Plants vs. Zombies™

4.8 (737.2K)
165.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plants vs. Zombies™

4.82 out of 5
737.2K Ratings
2 months ago, TobyIzDrippy
Plants versus zombies (PvZ) is a really fun game that most people should consider trying. Its a fun game where zombies are trying to invade your house and your plants are the only thing that can stop it. In the game, the goal is to obtain suns which can drop from the sky or can be spawned by a sunflower and use the suns to spawn in plants like the peashooter the ice pea shooter etc don’t let the zombies get past your plant defense or they will get to the lawn mower. The lawn mower is a one time use item that will kill everyone in that row If a zombie gets past and there is no lawnmower you lose. Lawn mowers spawn at the end of each row. There are many different types of zombies that have different abilities to help them beat you. There is 5 worlds and 10 levels in each world. 2 levels in each world are mini games which provide a fun challenge and a break from the main game. As you progress, you get more plants that you can use to beat the zombies. You have a limited amount of plants you can use for each level so be careful with your picks. The worlds usually have a challenge attached to them. For example, world two (Night time) provides you with the challenge of getting no suns from the sky and less suns from the sunflower, so your only sources of suns are mushrooms and sunflowers. PvZ is a single player 2d game that is a really fun game to play. You should totally consider trying the game out to see if you like it.
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4 weeks ago, Bob dishes
Fun, and different than the PvZ gw1 on Xbox
I played this version of plants vs zombies garden warfare on Xbox, and I loved it so much that I decided to try it out on a different device. This game is what I was expecting. It’s an amazing game with a variety of plants to help you defend your house from the 26 different zombies. Some plants were not on plants vs zombies garden warfare, such as the split pea, the cherry bomb, the jalapeño, the hypno shroom, and etc. This game is amazing, addictive and I love how you can play many different types of games so that you don’t get bored. I love adventure mode, I wish there would be more levels to play in adventure mode, and also I was sad that there wasn’t an adventure 3. If there were changes or even updates, I would love it if you guys added more adventure levels to play, more achievements, more plants and zombies (maybe include some from PvZ garden warfare), and more game modes in the mini games. Other then that, this game is a classic and it will always be my number one PvZ game ever on both my iPad and on Xbox. And those are my suggestions, but overall this game deserves 5 stars for making an outstanding game. And also I feel like adding more adventure modes will continue the storyline, and so I wanna know how the story would end.
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2 years ago, Alessio Giammarinaro
Love the game but don’t like how it’s been changed
First off, the actual gameplay of PvZ is awesome. It is very simple; defend your brains from the zombies by using a variety of weaponized plants. The creativity in this game is great from the different plants to the unique zombies, and having to continually adapt to the variety of different challenges keeps the gameplay fun and interesting. The problem, though, is the quantity of ads. I have no problems with having a few ads here and there in a FREE game, but there is an ad before and after every level as well as every time you go back to the home screen. This makes playing the game more tedious than it needs to be because of how many breaks there are in playing the actual game and navigating through the menus. Again, I have no problems having an ad every so often, but when you are spending more time watching ads more than playing the game, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. In addition, there are glitches in the game that cause the app to crash. So far, the only glitch I have seen is in the endless survival game mode. After reaching ten flags, the app crashed, I have not been able to continue in the game mode since. I also read other reviews where the game crashed while doing similar things like entering the shop or doing a challenge. To wrap up, the game itself is awesome however the amount of ads and the glitches are some serious problems that need to be fixed. I hope EA reads this.
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1 year ago, MystiqueCrow
PvZ changes?
I used to play Plants Vs. Zombies a few years back. I remember having fun, however I deleted the game somewhere along the way and reinstalled it recently. The home menu is an alright change but I personally prefer the original. May be nostalgia speaking however I played it on the DSi and on an old iPod and preferred those versions as there are a few prevalent changes I have come across so far. The shop doesn’t sell any upgraded versions of the plants you can purchase with coins to make a plant perform better. I haven’t beaten the game yet but as I see so far they’re non existent. They were pretty cool so I’m sad to see them go. The coffee bean is completely gone, taking away much of the challenge of the night time levels, back when I first played, most plants would fall asleep since they relied on the sun to stay awake, however now they’re always awake, even at night. For example, the sunflower being awake would be it sleeping at night when I first played. This takes away much of the challenge and I feel as if it is much more enjoyable with that inclusion. This affects the mushroom plants quite a bit as well since with no coffee bean, they’re essentially useless without the beans to wake them up during the day which could have helped you get some use out of them during the day but can now only stand around and look pretty. Bring back the coffee bean I beg of you!
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3 years ago, Thatreviewer😀
Such a Memorable Classic!
Everybody knows this classic series, and even though it’s currently broad (until PVZ3 gets released), the first game is WAY more fun than it looks. The reason it’s so popular with beginners and professionals is because the game is easy to play, but hard to master. Even after you complete Adventure Mode (1 & 2), There’s still so much to do, especially mini games! My favorite is I, Zombie, where you take control of the zombies and play from their perspective. My only criticism to the game is the micro transactions. I mean, I get it, EA now owns PopCap (cry about it), and EA is infamous for their sextillion micro transactions. But, once you take away the micro transactions, PVZ becomes a fun game! As soon as it becomes repetitive, the game hits you with a game changing plant or zombie, like the menacing, 3 feet tall Gargantuar, or the strong Doom-Shroom! Overall, this game used to be perfect before EA came to the scene, however, it’s still fun! If you haven’t played this game yet (Like, seriously? Been living under a rock) PLAY IT, it’s a must-play!
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6 months ago, Yotsuba Amae/ Lily-Chan!
