Planner 5D: Room, House Design

4.3 (8.7K)
601.4 MB
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Current version
Planner5D, UAB
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Planner 5D: Room, House Design

4.33 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Anubis Queen!!
Good app, a few flaws 😕
*Please read Before buying!* ❤️ this app! I enjoy the wide selection of furniture and stuff but some things need changing: I really wish everyone could have access to all of the furniture without paying a subscription!! Almost all the furniture is ‘premium.’ It’s ridiculous. I totally get why they make you pay but If you are looking to have access editing and using all the furniture, be prepared to either watch videos to unlock or just pay the stupid subscription! Also, I like the design battle feature but think that everyone should be able to participate in the challenge. ⚠️ WARNING!!! ⚠️ It seems like you are entering the challenge no matter what but you are NOT actually entering your project unless you sign up and create an account. So, good app overall but please try to make the design battle for everyone instead of asking to sign up.
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2 years ago, KenB643
Don't expect too much.
I have a premium subscription and try to use it interchangeably on iPad, website, and Windows 10 app. It has lots of problems and shortcomings. Here are a few of them. * A door's representation in 2D and 3D often do not match. And they may be different on iPad than website than Windows 10. * Inadequate basic construction objects like * No sliding glass patio doors * No bypass closet doors * No concept of layering or stacking of objects. The ability to control the order of stacking is essential but does not exist. You have to drag the objects apart to work on them and then re-assemble them. * When you abut 2 rooms to have a common wall, you cannot work with the common wall segment as a single wall. * An open area in a ceiling or floor may or may not render as an open space in 3D. * An object like stairs that ascends through a ceiling space or descends through a floor space may appear in 3D as though the ceiling or floor is transparent. In other words, the floor or ceiling does not block the the portion of the object that should not be visible for the current viewing angle. * There is a fairly limited fixed list of room names with no way to add a custom name. * It is very difficult to work with short wall lengths because the wall length is too short to show its length. * Room labels do not adapt to room size and, for small areas, may make it impossible to select the room. * Many more...
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2 years ago, KillNerv
I love this app, but recently crashes
I have been using Planner 5D for years and have absolutely loved it. There are a few things that are janky, room lengths not lining up to one another quite right, doors auto locking on a wall that makes them impossible to stick to short walls, the inability to customize the height of different rooms in the multi level views without the whole level above being elevated creating a gap in the floors, but it still worked well for me. I got the upgrade long ago for the catalog and it greatly expanded my options in app. However as of yesterday I am unable to open the app and it keeps crashing on me. I’ve updated to the newest IOS option and no luck. I’m not sure if the app is getting too complicated where it just can’t function correctly anymore or what, as I have had problems with it lagging badly more recently. Please don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. Maybe work on improving pre existing features in the app instead of trying to change the fundamentals of its functionality? Otherwise longtime fan, I just want to be able to make my ideas. I hope the crashing is remedied soon, thanks.
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1 year ago, mollymay266
My go to app for story building
I’ve been using Planner 5D for at least 5 years and it’s aged like a fine wine, only ever adding more and never taking away. There are a few bugs such as; Duplicated items sometimes “disappearing” in 2D view. But they’re a very minor inconvenience in the big scheme of things. And I mean BIG, graph sizes that allow you to make giant buildings (Castle, mall, school) width and length wise for now. It’s currently limited to how high you can go and there are no sub floors. I have more than 20 saved blueprints and as far as I know there’s no cap. Every time I come up with a new story idea that I’m kean on I whip up a quick floor plan for the main characters apartments/ houses for locational reasons so I can give a clear 360 viewpoint in my writing. You can change the color/texture of practically anything placeable to give it unique characteristics. I love being able to make where my fictional characters live and their settings. The catalog of placable items grows every year. I’m personally hoping for an animal update that includes new animals and some enclosures. Five stars for the most affordable world builder I could find that works on iPhone.
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2 years ago, wildanchor
I understand that these sorts of apps want to force users to purchase an expensive subscription to use the app in its fullness, however it's deeply irritating that they're not offering a one-time option to pay to be able to move your designs around. I was excited about coming back to this app after working on one small project, only to find it was essentially useless unless I paid $10 a month, which is a hard pass. Locking only some things in place is just tacky and frustrating for your users, and I think it leaves a sour taste in most people's mouths, and makes me not feel inclined to come back to the paid version even if I did want to seriously use it for a month or two. I'd pay $5 or $10 one time to be able to continue to use the trial version indefinitely – so maybe consider a more accessible option for casual users, and continue to hold the furniture and decor options behind a subscription wall. This app isn't incredible, but the 3D navigation works pretty well and overall it's easy to use to do basic conceptualization of a space and potential furniture placement. Just fully not worth the subscription price or the hassle.
