Pokémon GO

4 (556.6K)
328.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Niantic, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pokémon GO

3.98 out of 5
556.6K Ratings
2 years ago, number 13 1/2
Amazing but I have suggestions
I love this game but I have some ideas that could make it better 1. Pokechat a way where you can send messages to your Pokémon go friends 2. XXL candies so that way you can level up Pokémon more because I want to get five star raid Pokémon but it’s hard by yourself and it’s not like you are just going to walk up to a stranger and say hey do you play Pokémon go friend me so yeah 3.Poke currencies look if you don’t have a gym nearby or it’s not your color or if it you can see it but it’s in driving distance it is kind of hard to get poke coins so you should be able to sell your excess berries potions poke balls and other miscellaneous items and get poke coins but then there would be another problem overpowered I mean you could make the prices higher but then people who don’t have a lot of items will find it even harder for them to get poke coins so there should be like poke nickels poke dimes and poke quarters and the poke coins is like a dollar and based on the better the item the better the currency ex. razz berry poke nickel great ball poke dime ultra ball poke quarter xl rare candy 5 poke coins and you can add up the lower currencies into a poke coin like the us money system 20 poke nickels 1 poke coin 10 poke dimes 1 poke coin 4 poke quarters 1 poke coin anyways that is all great game just a few suggestions to make it better
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4 years ago, ThAtS nOt A wOrD
This game has come very far
I’ve been playing this game since week 1. There was a month of 2 when I had it deleted because I wasn’t playing it, but when gen 3 was added I came right back. I’ve spent a good hundred dollars on this game, and I really only have 1 complaint in the dinosaur of video game perfection. I just wish Mega Evolution was better. Anyway, the way they have adapted into making play from hone easier is really nice, so people don’t risk getting sick. If you look back at the beginning of the game, you can really tell it’s growth. Research, buddies, friends, trainer battles, Team Rocket, shinies, and even legendaries weren’t even in the game at launch, and now we (almost) have 5 ENTIRE GENERATIONS with a read of gen 6. Research has been a really fun time killer when I’m bored, and the fact that Pokémon constantly spawn make it even nicer and a continuous adventure. Looking back, I feel so dumb taking a break from the game, even if it was only for 2 months. Anyone could get a blast out of it, and it’s a great way to drop a couple of pounds even if you’re only going out once a day! A lot of people got it at the start and quit a few weeks/months. If your one of those people, definitely check this game out again! This game has come so far, and I can’t wait to see how much it grows in the future!
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4 years ago, Alaskan Kayaker
I love this game, can we make it even better?
This has been a great game since the beginning! Never before have we had a game that encouraged people to get out and meet people in the real world with the same love for Pokémon. The best part is Niantic really does care about their players and listens to the feedback given from their loyal players. The new changes have been great keeping older players such as myself actively playing yet I’ve felt like since the beginning there has been a key element that has been missing. In the original Game Boy games when you tried to catch a Pokémon you had to fight it with one of your own Pokémon and each Pokémon had up to 3 or 4 attacks that you could pick from. Less tapping the screen continuously and more strategizing your next move. I was reading the reviews and I agree that there needs to be a chat with your friend group so you can coordinate raids rather than using facebook chat groups. I honestly don’t struggle with poke balls but more with potions since I battle a lot I am always healing my Pokémon and always have a huge amount of Pokémon I can’t revive due to the low amounts of potions that are more frequently getting distributed as gifts from raids or friends. Also can we make dodging work in battles? It’s an underutilized addition that doesn’t appear to help with battling.
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1 year ago, -Penguino-
Used to be great…
So there are a lot of these going around now, but I figure I’ll add to it just in case it can help change anything since it seems like the only thing Niantic hears is press or money. I played the beta. I played day 1. I left and came back a few times. I played during the pandemic. I have seen this game evolve over time. Some changes were good, some were bad. The game went from being able to play for fun, to having a pressure to spend money to play, to being required to spend money to play to get things in the game (like shiny mew??). All of this progressed over time until we get here, a point where the game is unplayable unless you pay money or actively avoid 90% of the features that were added and not removed. This game has gone from one that I would happily put money into due to the enjoyment, connectivity, and socialization I got out of it, but now? Now I don’t plan on playing it until a lot of these issues get fixed. It costs then nothing to keep Covid protections in game. It costs them nothing to allow for remote raiding, especially for remote players. It costs them nothing to make the game better in ways that truly matter and have already been done. Instead, they add stickers. Instead, they remove the ability to get legendaries unless you live in an area with a decently sized player base. Instead, they push people out while trying to claim inclusitivity because it doesn’t match their finances.
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2 months ago, Aerynfox
The game is enough fun that I’ve put up with a LOT. Most of the routes have little or no handicapped access, just getting to gyms where raids will happen is either very expen$ive or nearly impossible, many routes involve dodging dangerous traffic, & if you don’t already know a boatload of people playing the game, meeting locals who do play varies from very hard to ridiculously difficult. This latest update has broken some of the few things that did work well. Routes (the few I could manage) are now impossible. They pause themselves spontaneously out of the blue. After pausing, you can’t restart them because even if you are standing on the EXACT spot where it paused, you’re told to move closer. I suspect this affects other location dependent functions, since one of my daily challenges was to scan a pokestop (a sign marker) that can’t be scanned because I get the same “move closer” error even when I’m practically sitting on top of the sign. And speaking of location errors, I’m SICK of being badgered about “Adventure Sync” every time I open the app. Before the update, the notice appeared only occasionally; now it’s not only every time I open the game, but it has also spontaneously popped up in the middle of gameplay. I set my device to “only while using the app” because that’s where I want it. PERIOD. No amount of badgering is going to make me change it to “always on.” But too much badgering might trigger a rage quit.