Why all the ads?
So... This used to be my favorite game for a REALLY long time, like, ever since I found out it existed anytime someone would say “What’s your favorite game?” I would say “PvZ.” A few years ago, I got into anime. Then, about mid last year, I started playing Project SEKAI Colorful Stage, and I think that’s my favorite game now. Maybe this game would still be my favorite if it didn’t have SO. MANY. ADS! It’s only on TV shows where a character will be watching TV and see something that they’re interested in buying. I don’t think anyone in the real world is playing a video game with ads so often, and see something they are interested in getting. I’m pretty sure nobody even watches the ads in a game like this because there are so many ads. I’m actually used to a lot of ads, but it gets really annoying when there are constant things you have to buy with in game cash, and then it says “Would you like to spend a measly $70 for cash?” Uh, no. Because if you play for about an hour straight, you could probably get it easily. This review makes it sound like I’m a whiny baby, but I’m not trying to be. Anyway, I still love the gameplay, the art, and all. This game might not be my favorite anymore, but its definitely still up there. Remember, the world is what you make it! Bye!
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4 years ago, AwesomeSauce866
All for money...
There are so many ads now in PvZ it actually hurts me to play sometimes. I have to turn on airplane mode so I don’t receive an ad each time I complete a level or go to the main menu. They are quite annoying especially since playing before this time there was zero ads. Why did EA have to change this?? Leave the old game to slowly sputter out they literally had to change nothing and the game would still be perfect but they had to go and add so many ads into it. Not only that but a large thing that makes me mad is the fact that marigolds are sold in the shop for $5000 (previously $2500). This is a terrible price when you think about it because of these reasons. The marigold when finally grown to an adult size you get $1000 (one diamond) and can only be sold for $3000 and also in the intermediate levels of growth you get less than $500. This was the whole idea of the marigolds so that players can make a profit but instead you are losing money from buying these. There utterly is no point to them and should be reverted to their previous price of $2500 to “reward us nicely” as Crazy Dave says. I am putting this review as 1 Star because EA and popcap took a great game and made it just annoying. Hopefully this being 1 Star someone might see it but I highly doubt any change will be made. Thank you for reading my frustration!
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2 years ago, Sydneyboo:))
WAS my fav game but they changed & terrible glitch
I loved this game so much, it brought me back to my childhood when I used to play on Xbox with my siblings. I’ve had this app for quite awhile and on different iPhones I’ve had! However I had finally gotten far and had lots of money, plants, etc. and the app crashed and I lost everything. It made me start from the beginning. I tried turning off my phone, exiting the app, but still nothing I didn’t regain any of my hard work that took me time. This was my favorite game but it made me so frustrated that I sadly deleted it. Also, the ads on this is just ridiculous… every time you go into a mini game that you’ve purchased with coins, or your garden, or puzzles, or the shop, you have to watch a freaking ad!! It was so annoying. You couldn’t do anything without watching a 30 sec ad first. I remember a time when you only watched an ad if you wanted extra coins, if you wanted a rake, if you wanted planting tools instead of buying… so basically only when you clicked on it! Not ALL the time. So lame. Only giving a 3 star bc I love this game otherwise all of the reasons above would’ve been 1 star.
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4 years ago, ADD THIS IN ALREADY
Straight to the point...I love PvZ (Though the first person BS needs a break) I have supported PVZ for years and I was so excited by the new update with penny and opened the app...where was it? I thought maybe I need to unlock it? I went to pressed learn more and it said once you get 15 plants it’s unlocked...I’m way past 15 plants...were is it? I closed the app fully and re-opened and still couldn’t find it I looked more in the shop and then the app crashed, I thought maybe the app realized something wasn’t right...nope just crashed...please fix it I really want to participate Ps. I also for some reason can’t make a new account and I accidentally deleted my old account when I wanted to re-name it and I couldn’t get it back so maybe add a warning before you erase your progress? Pps. I bought the Apple motor and I don’t have many other plants other than the gem premiums and I wanted to level it up because Apple motor was my favorite plant...and every time I bough a premium piñata I got random premium plants I don’t own so I was wondering if you could make it so it’s more common to get seeds for plants you ACTUALLY OWN?
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5 months ago, HeyAla92
What’s the sound issue??!
I love this game. I’ve deleted and restarted it probably once every year since it came out. It’s just that good but two issues have popped up since then. 1)the ads! Why did the developer(s) decide to add these annoying things? The only time there used to be ads is if you chose a rake to kill the first zombie at the beginning of the game. Ofc you can turn on airplane mode but then you may miss important notifications from friends and loved ones. 2) why the heck does the sound randomly cut out in the middle of the game??! After about thirty minutes of play. The sound just unexpectedly stops. No zombie growls, no plant attacks, no music—just randomly. This didn’t used to be an issue at all. Like I said in the beginning, I’ve been playing this game almost since it came out. I’m old as dirt so that’s saying a lot. I love this game but the sound issue really needs to be fixed. I play this game for the zombie growls, music and plant attacks, not just the graphics. If just the sound issue gets fixed, I will give the game 5 stars but the ads going away would definitely be a plus too.
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5 years ago, Brian Leverett
PvZ is awesome!!!
Now this game is the best game for all ages because it starts out nice and easy for beginners and the new update allows more detailed practice for starter players. This game has everything you want to do and it is very long! The only thing that I would like to see added is a co-op mode and a vs mode with a friend or with the computer. Other than that this game is the best for all players. If you don’t know what this game is than download it right now and play and play it! I hope that it keeps getting updated for more stuff to do. The new modes that I said about would make the game never ending and more fun! As always download this game now you will have fun with it! Trust me. I am still playing this game today on adventure 2 day 8. I love survival endless it is a good way to get coins faster. One thing that doesn’t work for me is the cob cannons explosions. I doesn’t blow up the zombies for me. But to end this download this now it’s a good game to do if your bored! This game is great and keep updating it please! 100/1 rating!
