professionalism and beauty you can get from your pictures with this one. I have just two suggestions; some constructive criticism to make this app even better. I wish there was a way to organize which filters you want before others. I use the Space ones a lot on my sky pictures, and it does get slightly irksome to scroll though ALL the effects to reach them. I also wish the Bokeh effects were more legitimate. I try to make my photos as professional as possible, and, honestly, butterflies and flowers and hearts don't do it for me. If there were just smaller, lighter circles and shapes that didn't necessarily cover the whole picture, I would delete every other app I have and use this one. Also, before you bash a perfectly wonderful app, get familiar with it, recognize its capabilities, and then do whatever you want. Another thing: at least try to do something about your grammar. It's atrocious and makes me cringe. I cabt eben telll u howe stuped u luk when u type stuffz leik dis!!!!!!!7
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11 years ago, Shelsterrr
I absolutely love this app to death. Worth way more than free or 99¢. I use it almost every day and with tons of pictures. There is everything you need in just one app. It is extremely simple to use and to create amazing looking photos. I think the people that are saying that they don't get the extra stuff they paid for didn't go into the "extras" section to download the new content. But seriously though, if you want to make your picture look like it got edited by a professional designer, then use this app! It takes only a couple minutes to mix and match your settings. I highly highly recommend this to even the most inexperienced picture editor. It's fun to use, very simple, and everyone will be complimenting your photos. 5 stars all the way!
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12 years ago, Liminal Indigo
Wish I could give 2 1/2 🌟...
... but I have to stick with 2 for now. Okay, they changed the ridiculous pricing to a one-time fee of $2.99 for whichever packs you want to download. (Some are ridiculous, like the flames, but whatever.) That's cool AS LONG AS the one-time fee holds up as they keep adding packs & updating. **My biggest complaint is that *most* of the effects are MUCH too "IN YOUR FACE", and/or completely obscure the pic (just sooo fake-looking), & a MUST would be ••a slider to control the intensity of each effect••. Being able to ••resize the frames (thinner or thicker so it looks better & you're not cutting off your pics!) with a slider•• is also a MUST. It'd be cool if we had the "normal" editing effects, such as saturation, contrast, etc etc. It's better than the last update, though. If I see slider changes to control the intensity of the effects & thickness of the frames, *á la CameraPlus*, my rating will go up to 5 stars!! ƪ( ︶ ྱの。)ʃ
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12 years ago, NYCJames
An update that REMOVES features? LOL
To be honest this app was never that good. In fact the only thing it's decent for is applying borders to your photos. Of the border presets, maybe 3 or 4 are usable, the rest are just tacky. The same goes for the lighting effects, most of them are gimmicky and you're probably never going to use 98% of them unless maybe you're 12 years old. The funniest thing is that, in this latest update, they have REMOVED all of the filters that were previously there. Again, 98% of them were horrible and unusable. Like most camera filter apps, you got one or two that are pretty cool looking, and the rest are just garish overloads of red and purple. But they took them away and are making you pay for them, so whatever. I seriously doubt that many people are going to pay for what was pretty lame anyway. I will keep the app for the borders, but that's about it.
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12 years ago, rivergirl114
great app!
I got this app because I thought that Instamatic was 1) not super great for iPad when you don't have an iPhone, and 2) Instamatic was very limited as to how you can manipulate your photos. This app offers so much mor in the free version an Instamatic does and you can still load those pictures to your Instamatic feed without loss of image quality. The options for additional filters, frames, burns, light leaks, etc are great. My only concern is that I have a little bit of trouble buying new ones from the app. It mint be something I'm doing wrong but it keeps telling me that I'm not connected to iTunes when I really am. If that were fixed I would give it more than 5 stars.
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12 years ago, Nyantoo
Has glitches when saving
It would have been a great app except for a few things. First when taking a picture it uses a small preview screen instead of the full ipad screen so seeing if the objects are properly focus the first time is a bit hard. Youll be forced to take a picture see if its okay and if not retake it. Second, when editing the pictures and adding effects it uses a lower resolution preview to speed the process up, but it makes guessing the final outcome a bit harder. (i noticed this because in the app it looked blurry but upon saving and opening it in photos it looked great) Third, and this one is the deal breaker, upon saving it the pic looks greet except there are occasional discolorations. For example i have a pic of my electric fan but right at the edge of the fan blades theres a group of turquoise pixels and bits of yellow pixels in the background. Note Im using an ipad 3, so perhaps this issue affects only the latest models since the app doesn't seem to be retina capable yet. Update: upon investigating it seems the buggy pixels only appear if you import to your camera roll using either original or very large settings AND if you applied an effect. Please fix this as i don't want to use a lower resolution image.
