Pizza maker cooking games

4.5 (113.4K)
165.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pazu Games Ltd
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pizza maker cooking games

4.52 out of 5
113.4K Ratings
2 years ago, I am not trying to be rude
Please read!
So iPhone playing your games for a long time and I see that all of them are really educational and learning fun games! But I just love the game so much that I kind of downloaded a lot of them but I deleted them so I can make room for more games! I’m sorry if I deleted some of your games but I needed some space too you know like have more games. I hope everybody is playing your games and is spiring to everybody because even if it’s for plus I don’t even care because this inspires me and reminds me of friendship relationship and be kind to others. And are you ever gonna make new updates? Because I really want some updates I just player games a lot of times that I forget about the updates. But here’s the thing some of the games don’t let me play it it says it in order to play it it cost 59 $99. I mean don’t you think that’s a lot and kind of mean. I’m giving you five stars because a lot of people give you bad reviews and good reviews so I feel bad so I’m giving you five stars for a good luck! 😁😚😢❤️gl
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2 years ago, hehchhdhdufhfhr
Very fun😁
It is a very fun and nice game there are no ads whatsoever which is awesome and it’s very fun and it’s very kid friendly and it’s nice to have and there’s like these fun different kinds of pizzas you can have like there’s like this candy one and then there’s like random and then there’s like you can decide which one you want and you can make your own pizzeria it’s a very very fun game you should definitely download it the best game that includes pizza that you could possibly have like I said before there are no ads which is completely like like awesome and so if you don’t like ads like to make pizza then this is the perfect game for you and if you’re bored this is a perfect game for you it has some fun little people on it and it’s just fun so I recommend downloading it because it’s just a fun fun game and I hope you like it as much as I do thank you very much
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1 year ago, Poops and you
how yyyyou know what I’m doing now lol I’m not a big girl so I’m just a bit jealous lol I don’t have any money for the kids yyyyyyet but I’m not sure how much I want them for me to pay them so I’m not really giving up lol but yyay I’m finally starting my new life lol I’m excited for my next chapter of life lol I’m so happy I finally have my first one I can get a new job and I can finally get a full job again I’m finally getting my dream house I hope to start working again and hopefully get to work on the ioiyyyy I’m excited for it The first time was Ty who had used yyuck yiyiuuyuyuybhh I I I had a jump NvOn church run by my brother in a couple weeks and he said that I should have been there to get my hair cut but he was so scared of the rain I didn’t want him in the rain so he was going in by the water so he said I was just a bit nervous but he said he didn’t know
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6 months ago, Leahorangeponytail
Fun game
I am not gonna lie this is kind of a fun game it’s kind a cool it looks so real can you tell me it looks so real it’s funner than roblox and looks real The sauce looks real when you cook it looks real The cheese looks so real you think it’s a baby game but it’s not you can eat the pizza it looks so real I think a favorite game this is my favorite game ever I cannot live without it I had to delete it because I didn’t have no space but now I have it back so please play this game it’s like the funnest game ever I need some y’all to play this game I just want you to play this game it’s like so fun like I tell my friends about I showed it to my Best friend Samantha and she said this game is a baby game but I saidI don’t care this is my game and I’m gonna play when it’s your turn you can play a different game
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1 year ago, Hanko_San
Pretty ok game, but please get rid of this one thing,,,
So, I would like to point out the positive things before the negative. The game is pretty entertaining and it’s is kid friendly. I really enjoy but I wish that you get rid of something. And that something is the time limit. First of all, when I was in the middle of playing the limit to my playing ran out, I was really upset when I saw how there was a time limit. And I’m also sure that others can agree with this. But at the same time, why pay 50 dollars for a game when you can buy many other things like, clothes, food, and others. So please get rid of the time limit, if your not going to do that at least make the time limit up to an hour or 30 minutes playing for only 5 minutes isn’t entertaining. Thank you for reading my review. Hopefully you take my suggestion. Have a good day/night.