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3 years ago, Madison Rudloff
+Fun, +Time Burner, -Ads, -Glitches
I would have given five stars, because this game is amazing. It helps me “tame” my ADHD & it satisfies my OCD without fail every time. HOWEVER when I first played the game, there were no ads. Next thing I knew, there were ads every five freaking seconds. Any time I tapped on anything, there was an ad. Most of which, I couldn’t even skip. And then the glitches. The first glitch made it so I couldn’t play my favorite mini game, survival, I had to figure out a way to fix it which ultimately led to me having to restart some of my progress. AND THEN a little while after this, I was playing the game and it deleted ALL of my progress. I love this game & would love to replay it. But under MY circumstances. I had so much stuff. I’m so mad. To end this on a lighter note, if the game makers see this somehow and want tips on adding to the game, I would suggest making an endless survival out of all of the places. So the grass, night time, roof, so on and so forth. Or even making a new place! That would be cool. Anyway I don’t hate this game. I just hate the fact that the glitches literally ruined everything.
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3 years ago, Ethan Angelo perches
Listen I love PvZ with a passion, but this game is a trick
Have you fine people wondered why this game doesn’t capture the same nostalgia as the PvZ you once knew and loved? Check the publisher. That’s not our beloved Popcap making old moves. That’s EA getting their hands somewhere it doesn’t belong again. This game doesn’t feel like the old one because it’s not. I’m sorry EA I love you and I love the Sims, but you’ve once again stuck your grubby little hands where they don’t belong. I was only able to figure this out because when I noticed this app was free and there was no 99¢ option I looked in my recent purchases and there it was. The exact same game (we all know not exact but you get what I’m saying) same plants, same zombies, different publisher. I didn’t think anyone could screw up a game already published so badly, but are you folks really so strapped for cash you have to not only put ads before each level, but also offer unremovable ad options for items that no player should be using because it’s absolutely immersion breaking and just in general not fun like the exploding walnut and extra lawn mowers? I’m willing to bet I could play a whole game without planting a single plant, and for that you break my heart.
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4 years ago, Puri101
The game got EA’d, what a shame
PvZ, at its core, was a wonderful experience. If you’re playing this in 2020, I assume you know what the gameplay is. Compared to PvZ2, The adventure mode is streamlined and encourages using a variety of plants in each world, the bonus games are fun, and Zen Garden is a relaxing and simple collectathon if that strikes your fancy. Those are the things it does right. However, going back to play this game now (which I had purchased before it was F2P), the staggering amount of ads they’ve implemented make this a headache to play through. Forced ads before AND after levels, ads to play bonus games, ads to supplement the pathetic amount of coins you get when you used to be able to comfortably buy everything just playing the game. And to top it all off, it’s clear the game wasn’t originally designed for ads and they are poorly integrated, since very frequently the level will crash after serving you up the pre-level ad which forces an app restart and watching an ad once more. I understand making it F2P is appealing, but anyone who had purchased the game previously should automatically have the ad-free option unlocked. This wasn’t done, hence my low score. Play something else.
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5 years ago, jamievlong
PvZ Gone Down Hill
Originally bought the game back in 2012. Every few years I like to go back and play the game. I recently started playing again. I re-downloaded the app to see they did some updates with the interface. Nice. My one biggest pet peeve is that the game is now laden with adds and annoying suggestions to watch videos for a stupid item or upgrade. Is this what the game industry has come to? After every level you beat there is a stupid ad. What prompted me to write this review is that I just beat a level that I was working on for a good 20min and then had to watch an ad(ok, normal), then once the ad started, an “x” to close the ad that normally appears after about 8-10secs never appeared. I then went , “fine I’ll just open up the ad to see if this gets it going”. Nothing. Ok. So I then close PvZ then re-open it only to find out it didn’t save because of a stupid ad that glitched and forced me to exit out, close the app, then re-open it. Cmon PvZ team. Your game rivaled Angry Birds years ago. One of the top mobile games. Now you guys are pumping low-tier crap. The stuff you are doing is what sketchy rip off mobile games do.
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3 years ago, Not_Primae
Extremely well made game
I love nearly everything about this game. In my opinion it is one of the best games on the appstore and I’ll explain why. The game is completely and utterly unique in theme, planting plants to defend your house from incoming zombies. Now that’s already a great game that you could play for a pretty long time, but eventually you’d get bored of it. They knew this and added plenty of mini games for you to entertain yourself with and it gives the game much more longevity. Also all the levels are not too hard but easy enough that you don’t have to redo them millions of times. I love crazy Dave, I think he is a hilarious character but that’s not the only reason I think he’s great. Other games will have characters who are entertaining like him but most of those are mono dimensional, and they don’t really effect the plot. Yet Crazy Dave is intertwined perfectly. He is your guide for the basics of lawn safety via plants. I think the art design is really good, it’s not too extremely realistic, but it’s not too cartoony either. I love the soundtrack it fits the game really well, it really captures the essence of the game. I love all the little things you can do around the menus as well. I love the entire currency system, unlike many other games it only has one currency. I like that you purchase everything you need from the back of crazy Dave’s van and I like the zen garden concept as well. That’s why I think this is one of the best games on the appstore.
