Plug & Play

4.1 (473)
246.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Etter Studio GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plug & Play

4.14 out of 5
473 Ratings
5 years ago, wagabagada
This game is for people like me who are weird and need something to do. If you are in need of a mental break, here you go! You 100% forget everything that is happening outside of the game because you are trying to figure out what the heck is happening in this game. This game is so cool and fun! The only thing is, WE NEED MORE I think that there needs to be other “Levels” It is very short, but I do still find myself playing it over and over.
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3 years ago, eliza_130
I love it.
“PLUG AND PLAY” is an absolutely fascinating and deep game. While it may seem short and perhaps confusing, but beneath the simplicity and minimalist animations, it is emotional. My favorite part to this game is the fact that the message or goal being delivered is very vague (if there even is one) and this allows the player or viewer to interpret the game in the way they want. Frei and Rickenbach combine amusing hand and plug animations, as well as strangely drawn figures to tell this story. To me, “PLUG AND PLAY” is about sexuality and binary, and the confusion that can come with love. In one scene, there are two figures can be seen arguing about love, and they always end up walking away from each other. Eventually, one of them ends up stating, “It hurts.” This shows that no matter what route you take in life, love and pleasure only end up causing pain. When you play this game, you will either love it or dislike it, you will either understand it or just be more confused. I definitely recommend this mind twisting game.
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9 years ago, alexexisted
This game was...
I'm writing a review because I never do, and I feel like this, this game (is it even a game?) deserves one. It may be short, and it may not be what you expect, but that's the point. It is what it is. It is what you make of it. It leaves me wanting more, and it leaves me feeling like I'm missing something crucial to the game, but I've loved it. I don't know what to write,or think about it, but I know that it has left me with something. What it is though, I don't know. You should try this game. It may make you think about your experiences in a different light. It may change your perspective on society. Or maybe you get nothing from this. But you should try it.
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6 years ago, Ethango9
One of the best and weirdest things I’ve played
Ok this game is weird but not too wired this game may change your life and you may not get it but I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the game it’s short but I have to keep playing it it’s like I’m too attracted to it and I’ve had a lot of free time lately and whenever I’m bored guess what I play PLUG AND PLAY and what makes it weirder it plays church music in the background why? Is it suppose to give it a weird affect I have no clue but this game keeps my friends out and before I end this rating PLEASE ADD MORE please if beat the game like ten times this is my opinion so if you get this game be prepared to get weirded out.
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4 years ago, Roxyanne123
Idk what to tittle dis
This game is for weird people like me so I got this game cuz I saw a YouTuber played it but it’s sooooooo funny if you have nothing to do play it when I’m bored I play it, it’s so fun/funny when I’m like there’s nothing to do and I need a good laugh I play it and just cuz it cost money u probably be like it cost money like no but it’s worth it TRUST ME I love it so buy it cuz u need it so yea have fun with it if u get it so... GET IT!! Thx❤️💕 also I think there should be more of the game and I think there should be levels like a lot of levels cuz it’s super fun and I need more so I hope the creator updates it with more levels cuz I need more of the game so yea
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8 years ago, BCook128
Um, yeah
Okay, I'll give it this...this "game" is certainly something I'll never forget, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'll definitely say it's incredibly unique and my rating is based solely on that and nothing else. I'll also say if you're looking for something to play, Plug and PLAY isn't for you. If you like watching random events occur, enjoy tapping on your iDevice, and feel the need to be completely confused (even beyond the ending of this experience) then this is the perfect purchase. I honestly believe this should come with an all-caps disclaimer to let potential buyers know what they're spending their money on.
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8 years ago, But fascinating.
Not candy crush.
It says in the description that play time is only 10-15 minutes. This is more of an interactive art project than a game in the traditional sense. It is a unique experience, not a micro-transaction filled time waster. If that's what you're looking, for look elsewhere. That being said, it is something you will want to show your friends and talk about. You will not forget it.
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9 years ago, Prachi Gauriar
Lots of fun, pretty short
This was really quirky and fun. I laughed out loud several times while playing. It's really different from just about anything I've played before. Alas, it's pretty short, but well worth the money for this unique experience.
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9 years ago, Chakvoo
It's too quick for two dollars
Great animation, and cool puzzles to play however I have to give it three stars because of the price this should be a $.99 game. Maybe less because it took me 15 minutes to beat it, please make more levels for this game, however since the game has been out on PC for a long time now I doubt the creators are even listening to their fans. If you are, the game made of fan out of me and I hope you add more levels. For the price you're asking this is highway robbery.
