Pixlr Photo Editor - Retouch

Photo & Video
3.5 (1.4K)
119.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixlr Pte Ltd
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pixlr Photo Editor - Retouch

3.53 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Ronald+Marlene
I love Pixler.....
I have created amazing images using Pixlr, so beautiful, that many people are now asking to purchase them. I would like to commend its developers for coming up with such a great App. With just a few changes, it would be A+++++. 1. Stickers. OMG! Listen.....with such great aesthetics going on in the filters and the effects, why would you include stickers that look like they were made for kids, or adults who behave like kids??? They don’t AT ALL seem like they are even part of the App at all! It’s like they migrated in through the back door from a nearby sandbox! They are cartoons. Please, please...give us some which match the sophistication of the App, that would elevate the look of the photo, rather than throwing Big Macs on it. A hint....design stickers which look like part of the art work, instead of fighting it— i.e., smudges, scrapes, liquids, nature— Impressionistic style.... 2. You affixed a price to some of the better Effects. Fair enough. But often you need to try out several before you settle on the right look. How about you let the use experiment with a few and then charge him/her right before they save it? You’re tchies— you can figure this out. 3. Small Things— too many “droplet” shaped effects.....way too many in the rain-spattered pattern. Other than these points, the App is very good...very. Keep up the good work, make my changes, and it will award winning! Thank you and good luck.
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2 years ago, MK4454
To the Developers:
I’ve used the Pixlr editor online for several years and the app at least the last 4-5. It’s one of my favorites. Both are easy to navigate but I find the app much more lacking. I expected that to a certain degree, but as time went on and I saw others apps adding things (like the cloning tool, ability to layer, and ability to reshape) I started wondering why Pixlr hasn't been able to add those features as well. It's disappointing since this is the only app I pay for. It's gotten to the pt I can now achieve more on the free apps and it's not justifying the cost. That's not good from a consumer nor marketable standpoint. The 'double exposure' function gets around some of it but often glitches, making a white background when the image itself has is a png/transparent - super annoying. Sometimes I can fix this with deleting and reinstalling and most of the time I cannot. Tried the BG remover offered as another work arnd, still happened when using in the main program. I realize coding is complicated and sometimes debugging with new devs is a challenge but it's really hurting your product and the ability to market it with limited features at a premium. Please address this as I'd like to continue being a customer.
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5 years ago, chuckgamemaster
Great app, very buggy
First and foremost, I’ve used this app for years. It was my go-to editor on my phone because it has so much to offer. However, with the recent update I’m very annoyed. Every time I open the app, it asks me to allow access to my Bluetooth devices. It doesn’t need access to my Bluetooth devices, and at first it wasn’t too bad. However, the app was lagging when I was using it yesterday and it froze, so I had to manually close it. When I went to open it again, it was still frozen, so I went to manually close it again and the dang Bluetooth device access pop-up came up and I couldn’t click the home button to ignore it. I had to tap the “settings” option to get it to go away. After that was taken care of, I closed the app completely and proceeded to do some other things on my phone and the app, even though it was closed, was causing my phone to horribly lag. I can deal with some minor bugs here and there, but this is absolutely ridiculous and overwhelming when they happen all at once. I’ve had enough. Please fix this Bluetooth pop-up nonsense or get rid of it. Please deal with the lag stuff. I’m uninstalling and going elsewhere until this is taken care of. I used to love this app but now it’s only driving me nuts every time I use it.
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6 months ago, Samanthakay1119
New updates aren’t great!!!
Hi! I don’t know where else to put this. I use this app almost everyday for years. Your latest updates though are making it harder to use!!! Please change a couple things back. Like now I can’t see the # scale when I adjust the settings like contrast, saturation, warmth, etc. It makes it harder to gauge now that I’m having to guess. Also when I zoom in using the heal effect you can no longer see the point as you adjust the size. You have to zoom back out, adjust it, then zoom back in. It’s very frustrating. And when you’re editing overlays: if you erase a section then return to adjusting the overlay, it moves the overlay effect back to its original position automatically vs the position you just had it in while you were editing. The app seems to be running slower now too (but my other apps run normal, so it’s not my phone). Please change some of these settings back!!! I love this app so much and I’d hate to have to switch after all these years if improvements are making the daily use of the app worse not better.
