Planta: Complete Plant Care

4.8 (91.5K)
125.3 MB
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Current version
Planta AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Planta: Complete Plant Care

4.77 out of 5
91.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Ohitwasher23
Great, But could be better
I love this app! I like the easy access to clicking my watering cycle. I like that I can categorize my plants into different rooms they are in. Things to make this app even more worth $35: -I’d like to have the ability to edit the watering cycle to a more specific date. You can only mark today, yesterday, about a week ago, about 2 weeks ago, or not sure/never watered. These are so vague when you add a plant. -if you accidentally mark that you have watered a plant that hasn’t been watered, you can’t edit the watering cycle. I end up having to put a reminder on my calendar. -Maybe adding a calendar to the app would make it easier for us to know which plant needs watering. -when my plant is sick and overwatered, the app still gives me a reminder to water the plant even if it diagnosed it as overwatered. It would be helpful to not have it in the “water” reminders if it is identified as overwatered. Looking forward to more improvements for this app! UPDATE: Omg! You actually read my feedback :D this makes me happy and feel heard! Also, thank you for showing me that I can edit the watering cycle and change the date! Looking forward to the grow light options and to the many more additions to this app <3
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3 years ago, irieyed
Very helpful app but some suggestions…
🪴🪴🪴🪴Edit: I noticed that you added the slow release fertilizer sticks as an option but you cannot change this for an existing plant. 😔 I have 120+ plants and would prefer to use those types of fertilizers but don’t want to have to delete all my plants and add them back and lose all my progress. Can you please push another update that allows you to modify your current fertilizer preferences? ⭐️ 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 I have been using Planta for several months now and use it daily. I am a premium subscriber and while I do love the app I have some suggestions: it doesn’t seem to update watering schedule based on the amount of times you snooze the action. I live in rural VA and in the spring my houseplants don’t seem to need to be watered as often as the app suggests based on pot type and location. I would have thought the app would develop an algorithm over time but it doesn’t seem it has. Another helpful thing would be for you to be able to take a picture of a plant problem and submit it for review. I have had some issues with my plants that I am not positive are the issues outlined in Dr. Planta so I am not confident I am always treating the condition effectively. I wish that feature was more robust. I would also like to have the option to add light sources that are grow lights as I grow a lot of mine under lights. Overall, I love the app and will likely subscribe for another yearly subscription next year too. 🙂
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3 years ago, thehowlingwool
Very helpful, makes me feel confident to buy more plants
I had a few houseplants for awhile but could never remember to water them, and so I didn’t feel like a very good plant mom. I decided to try an app, and I’m happy I chose this one, and I’m happy to pay for the premium version. I find it super helpful with the daily reminders, and the ability to identify plants through the app. There are somethings I wish I could do through the app — I wish when you add a plant it would prompt you with questions about the current condition the plant is in, is the soil still moist when you bought it, are there new leaves that haven’t opened yet? Things like that that could help you notice the progress your new plant makes since bringing it home. I appreciate the Dr Planta feature but I wish they gave you the option of writing in what the issue is, instead of just giving you a couple of options to choose from. Also, I wish you could update a plant’s type after you have entered it as part of your inventory. I think I chose the wrong color variant on one of my plants, and I think I just have to delete it and enter it as the other one? Please tell me if there is a way to change this without deleting it and losing all of the data I had saved for it. Overall I’m very happy with this app, and I think the premium features are worth it for a newbie like me. I have learned a lot already and I’ve only had the app for a month. Thanks Planta!
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4 years ago, Ritz8D
Best app out of all the other
I was struggling to find an app I kept deleting some because they never notify in time, they never recognized my plant, or their plant spectrum was not broad enough. I really like this app it gives you information about your plant that I never knew. I hesitated on getting the subscription but I’m glad I made the decision on buying it. The plant doctor is so helpful it tells what I’m doing wrong when I didn’t realize that I was doing harm to the plants. I love the schedule misting option cause most of my plants need that and I forget to do that when I live in a dry area. The only reason why I didn’t give it all 5 stars because it has some flaws I hope they can fix. For example live in Los Angeles and the app says the weather here is 70 degrees which in reality it’s either 80 or 90 😣 so I don’t know if that will affect my plants watering at night since it tells me to water them longer than I usually do. Talking about the watering schedule I wish it has a schedule of setting a LOUD alarm at a specific time because I am a college student the only time I can care for my plant is between 10-11 o’clock am and I know I can’t water them later because of my assignments; another thing is when I water them at night, I learned the hard way, my plants are more prone to pests and bacteria. If anyone is reading this help to get the developers attention to fix this app I really like it.
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4 years ago, emma damato
Great app - needs more details
So I’ve been using the free version of this app for a few months and I wanted to try out the premium version so I know when to fertilize and all. I’m glad it tells you when to fertilize, but every plant says “all purpose fertilizer” which honestly if you use that on all of your plants you will burn some roots and kill them. Some house plants need a specific fertilizer. And it’d be cool if there were some natural alternatives in there as well, like banana peel water. Also, add what kind of soil you should use! There should totally be a big soil section, but not one that just says “all purpose potting soil” like, definitely have someone who knows what they’re doing tell you what different mediums to mix for this certain plant. (Coco coir, peat moss, perlite etc.) If you added these small details I’m sure you’d have much more business. The right soil and fertilizer is so important for growth. One more thing, do some quick research on each of your plants to make sure Planta is giving you the right info. I’ve been barely watering my rubber trees and letting them dry out because that’s what planta said, but I just did some research and saw that they need to stay moist during the summer 🤦🏻‍♀️ sooooo, that’s why two of my rubber trees are drooping and dropping leaves. Overall, I’m super grateful for this app because I could never keep up with my 47 plants without it, but definitely could use some more details!
