Pocket Planes: Airline Manager

4.7 (7.3K)
160 MB
Age rating
Current version
NimbleBit LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pocket Planes: Airline Manager

4.7 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Cj202020123412341334
Long term investment, Very Enjoyable
I’ve recently started playing this game. It is absolutely amazing. It’s so much fun, especially if you enjoy management games. But, what I’ve noticed is that this is a long-term game. You don’t play this game for a week, and be high level and get everything in the game. No, most players have invested months, some people even have years on this game. I can see why, because the enjoyment of this game is never ending. I also love the fact that you don’t have to play it all the time. Sure, if you want to, you totally can have short flights, and manage your planes every 5 minutes or more. But if you only want to check in once and hour or so, you can have longterm flights. It has a lot of choices. If you want to fly cargo, or fly passengers, or both. If you want long flights or short flights. All of that is up to you. From what I can tell, the community around this game is really cool. It isn’t a huge community, but the reddit is filled with nice people. Overall, this game is absolutely amazing, and is my goto for a mobile game.
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5 years ago, The best game on the planet!
Re: good game
I had written a review before for this game but wanted to revise it. I’ve loved this game since I was quite young. It probably is the only good plane/airline tycoon game for free on the App Store today. It’s easy to catch on to, it’s not complex under any circumstances. It’s just flying from city to city moving product and people. The reason why I’m not giving this game 4 or 5 stars is because it still feels lacking in a sense. There should be more cities included in the game. I feel like certain countries are completely left out of the game for no apparent reason. Also, the game after a while gets somewhat boring after playing it for a certain amount of time, it gets repetitive. If there were some micromanaging aspects to the game other then changing your aircraft’s color then I think it could maybe improve that a bit. I also think that it takes far too long to get medium and long range aircraft on the market. The game is based around a rank system, the higher your rank, the better planes you get. The problem lies in the fact that it takes far to long to get up to the required rank to get a decent aircraft. Don’t get me wrong if you enjoy grinding out for a plane and gaining that satisfaction, then this is the game for you, personally I’m not that kinda guy. All in all this game was great for its time, just wish it got a few new tweaks and mechanics to spice up the gameplay
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4 years ago, pipipinoboy
A game that aged amazing well but could do more
I love this game with all my heart. I used to play it in middle school but I’ve recently downloaded it again due to the current global circumstance and because college doesn’t start until August. Though I still have a lot of fun planning my routes and figuring out the most cost efficient ways to manage my flights, I wish there was a bit more. Firstly, the game resolution doesn’t fit the newer iPhones screen sizes and it makes it feel a bit out dated. Also, I wish that the major cities had unique backgrounds instead of reused backgrounds for each region and city size. Finally, I would like to see them update the population, because they are now inaccurate, and I would like them to add more cities. Some regions feel empty, such as the Middle East, and could have some cities added. I was a bit surprised to see that Dubai isn’t even a location in the game. An overall visual update however would really deepen the games immersion and would make the game a lot more polished compared to its current contemporaries. In conclusion, these are nitpicks and I really want to emphasize how the game is still fun so many years later, but a bit of polish wouldn’t hurt :D
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7 years ago, DestructiveDuck
Legendary Game Going Out With a Bang?
This game was and still is one of the best airline tycoon games out on the market. Unfortunately, it seems NimbleBit has left it alone, while other games like Tiny Tower and it's new city game (can't remember the title) are being updated all the time. I hope that NimbleBit realizes the amount of people that still play this game and hope for an update. If NimbleBit isn't going to update the game anymore, could we at least get one final mega update consisting of new planes, airports, and more customizable options. Maybe for the airport you could customize your gate to increase appeal and increase customers based on appeal. Also adding different ways to get money or giving more money per flight. If Pocket Planes is going to be left untouched for the rest of it's days, could we, the players, get one more mega update to give the game a longer enjoyment time. Thanks!!! P.S.-Happy 5th anniversary Pocket Planes!!!
