Pocket7Games: Win Cash

4.5 (85.6K)
445.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aviagames Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pocket7Games: Win Cash

4.48 out of 5
85.6K Ratings
2 years ago, GiGi_175
Review Thoughts
I really enjoy playing the games on Pocket7Games. I have won real money and have been able to withdraw some of my earnings, which is nice, but, I think it takes just a little too long to receive that money back. I realize there are 1000s of players who play these games and logistically is a big ordeal to get that money back; yet, when we do play a game, we have to pay immediately before playing the game. So, with that being said, it would be great to have more games that require less money to play a game so that one can still play any given game for awhile longer. I do really enjoy playing and when I can’t play a game to win some money, I am so disappointed, but, then I will play the games using tickets. It takes a very long time to get enough tickets and many days to get enough tickets to play a $1 game and actually losing that one game and then to start playing ticket games again until building up enough tickets to get enough “bonus” money to play a game again. I really do enjoy playing the 3 games that I like to play and do so on a daily basis and only write what I have written to give my ideas 💡 on what I would like to see and are in no way negative comments —just some of my own thoughts and ideas of what I see and would like to see Thank you for reading this and, hopefully, it isn’t too confusing to you and actually makes some sense.
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2 years ago, Jst A random player
Reliable. Fun way to win some cash. Every match replay can be watched.
If I’m going to gamble my money playing against someone on some game ima stick with Pocket7Games they’re more reliable when it comes to the opponent matching system. And being able to watch a replay of every match I’ve had is the best part and was the main reason i downloaded the game in the first place. i used to play cash games from Skillz which the majority of the time seemed so rigged if you go into the Skillz app and watch some replays the same players winning hundreds of dollars over and over and you can clearly see they’re manipulating the game and cheating yet nothings done about it so while they’re being put at the top of the leaderboard and praised clearly they cheated and whoever played against that cheater never had a chance and loses their money and Skillz don’t do jack-S about it. So I gave Pocket7Games a chance and was glad I found it and never went back. I also like the fact that even when you play the free matches you can win tickets and exchange them for cash prizes unlike other games where tickets can only be earned through cash games. Nonetheless you won’t win every match playing Pocket7Games i certainly don’t, but at least if you lose you a match in Pocket7Games or any other Cash game from Avia, you know if the match was fair or not becuase every replay is recorded and you can watch it. So I give this two thumbs up and 5 stars👍🏼👍🏼 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Gsw25
How Pocket7Games works
Okay I've done a lot of research and I think I know how this app works. It's not a gambling game because you're not directly linking money on your card to the result of the game. Instead you build up in-game currency and then withdraw that for USD (and they partnered with Visa so it's gotta be legit). Basically they (the game makers) remove themselves from the equation. They're always paying out the money to somebody, since you're never playing against bots (always human opponents). I honestly love this idea and I think there's a lot of potential for winning. There's a lot of in game items but I don't really understand them all yet -- the most important thing is that when you get enough items you can eventually turn them into money hahaha. Plus I like how you can get used to different levels of gameplay by doing the friendly matches for just tickets first, then opening up to cash games. I guess if there's one thing I don't like it's that sometimes all the different choices are a bit overwhelming, like what do I do on this screen? And this screen? It's so much sometimes, but again you just have to get used to it and then it all seems totally natural. Overall I'd for sure recommend this game (games? game app?) for anyone who wants to kind of get their feet wet with earning money by playing games. I used to want to be a game tester when I was little, but this is even better since it's not even work!
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3 years ago, Chaerithecatty
My top apps
I'd say that Pocket7Games is one of the apps I use most on my phone. There's Instagram, Facebook (Marketplace especially 😉), Tiktok, and Pocket7Games. Nobody around me has ever really heard of it, which is wild because I've been telling everyone about it ever since I won like my first dollar. Seriously, it's just like the games they play, except I can win money! It's a shame they didn't have this when I was in college because I totally would have been making bank sitting in the back of class playing all these games. Back then I was still playing phone games but they were full of ads and they didn't have the kind of longevity that these do. You've really got to watch out for the people who have so much time on their hands they can get into the top 10 every time and absolutely wreck a tournament. Speaking of tournaments, that's probably my favorite and also a curse at the same time. I hate when I have a really great match in the first two or three rounds but then I get unlucky in the next one and don't have a chance to win the big prizes. That's just life I guess! My advice is to stick with games at the one or three dollar level. You'll get all the bonuses from making regular deposits and you'll make some nice little prizes every so often, plus you'll play at a higher level and not waste your time on the ticket games that take forever to make you any money. Try it out and see!
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3 years ago, aleskeyZ
Tons of updates
I really get the sense they care about the players. You always see messages like ""Sorry for the trouble, here's an extra bonus!"" and stuff for the smallest, unnoticeable inconveniences. They're always releasing new games and events here and there. My favorite game is probably 2048. It's the first time I've played it in any competitive way and it's a cool feeling to finally ""win"" now and then! I can't really say too much about the game design because it all just works perfectly. You're not playing these games for a story. You're playing them because the barrier to entry isn't too high and you really do have a chance to win money. It's really, really satisfying to be waiting for a match result and then see the little thing that says you're a winner! Of course, I have to say that just like any other game, you can 't get too invested or it'll be on your mind CONSTANTLY. There's always going to be someone better than you. The margin of error is just too slim and there are too many people playing at any one time for there to be someone who completely dominates. The good thing though is that you can pretty reliably do well in the tournaments as long as you get a good amount of practice in with each game. And remember to keep checking for special events and giveaways. You can make this little friendly app into a decent amount of spare cash if you learn a little bit about how it works!
