Playdead's INSIDE

4.3 (27.7K)
705.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Playdead's INSIDE

4.34 out of 5
27.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Eve Mia123
Amazing Game, Disappointing Ending
I throughly enjoyed playing Inside. The detail in the artwork is stunning, and the puzzles can be challenging and really get your mind thinking. My biggest issue is the ending (I wont be spoiling anything). I completed the game’s normal ending in about 3-4 hours, though it still felt too short. The ending of Inside is confusing, and I honestly can’t tell whether or not the way it ended was good or not. I would’ve liked to have known more about the actual story going on in the dystopian world around the character, but you don’t get to know anything except for what’s actually happening at the moment around you. Also without spoilers, I feel the Secret Ending was also lacking in giving the player satisfaction. I was completely immersed while playing, and the game was definitely worth the the price. I was just really disappointed and left with more questions then answers with how they decided to finish off their amazing game. Even for an open-ending, I feel there should’ve been more.
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1 year ago, G27.40
Seriously RECOMMENDED, One of the best Mobile games I have ever played!! 5stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I was supposed to write this years ago but here I go…sigh…. I just can feel and I can tell how humble this idea was create it ,I don't know if I’m wrong but, that’s the main reason why I love this game, Because it seem and it feel so humble ,I really think This game is super cool ,I give recognitions to the creators for having such genius creativity ,I can say that without regrets I have spent countless hours playing this game and in my opinion it “shows” that is a “simple” but seriously is a super Genius Game ,I love it the idea, is Amazing and the gameplay is awesome ,it even surprised me because I wasn't expecting it to be so good, and really like how many friends and people who noticed me playing the game they instantly asked me the name of the game so they can download it , I’m no a “professional gamer” or “official Games Critic” but I sure love to give this game a 5stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a huge Thank you!! to the people who created this game,It’s an art-piece and a master-piece , and also thanks to those highly valuable persons who most likely worked very hard so they can make it possible for me to be able for me to download.
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5 years ago, Justinchrist
Beautiful, but short.
This game was so bizarre, and so beautifully rendered. It was very fun, but very short. I’m used to putting some time into games, so I can enjoy a campaign over several weeks or months, but I finished Inside in two sessions, in about 2-3 hours, total. I’m not the kind of gamer to replay games, and this title has little to no replay value. There is only one mode, and one difficulty setting. The puzzles are relatively easy to solve. I only found myself stuck twice, and each time only for a few minutes. I used a Steelseries Nimbus controller, but without that the controls would’ve been frustrating. You swipe left and right to move (like a virtual stick) but to jump you have to swipe up, and to interact with objects you tap/hold. This scheme seems simple enough, until you reach a part where a precision jump is required, or you must interact with an object in a precise time frame. Pros: good graphics and sound, unique environments, puzzle are fun to solve, intriguing story/feel. Cons: Very short for a $7 game, touch controls can be mildly frustrating, (SPOILER ALERT) No dialog or backstory and inconclusive ending. If you were hoping the intriguing setting would be explained in the end, you’ll be let down.
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6 years ago, aubrett
Amazing game worth every penny
I played the demo a while back, and fell in love instantly. I finally bought the game on my phone, played it all the way through, loved it so much that I turned around and bought it and replayed the whole thing all over again on my ps4. I can honestly say this may be one of my favorite mini games yet. I’m sad each time when it ends that there is not more of it for me to play, because I feel as if I would enjoy playing more of this game even passed its end. I’m a little bit disappointed that some things weren’t fully explained by the end, however it was still unbelievable enjoyable to play all the way through. I would love to see a second one maybe from a different characters perspective going through other areas of this world, especially since it’s easy to see that the setting it’s in is huge as it is. I’m sure there could be a whole other game in this same world, where you don’t even see the same areas as this, and also a different outcome in the end. Either way, I love the creators of this game, and have already even before this game, with of course games like Limbo. And they’ve done it once again. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
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6 months ago, BT513Animations
People need to stop asking for so much from the developers
First of all, why would people ask for a game to be free? If their game was free, how are the game developers supposed to get money? Like an earlier post said and I quote, “you don’t just go to GameStop and ask for a GTA 6 game for free.” That’s just dumb. Whenever an app is free, you’ll always expect either loads of ads, in-app purchases, or a free trial. You didn’t ask for Hello Neighbor to be free, did you??? So stop asking such stupid questions. Also, whenever I see a one star rating, I read their review, and realize that all of the reviews have one thing in common, I get upset. That’s because all of those reviews have stupid reasons. One of the reviews said “I can’t believe a game like this on the App Store” because of “adults and dogs hunting children.” Then if that’s the case, go to Hello Neighbor and say the same exact thing. Then explain why this game has an editors choice award on it. I haven’t even bought the game yet, and I already think it’s amazing. Another thing people said was “it’s too hard.” Okay, what do you think it was supposed to be… easy!!?? Of course it’s supposed to be difficult.
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6 years ago, mpldesign
Beautiful yet...
