Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

4.7 (424.3K)
176.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

4.7 out of 5
424.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Disappointed Former Loyal Fan
5 Star But: Awesome In (Almost) All Ways…
I love this game and I’ve been playing it for a number of years. Changes over the years with the inclusion of Arena competitions that change every few days and daily challenges, along with the continuous addition of new plants helps to keep things fresh, fun and engaging. I rarely leave reviews anywhere, but a relatively recent glitch has me writing one now. It has to do with playing Arena challenges. Every so often (but often enough that this is really becoming an issue), right in the middle of the game, the app just shuts down and kicks me off of the platform. And what ends up happening then is I lose the gauntlet required to play that game, and also the satisfaction of knowing whether or not I was actually going to win or not. This isn’t a huge issue overall, but it does mean I end up forfeiting a gauntlet when I may not have actually lost, and I also then don’t receive whatever prize I would have received for that game’s win. And as there’s no way to recoup that particular game or gauntlet, it just kind of feels like a rip off, tiny though it is. Over time, those small rip offs add up, you know? And the overall effect is….irritating, to say the least. I wish the developers would address this bug. I’m sure enough money is being made by them without having to nickel and dime loyal players here and there. Then this game would have my full-throated endorsement of a true 5 star game without the caveat in the title.
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3 years ago, Mamo4u
Amazing game, but..
I love this game. It is super entertaining and I’m kind of addicted. But.. there has been a little bit of problems. 1. Whenever you update the game and add a plant, there is a load data part that takes 10 minutes, which can result in devices overheating and losing battery. 2nd. The game has too much adds, can you make it every 5 levels you get one add? And lastly, the game doesn’t get any new maps added in it. This is making me sad because I wanted plants like scarcely shroom and umbrella leaf to return. But alas, the game is very fun. Also, why is Chomper a premium plant that costs money, but torch wood and hot date are not? That’s kind of weird. Also, can you make snow pea a non- premium? I would say you could put it in the castle map. Also, Star fruit should cost gems, and squash should be buffed. Also, why is laser beam doing more damage than bloomerang when 1. Laser beam can hit every zombie in the game, but bloomerang cant hit the jester or shovel zombie. 2. Laser beam can hit every zombie in one lane, and bloomerang can’t. 3. Laser beam shoots faster than bloomerang. And 4. Laser beam only costs 200 sun for what it does? Why doesn’t bloomerand cost 150, and why doesn’t lazar beam cost 250? Also, Why does tile turnip go all the way up to 10K when I don’t even have it up to one lane yet? And a suggestion: can you make Twin sunflower 100 sun?
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2 years ago, solarsmashfan
So I’m suggesting some updates,plants and zombies for the next update so hope you add them. The first plant I want to be added is called “pea-berg” so it’s a mix of iceberg lettuce and peashooter and it shoots peas and if a zombie steps on it it gets stunned then it explodes and peas go flying in different lanes and make it where there’s a 50% chance of the pea of catching on fire when the zombie explodes and make the pea-burg a apease mint family plant and worth 25 sun The next plant is called “blower” and it blows zombies like hurrikale but after it blows it flings a random zombie off the board and it cost 100 sun and a contain mint family plant So this update I want in the future is called “garden and plantz” and it contains some new zombies. New zombies in the update I want is gardener zombies and cashiers the gardener zombie has a hose that can damage plants but after it reaches 5 tiles it drops it hose because the hose reaches it’s max distance. And the cashier zombies can have a cash register that they can smash the plants with and it has a 50% chance to drop coins and there can be customer zombies that appear only if the cashier zombie appears and a new plant is called “potato cannon. and it takes a random zombies after 10 seconds after eating it and uses the zombies head as a cannon ball. A zombie that I want to return is pogo zombie and zomboni.
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4 years ago, frutypebbles!!
BEST game ever!!
This is the best game I’ve ever played.😄 I’m pretty picking when it comes to mobile games but, this game is a great strategy game that takes some thinking to strategize a good win. Now I’ve read some reviews about the game being to hard but, this game has ways around the...for example fishermen zombie just use the infi-nut power up and it covers all the lanes from the fisherman hooks from killing the plants. If you like fun games that you never get bored of, or a games with tons of plants to collect and zombies to kill, and 12 whole maps to beat, with and tons of game modes and daily activity than this game is for you. Now if you are a giver upper and get upset because you can’t beat a level the first try and are losing because of the fisherman zombies than this game isn’t for you. This game takes a good amount of time to complete but when is over you just want to play it all over again but don’t worry there’s still penny’s pursuit, and the arena which are super fun and you can still collect plants from. I don’t usually write reviews but this game deserves it and I’ve been enjoying this game ever since this game came out, I just love it . So download the game and you won’t be sorry, and thanks to the people who made this amazing game. God bless.🥳
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5 years ago, Disappointed, yet still happy.
game is great, only writing this review for one thing.
