Plunder Pirates

4.5 (3.4K)
193.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plunder Pirates

4.53 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
5 years ago, FCFD959
Great game!!
This game is awesome! Very nicely designed. Graphics are beautiful and very well thought out. You don’t “have” to spend real money to play this game!! Everybody posting this is just impatient. I have played for about 3 weeks and have progressed nicely WITHOUT spending any money at all!!! It just takes patience as with any game where you have to build up experience points. YES you WILL be attacked multiple times and you may lose some coins or grog, but this is what this game is all about. The name is “Plunder Pirates’ for Petes sake!!! What do you think was going to happen?!?!?! You build up your pirates strength and you go to other peoples “bases” and plunder it! They in turn do the same thing to you! If your base is stronger than their pirates, you win, if not you lose, plain and simple. Do yourself a favor and join a guild right off the bat!! They can help you to earn extra money and grog with their “guild rumbles”. It doesn’t matter if you do well in the guild rumbles or not, EVERY body that is a member of a guild will earn money and grog after the rumble ends. Even the losers of that rumble still get a hefty prize. Just download and have patience, it will workout for you.
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5 years ago, BaronAfton
Thanks for keeping game updated
The adds that give out rewards are not working well. Many times it states error and no reward is given. Hope you can get it to work. I agree with the previous comments. The upgrades were great and wanted to keep up but that was a bad choice. I cannot justify nor afford to spend money to keep up. Like other comments the time is now very long. The walls are so expensive and can’t even get enough gold to make a dent to get it better. Have stopped progressing to next level and am trying to get all things completed before moving on. The expense of upgrading traps and mines then causes the attack damage to be so expensive in addition to loosing a lot of gold and grog during an attack. The attacks on those not doing as well are relentless and hardly allow one to upgrade. Because I am careful with gems am doing ok. I have accumulated a tremendous amount of BP and 4 million some EP points - with no way to spend them. As suggested to allow other commodities to help upgrade and not just gold or grog there could be a barter system to ie convert EP points to gold or grog to get upgrades. The expense of upgrades was to much too fast and it is now almost impossible for someone to just have fun with a well designed game - not be defeated with constant attacks for those not the top players
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3 years ago, Rowan Lockery
Deva read
Really fun silly little game you can really mess around with and have a lot of fun, even without paying which is nice. I love stealing other players gold and rum, always makes me laugh yaharr! 🤪 Nice feeling of progression, you can log on 3 times a day and get some good progress going. ONLY THING I wish was different was if you could have defense pirates like that old game which was similar to this but with sky fortresses. The UI is better in this one tho and just general overall feel is more polished. More focus on crafting an effective defense and attack would make this game even better. And also more fine tuning on who you attack because sometimes I get ridiculous bases I could never defeat with my pirates but who fill up my entire gold store on killing just one or two of their mines, or easy easy easy bases which give me almost no resources. If it were more ppl my progress level then it would be more about skillful defending and attacking rather than just “oh it’s another easy one place my dudes anywhere” or “oh it’s another impossible one I guess I’ll just nag as much resource as I can and be annoying muahaha
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6 years ago, magni964.2
My ideas
I think plunder pirates is really fun, one of my favorite games I've ever played, and I think it would be even funner with new content, like you could design your own captain with default parts, or parts that you could find in chests. Your captain would be able to walk around your island and go into battle. There should be legendary captain parts that you could find in chests or buy with gems that could give you buffs on the battlefield or on your island. I also think that you should have a 3rd person 1v1 with your captain vs another captain. I also think you should make more legendary pirates, that would be combos of to regular pirates, like captain tinto and Jeane de berry making an entirely new legendary, but the combination would have to work well together, like black Bart and Cornelius Heston, but not green beard and Ching shih. You should also add more pirates and customization options for them. There should also be island themes so your island would look cooler. Also if your a captain of a guild, you should be able to choose a guild buff. Thank you for reading my paragraph!!