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2 years ago, Sk1979
Started out great, each update makes things worse :/
I got this app over a year ago when I really started getting into plants. I researched a bunch of apps, tried a few out, and like Planta the best. However since then, a number of updates have made it much less easy to use or messed things up. Now that they finally got rid of the bug where it gets stuck and doesn’t mark a plant watered when you check it (really fun to close the app each time I watered one of my 180+ plants 😩), new problems arise! This seems like an intended change, though I’m not sure why - they got rid of the alphabet on the right side, so you can’t just click on a letter and go to it, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to it. Why on earth would you get rid of that?? Of course to make it worse, there is an unintended bug to go along with it - the Search function on your plant list doesn’t work anymore. So literally the only way you have to find a certain plant is to SCROLL and scroll and scroll forever. Who has time for that? I got an app to make my hobby easier, not harder. And I intended to get the premium version once I got more into plants/felt like I needed it….although I do need it, I haven’t gotten it because there is always some issue. If the basic features don’t work/are taken away, I’m not going to pay for a premium version. Get it together.
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4 years ago, Beanerstones
Amazing But....
This app is amazing and works well. I have been watering my plants every time I get a notification. I am still a new ish plant owner. Because I have only recently gotten into plants. I personally think that the plant scanner should be free. Now hear me out. I can not afford to pay for Premium. And a lot of the plants (succulents) I buy do not have the name of it on the tag. For instance one of the succulents I bought from a store was just called “succulent in a tin”. I was unable to identify the plant and because I am unable to afford Premium I could not find out the name. Thus resulting in me having to go under “cacti and succulents” and scrolls for like 2 and a half hours before I was able to find the correct name of the succulent bought. You are also ( from my knowledge) unable to change the main picture of your plant. When the plants grows more or I move it or I repot it I would like to be able to change to main picture of the plant. For example, I just recently repoted my ivy and was unable to change the photo that is showed when I need to water the plant. But I am only able to add pictures to the “add details” spot after watering and it does not update the main photo. Overall these are my only problems. And the app is amazing other wise. I hope this was able to help someone. 🌿🌿
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4 years ago, elev82
Great app for keeping your plants healthy!
I’ve been using Planta for just over 4 months now as a premium user and I love it. It helps me keep my plants organized and healthy. While I am a relatively new plant “parent”, and I rely on it to help me know when to water, fertilize, and generally care for all of my plants (35!), I know that I still have to trust my own instincts and that every plant is different. That’s why I enjoy the features Planta has in place to make sure you care for your plants in ways that work for you. I enjoy all the features, including the plant health tracker, and access to a plant doctor bot for plants that are in trouble. For the most part all of my plants are thriving. That being said, I would ask for Planta to think about adding a vacation mode feature into the app that lets you switch your schedules for the amount of time you will be away. Not all of us have people who will look after our plants while we are away, and it would be nice to be able to modify the watering schedule without having to snooze plants every 2 days until you get back. Also a tips section regarding how to prepare your plants for your vacation would be super nice, too. Maybe also a calendar view for upcoming activity would be a nice future add, too. 😊
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2 years ago, royal wee
Latest update has created a nearly unusable app
The app used to work wonderfully. But I would honestly recommend passing on it until they implement some fixes. I’m not sure if it was the latest update, but suddenly I have a very laggy, buggy app with no way to mark plants as watered (if you happen to deter from their schedule). It’s actually created a lot of confusion and I have a dozen or so plants that are completely out of whack with the app not properly recording data. Aside from that, the app no longer wants to mark any task as complete without a fight. I have 50+ plants, so this can mean a lot of tasks in one day. It freezes on the loading screen when you click the check mark and in most cases, I’m having to force close the app just to get off that screen. Sometimes the task is recorded, sometimes it’s not. If it’s not, you click the check mark again and it gives you a red error (presumably it did record the task just not anywhere you can see), and then it’ll finally show it as complete on your end. This is a lot of added steps towards the main function of this app. It’s supposed to make things more convenient and easy to track and right now, I do not feel it is living up to that. Again, I used to LOVE this app and if they can turn these more recent issues around, I would recommend it. I just feel any newcomers will find it very frustrating in its current state.
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4 years ago, Sasha Dejoras
Some bugs that need fixing
Overall, I think this app is great! I paid for the annual subscription. As a plant novice, the watering/fertilizing/misting schedule has, if anything, helped me to become more familiar with my plants. There a few things I think could use some improvement. -Sometimes, based on the “info” portion for each plant, the app will say for example “water every 6th day in September”. However I would notice that I wouldn’t get a notification to water that plant even after 6 days have passed -fertilizing/watering schedule. The app will notify you when it’s time to fertilize your plant, which must be done with a watering. However, once you have performed and checked off the task for fertilizing, you then have to add an extra task that you’ve watered the plant. If not, the app will think that perhaps you haven’t watered since the last check-off, and will then remind to water at a sooner than necessary date, which may lead to overwatering. So typically, whenever there is a reminder to fertilize and no reminder on the same day to water, I’ll have to go to the plant profile and determine if I should snooze the fertilize task, or both water and fertilize that day. Or perhaps the main issue is that the app will remind to fertilize when it’s not even time for a watering. It can get confusing, but I’ve found my way around it.
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3 years ago, Aracely-----
Needs to be improved
One thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that you can’t personalize the dates for when it notifies you to water your plants. The day you download the add is the automatic day all your plants need to be watered. What if I had watered my plant before I downloaded the app? Also some of my plants don’t need to be watered yet but I continue to get notifications that I have tasks that are late. Also I gave one of my plants extra water and I wasn’t able to track it because the app considered it to early so the option wasn’t even given to document it. Also it sets automatic days you have to water your plant. For example every 9 days you have to water your monstera but this doesn’t consider the size of the plant. A bigger plant has different watering needs then a smaller plant of the same kind. I do like the plant helper feature that helps you diagnose what’s wrong with your plant. I also like how it has a lot of information about a wide variety of plants and includes pictures. Another think I forgot is the app is demanding me to repot my plant but why?? There is no reason to so why am I getting the notification to do it? All the information I gave was that my plant was in a plastic pot in a medium lit room. What could have indicated I needed to repot my plant from that information given? The light meter feature was also helpful might I add. I was a premium member for about 4 weeks but now I think I’m switching to another app.