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3 weeks ago, Rice Boî
Lots of Bugs and very slow progression
I really love pokemon, and honestly the game is fun at times. But there are a lot of issues. 1. In pvp, there is a bug in the game where if you get hit by a charge move and you have one ready to go, it will sometimes just throw that move out without you tapping anything. It is very annoying and has lost me many games as I would try to farm a pokemon down and it’ll just toss my move out and waste all the energy I have accumulated. It does not happen everytime, but it happens more often than it should 2. The game is VERY hard to grind. Especially if you live in a less populated area such as myself, I find that a lot of the time I am running out of potions and/or pokeballs. The nearest urban area for me is more than an hour away and there is only a couple pokestops along with one gym near my area. 3. The system to get pokecoins is very tedious. You can only get 50 a day and to upgrade storage or item space it takes 4 days worth of coins for each, and thats only if you manage to max out for the day. The item space is not a problem for me as I actually need MORE items, but the pokestorage is a huge problem as I am consistently having to dump what little coins I have into the storage. Because of this, I have no coins left to buy remote raid passes, meaning I can’t even get legendary pokemon unless the raid appears at my local gym, and then I have to hope there is enough people to beat it.
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4 years ago, Firestar5237
Great but some issues. Pokémon should evolve naturally
I love this game I have been obsessed with the whole Pokémon series and games but I live more out in the country and there is only 2 poke stops in like a 5 mile radius and there are barely any Pokémon around here. I have seen 2 Pokémon in the last 3 or 4 days and you don’t get that many poke balls from poke stops a lot of times and if you go to a suburb or city you don’t get enough poke balls to catch certain Pokémon. Also it’s annoying how most raids require you to have a friend in the area that play Pokémon go because not many people have this game anymore which they should. My friends don’t play Pokémon go and the people I have as friends usually live in different states or even countries. I also feel like you have to catch way to many Landuras’ in the battle leagues. It’s annoying because he has wasted over 20 great balls and 5 ultra balls. I am annoyed how you have to catch the wild Pokémon for winning 4 or 2 battles but you can’t move on to a different battle set until you catch that Pokémon. One of my bigger problems is that i hate how friends/ people have to be near each other to help in a raid or even trade I think that is the dumbest problem. But other than those few problems the game is fantastic. I love it.
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6 years ago, aahliegh
Not gonna lie
I’m not even going to lie, I’m 27 and absolutely love this game. I grew up with Pokémon and this is by far the best Pokémon game. I stopped playing for a year or so because I reached the top level and got bored with it; about 6 months ago my husband convinced me to redownload it because of the numerous new features and two more generations of Pokémon that had been added to the game. Unfortunately as of lately I’ve been having nothing but problems with getting it to load. This is now the third time in a week that I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the game and unfortunately this time it doesn’t appear to even be reinstalling. And yes the app and phone software are all up to date and everything like that. On top of that, on my other phone, if/when the game loads it no longer loads all of the way. It’s genuinely one of the most frustrating things I’ve been dealing with because playing this game keeps me out of trouble and out of my own head. It’s definitely become my biggest hobby and biggest outlet, so when I’m stressed out to the max and it doesn’t want to load - which seems to be every single time I’m excessively stressed lately- it just makes everything worse. I was praying that these last batch of updates they did would have fixed that but I haven’t even been able to get the game to load since it updated! That is literally the only downside to it and unfortunately it’s a major one.
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7 months ago, Fall Harvester of Winter
I wish, I wish
I enjoy the game but I wish the battles were changed to selecting a attack like in Pokémon red or sword and shield more modern, but how you have a list of different attacks you can use. Instead of swiping all over your screen for same boring battle graphics. I also want to capture wild Pokémon by battling them with my Pokémon. By battling you make them weaker for the possibility of capturing them. I also don’t like how the level up your Pokémon are done I would prefer it to be like the games I enjoyed growing up where your Pokémon gain levels every time you fight wild or trainers Pokémon and win. Some people in society don’t have a bunch of friends or family that are willing to put their personal time into the same game you enjoy. My point is it’s near impossible literally to capture or defeat Pokémon that are CP 10,000 or 28,000 when you have no one else to play with and it takes literally forever to power up your Pokémon to take on these monsters power houses. I’ve been playing for a year and probably coming close to my 2nd year and still cannot take on one of these by myself and actually win. In the almost 2 years now that I’ve been playing my strongest Pokémon is CP 2569. An I’m especially not going to waste my hard earned money to buy upgrade powder for my Pokémon. It’s hard enough to afford rent or a home these days to be spending anything on this game.