Stunning artwork. Great gameplay. However, having played through (full game) multiple times, I’m left feeling it’s just too short. The puzzles are challenging but I’m wanting more. If anything, that’s a testament to the quality of the game. I want to play more. That said, while there is a heavily implied story there also isn’t a story. You don’t learn anything more of what’s happening from when you begin to when you finish. I haven’t completed all the challenges (and I’m experiencing bugs where finding them does not update/honor having completed/found them), so maybe there is a sense of finality in doing so but I’m left wanting more. Either more gameplay or more of an answer as to why/what you experience through the character matters in terms of story. I feel I can rationalize what happens in the end by my own interpretation (and maybe this is intended) but ultimately I’m left with questions that are less the result of a story open to interpretation and more a feeling of why/how does what I’ve experienced result in something conclusive? Not going to get my hopes up but would love to see an update that offers expansion on the backstory of the world you experience in game.
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5 years ago, sassytrash
ABSOLUTELY worth the buy!
I just finished Inside after about 3-4 days of light/moderate play. Some people have said about 3 hours play time but I would say it’s more like 4-5 altogether depending on how many times you die or how long a puzzle takes you to solve. Probably like 3 hours if you use a walkthrough the entire game, don’t take the time to get ALL the secrets and just rush through it (which would ruin the game I think). I used a walkthrough on a few puzzles if I had tried over 10 times on my own and just couldn’t understand. But I mostly tried really hard to figure them out on my own, it was much more exciting without the walkthrough. The graphics, sound effects and design of the game are fantastic. Yes, the gameplay is similar to Limbo but Limbo was much more bland than Inside IMO. I got bored with Limbo quickly but Inside was MUCH more captivating. It was hard to put it down. I found myself saying one more check point, one more puzzle. The devs did an absolutely stunning job. The story and ending could be left to your imagination...I really hope there is sequel. Great job!
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1 year ago, AWildGlueStick
Worth every penny
In this game, you start out as a little boy who climbs into the woods at the middle of the night. You must run through the forest while avoiding being captured my mysterious people in masks. You head on in a strange adventure that challenges your thinking. this game’s experience is beyond words. the atmosphere and lack of any explanation leaves the ending up to the player’s interpretation. the gameplay is very fluid, smooth and without flaw. This is one of the best games I have ever played, and I do not regret buying it. The puzzles are challenging yet entertaining and quite simple. The mystery and intrigue of this game really makes you feel involved in playing it. I am very impressed with the graphics and the game’s design along with the gameplay. I definitely recommend playing this game. It takes a few hours to complete, given if you struggle on a few of the puzzles. The sound design and music make the experience almost perfect. it is pretty much 2 dimensional, but it does have a 3d twist to it. I genuinely enjoyed playing this.
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6 years ago, Slim_cop
Cool, yet overpriced.
This was a pretty cool game. Nice graphics, but I was more intrigued by the grimness of the demo. I was hooked and needing more after the first encounter. It gets tougher as you progress, and you’ll run into the “this is impossible” scenarios, but trial and error and decent problem solving skills will get you through it. I played for 3 days. Maybe 15 minutes the first day, 3 hours or so the second day, and 1 hour the third day until it was complete. There are so many unanswered questions. The key question being what the hell is going on??! It’s a terrible feeling to watch a show or movie, read a book, or play a game and, at the end, be left clueless. A short comic at the end showing what happened to get to the game’s present would have been perfect. Even with that though, the ending needs to be cleared up somehow. I feel like I enjoyed playing through it all so much and wanting to know the end game so badly, only to get to the end and be let down. An editor said “the game was meant to be experienced and not understood” but who wants to NOT understand something after playing through it for all that time AND spending a meal worth of money for it?? I feel very let down.
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5 years ago, EmployeNumberTwoFourSeven
Insane attention to detail.
Stop rating this one star because your device isn't compatible. Playdead tried to get this running on older hardware, but it just wouldn't happen. Go blame apple Blows my mind how painstakingly scrutinized every corner of this game was. Watched many of Playdead's GDC talks, and although most of it went completely over my head, I could understand how much attention they payed to every bit of the game, even dedicating part of their talk to discussing how they fixed a very specific aliasing artifact for a single 3D asset! A fake translucency effect near the beginning of the game on a particular 3D asset apparently had a wild amount of effort put into it for just a tiny detail. I wouldn't have noticed it without reading up some blog posts on the development of the game. Graceful optimization and breathtaking art are two things I believe in greatly, and if I ever were to go into the gaming industry as a career, it'd be a dream to work at a place like Playdead, where an eye and passion for art are part of the recommendations for even the more technical roles.
