Planner for iPad

4.6 (437)
74.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Takeya Hikage
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.6 or later
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User Reviews for Planner for iPad

4.56 out of 5
437 Ratings
2 years ago, Peace1590
I am wicked picky about my planners, I spend hours upon hours in staples and Walmarts and can never find a planner that feels right! I got an iPad because I thought it would make me more productive but then I just spend hours upon hours trying to find a planner on the App Store UNTILL I FOUND THIS ONE! I AM SO EXCITED TO USE IT THIS FALL! The only three things I wish it had are lines or graph paper on the side of the time line, more English stickers for school and study that are for free lol, and to be able to zoom in more! But overall I LOVE IT the fact that my timeline can be next to my homework notes and stuff is awesome, and I love everything about this! I never write reviews but I think this is the best planner in the world and is just wicked good for students! Hope y’all stick around for the next 5 years ;)
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3 years ago, KirkaDirk00
Deleted all my Notes
Not once, but twice. All my event dates, important times, notes, etc. gone in a curious push of a button. Unfortunately, this caused me to be late to meetings, walking around with a dazed look on my face and scattered for a while. Maybe the “delete everything button” has been removed from the app since then, but even so, I decided to give it another shot and when the app updated, all my stuff had been deleted again. Besides this major flaw, the information between the different format settings (day, week, month layouts), don’t carry your information throughout the other formats. This means you have to write all the information twice, three or maybe four times if you want to reference all the different layouts when using the planner. Highly inconvenient and a waste of time. I don’t typically take time out of my day to write reviews, but this really had an impact on my daily life for a while, so I felt obligated to. However, I did like the clean and neat design of the planner. I hope this review helps people trying to decide whether or not to download this as their new planner. For the people behind this app, I hope you take this as constructive criticism and build on the comments I’ve provided, besides these things I really did enjoy the app (that’s why I gave it another chance initially). Thanks!
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4 years ago, Suzy-Sunshine
Almost Perfect
I’ve been trying to get the paper planner experience with my iPad. So far pdf based planners using goodnotes are good, but this app is so much better. I know at some point I will get tired of writing in my schedule each day, week, month, and eventually make a mistake, especially if something changes. This app gives me the convenience of instant input from my phone by syncing with Apple calendar, and adds the ability to write and decorate with stickers both. I don’t need a million fancy options so there’s plenty of stickers and stamps. Why only four stars? I’d like to see the developers add a few features. Like a way to organize multiple notes into folders possibly? A custom color wheel or more color options, a way to edit stickers and stamps after they are added to the pages like resize, and a copy and paste feature with a way to select by lasso. This is already a great app but if these features were added, it would be absolutely perfect!
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3 years ago, aFunnyBanana
Extremely Convenient
I’m still a student in school, so I find this app very useful. I have a paper planner, but I figured that since I bring my iPad everywhere it would be useful to have a planner. Surprisingly, this was the first app I bought for that reason, and it’s perfect! The app itself is very convenient. It has a clean layout, and easy to find features. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it, but now I have the hang of it! Some features include pen, highlighter, different colors for writing and highlighting, dark and light look, and more! The Apple Pencil support (I use generation 2) isn’t a lot, because there is no pressure sensor. I actually prefer that. My favorite thing is that there are NO ADS! LIKE NONE!!! Even though I LOVE this app, I still would like a few things added. I would like to see added, -able to upload photos from an album onto cover of a planner -pick your own colors from wheel (or something else) -bit more variety to monthly layout (or any layout and not have to buy some) Thanks so much for reading this review!!!
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4 years ago, chenchencandice
Please have Chinese Version!
I was introduced this app by an upper from bilibili. Yes, it’s so great! Very similar with paper journal. This app gives you the planner structure which makes you easy to design your journal. It gives you enough free tapes, stickers and small signs, if u just want to use this to be a simple planner. If u wanna design a complex journal, u need to pay a little to buy more in “stationary store” inside the app. I just use this app for a simple way cuz heavy school and work life, so i think all free things in this app is enough. Please have Chinese Version! I cannot help introducing this app to my friends but not all of them are fluent in English. Thanks for meeting this app.