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4 years ago, brgbck35mm
Used to be my ”go too”
I've been editing pictures since 2 1/4 Square film(to give you an idea of my background). I argued that photoshop was the only real option. Downloaded this year's ago and not long was I using it all the time. I recommended to dozens of friends, who then did the same. So impressed that I downloaded PC version. The ease and creativity along with the speed made it possible to edit, post, print and save in 3minutes or less. Then one horrible day Ads popped up. I understand banners and ads to be rewarded for the work put into it. I never bad an issue with the ads of the past. These new ads are horrible! And takes more time to watch than edit and post a picture. They are the most annoying ad on any of my apps! Never seen such a bold change all at once! I loved the app so much I went to pay for it. Changed my mind. It's not the cost, it was the way they went about it. I will search for something Comparable and I'm sure they're out there...too bad the developers got greedy. No other way to describe it. By the way, I normally write glowing reviews more often than negative...I don't tend to be disgruntled, unless 100% warranted. Don't download and save yourself from being so frustrated.
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6 years ago, KiraKawaiiKupcake
Save Bug
I love this app so much~ I really do! Whenever I’m feeling creative I always go to Pixlr to create wallpapers for my phone or just to make some pretty edits. However, the only problem I really have with it is that sometimes it doesn’t save my photo when I’m finished with it. I have a wallpaper I made in Pixlr that is completed, but no matter what I select in the “done” tab, the screen just goes black and exits me from the app. This has happened once before, and now it’s happened again. I wondered if it was maybe because I added too many filters or edited it too much, but that shouldn’t be a reason for it to crash on me. I would really appreciate it if this bug could be fixed to prevent it from happening in the future! And if the bug has already been fixed in an update, I can’t update Pixlr yet since I still haven’t saved my wallpaper. I’ll have to try to figure out a way to do so, though!
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2 years ago, Happy hedgehog costumer
needs a bug fix for retouching - please update
listen, I LOVE PIXLR, I’m the biggest Pixlr supporter, this has been the main app I use to edit my photos since I was literally in 6th grade (I’m a junior in college now). I refuse to use any other app. I mainly use this for retouching small things and brightening up or darkening certain areas of my photos. I haven’t found any other app that can retouch as well as this one for free. BUT, just recently the app has had a bug where my retouching looks perfect in-app, and then when I export and look at it in my camera roll the edits look totally botched and smudged, not at all the way it looked in-app. This is really frustrating and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the export process. Please help!
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5 years ago, Barry V Go
One of a kind but needs to also do basic things
Honestly I love this app. But it’s my go to (second) app that I use to edit pics. it’s very hard to find a darken brush tool and a brighten brush tool on pic editing apps, so I love this app for that. But this app does lack a lot of features, if they add basic features like a liquify tool or tools that other good camera app have like line camera then I would only use this app. But regardless this is the app I use to polish my pics once I’m done editing pics on other apps so this app has a lot of features that most apps lack but this app lacks basic features. The only reason is an issue for me is that once u save a pic in a different app and open in it again in a differente editing app the pic ends up loosing a lot of the resolution. So if this app adds features, I would only use this app and gladly pay for it.
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5 years ago, ɞʟıṅɢɢıяʟ224
The Best of the Best
I would just like to say wow! I have a good 25 plus photo edit apps but this one is absolutely amazing. I have not used any of my other apps lately because this one does everything and it doesn't ask for a bunch of money. I have created some amazing pieces thanks to this app. I have 8 apps for double exposure and background changers. This app blends better than anything I have ever tried. So thank you guys for this app. It truly is the best of the best! Update: still love the product but extremely disappointed that they would treat their loyal customers so awful. I paid a lot of money for each overlay, frame, ect. Now, I go in and try to access something I paid for and this subscription window pops up. Really? I loved this app because I could pay for each tool I wanted and not some monthly or yearly fee. It wouldn’t bother me if I hadn’t paid some much already. How bout you give me all my cash back and then I’ll pay that recurring fee? Nope? Didn’t think so.