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5 months ago, Adocrawford
People say, ‘Wow, Very good…’ & leave 1 star.
Ok; to start off, this is an AWSOME game!! Keep up the good work! My (me) me plays this game and loves it. Whoever says this game is "bad," don't trust them!! (Except for the money stuff) here are my suggestions. 1. A little harsh on money: People don't like to buy stuff! You know that, do you? Even with 4.99$, they still don't like it!! Please just at least make it cheaper!! I'm begging this company. When I downloaded it I was like, “Hope this will be a good game…” And I exploded when I played it. (Not litearlaly lol) 2. More toppings, please: So when I played it first I tried to make a hawaiian pizza. But I noticed that there is no ham/ Canadian bacon. So bye.
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3 years ago, fluffy cute Calico
Really good!! Although I have a few suggestions.
This is not a review for the game, this is a review to this whole entire company!! I love this company very much because it has no ads, so I do not have to worry about any inappropriate ads whenever my 6 year old sister is playing. This is also a company I can trust. It is kid friendly, and very entertaining for my little sis. The problems are that these games are almost making you give them money!! On all the games with characters and stuff, there is only one character you can do. If you look, most of the characters are locked. To unlock them, it is money. My little sis is not liking how she can only do one character or theme. I hope that you guys could fix this please!! Other than that this company is great!! This is the only company I use for my little sis!!
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8 months ago, Buddy 3276638773878288
5 star
This game is a five star because this game can teach people how to cook pizza’s. I also like it because it is very fun and can allow kids to choose what category they want. Like if they want to build a summer pizza they can select the summer pizza button and then you can build the summer pizza. This game is obviously a five star in my opinion. Everyone that want’s to get this or see’s this they should get this game. This is why you should get this game.
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3 weeks ago, aubar0o
My Child’s Love for the “Pizza Game”
When I first downloaded this app thinking it would be something my child could I was a little bit unconvinced. But, when I let my child play the game it was fun and interactive for them. They always want to play the game!! The only thing that I could say about this is that it is a little bit challenging for my 5-year old. It is a little bit hard to drag and drop so my children have to put there finger in a different spot. So, they have to ask me how to do it, or I end up doing it for them. But, overall this is an amazing game!! A game everyone should definitely download!! My kids say,”Thank you Pizza Game!” 💚
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2 years ago, Enrique Juan Chavez
and your greedy...
This game is kinda lame because it gives you a daily limit and yea but like I don’t know why? It gives you a daily limit and this game gets boring. Also you need to pay 60? 60 dollars to play longer?! Pazu is the most greediest company I have ever came across. And having a daily limit to play?! I’m not paying for that subscription. It was fun when it was first installed and now it’s just boring. Y’all are greedy for having us pay 60$ for a child’s game. Halls are also lazy too the cupcake pizza activity is the literal same because instead of red sauce it’s brown sauce and yea this app is trash. Not worth the upgrade. Save your cash people don’t pay of the subscription, upgrades, or anything because this app is trash and the community is freaking money hungry. Pazu is the most money hungry community I have ever came across.
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2 years ago, Elerra-Mom
Disappointed.. You’ve gone greedy.
Playing this game on another iphone was all well and good for my child. When we upgraded phones, i finally had an iphone and looked up this game for him to play with me so he can enjoy the games. But now? Pazu wants me to buy a subscription to play?? All your games for 60$ a year is majorly uncalled for. I rarely spend money on mobile games but would for fair to decent prices. However. Pazu has forgotten its a mobile game. Not worth high paying stakes if a child only enjoys a couple of games. And you insist on a full year, not even monthly or gaming type options, at that. You forget yourself, Pazu. Greed wont get you very far. And I'm now a disgruntled customer who wont be coming back.