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5 years ago, chicken nenders
Add mermaids and other ideas
What I mean by this, is I would like to see things that’s underwater like, mermaids, I really would like mermaids in this game because it would be better (in my opinion) that instead of chests floating on top of the water mermaids can go find them, also when other players come to fight, the mermaids could help fight them, this also goes with the one that I’m going to talk about, and you can have the option to change the change there skin color, tail, hair, etc. The next one follows up with the mermaid part about customizing the mermaids, so for this one I would like to see you can make your own character that will lead your crew, when you have other pirates you will have the option to change/customize the pirate like hair, skin etc. it would be cool to see types of island stuff like, mermaid island stuff, skull island stuff, etc
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6 years ago, Axnamic
Wall and trap problems
I’ve been playing this game for about two months now. The sea exploring is cool but that’s pretty much it. There are problems with defending and attacking. Here are a couple defenses and how they should work. A wall is suppose to keep attackers out unless destroyed. A trap is suppose to be remain hidden until an enemy comes with in its AOE range. I watch all replays of my defense and in doing so I noticed a bug or what seems to be one. There’s a character called a Juggernaut. It’s ability is it can smell the traps placed on the island. Now that’s fine and all but there’s no point in traps if the guy just makes a beeline straight to every one you have setup and setting them off before any other attackers come across them. This includes JUMPING over the walls. What’s the point of walls if they can just jump over them. There’s also a bug where if an enemy is running along side a wall. They will just jump over it. So walls and traps are pointless if they don’t do what they are suppose to do. I would give the game a four star if the problems were fixed but for now a two star. The only reason why it gets a two star is because of the sea exploration. It’s really fun to explore and see what I uncover.
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2 years ago, Uttctvhv
Waste of time, and extremely frustrating
Been playing for nearly 7 years, and am a guild captain. Game is not only a grind, but everything takes forever to upgrade, and there is literally no developer support anymore. Game has not been upgraded in 1.5 years, with the previous upgrade 2 years before that. Midoki has dropped the ball. Random rewards aren’t random - you rarely get what you need...whether it be necessary materials for LP upgrades or LP outfits. Walls are never finished - they are too costly, and players can raid your island that are 2 levels higher, so not only can you never save up for walls or other upgrades, but you can not revenge attack them back because you are so weak. You’re constantly getting knocked down, and never receive the necessary materials to progress. I STILL don’t have LPs upgraded fully after nearly 7 years. The guilds rarely have active players in them, and it’s all just a poor execution of a game that could have been really excellent. Don’t bother wasting your time like I did. I kept hoping things would get fixed and improve. They didn’t. It got worse.
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5 years ago, Abu Qatadah
Just a few pointers to improve gameplay
The game is awesome and really fun to play thanks to the effects and it’s one of the best strategy games out there and there’s not much I’d like to say since the most recent review had already said but I’d just like to add to that paragraph that it would be cool if u could add like a place where we could see everything that needs to be upgraded before we should move to the next level and also being able to have suggestions on how to improve our attack and defense and to give us some recommendations on what to watch and how to play and also different troop combinations as well that would be awesome also if u read my paragraph and if we were to see some of my suggestions in coming update that would be very swell😊😊
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4 years ago, DrRMT
Played for a long time - not anymore
Played this game for several years SLOWLY upgrading many of the buildings, joined an active guild, and got to the point of even buying gems (in game currency) to help upgrade. The game became such a slog that even the most minor upgrades took forever to save up for. The updates became few and far between that when they did roll out it was the same game with just a new coat of paint and more expensive to upgrade. If you look at the revision history, revisions became further spread apart and less meaningful (I believe the original developer was bought and probably had other priorities). There are cool elements, nice graphics, and if you join an active guild it can be fun for awhile. However, all the little annoyances took their toll and I lost interest. Many things can be improved like the in game chat, more useful upgrades, better guild matching for rumbles...the list goes on. It’s free, so go ahead and play for a bit but I guarantee that you’ll get bored and realize you paid real money for a game without much substance.