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4 months ago, funjustice1
Team rocket… along with some changes
Team rocket is pretty bad in this game, we all know it but I just wanted to ask you, what if you made rocket bases. They are gyms taken over by rockets like a shadow raid and their will be like 5 grunts in a tier one. Maybe 10 to 15 in a tier 2 and 20 in a tier three. Then in a tier 4 their will be 25 rockets and a rocket leader. Then in tier 5 their will be 15 and all 3 leaders and a Giovani. They should be their own little structures on or near poke stops and gyms. This should be like tier 1 and 2 on poke-stops. Then tier 3 can be in both poke-stop and gym. Tier 4 and 5 are gyms only which you can all do as a group but the tiers 1-3 can have a max of 5 people to fight (you included) and then 4 and 5 should be a unlimited amount of people but people have to use those gems for shadow raids to fight Giovani's Pokémon due to the fact they each leader will have a good PvP Pokémon or a legendary OR a shiny. Then Giovani will use the best Pokémon of each rocket boss. And the people will also have to choose what Pokémon they want it could be ANY of the Pokémon used but the cp for good Pokémon that you choose will loose a extra few cp points or whatever but it will be better candies and you can also choose to just get raid drops or 20 pokecoins instead of a Pokémon. This is an idea just saying, a very well thought idea but still an idea
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4 years ago, ValhallaViking
Account Issues
First off, I’m a huge Pokémon fan! Have been all my life. I got super far in my original account but then it wasn’t letting me buy stuff in the shop with my coins I had. So I figured I’d log out and go back in. Now it’s saying my password isn’t correct which I know it is. But then I requested an email to change it. They said it was sent but I never got it. I tried retrying and it said the link is active for 48 hours. Does that mean I’ll get the email within 48 hours or I have 48 hours? I tried using a made up email just to see what would happen and they said there’s no account on there with that email. Just wanted to be sure the email wasn’t a problem. So why is it not allowing me to change my password by sending me an email?? Also I made a second one just for the meantime but on this one it won’t allow me progress with egg hatching and/or buddy Pokémon getting candies. I turned all settings on for allowing my location and all that. My battery saving mode isn’t on either. Aside from that, I can’t add friends. It said that it won’t load and to try again later. All I’m saying is that on my original account, everything was okay. I was even playing earlier this morning. Is there anything that can be done? I can’t even really get the full experience because the events have to do with my buddy getting candies and also hatching eggs. What can be done?? I’m just upset because I put so much time and effort into this all for this to happen...
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1 year ago, Smoke88keys
More gift space/open more gifts
I’ve played this game since it came out and I love it, but with the new Scatterbug feature I have become aware of the issue of gifts. I can open a max of ~30 gifts per day, but I can have a max of 400 friends. So I’m getting tons of gifts every day, and have to pick and choose whose gift I open and whose gift is going to sit in limbo for who knows how long. This was never a problem prior to the event because I hadn’t added that many people. I like opening everyone’s gifts and getting our friendship level up, but I can’t open even half of the gifts I get per day. I know the cap on gift opening is to encourage people to walk instead of sitting at home farming gifts, but if I’m walking 50+ km every week and spinning tons of pokestops anyway then why shouldn’t I be able to open all of my gifts? It’s a small nuisance in the game overall, but it bums me out to not be able to open all the gifts. The cap should be permanently raised to 50 (or higher), because that’s 1/8th of the total friend limit. Also reimplementing the 3 remote raid passes for 250 coin, or even just the 1 free remote raid pass per week would be great. I want to do more remote raids with my international friends, but it’s so expensive to do them now that I’m barely doing any
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4 years ago, mzhur77
Fun game, needs to be polished
Love the game. With the newer updates there’s a lot more to do in a more organized way. Most of the objectives of the game work flawlessly. The inner economy of items and Pokémon’s creates a wonderful system that makes you want to come back and play more. But, there are a lot of issues to still work out. One of which is the coins and gyms system. Right now, you can only get 50 coins per day. And a pokemon earns a single coin per 10 minutes in a gym. You would reach the max limit for coins in about 8 hours. This creates an issue, in which, if you have 4 pokemon in different gyms that have been in there for all over a day. Well over the limit. Meaning you could make 200 coins total, if they get defeated on different days. However, if they are all defeated on a single day then you only receive 50 coins for all 4, missing out on the 150. Currently, there is no work around this issue. You can’t recall your pokemon early, and if one gets stuck in a gym you are sitting there praying for it to be beaten. Another issue is with the combat leagues. When I first started the game with my most powerful pokemon at about 1000cp to try out the feature, the opponents were vastly unbalanced. I had to fight a 3000cp mewtwo on my 4th or so fight. It just seems that some of the features weren’t given enough time as opposed to other features of the game, and that lackluster approach clearly shows.
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2 months ago, ButterCreamVette
Minus a Star for Avatar Upgrades
One of the best games to play alone or with a group. A big plus for making walking as a fitness routine much more enjoyable! Getting out everyday to catch pokemon with weather boost, chance encounters with some favorite pokemon, and maybe a shiny are motivating to get out in any weather that is not too inconvenient! Making friends, or using Campfire to walk with a group are definitely pluses for the game itself. Biggest recent Con: the recent update for avatars has dampened a portion of play excitement. Saving up for an outfit or changing clothing items by mood or holiday is no longer a fun perk. The avatars now have limited facial structure that appear too small for the body which appear to be strictly male with either added chest size or wider hips. That is not a major issue except paired with long arms, huge hands, poor pigment coloring that changes from face, neck, torso and legs, and oddly proportioned torso to leg ratio, all Avatars look apish and poorly postured. Sad to lose the body definition to vary clothing items. Even being forced to watch animated segments after a battle where the avatar looks stooped and badly proportioned is painful compared to what it once was. Summary: Pro: Awesome game and worth downloading. Con: Poor Avatars that removes the personal connection between the player and the game.
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1 year ago, dubdubdemi!
Boycott the remote raid price hike:)
I’ve played this game since the second day it came out. It was always a great way that my friends and I would hang out, we’d raid, do community days, etc. For years, in high school and even through college! And Niantic made remote play so easy to do when Covid hit. But it is slowly turning into a pay-to-play game and much less remote-friendly. It feels like every other week they hike up the prices in the shop and nerf the remote aspects of the game. I know the initial purpose of the game was for everybody to get out and play, and it really did build a sense of community, and when we were in school, that was a great thing for us to do after school and on the weekends. Now we work, have moved away, etc, and the only way we can really play together at all is remotely (doing raids, sending gifts). But if you open any gifts, you get 7k eggs you can’t delete (and more than likely do not want) and if you want to raid remotely, you’ll soon have to pay more than $1 per raid and soon there will be a limit on how many you can join per day? RIP anybody who works during an event/can’t get their friends together/ doesn’t live near their pogo community. If you’re a rural player? Don’t bother. And a lot of research tasks and rewards are being put behind paywalls now. Wanna play at home? Too bad, incense doesn’t work if you aren’t moving “fast enough.” This game was my favorite thing for a long time- years- but it’s driving away a lot of people like me.
