Planoly: Social Media Planner

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Planogram, Inc
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Planoly: Social Media Planner

4.72 out of 5
26.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Ashshopalot
Love it!
I use Planoly every month and I just use the free plan. It can be confusing at first that you only get 30 “uploads” not posts. But once you understand that it’s great. I love that it posts automatically to Instagram for me and I don’t have to be available at that time to help upload it through a series of taps like many other schedulers have. I also like the shopping feature as well since I mainly use Planoly for my skincare instagram profile. It’s nice to link. The only thing that part of Planoly is missing is being to link to more than one thing. When the item is in one of the stores they use, you can link to many things. But if it’s an outside link you can only link to one thing. You also can’t mix outside links with the store links they have. Those extra features would be great for the shopping aspect. So I would suggest checking the links before you upload because it might be better to make it a stand alone product. The only thing I wish they had was a plan for $1-3/month. You got 400 uploads a month and 6 months of metrics and analysis. I would definitely buy a plan like that. But I love all the functionality of Planoly and it’s definitely worth the free plan for me. Since you only get 30 uploads, I use another app to upload more than one edited version of the same photo to see which one goes best with the other pictures.
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4 years ago, Lisa Andresen
Doesn’t always work; inconsistent support
Update: I appreciate that Planoly is always adding new features. Being able to crop images in-app now is a game changer. As others have mentioned, I’d like the option of being able to use the app horizontally with my iPad Pro/ magic keyboard combo. Also been having some buggy issues recently; images aren’t auto posting as scheduled and now I’m unable to access my metrics in the app. Hopefully these things can be resolved soon, I’m a paying user and customer support isn’t the best in normal times, and it’s frustrating to be paying money for an app that isn’t always able to do what I pay it to do. But it’s still the best IG planner I’ve tried. There’s a lot I love about this app; it makes planning my feed so much easier I pay for the pro account and spend $8.99 a month. But often posting images in the 4:5 aspect ratio is not allowed, regardless of whatever app I use to try to use the correct ratio. I’ve reached out to customer support numerous times but have never gotten a satisfactory solution. Sometimes I can upload and auto post images in the 4:5 aspect ratio, sometimes I can’t, good luck figuring out when the app is going to allow it. It’s very frustrating, and with the less-than-helpful support, I don’t know how long I’ll continue paying for an app I can’t always use as described. User beware: when the app is good, it’s very very good, but when it is bad it’s only helpful at best.
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6 years ago, It's broken now!
Say Goodbye to Stressful Posting & I’ll tell you why..
What started out as a tool to boost my personal Instagram, is now going to be my “ace in the hole” for when I go back to my job as office manager after maternity leave! I’ve tried other tools that I’ve just not been impressed with, but this was a different story. I’ll admit, the reason I checked this out was only for the option to create and save different hashtag groups. (Which is amazing!) but it’s so much more. As a creative, I’m scatterbrained with a hundred different ideas at once. This lets me save all those, including captions, and lets me organize when I want to post what, exactly when and where! I’ve only tapped into the surface of all it does. It reeled me in right away with its beautiful and easy to use interface. I love that you can schedule posts that are ready to go. (As long as they are perfect squares?) I love that it could grow with you as needed. That you can use it for reposting, add “placeholders” for ideas you want to add but haven’t quite figured out! Lastly, when I had a question, their customer service team went above and beyond to help me out. Which I really appreciate. I will be recommending it to everyone I know who does any kind of social media work!
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9 months ago, sahi1456
Great App and Customer Service
I must say, it's a game-changer for anyone managing social media. This app is a true gem! Planoly makes scheduling and organizing posts a breeze, saving me valuable time and reducing the stress of keeping up with my social media presence. The user-friendly interface is a joy to navigate, and the scheduling features are incredibly intuitive. I love how it seamlessly integrates with Instagram, allowing me to plan and preview my posts in a beautiful grid layout. It has not only improved the visual consistency of my feed but also boosted my engagement with its insightful analytics. In short, Planoly is a must-have tool for social media enthusiasts, influencers, and businesses alike. It streamlines the entire content planning process, helps you make the most of your social media strategy, and does it all with style and ease. I couldn't recommend it more highly!
