Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield

4.6 (13.4K)
152.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield

4.64 out of 5
13.4K Ratings
2 years ago, aznbbygurl
Amazing app and support team
More people need to download this app. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen folks ask online how much a single card is worth. Whereas I have to value over 100s of cards in a single day! So of course, I needed something to make my life easier. And this app is so quick and easy to use, and I’ve rarely encountered issues with it. Of course, the scanner isn’t perfect but I noticed it’s getting much better with each release. And the few times I have noticed some bugs myself, I emailed their support team and they were super responsive and quick to jump on fixing the issues. I even suggested some new features and enhancements, which they said they liked and I appreciate the acknowledgment at least. You just don’t see that kind of support from other apps. (And as a Product Manager for several small websites & mobile apps, I can tell you now that this is not the norm. Most of those support emails get auto-generated into a ticket and just sit in a backlog somewhere to grow old and die lol.) Anyways, I highly recommend any hardcore Pokémon card collector like myself to use this app. It’ll save you so much time keeping track of your inventory and pricing. I personally collect Pokémon cards to complete master sets. And it’s hard to keep track of what you own (I have over 1000 cards atm). So instead of flipping through physical binders I can just use this app to confirm whether I have a card and how much it’s worth.
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4 years ago, PokèTCG
Great App
First of thank you for making this app it saves me a lot of time, so I don’t have to go online and manually search for the price of each card. The deck feature is good for seeing what cards you are putting in your deck. Personally, I would prefer being able to make multiple decks on the app. I know you can export the one deck you have made, but I’d rather just have the decks on the app. Another thing I think you should add, again my personal preference, but I believe you should add a “session” feature on the scanner. What I think of what a session would be is you could scan a whole bunch of cards at once and it would add up the low, mid, and high prices as you scanned cards. Then once you finished scanning you could press summarize session and you could see each card, it’s name and low/mid/high price and at the bottom it would have the combined low/mid/high prices. I think this feature would be useful because I normally scan a whole bunch of cards at once and it would be nice not to have to write down the prices and add them up after. Hope you see this review and keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, SprinkledSylveon
Amazing App, Nothing Else To Say
This app is flat out amazing, and it has so many features to boot! It has the inventory feature, which is really cool because you can add folders and the colors are extra vivid. Seriously, you have to see how Charizard would look! Creating decks is so awesome, because most scan apps like this would stop at an inventory and scanner. But no! You can even simulate your decks while you’re at it! Again, the graphics are amazing. A wishlist is available, too? Oh my god. I can put ANY card I want there and that is what I have been doing. There is even a sold option which I am excited to see come. The extra features such as the winners and losers are nice, and the scanner is really good and it doesn’t scan everything while still being quite ok. And did I mention, creating an account unlocks all these features while being free! Most apps are, create your account for $9.99 a month! It’s trash. But this app fixes that!And that’s all I have to say for right now, and I would totally recommend this for beginners and I’m only 2 days in!
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Ridiculously Impressed within 1min!
I rarely review things. I literally just downloaded this, used the card scanner, didn’t even have a second to try to adjust the scanner to capture the card at a proper angle and it just instant got it right and shocked me XD Then I saw a price on an Eevee card I had just confirmed was around $6, so it was accurate as well, and then I saw I could click on the card and it took me straight to TCG’s website page for the right card to show me pricing. My jaw literally dropped. I’m so frustrated that I didn’t find this so long ago, whenever this app came out. Within less then a minute of using this app I can tell this is about to make my trading and collecting life beyond easier and less stressful and hectic. I’ve spent more time writing this then using the app even ha. And I read another review that sold me on this and saw the devs reply and how caring and REAL their reply was and am so impressed. Hoping this app never looses the caring people behind it. We need more of that so badly with everything these days.
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2 years ago, queenbrittanyanne
Amazing App!
I’ve been collecting Pokémon cards since the 90s and they’ve all been stored nicely in a binder but I’ve been dreading the thought of having to do the research to find value of my collection. This app is the best thing I could have ever found!!! The ability to make folders and scan cards is great! And I’ve scanned hundreds of cards and only had it get a few wrong or not pick up on them, so overall almost no technical issues. My only request is if there could be a way to specify what kind of holo or foil card I have and keep track of the specific value of it then. Also I have to thank the devs for not putting everything behind a paywall. I will definitely be checking out the company’s card accessories as a way to show some support!