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2 years ago, llllonfcfcfanimalbbb
This is my second review, and…
This app is great! This is my second review, I’ve run into a couple problems, but nothing too big. First- I think Dr Planta should be open to everyone. Because if you are getting Planta, there is a good chance it’s because your plants are sick or dying. Second- my succulents are sharing pots with others. For example, a have a two inch succulent in a 8 inch pot ( from side to side over the top ) sharing with other plants. However, the app does not know it is sharing its pot, and it may be giving me false information. Me and my succulents are doing good, but this may be a problem in the future. Third- this is just for succulents, but whenever you take a leaf off of a thick-leaved succulent, you can put in in sun and a new plant will grow from the leaf. This is called propagation, and this should be an option to grow your plants in the app. Like, say, and option to watch over your propagation plants, care, facts, and more. It’s just for succulents of course, though. Otherwise, the app is amazing, and you did an amazing job!! I’m usually really critical on plant apps ( I just love my succulents ) so just want you guys to know you did an amazing job!!!!!
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4 years ago, Adayday
Good concept, but needs work
I almost don’t want to recommend any new plant owners use this app, with the fixed watering schedule without knowing your location and tracking your local weather, you may get your plants killed with this app. I’ve been using the app for one month now. I’m not an expert on plants, but I have about 20 indoor and outdoor plants that lives over 5+ years. A healthy plant requires more than just watering, it also depends on lighting, and local weather. Even in the same house, you may experienced a plant grows different on a different location of the house. For Planta’s free plant, it only offers FIXED watering dates, which you can’t even make personalization changes. Does paid version fix this problem? It didn’t say—this, the marketing team did a bad job on promoting the paid version. With the fixed schedule, for my tomato I bought in March, it’s recommending to water every 3 days, until today, May 7, it still says the same thing. But I live in California and today the highest temperature is above 90, you basically have to water tomato everyday otherwise it’s gonna die. Same with my indoor plants. One plant I’ve been watering it once a week for years, then Planta suggests to water it every two weeks. I decided to give it a try, and going to stop this suggestion as I see the plant leaves gotten bad. I’m currently debating on deleting this app, as I don’t see its being actually helpful.
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2 years ago, Bucranium
Very Interested…But
I refuse to use Apple Pay Wallet or PayPal due to painful identity theft. I was willing to submit my one credit card for payment. It was not accepted but rather recommended the aforementioned subscription & payments option. Nope! As much I would enjoy this. I can find other resources. Maybe not as fancy or as detailed, but not as risky either. The App creators should not be limited to Apple’s Monopoly on payment methods. You are losing subscribers while Apple makes money on the device, your software and rejecting any payment option that won’t contribute to their monopoly. As soon as my Apple phone is extinct, as is my iMac and iPad, I’m done with Apple. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our other products EXCEPT Apple will not updated the operating system. We are expected to purchase simply because Apple refuses to update older models. HA! Not happening. We have a cheap laptop & are living fine without our iPads. Your company should be investigated for unfair business practices and illegal monopoly. Not that I care. I’m a professional trouble shooter. I can work around your greedy (liberal) money grabbing lack of decency. Just watch! Tired of your B.S. and your in-your-face politics. All about it green energy while you bury perfectly good computers, etc. because you choose the almighty dollar over the environment. Climate change is about making money. Planta developers suffer because you want me to use your payment scheme. Disgusting!!
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3 years ago, HuckleberryCheesecake
Gets The Job Done Great
This is perfect for what I wanted- reminders to water the plants and info on how to care for them. I have just a couple things that could be better. First, if the free version had just a bit more than watering- at least the plant doctor, maybe- that’s be fantastic. I only have the free version, and I have wished several times for the plant doctor, but not often enough to buy a membership. Maybe a limited use- you get to use the plant doctor twice a month or something. That’d be totally awesome, and I’d honestly give the app a 5 star rating if it did that. But, I get that the app people have to make money somehow. Second, it would be nice if you could customize the sites a tad more- particularly the temperature. I would like to have a site for my greenhouse. And a brief description of the difference between each site- bedroom and kitchen and all- would be nice, if there even is a difference. Finally, if this app could be expanded to outdoor gardening I would instantly rate 5 stars and probably recommend to everyone. I imagine that’d take awhile to design though. Maybe make a sister app? Anyway, there are several things that could make this app fantastic, but it is already very good. I like it very much, and will continue to use it.
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2 years ago, geminezmarie77
I Love This App!
Planta is almost perfect at what it does—I can see my whole indoor garden by room, I can set room conditions to help dictate an automatic care schedule, it reminds me who needs what and when… The thing is I use it to make plant care easier given the number of houseplants I have and one small tweak would make it much better at this: let the user select the number of days (or weeks) to snooze a task. That’s it. Since I have so many plants, having to choose 2 days for a plant I know I don’t need to touch again for a month makes the whole app useless at reducing work required because now I have 20 snoozed plants popping up in 2 days. There is an alternative option to “skip until next time” but again that too would be better with selectable numbers as I have no idea what next time is from that prompt. Even the forecasted care schedule should be editable. Maybe Planta is suggesting fertilizing next week and I want to schedule it for next month instead or maybe it’s forecasting a repotting and I want to do it sooner or never based on observing the plant. This way when I get a task or upcoming task, it’d have so much more value. These seem like easy changes from a user perspective that would be fantastic.