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12 years ago, allively
Out of all photo edit prog. This has been the best, and FREE!!
I have at least 7 or 8 photo editing apps on my iPad right now. Some I've paid for, some have been free. And, without any doubt, this has been the best editor by far. I feel like I'm stealing it with it being free. Lots of options, easy to use, photos are better than ever. AND IN FULL QUALITY (other programs shrink the size/quality which makes sharing a pain) One dilemma, when emailing the photo to yourself it is not a jpeg (which is slightly annoying). Instead, save the edited photo yo your library and email it to yourself (or whomever) so you can have the full. Jpeg file.
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12 years ago, Sremed88
9,458,176,296 STARS!
I don't ever write reviews, nor do i ever read them... Because reviews are terrible.... But.. this app is the best thing I have ever bought for my phone. I just got the update and I haven't even played with it yet, but I instantly bought every feature I could.... I don't even need to know if it's worth the money because I already know it is well worth it.... I use this app for everything... It has the cleanest interface I have ever seen on any other photo app. It has a unique/grungy/artistic feel... It is Extremely simple to use. It is fast and convenient. Hundreds of ways to create
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12 years ago, Spitbite
Alright I like this app a whole lot better than I used to. Since I've been using pixlromatic for a while they gave me a free Plus subscription. You guys rock. Thanks for giving the first generation users some serious love. But for those who are just downloading this, it's a good app. Lots of options and I LOVE the fact that I can swap out 'packs' and choose which filters I can opt to put on the editing screen. I guess instead of buying up packs at .99 cents tou can subscribe to the Plus option, I vouch for doing that because some of these effects are frickin awesome.
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10 years ago, Avid User/Infuriated Customer
Was great but...
I had ALL the filters downloaded, and haven't used the app in a while. Well I went to use it today and suddenly all the filters are gone and I only have access to the default ones and have to pay for all the other ones. As someone who has used the app and used the editor even before it was an app I'm highly disappointed. Don't know how they can take something away from their loyal customers after we've already had it so long, it's a bunch of bs. They'll get 5 stars when I get my filters back without having to pay for all of them, as I had them ALL before and now they've taken them away and I suddenly have to pay to get them back. Was once my fave pic editing source.
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13 years ago, justme348
I loved this App.. I've spent a lot of money at the App store..and once in a while I get a great App for free.. This was one, and it was 5 stars.. I guess the developer realized what a great App it was... And wished they had charged.. But thinking wisely.. All your great reviews have gone down.. If I were you .. I would make it the way it was.. And I'm 100% sure.. You will get your 5 star ratings again.. Then you can charge the price you want. At this point .. Your just making it worse .. Review #2 Update Rocks.. A bit slow at first, but if you upload it again.. Works perfect:) Thanks devs:)
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12 years ago, Workitworkman
Back to amazing
Whatever the bug was with the last update was is simply fixed by uninstalling the app and re-downloading. There is the minor inconvenience of re-downloading and purchased effects again but this is much better than the alternative. You will not have to re-pay for anything you have bought. As with all apps, a box will appear asking if you want to buy the download. Simply proceed through it and another pop-up will appear tell you that you have already bought it. Enjoy.
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12 years ago, Catharsis4
Loved it, Now Outrageously Priced
This app is fun to use and used to be entirely free. It works well, although there are no editing options to adjust effects. However, recently, the app started to sell more effects as in-app purchases. This wouldn't be so terrible except that what you are getting for the the money is ridiculously low. If one were to buy every set of effects, it would cost $16! Every individual set is very limited. This would seem more reasonable to me if all the in-app purchases were sold for $1.99, but given the way it is now, the cost makes this one of the most expensive camera apps with one of the fewest effects/leeway to edit. Poorly done! I'm very disappointed.
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12 years ago, iCain
Pic preview different than final - Updated
I originally gave this app a bad review with 2 stars because the Pic Preview in the app looked amazing, but when I exported the pic, it was blurry and had weird lines. I also noticed other people complaining about this. After playing around with the app I noticed that if the original pic is large, and I do not export it as a smaller size, it does often distort the final pic. If I export it from the app in a smaller size, the exported pic looks the same as it did when I previewed it in the app. Hope this helps other people.
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12 years ago, ghvst
Highly recommend this app
Has the largest selection of filters of any photo app i have seen... The amount of filters, light leak effects and frames for a dollar you get are really fun to play around with and well worth the $.99. I use this app to edit photos before putting on instagram or just messing around on it. I love that you can change which filters are in your menu (there are so many) and favorite the ones you use the most to be in the front. Fun app, nice layout, intuitive setup...definitely worth it!!!!!:):):)
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