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1 year ago, Nickel_name
Free items through videos
If I could give this a zero stars I would. However, this is still a good app so I’ll keep it a one. Anyway, the version I have after I first sent a review saying that I couldn’t get any items/objects after watching a video. What I meant by that was that any time I tried to use the rewards for an item/object I wouldn’t be able to use that object because it was still locked. And as you know it’s because you have to pay a subscription fee to have everything available to use. I am young, as in I don’t have my own house or anything that belongs to me, not through my parents. I cannot pay a subscription fee because even though I have a job and it’s a ripoff to pay a subscription fee because I'm underage. Please, I want to be able to pursue a career of some sort in this business and it’s incredibly difficult to do that if a can’t do anything in this app to make my ideas “realistic.” Please just give me back the video rewards and maybe fix something going wrong with the coding of the rewards, it could also be my phone and I might need to update it, if it isn’t my phone please try to do something. I don’t mean to sound rude or be a “Karen” I’m just tired of this happening over an over again. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Hey it's mallie68 from ajpw
So I this app after reading reviews. They were all good but when I downloaded the app it seemed pretty good. I got to building and none of the walls lined up. The walls are very very confusing. And so I say whatever and I go to furniture, they had 2 selections of FREE items and the rest you had to pay $14+ for. I found this kinda ridiculous, so I say whatever again, and I go to doors. They had in total maybe 6 doors? And only 2 were free and they where ugly cheap looking doors, and the ones you had to pay for were so beautiful. This was the same with all of their items. This app is “free” for low quality items. The graphics seemed okay to me. I got no ads at all. But I found it so ridiculous the fact all of the free items were cheap looking and the $14+ ones were soo beautiful. I’m leaving a 3 star because in total the app seems good with graphics and all, but the utems were awful! Also with the fences You get a small strip with a pole at the end that when you press “edit” it says “OOPS! You unlocked a premium feature!” So your telling me I get this sad excuse of a “fence” and can’t even expand the length so if I’m building a yard it had to be teeny-tiny!? I would NOT suggest this app.
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3 years ago, CheekyLeaky333
What have you done?!
I have had this app for about 5 years; I don’t remember how much it cost, but it been worth every penny to me. I’ve enjoyed it almost daily. I actually designed my home using this program and it’s at the architect at this very moment getting an official rendering. I casually updated the app tonight as I’ve done numerous times before and am horrified! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Almost all of the doors and openings in all my plans are messed up, going the wrong way, and will not even go to where they were/supposed to be if I try to fix them. There is also absolutely NO REASON the doors and other items should be so sensitive to sizing changes with a light touch one way or the other. If you are planning for a 30 inch door (plus 4 inch trim on each side) for a total of 38 inches, for example, it is very important that it stays that way. But if you try to move something it’s way too easy to change the size on the object and then you don’t know what size you have it at. This is annoying and ridiculous, frankly. I am so disappointed in this latest update. Is there a way to get all my years’ worth of plans fixed right? Or even better, get my app back to the way it was before the update? I was using it just today...all fine and great...updated it...DISASTER!
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4 years ago, xxsdhkkvcd
I hated this. I thought i would be a lot easier to figure out, but it wasn’t. It was really hard to understand how to play, how to move, and how to move items. Whenever i tried to place an item on the desk i had in one of the rooms, it would always just float in the air. I tried every possible solution, but it didn’t move. Another thing that i didn’t like was that when it was loading to go from 2d to 3d or 3d to 2d it took most of the time 2 minutes, but sometimes it took 5 minutes. I checked my other apps to see how fast they were going because i thought “maybe it isn’t the game, the wifi’s just acting up”. Turns out it wasn’t the wifi. A lot of the time when it was loading, (usually when i had finished something i really liked) it would take me back to my home screen and not save it. I had to start over many times on many things. Another thing is, it doesn’t explain anything. It just sends you off hoping you that you know what you’re doing. Lastly, after i had finished picking the size for the room i was about to start, there was no way to display t with my house. I was stuck on that screen for a while, until it kicked me off the game. To sum it all up, i hate this game and will never play it again
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3 years ago, mylieheart
I’m not sure that I would recommend
Ok, so I am designing a backyard landscaping area, and I’ve used this app before. Online on computers, you can edit every item. That is what I was expecting when I downloaded this app. I am frustrated because it is a very nice, easy-to-use app, but everything is locked! I know that is how the company gets a profit, but it is kind of ridiculous. I can’t even get a gate! For me to recommend and write a better review, first I would need to have the company open up a few more things. Also, you can watch ads to get items for a limited amount of time. I was about to get another needed item— because it was counting down and said you could— when it said “No reward items are available.” My question is, why would it trick you into thinking you could have more rewards, when you actually can’t? Last thing is, for some reason, everything has color, but the trees are white, and you can’t edit them. I would like to know when these things are fixed, and then I will use the app again. Until then, do not count on me recommending this to anyone.