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3 years ago, doubleagentsuperspy
Great app, needs minor improvements
Edit: Thank you for pointing out these features! I have one suggestion for future updates: please add a basic chart for how much to water based on pot size. That would be helpful to avoid under or over watering. Useful for keeping track of watering/fertilizing houseplants under ideal circumstances, but isn’t easy to adjust schedules when conditions are less than ideal. We’ve had unseasonably high temperatures which meant many of my plants, especially the ones in direct sun, needed more water, more often. I wanted to add an unscheduled watering for a few of plants but there is no way to do that without putting each of them on a fully customized permanent schedule. There should be an option to document that a plant was watered outside of the day recommended by the app. Also, the location feature is not very helpful. I get warnings from the app that a specific room is not appropriate, but the light meter readings any room will vary dramatically if you move a few inches up or down, or to the left or right. But the location is saved with only one set recommendation for the whole space. Not very helpful.
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3 years ago, SallyIvo
So easy and functional.
I have about 30 plants of all kinds in my house. I needed a plant management system to help me. I have tried three systems with just five plants each to see which system had the most features and also was easy to use. I used the premium feature that has to be paid for on two of the apps. After two weeks of kicking the tires on each one, I found Planta to have the most features right at the place where you need them. Here is an example- the plant watering schedule will list all the plants that need watering that day with a picture you provided or the one out of their library. Let’s say your plant does not need watering that day and you want more info on the watering requirements of that plant. Just click on plant picture and then all the plant info appears. It presents this cool chart for each plant showing the water requirements by month so you can adjust your watering requirements. So in the warm period (Feb-Octin your plant hardiness zone) you can set the watering schedule you need to do. Then you can set a different watering schedule for that plant in the cold period. Pretty cool and so easy. I am still trying out all the other features. Great app.
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4 years ago, Bruce MacFergus
One Addition I Think Should Be Added, Considering The Price!
I downloaded this after seeing it in the Apple store, but upon seeing the price for a year, and no permanent price, for instance, I was rather dismayed to discover that there wasn’t a list of the current plants that could be shown to us with their photos and common and scientific names, before we purchase this app for any length of time or of the premium plan! I happen to be a multi year customer of two major nurseries back east, in Connecticut and in Florida, and they have a vast selection of the rarest tropical plants and tropical flowers and tropical fruit, of anywhere in the country, and possibly in the entire world including Australia! Before I would purchase this, I would want to have communications with this developer and give them the names of those nurseries and await their response, and know that they do have all of the needed information first! I am not about to pay down $36, and then find it won’t be of little or any use to me! But I think they give us too little to make any real determination about whether we want his app or not, and rather force us into paying for this before we have any real idea of how much good or not, it would do us in attending to our plants correctly, considering the vast array of plants that are out there! It’s much easier to get information about plants that grow in this United States, but not from outside of our borders!
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3 years ago, EmilyClair2255
Not for desert-dwellers
So admittedly I’m new at plants, but even with the location classification, the watering schedule is way off. I’m from Phoenix, and the app told me to water a dracaena once a month... lol. I left for a week and the soil was bone-dry. It’s too bad- the app is beautifully done. I’ll try setting my own schedules, but that seems like it defeats the purpose of the app. ETA: I triple-checked my inputs. 9b, dry air, draft, correct temp, partial sun, and nursery pot. Literally the exact plant type from the sign. And we’re talking bone-dry, crispy-tips, soil-comes-out-in-one-brick level. I don’t think there’s any dracaena that wants to be that dry for 20 days, especially one that likes humidity (I should add that it has its own humidifier that’s on a daily timer). I also asked around last time I was at the nursery, and they said 10-14 days. I’ve been taking moisture readings daily and in its current location, the soil from the nursery dries completely in 6 days. I am having similar results with my other plants, as well, but most of them are desert plants who aren’t as dramatic about moisture as the dracaena is. If I missed something, please let me know. Again, it’s an awesome app and I have no doubt it works perfectly for the majority of people. If I had 50 bucks to just mess around with pro, maybe it would work better. The free version’s recommendations just aren’t gonna work for me.
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4 years ago, Jhrobbins
Good app, but could use some changes.
Great concept, and really cool for the plants it has support for. However, there are a lot of plants (especially California native plants!) that don’t have any support. There should be an option to add your own plants in and put in the associated watering schedule, much like the current “custom care” setting. That way, people who know their plants can still have the benefits of having all their plant lists in one place. Also, it is odd to me that the scientific names of the plants are so hidden. Most serious plant growers are familiar with scientific names more so than common names, and it’s a little frustrating when search results come in sorted by common name with only the genus visible (sometime). When i tried to find a plant that the app did not support i tried to search the genus but the results were muddled by the common names. So in summary: this app would be even better if users can add their own plants in (possibly contributing to plantas database of plant knowledge; making it easier on devs to add new plant support), and if common names were less emphasized than scientific names. Update: thanks for the response! Changed my rating to 5 stars.
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9 months ago, Chloe_monroe
I’d give 10 stars if I could!!!
I am not one to EVER write a review for anything but I am such a firm believer in this app that I feel obligated to. I recently moved into my own apartment and have always appreciated plants but decided I wanted to take it to the next level and have many throughout my home, unfortunately I knew nothing about caring for plants and they’d often times die. Since I have got this app my plants have not only been flourishing but two of my plants have come back from the dead - seriously!!! My striped Calathea for example was so unhappy, literally brown sticks that were about to be thrown away but I decided to try this app before letting it go and sure enough after just a couple short weeks I saw life! My plant now has four beautiful, healthy leaves growing and my family seriously doesn’t believe I didn’t just go to the store and replace it because it seemed like there was no hope - but there was - Planta!!! This isn’t fake, I’m not being paid, I’m just so passionate and tell everyone how amazing this app is because it has saved my plants and makes my space look amazing and healthy!!