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5 years ago, Kellie Nuss
iPad specific with Landscape Orientation, please
Planoly is great. I like it. I just started working on it (on the recommendation of a friend)for one account, and have been considering upgrading so I can use it for all the accounts I manage. But wait...on the iPad Pro, unfortunately, it’s nearly worthless to me. With the advent of the iPad Pro, designed to sit on a keyboard, it’s really unhelpful to have to use an app like Planoly in Portrait mode. Why would I want to hold a tablet upright in one hand and type with one finger on the virtual keyboard (or lay it flat on the table and still have to type on the virtual keyboard) when everything else I do on my iPad Pro is done with my Smart Keyboard (and the whole point of the iPad Pro is to be a bridge between a mobile and a desktop device)?? The Smart Keyboard doesn’t work as a general easel and won’t connect to the device in portrait mode, and typing with the screen on its side is annoying and not workable. Why, just use the web interface in your browser, you say? Nope. Planoly in my mobile browser won’t load the planner module—it wants me to use the app. In portrait orientation. The app version doesn’t fit my workflow, which means I may have to abandon Planoly altogether and continue with Buffer, which will let me work in the mobile browser.
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10 months ago, Lacaracara
Lots of issues
It’s a great app for what it does, but I’m definitely losing my patience with all the annoying issues that it always has. Not sure if others are experiencing this as well, but at first it was a security issue I had (it would log me out and make me sync my Insta account, and then when I did sync, I’d get a notification from Insta saying I logged in from some weird geographic location which would make me worried that my account had somehow been hacked through planoly), this happened for two months so I paid for those two months without being able to use it (I reached out for help but didn’t get any). Nowadays that seems to be fixed, but it takes FOREVER to upload photos from my albums. Takes forever for the albums to load, then finally after the album comes up and choose the photos to upload, it takes forever and a day for them to actually upload— most of the time it takes so long that I end up not being able to complete the process. Considering I’m paying for it monthly and I can’t even use it most of the time, I’m really beginning to think I should just cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, TDRock
Very Good App/Glitch In Recent Version
Very good features including automated posting. Very intuitive and easy to use. Drag and drop photos where you want them and you’re ready to roll. My only wish would be that more of the history of past posts stayed visible in the app grid. Update: starting very recently they have an inbox feature within the app to promote various things. I cannot get the app to stop notifying me about these promotional inbox messages. It's distracting and unacceptable. I mean even a notification on the Lock Screen page of my phone! I have tried turning this setting off but I'm still getting the notifications. There are other functionalities within the app where you want to have notifications for this app turned on in order to use it fully. I shouldn't have to choose between getting this onslaught of irrelevant notifications or being able to use the functionality of the app. I'm pretty unhappy with this glitch and it needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.
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1 year ago, xxislaxx
Planoly is the Mean Girl of social media “planners”.
Planoly cares more about reeling you in (pun unintended ha, you def can’t post good reels with it) with a soft appealing “we care about small businesses” interface BUT then it feels like bait and switch. It costs a LOT, for limited functionality. You don’t find all those limits out until it’s charging you while you’re still doing all the work you were doing before. Worst of all, if things go wrong, this app does NOT care about its customers. Even ones who spend a lot of time patiently trying to work it out with curt, fake friendly customer service. Ask yourself: would you offer credit instead of a refund to a customer with an issue - or tell them no thanks, we got your money so, we don’t need you any more?! Reader, they did not throw me a single bone. This is a world in which retaining customers you’ve worked hard to obtain would seem key, since you know, that’s what this app is trying to help YOU do. TLDR: Buyer beware. There are several really great alternatives that cost less and do more- please to save your time and money, check out the suggested similar ones below instead.
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4 years ago, korygarv
Great but Definite Room for Improvement
I do love this app in theory. However, there are several ways that it could improve. All of which I have submitted to their Helpdesk and none of which have I ever received a response to. I love their hashtag tool, but I wish they had the same option for tagging or at least remembered tags. I work in the wedding industry and have to tag at least 10 other vendors for each post. It would be so helpful!! Also, the drag and drop is just infuriating. I e talked to social media experts with similar feelings. The drag is super slow and pops random things out of place so you start from scratch constantly. I recommended that they have a “bank” of photos on the right with your planned feed on the left. That way you can drag and drop or double click in and out of each box leaving the rest of the grid intact. Rather than slowly dragging a photo down which pops everything else out of place. The two changes would really make it stand out above the rest.