Fisherman zombies. The worst zombie in the game. PvZ is supposed to be a fun tower defense game and having a strategy to deal with zombies with mechanics. Most zombies are bearable, the torch zombie and shovel zombie can sometimes be annoying but have their weaknesses. Gargantuars are easy enough. But the fisherman. It doesn’t make the game any more fun, and it doesn’t even feel good to beat the level with the horrid amount of fisherman zombies because you’re so stressed out by their stupid mechanics. They’re just so dumb, literally. It’s so hard to defeat them, because in beach there are tons of zombies blocking your plants from attacking them, and tangled kelp helps a bit but there are sometimes more than 5 all the time, and the kelp can’t take them all. And you always use your single use plants to defend your plants with the zombies upfront, but you end up losing because you didn’t defeat those stupid fisherman zombies. If I waste my cherrybomb to attack a group of fisherman in the back, the bucket head swarm gets my plants and I lose. I don’t have the jalapeño, and it wouldn’t even work because it only gets a single lane of fisherman zombies. I don’t expect you to remove the zombie, maybe not change it at all, but I just want to voice my opinion on how it ruins the game experience for me. But I still have arena so I guess this is alright 😔
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1 year ago, The greenhouser🌻
New animal based plants
You know, I’ve been thinking about having more animal plants, say like kiwi beast or toadstool, but I think for the spring event, you should add a dynamic Dino, Bananasaurus Rex! Not only would this make more fan service for powerful plants in Jurassic marsh, this is the perfect plant for the spring event! You have only one banana plant, and having a T. rex would be awesome, and could be the very first plant that is an actually a dinosaur! (Not counting Dino nip.) It would be as tall as tall nut, it would take a plants like peashooter,sunflower,walnut, and potato mine by eating them, and when it’s done, it spits them out, and they turn into primal plants! It can also eat 5 zombies if there are no plants in front of it. When it becomes eaten, it splashes it’s banana juice over plants, and they become primal! It takes a decent, a little bit less time than a chomper, and it when it gets powered up, it roars, and all the zombies in the lane fling off, and dinosaurs will be charmed in that lane as well! (From the roar.) also, you guys can make the bio. I hope you have the power in your hearts to make the very first Dino plant in pvz2! Happy planting at popcap you guys! Also, don’t listen to all those guys who say your games are dead! Keep working, and you will never fail. 🦖🍌
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11 months ago, jttaylor155
My progress got deleted (it’s not your fault)
I was playing pirate seas and finally beat the boss battle, but the game crashed and my progress was ALL GONE. It’s not your fault though popcap, my ipad crashes all the time. I’m really angry that my progress is gone though. Also, I’d really like a new Cold War themed world. Basically, it’s a lot like the fog levels from pvz 1, having toxic gases on 1 half of the screen. The gases can’t be planted on, but there could be some sort of plant that gets rid of it (blover also only gets rid of 1 row of gas) there could also be some mutant plants (like the primal plants from Jurassic marsh) there could also be a gas mask zombie, who can’t be damaged unless eating a plant. Also I’d like you to bring back doom shroom (in the new world or as an arena plant)or a gas shroom, which makes one tile of insta-killing gas for a few seconds. Also I’m still salty about my progress so I’m giving you 3 stars. Edit:I found out that since Id unlocked all the worlds already, the new update made my progress get deleted, since now to unlock a world, I need to beat the previous world. Also I gave you back 1 star :) +cool plant idea: weeping willow, makes one water tile where it’s planted and slaughter lily, who can eat 3 zombies before chewing, must be planted on water too. could maybe come in an Ancient Rome world
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7 years ago, Greyk3036
It was good until...
I really like the game when you were still doing updating it. I started when lost city part 2 came out and it was good. New plants, old plants and new worlds made things interesting. I even like how each world had a certain gimmick that makes it harder like the cold wind in frostbite caves. It gave more challenge during the story more than the first one. However, now half of the plants are premium and you have to buy them with real money. Plus after level 8 in ancient Egypt you get all the world keys. What happened to the extra hard challenge level that rewarded you with a key. And what happen to the music that made that level fun. All the worlds have now only 2 themes. The normal theme and the end of the world boss theme. I really like hearing the remixes of the mini game theme in each world. (like the matching camel tiles in ancient Egypt or the coconut canons and the buccaneer pirates in pirate seas) Other than that, the game is a good challenge and gives you some good plants. Oh and what’s up with the piñatas in the world map. If you played the game before the update that introduced them, all of the piñatas would be used and you would get nothing out of them. If you just fix the premium plants, piñatas, and somehow get the music back for the mini games and challenge levels (like the levels were you used to get a world key when you had to fight a bunch of Gargantuan zombies halfway through the world) the game will be great. Until then the game is ok.
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4 years ago, kimberlyc502
So Fun!
I saw complaints about this game being hard to beat, but I disagree. This game is so fun and way better than the first one. I loved the first one, but I have to admit this one is so much better. They give you plenty of opportunity to get the good stuff to beat the levels and win plants. They let you win plenty of gems, coins, gauntlets, and mints so you can purchase the necessary items or win in the Arena. If you’re not willing to spend extra money then you can watch videos to earn the extra stuff. I’ve been able to beat almost every level without having to spend extra money and I’ve had so much fun. I watch the videos and earn enough to make it through the game. Even without the videos I would make it through. They give you that much help. This game is worth downloading. Don’t listen to the people talking bad about it because I’ve yet to find a problem with it and I’ve played it nonstop since I downloaded it. I’m already to the second to last level and I still enjoy it. The Arena, Penny’s Pursuit, and all the extra little levels thrown in daily keep you occupied when you’re not playing the Adventure mode. The point is, this is a great game. Download it!
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1 year ago, Starberry163
Make new worlds
I have played Plants vs. Zombies for over a decade. I started playing the first version long before there the app version existed, and then excitedly played PvZ2 when it came out in the App Store years ago. It is hands down my favorite game. I finished all the worlds and held on to hope that one day new worlds would come out. I finished this game probably 8+ years ago. I play piñata party daily and the side missions, etc. The arena is not entertaining as there is no real progression or reaching any big goals. Plus I like solo play, not against others. But I am left wondering why in the heck new worlds are not being developed. There have been hoards of new plants, most of which are available only by monetary purchase, but not new worlds. It makes no sense, for what purpose are you creating new plants? Only for brand new players who have never played this game and are just hearing about it now? EA has made absolutely no effort in developing new, real content for the long term player and it is beyond frustrating. This game is an asset and they are wasting its potential. I read that the international version gets worlds to this day, but not the US version. Why???!! EA come on, do this game justice and start developing more solid content. Not every game you put out there has to revolve around shooting and sports.
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2 years ago, Zack Makuliak
This game is awesome… with a tiny couple of bugs
Warning: Mild Spoilers Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Plants Vs. Zombies. Both the games; the original I’ve beat eight times. I got into this one and thought, this one is going to be great! And it was. All the special little touches from the silly descriptions of the plants to the wacky zombies to the hilarious story of trying to find a taco. This game is a bit bonkers with the in app purchases (five dollars for one plant!? REALLY?!?) but I really don’t mind too much. I don’t really write reviews except for the games I truly love. iPhone has a problem, however, and it was weird at first but now it’s a big concern of mine. The music is off. But only for the home section of PvZ. The music in-world is fine but the home music and victory tune are all off. This started when I got to the world ‘Dark Ages’ and the music won’t come back on. I’ve checked if my phone was on silent mode. Nothing. I’ve checked if it was because the settings had music at minimum volume. It was turned all the way up. I’ve seen that others have been complaining too on the help section and I need a fix. All the music and new victory tunes as I traverse worlds is gone. Please help!