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7 months ago, Theleefamily4
Pretty good, decently accurate. You do occasionally find it scanning your floor and it says it’s a card you don’t have…that’s convenient more for laughs than anything. However, it does scan cards really well and I love how accurate it can be. When it isn’t accurate, you have a card search icon and other drop down options to alter the card details to make sure it’s a correct recording. The only thing I can actually complain about is that there’s no tutorial…? Unless I somehow missed it, in which case a tutorial option would be appreciated, there isn’t something that tells you certain card identification options. For example, what is the foil option for? Is that for holographic? If so, why (when a card is only in holographic, like an EX, GX, etc) does it say that the cost/value of the card is now “N/A”? Still despite this, a very good app and I really love some of the little minor details you have to keep an eye out for (like it identifying a card into a ‘McDonald’s set’ 😂)
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2 years ago, Yazbrat_2710
I love it!
Great app. Great way to be organized. It doesn’t always scan accurately, and sometimes you have to manually find the correct card. The app is currently bugging out, though. Non-Pokémon card images are showing in place of the correct images, and the values on most of my cards disappeared. Updating as the previous issue was fixed. Wish I could give a .5 or .75. While using it today, I’ve noticed a lot of Full Art cards are now more easily recognized. Which is awesome because it was tedious to type and search all the time. I will say the Evolutions set for the most part still needs to manually be added. I did notice when scanning my Base Set 2 Weedle that it popped up as an option, but that’s the only one so far. I think searching by sets would make it a lot easier, especially when putting together the wishlist. Or having the set name at least be recognized after typing the Pokémon’s name into the search bar.
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3 years ago, Sigmandis
Decent, but has a ways to go
I’m a big fan of Dragon Shield’s card protectors, so I was curious when I saw this app in the AppStore. I’ve been looking for apps to catalogue my collection, and this app’s features like using the camera to scan in cards, pulling in pricing data, and future promised features made me want to give it a try. First, I noticed cards from newer sets like Battle Styles weren’t scanning in, but older sets like base and Jungle scanned in quickly with no issue. If the card doesn’t scan in you can do a search for the card via text entry, but the way this app presents multiple cards for a particular Pokemon are extremely confusing and you have to check through each result individually to match up the correct card. Even some cards that did manage to scan in would indicate the wrong set since the same card appeared in multiple sets. The subscription tiers are reasonably priced at face value, but when you look at how nearly every premium feature is “coming soon” it’s actually a bit expensive at this stage where you’re just paying for card slots. I do appreciate the ability to set the quantity I have of a specific card and get pricing data at a glance. This product just seems like it was released in Beta and there’s still a lot of bugs to work out. No excuse to have cards missing when that data is so easy to obtain.
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1 year ago, Murf101
Great app and with some improvements it would be perfect.
This seems to be one of the best card, scanner apps for Pokémon. What would bring it to a five star rating for me is getting rid of certain cards, not being able to be recognized by the in app scanner, forcing you to then type in manually search for the card. The recent introduction of ads popping up after so many scans has been frustrating, and finally someone that has already scanned over 5000 cards in the app I wish the database for new sets got introduced into the app sooner. For example, Scarlet and Violet was introduced on March 31 and I’ve got over 2000 cards to scan from that series into the app and yet we’re now on April 3 and there still is no database update for the new set yet. I submitted a Feedback report asking the question about when the database should get updated on March 31 and I have yet to hear back as well.
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2 years ago, Treeeeeyy
Card pricing impossible to keep accurate
I’ve scanned about 500 cards as a part of a folder in my inventory on the app. When you add the cards, it will tell you the market price for the card. This is nice, but what fails to be made clear is you should actually add the “price you paid” for the card, since it seems to value the market price vs what you got it for. Then it shows a + or - based on how much money the card is worth. After a bug in the app, all my card values crashed about 50% (this was when cards were being shown incorrectly bug), but now with the cards back to expected, all the prices are all out of whack, so now my 500ish card collection says I’ve lost about half my worth. But it’s wrong. So that’s annoying. DEVELOPERS: It would be nice if there were a way to reset card values, or reset all of a selected folders card values to their current market price.