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7 years ago, Ayden Tupper
Amazing story
Dear Playdead, Though it costs money to buy the full game its worth it, i bought Limbo back when i first got a IPod touch in 2013 and i played it and it was just the best story telling game you could get at the time. Now Inside which theres a lot of theories on is about a boy who is running through a “post apocalyptic” world trying to survive against creatures and or people that have no remorse for killing a child. To me this is a very good subject especially for a game it tests your puzzle and problem solving skills. The only thing thats wrong in my opinion is the price I get that the PC was more expensive but the price should be lowered to $2 just for everyone to experience it. With a cheaper price you get more people that buy the game meaning more money and another way to make the game better is to release a DLC for it explaining why the kid is being chased down and why theres creatures that are able to breathe underwater it’d bring more money but it would also tells a story and the way these games depict it is just incredible in my opinion -Jay
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5 years ago, llmbq
I love this game
I love this game a lot. Really it’s my preference that makes me love it, but it’s like whenever I play it I become completely immersed. The atmosphere really does a great job at accomplishing the post-apocalyptic feeling. It holds so much mystery yet I never feel confused about what’s happening. It has the unique feel- a city of grey with the red shirted protagonist with a purpose. I personally enjoyed it more than LIMBO. Instead of being a straight puzzle after puzzle game, it had more of a story or mystery following behind. I got this 10 days after it was released on IOS, I would’ve gotten it before that but I didn’t have a PC. Some people say the controls are hard and the finger scrolling is difficult, and while I found it a bit frustrating at the beginning, it was very easy for me to get used to it and get back into the flow of the game. Some people also say it should be more than 12+, but I was 11 when I got it and I think it’s fine. Great if you like Little Nightmares also.
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6 years ago, Jfitness123
It plays like Limbo with a few key differences overall
In general I enjoyed the whole game, and several of the puzzles are really clever. However there were “more” of those clever puzzles in Limbo. Some of them ( referring to INSIDE) are really easy. It seems the most significant difference between the games is the budget. The “scenes” are really massive and you can spend a long time just going to the edge of a puzzle area. A lot of effort went into the sound, foreshadowing impending doom, and the scenery in general. The controls are also pretty good. Some complain about it being short. It seems to be about the same length as Limbo, but again some of the puzzles are easier, and the significant increase in “land to cross” changes the feel of the “length” of the game when you subtract the walking time. While I was completely satisfied with my purchase, I would prefer the puzzles be closer together, and I spend more time thinking about how to get to the next area as opposed to looking around.
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6 years ago, LilBiT1689
Hands down AMAZING!
I absolutely love this game. I really couldn’t l get enough of it! I played it every chance that I could get. I was glued to it and it was hard to get off because I just wanted to keep playing. When it came to the game, like most games I really didn’t expect much but everything topped my expectations .... From the way it was laid out, to the way they incorporated strategy with a little bit of a twist.. it was all just an amazing game play. There’s a good amount of levels of that’s how you want describe it but I greatly would of loved it if there were more to it. I played it so quick and was mad that it was over. It really sucked...😔 Got me hooked and left me wanting a WHOLE LOT MORE! If by any chance the developer is reading this.. I absolutely loved your game and I’m pretty sure others did as well but I would greatly appreciate it if you would make an extension of the game like an add on or something like Playdead 2. Everybody would benefit from it 😉 Really think about it..
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6 years ago, Anna Lytical
Really fun...until the end.
I very much enjoyed this game until the end. The gameplay was entertaining and the “puzzles” challenging, creative and intuitive. You can die but respawn at the last failed “puzzle” and you can’t maneuver yourself into a dead end which makes the game flow very nicely. I have essentially two issues with the game. First, one of the last “obstacles” is very difficult to perform given the way the player controls the character. The touch controls on the iPad are twitchy and not always precise, however one of the tasks near the end of the game requires seemingly pinpoint control and the slightest variation in movement forces the player to start over. While you may know what to do, the inconsistent gameplay doesn’t allow you to do it—frustrating. Second, the end of the “story” is very much a letdown. It’s like the game makers ran out of ideas so they just up and quit—disappointing. The game was certainly worth the money, but I’ll hope for a more complete offering in the future.
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4 years ago, Does Kevin Systrom Care
The Secrets this game has..
I have been playing the demo cause I’m broke lol, but even In the demo there is the obvious usual gameplay and then other hidden places you can find. Right now I am trying to figure out how to open this door from underground AND I CANT FIGURE IT OUT. Also this game is best in the dark with earbuds on. You notice much more in the game with that setting. Can’t wait to play the full game, so much fun. Also the graphics are amazing, I am a huge fan of games like these like Deer God and Limbo however I feel like this is the future of games like these. And once again GRAPHICS ARE SO GOOD I love the depth of lighting and shadow, the water looks so clear and I can tell there was a lot of study put into the making of this game. Even small things like the way the boy moves to the way the animals move and it all fits excellent with the game. I love these games and hope that more of these will be created and hopefully as an adult can make games like these as well. Love it.
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6 years ago, Katzgal
Incredible game, but needs more.
The game overall was incredible, I’ve never actually finished a game like this and it’s usually because I get bored. Night one I played for three hours, night 2 for an hour, night three for a half an hour. Graphics, soundtrack, general gameplay were all amazing. I want to keep playing it! However, it hints at a storyline but never gives you an actual storyline. When the game ends you’re just as in the dark as when you started and its really quite disappointing. I want to know why we’re running away, why they’re trying to kill us, and what the heck are they doing to people in general! The ending was probably the worst ending I’ve ever seen. It’s also far too short to be worth the $7 that it costs for the full version. I’m not particularly good at games like this, and if only took me maybe 6 hours total, and that’s including short breaks. I was hoping it would be a game I play for weeks, not days.