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2 years ago, pvz fan 24
80$ or more bucks just to have all the games plants
You can get these plants on sale in game but my problem is that you’re still spending more than 50 bucks just to have all of them what would be better is if all plants cost like one dollar because for five bucks you can buy the original PvZ on PC for five bucks or (1 depending on sale) we’re all the original plants are free . And it doesn’t stop there The entire progression system needs You to pull out your wallet so it would be nice if you could up the scale of which people could earn gems this way people can earn some of the premium plants way faster instead of spending a whole month just to get two plants so far everything else about this game is pretty well done even down to the soundtrack so only get this game if you have more than 80 bucks to spend another thing you should do is make it so that you don’t have to spend so many gems on seed packets and zen garden pots and make it so that premium plants go on sale more often and I mean the plants lock behind a money paywall not a gem paywall and make it so that missions give you more gems also one more thing completely unrelated but could u pls port pvz gw1 to switch and maybe port the Pvz console edition to switch cuz just imagine pvz console vs mode on switch i mean people wanted them both on pc why not go for switch
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5 years ago, bfdifan101
(This Revivew is for PvZ 3 and about this game.)
PvZ 2 Part: This game is good but, I agree with the people when EA came in, they added EVERYTHING to ruin the game. Now they did add some good things, like more worlds and battlez, battlez is fun. But until they added plants to premium, the game got.. out of hand and not fun.. people who got these plants lost them. EA made The game lose its follower’s and fans.. I hope in PvZ 3, They Remove and rather fix the way premium plants. Like you have to buy with diamonds (like some in PvZ 2) and coins. PvZ 3 Part: It look’s fun, it looks like it’s a remake of the first game, but please add extra worlds, like a graveyard level, that could be for only the good player’s. Because of this graveyard themed world, near IO zombie’s would shuffle faster to the plants. And, change the art style to how it is in this game, I think it would work well, but, I’m gone with the current art style I just don’t like the color’s, just fix the color’s to how they where in this game. Pea shooter in a olive green color doesn’t sit well, I want the pea shooter color from this game. And that’s all, I’m sorry this review is wrong. Anyways, thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, zacksatt
Ruined by Micro-transaction model
This is a potentially great sequel to an already excellent game in the first PvZ. However, an exceptionally greedy micro-transaction model (especially with the latest update) and new power creep upgrade system ruins any potential for a well balanced game. Nearly half the plants are locked behind a premium $5 paywall (per plant!) including several classics such as the snow pea. There is no way that a game that should cost no more than $20 total should have hundreds of dollars worth of micro-transaction offers in every corner of the game. And the new upgrade system is no less heinous. If you wish to level up your plants, you must grind for random loot-crate like piñatas to slowly collect enough cards. In the first game, I loved the fact that the design of the levels often made them challenging, but I knew I could figure out a strategy and combination of plants to overcome the challenge. When I face a challenging level in this game, I simply wonder if my plants aren’t high enough level or if that particular level is in fact winnable with base-level plants. It saps almost all of the fun and satisfaction out of game with so much potential for those qualities. I feel like the developers and publishers have put much more time and effort into developing ways to get into customers’ wallets than they have into creating a fair and fun experience. If that’s not enough to leave a terrible taste in your mouth, the endless ads should be. What a shame...
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3 years ago, Awm357
Crashes, micro transactions and greed.
I decided to write a review after sending in a bug report because the arena matches have been crashing and closing the app just seconds before the clock runs out multiple times for the past few days. After the 5th time today I decided that I’ve had enough. The matches cost gauntlets to play and you receive no points if it crashes, which is frustrating. So you have to use gems to buy more gauntlets. If you don’t have enough gems you can buy some with real money or watch multiple ads for 3 gems a piece…. Someone has already alluded to the fact that it’s highly suspicious and nearly impossible to reach the full reward for a win streak also. But you can spend more gems to keep the streak alive even tho you lost…. Tell me the game isn’t rigged without telling me the game is rigged. The amount of micro transactions in this game is disgusting. Half the plants cost $5 EACH. The constant ads are annoying. What happened to paying to not see ads any more? That I would gladly do. But it’s all about the money so sit there and suffer through 30 seconds of “gameplay” in ads that look nothing like the real games. The first PvZ game was fun for my daughter and I to play on the kiosk at Olive Garden one day waiting for our food. This game is one big money grab and I’ve had enough of it.
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3 years ago, xXRed-RagerXx
Great game, but...
I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years now, and I loved it the entire time. I’ve deleted it several times, but now that I got it back I love it even more. I am writing this review not to only tell you that the game is good, but there are also some issues. There is one bug that makes it so that Crazy Dave and Penny will talk about the travel log every time I go into a world. It’s been happening since ancient Egypt, and now I’m in dark ages. It still doesn’t affect my gameplay though, it is just slightly annoying and I gets in my way. Now the micro-transactions. I find these in many mobile games, and that does include this one. I would usually ignore it and just play the game without it. It’s not really a problem to me, but I see that it is a problem to some other people writing reviews. So I would at least want you to make some features more accessible, or maybe you could pay gems or coins to rent one of those plants to play with in an actual level, just like you can with the extra seed slots. Now for the good things about this game. I could mention so many, but here are a few: It is fun, it is funny, it’s easy to get, it has many different things to do, it give new plants so you never get bored with old ones, and so much more. There are some problems with this game that I would want fixed, but it’s just to good of a game to give any less than 5 stars.
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7 years ago, 7462846295619
Fun game, but some problems
I love Plants vs. Zombies, and I’ll start off with the positives by saying that this is a very fun game. It’s addictive! I like all the different themes and the cool new plants. Power ups make the game exciting. There’s a lot to do and endless hours of levels to play. I probably enjoy playing this one more than the first one. However, my main complaint is that everything is RIDICOUSLY overpriced. Some plants you have to pay for with real money, $5 a plant is insane!!! It should cost maybe $5 to unlock all premium plants, then that would be reasonable, and Popcap would get way more purchases. It’s sad that Popcap is turning a classic family game into a money grabbing charade. It’s sad and greedy. You can have a lot of fun with this game, but about half the things are locked unless you pay like $50 to buy it all. Anyway, Crazy Dave is back again, but I don’t like how differently he acts compared to the first one. His new personality is annoying and you should’ve left him as the original way he was. There’s a lot to explore in this game, and it may seem a little overwhelming to a new player. It’s a complicated set-up when you open the app, so maybe organize it more. But yeah, I still really like this game, it’s one of my absolute favorites. But please LOWER YOUR PRICES. And continue making Plants vs. Zombies games.