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4 years ago, alysmarwill
customer service - HORRIBLE.
i have had Planoly for a good 6-8 months... i LOVED the platform + the visual aspect of planning. it made my life as a SMM seamless! THEN, i went to add 7 more IG accounts into my account (i had 3) AND the Planoly experience DECREASED. i could NOT get my accounts authenticated. i emailed more than 30 times, sent facebook messages, and COUNTLESS screenshots trying to “resolve the issue”. SADLY, their customer service is limited to email support ONLY. after ONE week of nonstop emails, i am canceling my services with Planoly. their empathy towards the situation, the ineffective customer service options, and the unwillingness to go above and beyond to assist was ridiculous. AND, when trying to leave a comment on a Facebook post regarding the issue, they DELETED it. for someone in the social media world AND a platform in the social media world i am EXTREMELY disappointed. while the platform is good the customer service is LACKING. the amount of wasted time i have spent working to resolve these issues is sickening. AND, when switching my accounts that i couldn’t get to “work” with Planoly i had NO issues with Later. sincerely, an extremely disappoint social media manager and marketing consultant.
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6 years ago, Sunnystaceyd
Great IG planning Tool
I have been using the free version of Planoly for about 4 months and just enabled the auto-post tool. It’s really great for weekend posting as it doesn’t interfere with family time. The only downside (and reason for 4 starts instead of 5) to Planoly’s auto post is that you can’t use the location tag or tag the brands/accounts on your photo in the app. This makes my engagement a little less on those posts but it’s worth using auto-post to stay consistent in posting and not being tied to my phone and social media 24/7. During the week I typically plan my photos with Planoly for the aesthetic and the hashtags I want to use, but post directly through IG. I will say that is a fave feature is the hashtag planning. You can have different groups for the different types of photos you post! Overall Planoly has helped me create a more cohesive feed and be more consistent in planning out the content I want to put out on Instagram. I would recommend you try it out!
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6 years ago, SorayaTheMoon
$10 a month just for automatic postings?
This app has a lot of good selling points. However it has just as many bad options. The first thing is the price and the limit as to how many photos can be uploaded into the app just to map out how you want your layout to be. You only get 30 a month which means ideally you should only post once a day from this app so you can continue to have a flow of content to your page. The second big down fall is the price to upgrade your account to have unlimited uploads. It’s basically $10 a month. That’s insane. While it offers things such as being able to search for IG hashtags within the app, create a hashtag catalog that’s easily accessible and a gorgeous design. Another thing that reaaaal irritates me is how the photos has to be moved when mapping feed. Photos as basically just pushed around so it bumps the whole feed and messes everything up. You aren’t able to simply just switch one photo with a different one without every single photo moving. Definitely not worth $10. There are way better apps such as UNUM and BUFFER that can complete this service and cost a fraction of the price.
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3 years ago, Marquette LaRee
Tried all the others, Planoly is the best.
I’ve tried nearly every Instagram planning app out there and can tell you that I love Planoly far and above better than all the others. The platform is easy to use, the design is simple and efficient, and being able to upload and plan from my computer is a HUGE deal. I love being able to store ideas and themed posts in the drafts so the planning feed doesn’t get cluttered. And the autopost feature is so handy to be able to post at the ideal time for my followers but still he able to have screen free mornings with my kids. Planoly is a powerful tool for Instagram; if IG is a big part of your marketing plan, Planoly is definitely a tool you want in your belt!
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6 years ago, HappyChefUser123456789
Day one & already having issues
So I just downloaded the app today. At first, I thought it was like a godsend because I can do it from my desktop instead of my phone & everything looked so simple, clean, & user friendly but unfortunately, I ran into more than one issue on the first day of using it. First. As I was planning my posts on a desktop, I had several planned posts that had just a short sentence or two for a caption & I usually add about 7-10 hashtags but as soon as I began the first hashtag on several of the images, I would get a prompt saying that I’ve already reached my hashtag maximum & to try again in an hour (?!?!) except I hadn’t even added one yet... so there was that. Second. I’m not sure if I understand the whole “30 uploads a month” thing correctly or not but I’ve uploaded a couple pictures that I didn’t feel quite fit my feed right so I deleted them & tried to upload different images but was told I was unable to do so unless I upgraded to a paid plan because I had reached my 30 photo limit already even though I only have 25 in queue to be what, do even deleted images still count towards my upload limit?? Do I have to actually plan my posts somewhere else to test out certain images I want to use so I have everything nicely curated to my liking without exceeding my 30 photo upload limit?? Because that seems like it defeats the point of your app........might just go back to using Preview honestly.
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3 years ago, zoez65
Shocked anyone likes this app
After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to purchase a year’s subscription to Planoly. My first post to Instagram was a manual post, the post didn’t show up for a couple of minutes on IG so I reposted only to discover there’s a delay. I have to say, the free version of Mosaic and Preview were way better. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I post manually, but if you offer that option on a paid subscription shouldn’t it work? I messaged Planoly support, they instructed me to refresh the app which I did, the same thing happened again only this time the grid on Planoly didn’t match the grid on my IG account. I messaged them again, same curt response followed by a “closed ticket” email. Closed ticket the same day I received a response before I had a chance to implement their suggestions or respond? By the 4th ticket, i asked for a refund. Crickets. Zero response. I persisted, they offered a prorated refund as if it were a favor. Not sure why people like this scheduler. They don’t even offer hashtag suggestions or counts like other free schedulers do.
