Planner & Journal - Zinnia

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User Reviews for Planner & Journal - Zinnia

4.54 out of 5
40K Ratings
3 months ago, S. M. Klyde
Fantastic on iPad, Could Be Better on iPhone
I love this app. I’m caught in that weird space where I love technology, but I also love the tactile feel of journaling. Finding Zinnia has been awesome for bridging that gap and letting me journal on my iPad. For an iPad journaling app, I don’t think anything compares to Zinnia. Penbook is what I used for a long time, but eventually I ditched it for this one. The customization options and control you have just can’t be beat for that Art/Junk Journal feel. That said, I feel it’s lacking for iPhone. Perhaps part of that is the loss of the Apple Pencil, but I can’t find any templates or ready to use planners optimized for iPhone, which means very small fonts and lots of zooming and panning. If there was even just one or two ready to use type planners for iPhone it would be a huge improvement in my opinion. I’m not going to get deep into one of my art or project books on my phone, I do that on my tablet. Having a nice, customizable planner for my phone though—especially if it could sync to my calendar like Penbook can—that would be huge and I’d use that all the time! For iPad, if you’re looking for a great journaling app, this is it. If you’re only planning to, or only able to use your phone, unfortunately I’d say Zinnia has a little ways to go. Penbook has their “Little Everywhere and When” book specially for use on your phone. If Zinnia added something similar, they’d win. Hands down.
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2 years ago, Laur, RN
The next level of digital planning/journaling
This app is seriously the only complete digital planning/journal app on the market. I’ve used several, including the paid versions of the most popular ones. There is always a significant issue with one of the features. I love GoodNotes and they have made fixes to issues that used to drive me crazy, like the crashes and lagging; however, their handwriting algorithm is awful. The worst one of all the digital writing apps I’ve used. I have an iPad Pro, 2nd gen pencil, and a paperlike screen protector. Another app I found has a really good algorithm for the pencil, but the rest of it is not very good, without the ability to use even system fonts. I wanted an app that allowed me to make planners and notebooks, use PDFs that I make/purchase, insert graphics, notes, etc., and be able to utilize both type and handwriting (and not have it look completely different than what I write on paper). This app has it all! Then, in addition to your own graphics, there are a ton of templates and layouts built in. Some graphics have actual text lines built in, so you just touch and type, no need to drag typed text around and it is much faster when creating long to-do lists or grocery lists than handwriting it all out. I could literally go on forever, but you’re wasting time reading this. Just get it. I haven’t opened another writing app since I subscribed to this one.
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2 years ago, Whtimiswhtugt
Absolutely Love This App
I’ve been wanting this type of planner for a long long time, but spending the money for it is just crazy 🙈 and then what do I do with it 🤔 the fact that, this is digital is a huge bonus (for me) I can create, destroy, recreate, etc, etc, all day long 🥳. I love that it syncs between devices, I set up my first calendar on my iPad, then can look at it on my iPhone. I love that I have access to everything for one extremely affordable yearly rate. I love that I can journal, plan, shop, workout, create new habits, or anything else that I’d like to do from one single app 🥳 I was sold on this when I saw the fb ad, the cost is my next wonder, then reviews after that. I already knew I was going to get this but what sealed it for me was a review. I love when the developers respond to reviews (I realize you/they can’t respond to every review) but this particular review was bashing this app/company for charging so much (monthly vs yearly rates) and making a profit on the app. I read their idiotic review and also the developers defense response. I left the reviews and downloaded the app seconds later. I just want to thank the developers for all of your hard work because this app is phenomenal. You’ve saved me so much money alone with buying the physical supplies, and the time in having to put it all together.
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1 year ago, HollMae
I love it so much!
UPDATE: I have now been using the paid version for 3 months. It is worth every dang penny. To those of you think it’s too expensive, perhaps you should change your thought process. This is meant to be a fully immersive journaling app. If you were to go out and purchase multiple bullet journals, craft paper, pens, paint brushes, washi tape, stamps, stickers, etc., you’d be in for far more than $40 every year. Oh and they add new content every month. It is clear that the developers put in a lot of work and are constantly making it better. They deserve to get paid. ORIGINAL REVIEW: If you are looking for the perfect journaling app that gives you a truly blank canvas to work with, this is it! This is the greatest creative journaling app I have ever used. It gives me real freedom to design every single page however I want. The developers listen to the users and add highly sought after features. This is already an incredible app but it will just keep getting better and better with every update. BTW this review is based solely on the free version. I will be purchasing the full membership today with zero hesitation! $40 per year is well worth it, especially if you consider how much you would spend trying to create a physical journal with this many options.
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3 years ago, Angelofthehouse
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!
Writing/Doodling/Planning in a journal increases my productivity and helps alleviate anxiety. But I am a busy woman. I need an iPad for the multitude of other things that I juggle (research, scheduling, Zooming, writing for publication, etc.) I have been longing for a cute little journal with washi tape and stickers, but I don’t have room in my bag, or time to spend at the craft store. This particular app allows me to relax and take control of my life with a stylus, and it doesn’t add more “crap” to my life. I love it. I have one suggestion, though. Would it be possible to put it some medical trackers? Like, something similar to the water trackers, but for daily medication? (I love the little water tracker stickers that you can put on a daily page.) I take care of my 85 year old mother, and I would love to be able to track her meds and doctor’s appointments, and maybe some day my own. When my children were young, one of them had some minor health problems, which required a lot of pediatrician visits. I would have loved a tracker to help me keep that information straight. Also, when my kids were babies (I had twins), I had to keep track of diapers and bottles and all kinds of horrible things. A tracker for that stuff would definitely be useful for young parents.