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3 years ago, angiedmalloy
Even the free version is AMAZING!
I'm using this planner app to manage my many projects and personal life. I LOVE that I can write all over it, add notes, stamps, sticky notes, pictures AND I can create separate calendars for each project. This is absolutely the best planner app I've used and I've used several. The only thing it doesn't allow you to do is add events to the calendar, so I have the extra step of adding the events in my Apple or Google calendar before they show up in the planner. But, I can live with that for as awesome as the rest of the features are!
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4 years ago, steven7214
Just what I was looking for!
This app is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It lets me have all my planned calendar events imported from Apple calendar while giving me the freedoms to write additional notes to the side. I’ve always used a physical planner, but ever since I got my iPad I haven’t been using it as much. This app is a great replacement. I’d suggest giving a non military time option. Personally I’m more comfortable with the AM PM format. In addition, a feature that allows erasing of entire strokes instead of just where the eraser touches would make writing more efficient. Overall a great app!
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4 years ago, NMRolls
Just what I was looking for!
I love that I can have my calendar open on the left and doodle or take notes on the right. The pages move just like flipping through a paper calendar, and I can find things easily. I always feel updated because I see changes to my calendars that are all synced through the Apple calendar app, which is awesome, but I can still enjoy doing some journaling, insert stamps, pictures, and tapes, and make it as pretty as I like. I have a stressful job, and I don’t like clutter on my desk, so this app is a perfect outlet for me to be creative and have some fun!
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4 years ago, Ellasophia
Amazing App
This app is great and gives me such an easy tool to use to plan my week and month. I like that there aren’t ads bothering us and that most things are free. I may purchase a few things later but I appreciate that they allow us to enjoy most needed features without trying to force you to upgrade like some apps do. So many simple features, especially the thoughtfulness of allowing us to have multiple calendars. So you can have one for work stuff, another for things for home, one for gym workout planning, etc. Thank you for creating this. I have 4 suggestions though. 1) Make the erasor erase entire strokes instead of spot erasing. 2) Allow the highlighter to highlight in straight lines as well as free style like you allow the pen to do. 3) Give stamps for appointments - like a tooth for dental appts or a doctor for a checkup appt. 4) Convert writing into text
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4 years ago, Scepter4_Official
Please improve writing
I absolutely love everything about this app, it’s easy to use, the stickers and stamps are adorable, everything is so nice and easy to use. The only thing of disappointment: the feeling of writing. I personally have very good writing on all apps, but this one is sooooo bad that I literally hate everything I write and have immediate regrets on using the app again... but I love everything else so much that I just keep coming back to it and leave. Please please please improve the writing - I see that on the roadmap is it listed under “probably will not be developed” and that makes me so sad. Please PLEASE
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4 years ago, GuaranteedOffer
Writings on Stickers are not fixed and could not change together with sticker size
This app is great! It reflects the delicate of Japanese products. So far, one suggestion I have is that: when writing on the stickers, if I enlarge the stick then shrink it, the writings on the stickers won’t change accordingly with the stickers. I could only alter by enlarging the whole page and then shrink it. It’s not a big problem, but would make it more convenient to edit. Thanks and Ali Gado!
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4 years ago, matochondrion
Best option available
I really like the simplicity of the daily template. There are other options out there but they try to cram too many doodads onto the page and which don't leave enough room to organize the day the way I want to. The daily view for this app has the timed journal on the left (with a marker to show the current time) with space for hourly notes, and leaves the rest of the page available to use as needed. I also like that it uses a better writing implementation than the native ipad one used by the Apple Notes app (I hate the way that one corrects my pencil strokes). A few improvements I'd like are more color options and the ability to scale selections larger and smaller. Other than that I think it's perfect in it's has just the right amount of features without clutter.