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1 year ago, Crescentina13
No longer working properly, support can’t figure it out
We used Planoly every single day to plan out our feed for years without issues. Suddenly, as of a month ago, there was some disconnect with our Apple subscription and the website subscription. Support couldn’t figure it out so they manually credited us a month and told us to cancel the apple subscription and it will renew normally moving forward. Well it never renewed through their site and now we’re stuck in limbo. We can’t upload anything and the app keeps giving us the expired subscription pop up. When logging into their site, we can’t enter any billing information to be billed outside of apple and since we’ve already cancelled the apple subscription, we’re sitting in limbo. We’re going to use a different app now because this experience has been frustrating and support is slow to offer assistance if any at all. It’s a shame because the app was great when it didn’t have these issues.
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5 years ago, the.jessica.and
First Scheduler for Me
Even though I’ve been doing social media marketing professionally for years now, I have always posted natively (maybe because I’m a control freak? 😜). Decided to give Planoly a try after hearing good things & being impressed with their branding & design. Love the ability to see the grid & save hashtags but wish I would’ve understood that “30 uploads” a month was literally that... not 30 scheduled posts. You can only upload 30 images whether you schedule them or not (even if you delete them, the upload is still counted as used). Didn’t want to upgrade to a paid version until I tried it out for a little bit. Especially since this is the first scheduler I have tried. One other thing — was hoping my scheduled posts here would still post to FB automatically (I have it set for that in IG settings) but it doesn’t.
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1 year ago, O-Dubz
Meh 🤷🏽‍♂️
Planoly in essence sounds good but doesn’t real enhance the social media planning experience more than just posting directly to the platform itself. This is for a few reason. 1- Even though you set up and schedule your posting in Planoly all it does is remind you to post at the designated time. 2- Planoly as few if any useable features that are actually on the social media platform so yo use the editing features for example you have to go thru the social media app any way. It seems like it wastes more time 3- If your goal is a o set up a system that stream lines your posting allowing you to focus on more important things it doesn’t exactly do that because you have to stop what your doing or be available at the time that the post needs to be posted to copy paste and save on the actual social media app. What they are charging for the convenience they really are not providing is not worth it.
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6 years ago, CeallaighO
Instagram blocks posts made from this app
As soon as I upgraded to the paid version and started posting directly through planoly, instagram would shadowban my posts so that only my followers could see my posts but it wouldn’t show up under any of the hashtags I used for nonfollowers to see. I experimented with posting from planoly and I would get 0 likes in fifteen minutes and would delete and then post the same picture with the same hashtags from my phone and would get 20 likes in ten minutes. Instagram must have some information about the paid version that allows them to block posts made with it. I tried it multiple times over multiple days. Response to response: I don’t understand your response. I am trying to tell you that Instagram blocks the visibility of posts under the post’s hashtags if a person posts via your app with the paid version. Maybe that’s something you want to look into rather than just dismiss. “Official Partner” or not, that is what happens.
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11 months ago, Caitlin Ruth
Wish Planoly could’ve grown with me.
When I was managing 2 Instagram accounts, I was obsessed with Planoly. Sure, it was buggy (sometimes it would prompt me to manually post to Instagram and then lose the image and caption, so I wouldn’t be able to recover the caption I had written, for example), but overall I loved it. Then I started managing 2 more Instagram accounts on top of that. Planoly costs a lot more for multiple accounts, is extremely limited on guest editor abilities, and has yet to offer connecting to LinkedIn and other platforms. If you want something pretty and user friendly for your one account, I recommend Planoly. But after doing some research, I’m switching to Loomly. It has way more features and is far more affordable (10 accounts for $26/month rather than Planoly’s $35/month for just 4 accounts). Bye Planoly!
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6 years ago, Itzgucci92
Corporate and Personal
I use this app for a corporate business that I work for, and am always ahead of the game. Not only do I impress my bosses, but I do it with ease. When I have time I put together months of posts on Planoly and schedule them with ease to post when I want. I also use this on my personal accounts. It’s simple, easy, and highly effective. My only issue is with hashtags. Most of the time it does well with telling me how many posts are using a particular # but sometimes it just doesn’t even show it, so I have to log into Instagram just to see what hashtags I want to use. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes, so that’s why I still have them a 5 star. Even with this set back it is easily the easiest insta planner out there.