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2 years ago, hope you like this app or not
Best game ever
This game it has a lot of good parts in it like you can sign and create an account and customize your character and also the thing that makes Pokémon fun. Catching Pokémon you can find a lot of Pokémon that sometimes aren’t in some shows and you can also if there’s a cute Pokémon Pokémon you really think it’s cool you can make them like your friend and you feed him treats so they can explore with you and also every day if you don’t have enough items there’s this free box or a bonus item sometimes that gives you things like free polka balls, or a treat also and you can also put them in gems in front of the Pokémon in gems, and there are things called raids with other Pokémon, which are usually really a bit stronger. Some are weak. Some are strong it has like stars there. Above the Pokémon ray gems, you’ll find them they’re like little red signs and you can also explore and the thing everyone likes to battle the enemy Pokémon team rocket you can you can fight there a little mini boss crunch, and the little medium boss is the leaders and also the man on top of the whole entire game, which I’m not going to say because you’ll have to play the game to know because I’m not being a spoiler but that’s all I have to tell you hope you like the
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3 years ago, poopyface29
First off, it’s a GREAT game!! You have so much to do! You have tasks/challenges and you get rewards from them like, poké balls(to catch Pokémon and some are regulars poké balls and some are Great balls and others are Ultra balls), potions to heal your Pokémon after a battle and more cool stuff! My favorite is the Pokémon reward where a Pokémon will appear and it’s usually good that you can catch! You can also Battle your friends and Team Rocket which if you win the battle of Team Rocket you can get one of their Pokémon and it will be a shadow! (Only if you catch it) it also has purple fire/fog around the Pokémon from team Rocket. I love how there is so much to do! Create tags, have a buddy (Mine is Squirtle ofc) and when they walk with you they can collect candy and when you collect enough candy for one Pokémon you can evolve it and make it better! You can also customize your avatar. Every day you could send a gift to your friends (You get them from Poké stops) (don’t worry they can send them too!), and you could also trade your friends and battle them! One thing I dislike (It’s not bad it’s fine) is when the weather is wrong even tho they could be using predictions from weather apps (which aren’t always right) but otherwise it’s…. THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!! (Get it!)
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1 year ago, Desert_Bunny_Rabbit
Remote raid changes were the deal breaker
I’ve been playing with my partner almost every single day since launch in July 2016. The improvements that happened during the pandemic made it so much more enjoyable to play. This also unexpectedly strengthened our connections with friends, especially those who moved out of state. I’ve stayed even with price hikes and niantic walking back some of the improvements. But the more recent changes have been a deal breaker. The bizarrely coupled price hike and cap on remote raids is so offensive on both a personal and community level. I can no longer coordinate remote raids, I don’t have the personal time to stop work at the drop of a hat to raid in person, and it’s unrealistic to expect the numbers needed for in person raids now a days. (Seriously, what pipe dream is Niantic mgmt having here?) More importantly, this has such a drastic impact on players with disabilities and/or who live in rural areas, who are more reliant on the remote raid system. I get the original mission of this game was to get people out and exercising, but missions are meant to grow as the needs of the community change and/or are better identified. This most recent experience has left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I’ve quit the game and I don’t think I can ever return to the game. I’m primarily talking about my experience here to make it clear why I uninstalled my app and support my fellow trainers who want to return.
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1 year ago, Discouraged002
Not Inclusive for the Disabled
I have a lot of issues with PoGo. Rewards of every kind aren't as good as they used to be. Niantic gets greedier and stingier. Things are more expensive yet less quality. The time to play for community days has been drastically reduced, which makes it hard for anyone who has to work to get a chance to play. But my biggest issue with Niantic is there unfriendly attitude toward those who have limitations. They had made some great changes during COVID. Changes that not only helped everyone keep playing despite the pandemic but that also made the game more inclusive of those who struggle with mobility or are house bound. But over time, Niantic is removing those changes. They insist it's for the good of the game or their vision or other nonsense. But what it really boils down to is making the game very difficult to play for a whole demographic of the world's population. Incense is next to useless now. Remote raids are more expensive (and that really stings at a time of economic recession, which hits the vulnerable even harder) and you are punished for using them by getting less rewards than those who go in person. And other changes. They use all sorts of carefully worded language to try to make it sound like they're thinking of the good or whatever other excuse they use. But the truth is, that despite being made aware of how the changes effect some of our most vulnerable: They. Do. Not. Care.
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3 months ago, Sulianela
Great game however….