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4 years ago, JJTrick
Good game - Annoying advertisements
My little one loves the game so we bought it for $10. I figured $10 was way over priced for the very few unlocks you get but I thought it would at least get rid of the adds. Wrong! Adds for their other games still pop up after making every pizza. I thought maybe the $10 gave him full access to the other games too since it was so pricy for such a small amount of content. Wrong again! In summary, DO NOT BUY THIS APP. The free character and toppings will give you the same experience as the paid version and either way you and your little one will be bothered by adds for the developers other games which require a subscription.
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11 months ago, Ayagirlkoko
It’s ok but one thing.
This game is very fun! When i was younger i had premium and it was really fun. Later on i deleted it. Then i got it again and still had premium. I deleted it again of course. Then i re-download it and i didn’t have premium! The reason is because if you don’t have premium, then you can only make one type of pizza. Just normal pizza. But people are only getting to play one version. It would be very fun if you could make more than one type of pizza. Honestly, when I had premium, I Could make a unicorn pizza, A vampire pizza, and even make my own pizza bakery but it would be funner if it was free. But the game is ok.
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4 years ago, game reviewer 🕹
Awesome but a Little Catch - Hear me out
This is an awesome cooking game for kids. All the cooking games I downloaded for my baby brother have half or more of the ingredients / recipes locked. This app has 3 chefs. Though 2 of the chefs are locked, the one unlocked chef’s ingredients and everything is unlocked. None of the toppings or anything for that particular chef is locked, and I love that. I just want the concept of cooking and topping for my little brother. I love this app very much, and I would recommend this app to anyone :)
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3 months ago, Bye person
You need to know this
I like this way because I shows how to be a chef but you might need a cook book to help you cook pizza if you really want to make a pizza because of this game but when I first got it I was happy but l was going to ask someone to get me a membership but I looked at the bottom of my iPad and i5 said 7 day free membership and I was like nope because what I would rather get a 1 month free membership because only one week is to short also it says you can get all the games that Pazu made I thought it was only pizza so that’s why I give it 3 stars
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4 months ago, Globaby23
All about this pizza game
There’s different levels and levels and it’s really really fun and it’s not it’s free and this is my favorite game. I have on my phone so I think you should try downloading it on your tower your iPad your phone or I am I name or anything you have that’s not even on your TV because it’s really really really really really really really really really really. Really really really really really really really really fun and it’s the best thing I ever played
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12 months ago, RyanLi21
Love it, appropriated smooth animations :)
Ok so when I downloaded this game I thought people would be saying ITS A SCAM NO NO NO, but I was wrong. I played this game in my childhood. 🥲 good memories! Ok back to where I were, so this was a fun game so when your done bakin’ the pizza, you could eat it! Just tap on the pizza when your done with it and yeah! Now I’m older.. Making Pizza is a nice app for kids! Pazu games Ltd your amazing and maybe reply this message :) or send an developer response. Thank you! ✌️
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3 years ago, playyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzz
Should download
I only played Roblox Minecraft and a few other games but when I went to the apple store I was looking for cool games and I saw some others like drive ahead and hungry shark world last I said to myself after dinner I’ll close the store But right before I was going to press The home button I saw this app And then i asked my mom to download this when I started playing I was having so much fun I skipped dinner to play this like always. Bye.
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1 year ago, TheRedPeacock
Well, I randomly got this game thinking that it would be fun and cure my boredom, BUT I WAS WRONG :( At first, the game was fun and entertaining, but as I was about to cook my cute pizza, the game didn’t let me continue, and wanted my to buy some sort of subscription, thing. It wouldn’t let me continue AT ALL! I tried to do the Hawaii level, but it wanted me to buy that too! I mean, if you are willing to spend money on a cooking game, than that game would probably be fun for you. But if you are like me, and don’t really want to waste money on a app that you probably won’t play that often, or get bored of, than this game IS NOT FOR YOU! Thanks! ✌🏻
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4 years ago, EZ726
Absolutely NOT worth the upgrade
My 2 year old loved the pizza making aspect of the app (that came free) and wanted to try the cupcake and sushi making part so badly that we decided to splurge and purchase. It’s absolutely horrible. It is the exact same thing as the pizza making game, just with different toppings. For both the cupcake and the sushi games you make dough (the exact same looking and steps as the pizza), make sauce for the topping, and add toppings. It looks exactly like a pizza but with chocolate sauce instead of red. The only difference in the 3 games are the toppings. I really regret spending $10 on this. I would have thought for a $10 app there would be additional recipes or more to explore. Big waste of money.