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2 years ago, mg39239
Highly recommend
Quick, easy way to keep inventory of your collection and sort cards digitally instead of handling them(if you’re a collector) and manage deck arrangements (if you’re a player). Perks - Easy to use interface. - Extremely helpful tool that is rare among free apps that focus on media giants. I’ve only used the free version and haven’t felt limited by paywalls, the premium version seems to offer better insight into the market if you’re serious about trading. Cons - Scanner can be very sensitive and assume almost anything is artwork, like it assumes my blue jeans are a machoke or my couch cushion is a suicune between scanning cards. - scans can also be less than accurate, which can be corrected via manual data entry, which again is very easy because the ui is beautifully simplistic. It’s not really an app-breaking problem, but it does make the process take a bit longer due to manually ensuring the card is catalogued correctly. A button to trigger the scan feature would be great, in lieu of the scan being triggered automatically upon ‘recognizing’ the card upon entering the frame. TL;DR great app for what it is, no forced paywall features that hobble the app.
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6 years ago, Inti 1996
It’s Okayish Better Of Using TCG Player.
My only problems is when it scans older 90’s cards and others it will not detect that it is holo and assume you scanned a non holo version. Then when it scans a card as a example Electrode (Jungle holo) will not show that it was printed in Jungle and only show other sets that have a card named Electrode. When you scan a Pokémon card it will not automatically show the original set the card came from (example Charizard) then you have to scroll through a page or so to find the right set since different versions where printed. If it plans to continue like this the sets should be shown by numerical print order. There are also certain cards it has a hard time scan so far for me it’s been Misty (Gym Heroes) and foreign cards expect Japanese cards.
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3 years ago, Boomba maker
Holo and Reverse Holos
I’m giving this app a 5 star rating because I truly do believe it deserves it, it’s so easy to scan cards and know the price right away. Even sometimes I’ll have some difficulty scanning certain cards, it’s still very easy to manually look up the card within the app. The only issue I really have is when looking up a card, the only option to choose from when putting the card in my inventory is “Foil”. Which confuses me because some cards are of course holo or reverse holo, not just foil. So if there was an option for reverse holo(foil) and holo(foil), that would be awesome and would make the card searches much more efficient in my opinion. Otherwise, keep up with the good work and thank you:)
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3 years ago, Ham-head
It’s a good app but…
It’s it is great with scanning some cards and that’s ok the one reason I gave it a 4 stars is that with some card s when you look them up and you press them they go to a completely different card and even if it’s the only one on that page it keeps on going to that card and not let you put it on your collection the one that I have found this out with so far are professors research trainer card that has a trainer Silver star and it’s getting mixed up with professors research professor mannolia black star, klara trainer card that has a oval around a E and it getting mix up with a rainbow version of its self and the last one I found out about so far is togekiss V Pokémon with a Silver star and it’s getting mixed up with a rainbow version of its self. I hope you get this problem fixed soon
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1 year ago, OctopusSandwich
Incredible way to keep track of your collection
This app is great and very clean and easy to use. Scanning is very fast too. My only requests are being able to sort search results and being able to change the size of cards in your card inventory, maybe by letting us change the number of cards per row. Extra view options for search results would be nice too, where you could see the search results like you see your inventory. I would also love an automatic completion list for each set based on the cards in your invent. The text on card search option doesn't always work and some cards will just refuse to scan, especially many full art cards but I've come across normal cards that refuse to scan. Wishlist also isn't able to be sorted by current value which is a dissapointment. It is also weird that there is no option to mark older cards as first edition because that drastically changes market value. The app is incredible though and a must have for me! It makes being able to search through all of your cards a breeze. I definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, TheHoliestGrail
The prices on the app titled “Pokellector” were not accurate at all, so I tried this app, and it was amazing!! I have used Dragon Shield sleeves across all of my decks, and they are by far the best, there the real deal, (sounds like a paid advertisement lol) and this app is 100% just as quality as there sleeves, top notch , and I’m reading all of the reviews you get, and you guys actually take the time to respond to almost all of them?!? Unheard of!! Props to all of you hard working Devs! Keep up the amazing work!! So far I’ve bought your Matte Green, Purple and Blue sleeves, and will be getting more!! Plan on getting my first set of Matte Dual sleeves, and they look great in Pokémon cards. Again, thank you so much!!
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2 years ago, LadyMoon13
Loving the app and a suggestion
I’m loving the app and I’m grateful its helping me find the prices for my cards and keep track of the current market for them. So before I get onto my suggestion I just want to say a big thank you to guys because I know maintaining all these different apps can’t be easy since you have to keep up to date on all the different card market data constantly. My suggestion is this though since I’m using another of your card apps I noticed on it how you have 1st editions as an option but not on this one it would be a very good idea to include that because 1st edition cards as we know can go for a lot. So it would be in the best interest of the users to know if their card is valuable or not.