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2 years ago, Antercall891
To much changed, in a bad way
Ok before I get into flaws of the game, I like it, it very fun for what I can do. But there are sooooooooooo many ads, every time I complete a level there is an ad, I do not mind ads for rewards, but if you do nothing, you will come across an ad, so that is the major flaw of the game. But ever since you got rid of the world keys, the game felt different, the world keys made it so you could explore other worlds, not be stuck on a level for 8 weeks! Also, if you got stuck, you could explore a new world until you got stuck, then use those plants to get unstuck, the cycles continues. Another thing is how you just made WAYYYYY to many plants that need seed packets, plus, the game is extremely difficult and I feel as though the hard things should be optional, as then you can play freely, and then go back to do the harder version. Meanwhile, also make it so we get many packets and coins, also diamonds, so you do not have to pay to win, we also should not need 5000 to upgrade a plants to level 3. That just feels wrong. You already spend enough coins on getting the piñatas, and it is luck based to get the seeds you want, let alone getting the amount you want. So if you listen to the complaints, then you may make the game fun, realizing, and overall great. Goodbye. =l
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5 years ago, Tiltturf67
The game is fun...
The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but when looking back at the original game, it’s easy to see the heart and inspiration that went into it. When I open pvz, I’m greeted with a calm, memorable menu, it’s the opposite with pvz2, you get a boring background with new, recycled events, and plants you can buy for around 5 dollars, and that’s just the beginning. The original game was never supposed to be hard in my opinion, i mean, if I could beat it as a 7 year old, it seems fairly reasonable that it’s not supposed to be difficult and I think the reason for that is because most people want to get levels over with so they can get the next new plant. With the games accelerating difficulty, the process of gaining new plants becomes slow. You can buy plants for 5 dollars, most of them are pretty trashy cards designed to appear interesting. Some of the purchasable plants can also be won for free in the first game. Another complaint is the music, obviously I can’t expect this game to be perfect, but it seems very far from that on the wide scale. the game lacks the same relaxing music as the original and adds in an amazingly annoying attempt at an ost. Once again the gameplay is great, the same as the first game, I like the plant good idea and the changes in the maps. I like the battlez idea but EA milked money with that idea also.
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3 years ago, lovelyhelper
Amazing but Vases
This is an amazing game. The graphics are pleasing, the zombies are repeated with different out fits but the outfits look funny and or amazing. Each world has a few twist, like the dark ages where your sun plants won’t work so you have to use the sun shroom and other very unique plants. The outfits for the plants is hilarious and cute. The only complaint is the vase smashing game, it is an alternative to doing arena and normal levels, but the thing is that the vase is completely turned against your favor and you are completely outnumber when they give you the worst plants, you can’t even defend your lane when you run out of plants and lose, and if you upgrade it helps, but the upgrades don’t do much all it does is make it stronger, after 5 or 6 levels you get a 25 sun reduction and very little damage upgrade. What good is the sun reduction in a vase game? Never mind the fact that the upgrades cost INSANELY large amounts of coins, where if you don’t buy the coins and you grind, it would take over 300 levels to get to at least level 6! Maybe reduce the coin amount and make it where you have a slight advantage over a zombie horde behind a vase where you don’t know if it’s deadly or not, it probably is.
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5 years ago, FELIX6329
Good but greedy
The original Plants vs zombies game is a classic. You had the core game and didn’t really need micro transactions for anything. Now cut to this one where after every level is an Angry Birds ad and pop up ads for the “premium” plants that should’ve been included in the base game. This is another example of EA taking a wonderful franchise and ruining it. I played this game when it first came out, I only got back into it because I remembered that PvZ turned 10 to find it not as I remember. Instead of awarding keys to levels after you got a challenger of a level done, now you get all of them after Egypt level 8 I believe. I wanted to love this game now but I can’t. It was amazing when it first came out but now I end up stop playing at times because of the ads. And I refuse to buy anything because I don’t to sell my soul to EA for one plant. Please if you ever make Plants vs Zombies 3, don’t do this again. Update! After playing this game for more time and thinking about how this games state is I have come to a finale conclusion, EA did right for a bit. Going by other games this company has made its good. Sure it has a lot of ads and it’s almost a necessity to eventually get a premium Plants it runs smooth, and it’s fun that’s the rest thank you for reading if you do.
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4 years ago, AWESOMEKID32204
Great game but.......
First of all,I <3 this game, but they took a few things that kind of ruined it a little. First of all, I have noticed me winning against a few zombies and then not appearing in the almanac. This is annoying because I sometimes check the almanac when I can’t beat a zombie. And sometimes they make a zombie rediculously annoying and it doesn’t even appear in the book so I have no way of knowing how to defeat it easily! Also, if someone has found a way to get the bucket of money in the piñata I would like to meet them because the alternative is spending MORE money on the bucket. Not only that, I’ve encountered a glitch that makes me unable to play the game on my phone. It shows the title screen and then kicks me out! What’s more, this hasn’t happened on any other device so could you please fix it? Another thing is that they took the really good plants and then charged money for them! The ones they didn’t charge money for they make you play gems or mints for. And then I end up spending more money on gems! Like I’m trying to beat this game without spending money but it’s complicated. So please take these things up with the creators thank you
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6 months ago, AlphaLibre
Great game that needs minor bugs fixed
This is an absolutely solid game. However, there are bugs that require resetting the game from my iPhone because the progression tabs are all gray. Normally they could move forward or exit when this happens, but sometimes it's not the case. When I have my phone on silent, it's because I don't want my ringer or anything else going off, but if I select music and fx to be on in this game, it doesn't work UNLESS for some strange reason I'm connected to something like my car radio via Bluetooth/Car Play. And then, while I'm listening to music on an app, Plants vs Zombies turns the music down by 25-50% even when the game is on silent and I don't want that. I want to be able to have that either as an option or I set PvZ sounds on my own. I wa t to balance them myself. Not everyone is specific like this, but I know without fine tuning by the player, it's not going to work well for the majority of people. A minor critique is that the skip on ads opens the ad instead suggesting the button isn't aligned properly or PopCap has it set up on purpose this way. That's the only consistent bugs I'm aware that happens.