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5 years ago, Victor Von Fluffinscratchin
MOOOORE!!!! I hope this developer makes more games just like this! The visuals are literally out of this world. The colors are so clear and vivid I love it! The art and building designs are so beautiful I literally have taken hours just to appreciate the intricate details. Before I even start a fight I stop to see all the other persons building to see which ones I don’t have and see how it looks. I am in love, love, looove with the little people and pirate ships!!! And I love how the people are actually walking around!!! And how you can actually see the people asking requests. The ocean, IS THEEE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING!!!! The sand looks so soft if this place actually existed I would move there. A++++++!!! Keep going. Add to it, keep it free, and make more games PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I LOOVE ITTTT!!! 😁😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Woodlandcake
Still a good game, but needs an update desperately
After a few years of not playing, I came back and started over again. It’s still fun, but it has the potential to be far better if improvement is implemented. I see don’t see any new troops since I left, no new game mechanics, everything is the same as I remember years back. Developers if your reading this, observe what clash of clans has been doing. They have added different areas, game modes, new troops, challenges, events,and have improved their mechanics in the bases to make it less Annoying to collect stuff. What they’ve is is add more things to do in the game and that will keep the players having fun and things to do. It even made me start playing clash of clans again. Pls read my message and update your game I would really love to see new things coming to your game
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7 years ago, Soviet_Commie
I wrote a review last week suggesting that you make a huge update so this game reaches "best new updates" on the App Store so your game will get lots of new players which means more money for you, if they buy gems. I have a idea, just an idea you don't have to do it but it would be unique to all other base building strategy games. I was thinking when you have legendaries, in a battle you can play as that legendary, their would be joy stick controls and third or first person view. I personally think that would be AWESOME and I would buy 20 dollars worth of gems if it happened. Ok I can gurantee you I'll spend 100$ if you guys make a big update. It has to be HUGE you'll get so many new and old players, please do this, i miss the times when their was loads of active players.
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5 years ago, Dr. Fluffbucket
Nothing bad to say!
Just hit one year of pirating a few days ago... LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! Never boring, always so many things to build, rearrange, upgrade, pirates to train, etc.! People complain that it’s pay to play... you could get by just fine never paying anything, so don’t pay if you don’t want to. We actually enjoy spending money on this one! Every couple weeks we watch for gem deals to use for battle streaks (battling is super fun!). Designers/developers are top notch. The ideas & concepts are fantastic, rarely any bugs, regular server maintenance, graphics are stellar, responsive in the forum... definitely a game to be proud of! Thank you for such an awesome game! Suggestion: a tab for guild members to trade training materials with each other??
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6 years ago, Enderpal
Please fix my account, please.
Hello, I have been a fan of your game ever since it came out. I have recently came back to it, as I came back to a severely rushed, bad base that my younger self had left behind. Please fix my account, I had poured so much money into it, which wasn’t the best decision of my young self, but now I’m left with a rushed base, because I didn’t know how exactly to play as a kid and thought just to get the base to the highest level, I’m sorry. Is there ANY way you could fix my account, please?? I love this game, I find it very stylistically pleasing, the animation is neat, and the gameplay is fun. Please fix my account, I would appreciate SO VERY much. Thank you again creators, have a great day! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🙂
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7 years ago, Snugglepig
Love playing so far!
I downloaded this game for my son and ended up playing too. The graphics are great and the characters are fun. I like how we are able to design the island how we like and move stuff around etc. Love the concept of the legendary pirates and the trade ship. I’m not sure if this exist already but maybe you can add speed up items in treasure chests or battle rewards. It can be used to speed up times for buildings, resources etc. Some stuff takes way too long to get done. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s very enjoyable so far tho and I love it. Also, gems should go on sale once in a while. People would probably buy more. Another game I play has sales where you get double the amount of gems and people tend to buy when that happens!!
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5 years ago, No Reboot
Awesome Game
The game overall is amazing from the graphics to the gameplay but it needs a few changes in the economy. First, since the walls becomes expensive after each upgrade and getting more walls, there should be two options instead of one to upgrade walls and I mean leveling them up with grog or gold. Secondly the pirate’s cost should be a little more cheaper. Also, the gold and grog collectors should produce a little more. Boom the economy so the game flows better and faster. Most importantly I would love to have the option of upgrading the walls with grog. Last but not least, make a way to get more gems free. Keep up the with good updates and don’t let this game die!
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5 years ago, give me a nickname apple
I be played this game years ago and am reintroducing it to myself, and it has been awesome! Although there are flaws in the crew glitching through decorations some times, it is really fun. I have a recommendation on the guild side. If the guilds capacity could be upgraded and maxed at 125 (not to big and not small like 50) I would be happy. Also a guild clan that controls guilds or guild alliances could work. Another thing that could help is a zone chat ( one for each time zone that plays this game) would be useful and maybe another way to find pirates besides the leaderboard or guilds because once your in a guild, contact from others is cut. And for friends a private chat.