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6 months ago, 2023humor
I hope to surprise my brother
My brother doesn’t care how much a Pokémon card is worth he just sees if he likes it and wants to trade it for a very worthless card and because of this app I can track the prices of my cards but he says it is fake (just like he said the full art houndour I pulled was fake) but I know that this is not fake because I see 4 or 5 star ratings for this app and I think he is jealous anyways I could one day surprise him with an expensive Pokémon card and I’m glad that I can see my 2004 Flygons price (it’s not in the best condition but I think that’s just how they designed the cards)
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1 year ago, sillyseth14
Bulk scanning
I love the app but i have a few suggestions. I feel like the process of bulk scanning in cards is too hard. If you had a more de that made it so when you scan the card it went into cards you own, that would make a big difference. Another idea is to naturally have folders for basics, stage 1, stage 2, full arts and things like that. Then when we scan in a card we wouldn’t have to go sort them out ourselves. I do enjoy this app and I am giving it five stars but these changes could make it a six star app.
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5 months ago, NotAtm
Honestly Impressed
I'm not one to write reviews, but I am very impressed. I had my doubts downloading this but was proven wrong. I have a collection of vintage base set/jungle/champion collection etc. and this app had about ~ 98% accuracy instantly. I was able to create an account, make 2 folders, and scan 246 cards in about 20 minutes. I did have to manually search & enter about 10 of them, but the filters and details made that a non-issue. If you are someone who wants to sort/catalog/value cards quickly- this is the app.
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1 week ago, TheOptionKai
Great app just a few issues
I’ve spent a long time using this app and it’s great! Scanning cards hasn’t been easier! I do have only two complaints though. The scanner has trouble reading cards from the “Evolution” sets so I have to type in the details which I don’t mind. But the main thing is that I would like to sell my bulk cards and I can’t find a feature to bulk sell cards on the app. If there is please let me know. Overall, Great app and if your a Pokemon card fanatic like me you’ll love this app!
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6 years ago, DR.DOOM001
First off I love this app the pricing love it when I open box’s I need to see if hey if I remember could be .50 cents or a dollar, what I’m saying is that is there if you need to see and check out if this car is worth more than smaller card you can just without your phone get the app open it scans quick enough to worry about going up going up our website and trying to find a price if you just get the app out scan it and tells you the set or price. Now I would give it five stars but I have a hard time breathing EX cards and and GX cards of a of course, you just fix the problem and it’s a five star app.
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3 years ago, A kid from middle School
Great app
Personally this is one of my favorite apps. Pokémon cards have randomly sparked yo in my school and know the price of the cards really help. Although I think there is one thing you can change to make the app a little better. We should have the ability to have friends on the app to see what cards they have. Me and my friend are trying to trade and it would be a lot easier if I knew what cards he had without seeing each one individually. Just a suggestion do what you please with it.
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3 months ago, Liam Ochoa
Really good app for card scanning
This is a really easy way to scan your Pokémon cards and see how much they are worth without searching on a website. Just 2 simple steps 1. Scan and 2. Look at the prices. Although, when I scan a card it shows me a different card that wasn’t scanned. For example, when I scanned my Glimmora ex card, it showed me some Unown from Pokémon looking card. Other than those problems, most of the time it works and it’s good.
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2 years ago, fkskillzlied
Just a question, otherwise 5/5<3
Okay so first let me say this is hands down the best Pokémon scanner there is, the fact that I can use the app to also scan my yugioh cards is one of my favorite attributes to the app! Kudos! I just wanted to know when will the sold stop being “coming soon” it seems like it’s said that for over like 2 years . Have you thought to add a sellers feature to direct buy through the app? That would really change the game , so to speak LGNDSOFJENNA
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1 year ago, narwhalmsk
Amazing but could be better.
I use this app to keep track of all my cards, however it doesn't keep track of vstar universe cards and i presume vmax climax as well. Im to the point that vstar universe is my main focus and is going to be at least 1/3 of my collection (due to high pull rates and my Pokémon gambling addiction) so I find it very frustrating that i cannot track my favorite set. I do understand tho because this is more of an english app but still a struggle to me. I hope other vstar universe (or Japanese set) collectors could find this helpful.
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2 years ago, hernaale
Can’t recommend enough!