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5 years ago, DN Jake
More Friendly Interaction
I am by no means any bot far ahead in the game, but it is already apparent to me what things I desire that are lacking here. I see that we can add friends, and I have done so. I see that we can gift items to friends, that's wonderful. You can represent the same team in global contest. But it would be really great if you could see your friend's planes on your own map, or if you could manage your added friend's flights while they are away. This doesn't have to be an absolute feature, perhaps you could have additional personalization settings to disallow this kind of behavior. The only issue is that there is very little in the way of teamwork options. I don't want to feel alone with a friends list full of names, I want to feel like there is the option for tangible and active teamwork in a fashion that helps every party involved. Alas, this is my only complaint thus far, it is a wonderful game and I am still enjoying the features it does have. I would love to see the developers revisit this game and bring in more potential for its players.
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4 years ago, Simply Claire
Still love this game after years and years of play....
I’ve been playing this game off and on for years. Even before this game came out I was playing Tiny Tower hardcore. This is a game I always keep on my phone. I love the details in this game and overall gameplay. HOWEVER, my biggest peeve about this game is how I have so many airports it’s very hard to locate my next waypoint sometimes. Indeed it does slightly flash the airport city you need to send your plane to, however I wish it were more noticeable at highlighting the airport on the map. Maybe a more intense flashing or a different color perhaps? Instead of the tiny white flashing font on the map. Sometimes when choosing the next waypoint I have difficulty locating the next needed location because the font is so tiny and they don’t make it obvious where the city is that you need to land. Fixing this would make the game so much more enjoyable to play, rather than visually having to scan several countries looking for that one airport.
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11 months ago, Shivlack
Great game - test of patience
I have been occasionally playing (the only way to play) for a couple months now. This is a great little strategy game with airplanes - I love airplanes - I’m an aerospace engineer…so this is the perfect thing to do when not working. You can play without spending any money, so this should totally be a top free app. But it’s good to support the devs and enjoy the perks, so spend your coffee money sometimes. A couple suggestions: please make cities grow larger than 10m - proportional to their real populations ideally. Consider programming a way to automate some flights so their can be idle earning - it would be cool to have “domestic fleets” that automatically service continent interiors as well as international fleets that can be actively managed…the domestic fleets would have user-preprogrammed routes and would generate idle income, and then the international fleet would require inputs.. what do you think?
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2 years ago, Bobby Hipperson
A great game just got better
I started this game when it first came out and enjoyed it. Several years later, my iPad died and I lost everything. I restarted it again a year or so later. I’m up to level 74 and it is always a fun way to kill time. I was surprised, and happy, to see the developer update the game a few weeks ago and continue to tweak it. I love the VIP in-app purchase. For me, the additional layover slots plus the 4th aircraft upgrade enhanced my gameplay. The other perks are a welcome bonus. I like how I can earn extra bux, coins, aircraft parts, and additional perks by watching ads. Normally, I don’t like ads in games but the developer makes them optional and, in my gameplay, the rewards for watching are worth it. I’m happy the developer allows syncing through their own server. In my opinion, much more reliable than GC. Finally, I like the way the global events are set up now. I think there were only a couple of teams anyway because I did not play in a team and could hit 3rd place consistently on my own. The rewards under the old way were not as robust as the rewards in the new events. Finally, yes it can be a grind but, at least for me, that is part of this game. I spent many years working for a cargo airline and it is a grind in real life. Great job NimbleBit. I’m happy you are back updating this game. Thank you.
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2 months ago, IReview9000
I never thought I would fall in love
"Pocket Planes is an absolute gem of a game, offering a delightful blend of simplicity and depth that keeps me hooked for hours on end. What I adore most about it is its ease of play; navigating through the skies feels effortless and intuitive, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. The fun rewards sprinkled throughout the game are like little treats that keep me motivated to keep flying and expanding my airline empire. Moreover, the clear goals provide a sense of direction without feeling overly restrictive, allowing for a satisfying sense of progress. Unlike many games inundated with gimmicks, Pocket Planes stands out for its straightforward gameplay and genuine enjoyment factor. It's not an exaggeration to say that some of my fondest gaming memories have been made while soaring through the virtual skies in Pocket Planes. It's a testament to the game's timeless appeal and sheer joy it brings to players."