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3 years ago, JigokuShoujoXIV
Hands down the best plant app
I have around 40 houseplants and this has been a god send. I’ve tried over 20 apps, and this blows them all out the water. The plant recognition function is hands down the most impressive. It was even able to identify my dead African Marigolds from JUST the shriveled up stem. That’s a miracle and far better than others that were unable to detect even some basic, healthy plants. I love how it auto sets your watering schedule based on your location and environment (instead of manually having to add it). The only function I find lacking is the Doctor function. It is kind of basic and stops after a few prompts. If there was an option to take a picture of your sick plant and have the Doctor tell you what was wrong based on that, then this will make this app go above and beyond. For example, something that would identify pest types by a picture you take in the same way it detects the plant type….and have it able to detect what is wrong with the leaves or branches. It should be easy for the app to see that a succulent plant is over watered based on it being swollen and yellowish.
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2 months ago, Ivandily
Best plant app💐🌷
If you are looking for an app so you can rihtly take care of your plants without them dying, this is the one. I have had plenty of plants that have died before this app, and since then, Planta has been supporting me with so many ideas to help my plants grow. Planta holds so many species of plants, there would be no way your plant wasnt on the list. It gives you a doctor for when your plant is sick, it gives you suggestions, it gives you groups you can talk to to make sure your plants is havin the time of its life. There are great watering schedules, fertilizer, pruning, etc reminders to help your plants thrive! The Planta subscription is also cheap, yet so helpful with so much important information. You wont lose a buck when I tell you that this app is the greatest plant app you would ever have seen. Grow your plants outdoor or indoor, Planta will always give you everything you need to keep all of your plants happy as they grow. If your plant dies, no worries, you can bring it back in days with help from Dr. Planta! Take this review as a welcome from Planta and the amazing things they hold!
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2 years ago, Krismoon
1 year of use, countless plants saved!
I couldn’t understand how I was killing so many plants until this app. Since getting this app a little over a year ago, I’ve only lost a handful of plants, and I think that’s below average. Plants bite the dust sometimes no matter what we do. But this app taught me how and when to use fertilizer, when to water and how, and how much light is too much or too little. It’s so mindless, it’s perfect. Open the app, see what needs what, do that, done. No puzzling out what to do. I get the sense this app is a labor of love for the developers, and I have seen improvements throughout the year. There are still some improvements to be made, but those can only be made by more money coming in. I’d absolutely recommend this app to anyone with plants, and already have. It is such a steal to have this for $35 per year. Probably saved around $200 by not killing plants and having to buy new ones! Even started propagating plants which has saved even more money. In the future it would be a really cool addition to have info on how to propagate each plant!
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2 years ago, Brandi Jameson
Not as good as it was
After using this app for several months, my opinion of it has fallen significantly. It started out great, but this last update just it not for me. The “beta” version of the app that helps you identify problems you may be having with your plants is absolutely terrible because if you do not already know what the problem is then you’re clueless on how to proceed with the questions it asks. The previous method was to show pictures and ask you to identify what was closest to your issue and it was super easy and step by step. Furthermore, the app has slowed so much that I no longer have the patience for it. When you tap on the icon to complete a task, such as watering, it takes at least 45 seconds of spinning wheel to update. Then it will auto refresh to the top of your list, causing you to have to scroll all the way back down to where you where. Based on these minor annoyances and the fact that I was unable to contact support through their channels, I am leaving my review here and canceling my subscription.
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4 years ago, heartisanite
Could be improved
I’m a paid member, and I absolutely love this app. It keeps me on track when the number of plants I have to take care of is overwhelming. It’s beautiful and gives great information on each plant. The reason for 3 stars is because I think there are so many ways it could be improved. Namely, more customizations and better care info. I wish I could give my pilea plant a custom task like “rotate once every three days” or something. Or I could choose which image I want as the main picture for my plant while still adding more pictures in its personal album. I wish the app included the size of the pot in how often we need to water, because my smaller pots need water much more often than my larger ones too. I also wished the care instructions were more in depth. Each plant is given the same categories of care, but as plant owners know, some plants have very specific care needs. It would be great if each plant had its own small blurb at the end written by someone at the planta team which felt more personal. These suggestions are just to name a few. I hope with more and more updates we start to see an app with better functionality while still keep its clean and easy-to-use look.
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2 years ago, GailenNico
Needs a vacation algorithm
I love this app! Been a paid subscriber for over 2 years now and I can 100% say there is no other app better than this for tracking your plants. That being said, with the number of plants I have it can get overwhelming sometimes when the daily tasks start to add up. I simply don’t have time to do all the tasks needed every single day. I’m hoping the developers could introduce an algorithm that could possibly consolidate a week’s tasks down to a few days, for example if I want to go on vacation for a long 4-day weekend, I could put this in and it will tell me what to do to prepare and what to do when I get back. Or if I don’t have daily time I can dedicate to plant care, I can configure settings to permanently consolidate my tasks down to a selection of days I choose, instead of every day. Then Planta could advise if this is enough days, or if I have plants that need daily care it could warn about that too. Seems like a good idea. Anyways, Planta is still the best! 5 stars!
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1 year ago, Trinibeen
Not enough info
I’ve found that there are several plants that aren’t available, and there are no options for choosing which varieties of plants. For example, bush varieties vs pole varieties, which need different care. There’s also no info about germination. The subscription is expensive considering there are countless websites online that can give you all of the information provided in this app. Without forking out the extra money for the premium service, this app is almost useless. Every time I saw something that might be useful, I was met with more and more asking for my money. This is a great concept and I was excited to have a central place to keep my plant care organized and to get help when I need it as a beginner/moderate plant parent. But plant care alone being costly as it is, I have no desire to spend money on a subscription service for information that I can access with a quick google search. If it were a one time purchase I’d be much more willing to give this app a chance but I can’t justify spending several dollars a month. TLDR: it’s a good concept and might be nice for a busy person with a high number of plants, but is too expensive to be useful, and does not have much variety for plant types.