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1 year ago, [SSL] musty
Great game, however…
Redownloaded because it gave me nostalgia of being a little kid and playing this on the ipad, but it isn’t the same anymore. I really feel like the gameplay is very engaging, but i’ve noticed many things slowly sneaking into the game that make me unhappy. Some of these include things like the excess ads. You’d think in a game where microtransactions lie around every corner that there’d be less ads, but that is not the case with this game. Merely completing a level provides you with an ad, as well as exiting out of menus and other in-game functions. The blatant cry for money from EA is laughable. I’ve also began to notice a slow decrease in the rewards granted in arena streaks. They used to grant things that were usable, but the amount of currency and piñatas that are granted nowadays are insufficient to support a daily player’s grind in Penny’s Pursuit, Arena, and other limited events. This is why I am always saddened to see these small game producers that make a massively popular game and are quickly purchased by these huge brands who swim in money. This game can be improved greatly by just cutting down on the ads and increasing granted rewards, though I doubt that will happen. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading!
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3 years ago, koko4appz
Fun game But THE ADS
This is a classic game that I’ve played since it first launched. Since then, with its garnered popularity, it’s become a much better game with improved gameplay, better artwork, and new challenges. HOWEVER, this free-to-play feature comes with heavy drawbacks through the ads. I understand ads are necessary for the game creators’ revenue, but the amount that it shows is excessive and moreover, their design is frustrating. Most, if not all ads, have trick close buttons which will force you to the App Store. This isn’t the worst part though - the constant ads and forced app switching ends up glitching the game and requires you to restart the game. In other words, when you return to the game after being forced to the App Store, you’ll see the green screen, the daisy loading animation, and then a blank green screen for minutes until you realize it will never load. Why play the game if half the time I’m being switched to the App Store? This ad-loving campaign leaks into the game design as well. The start screen has so many pop ups for different plants and coins, it’s like you’re watching an advertisement for the game you’re about to play. It’s gaudy and significantly lowers the gameplay. It makes me wonder how long PvZ will be playable.
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3 years ago, Shixninja
Soooo… something happened
I don’t know if it is my phone but ever since yesterday, I haven’t been hearing any music. Did my music crash? Is it permanent? What happened to my music? All I did was put my phone on the charger and it just muted. Is something wrong with my phone or the game because it can’t be something else, right? It doesn’t “sound” like a big deal (no pun intended) but I really enjoy the music in this game and I don’t think I like it without background music. The music is joyful and I don’t feel right without it. I’m trying to get used to having no sound in the background until it comes back, if it comes back. This isn’t really a review and more of a request but I just really want that music back again. Plus, the sound effects are working fine so why is it just the music that.. crashed? What even happened? All I did was charge my phone, like a normal person. Anyways, I would really like to hear some music again so it would be nice if you lovely folks and PopCap could help me out with that. Thanks! 😊
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11 months ago, Auto Wethern
Great game, but getting constant crashes lately
First and foremost, the game is great- great levels, great story, great difficulty scaling (even though some levels are impossible without certain plants and/or using coins), and so on. Though the fact that most of the original plants cost money is pretty petty, no reason to be charging money for the plants that made the first (and free) PvZ to what it is now. But anyways, recently I’ve been experiencing a ton of crashes, one after another, where the game just freezes, which is unusual in my experience, and in turn really screws up the gameplay experience. So if you guys could figure out what’s wrong, that’d be fantastic. Oh, and as a final note, nothing huge or anything, but the game and AppStore claims that I have not gotten the achievement for beating the Modern Day levels, even though I’ve completed every level months ago and am still using the same account. This has made my goal of getting all Achievements, which I’m only about six-ish away from, impossible, because the game doesn’t recognize what I’ve already completed, so if you guys could also help out with that, that’d be awesome
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2 years ago, PoopieDaBoss
PvZ 1 is better
Ok, I have some issues with this game 1. They want you to spend every last penny you have but what can I do it about it it’s EA we are talking about here with they’re premium plants. I did the math and found out there is 22 premium plants and they each cost 5 bucks, that’s 110 right there which is absurd, and don’t even get me started with power ups. 2. I might sound like I’m bad at the game for this but this game is way too hard, I think they really try to make you to buy those premium plants 3. Ads. Why is there ads after every level, why is there adds for power ups, coins, and gems and if you didn’t know this also gives EA more money, like they needed more money. Even though I looked like I hated the game to the bottom of my heart there I still like some things 1. The world idea was good I like what they did with the world maps and the progression. 2. These new plants and zombies are really creative ideas from design to mechanics theses new plants are really creative. 3. The comeback of some of the old plants is really cool, and even though some are premiums they still came back. In conclusion I like this game but I still think plants vs zombies 1 is better.
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3 years ago, _marinara
Great game ruined by ads
I’m an OG PvZ player. I remember when it first came out, and I loved it. Then, I didn’t play for many years, but a couple years ago I started playing again. And I loved it, it’s been part of my daily morning routine while I’m having my coffee. However, recently the ads have been more and more present, and more and more annoying. They last forever after you finished a game, and you can’t skip them for the longest time. If your phone is not on silent, the ads will play aloud by default, even if the sounds on the app are off. Often times I have the intention to keep playing but I just close the app instead, cause I can’t stand the ads. It completely ruins the user experience. I’m an adult, but if I had a young child I’d not let them play it because of the content of the recent ads. It’s about some makeover game, that has a really bad and negative message about body image, and that I don’t think it’s suitable for young children. I’m not a prude, it’s not about things being sexual, it’s about making fun of people because of certain physical features, and how to “improve” their look. Aside from the content, just the length of the ads and how often they come up while you’re playing ruin the whole game.
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5 years ago, Goofy3oo
Good but rigged
So I have been playing for a while, and made a few plants purchases since I love to collect them for my son. The reward system is good, despite the fact that it is obviously rigged. I.e. the pinata will always give 1000 coins on first try every 3rd pop and 1500 on 2nd try. Arena also rigged. You can win fairly easy the first few rounds, but at 6 or 7 you will most likely lose, and it can’t be more obvious than losing to “someone” with level 1 plants that didn’t even do much damage! Once you lose, the system reset and everything is easy again. Heck several times I beat “players” with all mastery plants! Perhaps it was intentionally designed such way and I can overlook that, but when I spent the last few fights to gain ranks and someome mysteriously keeps ahead of me by several points? The biggest problem right now is at 7th victory, you only get half of the reward! It clearly shows 10x pinatas, yet you get only 5x! Contacted EA and all I got were emails that asking for my account info and details on the rewards! So far I got at least 4 people replied, and none of them resolved it! They just closed the email or let someone else replied with the same statement! Sad because I would spend a few more bucks to get more plants... but it seems the end is near.