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6 years ago, Jonnyjaggars
It’s a good game, but gets repetitive
While I don’t like comparing, I feel this game plays much like clash of clans. It has events although I’ve never seen them (maybe I’m the only one). The have rumbles which is great, but can’t get much rewards. It’s not a super popular game which is nice since you don’t get hit very often with the proper defensive setup. No money out of my pocket and I’m a town hall 8. With any mobile RTS game, patience is the key to success. Builds and unit training are not outrageous on time or cost. they have optional ads that offer decent rewards for watching a 30 second video and there are at least 3 other ways to get rewards without ever attacking people which is great for players like me who play on occasion or all day.
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4 years ago, blacksheepbaba
Perfect for all users
Most of the games I play aren’t friendly towards players who don’t buy packs and invest money into the game, and although I know if I did spend money I’d be able to upgrade quicker I can still be an effective player and have fun. I don’t like how buildings require battle points or exploring points to upgrade and would rather it be if you have enough gold and meet the building requirements you can upgrade but it’s still fun and I enjoy myself. I also with they had a big chat room so you can talk to players all through the game and not just in a guild
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6 years ago, HawkChief
Servers are horrible
I’ve been playing this game since it started and it has progressively gone downhill. Constantly being kicked out of battles I’m winning due to lost server connection. The prices for things like walls are RIDICULOUS at this point. 2.6 million per wall?! And the troop strengths don’t match the strengths of buildings you’re attacking. It needs to be more balanced. Also, attacking a player who is clearly on the same level as you buildings wise, but has fewer trophies, shouldn’t give you fewer trophies if you win. Trophies should be based on how hard the base is, period. Edit: dropped to 1 star now. The servers have kicked me out 5 times in a row, on multiple occasions. I’ve restarted the app, turned WiFi off and on, and tried multiple devices. The developer is quick to take your money, but won’t fix the recurring issues. I’m not even sure they read the reviews.
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6 years ago, Pbdavi0
You’re ruining a great game
Midoki has successfully taken a great game and turned it into pay to win since a recent update. Quit being EA you bunch of greedy turds. A new person is very likely to after the first weekend of playing this. You have to earn battle points to upgrade defenses, and it’s a VERY slow process. Seriously, your game destroys CoC, however you’re discouraging new players from continuing by this ridiculous new “economic system” you implemented. Please revert these BP and EP systems. I am going to discourage everyone I can from playing this till it’s reverted. Just to give an example of how absurd it’s become, a level 9 cannon takes 1000 BP. It takes 15-20 minutes to build the troops, with an average BP score of 72 points. It will take nearly 14 attacks and look how much time you waste to get a less crappy but still crappy cannon. QUIT BEING EA. Quit being greedy.
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2 years ago, Jigginator
Very Cool & Fun But…
Missing a lot of Quality of Life improvements. I compare this game to CoC of course and it’s pretty behind. This game could beat CoC if certain improvements were made. Troop AI needs updated. Troop upgrades are a little crazy. Troop levels are very high, each individual upgrade focuses on one small individual trait (damage or HP). Higher level troops are in the 50’s and even 60’s with a ton of resources for the cost and upgrades time are outrageous just for a small bump in one trait. The base builder needs more options than 2 diff layouts. Needs an option to move everything in the same direction. Players shouldn’t be stuck having to place decorations on the map. We should be able to store those and make that a must on a base layout. To be able to afford upgrades you have to obtain Battle Points from attacking other players, and Exploration points from sailing your ship. Getting enough resources isn’t enough, you also have to acquire thousands of points just to upgrade one cannon. This game is very beautiful, fun to play, and unique in its own way, but IMO a lot of Quality-of-Changes need to be made.
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5 years ago, irt07
Decent game
Overall it’s a decent game. One of my main complaints is when you are attack other players the entire, the entire board is covered. The name of the other player and level takes up the whole bottom part of the screen and the top is cover by what you can gain from the raid. So you can barely see the other persons island. Causes a headache when you are looking at the island. Feel like the can just get rid of the bottom part or make it smaller and put it at the top. My other complaint is it’s super super hard to start. It so hard to get grog which evidently every structure needs to upgrade. You get most of your resources from chest. Makes it a hard game to start without spend a ton a money.
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5 years ago, b543627
Great game, fun to play!