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1 year ago, v看vv,你们也不会因为他是因为我们都
5xdxuni9Fgexvbjjyhrd is a great game for this reason and I love it for
I don’t know if I should go back and check the weather for this morning because it looks pretty cloudy here so maybe I’ll be in a bit but I’ll be back by then and I’ll check in on it tomorrow morning and let me see how the rain looks tomorrow morning and I’ll check it out and
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2 years ago, tkomrob
Free version is timed
I don’t mind having limited access to the free games. My kids sometimes only play a game for a couple months and move on, so I don’t always buy the full version. And I expect to be limited in the characters / toppings. That isn’t an issue. If they keep playing a certain game I will go ahead and get the full paid version. What is frustrating is that you can make one pizza and you’re timed out for the entire day. My kids loved the game so I was open to buying the app, until I opened it and saw the price. This app is $60 per year. Sadly we deleted because this just isn’t affordable.
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4 years ago, iceman32.o
My daughter really loves this game and I love it too:) this game is super educational for your children to learn to cook and to learn about new veggies and spices. -but when she asked for the cupcake part of the app I tried to give it to her and it costed 10 dollars! I mean, I really don’t want to waste my money on this app! I would rather spent it on food or clothing, you know? So that left me really guilty I couldn’t give the cupcake part to my amazing girl. :( so I am rating this a four star game. Thanks.
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3 months ago, Las Henrys
It’s OK
I think this could be better for my child because she doesn’t really have a lot of options and I don’t like how they make us pay my love that’s how you have to keep the business going. I think you need to get more creative ideas so the kids can learn better and be more creative in the first place so the bottom line is I think you should make these cost less money make them more created and they’re just great but it could be better.
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3 years ago, NastyCat
If you purchase to unlock activities DO NOT EXPECT anything more than what you were getting for free. I implore everyone not to pay, as there is nothing more to do here. There are no new functions, no new activities or games. The only thing you are unlocking is a change of scenery with different toppings. That’s all, that’s it. It is repetitive and uneventful and it gets really boring after 5 minutes. AND there’s a permanent button in the corner that continually pushes their other apps “that you might like” that you will always press because there’s just nothing else left to do. What nerve, as if I like getting ripped off.
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12 months ago, The master!👏🏻👏🏻
Pizza maker
When you first get it, there is on you can make that as a vampire and there’s like lots of more and there’s also there’s these ones where there is like well you can make like a love like opening of the pizza place and every time like Easter and Halloween goes by and stuff you get new ones after after every holiday
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6 months ago, Amazing game!!! But one thing
I would take this game but paying for a game is not worth but sence it kid friendly I would give it three stars it's great content but please make it free because this is like the only kid friendly app I can find it's amazing for kids pretty pretty please make it free also my favorite part about the kid friendly pizza game is that you get to choose events and seasons! That was a great decision adding that I love this game but just please make it free 𝓽𝔂
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11 months ago, 🦋taytay🦋
So first of all when I put the toppings the guy makes sounds and when he keeps doing it he gets out my nerves like this is crazy like when he does the same sound I get upset and mad that I just don’t know why he makes sounds when known I get annoyed when the same sounds just come but yea I’m glad there’s no adds because I just get to just keep cooking without no adds so I’m happy there’s no adds keep that going with no adds pls and thank you
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7 months ago, OLDsoul*IN*a NEWworld
What’s the goal here?