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4 years ago, BetoBetoBob
Charming but a bit tedious
The core gameplay loop of Pocket Planes is to send passengers and packages on planes to their destination. The more flights you do the more cash you make and can expand you airports. It’s charming to see people and places around the world in bit form and it’s fun to watch your airline empire grow. However it becomes tedious having to manually direct flights for something that can be done automatically by a flight scheduler. Basically, the more people / cargo + the longer distance + special events / VIPs = more money. It’s satisfying making money the first few times directing flights this way, but it becomes boring after a while because there’s little strategy to it. It would have been better to set a scheduler for flights, but that would break the game’s monetization system. And a final note; the app is a bit dated; it’s UI hasn’t been updated in 3 years so the screen is a bit smaller on displays without a home button. Overall a pretty cathartic game, but lacks interesting gameplay elements.
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6 years ago, Tiny is awesome
Easily the best iPhone game I have ever played.
This is the only app I have had on my phone for more than 2 years. This game is perfect in its execution and it’s in-game currency concept. I have never been bored with this app, due to its ever-eventful leveling up process. There is always more to do and more to unlock. While it has in game purchases, it is certainly not a pay to win. This game is so good, I wish the developers would come out with new updates and features for it. There is still room for expansion with more planes, towns, etc. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an update in almost a year. This is one of my all time favorite apps, and I hope the developers see this and add more updates and features. This is not a dying app. There is an amazing concept, and people still play this app. So please release more updates and features, this could be the number 1 app on the market.
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3 years ago, _Zolo22
Update Needed
I have played this game on and off for about 5 years. I just hate that you must restart every time you redownload this game. There isn’t a place for you start where you last left off. I think that this game is doing better but I know that it will get better. I mean there has been times that people may have paid to play this game. However, I think this game does have potential but they need to update the game by simply making sure that we can track planes a little better. Having data being able to break down by city. And to know which planes to get rid of. Because the only thing that it does show is the potential you can make an hour is all. However, I haven’t really looked into this but I think if we can do that it would be cool if we got those details fixed and this game will be better.
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3 years ago, UP D a t e GAME
Glitch in game and No update
Their is a glitch where you can’t earn bucks by watching ads anymore it always says the ads are unavailable. it is extremely difficult to expand my planes and get parts for the planes as passenger bucks only come in not that often. Can you guys do an update to the game and add new things to the game please and fix the glitch with not being able to earn bucks to I can get plane parts. I love this game but this game needs an update with like new and bigger planes, Challenges so played can try to complete them and earn bucks completing challenges. Also I think it would be cool to add in like a logo feature even if we can only pick between like 5 logos so we can add it to the sides of the planes for like branding like real airlines do. It would add that extra features for players to feel more into the game with customization and more game play with the challenges. But please can you do an update to fix not being able to earn bucks in the game. Thank you!
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6 months ago, Lil.Sponge
Still a solid time killer several years later
Redownloaded after 4 years of not playing and it still feels same as it was in 2015. Unlike other reviews want you to think, VIP is not needed to advance in the game Suggestions I have for future updates: - Daily Reward System Some rewards I can think of: 1) Free Bux 2) All cities advertised for 12 hours 3) All flights gain x2 profit and x2 speed for 6 hours 4) Free parts of special planes - Add more airports The USA, China, Europe, India, and Japan especially should get 10+ more airports in game if Australia has as much as they do - Make the number of unlocked airports and complimentary bux increase as your level increase Expansion is a breeze up until level 15 or so, but after that a major wall is hit and even going balls to the wall for a week results in minimal progress being made in leveling up. As for increasing rewards? Start - Level 5: 2 bux and 2 new airports Level 5 - Level 7 - 3 bux and 2 new airports Level 8 - Level 10 - 3 bux and 3 new airports Level 11 - Level 15 - 5 new bux and 3 new airports Level 15 - Level 20 - 6 new bux and 3 new airports Level 21 - Level 25 - 6 new bux and 4 new airports Level 26 - Level 30 - 7 new bux and 5 new airports Level 31+ - 10 new bux and 5 new airports
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6 years ago, Jenrayac
This game is still a gem but in need of an update
Let me set something straight, this game is a gem, the fact that nimble bit stopped supporting it is a mistake. I have been playing pocket planes for around 4-5 years, and I have many accounts. I know the wonderful devs at nimblebit are working on another great game, but could they take a bit of time to revisit the game? Maybe give it an update? Maybe even make a sequel, I think almost every pocket planes player would pay 99 cents for an upgraded sequel, and with thousands of players willing to pay, that would make nimblebits time worthwhile. I would really like an update including more planes, Color schemes, and more realistic demand and ticketing systems. If any of the great devs at nimblebit are reading this, please take this up with the rest of the dev team, and thanks for all the great games!