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2 years ago, purpleflower721
Great app, but be aware of subscription restrictions
I’ve had this app for a few days and I’m having a lot of fun with it! I love all the available features and how customizable it is with thoughtfully built in functions like being able to change the color of templates, pick colors straight from a picture or the spread, and group/ungroup objects. There’s also SO MANY sticker, washi tape, and template options, even calligraphy practice sheets, which allows me to get really creative with it. The only complaint I have so far is that as soon as I tried to add a sticker for the first time, it said I had to upgrade (which means paying for a subscription). It seems like it falls somewhat (although not entirely) into the category of apps that require you to subscribe to actually use them in a reasonable way, which is kind of annoying. I went for it and I think it’s definitely worth it, but it’s something you should be aware of. Overall, I would 100% recommend this app, especially if you like bullet journaling, scrapbooking, planning, and aesthetic things in general.
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4 years ago, moushidoodles
Room for improvement
I’ve been using this app for a couple weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I bit the bullet and bought the app for the year, to be honest the free version while cool is extremely limited in the number of pages you can have which I get but it was so limited that I initially uninstalled it. Now that I have the full version I’m keeping several journals for my mental health, my personal planner, my school planner, my student meetings and my parent meetings. Two pieces of advice I would give to the developers is to include coloring pages or stickers, a little bit of a mental break activity that I think would be easy to include, it would just be the line work so the person can color in the piece, I thought this would be really cool especially with the mandalas but it didn’t work. My second piece of advice would to allow for offline access to your journals. The person might not be able to use all the stickers, but adding pages and allowing for the person to write out their thoughts while offline I think would be really nice and doable. The person can also view and add to their planners without being online, I ran into this issue when I was away from the house and needed to check my schedule, but wasn’t able to, since I didn’t have access to WiFi. I think with these additions this app would be just about perfect for the needs it wants to fulfill.
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4 years ago, abdul fattah yono
Potential, but not there yet
When I saw this app off an Instagram ad, I was so excited to try it out, as I’ve bullet-journaled for years and have been hoping to find a paperless option that would give me the same capabilities as my paperless journal. I wanted to love this app and I love the idea of having online stickers and washi tape, but within five minutes of using the app I could tell how glitchy it was (using the drawing tool, my lines would shift around after setting down the pencil) and immediately deleted it. I have a couple suggestions for this app that would make it more similar to a physical planner: offer an option to disable the text feature of templates (really frustrating trying to handwrite on it), offer a tool for drawing straight lines as opposed to using one of the planner templates, offer a tool to allow people to draw an area of the paper sticker they want to use (rather than just putting a rectangle on the page), maybe portrait mode can be one half of a two-page spread and landscape would allow the user to see both pages? Yes, $40 may be cheaper than the amount someone spends on a paper journal and tools, but there’s also an opportunity cost of this app, which is the frustration and time spent trying to deal with the glitches. I would love to try this app again if the bugs are worked out, and I really hope they are, because this app is a wonderful idea.
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8 months ago, asheirotn7392
Really good! One main thing -
This was a pretty good app! I’ve looked at a handful of other journaling apps, and this one is probably the best. The only thing was that so many of the features you need to pay for a subscription to get access to. With the things you do get for free, you can do some really cute things once you get the hand of it, but sometimes there are cute lettering and title stickers that I wish I could use, but then only one or two of them is free so it doesn’t really work out. Overall, it’s really good though! Once you’ve figured out tricks on how to work around not having all the perks (if you don’t pay for them), your can make some really cute things! I also think that the formatting is really nice and there is a very helpful guide in the beginning. Suggestion - Maybe make it so that there is an option to watch ads for certain things that aren’t available without the subscription? Even if it’s limited to a certain amount of ads per day or something, it would still be nice because sometimes there is one specific thing that would work perfectly, but I can’t use it. I’ve seen similar apps have this feature, and it definitely made me more interested.
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4 years ago, Write4u2mydear
$40 a Year?
I have been saying there needs to be a bullet journal app for some time now and was so excited to learn about Zinnia. However, with how many glitches there are and after reading other reviews, I cannot justify paying $40 a year. I got a glitch not even 1 minute into the app (the app froze after trying to place a single sticker on a new journal) After reading through other reviews, it sounds like the cost of the app is a common complaint that the developers have yet to listen to. In one of their responses, they said that the app is free and the subscription is in no way necessary to enjoy the app, but I disagree. You can sample the features of the app for free, but the free version is limited to 3 notebooks with 3 pages each. A bullet journal with 9 pages has nowhere near enough room for adding habit trackers, to do lists, journals, weekly logs, etc. I would be willing to pay a subscription for this app if it were reasonable. But for $40 a year, I can easily make several notebooks on my own. If the price were to come down or more features were added, I would love to support an app like this. At this point, the price tag is preventing many potential users from keeping the app as many cannot afford that, especially when college students make up a majority of BuJo users. Sadly, it’s just not where it needs to be IMO.
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3 years ago, Fluteladyknits
Almost 5 stars
I love this journal. I have many different journals; my daily journal, Bible journal, recipe book, music practice log, even a book of things my 93 year old father has told me that I don’t want to forget, like family stories etc. There are endless ways to use this app. I did leave for awhile about a year ago and was using GoodNotes, but came back to this. There’s a feature many of us have asked for for a long time, that we are still waiting on. So this is why I dropped one star. We would like a tool that allows us to draw a line or circle or square and hold it to straighten out the line drawn. Once we get that feature I will give this app 5 ⭐️ ! The only other thing I’d like to see is less of the teenage cutsie stickers, and more adult stickers. The representation of spiritual is lacking too. One Christian sticker package of crosses, but the rest of the spiritual section is magic/wicken, mandalas, and new age. What about the major religions, Christianity, Jewish, Muslim etc.? The app is clearly made by someone without a faith or very new age. That’s fine but think of the rest of us. And when I say Christianity I don’t mean Santa and the Easter bunny. Those are not Christian.