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3 years ago, Breezywhatwhat
Happy but hoping for a crucial improvement
I am so grateful a coworker told me about Planta. It makes my life so much easier! They continue to update it as well with new improvements. I haven’t ran into any issues with identifying or finding a houseplant so their database of plants and plant knowledge must be extensive, even for rarer houseplants. The biggest complaint I have is the progress reminder update and water reminder update are the SAME look/color! This might not seem like a big deal but when you glance at 6 of your plants in a row all orange with a notification to water and there is one that follows that says progress but also looks the exact same my mind naturally sees this as another plant that needs to be watered. It does say Progress instead of Water but because the notification is the same look/color next to the plant on numerous occasions now I’ve accidentally overwatered my plants. This small error as killed a few of my plants. I doubt I am the only person who has done this. Please update this feature and make it so the Progress update does not look so similar to the Water update. It would make the app more useful and my plants happier!
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4 years ago, JazziFizzleStix
Almost love this!
This app is so close to a 4-star in my book, but it could be a 5-star app. I’m a Planta user and pay for the membership because it is worth it compared to other apps like this. The app is nice! It allows you to find out what any unknown new plant friends you brought in. It helps you determine the best place to put your plants. It even reminds you when to water, mist, and fertilize. However, you only have access to some of these functions as a paying member. I think it would be nice to allow these functions for free but offer paying members access to online plant help through the app for beginners to work one on one and maybe open forums for users to chat when help isn’t available? Also, I feel like there are fewer “homesteader” plant options available, which leads me to having to turn to other sources. I think that especially right now, the app would benefit from that. Many people are starting to grow their own foods at home right now. Also it would be cool to see how-to content about care for each plant. You could have people submit videos to reach out to the public about this. Taking care of my plants has been one of the things getting me through this!
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3 years ago, Mandi L
My plants LOVE Planta!!
I absolutely love this app! It really helps me take better care of my 50+ plants. Before Planta, I was watering most of my plants on the same schedule and while they were still alive, they weren’t thriving. After using Planta for a couple of months, and each plant being on its own schedule, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my plants and how much healthier and happier they look. I am, however, not a fan of the newest update. Managing the daily tasks is confusing. When I checked this morning, before the new update was pushed to my phone, it said I only had 3 tasks but when I just checked it now, it says I have 35 but doesn’t give the snooze or complete option next to each plant (like it did before). Maybe I’m not looking at it right and it could be user error. I’m gonna have to reacquaint myself with the app to figure it out. But even with that update, I still recommend this app to all my plant friends. Definitely worth the price of the premium option!
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2 years ago, Belaphabet
Amazing app! Want more social options
I love planta so much and it has been great for me as i’ve gotten deeper into the rabbit hole of plant ownership! super convenient for both me and to give to people plant sitting for me to give them a guideline of when to water One thing I think would be fun to add is more of a social side to the app? many of my friends are also into plants and i think it would be cool to be able to browse their collections or to be able to send each other planta you think the other person would like! also to be able to transfer plants between accounts if you give a plant to a friend and then you can watch it’s progress on your friends page instead of just completely deleting it from your library. ooh or a little “cutting/propagates family tree” from the og plant to all of the new babies. I realize adding social is probably a huge endeavor so i don’t see it happening soon but just thought it could be a cool direction for the app to go eventually!
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3 years ago, Awfea
Amazing App, 1 Suggestion
I have finally upgraded my account to Premium and am loving it even more now. However, I do see one inconvenient thing regarding the fertilizer options. I believe another user also brought this up. When you add a plant it asks how you want to fertilize it.. I clicked “slow release sticks” for some of my plants but have started using the little pump bottles by Miracle Gro for both succulents and indoor plants instead. I cannot change this as a setting for my plants, and do not want to go back in and re-add them just to update the fertilizer settings. Is this a feature that can be added to an future update? The fertilizer schedule isn’t accurate now since I would most likely be using the pump fertilizer more frequently than the slow release sticks. Other than this feature that I wish could be changed, this is an extremely helpful and thorough app, and I even use it in the classroom with my students for the plants they have brought in!
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12 months ago, Zan2004
App is Limited
The app is good for everyday use if you pay for premium, I’m just disappointed in the options in learning about weather your lil green dude is in a good place, EX. I have a store bought monstera adanonsii and it came in water (hydroponically). I can’t find anything on here whether or not it’s ok or not or even how to care for it in a situation I have. This app is good for soil keepers and that’s about it. Glad I didn’t get premium to end up with info that didn’t need. I just want an informative app that allows me to run scheduling for my plants. Now granted it does that but just very cut and dry and limited in options. And even if my plant isn’t meant for hydroponic growing there isn’t a feature to advise me about it. Limited care and is just not as informative as it’s made to seem being a creators choice or whatever it is. Now granted they did have that option I hope that I could at least run a weeks worth at minimum of premium care for a plant before I have to pay. I just think this app is very stiff and defeats the whole purpose of getting a “smart” app for my plant. I just wanna have apps not beg for money and do little to nothing for me in return.
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4 years ago, thompk15
The perfect plant app
I recently got into plants, and my collection quickly became too large to manage. This app is a godsend, and so easy to use! You set up rooms in your house, with environmental conditions (light, humidity, etc.), and add your plants (including how they’re potted). It automatically tells you if that room is not a good fit for the plant. A maintenance schedule is created, to remind you to water, mist, repot, etc. The app also comes with an identification tool, that tells you the name of a plant based off of a picture you take, and a light meter, in case you’re not sure on the light conditions in a room. There’s tons of other great features (too many to list), like customizable care schedule, and the ability to request a plant be added to their data base in case one of your plants isn’t already listed. For $3/month, it’s totally worth it! The only thing I wish it included was an option to choose the type of soil your plants are in. This affects your watering schedule, but this isn’t taken into account.