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4 years ago, monniewolf
Paid to remove ads, still unplayable
I paid a few months ago to remove ads. That worked for about a week. Now I’m back to having so many ads that game is almost unplayable. There are ads between every round, ads before and after every bonus game, ads when I visit my zen garden, etc. I spend more time stuck in ads than playing. I’ve contacted EA three separate times (before the lockdown) about it. First time they never responded. Second time they told me it was third party apps playing the ads (lie) and that I need to track down the app and delete it. So apparently according to EA, the inability to restore your purchase of no ads isn’t their fault (it just hangs on connecting to server when you click restore) it’s some invisible third party that they’re not responsible for and that only affects their game and no others. Third time, a response to their third party app theory, got no response. I know it’s only 3 bucks, but how many people are they ripping off? Reinstalling the game doesn’t fix it.
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5 years ago, LegendaryDragon1355
Good, but could use some work
I enjoy the game very much, but it’s not nearly as fun as it was 3-4 years ago The zombies should do more or atleast feel like they more damage every level so if a normal zombie does 3 damage at level 4 it should do 3.5 or 4 damage level 5 as well as the plants costing more al little for another example on level 3 a pea shooter costs 100 on level 5 or 6 it should cost a little more like 105 or 110 see what I mean it would make it harder because right now with a easy to master sunflower farm making sun pretty much infinite so hard to run out and lawn mowers and plants that can 1 shot any zombie meaning you could just spawn them when a high health zombie comes and with its short respawn time you could spam them if you have an efficient sunflower farm which is easy to make. I understand you may think that the game will be be to challenging for kids, but if you look back at the old Mario games they were hard very hard and the kids adapted to them calling them easy. It just strengthened their gaming skills, but you can have a better explain system or tutorial if you want take care.
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5 years ago, Echo_A.
This game is great! (Might be scary to younger children)
Okay so the first time I played this, it was on my grandma’s iPad. I loved it. (My parents didn’t really approve, but I didn’t care and neither did my grandma) so I was pretty decent at this, beat all the levels. Now I’m sitting here playing it, and it’s totally addicting years later. I prefer this one to the second one, mostly because the game mechanics seem simpler to me I guess. I just realized that this was the first review I’ve ever written for a game 🤔. So this pretty much had no purpose, I just wanted to let y’all know that this game is great! I mean, for some younger kids, it might be a bit scary... but if you think they can handle it, go ahead and get it for them! Seriously, great game. Can be played online and offline, with WiFi or without it. So it’s great for road trips, being on a plane, in a dead zone, pretty much anywhere your device won’t be harmed. I have no problem with this whatsoever, just wanted to let you guys know what a great game this is! 👍
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2 years ago, ohhhh cookies
Absolutely amazing
Played through it 5 times The PVZ series is so far the absolute best of best games or rather best game of all time anyways keeping short and simple The game is good so far through the 5 times I played only but I’ve encountered is where crazy Dave speaks and dialogue keeps speaking tbh this is just funny bc you just keep hearing ‘jakajallnskendnsnskkwkkqkwkdkdns’ in the back The animations are simple and easy too keep up with The game is slow and CAN be fast paced but this is only sometimes Game is very casual and doesn’t have that lives system where ‘you have 0 lives come back in 12 hours to get 1 EXTRA! Life’ this is game in general the music and everything about it is amazing if you don’t like it then you are a soulless creature and don’t have the right to review back to previous mentions the series is awesome GW1, GW2, battle for neighborville,PVZ hero’s and Ect. The series make such an easy way to notice little details such as mentioning PVZ 1 or 2 references I remeber in GW2 Zomboss mentions something in PVZ 1 I forgot it went something like “Dave! your meatloaf is cold!” I think this is a reference to night pool w/ Fog and stage 9 it’s all somehow connected in one place and all of these details make me wanna find more Thanks for Popcap to make this game I don’t know what game would be my favorite without this game! Also kinda of a quick review and grammar might be bad I’m to lazy fo fix it though XD
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6 years ago, HCH753
Fix update!....AGAIN
UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: The game has been glitching the last few days. As I have beaten the game well over 100 times and gotten all but one or two achievements, I typically only get on to play mini games. I was in the middle of playing level 3-5 when the game kept freezing up when I tried to get anything that required watching a video. So I logged off and back on several times. After the last time, my entire game was reset, completely wiped out my progress, FOR THE THIRD TIME. My game started over as if I had never played the game before. I am so annoyed!! Never have I played a game before that the developers think it is ok to reset all progress, MULTIPLE TIMES!! I LOVED this game for a very long time, but now it’s just irritating! I will not be starting over again. I will just finally delete the app, unfortunately, and that makes me very sad to say. The update wiped out my Zen Garden but gave me money for it so no big deal, although I don't need the money and used some to buy back my gardens but my survival mode is locked even though I have ALL of my trophies and most of my achievements!!! Please UNLOCK SURVIVAL MODE!!!! The extras are the only reason I play anymore since I have beaten the game MULTIPLE times!!!!
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5 years ago, The eater of toast
Isn’t this illegal or something?
I have literally purchased this game more times than I remember, in many different forms. I know I originally bought this app on my iPod when I was younger so that’s at least ONE time I’ve paid $0.99. I’ve had it on my DS, my Xbox, etc, not that it matters. And I’ve purchased coins from the shop a few times over the years as well—specifically through iTunes. So what the hell is going on when suddenly it’s a free to download app that refuses to restore all my purchases and forces me to watch adds? I literally own this game and it was taken away from me by an update?? I guess it’s my fault for getting a new phone huh? Honestly this is really scummy. At least let people restore their purchases. This new update only allows the “get rid of ads” purchase to be restored, and I believe any purchase used to do that but I could be mistaken. Even so, for somebody who originally paid for the app and has since made in-app purchases, all on the same iTunes account over many years, it’s disappointing for me to see my favorite mobile game get squeezed for cash like this. 😔 SEGA did this with Sonic as well so you’re not the only ones stealing products back from the consumers I guess
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10 months ago, gaffandstiks207
It’s PvZ…What else is there to say?