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5 years ago, bajablast TTV youtube
Addictive... but just some requests
I love this game and have had it for as long as I can remember. Although the game is fun and super addictive, I have a few requests to grow the game. I first of hate the planes that you get that I think are called class 2 and class 3. You have to update your airports for a large amount of money, and it isn’t even worth it. I feel like everyone would benefit from taking this away from the game, and if it doesn’t work bringing it back. Also, you have a lot of airports but I wish you would put more smaller ones that don’t cost much. For example, something like Newark airport or Huntsville airport. I feel that would make it a lot easier to get a start and people would benefit a lot. Thank you for reading and (hopefully) acknowledging my future for this amazing game.
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2 years ago, Kickenkyle
Very good, but needs to catch up to modern times
I first go Pocket Planes when I was 9 on my IPod touch. I feel in love with this game and played it for hours in family road trips. I fell apart from it until I got my iPhone 8, it was such a nice relaxing and nostalgic feeling to be playing a game from when I was so young. Now I play it on my iPhone 11, the game is exactly as I remembered it. Though there is one caveat to it now, and that is that it doesn’t fit onto my screen fully. There are two significantly large black bars on both sides of my phone. I have checked on nimblebit’s Twitter and they say there are working on it as of the summer of 2021. However I fear that a resolution fix will not be out anytime soon. I also have noticed that the game is no longer supported by ads which is concerning as there are no ways to get free bux anymore.
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3 years ago, TheDominator66
Fun, Easy, and FREE!
I have downloaded this game a few times, and every time I delete it off my phone, within a couple of weeks, I put it back. Simply put it is the best simulation game in the market that allows you to advance at a reasonable pace without having to spend real world money. Sure if you wanna spend extra dollars you can to advance faster but I like the challenge of building slowly and not spending the money. There’s zero ads for the game by the way you don’t even have to pay for the app itself it’s all completely free. I do not know how the developer is able to do this but the game is phenomenal and a lot of fun and it’s very addicting. I can’t say enough about it, for being the type of game that it is; definitely five stars.
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6 years ago, Luthor Guy🐶
Greatest Plane Management Game Out There
I was a latecomer to this game, as I downloaded it in the summer of 2016. But it still is the most addicting game I've ever played. I made the right decision starting in Australia. Everything was cheap and since I've expanded from there. Sometimes, I took months long breaks from the game, so I've only expanded as far as Nagasaki, Bhutwal, and Shanghai. Still, vastly addicting, but one issue is the lack of updates. More new planes on the game would be awesome. However, this game hasn't been updated since February of 2017, and those were just bug fixes. It is now January 2018, and nothing new has come. Please update this game nimblebit. Also, I think it takes way too long to level up. Otherwise, you've got a great game. 👌🏻✈️😁
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3 years ago, Kijslunchbox
Oddly fun and relaxing
It’s fun to manage airports and planes in pocket planes, figuring out the right route for every bit of profit is satisfying and the system seems to be decently balanced. However, there does feel to be a slight lack of detail, something is a little off about the graphics (yes I know it’s that 8 bit style) and the game feels a little “un-complicated”, unlike tiny tower, the only events are closing of airports, no unique challenges while planes are up in the air. It’s fun just, feels like it needs an update after such a long time since the last one. Last thing I would suggest, rewards from achievements, at least something for my efforts and achievement within the game would be nice, maybe just a single buck or 500 coins. A cool little surprise here and there would be nice.
