PlateSpot - License Plate Game

4.7 (12.3K)
114.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Villegas Ventures LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PlateSpot - License Plate Game

4.72 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Alexiszel
Love it but one minor fix!
My family loves to look at license plates during road trips so I wanted to find an app I could keep track of them with! I found this one and did two cross country road trips in the span of three months. I used the app for both and found a ton of plates! My dad and I had a fun time using the app to keep track of all the plates we saw. The only thing I would recommend to add on the app would be for the option to see past results, such as previous trips and how many plates spotted. I would’ve liked to compare my two recent road trips since I know I saw plates on one trip I didn’t see on the other! That’s my only recommendation… it’s very easy to use and I love the little blurb of history on each of the states/provinces:)
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3 years ago, AngryRedWoman
Good but could be so much better!
37 yr old female here. We traveled by car frequently as kids and always played this game. I am now a parent myself and I recently traveled with my parents and downloaded this game. I have some suggestions because I will definitely use it again. 1) Be able to store previous games and stats of trips. (i.e. How long the trip was how many states traveled) 2) Update license plates. I saw a plate and wasn’t able to read it but it had a very distinguished scene on it but it wasn’t shown in the list. I live in Ohio and the license plate shown is no longer issued. I feel like this should be very easy to do as the states post the current plates in their websites. 3) Maybe add some trivia questions about states like capitals. Make it more interactive. Families are more likely to download and use it if there is more to do in between looking for plates. Maybe road sign bingo or something like that.
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11 months ago, Sammei12
Great App for Road-trips!
Love this app for road trips! I just have a few suggestions for any future updates! I’d love to have a trip counter so you can compare how many and which plates you got on different trips. Another idea is to add a little more to the stats information. I would love to have info about each states symbols like the state bird or flower and such! Also including the state motto would be super cool too! Still an enjoyable app and made the long trips go by faster!
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4 years ago, rockitred
Perfect road trip game!
I never review anything! This was perfect for a road trip covering a week and four states with 2 adults and our 10 year old. Didn’t take much time to figure it out : quick information on the state : easy to use. We found ourselves trying to claim as many as we could! We claimed 36. Nice little addition to an awesome trip. This is the only app I used out of 5 game apps I downloaded for the trip. No ads either.
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4 years ago, AngolaCottage
Great app! Just needs one thing to be 5 stars
We used this recently for the first time. Would love to have the ability to save each “game” with a date and a place to take notes or at least name the trip we were on. Then it would allow us to try and beat a previous high score while reminiscing about previous trips at the same time.
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2 years ago, Kid Cutie
Absolutely LOVE This!
It makes even trips to the store or the big city exciting! I will not tell you how ecstatic I was seeing a Vermont plate as it was the 50th state I needed! I also love how it has Canada and Mexico plates as well. The ONLY thing I wish it had was Native American nation plates. I’ve seen a few of those around and would love to add them to the app.
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2 months ago, koalamommy
Time consuming
Every time you want to “claim a new plate” you click on it but then you have to double click on it again and then click again to go back to the list. Is there a way to make it easier so I can play while I’m driving? I had one that I liked but I guess they have stopped making updates (can’t find it on the Apple Store anymore)and it got so glitchy I had to look for another one
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3 years ago, notusingtherokuremoteapp
Too Many Ads!!
I wanted to download this app for a little trip that my family and I were going on. However, when I downloaded the app and tried to select a state, ads kept popping up and it was kind of annoying. The app itself was a good and it was easy to click on a state, but the constant advertisements brought the experience down. If you don’t mind the ads on the app, then this is a great app for you. But for me, it was just a little too much.
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3 years ago, Williey Dilliey
Some good and Some bad
Here is the good things One of the good things is that if you click on a plate late’s say that I picked West Virginia or Ohio or California or Texas or Kansas it gives says all about the passed history of that state. Here is some bad things Too many dumb adds when you claim or un claim it adds happen.
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5 years ago, ADelphinidae
Fun for road trips
Played this with my family on a road trip. Great app design. Loved claiming the plates and reading off the information to everyone else in the car. Would be nice to include a map to see a visual of all the states you’ve gotten. Only thing I didn’t like was the full screen ads (-⭐️). I know it’s a free app and the developers have to make money, but I would have preferred just a banner ad.
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3 years ago, Lindasland
Love this game!
I started this when my daughter was little and we were on the way to Orlando from South Florida. We had so much fun finding all of license plates. Now my daughter is 17 and doesn’t want to play any longer. I still do though! I still play it and even have my sisters and aunts helping out!!
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4 years ago, melisbest
Great app
Great app easy to use. trivia is nice touch and doesn’t require extra clicks to access. Display is good... would like the option to view only the states that haven’t been claimed. App could be best improved by adding more plate design options for each state; many states have multiple license plate designs and it would be helpful for spotting/ confirming sightings.
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1 month ago, random user8181
Ideas for the app
I love this app, I have almost all of the US states but I noticed there isn’t any territories included. I have seen a few territories including American Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico and would love to see them added to the list of license plates to be found.
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2 years ago, LizKoe1118
Fun game in the car
We have a lot of fun watching for plates from other states on road trips. This app makes it so easy to do! And you can mark plates from Canada and Mexico! Just wish it supported family sharing so we didn’t have to purchase the ad-free version on each device.
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2 years ago, Mcflyy209
Perfect, works as advertised.
50 states can be hard to keep track of, this app makes a fun road trip time killer that much better. Glad someone made the app
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5 years ago, Jadenlulu12344528374
I think that this is the best plate spotting app there is. It is nice that there is a description of each state with its nickname. I only rated 4 stars because I think that a map could be added to choose the states along with a picture of the same plate. This app is all around good though and has provided plenty of joy for my family.