We already know PvZ is a great game, and I’m glad that it was immortalized in a mobile format. I appreciate the fact that it is not locked behind an abundance of paywalls and special features (though there are quite a few items obtained via ads). That brings me to my next point. The ads. Despite what other people are saying, they really aren’t that bad. People are just ranting about because it’s the ONLY issue. I understand these games need ads to be free-to-play, and I’m perfectly fine with watching a few. However, it would be nice if they were cut a bit shorter. They take about 30 seconds to click through, and can start to wear away your temper after 5 or so levels. I can’t really be down on this game though, since most mobile games do pretty much the same thing. I’m just glad the original PvZ is still the same fantastic tower defense game it was almost 15 years ago. For those of you who read to the end, You’re CRAAAZYYY!!!
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2 years ago, Evan👍🏻
A fallen masterpiece.
PvZ is an insanely great game, and EA just ruined it. I get trying to monetize this game because it’s a legend, but getting an ad for exiting the Zen garden? An ad after Every level? It’s super excessive. The main thing that drags this game down is how much EA tried to monetize this game. You get so many ads it’s just half the game. If you accidentally tap the exit garden button in the Zen Garden you are more than likely to get an ad. If you are playing survival you get an ad after EVERY FLAG. Another thing about survival mode, if you get a high-score of 10 or higher in survival: endless, the game crashes when you try to play endless again. The game will also crash randomly, which is a massive pain. On top of half of the game being terrible mobile ads, you can also randomly crash. A terrible combination of things in a game. The only reason I even play is just to take care of my Zen Garden. The coin grind is relentless and takes dedication, but there isn’t much dedication to watch ads. If you want to play this game, go on the computer. No ads, no crashes, it’s just a much better experience. The only reason it got one star is because if the gameplay.
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4 years ago, cixXcaxX
There’s no way past level 5
It’s impossible to get passed level 5 on Night, You don’t have unlimited lawn mowers, so you have to continue watching ads after ads, Then when you’re out, You’re out you lose, Play it again the same thing happens, Also when you use a cherry bomb after you kill a zombie with a lawn mover and they drop sun points, You place it down and it only has like, 2 Tiles down and 1 tile over, Like 2 Y and 1 X So what about the other two or three lanes? It also takes about a minute for that thing to be ready to use again, This is super unfair, They just want you to keep on playing ads, When there’s no possible way to beat it, This game was fun a few years back when I downloaded it on my laptop, I beat it and decided to play it again on my IPhone, I noticed it changed a lot, And so has the levels, Please make Level 5 Night at least possible
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2 weeks ago, MrSKchicken
Amazing game, one issue however.
PvZ is and has always been for me, a timeless classic. The story is great, same with the designs and the creative uses of plants, and, well, Zombies! This game is very different from every other zombie game. I love how they added minigames and the zen garden to expand the game instead of just adventure. Crazy Dave’s Shop was also a nice addition. It made you really look out for coins in levels so you would pay attention. I have one issue however, Ads. Too. Many. Ads. The adds in this game always frustrates me because they come every 2 or so clicks. I understand this is how they make money, but every ad is like a minute long and I don’t want to sit through that. In addition, they make you watch adds to get stuff you already have. Like on of the plant slots you get. On some of the levels, you have to watch an ad to get something you already paid for with the games money. Come on. But aside from that, amazing game. Would recommend.
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5 years ago, random_nem
Amazing Game, EA ruined it
Plants vs Zombies has always been a staple of what a good mobile game is. It is extremely fun to play with an adventure/levels mode, as well as numerous other fun mini games. But now the game that was with me all my life is changed. I got a new Apple ID and got the game again but it’s different from how it once was. EA has made it so that at the begging of every level, you have a rake in the middle of the screen, and to get it you have to watch an add. You used to buy these things with easy to get in game money(no real money spent) but now there’s a focus on watching adds. As well as these optional items, in order to play the game you sometimes need to watch adds. In order to play a bonus game you HAVE TO WATCH AN ADD. Even the adventure part of the game is filled with adds. The final straw for me writing this review was when after completing an adventure level an add popped up. In summary PvZ is an amazing game, but it was much better when although the game cost money, there were NO ADDS. DOWN WITH EA
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2 years ago, Crow jewels
Love This Game But The Ads Are Crazy(Bug)
I love this game, it’s simple and fun and it’s not pay to play. It use to be my favorite game but the ads have gotten RIDICULOUS. There are constantly ads interrupting game play. It makes me never want to download those games in the ads because I associate them with annoyance and frustration. Not to mention there is a huge bug in the game because I paid to have the ads removed and it no longer is working, so I tried to pay again and it says you already bought this, do you want to restore it?…and when I push yes restore, a glitch just puts a loading screen for like one second then it never restores and I’m officially stuck with ads because I can’t even buy removal a second time and the game doesn’t register that I previously bought it. This is a big problem and if it were resolved I’d give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Beastygamer2435
EA ruined this game with ads
When I was younger, this was by far my favorite game to play. I would constantly try and beat the next level, but I could never defeat the final boss at the end. I was excited when I saw it optimized for the new phones so I could finally beat the game without my fathers help, but now I’m incredibly disappointed. Both before and after every level, I have been forced to watch a 30 second ad that cannot be skipped. It happens whenever you switch menus or do really anything in the game, which makes it infuriating to play. The game also freezes a ton during each round, which causes you to restart the game and watch another ad upon re-entry, even making you lose all progress. On top of that, everything is nearly impossible to do without spending money for the mini games which is disheartening. Those used to be a ton of fun to play, but now I can only play one and then have to grind 2 more hours to do even one more. I loved this game when I was younger, but now it is almost impossible to play which makes me feel awful. Why did EA do anything to this game? It was perfect before, but now it’s only a money grab.