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3 years ago, TJP Services
Almost really good
It’s simple to use but sometimes switching from 2D to 3D things you put outside just disappear like the concrete walkways or if it’s not that it will be something els. sometimes when you Click an interior wall it won’t select the wall I’m trying to click. I’m still going to pay the high price of this app only because how fast and simple it is to use. But it crazy that for the high price you pay for this app you still have to pay extra for the better quality views/pics. Everything should be included for the customer after paying this price. It’s also crazy that after purchasing you have to pay this again after a year because it expires. Small improvements and pleasing small requests could easily put this app at the top of all house building and exterior and interior design apps. $75 with all furniture included, best graphics and room lighting included and paid furniture and not having to re-buy after purchasing already would easily give this app a 5 star rating and more purchase by customers.
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4 years ago, JamieFrazier
Unlocked but not customizable
The only big issue I have with this app is that they give you “unlocked” items for free, but you still cannot customize them at all. You can’t change the size, shape or color. Free and unlocked should mean just that. There is also little to no opportunity to earn the ability to unlock items via watching advertisements, sharing with friends etc. Other then that it is decent. ... I recently sent this email to their tech support. Still waiting for a response. Design/Operations Specialist, I received an offer to unlocked premium items for 72 hours. Since there is no decent free roof available for free, I used my free item to choose a roof. Unfortunately when the 72 hours is up, I noticed that obviously I can’t customize these items, but now I can’t even delete them to get them out of the way so I can continue working on my interior design. Aka (the roof is in the was during 2D mode so I can’t properly rotate furniture, add rooms, change walls etc. Please fix this issue ASAP so I can continue working on my homes.
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4 years ago, fireboy89
Okay 😐
This is a fun game I will admit. But really? In the photos, it says you can change every detail. That led me too think that we could change colors and length of the furniture without paying. But once I got the game I realized you had to get the gold thing or whatever. This is a great game, but I really think that you should at least get too change the furniture colors. It’s also hard too add another room in the 2D. Sometimes the walls don’t connect and it glitches and you can’t really see the wallpaper on the walls. Also, why not add more people too the game? The ones that are there now are kind of creepy. I also think it should be easier to add another story. Once you add a story it’s hard too move the rooms around. Also, the stairs confused me. How do you make the hole in he ceiling too make it like they actually lead somewhere? This game honestly gave me a headache when I tried too figure out the controls. I don’t like this game as much as I though I would and I’m disappointed, please clarify the controls and make this game more exciting. Thank you! 😊
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3 years ago, KingQueenIbiza
Acad Addict
I’ve been using Planner 5D for over eight months now for renovation ideas that I have for several properties that I do staging for as well as I am in the process of purchasing my first big family home and I’m finding it incredibly useful for designing my ideas to share with architects. It’s so user friendly. However if you, if you are reworking in real life project and you don’t have the precise measurements of the home it could be difficult to replicate exactly what you’re looking for. As long as you know the square footage is of each space in question, you are golden. I also love that I can add my own textures and upload different flooring ideas that I have from the Internet and see what it would look like. On its own it has so many options and customizations that makes it much easier for you to bring your vision to life.I love planner 5D.
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3 years ago, AsmaM15😍
Cool but not cool
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3 years ago, hsmahr
Glitchy and Horrible Customer Service
UPDATE AT BOTTOM. 0/5 stars. I wanted to love this app but it was glitchy and bogged down my entire phone. My phone is new and never had any issues before I used this app. Anytime you try to move a piece of furniture or wall it does not respond as if you haven’t touched anything, and then 30 seconds later will appear somewhere else in your design. My phone was not responding in the same way after I closed the app for a minute after. I even restarted and redownloaded the app with no luck of a fix. I cancelled my trial and was still charged 60$. After reaching out to customer service 3 times through the app and email, no one has been able to help me. They keep directing me to different people and make me jump through hoops and keep avoiding the topic of a refund. Im so disappointed and upset that I paid 60$ for a crappy app I will never use. 0 stars. UPDATE: once again, they contacted me in response to my review stating that I can contact them for a refund which I have already done multiple times with NO HELP. What’s the point of customer service if no one will help?