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5 months ago, SuziQRSM
I’m very new to all of this, and while the tutorial was very simple and understandable, and it took you through and had you interact. It’s a little more difficult to navigate that it lets on… again that’s probably because I’m new to all of this. I really love the templates. I love the amount of stickers. The variety over the other app that I’m trying. My biggest frustration is actually with the pricing. I’m one of those people that if I like it, I just want to buy it and be done with it. I get it things will change & prices will increase but typically an option for a lifetime purchase is available, which is what I did with the other app that I don’t like near as much: I could purchase it for my lifetime for a set amount I don’t have to worry about being renewed or me losing my data. I don’t want to pay $40 a year. I’m sorry this is very similar Canva and has given me the idea that I could probably just go in there and do what I’m doing here…and since I’ve already paid for the year membership with that so there you have it. I’m still so disappointed though; I like the interface, I like the simplicity, I like the options, I just I don’t like the idea of having to pay every single year.
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4 days ago, Flamingjellyfish
Buggy and very disappointing
1. I created a new journal just to instantly lose it 2. I don’t know what’s going on with the calligraphy pen, the angle isn’t right for any form of calligraphy I am familiar with and it CERTAINLY isn’t usable for the traditional calligraphy stencils in the calligraphy notebook. 3. I was messing around with the different pens/brushes/whatever to get a sense of how the app works, and…pressing undo once undid EVERYTHING I’d done on the page so far and hitting the redo button did not let me get any of it back. I was hoping it’d be a good app because I’d like a variety of pretty stationeries, stickers, washi tape etc but if I don’t know whether I’ll even be able to keep what I make it’s not worth it. I’d be embarrassed to publish an app like this. It’s not functional. There’s a calligraphy handbook app that costs like three bucks once forever that’s better quality than this. (Edit: you know, I was trying to be fair while I was writing this, acknowledging that I hadn't actually tried that much of the app out. But the first journal that I made and instantly lost? That had my plans for the day. It doesn't matter how much washi tape you have if the app doesn't keep the plans you wrote down. Simplenote does a better job of being a daily planner than this app does.)
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7 months ago, raerae2411
I love this app!
I LOVE my planners and used to be an avid paper planner person. But life, health stuff, becoming a mom, and moving to another country threw off my planing game. I tried a couple of other digital planners but they didn't have enough featurees to keep me coming back. This app is amazing. You really can do just about any type of journaling, junk journaling, doodles, and planning. They have washi tape, frames, stamps, everything! And it's easy to figure out and use. I hope they add more sticker packs, etc. but what they have is pretty good and extensive. I like to do all kinds of things in my journal planner: draw, color, write, plan. I have the choice of making differnt types of pages in one book or having serveral different books. Not having to lug them all around and all my supplies as i bonce around the world is helpful. My only complaint so far is, i had a free trial and when it ended it seems what I had saved disappeared. I wrote and email but got no response. I really had enjoyed it so i thought i'd give it another go with a paid subscription. I am not disapponited!
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3 years ago, MikayIaDawn
Lovely app! So worth it, but one minor suggestion:
Such a beautiful app! It has already helped me start over 12 journals for almost every aspect of my life and in such a clean way. It has eased my anxiety levels beyond compare to regular paper as I know I’m not consuming and dumping as much. Not to much though, scanning something handmade, a photo, then importing to the app is SO fun! Scrapbooking! Everything! As for the pricing, don’t let it get to you. The subscription per year is SO worth it if you were to buy using, buying, painting and working in multiple notebooks. $3.33/month for a new notebook with unlimited pages and resources is an exactly perfect price point I’m happy to pay. The only one minor question I have is if it’d be possible to manually organize the journals in the first landing page. I would prefer to see them lined up with each corresponding notebook and it’s kind of confusing as when to where my journal is when I need it. I take an extra second of being anxious to find it. Hope it’s possible! Amazing app! So thankful to have found it!
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3 years ago, Heather Cooey
Great app but really wish…
This is a great app, with lots of functionality and style, but I REALLY wish you could change the layout view. It would be awesome if you could choose to view it like a book, with turning pages, that would make it truly feel like a real journal. I’m not a huge fan of the thumbnail setup it has currently. Plus, when you expand one of the thumbnails, it’s essentially one big landscape page. I want the option of viewing just one side of that page so I can write on a page at a time. As it stands, I have to zoom in and that’s just kind of annoying for a journaling app. Also would be nice to have the option of moving the toolbar to the top of the page. It’s counter-intuitive to rest your hand on the screen and start writing then have to reach down at the very bottom when you want to select a different tool or adjust the current tool. All the other writing apps I use have the tool bar at the top and it’s way more efficient. Aside from the aforementioned dislikes, the app is pretty awesome and has several different ways to personalize your journal the way you want.
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1 year ago, atob4877
Mixed Thoughts
Overall, I have liked the ability to use their premade text boxes, templates, and images. I am not someone who likes to sit and draw all of their own boxes, add text, etc. It has been great to have multiple journals to make worksheets for my clients and be able to have private areas too. One thing that I really don’t like and will probably make me not renew my subscription is that you can’t adjust the width or height of their items. Ex. There is a rectangle that I want to make longer but keep the height, not an option. It will increase both measurements. You also can’t change the color of even their simple images/text boxes/etc. There is also no option to make a chart/table which I feel is a very basic function many would like. I feel stuck in using their esthetic choices and find that I have creativity taken away and I can’t achieve the result that I want. If you are someone who can and will draw their own templates, this will be a great app. If you are using this as a journal or planner, they will likely have good templates for you. If you are someone who wants editable images/templates/textboxes, I wouldn’t suggest this app.