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4 years ago, Anon Y. Mous (123)
Good game overall
I enjoy the game a lot, and have been playing it on and off for a while now. However, there are some things I find lacking: 1) Bux It is always a struggle for me to collect enough bux to build and aircraft. I find more often than not, I have to watch a good fifteen ads just to buy something from the market. If there was a reverse bank, then it would become much easier to cope with. 2) Market I find it extremely difficult to find the parts of the planes I need, and would prefer not to check every ten minutes if they have it, and panic when it turns out I’m missing the bux. This is something I would however accept paying extra bux for. 3) Gifts/friends I have used the gift system many times before, and think it’s a great idea, but it just needs more interaction. If there was a “neighborhood” of sorts or a flight crew/ guild type, that would be amazing. The only part I can think of is that it would be nice to be able to gift an entire plane all at once, rather than it parts. Keeping all these complaints in mind though, I find this to be a fun, simple, and easy game, and I will continue to enjoy this game, regardless of my complaints. I would not, however, be opposed to a future update. :)
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3 years ago, Toe Stank
I love this game dearly and it is very fun to pass the time away and grow your airplane empire. Even to compete with friends at school. But my one issue is that the game hasn’t received a content update in well over 3 years and it makes me kind of sad to eventually get to the point where you can’t do anything anymore.... I don’t really know what you would add but honestly the game is very fun. I believe if you guys up in HQ could maybe spend a little of your time to maybe increase the content. ALSO I was thinking what if you made another game similar to this and pocket trains BUT POCKET GALAXY!!! or something where are you by spaceships and traveled from planet to planet instead of airport to airport. Kind of like some Syfy stuff
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4 years ago, Veyeolet
Love this game, but one tiny issue
I absolutely love this game. I started playing it when my son showed it to me. It is super cool, and I play it every day all day long. I love playing in the events and look forward to them. My only issue, and I don’t believe it is an issue with the game itself is that I never get rewarded for the events. I am always in the top 100 and should be rewarded the bucks afterwards, but I never get them. The reason I don’t get them is that I keep getting a message when I check the events stats is that I am not logged in to Game Center. I never log out of it. Ever!! So, I don’t know what to do about this. I don’t want to complain to the game after every event. That would get annoying. So, I just play to play and have fun. I would rate the game 5 stars if it were not for that small issue.
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2 years ago, Thehattrix
This is one of my favorite games ever growing up and still is. Its very simple to learn and fun to strategize and build up your airline. They just released an update after years that added easier ways to earn bucks, but made it both easier and insanely difficult to get special parts. One criticism I have is that the update did not include any additional airports. There are some very well known airports that are either not in the game or only class 1 so when you are very high leveled, it becomes repetitive going to the same places. The only other criticism is that the new global events expect you to complete 500 jobs for one airport in 3 days to receive one part which is a bit absurd. Other than that, I love this game!!
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1 year ago, Sswitchbackk
Fan-freaking-tastic game
I would like so see a way to get rid of layovers to towns that I have sold, which just sit in an airport waiting for me to buy the airport again and fly them there to get rid of the red “x”. Other than that, this game is fantastic and I receive endless enjoyment. I have played pocket planes off and on through multiple devices around 7 or so years, I love it every time I download it on to a new device and recommend it to everyone I meet. Please keep updating this game and giving it the attention it deserves because it really is the “home run” of mobile games. Nimble bit really knows how to make good games and I will show my support until the bitter end. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Iam16
Addicting and replayable!
It’s very neat seeing your airline go from one plane in a country of your choice to multiple planes in different countries all over the planet. Setting planes flight plans and cargo/passengers destinations adds another level of fun. Its slow at first but that’s what ive loved the most about this game. Planning which parts for which plane to build is rewarding and fair too. Some suggestions!: Naming your airliner, having more camera control when spectating/watching your plane move between destinations, when clicking on coins or cash while spectating/watching a plane the amount earned is bigger or near where the coin/cash is. OVERALL an unexpectedly addicting game that i’ve convinced two coworker friends to download this game and they love it too.
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6 years ago, BitsNinja
Love it but, Updates and Glitches...
Hello, BitsNinja Here Hopefully one of the devs there up at NimbleBit will read this. So, I love this game and started playing it in 2018, just the past week. My favorite part about this game is how many planes there are, and how quickly and easily you can earn (and lose) coins and bux. However, I think it could do for some updates, such as, Fixing the Ad you can watch to get free bux. I would watch the ad but then it wouldn’t give me the bux but instead it only crashes my game. Also, I really hate it that you have to pay bux in order to give something to a friend. Over all, the game is great it just needs some bug fixes and updates. —Sincerely, BitsNinja P.S.: Happy Gaming!
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1 month ago, GrapePancakes
Great but a little more
I absolutely love this game and I’m so addicted to it, the planes are nice, the graphics are cool, and the overall mechanics and gameplay is pretty awesome, but it’s missing a couple of quality of life updates, I feel like there should be a way to add names onto the plane, or custom designs. And possibly new animations for departing and arrival or when there’s multiple planes at one location, and a couple of easier shortcuts or back butgons like being able to go back to passengers and cargo after clicking destinations on accident instead of completely exiting the plane menu, overall a beautiful game very fun and addictive.