SUCH a good app! This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s got everything anyone would need. I just causally collect Pokémon cards for the images and have a binder full of them. This helps me know what I have on hand so I don’t accidentally buy duplicates! I also love that it tells you how much the price typically is for the cards, there’s a ton I have that I didn’t even know were worth so much! It’s great, can’t recommend it enough!
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2 years ago, yeezychris
Great Pokémon app!
Great app! Love the idea of having all my cards totaled up to see what they are collectively worth. However, the calculations seem to be off. When I set it to track Market Prices it gives me a negative value for all my cards and tells me I invested way more than they are worth. When I change it to Medium Price the total to vestment and current value are flat. What gives? Also, if you slide the tab to mark them as holo it seems to take value away so I just leave it off which visually bothers me, but whatever.
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9 months ago, CAM7399
Pretty good with a huge exception
The scanner doesn’t work on some cards and when you scan specific energy cards it’ll take you to the wrong, basic card. When your card is a foil and you try to mark it as foil in the system it’ll usually have no value according to the app. But the app tracks the value of the cards very well other than that allowing you to organize your cards by value. It’ll display on the card folder the growth percentage of the value of your cards.
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1 year ago, S. N. Essey
Nearly Perfect
I am so inclined to give this app 5 stars. The speed and accuracy at which it scans cards is remarkable. It’s also incredibly easy to sort and view your cards, it’s all very sleek and very convenient. The only reason I’m not rating it 5 stars is due to the inability to mark cards with variants other than ‘normal’ and ‘holo’. This becomes an issue in certain circumstances. In the case of Pokémon, some cards have jumbo sizes which are often worth much more than their standard size, or 1st edition versus normal in the case of older sets.
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1 year ago, Being kind and help
I love it!
Hi! This app is great! It is so helpful! I’m just suggesting this because not all people what to create an account but wanna be able to do the stuff that you need an account for. I am one of these people because I am very picky and don’t like making accounts on apps but I want to be able to do everything. I know I probably am just sounding stupid but if you get what I’m saying you get what I’m saying. Love this app and the creator(s) are great people they are nice and willing to talk back! You don’t see that on every app!
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3 years ago, ChouDoufu
Great app to quickly build inventory and price list
My sons are looking to sell their Pokémon cards and this enabled us to quickly scan over 600 cards and get prices for many. There were some that the scanner could find and we had to search for those manually but it still beat doing this all manually in our own spreadsheet. I love how I can sort on price so we can separate out the more valuable cards before we bring them in. But many of the foil/holo cards have no prices even those the base cards do. I would think that a base card that is worth quite a bit would be worth even more in foil and want to separate these out but only way to check is to sort on value And look over all those with a zero value to see if any of these have high values for the base version. Overall, however, this has been a HUGE timesaver.
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2 years ago, Ninja Tyrone
Would be awesome if you can find the value of foreign Pokémon cards
Don’t get me wrong! The app is perfect in every way! I am one of those few lucky collectors who managed to get their hands on some Japanese Pokémon cards. And I heard that they go for a slightly higher price. I think it’s cool that the app translates the cards. But I think it would be even cooler if the app can also determine the price of foreign cards as well.
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2 years ago, iopjop
Problem with app
So I was doing the purpose of the app but every time I did a Pokémon card all of the were in the 0.?? So I did an experiment and I found out that google had better prices so that leads me to a question do you search up the prices and put them on’ or do you just do it by what you think. If this sounds like a threat I am sorry I am just trying to point out the google and Pokémon generator has better prices. But overall I love the app much better then the other apps. Have a great day.
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2 years ago, •_•~:}
Great App!
I love this app, its a really great organizer for collectors and I highly recommend it for hardcore collectors so that you easily keep track of what you do and don’t have. One idea for a future update: So say you pull a Cinderace Vmax and then you get another, but they look different. I think that you should add a little check mark down beside the pokemon if you already have added it to your collection.
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3 years ago, campbellctank
Over-all good
This app is perfect if your looking into the news of cards. It is also good if you are looking for their rarities or values. I have used this app for a little bit and found it to be very accurate just make sure it scanned the right pack or it’s prices could be a little off. Other than that it is a small storage user and is one of the most helpful apps.