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6 years ago, Dillon;)
Sold out
It feels like plants versus zombies sold out. I used to love the watch a video function with plant vs zombies to get free things like extra chocolate to keep the snail awake and a free rake to kill one zombie. Now they just put a video every time you exit a level or start a level or pauses to play one in the middle of a level. Taken alongside how glitchy it is now it becomes very frustrating. It constantly kicks me out during an ad or after one plays and I have to start my level over again. They also “streamlined” things so you could easily play any level you wanted. The problem with this is that it doesn’t go from one level to the next automatically and there is no option to move on from one level straight to the next. It gives going through the game after you beat it a disappointing feel. There just isn’t any flow. It also feels like a cheap button smasher game now, I feel like they made everything much easier to make it almost hard to lose which makes it too easy. They have sold out to become one of those games I would download and okay for a week before becoming bored with it and deleting a week later.
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2 years ago, gamerboooi
PvZ is great but ads are really annoying and other things
PvZ is really great! But there is always a bunch of ads and I always need to put it on airplane mode or when I go out with no service I play it. And the achievements are really hard and what’s the point of achievements if there is no reward and the achievements are only good for flexing how good you are in the game and there should be an reward for completing a achievement like coins and that would maybe make more people play the game for achievements and stuff. Other than all of that the game is great but there hasn’t been updates ever since the new PvZ games and I really want some more updates on this game like update the achievements and give the achievements a reason to be there like coins or gems for some new items other than that I give the game 3 stars please make the game a whole lot better.
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5 years ago, september71
Formerly Amazing
Loved this game from day one. Then EA bought it and turned it into a joke. For several years they completely ignored it. To the point where it would no longer play on newer iPhones. I deleted it and recently remembered it so I downloaded it again. I was optimistically thinking they had made improvements. WRONG. WHAT. A. JOKE. First of all, they didn’t even optimize it for larger phone screens so it looks RIDICULOUSLY stretched out. Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video anyone? Now the whole appearance of the game looks like some bootlegged Canal Street game. You can see evidence of this on the game’s start up screen. The original size ratio shows up briefly before it’s S T R E T C H E D horizontally to laughable levels. Did EA put money into bettering the game? Nope. Did they add more interesting levels? Nope. Did they do ANYTHING new to the game? Nope. Oops, sorry. I was wrong. They DID put up approximately 10K paywalls around anything they could get their hands on. Such a joke. The fact that a gaming company would put their name on something like this shows how little integrity they actually have. Especially since they’ve done nothing but ruin the original title. So lame. SO SO lame. 😒
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5 years ago, Calvin Corrieri
Great game until EA ruined it.
Ads after every level. Ads play when you click buttons disguised as sun. Crappy microtransactions everywhere. Took a peek at the internals of the game, theres a Facebook worm built in. There’s also Vungle worms as well. I recommend looking them up, they’re in just about every game with ads. These worms track everything from your IP, phone number, playing habits, and other forms of data to build a profile on you. These companies then sell your data as per the terms of service you agree to when booting up the app for the first time. They also use it to track you across different apps and psychologically tailor ads to manipulate you further. Why should I have to deal with this crap after I bought the game so many years ago? I own it. I don’t want this free to play bundled with spyware and ads sack of crap. Ffs just let me play the game I paid for. This is not PvZ. This is EA doing what it does best. Ruining a perfectly good game for profit. I used to love this game. It’s sad that I won’t be able to fully experience that nostalgia simply because of a greedy publisher. I recommend against playing this game in its current state.
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3 years ago, MC1129
PvZ iPhone is a good game. But Let’s avoiding the zen garden and portal combat.
Why? Because these 2 are gonna crash the game and it’s gonna start from the beginning or the game keeps crashing or it freezes the game. So Do NOT go to zen garden and portal combat because it will crash the game. So what I’m going to do is what i need to get some coins is go to level 5-10 to keep replay it, But what I can do is I’m going to play some survival mode is what i need is to get loads of marigold and some gold magnets so I can start farming coins so it gonna take a while. Now I have a lot of coins I can now buy packs of minigames, puzzle games and also wooden hammers for endless. And one more thing buy ads remove in the shop so you don’t want to see it all in game. And That is how to farm coins in PvZ iPhone! But always remember Do NOT go to zen garden and portal combat cause it will crash! Thank you! 👍
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12 months ago, Gumen F Lopez
Ads get annoying. Fun game overall.
I bought this game many years ago. Back when it was being sold for a few bucks. Didn’t have ads or anything since you paid for the full game. I ended up switching e-mail and I lost access to the account. I redownloaded the game a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing since. I get an Ad before I start a level. And then one after the level is complete. I get the owner of the app is trying to make money, but at least lower the frequency. I’m fully aware that you can pay to remove ads. Which I consider here and there. But I just end up playing the game on airplane mode so I don’t get ads. The game itself is simple. Fun. Takes a bit to save up gold coins to buy other mini games. The whole point of grinding a game so that’s not an issue. And of course you can always pay to have gold if you’re desperate for it. Fun game to kill time, easy to understand.