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9 years ago, Asheymashey
Please Stop Saying it's over priced people 2.99 is perfect it's really cheap actually all the animation and hard work they took fits this amount of money and yea the game is quick but I simply can't stop playing it it's hilarious I wish to see more games like this and I will pay the 2.99 for all the ones they come up with! I love it please make more!
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9 years ago, nnnnnaaaaatttttteeeee
Ambivalent About Length of Game
Yes this is a "game" but at the same time you're really paying for a surrealist story more than anything else. Buy this game if you think a beautiful short experience is worth three dollars. Buy this game if you are expecting Bejewled and then are sorely disappointed in the brevity of the game - at least you had the experience.
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8 years ago, Popendopelo
Real Art
Also I am Ukrainian and you having Christmas song about Jesus as background bottle my mind, not sure if you are genius or just crazy but I suppose you can have one with out other. O yes I am also a game designer, from my perspective this game shows unconvinced truss about relashevnship, jealousy and loneliness. Some how I do fill happy after finishing it. Awesome job.
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9 months ago, Luke Felix
A beautiful story
Short. Definitely a story about sex and intimacy but in the end could be boiled down to one’s own desire to be desired. Also the puzzles were silly and fun. Keeping the app on my phone so I can make boner jokes with the ending animation. Would pay for future games made by this studio.
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6 years ago, 7-2-9
This game is something else 😂😂
When I got this game it seemed NICE and APPROPRIATE but.. it was different.. it’s funny and weird.... definitely not what I expected it to be... but it is still as fun as I thought it would be. When you first play it your a little confused and clueless but you eventually get the hang of it. This game is something else... but it’s still a fun game.
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4 years ago, ThatSkyFall
Not worth $3
I never write reviews on games but I just had to for this. So I saw this game and it looked weird and I like weird, so I bought it. I didn’t know that it was going to be so short. It’s not worth $3, I completed the game in under 10 minutes. I love the animation and the style but it’s to short for $3, it should be $.99. I really want my money back. This is why I rate it only 3 stars😔😔.
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5 years ago, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,.,
I want more weird stuff in this game and this game is changing my life so i want more and even though it’s weird it’s fun so WE NEED MORE and the game is short but it’s like the best game i played so far and i also like the music and i demand way more than just one more level and this seems like one of the best and weirdest game
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2 months ago, gacha lover3393910
Not what I was expecting
So I saw Lauren side play this so i downloaded it, let me tell you it was amazing it’s like losing someone you love to for someone better but then it escalated to human centipede but cables?
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10 months ago, Fartmanguy123
There's a bug....
I'm playing this on my iPad and when you go pull the wire people again it won't work can you fix it pls
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2 months ago, Lupo368
I’m eleven and I’m into weird stuff but…like…THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!I recommend this!It is very simple but conveys a very important message(I dunno?)Anyway I recommend it to you if you like weird stuff(or if you don’t…) 🔌
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8 years ago, Hehe😈💩
Totally Awesome but short UPDATE IT!🤗😡🤗😡
This game is so addicting and weird but oober short it only took me like 5 minutes to finish the game haven't deleted the game yet cause its addictive but people gets to make it longer PLZ UPDATE IT!!!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
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6 years ago, Therealchickenmilk
I love it! Really. It’s just SO strange. I just don’t understand what is happening. I need some backstory. A bunch of people with outlet heads plugging in to each other. Soooo weeeeiiirrrddd. But I do love it. I wish there were more levels to creep out my friends with! Plsss add more levels!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Bob0025jrjtdjakejr
More levels needed
This game was hilarious but I had it for less than ten minutes and their was the end :( please make more levels!!!!! Other than that this game is amazing!!!!
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9 years ago, Drunk
This was truly fun to play and entertaining, however the price point is pretty high considering the entire experience lasts for about ten minutes and doesn't have much replay value.
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8 years ago, hannahlucas130
This game is absolutely beautiful. The music and the story are very thought provoking and emotional despite its oddity. It seemed quite expensive for how short the game actually was but it was worth it in my opinion.
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3 months ago, djdjdjdjkekdjdkfkfnjc
It was really fun
I enjoyed it but I think the rating should go up because it is kinda inappropriate
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5 years ago, DaSecondKittyPro
Short, weird, but fun
I played it once and I will be playing it when I’m bored and I wish that there will be more. I love the idea of it! It was so fun and weird I even played it while waiting for Santa to come!
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11 months ago, abvijvjadfnbvfjvboifeanbafe
very good cure for boredom lol
Probably the weirdest game I know. It’s really fun to play on a road trip or when you don’t have Wi-Fi. It’s just really short and there should be more levels.
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8 years ago, jdeyoe
Worth it
Loved this. Glad to pay cut such unique animation. I hope this developer keeps making interesting things.