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6 years ago, morgan272848273
When I first saw the game on the App Store, I was hooked just by looking at the graphics of the game. Once I watched the video about the game in the App Store ... which is kind of like a summary of the game I guess.... I was completely stunned again on the graphics. When I stated playing it, the setting and the colors and the sound effects in the background they chose were absolutely perfect and matched with the idea of the game. Even though I didn’t buy the full version of this game I still really enjoyed it and will keep playing the same parts😂. But the only minor problem with this is I don’t understand the story of this game. When it starts out, you fall down this cliff and you are running from these people without faces? Maybe that’s just because I’m as slow as the day comes but it was still a very good experience. I’m sure if I bought the whole game, which soon I will, I’d understand the meaning of the story.
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2 years ago, Numberivy0009
Super cool!
This game was super fun to play. I only played the demo but was already super into it. The graphics are on point with the mood, and the puzzles are super fun to do! You can tell that the people who created this game were super thorough when they went through it. The backstory to the game is intriguing to me as well. I only got to get hints of what’s happening tho, but that’s what makes it fun. It’s kinda spooky too, which makes it even more interesting in my opinion. For me it was easy to figure out the controls, it doesn’t really take a genius to figure out touchscreen controls 😅 I’m kind of glad there wasn’t a tutorial because that way I learned on my own faster than I would’ve running through a tutorial. The only thing that bites about this game is the price to unlock the full one, but honestly I think it might be worth it. So yeah, overall a great game even if your just going to play the demo.
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5 years ago, h1ccup898
Incredible gameplay, thrilling story
This game is absolutely fantastic. I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. I have played it three or four times now, and the world the boy lives in never ceases to intrigue me. The puzzles are hard but not impossible, and every time I play it I notice some other subtle detail that contradicts any theories I had come up with. The scenery is amazingly beautiful as well, this game is a piece of art. Definitely worth the five dollars. I hope to see more games from playdead soon, since I thoroughly enjoyed Limbo as well. To the developers, keep up the good work, I hope to see more amazing games in the future. Side note: since I do not own a pc or other console, being able to play this game on my ipad is something I am grateful for. Playing it on a handheld, the controls did not seem to be hindered in any way. I actually felt more immersed, since I was controlling the boy directly with my fingers, instead of through a remote.
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5 years ago, GIRLS ROCK 👰👑
Final ending
I’ve been trying to get the secret ending in the orb but I can’t. There’s only one orb left and I cannot reach it no matter what I do. It’s right before you jump in the tank and walk to save all the people that are upside down in the water. Just once scene before that. When you end up in the water and you walking you trip and there’s a hole you can go in. You swim underwater and end up in a room where one of the orbs are. There’s a floating platform where where the orb sits. It’s high up there the boy can’t reach it because it’s too high above the water. Online it shows that the platform is way lower and he could easily climb up. I couldn’t grab or drag anything to help him climb and nothing online shows that the platform is high up. I can’t break the orb to get the secret ending and I’m not sure what to do. I might not see something or the inside developers just disabled the secret ending but I was wondering if there is a way to get to it or not.
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10 months ago, willhadd
The highlights
This game is absolutely stunning and captivating. For me, the best part was actually the beginning. I loved the suspense part of being chased and sneaking. If that was a whole game I would buy it 20 times over. I know it’s meant to be a puzzle game. If Playdead developers ever see this, I would LOVE a thriller/suspense game in this style. As for the game at hand: inside is one of a kind and absorbing. There aren’t a million things on the screen telling you what to do, in fact, there aren’t any. Which is one of my favorite parts because HUDs always tend to take away from the experience to a degree. This is a game you can play all the way through and not even breathe. I don’t usually like puzzle games but I played it all the way through multiple times because I couldn’t stay away from the visuals and the atmosphere. THANK YOU Playdead. This is one of the most enjoyable games ever
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5 years ago, QTxPI
Heart-Pounding Puzzler, Thrilling Climax
This is most likely my second favorite game of all time. The world you play through is eerie, fascinating, disgusting, systemic, and human. The puzzles are the perfect balance of difficult & rewarding, leaving your frustration with an ultimate “yes!” The touch controls are fluid and I had no difficulty once getting used to them. You will get caught. Out running your captors, killers, and drowners is not always the option, and if it is, then timing is everything. Ultimately this game is trial and error, you will die/fail repeatedly until you figure out the correct solution to the scenario. The game ultimately pays off by revealing what your purpose is, and it’s not what you think. The final portion of the game is fast paced and the puzzles are simpler, allowing you to get caught up in the moment. This game is an easy 9.7/10 and is absolutely worth your time and money. I’m excited for what is next in store from playdead.