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5 years ago, Lynds W
It’s Awesome Except for Formatting
I thought Planoly was going to be my answer. I love the look of it and it’s super user friendly. I love that I can upload photos and move them around and put in my text and schedule my posts. I also like that it gives the character count so you know where you’re at as far as planning out text. I’ve also been excited to use the Story part of it once that app is develops a bit more. I’m bummed that the formatting doesn’t work with Instagram, though. It doesn’t keep all of my paragraph breaks when it posts. It works in Buffer, so I may have to switch back to Buffer solely for that purpose. I’ve also not had luck getting the posts to actually work when I schedule them. It’s fine when I post immediately, but if I schedule them, I only get a notification that something went wrong and my post was unable to post.
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3 years ago, TheBillboards
Used to be AMAZING! Now I want my annual fee back.
This app WAS a God-send when I got it over a year ago. After paying a few months I purchased the year to save since we were new BFFs but since this second annual purchase in October this app has been complete trash. It no longer imports multiple pics from a Instagram Sharable Link (aka carousel). It doesn’t copy the caption. It uploads videos as images. The calendar is now seemingly useless to schedule now that they’ve began to add THEIR events into the calendar without giving us the option to even delete it. And the WORST part? I used this for a personal and business Instagram account with my paid plan that offered two accounts and AFTER they got another year out of me, it updated to where I can now only have ONE Instagram and ONE Pinterest. I didn’t buy this for Pinterest! I’ve updated it three or four times since then, same issues. Way to ruin a great app, 👏🏼🙄
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1 year ago, Myjhan
Upgrade for used-to-be-free features
I love the ability to plan my grid and schedule posts that automatically publish. As a content creator this is a key strategy. BUT features that were once FREE are now only accessible with an UPGRADE. I mean basic things like just cropping your photo to a 1:1 ratio (you cannot schedule an auto post without it), or using hashtag groups you saved. The app is not saving me time if I have to edit the photo in another program before uploading to Planoly. I understand some features need to be in the paid packages, but the examples I mentioned are BASICS and I feel like I’m being penalized for not upgrading! Used to be a great app for free features, now you need to upgrade to use “almost” everything. Ion know what happened but the developers need to set back some of those free features. 😩
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5 years ago, gyorett
Great app
I just downloaded this app along with two other to see which one was the best (offered the best feature) and so far I’m loving this one. As I started my journey into traveling, being able to plan my post on isn’t Instagram is a big plus, for I know there will be times when I don’t feel Inspired, but with this app i won’t have to worry about that. It is also amazing that it allows you to see which post are doing better by week, months and year and it’s amazing the fact that it allows you to schedule your stories. It also keeps track of the time you post which is amazing for it allows you to see which is the best time for you to post. Thank you so much for creating this app
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2 years ago, AnnMarie1016
Would not recommend
I bought the app looking for an easy way to post. The first year I had issues with it, reached out for assistance with no help. I canceled the account but told I bought the app for the d tire year and they would not refund the unused months. I canceled the acct. The following year I was billed again on auto bill. When I asked to cancel again, stating that I canceled the first year and was told I would have to still pay for the entire year, there was no way out. I was told to look at the rules of the app. Now I am getting billed for a second year because of the auto renew which the company did not correct when I canceled last year.
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2 years ago, SnorkelMoose
Great—when it works
I subscribe to the premium plan because I schedule and auto-post my IG content. For the most part, Planoly works; however, sometimes the auto-posts won’t post as scheduled. They’ll be delayed by a few minutes to even a few hours (which happened twice yesterday and which prompted me to post this review). Planoly will also post duplicates sometimes. It’s happened enough that I try to check after a post goes through, which defeats the purpose of scheduling my content, since I’ll be double-checking that it wasn’t posted twice (or didn’t post at all). Overall, a good experience, but it can be frustrating at times. For this amount of money, it should be flawless. Edit: removed a star because the scheduled auto-posting issue continues.
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5 years ago, kalpal000
Fake reviews?
I’m convinced every review above 3 stars for this app must be fake. First, there’s an upload limit if you don’t want to pay. Second, you can’t tag people. Third, unlike other instagram scheduling apps, you can’t save captions or hashtags for more efficient and time saving posting. Fourth, they make scheduling bulk posts such a drawn out process. You have to individually go into one of your selected posts, come up with a caption, select a time, etc etc, then repeat the process. you might as well just post on instagram normally. I like Apphi a lot better because they have designed their app to be a lot more efficient, time saving, they don’t have any of the above issues, and they even have bonus features which allow you to change the font of your captions and access text symbols. The only reason why I tried this app is because Apphi has a 10 post maximum, and this one has 30 but it’s still just not worth it.