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2 years ago, TheGeekymuffin73
Fun but addicting
The variety of games is awesome. I feel this gaming app is fair with winning money. I’m not a fan of losing bonus money earned if a withdrawal is made. Also, the free games with the Score %Boost is unfair. If you don’t receive the 40% boost, it’s impossible to win anything. But, in all fairness, I’ve received the 40% boost in a free game before and came in 3rd place. I’ve played other Bingo gaming apps and so far, this one is the best one in my honest opinion. It is addictive though, and you will find yourself depositing money. It may not be much but over time it will add up. But this game has Tickets’s that you earn and play games with that you can later trade in for real money to play cash games and win more. So in reality, you never have to deposit any money and still enjoy all the great games. I don’t remember the name of the games but my favorites are Bingo, the new game that is similar to Uno, Tiles Blitz (similar to Tetris) and 21. Edit: I use to think I would never win money. Every time I win big, I keep playing and lose. It occurred to me to CASH OUT!!! and now I see an improvement in winnings vs deposits/losses. I actually cashed out $209 and it only took about 4 days for it to hit my account. It legit help pay my bills for the month. Just like the ad says, lol. So yeah, TIP: cash out when your winnings are a good amount. Deposit $9.99, have a balance of $30+ , withdraw.
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4 years ago, TrueTexan61
Let the cards fall where they may!
I have been playing for a long time. What makes me mad, really mad is when a solitaire game is dealt out, and especially when there is something to be won, several times I have only been able to play 4 or 5 cards and then have to end the game. Why can’t you just be fair about it and shuffle the cards and let them fall as they may? Instead of rigging games. There is no way possible that it just happens to me, and only when I have something on the line to win. The same with the 21 game. For the most part, I never have busts but in tournament play, or money to be won, I have noticed you just can’t win because of hands adding up to busts. Also, I see some of these so called players having 60 to over 70 thousand points in many games that I feel I am very skilled at. Even with the % more pick you get at the beginning of a tournament play I have picked 50% one time, 90% of my picks are the lowest possible %. Why can’t you just conduct the game honestly. I know you are in it to make money, but please be honest and let the cards, etc. fall where they may. I guess after posting this, will never be able to win again.
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3 years ago, drgnflyflwrs43
Agree with the others - NOT LEGIT
No matter what they say, there is no way there are people scoring 3x higher with the same exact game pieces. No way! I was winning on the tickets and then, all of a sudden, I was getting “opponents” who would blow me out of the water AND my score was way less than normal. My game play does not vary much to warrant such drastic changes in scores. Watch yourself and your gameplay and how you move and the scores you get in ticket games vs scores you get in money games. It’s sneaky and despicable how they have it rigged! Took me a while to really catch on, but when I started playing the block one and doing the clear all pieces repeatedly and clearing the first board in under 30 seconds and getting a score well over 3000 in ticket games and well under 3000 in money games, that’s when it became crystal clear what they are doing! I deleted this game a long time ago due to noticing they were using bots as opponents (so obvious with their names) and losing all the time after I got up too high for their liking. Guess now I am deleting it cause they just can’t be legit and offer real, honest games for real, honest people to play against each other for real and honestly. Before I go, though, I plan on recording a few of the playback features on the money games and playing it back slowly to see the points tally as the game plays. It’s there…just have to actually be able to give a concrete visual. The many who mimic my review already know.
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3 years ago, amberdb127
Fun and rewarding game
First off, I am a real person and this is a real review. I’ve been playing these games for several months now. It is highly addicting, but so much fun. Yes, you win real money and yes, you play against real people. My favorite games on the app are 2048 (tricky if you’re not good with numbers) and Bubbleshot (super easy). Make sure you practice by entering games using tickets so you can be comfortable enough with the game and how it’s played before paying games for cash. It is absolutely possible to win money without making deposits. Play ticket games and build enough tickets (8,000) to play a game for a chance to win .60 cents. If you loose that game then you’ll have to start building up your tickets to try again, but if you win, then you can start playing the .60 cent games and hopefully you’ll keep winning more and more money. It’s risky but it’s gambling, that’s the whole point anyways. I don’t play the card games because it’s not permitted in my state, but those are probably going to be far more riskier than the other games, so make sure you know what you’re doing before jumping into those games. Like I said, it’s a real game, and you win real money. There’s no hidden exceptions. It’s fun and rewarding. Play responsibility! It is gambling!
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3 years ago, MirandainCA
Bingo? In This Economy?
Bingo is literally a joke between me and my friends. Like if someone says something weird we'll say "Ok grandma let's get you to the bingo hall" like they're losing their mind haha. But then I actually found a fun bingo game right here! I didn't realize how much concentration it needs. Some of the other games on this app, like the Tetris one, are pretty relaxing, but with Bingo you've got to keep so many things in your head at the same time that you can't even let your concentration slip for one second. I learned the hard way not to start playing this while I'm having a conversation with my friends because I just end up ignoring them or giving them half-answers. I guess I should talk about the money thing here... it's not really for me? I can tell that if I put a lot of money into it, I'm going to play this game way more. It's a lot of fun just the way it is. Maybe I've won like seven or eight dollars so far just from all the ticket games I've played with real cash money prizes. At first it was super addictive but it ended up being really hard! I just prefer playing the games casually, whether or not I win the money. So I guess my friends really can take me to the bingo hall later on in life, just as long as they've got Pocket7Games there.
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2 years ago, Bigjeff46
Not real knowledge of traditional Dominoes
First I’ll like to say the game is fun but the knowledge of Dominoes is way off in any parts of the world big 6 starts the game off not any random number the computer finds will help them stay close or win then on all high stakes money games the computer always gets ahead and always has everything in their hands that the need to get way ahead to either win or make sure that you can’t get ahead so that you can dominoe or even win I have been playing dominoes for 40 years and have competed in over 400 dominoes tournaments have been crowned champion 305 times so I know just a little bit about the game big 6 starts the game off and go make it more fun it would be great if you could pick your own dominoes not just get whatever the computer wants to give you and that draw thing what’s that if you set your hand up to make the computer draw you should be able to score and not just because you can’t draw anymore dominoes the game is a draw keep playing and the play to 80 thing is weird and how do you calculate the game time that’s weird if you fix this and make it more even for the players not the computer more dominoes players would probably join your app just saying.
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1 year ago, awsome sauce#love this game
This game is a SCAM! please read.