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5 years ago, Lo Lani
Bux issues but fun
This game is more fun than most tycoon- esque games available, and thus far I have enjoyed it. I can see it getting it getting repetitive, but then again aren’t most tycoon games? My biggest issue is the bux system - it’s so hard to get enough bux to be able to buy planes and such, especially if you compare it to other games involving bux made by this developer like Tiny Tower. The only quick way (since bux flights appear somewhat rarely) is by watching ads, which I don’t mind, except for me the ads (or specifically this one ad I’ve watched 5 times now) always crash the app once I finish watching and I don’t get my bux. I also wish it was more than one bux, like two or three maybe. If that could be fixed, thus speeding up progress in the game dramatically, I’d probably give 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Cldvzm
This game, just like many other nimblebit games, is very fun and enjoyable. A second thing all nimblebit games have in common is the lack of updates and new features in games. I know that the people that created this game are smart enough and creative enough to make new features and aspects of this game and other nimblebit games. Its a shame that such a great game will go to waste. I mean the last time there was an actual update (besides minor bug fixes) was 2015. Some games are still fun after years of playing. I continually play this game; starting over and trying new strategies each time to keep it interesting. However, a simple update would make this so much better. Possibly some new planes, airports, or even a new feature. Like I already said, I know that the people of Nimblebit have the ability to think of something. Until there is something new I don't think that I will be playing this game much more. It makes me feel a little sad to know I won't be playing this game any more since I have been playing off-and-on since it came out. Well, I hope this motivates Nimblebit update my favorite game.
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3 months ago, jackfrost 09
Great game, but could use a few things
I seriously play this game everyday and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a casual business game. But I think a few changes could be made, starting with the airports, I got to the point where my airplanes were not the right class for the airport, so I got some popular airports that I know as some of the biggest, such as Denver (housing one of the biggest runways in all of the united states) and that is a class 1 airport. I don’t get it. And then there is the transition between flying and landing, and I thing that there can be a little animation that plays to show them landing and pulling up to the airport. But even with a few imperfections, it is still a great game, good job!
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5 years ago, LukasFromGeorgia
Pocket Planes - Best Simulation Platform
I am a plane enthusiast myself, therefore, I am really attracted to this game. It is really fun to play and over time it gets addicting. I have downloaded this game for the first time about three years ago, but after some time I stopped playing it and deleted the app. After months, I started over and did the same thing. This time, I also give it a try and I hope it does not bore me out. The main reason I kept constantly deleting and re-downloading this game is, that the developers have ditched the development of the app. The last update of this game was two years ago. And I think, that developers are not paying their attention to this game anymore. That is why I give four stars to Pocket Planes.
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3 years ago, qweasdqwetr
Cool game, better support team
I played this game as a teenager. After years I decided to start fresh bc I forgot my old login info, and bc it was so awesome. I bought the 5000 bux pack and started a little empire, yes many might think I rushed but oh well I’m old and have money now. Plus pay it forward to an awesome free game. I decided to upgrade my phone and lost all my progress and since they don’t support sync in game anymore, I was so upset and disappointed. Basically out of 40 dollars. I messaged the support team and let me tell you, they paid it forward and some. I couldn’t be happier. Dani helped me, thank you so much.
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2 years ago, dcamp7gh
Great game but latest update changed it
I love this game and I play it a lot, and even bought the VIP option. Unfortunately, the most recent update broke the game a little. You see if you land all your planes and go to look at your overview screen, it used to be that you could tap the land plane and then menu and come back to the same last row, you could click the next landed plane. With the newest update, it keeps the planes in order which means you have to navigate through this list to see what is boarding making leveling up take longer. I would prefer that this setting be optional and it could go back to how it was if given the choice. Otherwise I love this game and kudos to the developers!
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7 years ago, Ferrariman601
Neo-Classic, going out with grace
I've been playing Pocket Planes since it came out, and I still love it. As it seems like it's no longer supported, can the developers please give us an update that removes the cap on how many airports we can buy while we're at a given level? I'm currently at level 24 and it took me over a year of casual play to level up from 23 to 24. I cannot buy any more airports even though I have way more than enough coins to do so, and that just makes extended replay value take a steep dive - pardon the pun. Please just give us more freedom to play around with this now, as the game is several years old.