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3 years ago, FlameBiscuit
Used to have more free features
I WOULD be giving this app a higher rating, however a new change in features has led me to do otherwise. I have the free version of this app. I use it all the time and found it really useful when planning scenes for my digital art. The fact I could alter the color and material of the walls and floors made it easy and quick to get the tone I wanted to convey and was one of my favorite features. However, I have recently been unable to change the colors of walls and floors without being told via pop-up that that is a premium feature. I don’t know if this is a new update to the app, but regardless it is incredibly frustrating to make models on an app that only allows me basic gray stone walls and concrete floors. If you are okay with not changing the colors of your walls and floors, this might be a good app for you, but for me it is disappointing to no longer have that option after it has been SO useful to me in the past. Might look for a different app so I don’t have to struggle with this new restriction.
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2 years ago, its_the_OG_desginer_!
This is a great and easy to use app. The new updates are helpful because the furniture is classified into more specific sections. But I wish there was more furniture unlocked... or at least let the already unlocked furniture be edited! But I think that it’s fair either way. All you need to do is watch an add and then you can unlock items. But that was just a suggestion. ✌️👅😻 Emotions for this app... -🤗 -😃😃 -✌️ -😻. Also you can go on planner 5D’s website to see other people’s projects and comment on them. The only bad thong about this website it that there is some rude users. Just be aware pf that and report any inappropriate behavior. But there is tons of nice folks who are always giving amazing feedback. Find me on the website & its_the_OG_designer_! Have a great day and take this into consideration!!
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4 years ago, coldPhire
Super great and unique! 1 suggestion
I bought this app AGES ago! Redownloaded it recently (now that I have a phone with space on it) and it's just as I remember. Which is good, but controlling the room sizes can be difficult at times. It's a bit of a learning process that drags on creation, in my opinion. One thing I would absolutely love to see is the ability to upload a reference sheet to it! Recreating floor plans from apartments or homes and that way we can get a better idea on how to decorate them. The reference sheet needs to be resizable and on a different layer than the floor plan you're creating. That way, a 1:1 replica is that much easier. This is purely for people looking to buy a home or apartment and they want a better 3D look at what they're getting into and what furniture will fit inside. I really hope work is still being done to the app and this gets considered! Thanks!!
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2 weeks ago, Jesjoc
Deceitful Business Practice
I downloaded the app to begin the free trial. I was not able to get any results from the all and during this time the app froze or displayed an error message. It did not allow me to use any of the functions that were supposedly available within the app. I canceled my subscription prior to the 3-day trial. I tried one last time on day 3 to get the app to work, and while inside of the app, I received a star review request and provided my opinion on the app and how it was not functioning properly. I immediately received a request from a technician to help me with the error messages, and freezing on the app. I provided screenshots and documentation supporting my complaints. I then received a chat request from the technician, asking me to delete and re-install the app. This caused the renewal of my subscription, and I was charged for the full amount of the subscription even though the app does not work for me. I asked for a refund via the app chat and was told they could not refund my money.
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3 years ago, Sgt Demon
Apps limited to what you can do
Downloaded this app to help with remodeling my home, app works great if you want to get a ball park idea of what your design will look like. I hate that the items In The app are very limited like the variety of stuff you can pick from and a lot of home stuff is missing completely on the list I paid for premium service and not happy with it also I’ve wasted all my renders trying to learn to use the app and clicking the render button and exiting out of render when you didn’t mean to click it they count that as a render when you didn’t even use it really I don’t like that for the most part app is easy to use once you play with it I feel the app has a lot of potential but more things need to be added to list to choose from and they really need to fix the render stuff so ppl don’t accidentally click it and waste renders as I did feel once they fix that and add more items to the list to customize with then I could raise my review
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4 years ago, Awsomeapplover3000
I know, I know, it’s a great app. All the home designs, furniture, characters, you name it. I loved (I used it only earlier) using it because like I said, it’s awesome. Maybe not. (Hate to break it to you developers) I don’t like to use it anymore. Reason is, I can’t edit as much as I want. 😔 it’s a free country c’mon. I don’t like those sorts of limits. Usually, I just jumped to Planner 5D and started editing. One day, I just started making a huge house with a Dj party (not really) kinda and the guess what... I. Ran. Out. Of. Editing. They limited me. I mean, I don’t feel mad, I just fell disappointed. I feel like being mad is just a waste of time. Like bruh. I’m kinda but not really complaining. I hope you guys fix that limit and give. Me. FREEDOM. I want to edit more. Then, I would defiantly give you guys 5 stars but you haven’t reached the climax. You are still improving (hopefully) so plz improve. Plz.