Alright, so at first this game seemed really fun and really interesting! There were plenty of games to play (unlike with other money games similar where they only had one or two.) They were all really fun and interesting, and there was also options for non money games if you wanted to just have some fun; you could also use tickets to get a few extra cents, I also was really excited for the new update where you could watch ads to get some different stuff and even win like 20 cents or so! I was actually quite good at a few of the games, especially Match-N-Flip and won quite a bit of money, and even put in ten dollars or so just for fun! And after a month or so of playing I managed to get over thirty dollars, so I went to withdrawal, naturally assuming that I would be given my fairly won money. But instead it showed that I could only withdrawal two dollars. TWO dollars out of my thirty! I reset it thinking it was a glitch but it remained the same, I was unable to get out my money I spent well over a month working up! The adverts show this game as a game you can win hundreds of dollars on, and I understand that isn't going to be completely true but it is just Not ok for them to not let a player withdrawal there money, especially when they've put money into the game! I was really hopeful for this game, but now I realized it's just a scam. Please didn't play this if you want to win any actual money.
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9 months ago, User beware 40
Fraudulent activity
USER BEWARE: Avia Games promotes 3 separate apps (bingo battle, bingo clash, and pocket 7 games) in which all bingo cash games are intertwined (you might accidentally play yourself if you’re using all 3 apps). They allow you to log in with the same email address through each app, without repercussions. However, you will automatically be logged out of the current app to log in to the next. This is great if you are expecting long delays in your cash games. However, the second you start winning (without a cash deposit), your account is automatically flagged. When you try to withdraw any of your winning, you are automatically denied for “suspicious activity”. I was up to almost $300 and Several mornings later I received a notice that “your account has been banned for fraudulent activity”. You are unable to claim any winning OR your cash deposits. No warning or emails sent. This is a SCAM when the company allows you to log in to all 3 apps using one account. “Bingo Battle” also provides a statement saying that while you can use your account from another avia games app, they will not share any data”. Please learn from my Mistake. This was easily my favorite bingo cash game but now that my account has been banned, I can no longer create any new accounts using the same IP address in which they track while you play, then automatically ban when you start winning again. So frustrating!
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4 years ago, Brian_Hunt27
Fun, frustrating and everything In between....
I rarely write reviews but upon updating the newest version today I took some time to read some of the negative comments and Frustrations that others had to say....as someone who had played this particular app for several years now as well as all the similar ones out there I can definitely see why people are upset and have even felt the same way on several occasions.....if I could offer some advice to new players as well as the upset ones, you have to realize just how many people are out there that you could possibly be matched up against. Thousands!! As someone who’s come in first place (2nd-3rdalso) on more than one occasion in the 21 gold bonus games they offer, im confident that there isn’t any player out there I couldn’t beat....and conversely I know I can’t win every time. ....If there are bots out there helping them make $$....I definitely beat them on a regular basis so they can’t be that good. More importantly I think it’s important to find the one game ... maybe two, that you’re the best at and stick with that one especially if you’re playing for money. Are there other problems they need to address....Definitely. But if you’re letting that ruin your day there’s something else going on in your life you need to address. Just my personal opinion.
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3 years ago, Illest_eva
Remove from App Store !
This company steals money from you . I would like to request apple to launch a full investigation on pay rates , and how much money is going into the app and how much is actually paid out . It seems like there is no pay out rate , and they purposely calculate an algorithm to make you lose . Every time it would say play now while we search for an opponent I would magically lose . But every time I went and played against someone right Away I would win . Seems like they find people with higher scores then you so that you always lose . It’s calculated fraud in my opinion. Also I only authorized one charge of 10$ on my card . Next thing you know 180$ in charges show up on my card . I asked my son if he had been playing on my phone and he said he had been playing on this app and hustle castle . He had reloaded more funds on the game while I was sleeping or busy taking care of house . I tried to fight this as family fraud and they told me the charges passed thru 3ds check . That doesn’t mean jack to me . My card was saved in your app and all my son had to do was click the reload button and it would approve funds automatically . This company is horrible , money greedy , fraudulent . 0/5 stars . Still strongly encourage apple to remove from App Store , launch full investigation on payouts and opponent algorithms . They shouldn’t be taking advantage of hard working peoples money or kindness
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11 months ago, krg496
Most trustworthy game I’ve found
Any Avia or Pocket 7 Gaming game is absolutely trustworthy! I’ve been able to withdrawal my winnings using PayPal and I’ve only made a few deposits but never had any unauthorized transactions on my debit card and if you don’t want to deposit any money they have ways you can win real cash without doing so! That is what got me started with their games and I was able to win and save up enough tickets to play for real cash and by logging in or spinning the lucky wheel you can get tickets or cash! I cashed out many times without paying anything!! My mom and I tried Bingo King and she deposited money but then noticed a $100 unauthorized charge on her bank card so we immediately deleted that game! If you want to play and not have to worry about being robbed or scammed and to be able to play games and win actual cash then Avia or Pocket 7 Gaming is def the games you want to play!! I am a real person not affiliated with Avia or pocket 7 gaming other than playing their games so this is a real honest review from a real player who’s been playing for almost a year and I love it!! Def give them a try!!
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10 months ago, djsjskkska7
Best game ever
I’m so upset I just typed a long essay but here I go again which goes to show how obsessed I am . I have spent a lot but in this game you choose your fate you choose how you want to go about everything .. what tasks you want to do to win rewards … what games you play . Me I have an addiction to buying packages haha.. because it’s so fun they make it so so fun there’s so many different things I personally love love bingo this is the first game that got me to never open bingo bling again when I played forever . I’m a nurse tomorrow is payday and already I’m waiting to be Able to buy my favorite package which gives you compasses (which you can win as well ) which gives you chances to win things even iPhones ! I could go on and on it’s just the most fair and legitimate game I’ve ever played and just because I said I spend a lot that’s my choice - not a negative because believe it or not these creators have made it so that you can win everything by playing the games I just get lazy and buy my rewards AS WELL as win them when I play. You know you’re obsessed when you write an essay long review lol recommend 1000%!!!