I appreciate the functionality of the app and how it engages my three-year-old. However, I have noticed that there are pop-up free trials with subscriptions included. As a parent, I believe that child oriented apps should prioritize providing a free gaming experience or clearly label themselves as less child-friendly. It seems that the main focus of these apps is to potentially surprised parents with unexpected charges. In today’s money-driven world, it is crucial to address this issue and ensure transparency. As a concerned mother, I am committed to advocating for fair consumer practices, and not settling for anything less.
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1 month ago, pizzaslays
It’s mid
I love all the games that’s why I give it four stars but there is just one problem. I have a lot of your games but I had to delete a lot cause you have the free trial and it says your time is up when I literally open the game up and that’s kind of annoying cause it kind of forces you to get a free trial for the game but I just deal with it. So that is my point of view from all your games
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8 months ago, Nikki v.
Refuse to refund my money
My daughter loved the game but outgrew it. I cancelled the subscription however I was still charged for another year in august. I contacted them immediately and have contacted them multiple times since for a refund and they always say they will get back to me within 24 hours but I have yet to hear from them or receive my refund. I highly discourage this game not based on the game, but based on the very shady customer service. I’d definitely not pay for any of their services because you won’t hear from them or get your money back.
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1 month ago, LOVE THIS APP!!!😆
I am 12 and I like this game for if I bord or for my little sister but I don’t play it on a regular basis there is not a lot of ads and if there is they are all kid friendly ads so you don’t have to worry about a lot except you can buy stuff so if you have little siblings that don’t listen you might have to watch them so I hope that helped you a little bit about this game bye!
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12 months ago, baylee jade nance
Great game but…
You don’t get everything immediately. People should be able to have everything as soon as they start to see if they actually like the game or not. You should not have to pay to get everything. That’s just absurd!
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2 years ago, cianchrae
Not recommend for your kiddos
Hello there, me as a 50 year old mom, this game is not real, the ingredients are not real, so my kids think the cats and stuff are real, so when we went to Chili’s, they said they didn’t have KAWAI PIZZA!?!? What is this game? And it had a time limit too, so I can’t get my kids to pay attention all day, this is horrible, now I actually have to buy board games and they STILL WHINE, unacceptable, future parents, don’t get this game, or life might end up a nightmare.
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3 years ago, Angelita Laflare
My son accidentally logged out of the game and I have been trying for a month now to reset my password and can not get any help from anyone!! I paid for a whole year to let him have it on all levels! When they do respond it’s a email telling me to click the link on the game which I do and I never get a email like it says I will to reset it. My son love’s these games and you deserve a five star rating but because of the lack of customer service I have to give y’all a 1star if you can fix my issue then I’ll be happy to give you a 5 star rating!!!!
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4 weeks ago, Idodance718
How this is safe for children
So this game is really fun. I think that it is perfect for kids and kids under 10 kids can play this all the time. I think that it is perfect for cooking in the kitchen and if you need to cook dinner and all the kids go crazy the baby cries give them the iPad and they laugh giggle and have so much fun so that’s why I think that this game is perfect and safe for children.
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2 years ago, tete lays
Pretty good
I honestly think this is a good game for little kids especially toddlers they be on here for hours and we can do a lot with them distracted but the reason I give it 4 stars is because you have to pay for different levels it’s a good game just I don’t get why you have to buy them instead of unlocking by playing the levels that just my opinion
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2 years ago, soccermom090909
This game is cheeks.
This game is not worth your storage… I let my son Ben download this game on my phone, while at the doctors this morning. When he started playing he started to complain fast, now it’s my turn to complain. The game goes very slow and that makes Ben loose interest fast. Another downside is that Ben couldn’t even guess what half of the meat toppings where. My son is 7 and isn’t dumb he knows what topping go on pizza… He was also upset that he wasn’t able to cut his masterpiece at the end of the game. Very disappointed and I don’t recommend this game. Sorry.