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5 years ago, TrevGregory43
VERY interesting and scary puzzle game
Don’t think that this is just a usual puzzle game, the puzzles in this game are very easy but it’s the actual content that is amazing. If you play for about an hour each day it will take probably 2-3 days to finish. The way the makers incorporated the puzzles into this game was perfect, I forgot most of the time that I was even solving puzzles because the content was just phenomenal and so interesting. I wish I could learn more details about the story behind this game. Although its short It’s kind of meant to be played all at once because there’s just the start and the finish and no levels or any other bs in between. And if your wondering if it’s worth the 7 dollars then I will tell you yes! But that’s just my opinion. I’ve never been into indie type games like this one, but this one was probably the most thrilling game I’ve played in a long time. BIG thanks to the makers of this game.
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4 months ago, U sme11
This game is so fun, even though you have to pay for the whole thing it’s definitely worth it. I I like the idea of them giving you the beginning of the gameplay to know what’s going on and it’s like a cliffhanger until you buy it. It’s amazing 5 stars automatically ❤️ I love this. And this game has the best sounds to and graphics, it’s like your playing in real life. It’s also challenging which I love cause it’s harder for me to do and challenges are the best! And when I’m playing it I don’t know what’s going to come up next, I get that nervous and weird feeling in my stomach cause I’m so ( I wouldn’t say scared) it’s like the mix of scared and nervous kinda like anxious your body gets all tense up. The sounds and running away parts are amazing it’s like I’m running away from people in real life. Thank you for making this it’s beautiful really such talented 💕
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5 years ago, Tasera
Great Game by Keeping Us Clueless
I love this game for one major reason: we’re clueless as to what is actually happening in this dark world! There is no dialogue nor any cut scenes that describe what is going on in the world in which you find yourself. To develop your theory of the story you simply have to pay attention to what’s going on in the background and how you get through the game - you infer what’s happening through observation. You, like the character you play, have no idea what’s truly happening (which, in my opinion, is the fun part). Also, while there is no story explicitly given by the developers, the need to move on is and see what’s next (in hopes of fleshing out more the world and what’s going on) is the compelling drive to keep playing the game. Our lack of understanding and the need to know more becomes the reason we move from section to section and puzzle to puzzle. There are no bosses to beat, hoards to kill, items to level up, or stats to build, only the need to survive and figure out what the heck is going on... and why it’s happening to us! This game is a very unique way to present a story and allows us, the player, to be immersed and invested in the game by being as clueless as the character we control. If you like mysteries and unique games, Inside will not let you down! P.S. I have an iPhone 6s and the game works great!
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6 years ago, Dormdweller
Addicting and riveting
The scenes and challenges are at times eerie and get you jumping now and then. The challenges aren’t overly difficult but a couple make you think a little or try a hundred different ways. The play is a little dark but it does help to set the mood. I haven’t had much problem with the controls so far (just started level 3). I haven’t experienced the problems others have. I find if you just touch and hold the screen, that’s sufficient for moving; you don’t need to keep moving your finger across the screen. Some challenges require you to get the controls right with little delay but that’s what makes it fun and challenging at times but it’s all been doable so far. I love the game and have played it almost non-stop since buying it. The one Problem: I finished the game in 2 days and it just ends. Not sure the money is worth 2 days of play otherwise it would get 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Mr Pushistik
It’s a step back
LIMBO is one of my favorite games. That was a true art I put 3 stars for “Inside” because I want developers to pay attention on my review. Don’t get me wrong. “Inside” is a great game and I was really excited playing it for the first time. But it’s a step back from the experience which I had with “LIMBO” Inside is not the game which I expected to see…:( This is the reasons why I took out two stars from my review: First is for the puzzles. It’s silly. The game is too easy. It’s not challenging at all. I’ve never stucked in any place of the game. Looks like developers make it for the bigger auditory. Second comes from the first. The game became boring after time. Only first locations are full of action. Most of the time your walking to the right side of the screen (sometimes you can find a secret - then just walk to the left side of the screen *haha* -_-) Non-stop walking, swimming, jumping, climbing and very very sometimes it can be creative but silly puzzles. Sometimes I feel as bored so I kill myself in some new ways just to see how he will day First locations makes me feel fully there because of the 3D surroundings. Next locations almost don’t have it The game is creative. Locations are creative. Sound, graphics atmosphere is great. Great potential - not fully realized. How come? I want to have much more experience of every developers idea. I don’t feel enough of this game I want to change this game’s difficulty from “easy” to “hardcore”
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11 months ago, Queenbeezy_tocalife
I'm disappointed
This game was very well made and very interesting the settings were great and the graphics were good too. But I was confused at the end and it led me to feel unsatisfied. No questions were answered instead Piled with more. The free trial made me think that we would get to see and understand the world better while solving the mysteries with the puzzles. but all we did was go through the building and out. I was hoping to feel inspired and uplifted as the end credits rolled. But all I felt was unsatisfied. After all the things I went through with the boy I wanted some closure and a powerful ending but instead, the boy got sucked into a meatball person thing. The game itself is good I’m just disappointed with the lack of thought into the plot/story. I think this game had a lot of potential but who am I to say I’m not a gamer or critic this is just my personal opinion. If you like solving puzzles for 2-3 hours with nice graphics this is the game for you.