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2 years ago, misdreavus79
It’s legit, but be forewarned
UPDATE: Ever since I withdrew about 100 dollars, everything that made playing the game for free is gone. I have no ad offers anymore, I barely get any tickets to play games with, and worst of all, my ELO skyrocketed ever since. My average winning score used to be about 7,500 in the game I play, now if I don’t score over 10,000 I’m probably losing. A 2,500 jump in average score isn’t gradual. So, be aware that as soon as you start withdrawing they’ll take away all methods of earning in game currency, leaving you with no choice but to deposit. But of course, they’ll also raise your ELO to unreasonable levels, so once you do deposit you lose everything right away. ——————————————————————————————————— I’ve withdrawn cash a couple times already, no issues on that end. My biggest complaint is that they used to do direct deposit and now that option seems to be gone, so I have to wait for a check instead. Word of advice to people reading this: The game does indeed pair you with people of similar skill, which means you could win a bunch of games in a row, but you could also LOSE a bunch of games in a row. Therefore, it’s best to pick one game and get really good at it instead of trying to play many different games. Also it the game down if you’re in the middle of a funk.
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1 year ago, Fabface907
Don’t waste your money depositing any. All you’ll get is “bonus cash” that will be forfeited when you try to withdraw what you put in. Deposited $5 I’m up to $33 and can only withdraw $4 losing $1 of my actual money and forfeiting the rest because I would like to withdraw - scam. Edit: To the developer response - I’m not illiterate I understand what bonus cash is. The scam is me depositing $5 of my own money getting some bonus cash for the deposit but without using any of either and doubling my earnings in bonus cash by using tickets I still cannot withdraw the $5 I put in I can only withdraw $4 and have to forfeit not only the bonus cash I got from the deposit (which is understandable) but also the additional won from playing with tickets because again none of the bonus cash was used. So as previously stated this app is a scam. Additional Edit: To the developer response - That’s literally what I am saying. You canNOT fully cash out after depositing. I deposited $5 when I went to withdraw the amount I was about to get back was $4 and I had not used any real or bonus cash for any games. With forfeiting almost $30 in bonus cash won from playing with tickets I should at the very LEAST be able to withdraw the $5 in rea cash I put in but that was not that case as you all kept $1 of my REAL cash that I deposited. That is scamming.
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3 years ago, PocketRays
Skilled bingo
Never Thought I Would Play Bingo If you told me that in 2021 my favorite thing to do would be to play bingo on my phone, I would have said you were crazy. But somehow that's what happened. I'm not someone who has really thought about bingo except for when I played it in class in elementary school or went with my grandparents to play at the senior center. I've always thought it was a pretty boring game of luck, and I didn't really understand why people enjoyed it. Now, though, I play it pretty much every day on Pocket7Games. The Bingo Clash game that they have is way more fun than any bingo game I've played in real life. That's because it's not just luck, there's an element of skill involved, too. You have to make sure that you can use your powerups at the right time and that you hit the numbers as quickly as you can. I think that makes it a lot more fun and exciting than just sitting around and hearing the numbers called. I bet I'll still be playing bingo clash when they check me into the nursing home, and I won't be able to go back to offline bingo, it'll just be too boring in comparison.
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4 years ago, Madre420
Love Pocket7Games
I see all these people leaving bad reviews because they deposited money and lost it all fast. If they had taken the time to play more than one or two practice games before jumping right into the cash games, I believe they would have had a lot better luck winning. There is a reason that there is the saying “practice makes perfect”. Of course I made the same mistake when I first stared playing in the app, but after I took the time to hone my skills more, I win a lot more now then when I first started playing. I also love this app because it is something both of my daughters like playing with me also, especially by 2 1/2 year old!! She loves organizing things and patterns so she loves the block games and bubble games. With all the negative things happening around the world recently, having something that helps bring me and my family a little closer together is such a blessing!! So thank you Pocket7Games for such an amazing app, with no hesitation at all I definitely give you guys a great big 5 stars. If I could give you more I would do it in a heart beat! Sincerely, Felecia H.
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3 years ago, Hobbestheway2b
All Kinds of Events
I've played other real money games like this before, so I thought I knew what I was getting into with Pocket7Games. I usually drop these games pretty quickly once I realize that I'm never actually going to make any money. But now it's been about 6 months, and I'm still playing this one. My favorite thing about the game is that they have a lot of different events available to keep things fresh. Of couse they have a bunch of different games (not sure why it's called Pocket""7""Games when there are more than 7 different games, but that's another story...), but there are also a lot of different minigames like ones where you can spin a wheel or open a box and you get tickets or money. They help keep it fresh. But my favorite part is the events. There are so many different events that come up every few days or weeks and they always make me want to play. They give you a lot of opportunities to win tickets and bonus cash in a lot of different ways and they make the game a lot more fun. They're the main attraction in the game to me at least.
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1 year ago, Im 100% right half the time
Best mobile game app!
I would give an all star 5 BUT, I don’t like when they claim their finding someone to pair you with that matches your skill set only to notice it being a bot your playing against. This isn’t consistent but I can’t tell you how many times I’m up against a Bot only to lose because its a fixed game. I know this to be facts! The good thing is you get to watch a replay video at the end of your match to where you can tell if it’s fixed or not but only if you have real good expert experience. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time to where I am good “pro status” at majority of the mini games. I will say the pros outweigh the cons! The difference between them and their competitors is they give you real chances to win small amounts of money. Where other games you have to deposit an amount to even start a game! They also give you an option to play for tickets and/or for cash! Another good thing about this app is you can exchange your tickets for cash only to play towards a cash game! You can not withdraw the play cash that you exchange.