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5 years ago, tsveggie
Where have you been all my life
Our family takes on this challenge every summer from Memorial day to Labor Day I wish it could post on our messages And not just social media I also wish we could have a states left the list and not just a state found list
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2 years ago, BJW8424
Good App.
I downloaded this app as a new way to keep track of license plates for road trips on my phone. I like a centralized way to keep track of all US, Canada, and Mexico plates in one place. The only changes I would make is I would add US Territories, Indian Reservations, US Government, and Mexican Truck License Plates.
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4 months ago, KatelynDawn0823
Highly recommend!
This a a great app for a road trip or just a fun game to play around town! Super easy to use and I love that it has details about each state!
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2 years ago, Ihaveagoal
Easy to use
Enhancements could be tacking by person in the car (to make a game out of it) as well as adding in which state the plate was spotted in.
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3 years ago, Alexa C Moreno
super fun!!
It's a super fun game to play in the car when you're bored!! Adds a lot of fun to a car trip and the app is very easy to navigate. The only thing I would change is that there are a lot of ads.
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1 year ago, Kadie B.
Too many ads!!!!!!
This game has so many ads it’s not really enjoyable. I like the concept but with all the ads it’s just not good. Every two liscense plates I claim there is a add and it’s always the same add. An add about Dicks Sporting Goods! It’s really annoying! I don’t really use this app anymore because I was so tired of the ads! I would not recommend!
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4 years ago, jakechapman326
Too many ads
The app is good and all, but it is not as good as other ones. Also it plays an advertisement every time you find a plate which can get annoying when you first begin the game or find a lot of plates.
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2 years ago, Chad pants
This is a grate game me and my family love to play it on long road trips and for my family thats almost every weakend and some times on weak days
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5 months ago, New Jersey Ma
Car games
PL8 sure makes the time go faster! It’s nice learning a little about each state!
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4 years ago, MMac----
Fun and easy
Just wish there was a way to save progress. Had to wipe my hands phone and had to start the game over after 42 states and almost done. Oh well
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2 years ago, kent*vegngybgtdffdv
I love it!!
Me and my family would allways go camping si this is a fun game that we play so now I can keep track of it in a simple way
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4 years ago, h. a. p. p. y. !
Lovin’ it!!!
In a long car ride I like to sit back and play this! My family and I look to see who can see the most plates and I thank the creators!
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5 years ago, RockyMtn Mama
Always a fun game
Always a fun game to play while on a road trip. Easy to use, just get annoyed with the very frequent pop ups (like all free apps).
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12 months ago, JajeDTD
Ads Frustration
Ads make this intolerable. App itself is fine, just have to watch a sound-on ad every two plates you find. Annoying…
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2 weeks ago, barbwilson5
Not a fan of the ads
It’s the regular state license plate game that you all play as a child. The only thing that stinks is the ads. Especially when it doesn’t let you out.
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10 months ago, ach1205
Great app, fun game
Should consider adding a misc plate category (US gov plates, consul, tribal plates, etc) Should also have a celebratory animation once you claim a whole category
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4 years ago, plant lover xoxo
i love this
right now i’m crossing a bridge. this app is such fun to play on a road trip. it’s fun to set records and to see if you can break them on how many state license plates you can find. it’s really a jackpot when you find hawaii or alaska:) you should 100% get this app. i also bought the version with no ads because i don’t appreciate that
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12 months ago, jehcdjcivwns
I like it
It’s fun to look for plates and then document it and learn something from that star while in a long drive!!
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3 years ago, Anonymous iPhone User 2
Does what it says on the can
The little details are nice too
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4 years ago, Jakers10245
No adds
The app would be a lot better without adds. And I think more people would use it with no adds.
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3 years ago, 𝙰𝚍𝚍𝚢✌︎︎
Too many ads
I like to use this app when my family is on road trips, but every 2 plates I mark off it gives me an ad.
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4 years ago, sydney🥳
The best
There is nothing wrong with it!!😀 I went to a wedding in NYC Manhattan with the fam and we played this game and we got 34 plates we had so much fun playing it.
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3 years ago, amantenoncombattente
Overflowing with ads
Definitely not the best license plate app, there is an add about every 30 seconds using the app which gets extremely annoying after a few minutes so maybe try a different one.
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3 years ago, Pride533
My husband and I love playing this, but you need to add the American Indian nation plates as we’ve seen a few and the variations of plates by state would be cool to collect too :)
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2 weeks ago, Jimmy Neutron lll
Still deserves it
Good but has a lot of adds.
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4 years ago, Buoy-04
Lots of fun!
Glad to have something to do on long car rides😊
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4 months ago, Plate finder triz
Great game
This game gives me something to do on long car rides 🤩🤩
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1 year ago, Maceylayne1117
Plate spot app
Absolutely love this app now I can see all the plates from different states
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2 months ago, Hailey Kay thr
Plate spot
Fun to play when in the car
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1 year ago, Pajammers46
Too many ads
There is an ad that I have to close by perfecting hitting a tiny little X or it takes you to an ad or other website. Don’t love this license plate tracking app.
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3 years ago, Debbir RN
Too many ads
So many pop up ads that won’t go away without shutting down and restarting the app! App is really nice when it works uninterrupted.
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1 year ago, PlateFan007
Too many ads
The game is functional but has way too many ads.
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4 years ago, Unique-reviewer
Far too many ads!
I liked the graphics and pictures, but there were ads after every other entry. I uninstalled after 15 minutes.
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3 months ago, Ttehr 1245678910
No ads
No ads for everyone
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