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5 months ago, Nina1546
bro, I can’t do anything unless I pay?
This would be a great scrapbook game but the main thing is the money. I can obviously afford it, but really? That much? It’s $40 a YEAR! Why would I want to pay that? I understand it’s probably a really great game and I’m probably missing something on how to do it for free but right now I can’t understand the game. everything I click it just pops up with that seven day free trial thing. It would be a great game if it was free. Or not even that much money. Or maybe a longer day free trial. I saw an ad and I thought it looked beautiful. But maybe the money should be more beautiful. I don’t wanna be too negative on this, I think the game is great. It looks very beautiful and fun. But it’s just like every other game they get you hooked in the ad and in the beginning but then as soon as you’re done the instructions or the quiz or the test or whatever it pops up with that “ would you like to start your seven month free trial now?” and most of the time you get to exit and you’re able to do some stuff for free. But not really in this case. If anybody understands or wants to help me figure out how to do this for free, please tell me.
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2 years ago, MelissKBG
This app is an amazing game changer
I went from creating things on Photoshop Elements, that would take me about 45 minutes to an hour, to creating things on Zinnia in about 15 minutes! I use this app daily!!! I love making mazes, drawing, taking notes, doodling, and creating documents for organizing things better. Making fun pages for my kids is so simple! I love that I can have different books for each topic. I love that I can type or write. I love their library of graphics that is growing all the time. I love that you can suggest things and they truly listen! I no longer have to have a million notebooks for different things! I most certainly do not waste as much paper! The only hiccups I have had were trying to add purchased digital images I purchased on Etsy, and it took me forever to figure out how to get them on the app, then when I did it would crash or take a really long time. ??? But I’m also newer to apple products and haven’t figured out how all that works on my iPad vs my PC.
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5 months ago, Ddddddmpotious
It’s pretty good…I guess
I have been using this app for a total off about one hour, so I really don’t know it that well. This so just an overall rating. Pros: I doesn’t have adds, it’s free to download, easy enough use, easy to understand how to use, super cute and aesthetic, you don’t have to pay for much stuff. I listed the pros quickly but I really want to get into the cons. What really really really annoyed me is that if you don’t want to pay you can only do 3 pages per journal. I mean I get you have to get money and stuff like that but it’s kind of outrageous, there’s so many things I want to put in my journal but I can’t because I only have 3 PAGES. Also they don’t put a little sign for when a pre made journal cost money to use so you'll click on one of the journals and imagine it in your head, oh but no, you have to pay. Also it’s draw stuff without an apple pen, it’s kind of annoying because I’ll be coloring something and it won’t fill it in all the way. Also the cost of premium or whatever is really expensive. Overall good app but I definitely don’t recommend if you don’t want to spend too much money on an app.
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4 years ago, Shelle L.A.
Love it!
I see a lot of people having issues with glitches and granted I’m using the app in a brand new iPad Pro... but it has been perfect for me!!! Not one glitch, runs perfect every time and I am LOVING IT. I’m always buying journals, writing in them a couple of times and giving up. But there is so many fun little ways to decorate my page each day that it keeps me engaged. I’m really looking forward to starting more books for different purposes budgets, food, happy thoughts.... the possibilities are endless :) I had some doubts about paying $40 but I am totally enjoying it and glad I paid it. And when I opened the app today there was whole new set of decorations! I was really excited. I did notice that my favorite little calendar was gone today. It was horizontal across the top of the page and was convenient but I’ll make due without. I Also wish I could choose the direction of each page e.g. landscape OR portrait (this might be possible and I just don’t know how to do this) but honestly all in all a really great app!
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3 years ago, Cassie219
Great app. Just a few suggestions.
I absolutely love this app. It allows for so much creativity and is very cost efficient compared to annual planners and journals. Zinnia gives unlimited space and has infinite uses. The one thing I would like to see is a way to set reminders that go along with certain calendar items. For example, a push notification reminding me of my dr. Appointment this week. Another idea is some of the templates where you can create lists or has places to check mark, I would love to see some of those allow you to click on the button and it check it for you. My final suggestion is when you go to type a new entry on a page you have already created, allow it to remember the last font settings for that page. I’m constantly having to reset my fonts b/c I used different ones on a different journal or page. I know there are still updates and improvements being made and overall I am very happy with this app. I actually recently bought an iPad and one main reason was journaling. I loved it on my phone but it just wasn’t big enough. Thanks for a great app!
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1 year ago, Emmplayswordgames
Nearly flawless!
This is far and away the best digital journal and planner app, I’ve tried them all. There are so many features that I’m still discovering new ones even after almost a year of use. I don’t mind the subscription fee, it seems totally reasonable to me. As someone with ADHD, having a digital planner and journal is essential because otherwise using a physical planner I’ll miss some days or less something up and feel like I ruined the whole thing and either throw away the whole thing and start over or worse, give up for a few months and start the cycle again. A few things I wish this app had: 1. Color palettes that we could save! I have different colors I use for different things and I would love to be able to save more than 6 colors and name them or something for ease of use 2. The ability to “duplicate” an object or sticker. Copy and pasting is what we have currently and I use it all the time, but I would love to be able to use do one tap instead of three 3. The ability to change the color and intensity of the lines/grid/dots on the page. This is my nitpickiest request, but I use this to take notes for my music theory class and I like having the grid to keep my writing straight but having the current color and intensity makes my notation look weird with the staff lines. Again, best app on the market. If you need anyone to beta test these features I would happily make myself available:)
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4 years ago, Dec. 21, 2019
Unique, but...