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8 months ago, RubberDucky963
Great, but some issues
I love this app and use it every single day. I do have some issues with it though. You should be able to delete unwanted textures instead of having to pay for more. Especially when the app does not allow you to view the texture before you upload it. The web version, however, does allow it. Going between the web version and the app always causes issues in my designs. Some items are only available online so they just don’t show up in the designs on the app. Trying to create an exterior with character (or anything with character) glitches and messes up the heights and levels of items. Trying to build something like a front porch or built in shelving is very hard and often ends up messing up the levels of the home. This app is really really great if you want to just do basic room designs.
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4 years ago, AnxiousWreck21
Drains battery but nice app
Honestly it’s a really nice app. I don’t have a problem with app transactions so after using it a week and deciding it was worth it I bought the months subscription and it unlocked a LOT more fun. Well worth the five bucks. If I continue to use it often enough I’ll probably purchase the lifetime one. Who knows Pros: Looks beautiful, lots of fun with unlimited possibilities. You can do so much with it. Even if you stick with the simpler options in the free category. Create as many houses as you want and do whatever you want with them and furnish them however you want. Cons: can be super tricky learning curve as far as getting things where they’re supposed to be and looking nice. It’ll take time but if you have it you can create some amazing products. Biggest con: IT DRAINS BATTERY TO NO TOMORROW! It uses 75% of battery life. Meaning if I use this app on airplane mode with every single app closed out and screen dimmed down, hooked to a full charger and whatnot, it will drain battery faster then I’ve ever seen and will take my entire battery life I. The span of 4-5 hours. Nasty. So use with caution!! I’d love love a bug fix on the battery drain!! After spending hours and hours on it and wondering what was up, I can now only use it for short bursts of time. :(
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4 months ago, Kimbaya1002
For playing around, not for serious planning
Did the 3 day trial. I am building an ADU and wanted to use for furniture placement and palette. It is not intuitive. Setting up the basic room dimensions was easy but after that, not so much. When placing windows and doors, there is no automatic ruler to show you where on the wall you are placing them. You must find the ruler in the menus and use it to measure with after you have inserted the door or window. This is tedious. I could not find a help menu for anything. There is limited materials (textures, patterns etc). I think the least helpful item was the paint tool. For the life of me, for example, I could not get a white wood wall even when painting it white. It always ended up beige. You can get the gist of a palette but still are left guessing. So, if you like playing around, it is hours of that. However, if you are seriously planning, the $70/year price is way too much.
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5 years ago, 25511rock
Amazing app but a few issues.
This is one of my favorite apps! I have spent so much time on it and absolutely love it! I have created countless homes and spaces, but, there are a few things that have been a bit odd in my phone with this app. Firstly, when trying to switch to 3D, the screen often turns black. I am not sure why? This is not a huge issue but I do have to restart the app a lot because of it. Secondly, I had to delete the app for a few days (I have the monthly subscription) and when I decided to get it back, I cannot use my monthly subscription! I tried to rebuy it but then it says I can’t, because I already have it- even though I can’t activate it! I have tried everything I can find, including restore, and nothing has changed. If anyone knows or has had this happen, please let me know! Thank you, I love this app!
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4 years ago, alldatastera
I probably spend more time on this app more than instagram and Snapchat combined. I’ve been doing like interior designs since a young girl playing her sims pets on the cake cube in sixth grade lol. Anyway I’ve had this app for a LONG time ; I have the full catalogs, I paid the full premium because I lvoe it all that much! But I’d like to just point out )I’m not complaining ) but I do want to suggest maybe adding more things; in whole. Like always have a new design catalog come out maybe with different types of designs ? Like how “yoville “ on Facebook kinda of use to do. Also I really would love it , if we can have more than 4 floors; and also I need a basement option!!! And in general a lower floor option to do like sunken floors etc. But my main concern rn, is that for the last couple days I’ve been trying to go on, and create projects ; but every time I close the app and go back on it; my project is gone. And even the ones already made, I’f I edit them; it will not show. Nothing is saving?? I tried logging out; I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it but nothing. Nada. I miss making homes; and I’m really sad about my lost projects ; because they were important ; but it’s okay; I just hope it fixes soon.
