Pocket Call Sheet

3.5 (8)
9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Snake Byte Studio
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pocket Call Sheet

3.5 out of 5
8 Ratings
6 years ago, JB kan
Great but need work
The app has great potential. But It took me 30 to figure out how to include the the cast call time information on the sheet. And I still haven’t figure that out. Plus, there are lots of Manuel entry. And not an option that could allow me to duplicate so I can move faster. Lastly, sinking phone and the iPad is also not that obvious!
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7 months ago, Timebandit!
Not working
I used to love this app but now the cast and the cast times are not transferring to the email or call sheet PDF like they used to. Seems like an iOS update issue. If they can fix this, I will praise the app once again.
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14 years ago, Marty Martin
Great concept - Not quite there
While this certainly has a TON of potential, 2 things limit this app. 1. This really should be destined for the iPad. It's a bit slow to navigate on the iPhone, although probably as good as it gets to be honest. But this would be such a benefit for productions if you could enter in info on a larger format and more importantly, preview ur callsheet in fullscreen (and edit in the preview!) 2. You can only pull contacts from ur phone's contacts. This is the only that makes me feel I wasted my money. I just want to type names in instead of accessing them from my iPhone contacts. on my current production I have 120extras. I don't want to enter them all into my contacts!
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2 years ago, Zavafilms
What happened?!
More than 2 years and no updates? What’s happening with this app? There was so much potential here and then…nothing…
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7 years ago, UnhappyThatsRight
Ideal and easy to use. Worth it
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7 years ago, Jays Odyssey
A solid option , does what it says
To be honest as an independent filmmaker I found this app to be more than adequate for seven dollars you get a lot for your money. For those people who whine and complain about the fact they have to load their contacts into their phone it looks like they already found a way around this on the new version. What I would like to see is for the program to remember things that you've already written so that when you go to a new day you don't have to write the information and over again that part is simple and should be addressed immediately. Anyone who is not previewing the CallSheet by sending an email to them self prior to the entire production obviously shouldn't be in moviemaking and doesn't understand the necessary procedure to make sure that things are correct before sending them out to the whole group. One feature I would like to see added to the app and I'm not exactly sure how they would go about doing it is placing the cast and crew phone numbers either on a separate sheet that is pulled from all the information that is entered into the other fields or somewhere in the table where it list the cast and crew. Having the title and the call time and the name of the person listed is great but on an actual piece of paper that's not gonna help someone who may need to call that person who doesn't have those contacts in the phone. I think this app was written with the assumption that the only person that would be contacting anyone in the production would be the person making the call sheets on a small independent movie that's not always the case. To those people who complain about it not having a lot of graphics and visual appeal while I do agree that a place for the logo would be a nice representation of the product I think that this no-frills basic sheet printed out and easy to read manner is exactly what we need. I don't really have any more to add to this we used it on the production last weekend and it was able to keep people organized dramatically better than when we were using other programs. I saw people complaining about how it takes time to enter the data in an iPhone and I do agree that if there was a way to get it onto like a website interface or even an iPad or tablet that that would be helpful however if people are too lazy to take the hour two hours to punch in the information to export what is an amazing amount of information in one spot then they probably shouldn't be a movie making. My congratulations to all the developers and my hope is they find someway to get the phone numbers incorporated into the CallSheet that is printed a workaround for us was using the notes section on each of the cast members to have their phone numbers however we alternately still did have to add an Excel spreadsheet with all of the productions phone numbers on it to our call sheet packet. I look forward to seeing what new features are released if any at all and will continue to use this for a very long time to come. For those of you who complained about the seven dollar price tag you obviously don't know that it cost a great deal of money to make a movie some of our low-budget production cost $100,000 and they're small short student films.
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12 years ago, Geno369329
Great app!
This app is great for anyone in the film industry, or even photographers who want to up the game and look even more legit. This app not only helps keep everyone in the loop and organized, but it also makes call sheets so easy and quick to put together and send out to everyone you want in a few simple taps of your thumbs! ;) I'm not quick to review apps until I've used them for a while and my only complaint is that there's a stamp at the end of each watermark saying "this call sheet was made with pocket call sheet." If there was an option to get rid of that and also an option to pick what fields show up on the final call sheet I'd give it 10 stars. :) we've chatted with the peeps behind the app and they said they're working in the tag at the end of each sheet. Can't wait for the next update!