I’m the type of person that plays something and gets bored quick. With this game I have changed that since I have been playing for a good time and never gotten bored, it’s amazing being able to play as a community, keeps things definitely interesting. The game itself could be better and I think a lot of people agree. There has to be a way of getting Pokémon’s out of a gym without necessarily needing someone to take them down. I have heard a lot of comments of people that travel, or they just live at a not so popular country, they have been having this issue. I’m not saying to have the Pokémon down right away after a day or two. But something that will make sure you don’t lose your favorite Pokémon in an infinite gym membership. Other than that one little suggestion when it comes to the new Pokémon’s, some of them are absolute trash after evolution. It is my personal opinion, but thinking of a game that has been running since July 2016, I would expect so much more when I comes to graphics and the Pokémon characters. I get part of the graphic being the way they are is because of the old generation of Pokémon’s, however I think a lot of people would love to see new things in the ones that were already done. Thank you if you read this :)
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6 years ago, stfdidgaf
Best game ever
Almost. I love the new trading and friend system, this has been one of my favorite games over the last couple years. But I think that you guys should add a chat system to organize raids better. It could be like a messaging system between friends only so that way there no trouble with stalking or anything negative like that but it would make it easier to organize raid parties without having to download a third party app like WhatsApp which requires you to let everyone know your phone number. Also it would be great to be able to buy great or ultra balls from the shop as well. I walked at a park near me for about 30 miles and caught every Pokémon that appeared. By the end of the walk I only received about 40 ultra balls and 50 great balls which sounds great until you consider that I walked for 9 hours. I received plenty of regular poke balls though(over 250 to be exact). One last note, I live in Miami and there are plenty of places to go play Pokémon go but sometimes I wish I could just walk around my area without having to travel to play. There’s plenty of things that could be pokestops near me but just aren’t. There are 2 churches on my corner that don’t have pokestops. Right across the street there is a building with a cool design that could be a pokestops but I refuse to download ingress just to request pokestops.
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2 years ago, D4wntorment
Needs fixes
I enjoy playing daily but the game still needs fixes. The raid system is pretty bad, its very difficult to coordinate with people via remote passes without some kind of in game communication system. Yes there are chats outside of the game you can do but its not fun having to flip back and forth to ensure people are communicating or else a raid pass is wasted. Even in person you still need to back out and rejoin a couple times just so everyone can get in. The battle system is just not fun either and i feel forced to play it due to the massive amount of rewards it offers. I try to enjoy it but it gets frustrating especially with the occasional lag that can lose you games. The gym defender system also needs work as its a difficult way to build up coins. Even if you enter one pokemon in a gym per day its unlikely you will always get your daily 50 coins because the maximum of 50 coins and the possibility of getting kicked out is much too high, or the possibility of never getting kicked out and receiving your coins several days latee, possibly on a day where you were already getting your coins that day anyways. Edited this review years later and the exact same problems still exist. They've been raising prices of items and removed the free weekly pass. The store has been offering poorly valued boxes these days
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1 year ago, Colin199
Bad game that cannot stand on its own
Since the release of raids, this game had completely relied on other services and apps to make it playable. It’s been many years and there is still no internal communication system so you can communicate with friends or groups about doing raids. You are somehow expected to just show up to any given raid, and find 5 other players who have also happened to show up at that same time to have enough players to do a raid. The only way to get enough players for a raid is by using external communications such as Facebook groups or discord servers. The Facebook group in the town I’m in eventually died and there was no way to do high tier raids. Then along came the remote raid pass. While this still relies heavily on using external communications to add friends or communicate with existing friends to join their raids, it made raids at least possible again. It disappointed me that apps like poke genie has to be used to join remote raids, when this is something that should definitely be an internal function of the game. After maybe 6 years, they are finally attempting, with these new “campfires” to signal people to raids, but is still a very poor mechanism that requires 5 people to be very close by to all see the fire. Niantic’s own internal communion for raids is still years behind other methods. To make things worse, they are now trying to phase out the remote raids, the only thing making raids useable in an otherwise useless game.
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2 years ago, Aaron (be careful)
Good game but bug filled *updated
Still filled with bugs and customer support is a flat out joke. Mostly automated even when it claims to be a person. They don’t try to fix the issue just send some text to you with some basic fix that fixes most issues. If you have a real issue then good luck with a fix. I have been playing Pokémon since blue and red. I have been playing Pokémon go on and off since launch. The game is obviously fun cause it’s Pokémon in real life. Not a huge fan of the simplified Pokémon of Pokémon go but I am used to it by now. The app is buggy and the developers don’t list all the bugs the community knows they have. That is my biggest issue. And instead of fixing problems they just try and give you a raid pass or some item and say they are working on it. The biggest problem is their customer service. This is my opinion but if you have a concern you get to talk to a bot. There is no customer service department. Niatic makes way too much money not to offer some real customer support. If you are a Pokémon fan or a fan of collecting you will enjoy this game. But you will eventually be so frustrated by the bugs that you will quit. If it wasn’t Pokémon and if it wasn’t integrated with the main games I would have stopped a long time ago. I am only here because it’s Pokémon. Niatic is a smart business and makes a lot of money off of us. The least they could do is listen to the community better and offer true customer service.
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11 months ago, Andrewdatbassistissooawesome
Pokémon go plus+
UPDATE: They patched this the following day, thank you niantic! As for the hike in remote raid pass prices, it’s not great. However, the implementation of campfire has been INCREDIBLE. I can’t always rely on friends to join a remote raid, campfire allows me to host a raid with 5 people who are actively looking to join a remote raid. This is an incredible feature and I greatly appreciate the efforts niantic is making for its players. The price hike is questionable, but it does motivate me to seek out gyms in person more often which is the purpose of Pokémon GO! OLD REVIEW: I bough the plus+ and it was working incredibly well, it allowed me to play Pokémon go while I was unable to constantly check my phone. The latest update is a crap shoot- auto throw does not work unless the device is disconnected and auto throw is disabled, then you have to connect the device and once it connects, re-enable auto throw. I get this was to address a bug where people could abuse auto throw to use great and ultra balls, but please fix it so I can use this device the way it was intended. It’s not a huge deal to un toggle and re toggle auto throw, but it does not play nicely with the quick connect feature at the moment. I will update my review if this is addressed.