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2 years ago, Fastreaper
Not enjoyable anymore
I used to have a lot of fun with these games, the games themselves are still fun but they have completely removed the enjoyable side…there used to be easy and achievable daily tasks that one could play for small rewards, and play mini games with those rewards, and those mini game would award rewards as well. If you only played with tickets as I used to do…the rewards would give you a little cash and one could play a couple small cash games if you saved them up, but then back to tickets…it seems anymore I rarely win any cash games, and unless you plan on spending very large sums of money to play or to achieve any daily tasks (I don’t have that kind of disposable income) I just don’t enjoy it anymore…I contacted support and was told that the tasks are still there, but you can’t see them as some or one will appear after completing some or one…pretty much the daily tasks are not achievable unless you plan on spending tons of money( sometimes you win…but it’s rare all of a sudden…weird,?I think not) and any mini games you want to try and play you can only do if you have an entire day to watch ads…the ads have gotten completely ridiculous for a game that you have to pay to play… not enjoyable any more
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4 years ago, aussai5764
If you’re looking for a legitimate game, keep looking
At first this app seemed to really stay true to its word and gave me evenly matched opponents, it seemed although that as the time of me playing the game went on I would randomly get an opponent (which was obviously a bot) that would not only beat me, but completely score far far higher than even my best performance had. It’s not exactly fair matching if you put high level experienced players against new players and expect them to have a fun time actually playing. Of course there is always something trying to get money from me with ads and promos. It just seems to me that unless you’re willing to pay for the game, they will steadily stack the odds against you to ensure an unpleasant experience. This game is the absolute epitome of a cash grab, it’s so frustrating that just when your hard work is paying off, they stack you with 2 farrrrr overqualified people in a row just to take your money away. It wasn’t until I played cash games that I really started to lose as a result of opponents literally scoring %25 above my highest ever achieved score. You will lose money on this, you are better off gambling at a casino if you actually want a chance at winning. I don’t even care if someone makes it this far, but I just want to warn people with the title that this game is nothing but a time and money waster
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2 years ago, Winged Wolf 22
It has it’s ups and downs
Have had this game for almost 8 months and been able to learn how to play the games and do pretty well in the cash games. I’ve withdrawn $50 in the 8 months of playing since I only play 5 games a day. But since the last update of bug fixes have had in solitaire, bingo, and 21 the same exact deck/set up show up repeatedly throughout only in the cash games that if you didn’t notice it before you’d have an unfair advantage against you. And for those that have memory that is great they finish the games way faster than even 40 seconds into the game. When reported this issue the message I received was that “…it’s set up to be fair for everyone and speed of cards it how you tap them which is the same and if my issue was losing too much than play at lower costing games. We do not take sides into the issue…” I play at the lowest cost money games already and yes I still loose and win some but if there’s the same exact setup dealt throughout the month that’s the issue. So till this is fixed not much a fan of the cash side currently. Overall other games play pretty well there are times that the app closes itself when in the middle of a match with me but the match thankfully pauses when that happens.
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2 years ago, TheBigBadWerewolf
Very interesting game, I can tell you that!!
This review is for Aviagames in general and I’m doing this review on this app because it’s the main attraction!! I think Aviagames is better than HQ trivia. I can tell you that. It really does cash out money through either PayPal or in a paper Check, which actually is a real check. Because a few days ago, I cashed out $50 in a check. And surprise, I got it in the mail and it was in fact, a real check. I used the money to take my brother out to the movies to see the 2nd sonic movie. So it really does cash money. The only thing I’m suspicious of is the lucky cards. Because no matter which card I pick, I always get 1k tickets. Either the lucky cards are glitched, or I’m really bad at picking. But the wheel works fine. I’d give it 5 stars, but, despite that the money withdrawl actually works, I still don’t trust it completely, because I only withdrawled once with the $50, which was on burger clash. So until I try it with the other apps. I’m reviewing Aviagames with 4 stars. But the games are pretty fun and I hope they make more.
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4 years ago, aliresbrandon
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and have never been disappointed, there’s always some thing new going on this app. Always new ways to make money from nothing just have to have strategy and really be on your toes, when your playing one of the game you have to make sure your paying attention. If you want to win that is. My personal favorite is the block stacking I feel like no matter what if I’m not on top of my game I will always make it so I did not win. Mistakes all of my attention when I play one of these games but when you win it’s worth it. Tournaments go from 1 vs 1 to 6 people versing at one time depending on what game you’re playing. These Games are not hard just really strategic. If you get a rhythm down might just win every time they break that rhythm your chances of winning are more 40-60 instead of 60-40. I give this app a five star rating personally because with how much time I spend playing it, it would be disrespectful in a way if I didn’t. I am pretty sure you download this game and actually try on it you won’t be able to put it down either.
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4 years ago, Marsh Waha
I wish I could win free money without competing
This app is awesome, and I like there’s no annoying ads and you get to play multiple games. You get play against other people all over the world. But like Solitaire Cube it’s skill based and to play for cash it requires you deposit money and to play tournaments for a said price and if you win you get a bigger cash prize which is awesome. However I don’t like the spend money to win money logic at all. To me that’s just gambling at its worst. I have no problem with no annoying ads, competition games, and playing against other people around the world or winning cash. However I prefer to play some games by myself alone. I wish the competing against others was optional and you could win free cash risk free, if you choose to play by yourself. Otherwise if it means sacrificing the money I worked for then I’ll stick with legit games that offer a chance at winning 100% FREE money risk free even if it means I must watch ads to win the money so be it. Not saying this developer should show ads they shouldn’t but they should have an option where you can win money 100% risk free no deposit required. So that’s why my rating is so low. That’s what I thought this game was based on the ads win risk free money free with no ads but it wasn’t. So unless that changes then my review will not change.
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3 years ago, Ziena C
A New Experience
Before I discovered Pocket7Games, I never know that there were mobile games you could play for real money. While I'm not the biggest gamer in the world, I certainly enjoy playing games on my phone from time to time, so when I saw the chance to play games and win some money, too, I knew I had to try it out. I thought that the games might be a little boring, because I'm usually more of a fan of roleplaying games than games like solitaire or bingo, but it turns out that the games are pretty fun. I particularly like Fruit Frenzy. It was pretty confusing to me at first because I didn't know how to draw the lines to connect the fruits, but once I figured it out I started to have a lot of fun. It gets my heart rate up because I get so nervous trying to connect the fruits as quickly as possible. I don't actually play cash games very often because I prefer to play for Tickets, then turn my Tickets into Bonus Cash to play the cash games. Overall, it's nice getting to play some fun games and knowing that I might get some cash out of it someday.