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5 years ago, Haywoodjablowmeu2
My favorite puzzle/escape game thus far
I NEVER write reviews. But honestly... this game warrants it. Not only is it a visually stunning game but the storyline keeps you addicted. The controls are basic and you get used to them quickly so don’t panic when you read other reviews. Playdead did an incredible follow up to their first game “Limbo”. Unfortunately I played them in reverse order. Unfortunate not because the stories build off one another, but simply because INSIDE is just far superior in story and detail. If you like “The Room” series or “House of DaVinci” as I did this one is gonna blow you out of the water. My only disappointment with this game is I haven’t been able to find any other games that have even come close to these. If anyone has any suggestions I would be greatly appreciative. All in all.... this one is a MUST!! I can’t wait to see what they follow up with next.
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6 years ago, MADD Dowg.
Left in the dark.
Visually it is a great game. However, the story is far too short and the puzzles are too repetitive. There are a couple of head scratchers but once you get through them, they seem to repeat themselves. There seems to be a lot of sections where the character is just running from area to area without anything going on, no people/dogs/cameras/lights.... nothing. It’s almost like the “original” story board was too short so you added size to the universe to make the game seem longer. Besides the story being too short, there really isn’t much of a “story” to this game. I feel like I have to make one up as I’m going along; but If You’re going to ask a premium price ($6.99 is pretty high for this market place) then I feel there should have been at least some back story.... how and why the world has come to be. The controls can be a bit frustrating at times, over all the game is not bad. It’s so close to being excellent, just needs a little help. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Fluidicy
Beautiful, intense, breathtaking, work of art.
This is the first 5 star game I will ever review. This game really puts you in the position of the main character and makes you feel helpless, lost, and overall the fact that the story is told through the environment is something I have to respect Playdead for. The games music is also such a beautiful thing to listen to as you traverse the land of inside. It makes your stomach drop and gives you goosebumps. It does NOT get repetitive in my opinion and does not fail to me entertain the player and keep them playing. Lastly, thank you Playdead for this beauty and masterpiece of a game. I remember playing limbo and admiring everything that the world had to offer. I tried to come up with my own theory which made things 10 times better. The feeling of uncertainty makes for the most wonderful gaming experience I will ever have.
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2 years ago, Burtney4617
This game is insane, I love it
Highest quality mobile game I’ve ever played. Gorgeous graphics, incredibly unique and creative storyline, challenging puzzles yet very well thought out and not impossible. The solution suddenly clicks and it’s so satisfying when you figure it out. The NPC’s are really cool and I love how they’re incorporated into the challenges. Huge variety in scenes/environments. Very nice balance of scary die scenes and more relaxed. Kinda scary but not so much that you’ll have nightmares. You won’t get bored playing this game. It’s addicting and you’ll want to play through in one sitting. Price is very fair and I liked that I could play first before purchasing. I would have no problem paying more given how good this game is. Obvious that an incredible amount of talent, hard work and quality control went into making this.
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6 years ago, Israelu
A stunning achievement
The title I gave this review says it all. This game is so beautiful both aesthetically and emotionally, and was massively fun to play. The puzzles are smart enough to be fun, but simple enough to keep you from getting stuck. There’s a beautifully dark sense of humor to the game, as well as genuine pulse pounding chills throughout. I finished the game a couple of days ago, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I think that says a lot. If I had one criticism, in case the developer happens to read this review, the setup wherein the full game is obtained as an IAP was a bit of a bummer because it kept me from being able to play on multiple devices. I had to commit to one device and purchase the game there. Really, though, a minor niggle. Everything about the actual game itself is PERFECT! Thank you Playdead - I can’t wait to see what you cook up next
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3 years ago, Gst1995
Not bad at all!
I played the first chapter and was immediately intrigued and wanted more. Not sure what the writers are trying to say overall, I read another review which said it may be an interpretation of the human connection, I have no idea, I would love an explanation, but an explanation really isn’t required to enjoy the game. Each chapter is a puzzle of sorts, some are very difficult, some quite easy. Evil chases you constantly, so move quickly...or should you go slow...or should you hide?? Twists and surprises lurk around every corner and the camera angles are pretty cool and add to the mystique. It’s dark, creepy, has great sound effects and super creative ideas. I enjoyed playing this game quite a bit and was almost sad when it ended, but even the end was fun and impactful. Cost was a bit steep, but by the time I was finished, I felt it was worth it. Good job guys, hope you make another!
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6 years ago, Lolingpikachu
Great game but has some major problems.
I absolutely love this game. The atmosphere is amazing. The amount of detail gone into every single inch of this game is beautiful. The art style is simple but personally I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has a dark and anxious feeling to it. Over all the game is beautiful. However just because the game has a good story and great detail and art style doesn’t mean it’s a perfect game. I do know that this game was not originally for mobile. However I don’t find that to be an excuse for this. The controls are all over the place. It is often hard to control the character without falling, jumping in the wrong direction, or just dying. Needless to say this ruined the game for me. I was not able to play the game as it was intended and the atmosphere was ruined in many of the parts. The sad part is, there is nothing else wrong with the game. If not for the control issues it would be a perfect 5 stars for me. However I believe this is a major issue.