Plunder Pirates is a really fun tapper game. When Futurama World of Tomorrow went dormant, it took me a long time to find something to fill that spot. I have read that when you get further up in the levels, it’s hard to keep your resources from getting raided, but I am not there yet I guess. The graphics are good, the UI is smooth and the game is fun so far. I am f2p and don’t intend on using real money for this game, but I watch the ad videos because I know that’s is a revenue stream from the devs. I have enjoyed this game so far.
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4 years ago, KariReviews
I’ll keep this short and to the point, I love the game but hate the waiting times to upgrade my base and get my pirates recruited. I feel like at this point in the apps development the USER should be able to purchase for EXTRA GOLD OR GROG an INSTANT BUILD FEE. That would save US so much time as the people who make your company run you all should definitely look into that feature. It’s too money hungry when it comes to the diamonds and it’s very visible.. like 500 gems for one INSTANT BUILD.. and no REAL WAY to get gems outside of purchasing them. If your team “ loves “ it’s USERS as much as y’all claim you do, then do us the solid and add a feature OUTSIDE of gems that allows us to speed up the time on UPGRADES, TAVERN, EXPLORING, ETC.. Thank You
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1 year ago, Dragon88801
Fun game, but can’t build clan hall
I started playing Plunder Pirates yesterday and I leveled up a little bit. It’s been fun so far, but when I go to build the guild hall, the game quits. No matter how I do it. From the build menu and the active pop up telling me to do so. I wish I could keep playing, but I literally can’t. Tried re-installing. Nothing. Tried re-installing and restarting my phone. Nothing. I’m a pretty tech-savvy guy and I can usually solve system and simple app failure issues myself, but this seems to be the game itself that just needs fixing. If this issue gets fixed, then I may continue playing, but as of now I can’t even play it.
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7 years ago, Daniel Baute
Extremely Disappointed
There’s basically no way to get ahead in this game unless you want to spend an exorbitant amount of real money on Gems. Every update seems to dramatically change the effectiveness of each character, meaning that all characters must be constantly updated just to be as good as they once were. Funding guild perks is insanely expensive now. Major building upgrades can take months to accumulate the gold/grog and arbitrary battle points or exploration points to perform an upgrade, which will still take over a week once you have the necessary funding. This game used to be fun but it has lost all of its appeal for me and I certainly won’t be wasting any more money buying gems. People buying gems is obviously the only motive the game developers have in updating the game so f them.
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5 years ago, TamsinNorth
I miss the old days. +more!!!!
I miss the old days when there were more active players. There are so few now that when I look at peoples islands and how great they look but then see the amount of money they have it makes me sad. THE + MORE BIT!!!!!!!!!! I thinck that it would be cool if u could play as ure legendary. I also think it would be cool if there were more villagers because I see more then 1 kind of villager in every shot when I do camera. Please do sum updates. I need more builders huts but I just can’t get the gems. I can only build 1 thing at a time. Can you make it so builders huts cost gold or grog or maybe even both?
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6 years ago, CHBandit01
A somewhat good/bad game
I use to love this game about 4 years ago. I gotta give the company props for the great graphics and animations. I was going to rate this a 5 but the reason I rate it a 3 was because of the loading menu. Every time I accidentally hit the home button or my phone goes to sleep, it cancels my attacks. Worst, if you were to leave the screen for one second, they will turn you to the menu loading screen no matter if you were attacking. Again, I give this game props for the good graphics surpassing CoC and Boom Beach, but the only thing from keeping me to give yall that 5 is the loading menu (see above). Otherwise, this game could be better than those of Supercell’s.
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6 years ago, RadomsTheRockshaker
I love the creativity of the game and the graphics. However, something I noticed is that the resources are quite hard to get. I have had this game for maybe five or ten minutes and when I read other comments many people were staring the same thing, but I figured I should give it a try and it’s not bad, but 100 diamonds for a builders hut? That’s a lot and from what I have seen you get diamonds from ads and buying them. And you get like one diamond for an ad. One builder hit is definitely not enough. My ideas are to change the resource collecting and diamond pricing on things like upgrading and buildings. Please EA change this!!
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5 years ago, Zay 15
Best game of the year!