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3 years ago, KOM lover
Difficult to use + poor customer service
To start: I accidentally signed up for the year membership and paid $65 dollars, and when I reached out to customer service asking to please change my plan to the monthly one (I only need this app for 1 month) they said they are unable to do so because there is no feature available to change your subscription. I call BS on this one, because if you can design an app like this, surely you can add a feature to change people’s memberships. There is no way to change your membership on your end, and apparently no way for them to change this on their end. Secondly, the app is hard to use, and is not very intuitive. In order to add any item into the room you’re designing, you need to scroll through hundreds of examples without a way to search. Every time you place an item, you must scroll back through those hundreds of examples in order to find a matching set. It is very tedious, and in my opinion not worth it. Much better to just buy SketchUp.
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6 months ago, jm0218
Too Many Glitches
I previously liked the app more than other designing apps available, but it seems like it gets more glitches every month that’s only go away when I close the app and re-open it. Each glitch gets worse and worse. This happens every couple of minutes now and I can’t get anything done anymore. One of the glitches scrambles the entire layout, doors, windows, and other items, and the undo button doesn’t fix it. I have to manually redo everything every time, then by the time that’s done, there’s a different glitch that makes me have to close the app to prevent further damage. This is the newest of many glitches that ruin the experience of the app. I’ve checked for an update but it’s already updated. This is ridiculous. This app *was* really good but now is a complete waste of my year-long subscription and is practically unusable.
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2 years ago, FocussReveiws
Tbh, its the best (and only) home planing app I have ever used, although it crashes sometimes, it doesn’t do it much. If you have some reward items, and you click cancel, I don’t like how it prompts you to buy their annual subscription, I think its overpriced, but overall its a Good app Edit: Ok well heres another suggestion, when you have a contest entry, you can’t see your own scores, so i’d think it would be useful that was made available to see. Edit#2: First of all, I love the new update to the interface, and the new items are pretty great, but heres a suggestion, plz add more cars, I know its a house designing app and not a car game, but new cars such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Volvo could be some pretty cool cars to see.
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2 months ago, Dee2023
***UPDATED Review: 5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating Given.***
Planner 5D is one of the very best home design/interior design apps in the Apple App Store. Creativity is aplenty in the app, and the colors and furnishings used are high quality and easy to resize and edit. And the Customer Service/Help has been top-rated and 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ quality for me. Winston is the rep who has helped me with questions and glitches that occasionally happen in the app. He’s very knowledgeable about the app and very helpful. He’s very pleasant and makes sure you are satisfied with the help and advice he gives so that your project will be the best it can be. I’m very pleased with this amazing app and give it a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ rating here and in the App Store. Thank you, Planner 5D creator and staff.
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6 months ago, djprints-33
Makes you pay twice
The premium version is a subscription, which makes it pretty good for basic layout. But to see your rooms with any lighting you have to pay again for Renders. You pay per render. Without lighting, white walls look brown/grey, and everything else is equally as dark. In other words, to see anything accurately you have to pay in two ways over time. Free to try, spend hours to get your design all done, then, oh wait we need more money to show you the real colors. Kind of a scam. Developer has replied that renders are costly in resources, which is probably true but that is not the issue. The issue is the lack of light sources during regular use, which would accurately portray colors. Light sources are baked into 3d software, which means you have purposefully limited them in order to push users to purchasing renders and/or the pro plan mentioned.
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3 years ago, Ecat15
Good but.. consider these before downloading
Alright let’s just start off by saying it is definitely a good software in general but then when you say it’s for free that’s amazing! (Because I just wanted to design houses, I didn’t really need it, which is why I wasn’t whiling to spend money) but it does have some downsides. First of all, I have the app on my phone and I use the software on my computer the software works wayyyy better it’s super easy to use on my computer and on my phone I cannot change the color of any furniture! Also it’s pretty easy to use except for some things you basically just have too get used to it. There are no ads which is nice. But it takes FOREVER to load when you go into 3D Mode. As you can see this app/software is great but it does have downsides.
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1 year ago, LoyalSage
Clearly hasn’t even been tested on an iPhone
The fact that you literally can’t even type into the bottom couple fields when in the edit mode of an object because the number fields are weird and don’t let you just type in a number, instead requiring multiple taps to enter the whole number and decimal, and there is no way to dismiss the keyboard without entirely dismissing the popover. This means the only way to do something like adjust the height of an item is to tap the +/- button once for every inch you need to move it. Need to fix a TV that got defaulted to 90” in the air for no apparent reason? Get ready for 90 taps of the down button! Also this is less of a general quality thing and more of a specific missing feature, but there’s no way to rotate a room after scanning it in AR (mine ended up on a slight angle), so I ended up having to just measure IRL and place the corners manually at 90° from each other.