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4 years ago, Quikflow
Buggy app
For the most part you better have good connectivity with your mobile device or you will experience the most frustrating lag at times when you are battling other trainers thru the new go battle league schematic. I have lost tons of battles due to not my skill level but the servers not being able to connect my Pokémon fighting the other trainers Pokémon. There are times where the Pokémon disappears or takes time for the servers to load the Pokémon on the map which delays the time frame of events like community days etc. if you carry an iPhone I don’t think this game will be any fun due to the lag and any other issues that come across over time. Even Samsung has trouble on occasion with the 5g connectivity in certain areas. The antennae’s on the iPhone are awful and are better used for taking pictures and just calls. But for games stuck with a Samsung note or the galaxy series to get a better experience. This game after four years in the making struggles to allow any fun for the user about 60% of the time. Playable only when poke stops are near by and if you are out and about. Absolutely unappealing due to the laggy servers and lousy deals from in app purchases. One star automatically until this issue is fixed which will never happen. There will always be crashes and laggy gameplay for more than half of the time playing. Also make sure you have the unlimited data plan so you can at least load the game.
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6 years ago, NOtaterJUSTtat
Similar to real game
I started playing July 2016 but due to all the glitches and lack of Pokémon I stopped playing for a few years. The reason I started up again was because a friend recommended to try it. Now gifts can be exchanged, the Pokémon generations are mostly caught up, and there are a lot more stops and gyms to interact with. My main issue with this game is the lack of interaction with other players. I would like to be able to battle with nearby trainers like the real Pokémon game allows. Also during gym battles, there should be an option to switch Pokémon in between defeats. Those are the rules in a real Pokémon battle and this should be applied to this game. Pokémon should also gain experience after battles to help build them up. I understand the candy concept but those should be bonus experience/cp. I have lost a few great catches due to the glitches/network errors which is very frustrating! Other than that I enjoy catching Pokémon and spinning stops on my walk up to work through the downtown area. It’s a nice way to see the town. EDIT I forgot to mention: I’m not sure why but when I’m on the bus or in any vehicle as a passenger I should be able to spin stops for rewards not “try again later”. It doesn’t make sense to allow me the option to catch Pokémon but I can’t get stops or gain steps with my eggs or buddy.
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11 months ago, Ryquin
What are they doing?
The bass game is good. I have enjoyed playing with friends and family for the last several years. However, over the past two years, the team behind the game has put more roadblocks in place to prevent players from enjoying their experience, taking away aspects of the game, the community enjoyed, as well as reverting unintended positives that the entire community was excited to see happen. This now even includes their own peripheral auto catcher that they have put out an sold for 50+ USD. Before release, the community was told that this would be an automatic catcher with the ability to also use Great and Ultraboss, which are normally not accessible to any of the catchers, and must be used by hand in game. Many people purchased this with that understand. However, when this was possible at lunch, Niantic decided to break the system, and not allow their own peripheral to perform its base task of auto catching, using even normal Poke Balls in an attempt to prevent this feature, that so many people had purchased as a result of believing it was the intended focus. Reducing use a Bility of your own game in ways that the player base is excited about is not in the way to continue developing a game into the feature. Especially one that provides so much of the companies total income without this game company would be trash which it is more and more frequently flaunting as it destroys the game that this community has grown to love so much.
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4 years ago, St0lenFayth
Frustrating Customer Service
Currently customer service does not provide adequate support. During and shortly after go-fest, I was invited to multiple mobile raids but got flat kicked out after all my Pokémon fainted. I couldn’t get back in. If the timer hadn’t expired and I was able to get back in, it burned a second pass. This glitch cost me at least 6 mobile raid passes which I had purchased with money (not coins from raiding.) I bought more because I wanted to have fun with my friends and not let it ruin my time. Later when I contacted customer service I got reimbursed for 1 pass. One. That’s it. They blamed it on a “visual glitch” saying the pass was still there, but it wasn’t. My inventory never got reset, the passes just disappeared. Even after closing and logging out. They know the system is buggy and people are getting gypped out of things they purchased but don’t seem to care. Everyone I play with experienced the same issues and only half of us have received any sort of refund. Also: (yea I know it’s petty) character customization. There’s lacking color variants for even the basic items, you can’t choose between long or short hair. Every male/female looks the same but with a different skin tone. We’re 4 years into this game and you can have blue, yellow, green, white, purple or 3 different shades of brown hair ... but no RED. (Give me my stupid red hair!!!)
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6 years ago, OldGamers01
Pokémon go is OK
I like Pokémon GO it’s very simple now very hard to use and it takes you out of all of the house and help his people to walk about and explore but the one thing I have problems with is that when I logged on for the first time I was at level one and then also I had a glitch and also I became level six on the red team even though I never chose that team the problem with this Pokémon go is that the team that develop the And the support system there is terrible because when I tell him about my issue they won’t even respond to my problem I was trying to tell him that I did not pick my team and they were saying that we can’t do anything about it once you pick your team there’s nothing that you can do I also try to reset my account with my new email and I didn’t do any good like I had really had issue with the login is your for Pokémon go and the support staff on that game was terrible they need to learn to have some Consideration about their customers if there’s a problem they should take the time and look into issues instead of just sitting on the automated discussions about what we need to know stuff like that the support system was really terrible in my case I mean the game is fine not gonna lie but the support system is terrible though tech-support for their game is terrible I even went to the website and didn’t do anything about it
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2 years ago, BugOrFish
One of my favorites, but glitchy and hard to get Pokècoins.
It’s one of my favorites, but it has glitches. It will sometimes say it can’t find any GPS and when there isn’t any GPS, you can’t check out gyms, feed them berries, battle them, add Pokèmon, or get items. You can’t get items from Pokèstops either. You can’t even catch or hatch Pokèmon. It doesn’t show you moving until it’s the No GPS is over. It also will often say “Try again later” when you try to spin a Pokèstop. I usually just spin it constantly until it works though. And also a gym glitch. When your battling in a gym, it might get off of the battle, it says something to, but I don’t remember what. And also a shop glitch. It will often say “something went wrong” when you try to purchase Pokècoins, which means that I can’t buy Pokècoins for Pokèballs when I run out of Pokèballs, and when that happens I don’t play it. Also something that I would like: It’s to hard to get Pokècoins without using money. So maybe you can sell items that are on the shop to get the amount of Pokècoins they are on the shop. That would make Pokècoins easier to get. Because they are to hard to get. You would have to get to a gym AND have it be a gym in your team AND have it ready to have a Pokèmon added to it.