I have played this game on my phone and accidentally deleted It. I forgot about it until I saw it again and was so excited to play this again! Keep up the good work! I have been a fan ever since it came out! I do have two suggestions though. You place traps and defenses to keep pirates out but, the juggernaut can smell traps and completely avoid them. And finally, please take out the constant pop up skins for legendary pirates, chests, and gem pop ups. Still great game!
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6 years ago, kcookkie
Broken game
Upon download asked if I was new or not, I said that I was new and so it dropped my character in the water, unleashed GUI hell and didn’t give me a tutorial. Trying to go off similar games, I tried to make a builders hut. When that didn’t work I tried to make the guild hut. When that didn’t work I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, only to have it tell me that I now apparently was not old enough to make the guild hut. Trying to make the builders hut I was told to go buy gems, so now I’m really confused. I don’t understand, am I supposed to pay for gems to start this game or was this a glitch? P.S. — game doesn’t allow you to reset your account, so once broken always broken P.P.S — game looked promising, pity it doesn’t actually work
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4 years ago, Lingusf16
Maps too big and troops are too slow
For those who played Samurai Siege, many of us have found this game is a nice alternative. I enjoy the style of the game and the approach. I don’t like that it rewards defense too much. Having to wait 20 minutes between cooking troops only to run into bases that I can’t possibly beat is frustrating and doesn’t make me want to come back and play. Furthermore, if I do find a base I can beat, because of the size of the map and the slowness of the troops, it’s difficult to 3* anything. You need to reward play and to do that, you need to make it easier to win battles.
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3 years ago, hossbigelow
Lovin’ it
The graphics and gameplay are very unique and engaging. Also, it is reasonable on price for shop items. I am not a fan of entirely free to play, I believe every game developer needs to earn money on the work that they do, and people should have an option to pay to get ahead. I think with the cost of gems and other items, this is a reasonably fair game with no price gouging. No one should expect to get everything for nothing.
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2 years ago, p4kl
Developers devs dev help
COC has a donation multiplier that allows lower level players to donate to higher lvl players in an alliance….as a lower level new player I feel left out when I cannot donate and participate in my alliance. I understand that upgrading units in this game is vastly different than COC but if you want gamer retention you might want to rethink ways for new players like me who want to contribute when your player base has a higher lvl of players
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6 years ago, butter with toast
Love it😁
I love this game it is sooooo fun And if the developer is reading this I would like to make some suggestions to the game if that’s ok. So I would like it if in the daily rewards you could get at least 5 or 4 gems. And This will sound crazy but imagine if you could make your own pirates. But that’s crazy talk but you know just a thought.🤗 so have you made it to the end of my comment well you should join my guild the “toast kings”
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1 year ago, bitterblueman2
Plunder pirates
It’s a fun game but tired of all the advertising. And whoever pays to win on it must have bags of gold in each pocket and hidden in a cave somewhere because I’ve played many games and have NEVER seen prices like what they charge LOL. also just like every other game you hit “the wall” where it’ll probably take a year just to upgrade one building LOL but still overall enjoyable. If it wasn’t for the things I mentioned I’d have given it a 5.
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2 years ago, Sad!! I TELL U SAD!😞😞😞😞
Needing improvements
Okay, first of all, I love this game. But something that I have noticed to be an issue is that there is no friends list to add fellow pirates nor a way that I, as a guild master, can do to recruit new members to my guild. I am pretty new at the game so maybe there is a way to do these things but as far as i can tell there isn’t. Maybe a global chat would be useful for people to add each other to their guild would be a good option for players.
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2 years ago, LAzY L0$
Needs correction
I have had this game for years! I injoy it a lot. But there need to be a correction. The developers need to readjust the battle and explore points in the users inventory. Because this game requires more battle then explore points to be used to upgrade. The common user has 1 million explore points on hand and just on average 2 thousand battle. How is this balanced. Developers need to readjust what’s on hand in users stock pile. For example I have just under 1 million exploration points but only 2 thousand battle.
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5 years ago, Luk@ :)
I found this game while just looking around the app store and decided to try it out. I do not regret it, this game is fun and well made. You build a pirate base with defences and storages you must protect. You can also build up an army to raid other villages and get yourself some loot. A feature I have not seen in any other game is you can explore the ocean and fight ships and beasts for treasure chests and other loot. Overall, I’d definetly suggest this game.