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2 years ago, AndiPage222
Pizza Game
I think this game is great. But I had to give it 4 starts because I think people should not have to pay to play a game. To improve you can unlock the other games, that would be a 5 star game. I think that will improve your game. I Think you should think about it and if you choose to take my advice I think you will have a lot more 5 star reviews.
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11 months ago, thugfdtyvftyuijhguuhg
Plz read this… AND DON’T BUY THE GAME because I have very many concerns
Hi. Plz fix this, I deleted the game because I could only make one pizza and that was the only pizza I could make so plz get other games people if your looking for something more older for you but sry if you think I’m mean not trying to be but plz fix this game and maybe make for kids who are looking for something good without candy on their pizza or anything like that but make a game that’s more……stuff that has things for older kids and younger kids. Thanks
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2 years ago, Smoothslider
Can’t access content I paid for because
I paid for this game a couple of years ago for my daughter, along with a couple of other pazu games. However they have since shifted to a subscription model, and I can no longer access any of the games that I paid for over the years. This is usually disappointing and a bad business practice. I contacted them to see what resolution I can get, but will otherwise plan on writing this review on all of the games I purchased over the years.
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5 months ago, Angiebangie_18100
This game is amazing!!!
This game is so fun and has yummy pizza that you can make and then eat afterwards. I think this game is personally the best game I've ever played but one thing about it is that there's no costumer ordering the pizza and I feel like that would make it better. This game is amazing 100% recommended by ME!!
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2 years ago, Alex 😍🥰😘
This is the best game in the world
I like this game so much that I put a five star review and I clicked :-) can’t believe that there were other games but until this one came out my life has been changed so so much I am happy with this game so I hope you make other games
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1 year ago, shyshyflies
This games amazing but you should add more games to it and when we play if you press on 1 game it makes you install it and you should have it just all be on this one but other rise it is a great game and helps kids learn different cooking things plus it is free.
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3 years ago, Pepper0022
Daughter loves it
My daughter loves these games. Please bring back the ability to do single app purchases. I can’t justify the cost of the subscription. She doesn’t play games that often. Just want to be able to buy a few games she likes.
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2 months ago, f Er B h
Great if you buy premium
So, at first before you buy premium it’s like.. “screen times up!” After like 5 minutes and you only get 1 mode, but with premium you get all modes and unlimited screen time great to pretend your cooking in “toca life world” if you like paper dolls you will like toca life world and it’s fun if you buy premium
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1 year ago, kitty fbd
The game has to be at a point where I can’t play or what?
We can get a new player 😃 yay but ☝️ one thing I have to get all what the freaking why just have them be all open so we don’t have to do math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙀🤮🥱😱😭🥱🤮🙀😭😞no! It’s the only way to get it wht !😅lm died but if that happens will you be smart er 🤓🧐🥸😎😁 help ok 👍 oh and ps u have to get the make a pizza 🍕 house 🏠 bye 👋
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8 months ago, We pizza
The pizza game.
I love the game so much. I love making pizza. I think this is a amazing game. I’m going to keep the game forever. But if we do delete the game I will be very disappointed. I’m going to convince my dad or my mom to put it back on. But if it doesn’t work out I will yell at my parents.
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3 years ago, vislalover63
Difficult to cancel subscription
Downloaded this for my grandson because I thought he would enjoy it. He did not. Looked fun to me! But I am an adult and do not have that much free time. Anyway, I was unable to login. I kept getting an incorrect information message. I tried all of my emails to no avail. Tried contacting customer service by email. The only response I received was try another email address. I replied back that I already tried that. All I want to do is cancel my subscription! Poor customer service!
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4 years ago, Bluejah
Nice game but. . .
Nice game but I don’t like having an add etc. on the last screen. The child should be able to cut the pizza and eat it. Maybe take a picture of it. Adds for other games should be introduced at the beginning of the game only or on a separate screen at the end because it takes away from enjoying your final pizza creation.
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