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1 year ago, Meetmym16
Going Downhill
Had I rated this game 6 months ago I would have easily given it 5 stars. But the game has done nothing but fine downhill since. They continue to raise prices on remote raid passes, which for people who don’t have 5 friends they can easily meet up with, is the only way to road successfully for legendaries. They attempted to add the Campfire App (also a Niantic company) however it only leads to a download link and once you download it, you receive a message that says you have to be invited to the app, talk about useless. There’s no way to contact other players which continues to boggle my mind as this a community centric game, the game would benefit greatly from being able to ay least message friends and nearby players. Also, the region specific events are so demoralizing, if you want to take part in special events and obtain special pokemon, you have to be fortunate enough to live near the selected city, or spend money to go to Vegas? I don’t think so. Living near Baltimore I pretty much anticipate never having an opportunity to take place in such an event. Lastly, the game lives to log me out randomly for no reason. Overall the game is good, runs fairly smoothly and they continue to add more Pokémon, I just wish the prices for raid passes was fair and for more community based events that everyone can participate in.
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2 years ago, Go Battle League Non sense
Go Battle League
The delays and glitches that happen in the battle league are completely unbearable. I play this game a lot and really focus on the PVP side of things. Catching Pokémon that are useful for this, investing TONSSSS of stardust, and useful items such as elite charged TMs. This method is truly the only way to maintain some type of competitive nature against other top battlers out there. No issues with this algorithm, my issue comes in where you do all of this investing and preparing for a battle mode just to get subpar performance. I typically am a high ranked player so of course I go against other high ranking performers. One simple lag, one wrong move against these opponents are all it takes to lose a match even with a lead or switch advantage. Today alone I’ve lagged in 4 battles out of 20 sets and I’m connected to my wifi which is getting full strength and when I disconnect I have 3/4 bars of service. It’s not a service issue it’s a server issue and it’s needs to be addressed. I speak for all PVP battlers when I say I just want more balance games have glitches and I think we all get that, but it happens way to frequently and in a ranked system that your limited in the amount of battles played a day and one lost could be the difference in 3/4 wins which are the prizes most shoot for. You have released notes that this season fixes were to be prioritized but I have yet to see them. Let’s get the consumer taken care of and prioritize this issue!
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3 years ago, vrfivyddrd
Needs a change
Hi so it whoever’s reading this please read it carefully . Number one , so you know about Pokémon candy? And you know about Pokémon trades ? Well it would be great if you could trade any amount of candy as you want. Number two , so you know about Pokémon raid battles? Well it is really hard to catch legendary and mythical Pokémon even my most strongest Pokémon that is to strong for the ultra league can’t even beat a legendary Pokémon . Number three , it would be great if you could add new mega evolved Pokémon like mega Glalie . And you can mega evolve other Pokémon in all like the Nintendo games. Number four, it would be great if you could add Pokémon from all the other generations and Alolan and Galarian Pokémon like Popplio, Rowlet , Litten , Scorbunny , Grookey and Sobble and Sylveon and Dedenne . Number five , so you know about ultra beasts right?? Well it would be great if you could add Pokémon like Nihilego , Poiple and Pheramosa and all the Island gaurdiands like Tapu KoKo , Tapu LeLe , Tapu BuLu and Tapu FiNi. Number six , it would be great if you could give a chance for everyone to catch three of the same Pokémon everyday Because I really wanna get Espeon then Sylveon so more of every Pokémon . Number seven , the Pokémon Ditto is a hard one to catch so add more Dittos. Thank you 🙏🏾 for reading 📖 this and I would Appreciate if you’d use these changes
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3 years ago, Kristensus
Won’t finish loading at startup. Please fix ASAP.
I haven’t tried to open this app for months, but am on an iphone 11 and just updated to iOS 14.8. It keeps prompting me to log into my Google account then gets frozen halfway through the startup bar. When I’ve had this issue in the past I had to enable cookies and JavaScript, clear myself website history and cookies and restart my phone. I’ve done that and more…repeatedly, and it keeps getting “stuck” but without an error. And yes, I have all of the other settings required on. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve spend 5 years and literally well over $1,000 on the app and should be able to access it. Now for a quick review beyond this glitch (this part would be 4 1/2 stars). I’m a perpetual weight fluctuater, and since my friend practically forced me to “try” playing one night, I got hooked and it pushed me to lose 30 pounds. It also helped me lose a significant amount of weight two other times, while walking for hours with friends, motivated me to get out when I didn’t want to, and is just a great game. And for the negative reviews about not getting enough free coins, etc…that’s how they make their money. And this app has helped a lot of people in the way it has helped me, so I don’t blame them for wanting, and deserving to make a ton of money off of it.