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2 years ago, superfabaportolivia
I play the dunk shots game a lot and just have to say that no two games are the same, no two taps on the ball are the same and no two of the same shot are the same or count as combo’s. You can make two “swish” or two or even three “bank” shots and not get a combo multiplier. When you start to get higher scores in the game it almost seems like you get multipliers less often. And a head up: after you lose a match it doesn’t make me want to deposit money into the game. You Lose ! Deposit cash money now for stars or tokens or some other such junk. I understand these are apps work similar to a slot machine but when I have a few minutes to play and the game is different than earlier or I decide to use the cash I have accumulated because I have a handle on the games controls, when I’m not getting combos for making combos when I should be getting multipliers… anyway if anyone reads this review it’s a game that lets you get tickets but only a certain amount. You can’t expect to build up tickets and round them out to cash or even do anything more than just play ticket games. Sort of fun at first however, now, I am just trying to get enough tickets to recoup the money I did buy into it. Thanks
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4 years ago, majestabecca
NOT a play to win real money app. Its a gambling site. Id give it a 0 but it wont let me!
The games seemed fun. But were so confusing because the manority is for PAY TO WIN players. Meaning yes you put real money in. I got in the time i played $0.30 cents. and that was the “free” pretends of the game. You need astronomical amounts of tickets that you have to beat other players who are pros that are a tiny bit more game points and you loose faster then win. Playing the game is either real money or crappier games with minimal tickets. Items to win are horrible! Legos? Over 6.5 million tickets needed for an xbox. 900 million for other items? There is a limited sections of what you can win and it doesnt mean its brand new. The xbox is one of the better bundles but are discontinued 2 yrs ago. It cant be new! You have to use your tickets by a specific date or your hard work gives you nothing. Its a scam for sure. It falsely advertises what is obviously hidden under the play free n win here. Yes you can play for free somewhat. But to win you got to spend your own cash!! Run!! Im sick of these scheme traps. I think im gonna start blogging the bologny apps to be leery in advance before your kids lie about their age to use apple itunes cards to gamble. Oh yes they ask your birthdate, you think a young kid or teen wont lie to get on it and gamble? Woo no security there at all.
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3 years ago, Alena Burova
It’s all fake. The game is structured that you loose even if you seem to be wining. Like any other CASINO. Well, this game is worst than casino. It’s a money stealing. Thank god I deposited only one time. You need to win 3 times on the row if you want to win $1. Waste of time. The game makes sure if you continue to win too many times, then they put you on the black list and suddenly you start loosing none stop even if you have a great score and skills like before. You think you are playing with an opponent, but at some point when you win too much the game starts partnering you with someone of their choice. They call it it: “Looking for an opponent” to make sure they can get an opponent that has higher score by de facto. You can’t check that or control. Who knows maybe they partner you with someone who plays completely different game. You can’t check that either. Like this, even if you win, you still loose. Here is another trick I like, if they don’t partner you with someone like “looking for an opponent” while you are already playing, the system starts giving worst: cards, shapes, numbers in whatever game you try to play, just to make sure you have no chance of winning. RUN RUN RUN especially if you are an addict. It’s not fair neither financially safe.
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2 years ago, kjjjj!
Not sure about this app
Here’s the thing, I enjoy the games, but I cannot review the money matches on the new platform if I want whether I won or lost. Also, a few times, I got a better score than what they recorded as my final score, thus making me lose on ticket games. When they are ticket games, they reply that they couldn’t review it and therefore nothing was wrong. Although when it’s a cash game, they tell me I cannot check it because of a bad network connection (which I do not have) or that it takes time to upload, or that it simply may not. This draws some serious questions for me. I tried and tried to get them to understand as a customer what I needed, but I kept being brushed off. Therefore making me bet WAY less than I probably would if I felt it was fair. Something isn’t quite right. I usually do not write reviews, period, but I felt I needed to say what I was thinking and feeling so those who gamble here are aware. I imagine they will probably block me after this, but to the best of my knowledge, no matter how much money a player bets, the game should be available for review within a reasonable amount of time.
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4 years ago, Dldolphins
Personal Story
I’ve had this app for about two months now. I started off playing ticket games, Bingo, and accumulated some bonus cash, but for some reason I was too scared to play a cash game. One day I decided to give it a shot, it’s bonus cash game. It was like going to a casino and playing with free play. I ended up winning a few games. I’ve made a few cash deposits and leveled up to L1 and kept playing. I’ve earned enough tickets I was able to buy about $25 of the bonus cash using the tickets. I only play the bingo game, 21 gold, solitaire and dunk shot because that’s what I’m best at. When it comes to the bingo game, I dislike that “x2” only shows up when you’re playing the cash games. For the most part the app does payout, it’s not a scam and a good way to earn a little money and have fun. You can win big money if you have the skill and guts. Personally I stick with the $1 and $5 games and I’m okay with that. A feature I would like to see implemented is chat after matches and being able to friend other players.
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4 years ago, StephD1108
I’m really curious as to how they decide what money they use when you deposit have bonus money when playing a game. I deposited $5 and got the $5 bonus and I only have a little over a dollar of the $5 I deposited and just under the $5 bonus. So how does this work? It seems like they run through your money and leave the bonus until you are done knowing you can’t withdrawal the bonus. Most anywhere you go that is considered “gambling” you use your bonus first and anything you win over the initial bonus amount is now your money(not bonus money) so you would think I would have more money I could withdrawal (or at least closer to the $5 I deposited than the bonus)?!? It seems pretty shady especially when I play a game and then see others results and think “how in the world did they manage to get that high of a score?!?” Also not sure who thought it was a good idea to give a randomized bonus % on the events. At that point you could have technically done better than others in the game but they place instead of you simply because they got a higher % bonus. I don’t know if they think it makes things fair for those who aren’t great at the games or what but I think it does the complete opposite.🤷‍♀️
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4 years ago, HQisdead
Just don’t spend money on the game.
This app is best used to play causally because the games is skill based gambling in a sense because the other options immediately is to deposit and play money games which you will lose most of the time is your an average player because being 50/50 will lose you money cause they take a cut of the cash. There is the option to redeem items with tickets so isn’t that a good option for the short term because the most desirable prizes require a lot of time to just grind the game considering that it taken me a month with 4 to 8 hours of playing to gain 3.8 million which isn’t even enough to redeem the top tier prizes. Theres also a pay wall to exclusive benefits to those who deposited that can only be upgraded by playing money games. This pay wall also hid some of the ticket items like the PS4 that disappeared. In short stay away from this game is you what to keep your money, because this is a abyss of money lost like gacha games and hololive. If you want to make money get a job or do one of those watching ads for points to redeem gift cards with on the background of the laptop you likely don’t use to its full extent.