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2 years ago, Skypilot1989
Great Application
I love this app. Having tried a number of supposedly free apps as well as upfront fee for use applications, I find this one to be the most intuitive and straightforward app of this type. While using it, I really messed up my account and sent a plea for help. I was surprised at the speed that the tech support not only cleared up my problem but also provided other suggestions in less than a day and that was the start of a weekend. I live in the Seattle area supposedly a hub technology and usually have to wait almost a week for assistance from some our home-based enterprises. The company is based in Lithuania. The enterprise is a large one but not such that it lacks responsiveness.
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3 years ago, Dot Dot Dottie
Love it! Want to see some more items in the app! Excited for the things to come if it!🍿😍☕️
I am 12. And my dream job is to be an interior designer. So when I get into college that’s what I’ll study. This app has helped me become better at expressing my love for designing rooms. It’s also helped me realize what I love and what I don’t when it comes to furniture. I am working on my somewhat dream home right now. I am almost finished. I would like to see some new updates in the items that we can use to design. Maybe y’all could add like a setting for you to build your house. So like you can choose your location in the world and where. So like if you wanted to live on the beachside, y’all could make the app so that you can choose the setting for your house. Love to see this app evolve! Great!
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3 years ago, kat steele stan
Great app...but very expensive
I found this app very enjoyable to design my dream homes in. I did pay the yearly subscription but found it seems way too expensive. If you are going to have a yearly subscription at least give us more items to more with and make it less expensive. I recently found the personalization update. I was very excited to make some of my own posters. I accidentally downloaded the wrong photo and found I couldn’t delete and and thought to just re-download the photo but guess what? I had to pay more! I found it very frustrating. Some of the photos I wanted to download wouldn’t work either. So please consider lowering prices. That was the only thing wrong though, I found this app very fun and useful.
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4 years ago, HW00l
Love this app but would love just one more feature!
I love this app! Enjoying it greatly on the iPad to recreate my house plan! Like the web version though, I'd love the ability to type out hex colors on the app instead of being limited to the color picker. One issue I find also is that the walls struggle to align sometimes and don't snap into place with other walls and corner dots. I like on the web version how you click the corner dots and they auto adjust to each other. The walls sometimes protrude thru each other and I have to really home in on adjusting them but some still protrude and can't always hide one of the walls to solve it. Well worth paying the premium! Love it! And loveee the magic box!
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3 years ago, emcrocks
Good but could improve
I enjoy this app. Let’s me use my creativity. I have purchased the subscription. However there are a few things that would make the experience better. First, it can be difficult to navigate and span the homes. Sometimes I will try to rotate the screen slightly and end up on another floor. This gets annoying. Maybe when a certain floor is selected, the only way to go to another floor is to select that floor in the menu? Second, I would love a larger amount of decorations. There is great variety in everything else but the decor is limited. Third, I would appreciate if babies and teens were included in the “people section” there are adults and children but no other age groups. With these improvements the app would be much more enjoyable!! Especially since I spent so much money.
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3 years ago, lololBaclavac flamingo fan
Wow.. one that I actually didn’t delete..😯
This one isn't actually like the other ones.. Keep the great work up and yeah that’s all this is actually a fun one with not adds we’ll not like an add every single time u pick a item a add pops up!! Not like that this game actually lets you build in peace with no pop up I can actually learn how to build better instead of learning how to not rage at adds every single second... thank you for not making it this hard this is actually the one I will keep I was looking forever I like really hate the ones where u have to play candy crush for some stupid coins, instead of coins, the furniture is free!
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4 days ago, vero319
Keeps crashing
I’m not sure what’s going on with the app but it keeps crashing. Over the past few months the functionality of the app has steadily declined. The last update has made it impossible to work on a project that is almost complete. I can’t use 3D on the 3rd floor because it freezes, 3D takes a long time to load and glitch’s on other floors. Other problems The app is very slow , rooms don’t lineup properly, foundation and walls don’t lock, needs a better selection for decor, plants and flowers indoor and outdoor, etc . I really liked this app and not having better selection isn’t a big issue but the lagging has made the app frustrating and unusable. If the issues aren’t resolved the use of the app is impossible.
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9 months ago, Pinninghead
The only thing I would like to see asap is an option for a one time purchase option. I’m not a monthly subscription person, but I could definitely see myself paying for a one time purchase option. Other than that this app is pretty easy to use and a great way to play with floor plans and see if it’s something you’re interested in. They recently brought more furniture to the free option (thank you!!) and they have a lot of options for construction. I wish there was an easier way to make an individual wall, and that we could change the colors of furniture like we used to be able to. Other than that it’s great!
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12 months ago, bb mc
Wants a subscription for an upgrade I paid $20 for 5 years ago.