I would like to start off be saying that Zinnia is a very unique app and has more than a lot of potential to be even more great than other journaling apps, but I think it still has a long way to go. When I first got Zinnia not that long ago, I was very exited because I had never seen any other app like it! But after I had read over the intro journal guide thing and I started on my own journal I came across my first problem, Zinnia only allows people with the free version to have 3 journals, all with only up to 3 pages. I’m fine with only having 3 journals, but 3 pages? I don’t know, maybe I’m being dramatic but I’d be more fond of 4 or 5 pages instead. Also, I’m sure that more than enough people have wrote reviews on this exact thing, but just the more reason to stress it, others don’t have enough money or are saving up for something more important (no offense) like a car or something so they can’t get the Zinnia Premium subscription thing. I also might add that there are plenty of glitches in the Zinnia app & it could have a lot more templates, themes, etc.
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1 year ago, chagnard
This App Harasses It’s Users!!
I have never wrote a review for an app before even if the app is absolutely terrible but I am going to take time out of my day to actually warn people not to download this app unless you want to be spammed 20 times a day from ridiculous notifications. Of course, you can opt to not receive notifications but I mistakenly hit “yes” to receiving notifications and that was my first mistake. Usually when I opt to receive notifications from an app, I may get 2-5 notifications a day. A slight annoyance, but nothing too terrible. I think the creators of this app have a personal goal they want to reach or a world record they want to achieve of how many notifications can I send out in one day. They send them overnight, early in the morning, and multiple times throughout the day. I get a buzz on my phone, thinking it could be anything, and everytime it is this stupid app. How many things could you possibly need to notify me about?! How have you not ran out of things to notify!!??? This is insane. I finally deleted this stupid app and I will finally know peace. I’m serious!! This app gives the same vibes as spam/bill collectors who call 7 times a day! SAVE YOURSELF!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, Mamedarling
My gateway app <3
I sustained a TBI several months ago and was encouraged to use a written planner rather than my calendar and to-do apps to support me in building my memory and executive functioning back up. I tried a few paper-based planners, followed by some digital planner templates for Goodnotes that I found on Etsy. Nothing really fit the bill. The formats weren’t quite right and I dreaded seeing how terrible my handwriting looked/how much it marred the appearance of the pages I was adding info to. Enter Zinnia, an app I didn’t get until I spent a couple of hours on it. Once I realized how much how-to information there is within the app, how many different template, sticker, etc. options are included, and how intuitive it is to customize everything, I was hooked. Now I get why people like digital journaling and planning. Being able to schedule and track tasks and also create something pretty to look at has been such a joy and so healing. Super grateful for this app!!
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3 years ago, GeometryHERO
It good, but
I absolutely love love love this app so much... the fact that you can customize it, add cute designs, use pre-designed templates, and that it's so much like a real journal are so amazing!! The reason I'm giving three stars is because unless you pay you only get 3 pages to write on which highly impacts its functionality. I understand developers do need to make money somehow but when it's affecting the functionality and destroying the purpose, there's really no point in having the app. Of course I'm just one customer and not a professional in any way but what I would recommend is keep the basics free (unlimited pages, page color, font size and several basic fonts) but add in extras like cute covers, cute fonts, more stickers, etc. that people can buy if they wish to do so. This way it's still usable for those who just want to use the journal but can be made into something far more complex and cute for those willing to pay a bit of money. Good luck and keep up your amazing work!! I personally am going to delete the app and may check it out later (if I'm more financially stable lol), but I wish you the best!!
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2 years ago, Funnygiraffe
Best Note/Planner/Journal App Around!
I have used notability, Evernote, GoodNotes, and a variety of digital planners and tools to try and stay organized. They all leave me wanting more. I use this app to create my planner week by week, day by day (you can create days and weeks ahead of time too). This allows me to insert a page of notes from a meeting, or perhaps a brainstorming session between my planner pages or even on my planner page. This also allows me to only have pages where I actually need to plan my day (I don’t need a plan for vegging on the couch). While you can do this in GoodNotes, I prefer the creative freedom that this app provides. Additionally I can link back to pages that have similar info or to reference that page later. $40 a year is a great price, as my Erin Condren planner was always $60+ The ONLY thing missing for me is the ability to straighten a line I’ve drawn. Maybe it’s there but I haven’t figured out how to get this app to do this.
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3 years ago, Tori516
Loved It Until My Journals Were Erased :(
I am writing this nearly in tears. I started using this app a couple weeks ago as a place to keep record of my personal thoughts and art projects. I was absolutely in love with it. Sadly something terrible has happened. I recently transferred everything to a new iPad Pro and there was no issue, but I went a few days without opening the app and suddenly I did today and EVERYTHING is gone. All of it. I keep getting a pop-up saying to make sure iCloud sync is turned on for the app, which IT IS, and tried reinstalling the app to restore my journals but to no avail. I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping I can restore them from a backup otherwise I am just heartbroken over this. This app was so wonderful and I cannot believe everything I made with it has just disappeared like this :( perhaps this is a recent bug that should be looked into. I don’t really expect a response or anything, but I want to warn others to be careful with iCloud settings or risk losing it all like I did. Starting over seems very daunting & upsetting right now.
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4 years ago, MyQueenZhavia
Very Good Considering Most Of It’s Free
This app is honestly so worth it. There are so many options. There are plenty and TONS of stickers, paper, colors to choose from, templates, dividers and so on. I love how much you can customize you very own journal. You can even write in them with your finger or Apple Pencil. The possibilities are endless. I think this is really great considering most of its free. However, I don’t mind as much with the journals themselves, but I wish you could at least make 5 or 6 pages rather than 3 without paying. Also I think the calligraphy and watercolor brush could be improved. The brushes are not too much of a problem to me though. I really recommend this app to people that want to have paperless journals or bullet journals. It even comes with trackers of all sorts and much more to help those people who bullet journal. Once again the only downside is you can only add 3 pages (which includes the ‘left and right’ sides of the page as 1). I would just use as many pages as I can and then reuse them 🤷🏻‍♀️. Overall there could be some improvements, but great app!