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2 years ago, C1atrpoal
Seems fair at first
They say it matches to skill, and on the free games it very well may. In the tournaments, not so much. If they really wanted to make it fair they would get rid of the “random” score multiplier. Unless you get 40% you don’t have a chance to win. What’s the point of even having that if it’s skill based? In addition, especially in bingo, the timing is the one thing that’s completely random. Same time to click two numbers...one is excellent and one is fast. How much sense does that make? All that said, the games ARE fun if you take it as it is. You’re NOT going to win big money...or even little money. And if you think you can deposit ten bucks, win a bunch of bonus cash and cash out...think again. Unlike other games, this one throws away your bonus cash the minute you withdraw. Aaaaand, it uses a percentage of your actual cash each time you play a money game...not just your bonus cash. Great game for what it is...if you know that going on you’re not getting ripped off. Edit: Forced update has taken away the ability to end the game in solitaire and removed the undo button. Another star down.
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4 months ago, PillosAvia
Fraud And Scam
I am very disappointed of this app. I love their games and tournaments. I had been playing for a year now, but sadly I had to make more than 5 accounts because they started to REJECT my withdrawals of $20 or more and on the reason they would put ACCOUNT BANNED. When I go to login they would block my account, kept all my funds and never gave me a reason to why account was banned. I had to prove to myself I was not simply making things up so I went ahead and created a new email and a new account. I deposited $5 played and made $180. When I try to withdraw, the same email and my account was logged out and BANNED. Did this 5 times and they keep doing the same Fraud. They should not be allowed here and they should NOT STEAL FROM PEOPLE. IS WRONG. They won’t give any of my FUNDS BACK. EACH ACCOUNT from BINGO CLASH, BINGO BATTLE, POCKET GAMES. HAD FROM $100 in FUNDS, and they just took them. $2000+ dollars stolen with a simple click by AVIAGAMES. They just put banned email and no real human to give support. And money I was counting on all gone and STOLEN. THIS PEOPLE SHOULD BE IN JAIL!
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5 months ago, ObjectDust
Game used to be the best 3 years ago
Takes ages to find a match on most game modes during parts of the day. Ad lounge needs to give me back the daily free cash. Brother and I always had the same rewards for years but he gets to keep his free money with the daily while the removed mine. I do think they tamper with players percentage and nerfing rewards like on ad lounge if you give bad reviews or cash out to much then they give a copy paste reply claiming they don’t. Only way to truly know if things become open source and people can look at there own files on daily basis to check they are wi g tampered with. Notice on there socials had rewards for 5 star reviews with pic proof. Think this is against apples terms of service and all reviews should be removed. Also been hearing bad things lately about this company. Update: Played 2 3v1 60 cent games. First one found 1 player of the 3. Game 2 found all 3 players. Go back to other and still searching for players taking forever. Starting to think they randomly put you against bots and they know what numbers will be called. Hope the lawsuit goes through. Has to be real since they sent a new terms of service and if you accept you can’t get money from the lawsuit.
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4 years ago, maries wish
I deposited money and lost fast
This game is super addicting and fun but one thing for sure is never really win money it’s hard getting your tickets past 10k amount and making money off the games especially the games that are free to play at certain times it says you can win money by playing three games it’s fun but like I said you don’t win nothing the people a head of you that have won money only had 1,000 or two points more than you and they won like $10 dollars no one ever gets past that I only win tickets and like I said before I only got several points less than the person who won money now that I’ve been playing a while it’s getting more challenging and I lose more now I feel it’s fixed but I’m playing mostly for fun if your playing to make a quick buck forget it you’ll never get enough to cash out if you deposit money you lose it faster than you gain I’ve played several games like this and as soon as you deposit money you lose it fast I’ve never cashed out on any so play it for fun maybe you’ll get lucky I’m just hoping I will
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1 year ago, loco_1568
Refund $5:00 from and still haven’t replied
My kid wanted to get a game from the App Store and the first game that popped up is call Pocket7Games and has games within the game like bingo, poker, dig for money and etc. My kid is above to be 7 years old and saw the dig for money game and two minutes pass and show him how much money my kid would get something around 2:99 + 3:99 extra. My kid always ask me before he clicks anything and by accident my kid click it and charge my PayPal account that is connected to my bank chase checking account and I saw they charged a $5:00 fee and email them. The got back to me and asked me for the nickname of the profile which was never made. I let my kid use my email address to sign up only. Then this lady named Sylvia gets back to me and ask for the nickname for the profile and asked for an UID. I asked her what is UID? She and the employees have still not got back to me. I do recommend to NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! They did not get back to me and I still haven’t received my refund of $5:00. If they don’t refund my $5:00 then this app is committing scam and fraud. I hope to hear from Sylvia if she even is a real person. Apple please help me get my $5:00 back. Thank you Apple. Hope to hear from you as well
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3 years ago, KalalaBear1
Addictive & NO Advertisements!
The app is great, you can win real money! You can deposit your own money to bet against people. Oh and the Best part is......You get FREE MONEY when you refer anyone and they download the app. How amazing is that! It’s very easy to transfer money to and from the app. Its not at all like all these other apps with a complicated process. There’s NO FEE to add money or take the money off. There’s no minimum balance, you can take it all off! The app comes with 7 games to choose from right when you download the app. After I played for a day or two the app added another game! I now have my choice of 8 games, my newest game added is dominoes (one of my personal favorites). Dominoes was added out of nowhere, it was a nice surprise. Not everyone gets the same surprise 8th game. My husband got a Basketball shooting game that he loves and it looks very fun. I don’t work for the app, I’m just a regular consumer like you. During these odd times who doesn’t want a free app that will give you money. You will have fun.