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6 years ago, kingpepe21
Doesn’t work
There is absolutely no way I can get the app to allow me to edit photos it’s very annoying and frustrating when I try to use a photo it gives me some error saying that the photo is either corrupted (it’s not) or it needs to be downloaded locally first off why would the photo being shared matter other apps allow me to edit my photo no problem also I can’t figure out if it’s the size of the picture because it gives me 3 problems without telling me the actual root of the problem if it’s the size or the photo is share overall until you guys fix this problem this is a completely horrible app don’t even think about downloading 👎
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6 years ago, nwcreative1
I can not find anywhere to report a problem I am having with the app
Hello, This is my favorite photo editing app. So why the 1 star? I have searched everywhere I can think of and can not find a place to report a problem I am having with the function of the app. When I hit support it gives me the option to view other common problems, etc. So I will post it here in hopes the developers will see it. 📱I use the mobile app on my iPhone 7+ it worked perfectly for years until about 2 weeks ago. When I create a photo collage and hit done it pops me out of the app and does not allow me to save the photo collage to my photos. I use this collage option constantly and post photos of products I sell online. The only work around is to screen shot the collage and then go in and crop it before saving to photos. I recommend Pixlr to anyone who loves photo editing apps. Please fix the glitch, thank you.
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4 years ago, CelticRose689
Love it But
I love this app and then I ran into the premium items. I hardly purchasing anything for my cell phone. I liked your app so much that when I got to the premium items I was actually going to purchase your app. But, when I tried to see what your premium content would provide for my photos it would not show me. I don’t pay for anything unless I know what I’m getting if I have a choice. I recommend giving us a way to see the premium items with our photos and if we want to use them (save them), then it takes us to the pay area. Thank you for the app!! I love it! Make the change so I can purchase a year.
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6 years ago, Mark Halsey
Love the Pixlr App, However No Longer acknowledges my Pro Membership
I would undoubtedly Rate this App 5 Stars, as I have been a consummate and dedicated User for 4+ years now. The reason behind my mediocre rating is due in part to the fact that, as a result of apparent changes to the Company, or their policies, my Pro Membership is no longer acknowledged. I attempted to phone the company, however, they only utilize email as a form of contact, reasonable for a smaller size company, not for one who has gained such popularity. As a result, I emailed the company about this, and am awaiting a reply. Having to resolve issues, which could and should have been foreseen, is in and of itself a hassle, especially since too many app developers have, who offer Apps for Apple products, are simply Reactive to consumer concerns. I would think that customer satisfaction would play a larger role in achieving user retention, especially from a customer who used an In-App Purchase, which is no longer available. Other App Developers should take note of this, as a means of customer retention. Should Pixlr resolve this matter soon, and without issue, I would certainly rewrite this Review with a 5 Star Rating.
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1 year ago, GuineaPig83
I’ve used this for 5+ years and stand by it
I absolutely love this app. I got it when I was in middle school to make covers for books others wrote online, used it in high school to edit pictures, overlay them, add effects, make collages, etc. Now I’m in college, and this app has been so helpful anytime I need to photoshop something or overlay a picture, I’ve used it for school projects and personal stuff for fun. Everything I need has remained free even after years and I can’t recommend this app enough. Perfect for simple photoshop applications if you don’t have a laptop or can’t afford the actual software.
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3 years ago, AJA-ILL
One of my go-to apps for years
I’ve stayed with this app through ups & downs. It’s had some really glitchy phases but I’ve seen them worked out & repaired. A few suggestions, things I end up needing to refer to other apps for: 1) The ability to change the color of the black or white borders. Sometimes I love the effect but would love it more in color. 2) the option to have a drop shadow on text. 3) When making a double exposure, why is the placed image smaller than the original image if both images are exact the same size? It’s nearly impossible to bring them into exact register manually.
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3 years ago, JasonBuzzy
Falls short
This app >suggests< a ton of sophisticated mechanics and versatility, but the interface is too clunky to make good use of most of them. Lots of overlaid tools, toggles-within-toggles, and very limited zoom and drag capabilities mean you’ll spend a lot of time choosing color, style, and effect, then only manage a scribbled mess. That is, if you don’t accidentally close your tool, which resets all options to the defaults. I just spent 15mins trying to draw a line across the top of an image, then type over that line. Didn’t manage and gave up. Not saying an app like this is easy to produce, but the functions are meaningless if you can’t actually use them. Two stars instead of one bc the collage function is handy, at its most basic, and the app looks pretty.