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13 years ago, Richard Allen Crook
Cool, could use some improvements
Very cool app, but would be great if the About changed based on what is filled out and what is left blank, or perhaps allow to alter the layout of the sheet (mainly resizing the cells) in a preview/edit mode before creating the email. Sometimes I want to send a call sheet for a smaller shoot that doesnt involve all the other cells, for example.
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12 years ago, LotusRex
The call sheets look great, and the distribution options are really a deal maker. You can send as PDF, HTML, or both to everyone or just some people on the call sheet through the 'additional list' options. Having to import from contacts has been complained about, but while it took me a bit of extra time at the beginning, having everyone in my production programmed into my phone has proven to be invaluable, and it's something I wouldn't have done otherwise. The developers are incredibly responsive, and provide excellent customer service. Well worth the price.
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12 years ago, TsunamiGrind
Blank cells should be omitted
I agree with most reviewers here that this app has incredible potential, but I would love to see some additions as well for $7. You guys are already on inputting cast/crew without the need to go through contacts which is fantastic, but I'd love to see the fields I left blank omitted from the final call sheet. Also, I understand you have to get your name out there, but removing your app icon and the "this call sheet was created using blah blah blah on the iPhone" at the end of every call sheet would be much appreciated. Your app speaks for itself, our call sheets don't have to. Still, it's a great app.
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12 years ago, sgranlund
Needs work
The app is ok in concept, the problem is it forces you to have all people associated with a production in your contact list. It's a good additional feature, however, there MUST be a way to enter some or all of the info manually WITHOUT having it in your contact list. Also the app lacks almost any graphics, it needs a lot of visual polish. It's just clumsy and awkward to use and enter data. Needs to be fast. Basically you have to have everything planned out before you get privilege of Re-Entering everything in this app. It has a lot of potential but needs work before its a quick efficient tool to be used on a production. I hope the developers consider this.
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11 years ago, Red Wall P
Cool and Easy
Loving this app. I do a lot of one day shoots for various corporate clients and promotional videos. Being able to grab info directly from my phone and load it right into the app has saved so much time and energy. It’s a great way to organize your projects and your shoots so that there is no missing info. I do a couple of test emails with the call sheet to myself, making sure everything is in place and when it’s all good, off to cast and crew it goes. Nicely done.
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9 years ago, SpitFireFury
Awesome Tool
This app has saved me countless hours sitting in front of an excel speadsheet (which I don't know how to use) trying to put together call sheets. It does take a little playing with to learn but once preproduction is ready, just put everything into the app and create your call sheets way ahead of time making adjustments when the schedule calls for them. Gives your crew and cast advance schedules for days out on their call sheets once you put everything in. Best $10 I spent in film school for preproduction and has come in handy as an AD and line producer on over a dozen short films. Pick this up!!! It, combined with a few other basic apps (weather and sunrise), can help your workflow on a film go easily if you're in the production department!!! Well worth the $10.
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10 years ago, Scbphoto
Love this!
Very happy with the app and have emailed customer service a few times... As I am not technology savvy... And they always get back to me quickly! Most of the issues that I thought were bugs are not. I just didn't understand how to use the app. Now that I figured it out and have used it for a few productions I am hooked. I would highly recommend!!! It's made my life as a producer much easier.
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10 years ago, Nocturnalceo
The idea is great. Would be useful if not for the bugs i've experienced. After filling in the fields and preparing email to send out to cast & crew, ALL information regarding their call time, pick up time, Hair & MU call time etc. disappeared. Fields are now blank despite going back into app & triple checking that the info is there. Won't be an effective app until updates happen. Do not waste your money or prepare to be frustrated. I have emailed the company and am awaiting a response. Will update my review if/after they help resolve the issue.
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13 years ago, youngbucks productions
It's perfect for me. I do small commercials with quick turnarounds. The ability to port info from my contacts program, construct a call sheet and then email it to all parties lets me knock out call sheets while waiting for my next flight. Can't wait for the changes that are promised.