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10 months ago, P00fynotfound33
Great app just not for me
This app is awesome through all its stickers, beautiful decoration and ratings notes and beautiful patterns, but there was one flaw for me. It was that you had to pay obviously apps have to ask for payment, but for example, regular notes on phones and iPads and tablets all have free notes they don’t have much decorative things by it’s for free because kids need journals. They need planners and diaries but they can’t pay and even if their parents can they think it’s a waste of money just for an app even though it was pretty cheap still I wish it was free like notes and this is an amazing app so don’t get me wrong. It just has that little flaw overall, if there were no money required or no payments I would’ve really been happier so I recommend this app for people that can pay easily or think that that payment is nothing but to me I can’t pay really because I don’t want to waste money on something like that but I like how they give you different patterns and designs and lots of options but I only wish that the bits that are saying monthly yearly weekly daily were not for me payments thank you .
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3 years ago, SheDrivesZ
Beyond Words!
I have been searching for YEARS and YEARS for a Journal / Diary that has tons of features and the ability to personalize it with everything from A - Z. I can’t believe I found it! Zinnia nailed it! I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to writing in it everyday:) The possibilities are endless regarding creativity and personalizing each page how you wish. I knew immediately that “This Is The One” and I purchased the whole year without a second thought. Absolutely beyond words how much I enjoy every aspect of this App:) Thank you soooo much developers:)))) There are some areas for improvement which I know they will address in future updates. I would love to have the ability to import my own clipart. I would like to have the option to type in my journal in a regular format without using text boxes to type in to and to relocate my journal entries like in a regular Diary/Journal. That’s all I can think of for now:))
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8 months ago, serae
App is so amazing!! Only thing it’s missing is the search function
I absolutely love this app I use it for everything!! it is well worth the price I read in it I use it to organize my to do list and set goals, track progress towards meeting, goals, etc.. I also use it for journaling and keeping track of my thoughts on things etc. it’s absolutely amazing and so worth the price. It has so many features I can’t even use them all it’s just absolutely amazing could not recommend enough the only thing it’s missing and it is kind of a downside because it forces me to use other apps in conjunction with it is a search feature. I really wish they would figure out how to add a feature to search through your journal because sometimes my journals get so long that I need to search a certain word to get to the page. I’m looking for if they would add that feature I would definitely put five stars so for that reason, only am I giving it four stars but it’s a very happy four stars.
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2 years ago, Actual person who tried it
Love it!! Just a couple things…
This is a perfect option for on-the-go type A yet somewhat lazy perfectionists like myself. I love journaling but I often don’t have my journal with me when I feel inspired, and I definitely don’t have fun stickers and tapes (or the patience to deal with that…) This app has a good amount of options for fonts, and although you have to pay for all the non-basic extra stuff, I really didn’t mind since I’m using this frequently… overall very happy with it!! I love having this creative outlet. My only complaints are I really wish there was a ‘view only’ option, as I get frustrated when I try to look back at old entries and I’m constantly clicking and moving things around by accident. I also think it would be really helpful to have some basic photo editing abilities on the app besides just cropping. I usually have to upload pictures to a different app if I was to adjust the blending or contrast, etc etc… I look forward to any app updates you guys put out and hopefully updating my review also!! Very fun app!
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3 years ago, timusernameistaken
Pricing themselves out of the market
I really want to love this app, but the price is just pure pure greed. Before anyone says the nonsense “go to a store and buy all the materials required to bullet journal it’s cheaper” , yeah, that’s the point, it’s digital so that I DONT have to pay for all that. Plus it’s not cheaper actually. Canva a good SaaS and is still cheaper, or free. There isn’t much you an do with this free. I’m not saying “developers shouldn’t get paid/profit off their work” either, but $120 a year is stupid and greedy. I’m not going to pay a phone app the same as my Netflix subscription 😂 maybe try an AD SUPPORTED FREE VERSION? Then charge to remove the ads Just look at how many user GoodNotes has vs this, and you will seee just how many people you are losing because of the greed. While you can’t see exact downloads, reviews is a good way to get an idea how many more users. 141,000 reviews vs 12,000. They are #1 in App Store. Even reviews prob only accounts for 25% of actual downloads. Lower the price much much lower and you will get way more subscribers. Or keep losing out to other journal apps. Journaling getting more popular every day. Other apps will take over the market.
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4 months ago, cotea1026
I absolutely LOVE this app!!!
I love this app so much!! I am addicted. Make journaling so much easier. Literally so hard to put it down. I spend hours on it easily. Only a few changes that I would suggest: - a touch fill in option( instead of trying to color it in) - being able to change the background color on certain items(like with a white square back ground around an object, therefore it doesn’t blend well with background color) -being able to input size of boxes around the letters and such. Instead of trying to size it to the same size. Other than that I really love this app. Hope these suggestions (make sense) could maybe be taken in to consideration. Thanks for reading! Edit: still love this app. Just some ideas I hope to maybe see in the future. Being able to curve the font like you used to be able to do in like clip art
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4 years ago, Melana :)
Great app, but very laggy
I’ve had this app for barely a week and i can say that it’s amazing! But it has a few flaws. It crashes all the time and is really laggy. IF i want to put down or take away a sticker it crashes. Or if i want to add text, it lags. I wish that the creators would fix this problem. And other thing is that 40$ per year is a bit much for unlimited journal space. I would let the people who don’t have premium make ONE journal with unlimited space. But other than that this app is amazing. There is a wide verity of stickers, and the templates are amazing. Ive always tried to journal, but this app makes it more fun than what it would be in real life. It keeps things organized, and i can print it out for further use. It’s hard to make a full, 100 page journal like in real life without premium, but I’ve found ways around it, and i deal with the crashing and the lags because this app is amazing. I would recommend it if you would deal with the crashing and the lagging.