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2 years ago, Blu Violet
Used to be amazing
I downloaded this app ages ago and it was one of the best photo apps I ever used. It was used for so much of my work. I stopped updating it at a certain point because I was fully content with the app’s features and didn’t want anything to change or get broken. I recently upgraded phones and transferred all my data to the new one which caused all my apps to update. When I went to go edit a photo with the Pixlr, all but the default borders, overlays and effects are completely gone. I thought it was some sort of bug so I did the most recent update and even deleted and reinstalled it just to find that it wasn’t a bug. They drastically reduced the usefulness of the app. What happened to an once wonderful app?
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2 years ago, duckiepluckie
Everything is great but the “stylize” effects just makes the photo black all of a sudden
I’ve used this app to add certain effects to my drawings for years, and recently I started using the stylize tools to make my drawings look like paintings for a personal project. Well yesterday it started to make my photo completely black no matter what option I chose. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for updates, and even used a different copy of the file. Still black. Please fix this! Other than that, it’s awesome and it’s my go-to for editing my drawings.
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2 years ago, Justmeasfarasyouknow
What have you done?……
I’ve been using this app for…years. Tonight…Double exposure isn’t working, smooth-nope, watercolor effect et al…those all blackout. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reloaded twice, and…bleh. I can’t live like this. No, seriously. I use this almost everyday. Maybe a day or two here and there when I just don’t get the chance. Otherwise, I’m on here. Don’t make me have to play so stupid game to ignore my life. I’m begging you. So…I’m gonna need ya to figure this out. I have high-quality dumb pics to make over here. I’ll have nothing pure-genius to post anywhere. I. Just. Can’t. Go. On. Did I mention I have 3 kids? I have 3 kids. They drive me insane. Insane, I tell ya! No, but seriously…fix it.
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1 year ago, MissV1P
They got greedy
This app was my favorite for years. Right off the bat I purchased it. I closed the Apple ID associated with that purchase and discovered when I downloaded it on my new account was that I was previously protected from seeing (due to my purchase) their new shenanigans. You either pay a ridiculous monthly fee or you had ads filling up the entire screen, not to mention the new intrusion of privacy (look into that, they get their claws into all your phone settings.) I wrote them, explaining I was grandfathered in, using them for over a decade, and their response? “Oh well. You pay this way: monthly.” So much for using them ever again. Horrible policy from a company I thought I’d be choosing to do business with for a long time. Moving on! Suggestions??? :)
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2 years ago, Zoe :P
Been using this app for years
Pixlr was the first photo editor I downloaded on my computer, and it’s the one I use the most on my phone. It’s solid enough for most photo editing, but anything I can’t do on Pixlr I can usually do on Photopea. This morning I was going to buy premium or pay to be ad-free because I figured I’ve been here forever, but I ended up not doing it because it’s a subscription service. Why on earth? If it was a one time payment I would pay it. If there was just a way to pay to remove ads I would do that. But I’m not going to pay $20 a year (discounted from $40) for an app that isn’t really industry standard.
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4 years ago, blank calendar
RUINED by ads... deleting!
I have been using this app for YEARS, however, I opened my app today to quickly create a collage and make a simple edit - about 5 “taps” worth of fixes and I was forced to watch TWO 30 second ads. Then, when I tried to save my collage - another 30 second ad! Beyond annoyed. This has been my favorite photo editing app for YEARS. I am not “tech savvy” and this app has a very simple design that is easy to use hence why I’ve always used it and recommended it to many people. I am not a photographer and usually am doing super simple edits (lighting, making collages) very quickly before sharing personal photos with family, etc. I will not be wasting my time being forced to watch advertisements for ridiculous games again. Highly disappointed. Deleting app.
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6 years ago, Cats&Books
Constant crashing
I've used this app for years and have never really had too many issues with it other than the occasional crash. However for the last few weeks it crashes constantly, I mean over and over. It especially happens when I use the eraser or any tool that involves a brush. It's practically useless. I too am getting an error message every now and then saying the photo is corrupt or not downloaded and it won't let me select it. For users saying there is no undo button, yes there is. I've never seen this app not have an undo button. It's at the very top, two arrows to undo or redo. Dunno, maybe that's an issue with phones but it's always been there on my iPad. This is a fantastic app but not if it's unusable! 😞
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1 year ago, social queen2.0
Went from Awesome to Crap
This was one of my main photo editing sites for projects. It was truly one of the best free editing sites out there. I didn’t mind the ads - but now it only gives you 2-3 free edits/saves per day before you have to pay. Pretty crappy to do this without warning to your current “free” subscribers. No longer a fan. Used this for work on my desktop - not on mobile. I shouldn’t be forced to solely rely on the mobile app when most of my photo editing is done on desktop. Thanks, Pixlr, for being a useless resource for creatives. Quite disappointed. Just lost a loyal user. From Developer: There shouldn't be any limit to the number of images you can save using the Pixlr - Photo Collages, Effect mobile application.