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3 years ago, Sinrah97
ADHD People Your Solution has Arrived
I have attention deficit hyperactive disorder; planners, calendars, and notes really help keep me organized since I struggle with organizing priorities internally. I also really care about the environment and hate wasting paper to make myself remember things, so this app is perfect for all that. I can organize my life in a comfortable and meaningful way (since I can manually write absolutely everywhere on the digital planner) and I’m not killing trees to do it.
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4 years ago, Abby_Rosé
I barely leave reviews but I felt Compelled.
I love this app! It’s one of the few free ones you can actually use your Apple Pencil to write in. I prefer to use the left side view. The only fluke I hit was sometime the color of things I already wrote would change but it hasn’t happened again since. Thank you for providing a simple calendar I can write my events in!
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4 years ago, Vasi13koula
Clean, elegant, and simple
This app impressed me so much! I’ve been looking for an app like this for my iPad Pro for a long time. I love that it can integrate my Apple/Google calendars and gives me the ability to overlay with my handwriting. Great job. Only feedback for improvement would be to be able to add events to this app directly and syncing with Apple/Google instead of having to do it on the Apple app.
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3 years ago, dianethemeepyhuman
Just get this one too!
I love the app, but I would like for an option in settings to move the pencil controls, like the colors and pens and writing, I’d like to be able to move it vertically and horizontally. For example I would like to be able to change it in settings, and all of the writing features can be moved to the left or right or top side of my screen, instead of just the bottom. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Slugger 101101001169
This app is exactly what I was looking for. All of the other apps were all over the place with features and customization. What I like about this app is how simple and neat is I just write down what I have to do and when and that’s it. No crazy colors, or fonts, just simple.
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4 years ago, tekkonluna
Amazing! Almost there!
This app is great! Just what I was looking for. I love how you can write/draw in the calendar. This is my first day using it and I already found a slight problem with it however. When I press and hold the stamp button, it freezes the entire app and I have to exit it out/restart it before going back in. I haven’t found anything else, but so far this app is great.
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4 years ago, Tpang222
Just like a paper planner, but way better!
I’ve been looking for a digital planner where I can use my Apple Pencil to write and draw instead of typing. This app highly exceeded my expectations by having so many features that I didn’t even think about. Definitely recommend it!
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3 years ago, Zbduwowbd
Please develop a iPhone version
This app is almost everything I could need. But I really hope I can always check my planner on my phone. It’s not convenient to take an iPad with me when I am on the go, so I desperately need a iPhone version. Pleeeeeeeas
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3 years ago, دلال :)
The app is great and minimalistic but please add more features and allow us to delete the masking tape i cannot delete it after putting for some reason the only way is to press the (back) button! Also Another SUGGESTION: allow us to add events with this app. The only way I can add event is by doing it using the apple store’s calendar.
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2 years ago, Jiananpro
I just don’t like subscription
This app is all I want for my daily schedule! love to purchase this app but I really hate subscription…so right now I just don’t use the note….
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3 years ago, rowanstark
Could use a few improvements
I would like to be able to type on the planner as well as write on it, as an ipad pro user with the magic keyboard. Also, there should be a taper pen option. Otherwise, very nice and very cute. I’ve spent more money than I intended on cute stamps. Love it overall.
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3 years ago, Isabella Quintero
Amazing BUT one major glitch... Please fix!
4 stars because there's a glitch that changes what I write in pencil to highlighter when I open the app on a different day (I plan my agenda for the week in advance). Since highlighter is so chunky, I can’t tell what I wrote and often don’t remember.
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3 years ago, #Jjg25
So good
I’m so glad I found this app, it’s perfect for what I need! My only suggestion is to add more room to write on the Monthly view so it’s not cluttered with Calendar events. Other than that, it’s awesome!
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4 years ago, Mohuddle
Digital Hobonichi
Finally found a digital Hobonichi. I tried to buy a note page or function and it requires subscription? Would like to see more pen style options and a lower .99 or 1.99 per month subscription with iCloud sync. Overall nice.