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4 years ago, bennybaconburger
I Love this game, there's a critical flaw
I have played this game for at least 5 years now. I friggin' love it. The issue I have run into is a bug in the iCloud progress sync. It is broken to the point that my save is stuck on my 4-year-old iPad. I still love playing it and was thinking about replacing my device soon. While I won't stop replacing my device simply because of not being able to get my save, I would be really sad. I worked for a long time to get my game where it is. While I understand that NimbleBit has all but abandoned development on this game, I posit that as long as the 'buy bucks' menu still functions to generate them money, that it is reasonable to expect them to fix glaring bugs. I would consider the lack of iCloud sync a glaring bug.
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2 years ago, PalmPrePlus
My Favorite iOS Game
Thank you NimbleBit for updating this game! I lost my save file on my iPhone and could not restore it from my iPad until the cloud save feature was restored. It was worth the 5 year wait! I am so happy to see this game get the love it deserves! The game is engaging enough to keep you entertained but not so much that it consumes all of your time. I think the game mechanics are very logical and the coins/but system is fair, which is not always the case with free to play games. I really enjoy building my airline from a small one-seater to a big fleet of jetliners. I highly recommend checking this game out!
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6 years ago, lilpenney86
How is this not on top free!!!
I get loads of enjoyment out of this game. I have recommended it to lots of family and friends. The only complaint I really have with this great game is for first time players is that they don’t know about the different class of planes. When I first played this game a few years ago I used all my coins on class 1 or black dotted city’s and only had 2 class 2 or blue dotted city’s and when I got my first class 2 plane it could only go to 2 of my city’s. But that just because I’m dumb and didn’t figure out with the classification meant 🙃 Anyway I really love this game and it’s amazingly fun. Five stars from me. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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3 years ago, TheUndeadCraft
Cool game but few update ideas
I love this game! My dad was the one who inspired me to play it, and I have a few update ideas. My first is that you should add a few more airports. I started mine in northeastern USA and Canada, but there is a bit of a scarcity of airports up in Canada, so maybe a few more would be cool. Another one is that you should add a few real planes. I just started out, so I haven’t gotten to see a lot, but adding planes like, say, a Boeing 787, would be awesome!!! My last update idea is that you should add daily rewards, like in Tiny Tower, another Nimblebit game I have! I hope you use my ideas, but even without them, this game is AWESOME!!! 🛫✈️🛬
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4 years ago, Duky888
One of the best mobile games.
I typically never review games, but this is a game that is vastly underplayed. Like most of the other reviews have already said, this is a long term game. However, you have so many choices as what to do. You can fly cargo or passengers; build airports and connect the globe; or even start a fleet of P-40 Warhawks for all I care. This game has minimal micro transactions and a strong community in reddit. Everybody in the subreddit is kind and is willing to help new players and veterans alike. They trade parts, participate in global events, and give wonderful advice. You can guarantee that this is an amazing game that you can always go back to.
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4 years ago, CompMan123
I’ve loved playing this game for years, but it does seem to have gotten a little lack-luster. I definitely feel like it needs either music or more ambient sound effects to fill the dead space while the planes are flying and while in the airports. The game would also feel deeper if there were a couple more features; maybe a more nuanced airplane upgrading system (like having to build additional modules/buildings to open up new kinds of aircraft or business), or maybe even a special mission system with unique tasks to accomplish. Just some ideas off the top of my head. PLEASE keep working on this game, because it is fun and has SOOOO much potential.
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3 years ago, Serra Lynne
Forgotten Child
NimbleBit is, by far, my favourite app developer on the Apple App Store. I know I can count on their games for quality and enjoyment, and the perfect balance of being able to earn free bux versus having to pay for them. The reason I am less satisfied with Pocket Planes, though I am autistic and FASCINATED by planes, is that they are lacking a VIP function. Being able to pay the $20 for VIP status in the rest of their games has been perfect for me, but in this game, there is no such thing. On top of this, the “Earn Free Bux” function appears to be broken. I wish they would return to this game and provide these functionalities. If they did, it would be just as worthwhile as their other titles.
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6 years ago, Mario Rater 101
Great Game!