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9 years ago, Dsarebdeldaty
Great Game
It is pricey however, it is fun but if you think it is going to be long you are wrong but it will keep you laughing till the end
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8 years ago, Djxhdjdjsjskskshcjxn
Great game but...
It's a great game that seems to have had a lot of work put into it but it's kinda short... I finished the "game" twice in less then an hour
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8 years ago, Ally lime pie
Pretty Neat
I definitely think the game is great! It's so fun and the game itself is a little((LOT)) weird. The only think is I have no idea on how to play again. Other than that it's cool! 👌👍👏🙂🙃
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8 years ago, 54875$?;:;,346
Amazing art work oh dang I found a jack rabbit! And when you walk into the art room it is a guy crying that is the art!🎬 So what I am saying is Pewdiepie is a great youtuber! Whait what this is agame review huh well I am sending this review
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8 years ago, jgjgjgjgjgjgjg
Great but...
It's a really good app, and I really liked the art, but if ur not a creative or arty person, this app isn't for u. Plus, it's really expensive for something so quick, and if ur fast, u could finish this in 10 minutes. It's a little weird, but really good.
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3 years ago, capra511
Good just not worth the money
It’s $3 and the amount of time you spend playing is maybe…10 minutes? I was hoping it would be at least a day of playing till I beat it. There’s maybe four levels of plugging and unplugging things then it’s over. Idk just expected more I guess.
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8 years ago, Gabriel herrarte
It's was amazing the work must have been hard I'm glad I played it because it was worth it thanks ❤️ really awesome game keep on making more
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5 years ago, Puzzle Prime
This is not a puzzle. Just a weird interactive experience.
There is nothing resembling a puzzle in this "game". It is just an interactive animation of people which have electric sockets instead of heads, defecate coins, and plug their heads in each other's bums. Maybe someone will find a deep meaning in all of this, but for me, it was a waste of $3. This type of apps need to be priced at $0.99 and marketed properly.
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6 years ago, SamB22!!
I love this
This game is fun I can also do a endless moo of yes and no it’s weird but fun my friend showed it to me there could be more but I love this game (as I already stated) you should try it(: from sam b22!!
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7 years ago, Keykeyleemee
I’m speechless
I don’t know what to say about America I’m from England and I just thought going to America would be fun and I came across this app and um I reckon you don’t play it mate
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8 years ago, snackycactus
Amazing art thing.
My review title says it all, you simply don't see interactive art like this on mobile. This 'game' is something truly special.
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7 years ago, Jillz49
Needs more chapters but good over all
I think this was a great app needs more chapters for more adventures and should keep up this hilarious app
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8 years ago, Charms434
If David Lynch didn't make 'Eraserhead' & instead made mobile games. This would be it. It's a bizarre story game. With really ... No story. Sounds odd but that's because it is. It's down right bizarre. And beautiful. AMAZING.
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9 years ago, M00ngirl
:-() mind blown 10/10 or no I love you I don't think you love me
I think they could add more and make it free other than that it's pretty good
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8 years ago, superdraw
Absolutely wonderful
Beautiful, poetic, funny, and weird- such a wonderful experience! Tickles many parts of my brain at the same time.
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8 years ago, Jweldz17
It's the worst and too quick for 3 dollars
This is the worst game in the world. I just wasted three dollars on the stupidest game in the world. It only took me five minutes to finish the game. FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!! If somebody is reading this and haven't bought the game yet, do not buy it. It is the worst game ever, these people rip you off. DO NOT MAKE A STUPID MISTAKE LIKE I DID AND BUY THIS GAME. The creater must be demented to create this game.
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9 years ago, Samantha Kondratovicz
Boring needs an update for levels
I really like the game but I feel like playing the game over and over again with the same levels is kinda boring. This game really needs more levels.
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3 years ago, justlee23
It’s a great game really but we spend are money on something that last little while so if u make more parts to the game IT BETTER BE FREE
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2 years ago, kibble blab
Weirdest game btw love it
Plug & play is sooo funny in fact i just played it, kinda sus tbh cus there sticking there heads and butts in each other, funniest weirdest game😂
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5 years ago, PAYANNYA
I would give it a six it is Interesting but kind of makes you feel curious I Love this game
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8 years ago, Snow_trollzilla
It's ok but...
The game is ok but it's a rip-off its so short to short for 2 dollars!😡 plz either give my money back or make a sequel to it and plz make it longer! Plz. Just make it better and longer thanks.😞
Show more
9 years ago, Lizzy green
More levels needed if it's only going to have five levels for two dollars I am not going to rate this five star I could by a drink with that two dollars but the game is fun and that's why I want more levels-lizzy
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