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3 months ago, tmrose23
Full screen please
Absolutely love this app! The only real complaints I have are that the pages don’t fill the screen (there’s too much of that beige area around the pages - I want to use my whole iPad screen) and that you can’t link to other journals and other pages in other journals. Edit: Thanks for the response, but the tutorials or contacting support won’t help me. I can’t make the planner pages take up my whole screen, they just don’t do that, because the Zinnia interface/blank space (around the outside of the page edge) takes up a bunch of the space instead. I was requesting/suggesting you make that blank space smaller so the planner pages themselves take up more of the screen. It’s also unfortunately just not possible to link to other pages in other journals. I went to submit both of these as requests on the “Request a Feature” page too and saw that other users have already asked for them too.
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3 years ago, ihatecoloralive
Worth it
At first, I wasn’t too fond of the price but after getting the free trial to have full access, it’s very much worth it. For those complaining about the price, the amount of work that went into this app must have been extensive. You’ll have access to all the templates, stickers, it’s customizable, I love it. Factor in the cost of stickers, pages, journals, pens, highlighters, clips, stamps, etc for physical bullet journals then this makes more sense and is cheaper. It takes seconds to make a page and looks great. For someone who has diagnosed OCD, I’ve thrown away whole journals because of one mistake and this solved everything. I can change themes, they have prebuilt journals or templates, I can make multiple journals for work, personal life, fitness, etc all in one app. I love the themes too. My favorite is the Amy Tangerine because I’m an artist but they have a lot of themes.
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4 years ago, PikakaC
Lots of features, easy to use
As someone who loves to bujo and adores the beautiful, artsy bujo layouts others created but isn't artistic enough to creat her own, I love Zinnia. I've tried bujo a few times before but failed. Having to start everything from scratch was too much for me. More over, a wrong color or even just a wrong stroke could ruin the whole page. I found myself spending too much time building the layout instead of focusing on the content. This is where Zinnia comes in handy. It has pretty much everything one would ever need in their bujo - various templates, brushes, stickers, symbols, washi tapes, backgrounds, letterings and more. I can play with different components to create visually appealing layouts without having to draw every single stroke on my own. Of course, you can also start from scratch in Zinnia if you wish. $40 per year seems expensive at first, but considering how much I've spent on pens, paints, washi tapes and stickers before, $40 is not crazy. In fact, many people who are into artsy bujo spend more than $40 per year just on the bujo notebook itself. As long as the team continues to add to the app, I'm fine with the ongoing cost. Lastly, a few suggestions to the team: add straight lines; add bookmarks; add a dark mode; allow users to reposition the dots or lines in the page template so they align with the backgrounds and symbols users have created.
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2 years ago, BabyPascal
Best of both worlds
I have been paper bullet journaling for about seven years and it by far is my favorite way to journal/plan. My biggest issue was finding a journal that could hold up to the test of time and caring it with me everywhere I went so I could know anything that was going on. When I started trying to find a suitable replacement electronically, I wanted to still have the personalized experience. This app does both personalize and make it a lot easier to do the active bullet journaling. Because of any active bullet journal or nose, it is very very time consuming, I absolutely love the ability to write with my stylus in my own handwriting, while pulling in premade templates and banners that I can just add my personalized player to. Anyone that is trying to find a happy medium between the old school paper and pen and new school technology. This is the right app for you!
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3 years ago, Sara Seiser
I would love to give this 5 stars, but It needs other purchasing options
First off I really do love this app, it is awesome and it’s making it fun to have a planner. The reason for the 4 star review is there is no options for a one time purchase or the option to purchase individual packs of things. I am not fond of having a bunch of subscriptions and 10 bucks a month for a planner seems a bit steep (you can sign up for Disney plus for less than that) 40 bucks for the year isn’t bad, but I am not comfortable with a yearly subscription that I now have to remember. Your app is great and I love it, but please please please consider adding some different payment options. Either a one time fee or perhaps letting people buy packs or collections of premium content. Also I am using this on a iPad mini 5 and have had zero glitches.
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2 years ago, LaneyGirl16
Love This App and a few Suggestions
I love this app so much! I have loved bullet journaling since college but I would always forget my journal in my dorm room. This continued into later when I went into “the real world” after graduating. With Zinna I can never forget my bullet journal, I have it on my iPhone and my iPad. I love all the stickers and templates. However one of the best parts is being able to have multiple journals in one place. I can work on my novel in one, have my planner in another, and my bullet journal as well. I do have a few suggestions/wishlist for the app. I wish we could mark our favorite stickers, templates, colors etc. I also wish we could create our own templates to save in the templates and share with friends. Other than that I never have issues and I recommend it to all my friends. So far they all have gotten the app as well. Thank you so much for such an easy way to access all my notebooks!