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4 years ago, ilovekittenup
Like it but I have a thing to say about number 2
I just want to say great game but I might as well not make two separate reviews so I love p vs z 1! The second one however ITS SO HARD like why just why? Would u do this to a p vs z game. I understand they wanted to make it more challenging but, u my dude have just gone over board don’t get me wrong other Than that it’s a great game. BUT WAIT, why the heck u got to pay for CHOMPERS? TORCHWOOD as well so many questions about why and 5 dollars as well for a plant ?!?! Like I know I should’ve put this on the 2nd one but why would I do that because I would just get to trash those things MORE. I hope they read this but I’d they do the developer response (if they do even respond) will be like “thank u for ur suggestions we will improve” just saying Actually IMPROVE but anyway thanks for reading this (if anybody actually does)
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2 years ago, benjamin the grate
This is great but...
So this game is great, but I would love a few adjustments. For one, STOP ALL THE ADS. There are just way too many ads and it’s infuriating. Other than that, it’s pretty good. I originally played this on the X Box 360 and I loved that you could get different houses and that you would get different decorations for certain achievements and things completed. And a bright side is it would not change the gameplay, so if anyone liked it the way is was, no worries. But most of all I would greatly enjoy if you added a sandbox. You would have unlimited sun and would be able to pick the zombies as they come. I know this would be a big change and a lot of work, but just in case one of you read this and agree, I would be very happy with this game. Thank you for you time, money, and hard work. Even if you can’t change it, I appreciate all that you guys do. Sincerely yours truly, Benjamin R Wallace.
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1 year ago, soider x
Why I love this game (Plants Vs Zombies) SO much!
I love this game because of it’s simplicity, how anyone can beat the game even if they’re not the best, and I was born the same year it released which makes me like the game even more! I love how even though the game is old and simplistic, it’s still really good compared to the games that we have today. And I haven’t even mentioned the music! The music is AWESOME! I sometimes will listen to the music while I do my homework or when I’m gaming. Another reason I love the game is because you can play anytime, anywhere! I’ll play the game while camping or when there’s nothing really to do. Anyways, there’s a lot of reasons why I love this game and so who ever coded this game, you sure knew what you where doing. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the next PvZ game to release but until then, I’ll keep play PvZ 1. -Gabriel
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3 years ago, NyxWannabe
Great game, only one problem.
I’ve been playing PvZ for years now and it’s always so relaxing. All of the plants are very creative along with the variations of zombies. I also think the descriptions in the almanac are very funny and always make me laugh. And while the game is relaxing, I find it challenging too,- the roof level is very hard for me and it took a while to complete. What I am saying is that is a great game, and you can bet I will continue to play it for a long time. However, there was but one problem i have had while playing. Whenever I shop at Crazy Dave’s, and then exit, the game immediately kicks me out. It is only a minor detail and doesn’t really bother me at all, but I am simply trying to help this game become bug-free and enjoyable to all. Again, I really enjoy this game, and give an applause to the creator, popcap.😁👍👌🤟
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2 years ago, Trisha1888
Some bugs
I have played Plant versus Zombies for many years. When I tried downloaded it to this phone, I had to once again Purchase the “no commercials “ which is fine. It is not a lot and e1 needs to make money. I am experiencing 2 problems with the program on this phone and cannot seem to figure out how to get help. First, I purchased the power up for sunflowers but do Znot have access to it and when I go back to the shop, it says it is out of stock which usually means I have already purchased it. So ehere is it? Second thing, when I exit Zombies my phone refused to go hack to vertical mode. I have to either turn the phone off or occasionally I can open a different app although that doesn’t always work. Still a great game but I would like to know how to fix these bugs. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Max dds
When I played this game a decade ago as a kid, I didn’t remember this many ads. This game is FILLED with ads. Sometimes two 30 second ads back to back! (Once when you receive a new plant and once before you select which plants to use.) the ads also take you directly to the App Store without even clicking on the ads, so you have to manually go back to the game by leaving the App Store and opening PVZ again. Sometimes, the ads break the game after you watch them and you have to close out of PVZ and re open it again, only to watch, you guessed it, more ads. Untimely, the ads are EXCESSIVE. It really takes away from the magic i remember as a kid. Onto a different point, the game is far too easy. Through the entire game, I never lost (exept for the final boss). The lawn mowers take away from the purpose of the game and make it really really easy. Even if they get through you have another chance. I had to challenge myself and not buy the roof lawn mowers or the pool lawn mowers to make this game is even remotely hard.
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6 years ago, qschil
Great, but with small bug
PVZ is probably one of the best no-wifi, free-to-play games ever. You can never really beat the game, which makes it interesting even after you beat adventure mode. There is one bug, though. Im not sure if it was from the most recent update, but cob cannon AoE (area of effect) is messed up. When the target is thrown on the specified spot, only the zombies in front are damaged. The explosion only seems to hurt zombies between 3 tiles left of the target and on top of the target. This isnt a big problem in adventure mode, but is extremely annoying in last stand and survival endless, where a lot of plants are up front and can be destroyed without cob cannon backup. Im pretty sure this isnt only on the new iPhones; it happens on other devices too. All these years later, PVZ is still awesome, and I hope that the bug can be fixed soon!
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10 months ago, Kingbobshodow
Plants vs zombies when I was younger
I like the old version better because it didn’t have levels but now it has levels and it’s not fun no more how it used to be me and my older brother used to play this game. Lots of times the best game we ever had. We loved it so much. We literally played it all the time we loved it people love the game until levels happened now I don’t like it, I love this game when I was younger because it was so much fun. It had good graphics and you could move the screen but now you can and the worst part about it is the levels I can’t do this anymore. I want to delete the game, but I can’t because my memories are in this game. so please fix the game I like the old one better. It actually had reasons why I like the game, so please just make it like the old one.