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2 years ago, preacher72950
The original was better
Hear me out before you call me a fossil before the App Store deleted the .99¢ version without ads and made pvz free and full of ads this game was also in its hay day everyone was excited about the new plants traveling different times and the new features but EA made it a pay to play game and it really isn’t meant to be a mobile game anymore with all of the new features that drain your battery this game used to be fun and wouldn’t always crash when you finished a piñata party but I would periodically return to this game wanting a challenge and every time I’m reminded why I deleted it you can’t win pvp unless you pay to max out your plants there’s so many plants that you have to pay for it’s almost not worth having in the game you can now rent plants which is just another waste and the updates are supposed to keep the game “fresh” but the most important thing about a popular game is a good game and it’s just a cash hole freemium game without any actual strategy anymore the only way you can win is by spending money and this will most definitely be hidden because it’s not a good review but the original had all the fundamentals needed to make this game fun and EA making it a pay to play just ruined the fun
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6 years ago, hunt3r0624
Could do without the new update
The new update is causing too many crashes... right before completing a level the game will crash and I have to do it all over again. Also, I have to constantly restart the app in order to watch ads for gems/coins because after watching just one ad, clicking the ad button does absolutely nothing. Battlez was a good addition, however it could have been done better. There are too many players with premium plants which makes it extremely one sided. Why not have one player use zombies and the other plants, that would make it more fun. The new travel log is okay I guess but where are the daily quests? I haven’t gotten any since updating, which is so infuriating. It is already hard enough to get gems and now I am missing out on the 10 gems that used to be available daily. Why make the game harder for us to get gems... I don’t get it. Also, please fix the auto load to new level after completing one. I don’t want to be sent to the next level automatically, take me back to the main menu. It is so tedious to have to pause the game and exit out every time. All of these problems have only occurred since the update which really makes me wish I wouldn’t have updated! Everything was better before 😑😒
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6 years ago, Or1Guy
Good game but has a Garbage update.
I think it’s a great game. I play it all the time, probably to much. But what happened to the challenge of having to beat the Gargantaur Boss fight, to move on to the next Area. I used to play this when I was younger, and I liked how each Area posed a challenge, Like how Ancient Egypt had the Camel Tap or whatever it’s called, and like the Coconut Cannon game in the Pirate Seas, but why’d you get rid of the other challenges? Like in Frostbite Caves, and The Lost City? My favorite was the Lost City Storm, and now with the new Garbage update I can’t play it now. And why did more then half of the Plants have to be Premium?! I mean it’s not bad to want to make a few bucks on a great game like this, but seriously more then half the Plants? It’s a great game and think it has great potential. But I wish Popcap would keep all the special challenges in the different Areas. Oh and if Popcap reads this, I think it would be Way Awesome if you did a multiplayer mode where you could like pick a deck of Plants and the other Player could pick a deck of Zombies. I’m asking to much, but if you have another update, please add that Multiplayer thing, cause I would rate you 5 stars if you did. Anyway that’s just my point of view.
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3 years ago, FreeMonngo
A buggy, glitchy, micro transaction filled master peace
I love plants vs zombies, the original is one of my favorite games of all time. the sequel, however, is so close to being great. If you like challenge this game has it. However, the game is absolutely ruined by bugs and glitches, the music doesn’t play at all, it won’t stop telling you about the travel log every time you open the map, and worst of all, oh man worst of all, if you start a new save the zen garden tutorial will freeze the game every time you start a level and have plants in your garden. This makes the game nearly unplayable! And now onto my original gripe with this game, micro transactions! this game has it all, gambling mechanics which prey upon children, or as they are called in game ‘piñatas’. The best plants are either locked off behind timed events or purchases. It’s just, it asks for money at every corner, “oh get more coins here, oh pay for power ups, oh get gems to speed up this thing, it’s all so… infuriating. The worst part about all of this is that the game itself isn’t bad, the gameplay is fun and not too addicting, it provides interesting and fun challenges, but this is all overshadowed by its major flaws in quality of life and it’s micro transaction.
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3 years ago, gunter76(425
SOOOO GOOD. But might need a few improvements to make it funnier
Well, I love the game! It’s so addicting I’ve been playing it for like five days straight. But once you have beat ancient Egypt it gets kind of boring and is not as addicting. My First suggestion is that there needs to more levels for ancient Egypt or a like a prestige or something so that you can go through ancient Egypt again but instead of new plants there are level up points for each plant that was in there before and you got double the rewards but it was double the difficulty. Second more plants like maybe a triple peashooter that shoots like the fire peashooter or a triple sunflower or something like that. That would be great. And you could put those plants instead of level up points in like my last suggestion. My third suggestion is that can you make the areas longer like for instance ancient Egypt, instead of 25 levels there could be 50 levels and like after you beat the first 25 levels it would get twice as hard. Please if you can, add these in because the game has became boring.
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4 years ago, Mr.Marvl
A loyal player to EA since 2014.
PvZ 2 was an interesting game, it added multiplayer, constant updates in the campaign mode to keep the game relevant while developing the the anticipated (but terribly looking “mobile game” like) PvZ3. However, things took a turn for the worse in 2017, it released the level up system. This pay to win model was the lifeblood for arena, rewarding those who paid, as the removed the possibility to get gems playing endless or campaign mode to get seed packets to level up characters, instead, having to pay money or fight in a not necessarily fun, but more grindy multiplayer. (The multiplayer isn’t always well done.) This is disgraceful. A game that was known for it’s pick up and use your brain strategy, threw that away for the mindless micro transactions. Where anyone can go “ooh lookie here, it zayz pay for EZ winz, i love thiz game, buy buy buy. Ooh brainz” (mindless zombie/average player.)Making the games worse for those who can’t, or dont want to buy in game currency. I would have rated this a 2/5 star review, but it was an incredibly awesome game before the micro transactions business model. 4/5 stars.
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7 years ago, TheREALazure
What were they THINKING?!