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4 years ago, Jgarn2
Slowly Pricing it out
I love this app. It’s better than any other, especially for free! I have paid for (I gave in) the newer effects or whatnot, as well as borders. It doesn’t remember I have ever bout it. Now I can’t even access what I’ve bought. Also, everything on there is starting to cost. It’ll be the downfall in my opinion, this app is crazy rad for. May lose people on this. I know splice is doing it and they haven’t the market to lock down at all. But you do. Need help with my purchases and wanted to say rad app, great job but please don’t start pricing out...don’t do it...NO...
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Used to love it, it’s getting worse tho
I stopped using this app abt a month ago and came back to it today to edit photos like I normally used to do and all of the options that were once there for me have turned completely unusable. The collage likes to fight and leave the highlight on which photo u we’re last editing unless u remember to click off of it (never did that before), the photos don’t adjust properly when using the double exposure, barely lets u adjust the size of the image, the quality is low, the brush tools have always been hard to use and etc.
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4 years ago, RedshiftRadio
Easy 3.5 and... ITS FREE
Great App, great presentation. There’s a few quirks and bugs, but for the most part this is very much my go-to editor, even on my PC. I’m using this app at least two to three hours a day on both professional AND personal work. There have been many times I’ve been much more inclined to open up the Pixlr App and get work done quick without any hassle of menus or hotkeys, rather than load up photoshop and spend ten seconds remembering the names for everything. There are a few bugs here that you won’t find anywhere else though. At times certain effect filters and styles straight-up disappear from the selection menus, magnification sometimes pixelates pretty noticeably, and every so often, the hue corrections are suddenly far more touchy then previous operations. Small problems with an “undo” button that keeps full-process memory and “close-then-open-again” bug-fix methodology that almost always seems to work. All things considered, it’s the best free editor I’ve come across. Period.
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4 months ago, ColbaltDuck170
To the developers - the Templates
I love using Pixlr for a lot of my photo editing and creations. But the templates could use some improvements. Not anything wrong with them. Just would be nice to have more template options available, from one to two, three and counting options for more creativity . And adding template editing options - cropping, removing template options and so on. Having more available options will open up a lot more creativity in using the app.
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2 years ago, dusk don't come
Bring back real time overlay
The adds are annoying but I can deal with that. This has always been a great app for quick edits and playing around. But it’s really disappointing that on iPhone you can’t see the superimposed image over your first layer until you select style and placement. This completely negates the main beauty of the app, which was being able to precisely line up double images and preview what different styles would look like before choosing placement. It’s now impossible to really create the awesome art I used on here. Hope you can fix it
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6 months ago, FrogProd
…but what happened??
I have been using this app for decades for mostly borders! The borders are so thick now that it’s unusable. It cuts off a huge chunk of my projects. Why mess with a great formula?!?! It appears you have loyal subscribers who are all now dissatisfied!! I don’t mind you adding features as we haven’t had any in years… but why mess with ones that make your app special?! PLEASE reverse course on your new update. It’s just horrible! If this border thickness continues…I will have no choice but to delete the app. Thank you in advance. Once fixed… I will come back and revise my rating.
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2 years ago, X3r0 z
Stop changing your app so much.
This has been my go to application from making digital art to full fledge album cover but I have a big bone to pick. Within the double exposure section I can no long add logos etc with a transparent background. Photos I have with transparent background now show just a white screen behind it. This is ridiculous, please fix this and until then, I’m only rating a 3 star. Be a little bit more professional because I’ve depended on this app over other things for awhile and now I may just look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, cheesebuggga
Fix These Things...
Overall I love this app but there are some issues. First of all whenever I open up the app, I can’t use Google Search. And second of all, there is no undo. These mistakes are bad.... I hope you guys can work on the app, but for now I would recommend not using it if you are a person who like to google search then edit, or go through the long process of saving that photo to your camera roll then opening it up. And of you are an undo person, that’ll be bad for you, well, Pixlr, pleas efox these mistakes. Thank you!