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2 years ago, tae rosewood
fun, but laggy.
i really love this game, as i have since it first came out when i was a kid. this was the first game i ever beat and it holds a lot of meaning to me because of that! it’s so much fun to play both casually and as a time killer when i have nothing else to do. however, once i got around Level 5 in the Day time (which is the first round of levels, out of 5), the game became very laggy, like the game was too overloaded. i thought uninstalling and redownloading the game would help, and it did until i got back to the same area where it first started lagging, where it started lagging again. im not sure if this is just an issue with my device as my partner doesn’t have the same issue, or if it’s something in the game, but it still had a noticeable affect on my gameplay experience. otherwise, 5/5 stars!! classic and nostalgic, wouldn’t change a thing :)
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3 years ago, Creeper Jack
Cult classic gone under
While gameplay wise the game is amazing and always will be, it’s one of the single greatest mobile games ever made. Unfortunately there is a massive issue, the game, in my experience almost never launches properly, I’ve only been able to get it to launch properly one time In the past week. Every other time the app instantly crashes and sends you back to the Home Screen. I’ve seen a few forum posts about this issue one on apple says to contact the creators but I’ve searched and I’ve not been able to come up with anything conclusive all I know is a few years back an IOS update caused it to stop working, I can’t find a solution or even a concrete reason as to why this is. Beyond that these forum posts are a few years old and the fact that the game is being updated but this issue hasn’t been solved is mind blowing to me, maybe it is a rare issue, there is so little information on this I can’t even confirm or deny that. Is there any possibility of this game being fixed for IOS?
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5 years ago, Vampireblizzard88
I love this game
This is great. Honestly. I don’t write reviews usually/at all but I had to for this. The graphics are amazing. I see no bugs so far but sometimes my loading screen freezes up and it takes a little long to load. But it seems pretty smooth. The plants and the zombies look really like the first game on the DS. I have been playing Plants vs Zombies for a long time. It was on my DS when I was young and I couldn’t bear to get rid of it or even delete the data to give away. So when I got my 3DS, I still played it on that. It reminds me so much of that, that I am surprised, shocked even at how it’s making my memories come back to me. I am so addicted. I cannot stop playing this game. Home. School. Out with friends. This is quite short but you have done a great job. I really hope you add more to this game. But keep it like the original PVZ one, I love love love this. Thank you for making such a good game!
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1 year ago, Gh0st_T3a
The game deleted itself
This game was my childhood. I redownloaded a few weeks ago, and for starters, the ads are really annoying. Often, they make the game crash and I have to go back into it. But most games use ads and I like the game enough that I can easily look past that. But today I went into the game, and all my progress was lost. No zen garden, no mini games, level one of adventure mode and no achievements. For context, I have bought a handful of the mini games, the puzzles, have gotten a lot of the achievements, was a few levels away from completing adventure mode the second time, and my zen garden was thriving. It’s a great game, but I’m beyond frustrated right now. Hours and hours of progress thrown away. I don’t want to replay all the easy levels all over again. It takes too long. So I guess this is the universe’s way of telling me to leave my childhood game behind, because I don’t want to waste more time on progress I will apparently lose.
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3 years ago, Parkey boi (ChilliDogz97)
Ok, let’s get to the point. I love the game. But seriously the ads. If you could just get a paid version of the game, I would rather get it than turn on airplane mode. I love the app though. Suggestion: have a “restart flag” button in survival. I find it highly annoying having to restart an entire survival when I pick the wrong plant. Also, I really hate that you have to grind forever to just literally get 50,000 coins. I love the Zen Garden as well. It feels awesome just getting coins from watering a marigold. Ok, now that I’ve discussed that, I’m going to ask for some new plants once and a while. I don’t think EA taking over is bad, because you have to have ads or a paid game or you won’t earn any cash from making it. But in pvz2 it’s way worse. So stop complaining people. To sum up, PvZ is an awesome game. I also love crazy Dave and his rap. Parko Out!
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5 years ago, Tru3Digital
Wasted time and a dollar on a bugged out game
I beat the game and began to work at the survival section of the game in more ways to play. Beat the first level without any bugs or glitches occurring and decided to spend a dollar on coins for future levels went on the second level which is night I believe I had hit a certain flag when I decided to exit out of said level and continue my progress another time due to the saving mechanic the game has set place. I then was unable to continue said level without the game crashing therefore unable to play any future survival level or endless due to it being locked behind the survival night lvl which is now glitched for me forever I decided I had enough and deleted the app thinking the game would save my data due to it being connected through Game Center big mistake I redownloaded the app only to find my progress is deleted and my coins of which I spent for in game plants were wasted due to the game starting from the beginning so now I burned a dollar and have to restart my entire game thanks Ea
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4 years ago, somebody that lives on earth
Declined Over Time
Just redownloaded this classic. I was surprised to see how much worse this has gotten. The biggest problem is obviously the ads. They pop up after a level, guaranteed, and sometimes even BEFORE the level as well. Honestly it’s pretty sad how much this game has gone down in value. Sometimes, if you get an ad before a level, it can glitch the app and force you to start again. This can even happen after the level and can reset your progress completely on that level. I won’t go into detail about all of the other minor changes, but just to sum things up, if you’re here for nostalgia, turn back. Also, if you have in app purchases that you’ve made, don’t expect to get your money back. Apparently EA is just going to keep it. Honestly, PVZ is an ok game now, a shadow of what it used to be on mobile. I can really only recommend playing if you’re playing it casually. EA needs to improve. This feels like an ad-ridden shady mobile game. Get it together, EA.
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