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4 years ago, MommaBaird
Updated review!
Update: the app is working again! Thankfully. It is a good app. It does auto post which is huge. It doesn’t cost too much, it has various price plans. But I really really miss the easy of scheduling a repost using a simple copy link option and the reoccurring post function- those two things where hugely beneficial for me in apphi. ............. Well I did like this app- I used it to replace Apphi when it went bottoms up and left us all stranded. I enjoyed Planoly the best and it is affordable compared to the alternatives. I really wish it had the ability to schedule posts in a reoccurring manner or even simply schedule a previously posted post again. But all that aside, there is a bigger issue in that this most recent update has resulted in a total crash!
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4 years ago, bkmmkb9448
Love this app, but...
Love this app, but... in the recent update they made a small change that actually made it harder for me to use the app. In the past, when you typed your photo caption into the app the image remained on the screen. Now the app takes you to a new window with just the caption, however I actually need to view the image as well to remember to tag relevant profiles and use appropriate hashtags. I would love if there was a way to have an option to keep the image on the page or to use the pop-out window because I'm having to click back and forth which is a little inconvenient! But love this app and will always use it for as long as social media is around!
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2 years ago, Lunalovegoodyu
App auto post doesn’t work & customer service is painful
Had planoly before (free version with hashtag organizer) and loved it. Now the hashtag organizer is no longer free so I paid for the app but auto post doesn’t work and customer service just said “we are aware of this issue” but cannot give timeline. Understandable to a certain extend that bugs can’t be fixed within a day or two, but considering the bug is about the MAIN feature of the app, I’m really shocked the amount of “care” customer service put in. Requested a discount was told no and requested a refund. Customer service ignored my refund request twice until I mentioned I will do a charge back, they eventually agreed to the refund. Most painful experience ever had. For something you pay hundreds of dollars a year for, the least I was hoping is for it to work.
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5 years ago, Mmkayco
There’s one thing Planoly has mastered and that is design and formatting. Both the app and the desktop version are sleek, minimal and easy to navigate. Other than that, it’s just like any other Instagram scheduler only much more expensive than most (especially if you have 2 usernames). I recommend Later or Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling. Planoly’s customer service is also subpar. I’ve had to contact them numerous times which led to apathetic responses. Lastly, I don’t admire their own Instagram feed. The company obviously has a liberal bias having posted quotes from Barak and Michelle Obama multiple times as well as other left-leaning celebrities. Not once have I seen a quote from a conservative social figure like Melania, Ivanka, Trump, or any of the other conservative First Ladies from before. Does Planoly only want a liberal follower and subscriber base? There are so many great quotes from people on the other side, but I guess Planoly isn’t into featuring diversity of thought.
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2 years ago, List happy mom
Best app for use with iPad
Giving this five stars because I’ve spent the last hour looking for an app that changes its layout to landscape for iPad and this is the only one I can find. I also love its ease of use and the only thing that keeps me from giving it a full recommendation is that I can only use it with one account for free. I have two accounts, one public and one private, but both completely personal. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, but I love to be able to plan ahead what I’m going to post when I have time and then be able to post it on other days when I’d be too busy to do it otherwise. Great app!
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6 years ago, technicolorbrit
Gets the job done most of the time
Planoly has really been a big help to me with my small business. The ability to visualize my grid and draft posts is invaluable—truly. I’m on the free version so occasionally I hit the 30 upload/month limit and I wish there was a way to track that so I know when I’m getting close so I can pump the breaks. Also it’s lame that with whatever new Instagram or GDPR rules, tagging someone in a post description no longer autopopulates account handles so I have to toggle between IG and Planoly to make sure names are right or just use an approximation until I’m ready to post. It would also be cool to geotag and tag people or products from the app. I’m not convinced it’s worth paying the premium but the free version was definitely a game changer for me.
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6 years ago, amaridsperez
This app just changed my instagram experience for the better!
I am so happy a fellow blogger shared this app with me. I like to post daily at the same time but being the mother of a very busy two year old is not always permitting. The fact that I can schedule my content to automatically post to my feed is a huge game changer. It also allows you to load pre-typed hashtags. The free version allows 30 uploads, not 30 posts so keep that in mind but it’s still awesome to be able to use an app like this for free, I’m spoiled. I will probably invest in the paid version so that I can have more room to play around regarding the upload amount but other than that, I’m so pleased!