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4 years ago, nerveofjosh
App is bad and website changed
I use to use Pixlr on the website because it was amazing and the best photo editor online without having to download an app. It had pretty much everything someone needed. They completely changed the website recently. It doesn’t have fonts, or a lot of other features it use to have. It’s not easy to use like it use to be either. HUGE loss for ease of editing for me. The app isn’t great so I guess I may have to find another photo editing software to use...which I don’t want to. Pixlr...PLEASE bring back the old website. I don’t know who is in control right now of your company but they need fired
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4 years ago, ZippyMaus
New Update is Terrible
I’ve used Pixlr for years and was very happy with it until they rolled out their most recent update. The ads are now intrusive to the point of insanity. I can’t finish editing one photo without AT LEAST one ad popping up, and you have to wait through it for 30 seconds. Sometimes there’s more than one of these ads while editing, and ALWAYS one upon saving the photo as well. It’s very frustrating and makes me not want to use the app anymore. If you deny it access to cellular data and you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, it disables all of its features and begs you to pay for a subscription. Make the ads less intrusive or I’ll be finding a different photo editor.
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5 years ago, HeatherLee1380:)
My favorite editing app and I’ve tried almost all of them...
I’ve been using this app to edit my digital photos and also pics I talk on my phone. I like to take pictures of my family and friends children, family Pets and make them super original and creative so the pictures are original and personal to the friend or family I’m gifting them too. This app has a ton of options, and I feel like anyone with practice can generate some pretty epic pictures!
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6 years ago, jackscraig
Seriously useful and artistic app. I liked the old interface/ look better than the current one, but that’s all I have to complain about and everything plus more is still all there. Tons and tons of useable, worthwhile options that are just so much more than simple filters. Really good tools is more like it. You can do things with Pixler that you’d need 10 subscription apps to accomplish. Look for it because it’s probably here
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6 years ago, Ember452
Adore iT
I love using the app so much!! I’ve made so many cool backgrounds using this and it’s honestly amazing. I highly recommend this. I only have a few problems with it, and that would be the healing aspect of it. I’d love if they could improve this and add an undo option instead of exiting and having to redo the healing all over again. Sometimes it crashes, but thta rather rare and it’s only probably because of a buggy update. Other than that, this app is great!
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6 years ago, Westonianism
Good AND Not Annoying!
I check out a lot of iOS photo editing software and usually the apps start with twelve dozen notification screens, including many ‘offers’. If those headaches aren’t present, the apps themselves tend to be tired variations of Instagram filters or Snapchat stickers. This app is clean, simple, and lets me make adjustments to my pics that are elegantly subtle. This download was a real breath of fresh air and I think any semi-serious photogs out there should give it a try.
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2 years ago, magohorn
Pop up banner ads ruin everything, obscure content
PIXLR would be a fabulous photo-editing app for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for photo editing software were it not for the banner ads obscuring the content, which make it almost impossible to save the photo, fetch more photos, go to the home menu, or use the arrows in the top menu. Then, if you’re using one of the brushes , or attempting to blend colors, the ads make this impossible, so the top one fourth of the pic does not match the rest. Banner ads are white, so it is impossible to shut them down. Hello, PIXLR? GOOGLE? So frustrated.
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6 years ago, Destroyed Apple
Been using for years
I love this app. I have transferred phone after phone and still I have stuck with this app. It’s amazing yet simple editing software makes it easy and fun to edit. I use this for whenever I need to edit a photo or want to make a masterpiece. Many of it’s features make it easier to use then other editing softwares. It has tons of fonts you could use, and many filters. Overall amazing app. Sincerely, Me
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3 years ago, ::leslie
Paid for premium, but was still unable to access it
I’ve been using the free version for a while, but decided to upgrade to premium to cut out ads and access the premium content. I paid for a yearly subscription and I’ve tried everything I know to do, but have never been able to access premium options and still have tons of ads. It tells me I need premium and then when I click to upgrade the subscription it says I already have premium. Big waste of $12 and I literally never pay for apps, so this is big bummer. Feels like I’ve been scammed. Tried emailing a customer service address that I found but haven’t heard back.