The first game was a masterpiece. A defense game combining strategy of your arsenal and how you use it. Then... EA came. Even at the beginning of the second one, this game was great! A few premium transactions, but nothing that bad. I come back now, and more than half are premium! Not only that, but it gives you all the keys while you're in the tutorial! Beat the 8th level, and you unlock all of it. Where's the challenge in that? I liked it when you had to beat the gargan-something-or-other of each world to get another key. Why did they make it so you get them all immediately? Not only that, but the regular plants are even mostly premium! You need to level them up, but after level 2 or 3 the seed packets you need to get to the next one are at astronomical levels! Why would they do that? In all, if you want to listen to half of your fan base, give us the option to go back to the old version of this game(with the addition of the new worlds) although, I was thinking. The premium plants appear in a special type of space that doesn't exist anywhere else. After you beat the game, maybe that could unlock a super hard world, but if you beat it, you unlock all the freemium plants, in that blue matrix style.
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5 years ago, Seth Shoemake
Plants Versus Zombies 2
This game is the best game I’ve had as a kid, about 4 years ago, and still have! I had Plants Versus Zombies 1 and it was great. I beat it twice! I was so excited to hear they were making a second one, and heroes, unless that is fan made. All the worlds, special events, and upgradable plants. I don’t remember is that was in the first, but if it was, I forgot. I can’t believe such a game would grab my attention like this for years! I think of it as a strategy game, and I have many games like this one with decks kinda like yu gi oh. I have certain “decks” for this game, too. My sisters and I play this game, and PvZ heroes as well on trips in the car because it’s possible offline, which is my favorite part. A fun, strategic game, with a long campaign and new unlocks of plants every week or day! And it’s offline! All my other games are mostly online, as in require network or WiFi, which I probably should have said that that’s what I meant earlier. Well, it’s a great and fun game, competitive, strategic, and some could say educational. I love it, thanks for making a second! Seth Shoemake
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5 years ago, MGMasterGamerMG
Extremely Impressive!
This is definitely the longest game I’ve ever played on the App Store. The game was very fun to play and I recommended it to literally everyone I know. Let me just say I’m honestly fine if no more worlds are added because I’d say Modern Day is a good way to end it off. If there was another world added though, I’d suggest bringing back more old plants because I miss some of the plants from the first game. Also, PLEASE bring back the music you removed from the game a while back. The music is what makes this game even better. So this is a really, really, really great game, it requires skill and patience. The game gets harder the further you go into it and it can definitely get really hard. I totally recommend at least trying this game. If you do try it though, do not skip worlds. Play them in order and go to the next world once you beat the first boss and maybe only boss of each world (if you don’t the levels get really hard, you should come back to those levels once you’ve beat the game) to have the most fun playing.
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2 years ago, what does th fox say
Would love to give a good review but…
The game constantly crashes. If you’re lucky. Most of the time it will just freeze for over 30 seconds, not even freeze the game freeze your whole device. It never stops freezing, but it takes 30 seconds for pressing home button to register. After your laggy inputs are finally recognized you can leave the app. You won’t be able to open any apps not even this one though, and after a few seconds it will freeze on the home or lock screen. This usually happens during the first flower loading screen and after a level. This happens in arena too, where i lost a win twice because the gam couldn’t handle the cutscene, and it just ate my gauntlets so i lost them and my win streak. It didn’t give me any crowns for the win either. Sometimes this even happens during a level when a few things have to be handled, like using a banana launcher or placing a mint with a lot of zombies and/or plants on the field. I know this isn’t an issue with my wifi because playing any other game or doing things that require wifi is normal. Please keep this in mind when playing that this will happen frequently, and that rewards often don’t save.
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5 years ago, Oh no777777777
Returned expecting nostalgia, actually got a lot of disappointment.
I picked this game when it first appeared and came out on the App Store and I loved it. The idea of it, the themes, the tone, and the general atmosphere was done fantastic and honestly impressive. As they added worlds it got bigger and even better. But.. as I returned, doing something as small as taking out the ultimate battle music along with the endless and demonstration music themes really took away from the whole tone and atmosphere you developers obviously slaved over when the game first came out :( I know I’m not the only one that wants this music back into the game. And the level system with the plants is conflicting and takes away from the original game. I’ve only leveled up my pea-shooter because the game made me in the tutorial. I refuse to level my plants and in my opinion ruin this free to play game that actually had a nice challenge at times. But the game is still fun, but after having all the good times with the original, I’m left confused and disappointed. If you bring the music back as maybe an optional download? Or put an extra’s download in the menu. This could be an easy fix but firing coconut cannons at sea gulls while the regular theme plays makes me incredibly sad.
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1 year ago, In Search of a Song
Used to be fun but now it’s a mess
I used to enjoy this game but now when I try to play, it’s a confusing maze of in app purchases, “rewards” and “upgrades”. None of which are explained or organized in an intuitive or even intelligible way. Seriously, I can’t even navigate through all of the menus and hoops to actually get to the part where you get to play the game! Believe it or not devs, playing the game is what most of your users want to do! Instead of gameplay, you are prompted to go to the almanac and to plant seeds, etc. before you can do something else, none of which is spelled out clearly. There are a half dozen vague menu buttons that lead you to confusing sub menus. Several different coins/gems/etc to collect, redeem, blah blah blah. Really guys, how about just a game that you can open and enjoy playing? So frustrating and annoying. I’m just going to delete the PvZ games and find something that is fun and doesn’t feel like filling out paperwork at a job for 10 minutes before you are allowed to enjoy the game. The actual game play is fun and creatively designed. But it’s gotten so difficult to access that part of the app, that it’s not worth the brain eating stress and frustration.
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3 years ago, ajjaansjsj
Not as good as the legendary first game
I like this game a lot it has a bunch of new plants and old plants, but more then 3/4 of the this games plants cost money, I get it’s only five dollars but you don’t have to make every single plant cost money, and the only thing they do is make plants, they should make way more worlds to make the game actually fun, penny’s pursuit is impossible unless you have all your plants at least level 3 and the battle arena is is just going against bots which is soooo boring, and then they tried to fix the problem by making it so you can get cards to unlock the new plants but that didn’t change anything, if you really want a new plant because you like it’s play style then you should have to spend no more then a week or two playing to get that plant, not 3 months then uh oh, you can’t get that plants cards anymore, looks like you have to buy it because a new plant came out, oops sorry! This game used to be one of my favorite and I really felt like popcap or whoever made this game really was invested to making people have a fun time, but they literally just made it to make money, and I’m being generous by giving this three stars, it should be one
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5 years ago, Reed1149
PvZ 2 Review
PvZ 2 started out as a good game. Every area had challenges specific to that zone, and the levels were not too tedious. That is, at least, at the start of the game. PvZ was also a pretty good one. It had no ads or freemium plants. It had fun mini games and plenty of levels. However, in a few updates PvZ 2 has gone downhill. They made it so past level eight of ancient Egypt, you automatically unlock all the other worlds. Where is the challenge in that? There are also lots of ads; I mean, like ads after every level before you get to the next level. Now above all this, what ticks me the most is the fact that you need to pay to unlock half the plants. The price for that is $4.99 PER PLANT. That is over 50 bucks for most of the premium plants. PvZ used to be good, but now as you can see the developers have gotten money hungry. I can tell other people have noticed this as I have read about 50 other reviews. I am pretty sure popcap will not be reading this as they don’t like bad reviews. If you are reading this, I recommend that you find an alternative to this. It has really gone downhill in the past years. I have been playing PvZ games for almost 11 years and will be stopping playing them now.