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5 years ago, rob950000
A must have app for a business Instagram
This app gives the ability to plan out your posts a head of the time and set them to automatically upload. It also stores hashtags for you with saves tons of time. The only thing it doesn’t do that I wish it did was allow multiple image posts to post automatically (not a huge problem, because they have a system in place that makes doing it manually very easy). It also does not work with auto posts to Facebook. You have to share your post after it posts to Instagram (also not a big problem since it takes only a few seconds to share). Overall, great app that saves time and makes it easier to stay on a good posting schedule.
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6 years ago, Rachelle & Sean
Needs improvement
It’s a great concept and allows organized content prior to posting. However, there are certain features that need to be updated. It is restricted from tagging & adding location when you have multiple images in one posting which can disrupt the post all together. Another issue I encountered is the photo/videos must be square sized otherwise it won’t post at all. The whole reason I purchased this $8.99/month app is to make my job easier when it comes to advertising my business but it’s really annoying when it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I actually cancelled it a couple months ago and thought maybe I’d give it another try. But $8.99/month is quite pricey for features not working right. I’ll probably end up canceling it again.
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4 years ago, Balex018
I haven’t gotten the chance to use it as much. But one thing I do suggest to add or change ASAP is how many accounts you can have. The one thing I don’t like is no matter what subscription you’re paying for you can only have two accounts. I have 3 to manage. I also suggest that the autopost feature shouldn’t only be for business accounts. For my personal account I don’t have a Facebook account linked to it so it’s a bit frustrating that I can’t use that feature. I work in a hospital setting and I can’t be on my phone posting at a certain time for my personal account. It would be nice to have that option available to any type of account. Please consider making these changes! Thank you.
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5 years ago, Lilzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i love this app with my entire heart
If you’re looking for a way to plan out your feed without posting and deleting when you decide something doesn’t fit your theme, then download this app. Planoly saved my feed, my dignity, my life. I swear by this app, and never post without planning it out on Planoly before, so that I know what my feed will look like multiple posts in advance, and I can play around with the layout before ever actually posting. It makes it super easy, plus there’s an option to post through the app, or even schedule posts to automatically post if you’re too busy but you want to keep a schedule. Download this app, you won’t regret it !!
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4 years ago, DethSta
First impression didn’t go so well.
The concept is great, but the interface isn’t user friendly. However, I figured it was a learning curve so I decided to make a post to schedule to Instagram. So I did. I made sure my accounts were linked. And I created a post and scheduled it for this same day, just two hours ahead of the time I created it. Two hours goes by and I get a notification stating that my scheduled post was posted to my Instagram. I go to my Instagram and it is not there. I came back to Planoly to see my post, so I clicked” post now” at the bottom of the screen and it deleted my post entirely. There is actually not even a folder that it is residing in. Unfortunately, this is not the best first time use of this app, but I really don’t want to invest my time in future posts just to have them not post as scheduled or disappear entirely.
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6 years ago, Nikilynn2
Really helps me plan!
I really love the planning ability this app has given me. I've only been using the free version for a short while now and love the functionality of it. Before I was posting photos to a private IG account to plan out my posts, but this app has been a game changer for me! I absolutely love being able to drag and drop photos! I still post through IG right now, but I'm interested in using the scheduler feature in the future. Also I haven't been running into the 30 upload a month problem yet, but I know others have. So that's something to consider / keep in mind if you're looking to download this app. Overall, I love Planoly as an IG planning tool!
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2 years ago, Chihuahua1960
BEWARE - waste of $$$
Previously used Planoly successfully for a small retail business years ago and when it came time to manage my own business’ social media, I came back to utilize the many “features” of this app. After signing up for a ONE YEAR $135 subscription. I was given 60 uploads per month. After uploading and editing ONE single post, I noticed the app had “charged” me 4 of my 60 uploads…After finally hearing back from customer service, I was told that not only does each upload count against you (obviously) BUT EACH TIME YOU CROP a photo you are charged for one upload. Keep in mind the app will force you to crop each photo (if uploaded directly from your camera roll) in order to schedule a post. So in essence, unless you upload the images in the correct “postable” size, they’ll make you crop it before posting. BUYER BEWARE - READ THE FINE PRINT.
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5 years ago, kurry king
New user - loving it so far!