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2 years ago, Austin Russell Baty
I usually decline Reviews
This is honestly one of the first reviews I’ve probably ever done on the AppStore and I have had 12+ years of apple products. I usually don’t write reviews for anything but wow this app amazes me with how quickly it recognized my cards. Also I love the way the price changes based on the market of each card. Very easy to use and very very useful and handy. Great job team👍
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5 years ago, a strange type of guy
Very well done
This app is very well done in general but I would like to focus on the scanner. The scanner is great and the best scanner of this type I could find; however, it suffers from the same problem as all others which is it is almost impossible to have a database of every card, and scan fast and never make mistakes, this isn’t a problem with the app as much because of its system.
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8 months ago, partyland1928
Very Handy!
A great app for tracking both collections and decks. The ability to categorize and sort between specific releases of cards is incredibly handy, and the price updates are great as well. The even trade function has served me well at my LGS and for trading with friends. I do wish there was a way to share the Wishlist or export it to a TCGPlayer cart. IMO as someone looking to complete a few collections that’s one of the biggest things the app is missing.
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2 years ago, On3moda
This app is da bomb but one little problem. IDK if you already know this but I can’t create an account because it says “Warning. Server problems. Plz contact support”. But when I try to contact you in the app it then says “Warning. No mail services available.”. If you’re already working on it then plz may things go well for you if not then plz fix this.
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2 years ago, jeremyewilson
Highly recommend this app!
This app saves so much time for us collectors. There are so many options for pricing preferences and organization. You can organize your cards into a portfolio and track changes in prices daily! Essentially like a stock or crypto account. All pricing comes from TCG which is what most people use for basing card value. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, igddiy28427
Pretty good app over all but…
Great app over all but some minor bugs like most full arts don’t scan and the scanner sometimes mistake my cards for others. My main problem wit the app is the prices aren’t all ways accurate but if the devs can fix this this app would be next to perfect (nothing is perfect). I hope the app maker reads this and if he/she does thank you for making my life so much easier.
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2 years ago, Dragaypult
Definitely my favorite card collection app so far, but please add world championship and Japanese set support. My 2008 WC Blaziken ex is NOT worth over $100. My VMAX Climax Leon’s Charizard is not in the app at all which is quite sad. Also, please make the “date purchased/obtained” optional. I have absolutely no idea what exact day and month I got my cards from 8+ years ago. This app is probably best for people who are considering starting a Pokémon card collection, not long-time collectors.
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3 years ago, Proctor1269
Best one by far
I gave it five stars because this app scans cards with almost 100% accuracy, and extremely fast. No need to have a white background to scan cards, you can just hold it in your hand with anything in background. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to change the grade of card like tcg. As of now if it’s not NM I have to cross reference with the tcg app. One last thing is the ability to see 1st edition prices, as far as I can see it just shows non 1st edition prices. If these issues could be implemented there could be nothing else I could ask for. Great job to the developers, should be proud of this one 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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2 years ago, darknessofshadow
Pretty good but…
I love it, it’s that it’s not always accurate. I scanned in a card and realized it wasn’t the exact one I had, like it had a different number. Only to find when I finally managed to get the correct card, that my card was worth more than the one it thought I had. Outside of that I have no issues with it. It a great way to manage and understand how much my cards are worth
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1 year ago, Madi b age 8
Great way to see how much your Pokémon cards are worth
This is a great way to look into your Pokémon cards it tells you about were there from and how much there worth because you don’t want to trade a thousand dollar card for a 3 dollar card! Like it and great game for beginners I am new to Pokémon cards so I have no idea what everything means so it is a great way to get a start to learning Thank you for listening!
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2 years ago, Hoorah26
Actually useful
I’ve had these Pokémon cards from when I was a kid just sitting in my room and I was looking on how much they were worth but it was just too much to comprehend, but this app just made it easy to find how much they are worth and what the market is paying for currently. Amazing app, would recommend
Show more
10 months ago, Insert name here62498524678356
So far so good!
I am today years old with this app, but I love it so far! I LOVE that it has options for different languages, as I’m one of those dorks who wants certain cards in every language I can find. I’d like to request that Chinese be added, if this isn’t a feature already being worked on.
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1 year ago, fatboygleesh
Poke TCG app
Great app for scanning and storing pokemon cards virtually. This app actually works and the developers are great when it comes to creating working apps, but the main point here is that the app actually scans the cards and shows up with one touch, and even have other options for cards that are similar. I love this app
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2 years ago, togo142
I really love this app but I have one personal problem I have made 2 accounts and they are saved into my passwords but I can’t log in or register! I would love to keep track of my cards but it is kinda hard when I can’t log in! I would be so grateful if I could get some help on this problem. thanks!
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