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13 years ago, Mt Lion prr
Excellent App! Must buy for film makers.
I always wanted a call Sheet on my I Pad, this App is simple design, easy to use and I love it... Makes the organization so much easier and portable. Every producers and anyone on the set who has an I Pad should carry this App, it's a must buy....!
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12 years ago, hhscripman
Just Awesome
The app itself is GREAT! More importantly, the support is timely and knowledgeable. I know that I will be a life-long user of this product. Thanks for putting this out. It meets the measure of a changing environment in the acting workplace and makes me feel good about going paperless, which is also very important for me.
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13 years ago, jjl1729
Handy tool!
This is a handy and elegant tool that makes it easy to write and distribute call sheets from anywhere. I plan to use it on my next blockbuster. Looking forward to seeing the iPad version.
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12 years ago, Gus Hoffman
Great app!
I really like this app and utilize it for almost all my productions. I would like to be able to add items without having to import them from my contacts list. Also there needs to be a Director of Photography input for the crew.
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11 years ago, Nj film guy
Importing contacts
I agree...having to import from address book is really annoying...there should be a way to just manually input...and possible add "logo" option...when will there be an update???!!!
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12 years ago, AD TK
I luv this app
This app gives me the ability to create on the go. I luv it. My only problem is having to import my cast and crew info through address book. Other then that it's a great app
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12 years ago, DanE1980
Good Product
One thing I wish could be different is to create a new cast member, or any oher name without defaulting to my contact list. Also, quick support.
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10 years ago, Patricia1stAD
Extremely helpful!
Such a great resource! I've shared this with other film professionals and they have been nothing but pleased with this new app. Very accurate and it saves a lot of time.
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9 years ago, C.r.Parker
I love this product!
I hated using other software like Excel to create call sheets. This one is easy to navigate and send to your cast and crew. I will use this app from now on in my career.
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10 years ago, CarolynaRedhead
1st AD for "Cold"
Excellent app that is easy to use and awesome customer service! They got back to me ASAP on a question I had, which was appreciated because we were on such a tight timeline.
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14 years ago, Don't Youwannknow
Running 4.2 on my iPad....
And waiting for the promised iPad update.
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11 years ago, John Portaro
Who would want to manually input all the information on a call sheet?! No one in the film industry has time for that! If you want a real easy app that only requires you to import a call sheet check out FilmTouch. If this app could implicate an import feature then it might be worth the six bucks. Very disappointed :(
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10 years ago, Figure8Productions
Buggy and Hard to navigate...
This app couldn't even help me run a five day shoot. Actors names disappeared. It crashes without saving and they have the temerity to advertise their product on the bottom of the call sheet. DONT USE THIS!
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7 years ago, BlackSunday84
I love it BUT NEEDS a Preview!!!
I think it's great! But would love to see a preview of the call sheet before I send. Or instead of sending a few copies to myself before I send it out. Also I wish I could delete some of the positions off of the call sheet when working on smaller jobs! That would be amazing. And the only other thing in regards to smaller jobs... when I shoot EPKs I don't need all these options. It would be nice to be able to delete certain positions so it's customized for EPKs or Documentaries! Thanks though a great app! 👍🏽
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10 years ago, thə dig·​i·​tal no·​mad
Love It!
This App is just what I needed.
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13 years ago, Jawmomma
Excellent app
Can now help produce indie projects while at work. Very happy with this app. A huge life saver and time saver!
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14 years ago, gregore
Bang for your buck
Not alot of apps are actual worth the money you pay for them but this one actualy saves you money a's your buying it. It made pre-production easy and fast. The only down side is that it's not on the iPad or a companion app for my mac :( but on the iPhone it was still fast and efficient.
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12 years ago, Addesso
Great Improvements!
It's great to see how quickly the programmers have responded to and integrated feedback. When the app first came out, it was useful, but I felt it lacked a few important things or was a bit frustrating when making certain changes. But only in a few months, it's improved drastically and now is one of my favored film production apps. The ability to build a sheet anywhere and send it quickly is awesome.
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8 years ago, Eameda
The app would have saved so much time if it actually worked. Exported the file after putting in hours of info only for it to disappear when exported. Costed me time and money. I want a refund.You guys really let me down...
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