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5 years ago, Reallyuniquename
Bad update; good app
I've always loved this app, especially for the collage feature which I use frequently, but this most recent update seems to have broken it. I can get as far as the photo selection screen, but hitting 'select' makes the app crash without fail. It's very frustrating as I love using this app, and I now I wish I had never updated it. The old version of the collage feature– where you can choose the shape/size of collage and then fill each box as you want– was much cleaner and easier, even with the recent app crashing aside. I would honestly love a return to that layout rather than just fixing the bugs with the new version. It gives the user more choice over their pieces, and also allows for easier changes (because sometimes you don't know what you're going for until you've tried ten different layouts.) Anyway, I appreciate the work y'all do on this app and look forward to the fix-it update!
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5 months ago, launabella
You’re taking steps backwards
I’ve been using this app for several years, and now the healing tool no longer works as well as it used to. Today when making a collage of two photos, I noticed I cannot select either photo once I changed the aspect ratio of the collage (cannot zoom or move right/left). Several features seem to have gotten worse instead of better in the last couple months. I won’t be renewing next week. I see all the recent complaints, but Pixlr isn’t addressing any of the issues, just making excuses.
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6 years ago, DME_Ski
Always Loved This App, But Help With Ads Please
Con: First, how do you purchase Ad Removal? I cannot do it from the App or App Store. In the App under Settings, you can only do a "Restore Purchase". I took a Screen Capture of this just in case it is needed. Also, if one must create an Account to do an In-App Purchase, I will not purchase. Second... Pro: I've used this App for years on my phones and computers. It's always been great. I have several other photo editing Apps, but this has always been my "go-to" App, especially for quick, yet amazing edits. Their other App, Pilxromatic, is good to for quick edits, but it's not as organized as this App.
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3 years ago, sincerelyjc
Used to be better
Before one of the more recent updates this app was my go to editing application, but now the ads are much worse than they were before. It wasn’t a nuisance before because the ads were either a banner on the top or when you’d go to save your edit then a video advertising for a game etc would appear. Now it’s intolerable the amount of times during editing it takes me out of the app to my browser to open up some random website. It’s a bummer, but I can’t edit properly if it keeps bringing me out of the actual app, so I will be looking for a new go to.
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4 years ago, KLD_1000
Love Pixlr!!
** Update: I used Pixlr for years. Today, when I went in to add a premium frame to a pic, I wasn’t allowed to even though I paid to download those frames. Now, I need to get a subscription to use the frames I already purchased. Very uncool, Pixlr. This is my go-to app! So many overlay and effects to play with, and I also love the frames. It's great that you continue to update the app and add new things. I especially loved that you added the eraser in the overlays; it works great when you want to limit the overlay effect in some areas! Keep up the awesome job!
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6 years ago, aqua2587
Finished edit doesn’t look quite the same saved
This is (becoming past—was) my favorite go to app for editing. However, I’ve noticed some glitches lately. For one, the edit in the app looks perfect but when you save the photo it’s much different. I had a border around a cropped photo and the saved version cut off more of the bottom but still added the border. So I tried leaving the original uncropped and adding the border...the app cropped out the whole bottom of the finished version. Please fix.
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2 years ago, dfwsoccer
Used to be great….
This has been my go-to app for doing quick updates to photos for my online store, but sadly, after the last update, it’s unusable for me. Every single time I open a file or do anything, I get an Ad. I used to be fine with an Ad every once in a while, since it’s free, but now, the App is just not even usable. I can’t spend a minute watching an Ad for every action I try to do. I would pay a couple bucks just to get rid of the Ads, but there’s no option for that, so guess I’m moving on. Another App ruined by Ads…. Sad.
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5 years ago, arthur_through_a_lens
There’s a bug
There is a bug on the app. When I tried to save the photo I just edited to my camera roll it screws the picture up which is very frustrating since it’s an editing app. Please fix this bug soon because I use this up quite a bit. Whenever this bug isn’t here it will definitely be a five star app. I really enjoyed it until right now so please fix soon. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Victor Yerz
Most In One
After downloading all possible image editing apps, this one stranded out of all as straight forward, user friendly and convenient. But the thing that I like most about this app is that it offers a lot of editing freedom without actually requiring payment for some hardcore features. If there is a list of top image editing apps, than this one should definitely be in it.
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