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4 years ago, Boing's friend
What a great game!
I'm impressed with your game! No really, I am. I loved all your eras and plants and I can't wait to finish all the eras. Arena is super fun and I always win. Penny's pursuit is awesome, too. There're just a few suggestions: #1: Can you please add a travel map for penny's pursuit? #2: Do you think you can unlock all the levels in each era? #3: Will you add another era that has roman zombies? For #4: I'll have a free play mode that will make me experiment with plants even when they are locked, and zombies (including cardio zombie, Z-mech, roman zombies, and Zombots) even when I have not defeated them yet. Free play mode will also have different eras. #5: you should bring back the old Zomboss podiums. Finally, I'll have another new era that will have 10 daytime lawn levels, 10 nighttime lawn levels, 10 daytime pool levels, 10 nighttime pool levels with fog, 9 daytime roof levels, and a nighttime roof level with a Zomboss battle. The new era will also have a new endless zone. That will be for #6. Those I told you should be available in the next update. See you soon 😉
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1 year ago, Ablockz
Why did it get worse?
It’s good but there’s obviously a few problems with it. For starters why is there so many ads after every single level? I get it, it had to make money but it already does with how many people buy the premium plants and other things in the game. Also if you need ads make it once every 5 or 6 levels not after every single one it’s annoying and it’s what’s stopping me from buying or playing. If there was a remove ads payment I would buy it but there currently is none. Secondly when the ads play, the game gets confused and play a soundtrack on top of the already playing one making it sound very terrible. Thirdly i don’t know how this even managed to happen or if it’s on purpose but when I play my music and play the game at the same time, my music gets turned down and almost unlistenable while the games soundtrack and sounds are on full blast. Other than that the game is just the same but ofcourse EA just decided to make it terrible and plaster ads everywhere and not to mention how it’s stupid that you have to buy plants and not earn them through play through.
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6 years ago, Greeneyes1181
Made it harder.
I really enjoy this game. The colors, the game play and new plants and zombies. I like the traveling to different times. I like that you get to level up your plants. I like the battlez. I don’t like when you get to a certain point in the game it starts becoming impossible to past levels. Every world in this game has a level that is unbeatable. you don’t get sun quick enough and there’s too many zombies that you have to kill. It’s almost like they slow the plants down but spend the zombies up. leveling up your plants is really hard you only get a certain amount and it’s not each level you beat it’s like every 4 levels you beat you get packets. I mean I understand that they made a little more challenging than the first one, I think they made it way too challenging. you have to spend money if you wanna continue playing the game. You have to purchase with actual money some of the plants that you are used to in the first one. Not everyone can do that. I feel like they geared this game towards people who could pay and will pay. I’m deleting game sadly. I’m tired of not being able to getting any farther in the game.
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4 years ago, Noorjihantara
Love it but too much money. Sad really.
Everything. Is. Overpriced. It is $5.00 for 1 plant, first of all there should really be no money involved, but now that there is that is TOO MUCH! This app is catered to kids, as it should be and how is that fair for literally 20 plants to be paid with money. It’s hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get most upgrades / plants that is impossible to afford. I don’t understand why! It is just greed. The only price I would pay is 0.99 per plant, which still totals to A LOT of money if you buy all of them anyways. That is insane. On the other hand, the game is amazing. The different worlds are beautiful, the zombies are amazingly designed, and the levels are cool. It is an enticing experience, and is definitely worth playing. There is loads and loads of different things to do, levels to play, seed packets to win. It is awesome. However, I can’t afford a single new plant because they are all either 5 dollars of 100 gems, and really the only way to get gems is with actual money decide. But I’m sad for the game : (
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3 years ago, DreamingOfD2Support
Sell Turkey-pult!
Devs: PLEASE sell Turkey-pult. I'm so tired of anyone with Turkey-pult having an advantage and being unable to obtain one myself. Nerfing it isn't the right option, make it be purchasable once or twice so everyone can enjoy it. I have checked every single day for months and months to try to catch it when it's sold, yet the same plants are constantly on sale and most of the time it's one that doesn't need to be on sale (looking at you Grapeshot). Sell more than one plant each day, let people fill their collections, slowly, but surely instead of locking us out of half the game. It's preposterous that if I miss a little bit of time playing out of the years I have played, I miss a plant and have no idea if or when I'll ever be able to obtain it. And this isn't the only plant this happens with. A year later and I still have no idea if or when I can get a Turkey-pult of my own. Don't get me wrong: I love this game and will continue to play it. But locking half of your game away and leaving no reliable choice to fill your collection is just not a good look. You guys defined a genre. We know you can do better.
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6 months ago, xVNess
Events Like Feastivus Are Too Easy
Love this game! Been playing for years now so I’m at the point where my plants range from LV 3-6. I’ve noticed events like Feastivus have gotten way too easy. The levels should be longer and with way more zombies. I’m already on Level 15 and only repeated one bc I was interrupted with a phone call. I think we also should be able to replay levels if we want to considering the event is available for X amount of days. One more enhancement I’d love to see is a sun and plant food bank for the general game as well as events. I tend to end levels with some amount of sun and/or plant food. Seems like such a waste for it to disappear! Maybe make it so that if I access the bank, it will attract more zombies or it costs me sun to use it. I also think we should get coins for having leftover sun/plant food. Lastly, I noticed the reward for winning the extra hard events went from 80 gems to 25. That’s a huge decrease! Feels like we are getting cheated especially when sometimes I spend money or diamonds to pass levels.
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