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3 years ago, Mashpotatomarine
Little slow
So far so good.. it’s a little slow and it’s one of those, - make your moves and wait - kind of games. It definitely needs something to fill the downtime. Devs need to think more along the lines of RAID where there’s enough content to keep you playing for hours after you’ve done your moves. I do like the pirate theme they’ve got going, but they should definitely increase the attributes for pirates and ships both. Give me something to work for.
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4 years ago, Bouncy but solid
Plunder Pirates
The game is beautiful, the day and night cycle adds some realism to the game, and the graphics are top notch. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks and have gotten pretty far within that amount of time. This is NOT a pay to win game, people who pay just aren’t patient enough. Take your time and enjoy the game, it’s fun all around!!
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4 years ago, maxsherman14
A couple consideration-worthy features
Hi! Love the game. Don’t need to say much about that. However I thought these features might be worth considering. 1) Guild members can attack each other (or request that someone attacks them) to test each other’s defense systems and island layouts. No grog or gold can be plundered and no BP or pirate rank is awarded, but pirates used are lost just the same and any Legendaries lose stamina. 2) Guild members can share (up to a certain cap amount) gold, grog, gems, EP, and BP with guild-mates who request this (sort of like how we can request pirates through the guild ship). The cap amount could be low, or there could be no cap amount, depending on what is most economic. My guild and I would be very happy to see these features considered, and thanks so much for a great game that continues to get better. -Max
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4 years ago, 954theserpamancalls
Years of waste
I have really grown to hate this game. I have been playing it for many years and for many years I have struggled to always catch up and have everything upgraded. I can never get there because everything takes forever to upgrade and cost way too much. Especially the fences. It takes me half a year to a year to have all the upgrades I need to move on to the next pirate hall and I’m always at least 2 pirate halls behind. No matter how much I try. It’s discouraging. The game play has gotten repetitive. They haven’t added anything new as far game play. I’m over this game. What a waste
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2 months ago, mudineer
A great but patience requiring game
I come across this game through an add and surprised to see in editor’s choice.. the game itself is tactical and very beautiful graphics but there us least to engage for long .. you to wait a great deal of time before you go for next errand or update. The game needs a bit faster pace and it would be nice watching if an extra builder is added.. it certain reminds Clash of Clan game
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7 years ago, Sandik11
Addictive Updated
Update! Every time I try to access the game it says there’s an “Update” and it won’t let me go further without the new update. Funny when I click on it for the update the App Store says I’m current. Please fix this before I get kicked from my guild. Pretty good little game. I'm almost through with the first map and excited there's other areas to explore. Only downfall is diamonds cost a lot of money, I can't justify spending that amount so the game takes longer to advance. I would buy them in a heartbeat if they cost less.
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6 years ago, suzaswagger
Good game but...
I love the game, but it is hard to get ahead without paying about $100 a month, so that is not a sustainable activity. I’d pay $25 a month, about the price of a movie. I won’t be able to keep up so make more grog and coins available. I also think it would be fun that when you sink a Pirates ship, they haven’t unloaded everything from their last haul, so you get mystery prizes of chests and plunder items from the seas.
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3 years ago, Deric Reed
I am still a current player of this game. I do enjoy the game. Unfortunately, I understand having in game spending but, this is too expensive. To upgrade becomes way too expensive and takes way too long. There needs to be some adjustments on spending. And I’m referring to the gold and grog that is earned. It’s just very difficult to upgrade anything. Not everyone is able to spend that amount. Take a page from clash of clans.
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8 months ago, Steezygod
Grabbed my attention
I don’t write reviews for games at all really but I think this is one worth a rating. I work six days a week and still manage to play lol. It’s kinda a pay to win but they do give you enough resources to deal. It’s kinda like coc but who doesn’t like pirates. This is a win by me.
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5 years ago, Sithjedi333
Hard to grow in game
At my current level I can only find enemies to attack to get around 160k in grog (used to upgrade buildings). I needed 4.4 million for next upgrade. Last night I had 4.2 million. Woke up this morning and had been attacked and lost 720k. It would take most of today to recoup what was lost. I am deleting the game. I foolishly spent a lot of money on this game. I guess their idea is to keep people invested by making it very difficult. Instead of making new content to keep players interested. Goodbye game! Much like with a bad ex, I wish I never met you.
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