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5 months ago, PotatoHorse101
Great app in general
I’ve been using plants for one or two years now, and while it’s a great app to have as a reminder to water my many plants, i definitely have a few complaints! Starting with my more general complaint, I really do wish that there was more you could do for free on the app, it feels like it would be much more profitable for them to have ads than to have the subscription service. Maybe i don’t represent the majority, but it doesn’t seem like there would be many people interested in a subscription service for plant care, even at the cheap price it’s being offered at. To add to that, one of my plants has been looking bad recently, and although it only requires watering about once a month, i couldn’t recall the last time i watered it. i went in to the app today to make sure it hadn’t somehow gotten deleted and it says that watering has been paused on the plant. I certainly didn’t pause it, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to unpause it. not sure if others have had this problem.
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2 years ago, cromki
The developer plays the rating system
So I left a very elaborate review a month ago or so ago, with criticism pertaining the UX/UI, the inability to temporarily designate a care-person (for when you’re absent), as well as a single bug. They responded 4 weeks ago, but addressed the bug itself, and gave an unsatisfying “you can add the caretaker to your Family account or share the password” suggestion regarding care-person. They asked to contact about the bug and so I did. They never responded back. Now I wanted to add another UX/UI issue to my review, when I noticed it was gone. What the developer did is they reported that review to Apple, on the (false) grounds that it was a bug report. This is a known trick to game the AppStore review system. None of my sensible issues nor suggestions were addressed. After using the app for couple months it’s getting more tedious by the day. Example: when I am scheduled to add a fertilizer, but don’t remember if a plant likes to dry out between waterings, the watering information is 4-5 clicks away, and a long scroll to the bottom of a Plant info page. For something this obvious, i.e. that the fertilizer is water, too, you’d expect them to be a bit more imaginative about the UX patterns.
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3 years ago, katbchew
i killed every single plant i’ve ever owned before this app, even my cacti. i’m truly obsessed and every day i can’t wait to water my plants and do all of the other tasks. my collection of plants has been growing massively and that’s possible because their care seems like such a simple task due to the format and organized nature of the app. it’s such a good place to discover new plants as well, as some of the features make it easy to decide the best plants for you based off of the rooms you have, light, time, skill level, etc. i also highly recommend purchasing premium. this is the only app that i have ever done that for and probably ever will and i have no regrets. it’s fairly priced when you buy it in a bundle for the year or a few months and it has so much more information and many special features when you do so. really good information on the app as well and you can change the schedules for watering and other things based off of what you observe on your own plants and it tells you how to do that and make those decisions. my plants really have never looked better and i have learned so much. seriously because i killed every single one before this. i have recommended this app to several people who have told me they are too busy for the house plants they want and they love it too. thank you planta for my new hobby!! i seriously have never written a review for anything in my life before but this was worth it.
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3 years ago, christenmiller
Love the app but have a few suggestions
I love the Planta app. It not only helps me keep a solid schedule with my plants, but also helps anyone I have watching them while I’m away on business or vacation. I will say, I wish there were more options as far as water propagation goes, because I haven’t found any yet but have quite a few plants on that state. Obviously those don’t need a watering schedule, but it would be helpful to know when to change the water and get suggestions on good times to transfer them to soil. I also think it would beneficial to select which window each plant is in. For example, there are several rooms in my house that have an east and a south facing window, and different plants in each. Instead of just choosing a partly sunny room, I think it’s be helpful to know which window they’re actually in. I also think different light options would be helpful, as several of my plants have plant lights as their main source. Just a few thoughts, but overall I really enjoy it. Thanks!!
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2 years ago, BeardedBuilder
Almost perfect, but needs one thing
I love this app and use it regularly to keep track of all my houseplants. There is one thing I wish was more customizable. Please, for the love of all that is holy, let me choose my own number of days to snooze a task. It would be great if you could set the default snooze duration to anything you want. It would also be great to be able to change the snooze of a specific task at the time you hit the button to anything longer or shorter than the default, if desired. This is more of an issue with plants that require less frequent watering. For example, if I’m prompted to water my ZZ plant and I decide to snooze it because I know it won’t need watered for at least another week, I don’t want to have to hit snooze 3-4 times before it finally needs watered. But I also don’t want to completely skip that watering because it would skip all the way to the next scheduled watering (like 3-4 weeks away). If those features were added, this would be so much more useful!
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1 year ago, Yebo29
Had to knock down a couple of stars
UPDATE: things run smoother now and buttons work. Thank you! I updated my review. Still wishing and hoping for 1. in-ground option and 2. starting from seed option. Also, the scan to identify feature is pretty good! OLD REVIEW: App is great, but has gotten considerably slower as time and updates come. It makes my iPhone 11 Pro Max quite warm to the point it begins to throttle. Making progress updates are tedious and slow. Battery drainer. Some UI elements don’t work until you exit and go back in. For example, when I make a progress update, and then try to go into the plant settings once in complete the update, the three dots menu button doesn’t work. I have to exit, then go back in to make it work. Wish there was an option for *in-ground* planting. I have a banana and mango tree. Those aren’t meant to be potted. Wish I could change the type of fertilizer without having to delete the plant.
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3 years ago, MystilI
I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the app's lack of features
As my plant collection and knowledge has grown I've found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of some crucial details or rather, the inability to add them. There's no option for leca or sphagnum moss as substrate. The watering schedules for some plants are just completely off. My collection is largely indoors and under grow lights and temperature is 70+ degrees so there should be an option to keep the watering schedule consistent during the "off" season, but instead I either have to update it for every plant (about 90) to a custom watering schedule or continue to add watering events which doesn't help anything but waste more time. Most of my plants haven't slowed down since fall began, so I don't see the point of Planta changing the watering schedule. I don't find it worth paying for Planta when it makes me this frustrated and will be phasing it out. It's also buggy and slow when I'm trying to click the bubbles to complete a task. I feel like the app could be better. Right now, I'm regretting the subscription. I've used this app for 6 months.