Planoly seems like a cool app to manage all of your IG needs. The reports dashboard is easy to read. The top 4 likes/commented posts report is also insightful. The hashtag group feature makes it easy to keep all of your tags in 1 area. You can manage comments and replies through the app. You can also schedule posts ahead of time after you visualize what potential future posts would look like on your feed. Might consider upgrading to the $19/month pro plan that allows 2 users to simultaneously manage 2 accounts (useful for agencies or marketing teams), especially if the price is cheaper versus competitors for the functionality.
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6 years ago, BoltReview
Needs one thing
Through my use and my happy planing there is one thing that keeps me searching for another Instagram planner. The pop ups, not ads but confirmation pop ups. Everytime I add something to my collective or remove something it takes an extra second or two to prepare my posts, because I have to confirm the action. There should be safe quick add and remove feature where you can select multiple pictures without going into the photo itself But other than that small annoying detail this app has everything, stats, statistics, and percentages, with beautiful pastel filler colors that will inspire asthetics and ideas. Please Planoly team add a quick edit feature! Otherwise perfect planning app.
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4 years ago, Pickled plus
Love This App
I just started using Planoly this week and love it. I used the free version for the first day but wanted the analytics since I have an Etsy shop. It’s easy to post, you have an option to post when you want or select a time from the grid, and I love having both Instagram and Pinterest rolled up in one price! I have used Tailwind App for a year and find it difficult to post from the current version. Tailwind App also charges for Pinterest and Instagram separately. I am very excited to use this app because it is so much better than Tailwind. I was excited when setting up the account that it asked what level of social media user I was: Beginner, Advanced or Expert. Well for me, I fall under the beginner, so the app walks me thru things!! Love this feature! I’m a member of Mastermind for Marketing by Morgan Nield. Great Program and I have posted in our Facebook Group this review to encourage people to change to this app and get away from Tailwind! Great work to those who created this app!!!
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2 years ago, ivoryfist
Not worth it
I had high hopes for Planoly but ran into a number of problems. For starters, information about their plans is poorly written and ambiguous about crucial details. For example, if you hope to manage even two Instagram accounts, expect to pay a much higher tier. Also, in order to access their widely advertised benefits, you have to have a business account, NOT a creator account, which took me far too long to figure out because, again, their plan information is ambiguous and poorly worded. Customer service and tech support are cumbersome to reach. Additionally, I ran into much difficulty linking my Instagram account, even when I followed all instructions repeatedly and to the letter. I really wanted this to work, but I found myself throwing up my hands in utter frustration. Don’t even waste your time with this app.
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3 years ago, Carmel Machiatto
Planoly must be spending a ton of money of affiliate marketing, because to not be able to even post carousels when the same instagram influencers who market this app also tell you to post carousels, seems completely pointless. It’s rare to post 1 photo simple content so this app really does nothing for me. If someone had a meme page this app would be great, but for those who posts content, theres no way the app will upload multiple photos. Instead planoly downloads the photos you already have downloaded to your phone in the first place. Guys be sure to mention that you cant perform the most basic functions. No matter if it’s Instagram’s rules but it’s a waste of my time to find out the app is not useful l. Not fair to me, so just be transparent about what your app can do.
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3 years ago, TieraAnnette
Inconsistent between app and web versions
My consistent complaint with plan only is that there are features that can only be accessed via the web version (uploading more than 10 photos at a time, merging posts into a carousel, etc.) so I am often forced to use the web version. But I edit my photos on my iPad and upload them from the iPad app. It takes the web version sometimes several hours to display all of the content and I sit there and stare at blue boxes with question marks in them waiting to schedule my content. It wouldn’t be as frustrating if I didn’t pay for Planoly, but I do. And I have reached out to support about this and none of the advice they’ve given me has been able to help
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6 years ago, ceci lobo
Fantastic app, allows me to organize my page and feed. Also giving me the average likes, comments, and views of each of my posts. You are able to post multiple items at once and the app includes a calendar showing the dates of all your posts. And if you press the top left p button it gives you the ability to post and organize your Instagram story with information including views. Planoly gives you the ability to see who follows you and unfollowed you as well. This app has definitely changed my social media experience and organization so I would 100% recommended downloading it and plus it is free!!!
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6 years ago, danisarous27
If you need all the help you can get... Get Planoly!
As a blossoming entrepreneur, I need all the assistance and tips I can get to make sure my social media presence is as effortless, engaging, and curated as possible without spending hours and hours editing and being frustrated. Planoly has been great to preview my posts and see what works in what order. I also love that they are giving back by holding weekly giveaways of the membership. Like myself, a lot of us starting out can't yet afford services like this so having the free version is incredible and again, seeing a company who gives back makes me want to continue using this service. Thank you!
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