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7 months ago, Stoneyl0we
Totally fair and definitely, 100% not at all rigged game
I play an embarrassing amount of solitaire, and I’m no prodigy and didn’t expect to quit my job with this, but every app I use I’m able to finish a game within a few mins and get hands that can’t be finished maybe 10% of the time max. Compared with this app, where I’m dealt unplayable hands 50%+ of the time while my ‘definitely human’ opponent racks up 4k points to my 1k max on most games. Decided to do a test, so I started a game and immediately forfeit, and my opponent was immediately deemed winner with like 4500pts. After less than 10 seconds. As if that’s even a statistical possibility worth considering. Rating 5 stars for visibility, don’t give these grifters your money cuz their bots are just gonna wipe your acct, regardless of whatever clever response they come up with to this review. In a mobile gaming landscape where greed and grift is the norm I’m almost impressed when an app manages to disappoint me.
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2 years ago, Z spar
Good, but needs better matchmaking
The gameplay is excellent. I primarily play 21 gold and I have a great time. This game mode typically ranges from 4-9k players and is normally the third largest game mode. The cash is real and the 66% breakeven rates are nice. With this said, the matchmaking does hurt the games experience. Despite being a skill based matchmaking, it is not flexible. Additionally, despite the numerous players involved, the variety of playlists thins player matchups, which often leads to grudge matching (I will often play against the same opponent up to ten times a hour, regardless of time of day or day of the week). It should be noted that I have communicated this to customer support, and their only recommendation was not to play the game if it seemed like the lobbies were vaccant. It’s for this reason that the luck that matters is whether players will queue multiple times - ever time they do results in matchmaking that hurts both players for being in a similar bracket and results in significant losses due to the 66% break even rate. All in all, the game would be a five star if it had better matchmaking practices.
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2 years ago, MsFabulous817
It’s gone down hill
I started playing pocket 7 games like 3 years ago. For a while I never deposited money. I just had fun playing solitaire and tile blitz. I’d eventually turn in my tokens for cash when I had enough. Then I could play cash games. Over the years I’ve noticed that they do have fake profiles on here. Ones that will not allow you to win. I have deposited money a few times and it seems like when I do that, I seem to lose. Also, when I do win, I have never withdrawn the earnings because it says if you withdrawal your earnings, you lose everything. All your tickets that you’ve earned and everything. That doesn’t seem right. Over the last maybe 6 months, I’ve noticed more and more fake profiles that make sure I can’t win. And I’ve noticed more and more adds popping up. Like 4 or 5 adds pop up after every game I play. That’s getting super annoying. So much that I’m about to find a new game to play. I really loved solitaire and tile blitz on here which is why I even gave me 2 stars. But I’m pretty sure the app creators do things on their end to ensure losses a lot of the time. And that’s not right.
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2 years ago, boycottAviaGames
F is for fraud
Hey if anybody is thinking about downloading this game, ummm think again. “Player support” are bots that send automated messages. They can’t support you in any way that you will need them to. Even when you email “customer service” you’ll get the same thing with automated messages from AI’s. Don’t get your hopes up when you’re ready to withdraw your winnings because you will most likely get rejected for “suspicious activity” and then get BANNED. Without proof or explanation as to why they banned your account. So all that money that you just spent a bunch of time winning will be gone and there is no way to fix it. Even though one of the options in their useless player support options literally says “appeal a banned account,” they aren’t going to allow it. I don’t know exactly why they even give their customers that option because for whatever reason they have, your account will be banned forever and there’s actually nothing that you can do about it. There are a lot of TRAPS hidden within this game. Don’t waste your time or your money because they will gladly take your deposits. But when it comes to getting that money back, you’ll never see it.
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2 years ago, Mrs_B2U
When I was first started playing, I wanted to see how the cash out process worked. After some back and forth email exchanges, I was able to withdraw $8.00. After building up more time, effort, and risk, I attempted to withdraw $26, and $52 respectively, but nope. I never received any emails about the digital checks. I requested to have them sent via postal mail because obviously I was was not receiving emails from AVIA. I was accuse of blocking them in my email address, and asked to provide screen shots of me searching for AVIA in my email folders, well as my blocked contact list. I never blocked them, and at the end of each message, I requested the checks to be sent via postal mail because they claim, your mailing address is needed to send withdrawal checks, but at last, after passing me off to from one non helpful person to the next, it has been weeks of no correspondence. Allegedly all of the messages were being condensed to one large inquiry, I guess a month later, they are still trying to compile it all down. Save your time, energy, and money, you won’t get your bigger withdrawals, and you will be met with hostile customer service.
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4 years ago, MP2018-2
Don’t expect to actually win money.
I’m only giving it 2 stars because I had fun playing the old bubble gold game. Otherwise don’t expect to actually be a winner. Every time you get good, they start matching you with people who are way better than you. Then they change the game, and things that you’re not used to mess up your playing. Why did they get rid of the light blue colored bubbles for some of the lower bubble games? Now the screen drops twice as fast from the get go. Ridiculous. After spending many hours of my life trying to practice and get good at the original “bubble gold” game, they come up with a new game called “bubble shot” which is absolutely horrible. It has a kid like repetitive commentary that gets super annoying and your chances of actually winning are slim if you can’t get at least 35,000 points. The only thing I can come up with is that they make more money when the games end faster so instead of keeping “bubble gold” which was a three minute game, they get rid of it so everyone is forced to play this completely stupid new game called “bubble shot.” Worst mistake ever and I guess I’m pretty much done with this app now.
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12 months ago, lckgx ST kn
Don’t even waste your time playing this game , whoever says they winning money from this game has to be lying . I could clear a board and make a perfect score but still lose ,just another scheme . Hard to win money and hard to win tickets to play the free games .ps I’ve been playing for months and still have yet to win anything over 2$ , they also say the money games are recorded but somehow I keep playing against a player that wasn’t recorded and lost , several times so that should tell you something . UPDATE: Decided to get back on this game and try for a second time , I was confused when I was winning money and seen that most of it was bonus money . So I decided to get into a game to win actually money , I won 18$ in a cash game and when I went to go see how much of that money was mines to cash out , which I would think it would be the 18$ I won but nope it was only 5$ and the rest was bonuses money I’m not understanding how that works , I put the bonuses money into the games to win real money and I still barely get anything out of it . So yeah I’m deleting this game for good this time . They can keep they chump change !
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