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3 years ago, Bombck
Great for Newbies, One Major Request
I love plants but have a black thumb, I’ve never been able to keep anything alive. My friend kept encouraging me to try again but I knew I’d need help knowing how to care for my plant babies and Planta has been awesome! I’ve been using it for a few months now and my plants are doing great! One major request, though- local weather!!! We had a cold snap recently and I had to Google each outdoor plant I have individually to figure out what I needed to bring inside for the weekend. We are also going to have rain for the next couple of days for the first time since I got outdoor plants for my deck, and I’ll need to do the same thing today to make sure there aren’t any that won’t tolerate some major extra waterings. I would 100% pay for premium if it had these features. Aside from that I’m still giving this 5 stars because even with the free version I am keeping tons of plant babies healthy for the first time ever!
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3 years ago, impress me12345
I smother my plants so this is great
It takes a bunch of factors into consideration while forming a watering schedule. For example, the type of pot, humidity, the weather of your location, and how much light you get in your room. I smother my plants and end up either overwatering or forgetting about them. The notifications force me to give them the care that they need. Without the premium version it only tells you when to water your plants. It doesn’t limit the amount of plants you can have, which I appreciate. One recommendation I have for the app is to allow you to put an assortment of plants in one pot. Two of my plants have different watering schedules, yet they are in the same pot, and it would be nice if the app told me to either move the plants or change the schedule to accommodate them both. If that’s possible, I think it’d be an awesome addition. I love the app so far, and I’m looking forward to using it in the future!
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3 years ago, goodsamaritan314
Indispensable app for tracking my 50+ houseplants
Even though I use a moisture meter and always check the soil beforehand, having a watering schedule to remind me has been so helpful. Having 50+ houseplants also means that being able to quickly take pictures, make notes, and have the names and info there for reference is super helpful. One thing I would love to see is some way for the app to learn that some of my plants don’t conform to the standard watering schedule. For example, because humidity and light matters so much (and can be very different from the outdoors and even in the same room), if I’m consistently snoozing for a certain plant, I’d want the app to learn and space out the reminders more. Or if machine learning is too difficult, it’d be nice to have an option where you could indicate that you prefer to err on the side of *underwatering* and the app would add a slight delay/buffer to the watering reminders.
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2 years ago, San_amAze_moon
Favorite plant app but still missing one thing IMO
I’ve been using this app for years and it’s always been very user friendly and intuitive! I love all the updates that have been added over the years but there’s just one big thing I feel is still missing. A lot of people, myself included, use grow lights to supplement natural light or as their primary light source in certain rooms or plant cabinets for example, so it would be so helpful if there were some options for that in the light settings. Like if you could set how much natural vs artificial light certain sites get per day or if they’re only getting artificial light or natural light etc. that would be perfect. Hoping this update is already in the works but thought it was worth mentioning! My plants and I thank you for an awesome app! EDIT: To Developer, thanks for the response but that answer was not really even related to my suggestion lol
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4 years ago, eknobz
Missing key pieces
This app achieves the very basics, but that’s it. For what I paid, I expected a lot more. The ailment diagnostic and treatment feature is practically unusable. I have gone in several times already knowing my plant’s ailment and have not gotten the right answer after answering all of Planta's prompts. I had to enter them manually, which was STILL harder than it had to be. Just let me click a button that says my plant has sunburn! Other ailments like thrips it tells you how to treat and then when you click that you’ve done it for the day it says you’ve “cured” thrips. Anyone who has battled thrips knows one treatment does not cure thrips. So this feature is not accurate or useful. Plant ID is completely inaccurate and there are a shocking number of common houseplants missing or labeled in a super weird way in the app. The light meter, one of the premium features, did not work. It told me every room was dark, including my south facing windows. Lastly, it gives you way too many things to do for each plant, I think just to make you think you need the app. My plants do not need to be misted twice a week. That is absolutely bonkers. No chance I am continuing my subscription of this app.
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3 years ago, JasmineNichole
I've had the premium version of this app for over a year and I absolutely loved it. Yes it's schedule isn't perfect but it definitely helps to keep track of watering and all that extra stuff because over the summer I had amidst 160 plants... So why the two stars? See originally I would have given this app a 5 star rating, but up until 3 months ago the app completely stopped working, I've almost never had an issue with its before, but now it's so glitchy I can't keep track of any of my plants. I have to choose out the app about 7 times before I can actually do anything... And if I try to go to my daily tasks forget about it. I don't want to delete it because i have over a years worth of plant info on there but honestly I don't even use the app anymore. I've had to learn to just put my plants on a "judgment" schedule... It gets a bit overwhelming at times because I have to many plants and I wish the app worked. I've tried everything but Uninstalling the app for fear of losing all my info... I really hope you guys get all these glitches fixed... This was my favorite plant app hands down.
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2 years ago, learningtocode
Life Saver (Literally)
I’ve always been told I have a “black thumb” though honestly, I feel like that’s an exaggeration. I love plants, I’m absolutely obsessed with them, and this app helps me feel like I can speak their language. Every plant has its own needs so I feel like a green thumb really boils down to doing your research and knowing your plant. But instead of having to retain all that knowledge in my head, this app stores it for me. It gives me tips, and tells me when to water, repot, mist, fertilize, all tailored to the plants that I have in my home, and the location of them. I’ve only been using this app for a short while but I thought I was killing my lavender because I read online that they basically hate water. The app told me to water it and it literally perked back up the next day! I’m starting to understand what my plants need a bit more now and better care for them and it’s all thanks to this app!
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