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6 years ago, Dreddieuf
Great Game but worst ending
The game is fun and almost worth the price for those who like puzzle games. The story is ok, nothing very exciting but a simple idea of a kid who is trying to escape being caught. The ending is blah as the game just ends without any conclusion or anything to explain what is going on. Overall an ok game but overpriced. I would say it is worth 2.99 and no more than 3.99 as I have played much better similar games for 2.99 or less and not 6.99. Based on my review the developer contacted me stating the price reflects the time and effort put into making the game, which is a good point but from a consumer end point, the question remains whether the game is worth 6.99 and my answer is unfortunately no as I had stated that comparable games are sold for much less. As consumers we want to support developers especially good ones and passionate ones but at the end of the day, the price of the game should reflect the quality and experience during a game and not the salaries of developers.
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5 years ago, Norms sutton
One of my favorite games ever.
First off, the touch controls are as good as they can be, but if you have a Bluetooth controller, use it. Your experience will improve immensely. So what can I say? Playing this game reminds me of the best parts of Out of This World, but with faster, more intuitive gameplay, and better storytelling, graphics, music.....the whole game is fantastic. You play a child, dropped into a strange, post-apocalyptic industrial complex, with no idea who you are or why you’re there. There is no in-game dialogue, no text figure out bits and hints of the story as you progress, by observing your surroundings. It’s a beautiful, alienating, at times creepy, often overwhelming game. I don’t want to describe any of the incidental details, because it’s something that needs to be experienced. My only complaint is that I don’t have more stars to give.
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6 years ago, IIIJQIII
Great game. Worth a play.
Played this game for the whole afternoon and I guess I was a bit addicted. The game’s nearly perfect. The only thing that I found so weird was the monstrous creature that appears near the end of the game. It’s disgusting and it made me vomit. (Guess it’s achieved its goal quite successfully) But aside from that, the graphics, the sound, and even the touch control, everything’s the best. I didn’t even heard of this game until I watched that WWDC video, and it turned out this is indeed beautiful. I used to love those racing or sandboxed games, but now I think my preferences have changed just because of this game. I wish the developers could add more levels to it since the whole thing seems to finish too soon. To be honest, I didn’t realize I had completed it until the boy stops moving. It will be better if the storyline’s longer.
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1 year ago, EnterANickname54
More. I’m thirsty for more.
I “discovered” Limbo a few years ago and have been searching and waiting for the creation and release of Limbo 2. Only recently did I find Inside and it didn’t disappoint. The eerie atmosphere, the same unforgiving consequences towards even minor errors, the critical thinking puzzles, all of it EXACTLY what I had been craving more of since Limbo. I admit, the second half of the game, as the editor’s choice review stated “is to be experienced” more than understood so the storyline, if you can call it that, seems a bit muddled. Nevertheless, I finished the game with immense satisfaction and would encourage Playdead to hasten to completion whatever new project is in the works because, as I said in the title I just want more. Absolutely 5 stars and I look forward to additional releases games from their developers.
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1 year ago, Nateay 👑
Best game I’ve ever played and I play many video games but this is the best one out of all of them. So I payed for it and it was worth the money. The graphics, the simplicity, and the amazing story. The ending kinda confused me as I didn’t exactly know what it meant but I have my theories. Sadly I finished the game and wished there was more parts or games like this Playdead made 🥲. Playdead made this game incredible and it’s been years since a new game from them came out and I wish they started making new games but sadly no news came out about what happened. Playdead I hope you’re reading this, your game Inside is incredible and will always be my most favorite game ever. I hope whatever happened to you guys gets fixed. Please make incredible games like Inside it is amazing 🙏.
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2 years ago, hipeopleoftheworld
This is one of the best games I’ve played in a LONG time. The ambience, the heavy breathing of the character while running, the footsteps, the eery sounds, the brutal deaths...and it’s all in gray scale to top it off. It’s an amazing indie game that’s really captivating. However...It took me weeks to finish bc i kept taking breaks bc i was frustrated. The controls for this game are obviously more optimal on any platform besides mobile. It’s awkward and continuous diving/running is not compatible. At all. Disappointing there, but it is what it is. I’d urge ppl to buy it on Steam or something. If that’s not an option, I still recommend the mobile purchase because it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. Just a whole lot easier to die. Also, I saw one comment condemning the ending, but it’s one of the best endings a game has had. Not everything is straight forward. THINK ABOUT IT A LITTLE. There’s a deeper meaning!!
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2 years ago, TheRandomBag
Beautiful and Curiosity Piquing
I think a major aspect of this game is how curious you get every time something happens, and how you feel after solving a puzzle. I’m not sure if it’s just the lack of me playing puzzle games, but I feel like when I solve a puzzle that has a loop like baiting or extra long jumps, I feel really proud of myself of finding that solution, and I think that’s really nice. Another thing about the game is it’s beauty. I mean, come on, I could even see the background and feel like that is a story. Being underwater just looks outstanding too. It really just makes you want to explore more and more. I do not think the length of the game is an issue, however, it would be great if the game continued or had a fixed ending, but it is not necessary nor asked of by me.