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4 years ago, MsJQ5
Love it but wish for some slight additions
Let me start by saying I genuinely love this app. Between the versatility and the customization potential, this is the perfect app for the elaborate bullet journal-er looking to go green. It combines analog design with digital neatness. I think, though, that even the best things have some room for improvement. Things I’d love to see include: 1. Customizable shapes (backgrounds and colors of shapes.) For instance, even with the wealth of stickers and templates available, there is no way to create your own shapes with a filled color. It would be nice to have the ability to not just draw outlines and letters, but also filled shapes — or at least have the option of inserting shapes with customizable backgrounds. 2. the ability to crop stickers and templates. Sometimes, you want part of a template but not the whole thing and being able to crop would be awesome. 3. More options for playing with stickers and templates like adjusting their translucency and flipping to a mirror image. 4. Some more stamp-like effects, which are just a style I e often used in my paper journals. Again, in spite of these wishes, I do highly recommend this app. If you are someone who spends tons of money on a good quality blank journal and endless decorating supplies, the $40/ year, while still steep, can balance out — though I’d be less inclined to pay more than that without way more options.
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2 years ago, 39572848194027592)19284728038
Love it, buttt flaws
I love this app, especially for making my schedules for the day so I can stay on track. But, the monthly payment is a little much….it’s an app where you add stickers, so why do I have to pay money every month so I can use the whole app? However, you can use the free version, you just don’t get all the stickers or unlimited journals. You get three journals limited to three pages each which isn’t bad. You get some of the stickers but obviously most of the cute ones are locked unless you pay for the app. (Just to clarify, this isn’t a one time payment, you have to pay monthly!) I honestly don’t think it’d worth it to pay that much for a journaling app. But I still use it, it’s actually really cute and at least you get some of the apps featured without paying. Overall, I would say to get it and not pay for the unlimited version, but that’s just my opinion.
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4 years ago, Purpalily
I love this app
I love art and bullet journaling, but don’t do it regularly because of the time commitment and cost of buying stencils, stamps, Washi tape, markers, etc. This app cuts out all of that and just helps you create cute and creative journal spreads on the fly. The pro version is less than $50 a year and for me that’s totally worth it since you could easily spend that on materials for a physical journal in one shopping trip! I only gave it 4 stars because I think there are some features that would make this program really fantastic including changing the colors of stickers, lettering guides, the ability to modify stickers and custom or prearranged color palettes. I think if these features were added, this would be my all time favorite app next to procreate. I particularly like that I can add my own artwork or saved images. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Yoyoyoyolololololo
Awesome idea, needs a lot of improvements
It’s a great idea and there is a lot of awesome content! There are definitely some major improvements that are needed for it to create a truly customizable bujo, though! There is no option to build your own layouts, and not even an option to draw a straight black line. I had to make a work-around of using some washi tape because it’s the only straight line option that you can change the length AND width of. I wanted six black boxes on one page, but making these boxes with the washi tape work-around creates a huge lag on the page. The washi tape does not even come in black. The app does have plain black box and rectangle stickers, but you cannot manipulate the shape of a sticker or the width of the lines. There are a lot of good layouts and templates in the app, but it is extremely limited and would be so improved if you could personalize your own layouts easily! And also if there wasn’t a huge lag when you fill a page with a lot of hand drawn content!
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2 years ago, suesational
Just what I wanted! You read my mind and you made me an artist!
I've had all kinds of planners and been horribly bored and disappointed by the lack of creativity and the lack of color and options! They act like it should be thrilled if you have two different choices of what it looks like. I have always wanted something that was part journal, part planner, part scrap bookAnd electronic. For only $40 a year you get thousands of options of the way the journal can look in the functions it can have.I mean I can't quite believe it after all these years of being disappointed! I wish I could give it 10 stars!And each one of the provided options (Journal covers, pages, stickers, tape, etc.)can be customized for color and opacity andAnd size. And then I have a blog where the artist creates more templates! I can't quite believe it! I already paid by $40 and I feel so grateful! And you can have an endless number of journals each created for specific purpose if you want. This is what I always thought Microsoft note would be like (that's a joke!) You can even include your own pictures etc. in your journals. For anyone who is reading this I would say buy it now! It's just incredible I'm not artistic but it's so intuitive it doesn't matter.
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4 years ago, lindstar
Needs improvement
So far it’s been just ok. I paid for a year and am not seeing the value yet. The text boxes each have to be edited individually though the app will remember your font choice, size and color be damned. Selecting elements is frustrating to the point I tossed my iPad across the bed today. This is normal for this app. I don’t see the reason for layers to be so badly managed in an app that encourages layering and being creative with elements. Not well thought out. Resizing and adjusting components don’t always snap to pixel. Meaning tapping inches away can have a varied effect on the element. Sometimes it will resize it, sometimes it’ll rotate it, sometimes it will move it. Moving it is what that’s supposed to do. The styles need to be expanded. The library seems extensive until you realize you don’t like any of the elements. Needs more basic elements. Had to use washi tape to turn down the contrast on a background. Workarounds aside, the app could use some improvements to be worth the yearly price.
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4 years ago, mr2baby
There’s Potential!
Let me start off by saying that I love this app. The versatility of a digital page has taken away my fear of committing stickers/text/ink to a physical, blank page. I cannot even tell you how many incomplete journals I have, or my desire to purchase more, my desire for a sense of content organization never being met. The designs are gorgeous and I cannot wait until more artists can contribute. The online community has pitched some great ideas that I can’t wait to see integrated. In my one week free trial I used this app for several hours most days and I’m not going to be the first to say that there are bugs. However, it’s clear to see that the developers are listening to the comments. I’m sure they’re combing through bug reports just as thoroughly, as evident in the 4 updates since the release not 1 month ago. I will not complain about the price - despite my frustrations when using the app sometimes. The bugs are little things that are annoying, but not annoying enough for me to remember or to stop using the app. Since I have easily spent hundreds of dollars in stationary I can see the great appeal and potential of this digital version that lacks nothing in design. I will continue on with the $9.99/month version until I’m less frustrated but I believe I will be committing to the year soon enough. Good work guys!
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