Gave me back the access I already paid for after several complaints. Shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get back what I paid for 5 years ago. Don’t want a game, I want a house building app! Focus! HGTV also has a similar app. This was the best, least expensive option for house design. I am being asked to subscribe for options in order to do anything. I have used this app for years and already paid for upgrades. Now they have changed the parameters. They cannot retroactively disregard selling all options and demand more money to rent them. This app has not changed for the better in years, so why charge $60 a year for what I paid $20 to buy in 2015? Rip off.
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4 years ago, JAY80822
I have a client who would like a custom kitchen designed in 3D so I bought this app and learned how to use it but in the process I quickly learned that there is a lack of kitchen cabinets given to us to work with. I would like to just comment that there needs to be a way larger selection or cabinetry and kitchen appliances as well as texture swatches for these items. I would also like to note that the windows and lighting lacks selection too. I hope the developer fixes this and also other issues in variety of items in this app. I see this app having the potential to be perfect for what I’m working with but for right now it does not. Right now I give this app 2 stars out of 5.
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3 years ago, Sassysena
Great app, few issues
I absolutely love this app and work with it constantly to create design layouts. I love that objects are customizable. One thing I wish it had was the option to link a Pinterest account or ability to create your own items as far as furniture or decor. Recently, I’ve started getting issues with projects syncing to my phone. I almost always use my iPad to work on projects but if I’m on the go, i open the projects through my phone. The projects have not been syncing with the work I did on my iPad, so I’ve been losing lots of work. Another problem I’ve been having is the plants within the app they are just big white squares. Hope this can get fixed soon. I have had the yearly subscription for almost two years now.
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7 days ago, dog and wolf lover
Soooo i got this app thinking it would be really cool to design my dream home with it, and guess what? The amount of tools, colors, textures, and items you can use to design is SUUUUUUPERRR limited, and it would be oh so very boring and hard to design anything with the amount of items and tools given. So if you actually want a house designer to express your dream home, or anything, be ready to pay $70 dollars a year paying $1.50 a week. Good luck!! Update: i do understand my review is a bit sarcastic, but i do beleive that i, even with my job that i will be working soon, would not want to pay 70$ a year right now for a home design game. I hope you understand, enjoy raking in your probably hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year making people give almost a hundred dollars for a game.
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4 years ago, rrriiillleeeyyy
Great game 😁😁😁
I love this game you can do so much! I love how you can put down almost anything and you can change almost every detail. I love this game so much it’s so fun!😁😁😁 I want to be a architect wen I grow up. And it’s hard to find a good house making game. I play this almost every day! Oh I also have a few ideas: I think it would be cool if the people that you place down can move and have bigger customization. And could use the appliances and even sleep! I feel since you are making a house it would make the game better to have them live in it. And maybe more furniture options.😁 that’s it! I’m just saying... this game is awesome!😁😁😁😁
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4 years ago, thegalaxysedge
Incredible app, but still can improve (monthly subscriber pov)
I wish that there was a way to turn on and off lights similar to how you can open and shut the doors. The extensive ability to customize content is wonderful, however I do wish there was more to choose from, for example I personally find it to be lacking in the decor department (but that may just be a personal preference because i enjoy adding some clutter to bring the design to life). Other than those two features I struggle to come up with any specific issues that I have with the app, overall I would highly recommend checking this app out, even the free version is pretty great (from what i remember).
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9 months ago, ska_singer
GOOD a few requests.
Hello, i want rotation and elevation in 3d NOT be mapped to gestures only but rather like a little circle at the bottom of the object to rotate/lift it. I also want a lot of new plants and deco because i dont like the selections. If you are wondering, yes I bought this so I have the whole libary of objects because I like showing my creativity and all those mobile home design GAMES not apps Games want me to pay(sims mobile and freeplay) to decorate anything good and I am really fine with paying for this from time to time. Thanks for reading and I hope you can work on these things for the future.
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3 years ago, Neeka25
Worst App Ever - Dont waste your time and money
I bought this app to help with interior layouts and signed up for the yearly subscription which is close to $60. Not only can the AI not read floor plans there is also not a way to manually adjust measurements. Beyond that, there is apparently only access to 3 items max in each category for a PAID subscription. To “unlock” more items you have to pay extra. You only find this out once you are in the app and have made the purchase. Their advertising is misleading - the product does not have the capabilities it purports to - and the customer service is unethical - be aware they won’t issue you a refund under any circumstance even if what they delivered is not what they advertised. The app itself is not intuitive and the functionality is basic. Seriously - don’t touch this app. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had.
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