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3 years ago, Rosebud148
Literally the best game ever. I’ve finished it twice and expect to play it at least several more times. Everything about Inside is amazing - the graphics, the sounds, the storyline (or lack there of), the attention to detail, the general vibe of it. I mean really - if you play this, pay attention to the background details in every scene… it’s so beautiful. I knew right away after playing the first free portion that I wanted to continue playing, and lemme just say - no regrets whatsoever. SO worth it! I’m guessing others who have finished the game probably feel the same way about the ending, wishing there was more to it, but I get it. I love hearing different takes on the meaning of the whole thing. Thank you to the creators of Inside for making such a wonderful, beautifully eerie game 🖤
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3 years ago, dhjjrrn
Love this game
This game is a very interesting build. It reminds me of little nightmares except a different story. The controls are not hard to use at all and work perfectly for me. For 6.99 i think this games worth the money cause when do you ever see a console like game with pretty smooth graphics on mobile like this ? Never. That is why this game is awesome and the energy is just amazing. My favorite part was the part where you had to use the metal door to get pasted the sound waves that could explode you. It took me about 8trys but like I said it was worth it when I figured it out. I’m currently on the part where I trap the mermaid in the other room while the metal door closed behind me. But if I a dev could reach out to me, my one and only question is what’s the name of the little boy ?
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3 years ago, shanobanano061
One of my favorites
This game; while disturbing and unsettling is a masterpiece. Right off the bat at the beginning of the game, you lose yourself in the mission of the protagonist. You don’t know what’s happening, or where you’re going, but you know it’s not safe. That is why you just run and run and run. The world has fallen into chaos, and it appears a very sinister project is going on behind the scenes. More truths are discovered as you venture into the depths whether it be in a laboratory, outside, or underwater. The game is impossible to put down, and it’s not too hard at the same time. There are a few puzzles that were pretty difficult and took me some time to figure out, but nothing too crazy. I loved this game and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for something scary to play.
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3 years ago, PlayDead's Biggest Fan
This Game Was Good...
Ok hear me out. Inside blowed my mind. Like what happened at the end, are they going to make an inside 2 I wish but I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️. If there not going to make and inside 2 I will because the game has me thinking for about 3 months already so please I beg you guys to make an inside 2 continue if you guys don’t I would probebly because the game has got inside in me and I love the graphics and the game so much so please make one... Oh and one more thing Limbo was a good game that reminded me of inside. Me: to PlayDead. I know you guys are making a game that I have no idea. this Is my mind if I made Inside 2.0 It’s Starts He gets out of that big blob there’s a boat there he gets In the boat and goes to the next area and the same kidnappers try to capture him and he keeps running and running until he meets that girl in the water that was trying to hunt him. they become friends and go together to the place and then you put one of those kind control and rule the world Thank You So Much For Creating Inside It Has Changed Me And My Life After The Game and I’m Only 13 Years Old I know Crazy How I’m thinking All of That When I’m 13 years old. One More Thank You PlayDead I wish We See Each Other Agian 🤝...
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6 years ago, Chef trent
A risk worth taking.
I will say this now, not many games have achieved what this one has in my eyes. No mobile game short of BADLAND has ever produced an environment so fascinating, so unique that I have seen before. I downloaded the free portion and let it sit for a long time, just today is it that I played that bit, and was driven to buy the rest. As an author, this game has tug of warred with my imagination, going from a minor amusement to a large focus. Following this child on his journey has been such a good time. I only wish in these games that there was a book to read, a movie to see that told of how the world came to be this way. Heck, I’d write one just to see where it goes. I don’t give many games five stars, but I wholeheartedly believe that, if any game deserves a good review, this one does. Bravo, Playdead. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more.
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1 year ago, Paras-K
This is something I cannot define, but it’s nothing less than incredible
I generally never write reviews, unless I’m compelled to when I come across something extraordinary. This is one such instance. It’s very thoughtfully made and needs to be played very thoughtfully too. The puzzles this game has forces you to think before you act. You literally feel you’re really running for your life, and as the game progresses you understand what the game master wants you to think like and act like. I haven’t come across any bugs. It’s really addictive, mostly because you can solve the puzzles, and every next challenge is so unique, that you really look forward to it. The gameplay style is very motivating to not look back and keep pressing forward. Highly recommend
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6 years ago, Dubs1
ItOUCH 6 compatibility needed - but apple won’t make new itouch
APPLES FAULT FOR NOT RELEASING MORE POWERFUL ITOUCH AND ALSO FORCING DEVS TO LIST DEVICES AS ‘compatible’ when they really aren’t. I seriously hate you, apple. Will never buy an iPhone. This is partially your fault Apple....why don’t you release a newer version of the itouch? Of course games are going to get better in terms of quality, and some of us who own itouch 6 have no other choice because your company refuses to update the itouch....well guess what? I’ll NEVER buy an iPhone so you will lose out on customers there..I own the new iPad Pro and will buy new iPad pros, but I ALSO want something that fits in my pocket that can play music, movies and GAMES...and as I said, you’ll never force me to buy an if Devs stop developing for itouch 6 then your going to lose a lot of customers and it’ll be your own fault.
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