This game is one of the best games I’ve come across! It is very fun and addictive and doesn’t seem to get repetitive over time whatsoever. A lot of reviews state the update issue. There is a lack of updates but it does not seem to make the game any worse; I do not see any bugs or glitches. A review I read did say something similar to what I think, make a finalizing update to finish off the Pocket Planes franchise. Update population of cities, allow more customization of terminals, add and remove cities, and get more in depth with the game without ruining it with too many options, basically keeping it idle.
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2 years ago, MeBetty?
Wha… AN UPDATE?!?! I LOVE these Devs!!
I’ve played this game off and on for years, but I fell off it for a several year gap. Then a week ago I hop back in, and I’ve been playing it constantly. I hop into the App Store, and what do I see? A big patch?! It’s been 5 years since the last update! It definitely could use it, it’s been years, and just refining the app for modern devices is greatly appreciated! But they did NOT NEED to do this! They gave newer games and projects, but still they come back to give a free update to their old game for their long running fans… I’m gonna cry… ಠ_ಥ I LOVE YOU, NIMBLEBIT!!!
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2 years ago, JonKeegTV
Great game, just needs an update.
This game is almost perfect, but an update around 3-6 months ago has made it worse, before then, there were less colors to choose from for your plane, but at least they labeled it, now there’s more colors, but you have no way to see what the name of the color is, or something else that can differentiate the colors from the sometimes very similar colors to one another. So this game is absolutely great, don’t get me wrong, but the new plane color system really needs updating. Edit: I feel it’s unfair that you have to do 1000 jobs to an event city for 15 bux, that’s an awful reward.
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2 years ago, ThisGameIsMadeByRetards
There are a number of glitches that are riddled with this game. Some glitches make you waste your rare currency to basically reset your plane. (Ex. My plane lands, upon landing, a passenger will be inside the plane. In the passenger menu they’re blacked out and are unable to be removed. To counter act the glitch the first time I came across this glitch, I put the plane in the hanger and then had to pay bucks to put the plane back on my roster.) it’s very heart breaking. I downloaded this game less than 24hrs and its fun! But it’s hard to progress when the game it’s self is trying hard to prevent you from doing so. And please fix the missing cargo/passenger (right before you do a job, you choose your destination. Once they start flying, the cargo/passengers you chose for that flight aren’t there.
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2 years ago, Agentdough
Love these games.
I’ve been playing this game and others like it for a while now(like 10 years). Glad that it finally got an update like pocket trains and tiny tower. My problem with the update is the new plane repainting formate. It stinks. Not only did you do away with at least two of the colors I was using for my fleet, now I have to guess at which colors I have and hope it matches the other planes. Before it told you what color each spot had and yes it took some time to get them all set alike but you knew you had the right colors. Please oh please put it back to the way it was before!!!!!
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7 years ago, KathrynL.87
This app needs more attention than it gets!
Dear creators of the game, don't neglect this one!!! I see that there have been a few new updates this year for bug fixes but there hasn't been anything new in almost 2 years. I WISH THERE WAS A FEATURE TO SORT JOBS BY PLACE RATHSR THAN JUST MONEY OR ALSO BY CITY CLASS(I put it in all caps in hopes that I'll catch the attention of someone who can do something to make my wish come true). I want to see to see Pocket Planes expand even more! I've gotten 2 of my friends hooked on since I started playing again recently. Truly a fun and addicting game but could be even better!
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5 years ago, That guy+pi
Great at what it does
This game is, in essence, an iOS time passer. It’s graphics are cute, the details in the in game social media and planes/pilots are great, and it lets you have everything the game offers without having to ever open your wallet if you so choose. Over all the only flaws I’ve seen in the game is that it can get a little grindy at times when trying to get to another level. But that’s exactly what the genre is designed around, letting players delve into a world to kill some time. Sincerely, Patrick P.S. special thanks to the devs for putting a ton of work into this. It didn’t go unnoticed.
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2 years ago, Pie lover184
Amazing game from its time
This game was one of my favorites when it came out and I remember it fondly. I recently downloaded it again and it’s still super fun and I enjoy the amount of control and customizability the player has over the game. My biggest problem with the game is the fact that it’s not been updated in years. The game could benefit so much from just a modernization update where they fix the screen resolution, updated the map, etc., essentially a quality of life update. I’m going to continue playing but I just wish the developers still cared about the ip and kept it up.
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