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4 years ago, Jugoboss47
Beautiful app! But no landscape option.
This app does nearly everything I could want in terms of writing, views, etc. The only downsides is that you have to pay for text (writing by hand is free) and the app does not rotate to accommodate landscape view on iPads as it shows in the preview images.
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4 years ago, Ferry riff a
Literally perfect ! Must have !!
Just try it for a day . Believe me you won’t use any other calendars again. It’s the best calendar ever. It has everything.
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7 months ago, takamisa_ei
Cannot write with Apple Pencil usb c
I am having trouble writing using my Apple Pencil usb c. Writing and functionality of the pencil works well on other apps. And the highlighter and eraser function works well on this app but just not the writing. It comes out as dots… The pencil is brand new, fully charged, and I have a iPad 10th gen, iOS 17.1.1
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4 years ago, ms,slls,s,,dmdm
I cant log into my iPhone
Im having issues finding the sync part on my iPad so I can view it in my iPhone. I love the app but if they could make it easier to view it on your phone it would be amazing. I love planning on my iPad but sometimes I don’t carry my iPad since its too heavy. It would be easier to glance at my planner through the phone here and there throughout the day.
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4 years ago, think4urslf
Less is More
have been through many apps and this is perfect in its simplicity.
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3 months ago, Nboxwell
Good but not great
Love the simple interface and that it imports my calendars. My only real complaint is that sometimes I try to write and randomly get a smudged horizontal line over my writing. I hope the fix this soon.
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9 months ago, gilmantwins
Amazing- BUT add IOS/IPhone ASAP- plus tasks
This is perfection - except not on IPhone. That. Is a MUST. The integration of iPhone and Task/Reminders would be a game changer and you could charge more for this phenomenal app!
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4 years ago, mariangelxo
This is exactly what I needed!
Other planners in the App Store look really good, but don’t allow you to write on them with the pencil like this one does. It’s perfect!
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3 years ago, morningdan
Extremely useful
This app is convenient and useful for student!
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3 years ago, The Notorious Mr. Fuzzy
Amazing app
This is literally genius. I love it. This is what I was looking for and it keeps everything so organized
Show more
4 years ago, Em bobcat
Totally, awesome I would recommend this app for hard workers who need a organized schedule. Great app! Stay healthy!😍
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4 years ago, Jack Han HQ
It is good,but why not have Chinese?
It is good,but why not have Chinese?
Show more
2 years ago, Omissions567
Hope to support more languages
Hope to support more languages.
Show more
4 years ago, kisiwbfbke
If you can help me drag the pictures from other apps into PLANNER,I will give you 5 stars.
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4 years ago, blackrosetattoo17
I’m really loving what I see! However...
I can’t find the option to sync with google! I found apple but I need google calendars!
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3 years ago, Running Peep
I wake up at 3am and the earliest I can start my day on the planner is at 4 am. What a disappointment
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4 years ago, dr.namrata
It sinks with iCal and lets me write too!
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4 years ago, Ybjelus2
Good App but need Google Calendars
The app is ok. I wish it had the option to add google since I use google or even the calendar app.
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2 years ago, 😝SOFA😝
You can’t use this with out a Apple Pencil it’s poorly formatted and had no color
Show more
4 years ago, Zyfgogo
Daylight saving time
No adjustment on time based on daylight saving day.
Show more
3 years ago, djihgfderuo
New widget is ugly !
Toooooooo big ! and white background(instead of semitransparent background ) I can not go through with this😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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3 years ago, babam614
Won’t let me write anything ?
Just downloaded but will not let me do anything
Show more
3 years ago, klg63
Great at first glance
I just downloaded this app, and was excited to give it a try, but the dates in 2021 are off by a day.
Show more
4 years ago, Ninja 334
Virus hack
As soon as I installed, i noticed suspicious activity on my account and then was locked out.
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