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6 years ago, Tabarius Quan
Great, but still missing some stuff
I played this game on and off since it first came out in 2016. And while I think it’s a solid game, it’s still missing out on some things. There’s still really poor rural and suburban representation in Pokémon go, especially in regards to raids and pokestops. I understand if raids have to take place in towns, but it wouldn’t hurt to have at least some amount of pokestops near communities. I live near a local park and there are zero pokestops there. I understand that there’s an option to create pokestops indirectly through another Niantic game, Ingress, but from my experience that game isn’t properly optimized for newer iPhones, and the base-building system is clunky and tedious. It would make more sense for Pokémon GO players to create new pokestops in gardens and parks, so that they can more easily play the game away from the city or towns. Another minor complaint is the sound. What was the deal with the sudden degrade in sound quality? Was that for saving battery life? Another good thing to add would be to battle other players’ Pokémon directly, instead of going to a raid or a gym and battling their Pokémon there. Niantic still needs to realize that not all of their player base is willing to drive 10 miles to go catch and see Pokémon. If these issues would be fixed this game would be 5 stars.
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3 years ago, solrachet
Decent game, but unless you spend real money you miss out on most things
Even with max friend gifts daily, random free daily store gift you are veryyyyyy limited on what you can do playing this game for free. It is a fun game dont get me wrong but the battle system is very flawed and lazy, you could easily have every pokemon capable of 4 different moves AT ONCE like the Older but better pokemon games. Depending where you live you might not be able to see a poke center or gym or any buildings icons at ALL on your map while home so again certain people constantly have a advantage. Many glitches and modders on the game who can force you out of a battle and count 50 wins against you in 1 battle . Pokemon spawning system should be improved as well, and team rocket ballons are veryyyyy scarce . I hope they keep improving this game but really it just seems like most other phone games where its all about the money and very little actual quality and time put into making a good game, just a okay game that was super rushed and underdevoleped in EVERY aspect, not like any other pokemon game for evolving too? Whats up with getting rid of stones or having a inventory that is SOOoo limited you cant even hold 1 of every pokemon... suppppppper lazy. Please fix, i dony care if a game has to be 50 gigs or more, it should be quality, not rich kids auto advantage and free players play 10 times as long just to keep up.
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6 months ago, acoffmanatucdavis
Adventure sync popups make the game unplayable
Every time I try to log in I get multiple pop ups that cannot be closed and require me to exit the app in order to close anything. The pop-ups are saying that I have to sign up for adventure sync but I cannot afford do to this because my phone is old and letting the GPS run in the background drains the battery within a couple hours but I’m out all day and need my phone in case of emergency. The requirements that I either have to let Pokémon go track me anywhere and everywhere I go at all times OR anytime I open the app I have to go through the process of following the prompt to “setup” adventure sync off app, then leaving the new window back to pokemon, then getting redirected again, then closing the redirect link, then finally getting into the game only to have to deal with more popups quite frankly makes the game not fun and displeasing to open which discourages me to play. I have scoured every setting in the app and there is no way to deactivate this in my phone settings, app settings, in app settings, account settings, advanced settings, or any other options I can find. I’ve reached out to support to no avail and it’s getting to the point where I’m closed to uninstalling and simply stopping playing but wanted to give everyone else the heads up first, if you have an old device or cannot afford a new phone and/or extra battery packs please know this game isn’t for you.
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3 years ago, Jose Drix
Perfect pokemons, coins and trading chat
I love this game like way so much to be honest I’ve been addicted, the battles , the raids, the evolves everything feels like being a real Pokémon trainer but ives seen this weak details which I think would make the game better for thousand : 1. The trading distance shouldn’t have a limit and they should give a chat option for when you are trading Pokémon with a friends so you can talk and decide which Pokémon would you like to trade. 2. The poke balls they give you on the shop and items is not too much for the price , even for regular basic reds poke balls they charge you too much , it would help the trainers better options on deal prices for stuff on the shop . 3. The rates and possibilities for hatching or catching a perfect IV Pokémon is way way so low that I’ve been playing for like 2 years and still have not a perfect one and less a shiny perfect thats kinda harder looks almost imposible to the level my friends say they feel they will never have a perfect Iv one . 4. It would be more interesting if there would be new types of gyms for battle with Legendary and mythic that we can put on gyms will slay more than never , also a battle online option for legendaries with friends .
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4 years ago, live4applause
Unplayable. Zero stars.
My game just crashed 12 times in the last hour (I have time-stamped screen shots to prove it). I have an iPhone 6+. No other app I’ve ever used has been like this. This game has been consistently glitchy since it launched 3+ years ago, and there have been times when it was basically unplayable for me. But I’ve been a lifelong pokémon lover, so I didn’t give up back then. I am seriously considering it now. Literally the only thing tying me to this game is Nintendo’s franchise. Niantic is terrible, and if any other company were to put out a pokémon game, I would dump this game in a heartbeat. Even though I love Harry Potter just as much (if not more) than I love pokémon, I can’t actually bring myself to play WizardingWorld because I can barely tolerate ONE Niantic game. Two would be impossible. Niantic needs to completely overhaul its entire programming department, because as it is it seems like they’re incapable of producing a halfway decent game. They might make a bunch of money, but it’s all through gimmicks. If they actually had a game that most other developers would consider worthy of making available to the public, they’d be making billions more than they are now. Update 6/6/20: Still terrible. My game just crashed 3 times in 2 minutes, costing me a raid pass and a lost opportunity to get roughly 1500 stardust. I’m really not sure what the recent server updates are supposed to have done. I see no changes. Still worst app ever.
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3 years ago, K1n6t0k35
Fun game. Great progress. still work to do
I just recently got back into this game. I played for months upon its original release and while it was fun it got stale fast with no battling an lack of regions. Since then battles have been added the research feature with tasks is nice. All the regions an Pokémon with them. Raids are awesome. Overall great work to this developing team. The things I think that could make this better something I think would make this game much better is. Since you can have a buddy Pokémon why not let us battle wild Pokémon. You could make it give one candy of said defeated wild Pokémon is given if u beat it. An keep the 3 candy for catching. Then make the buddy that defeats the Pokémon either gain stardust. Or have some kind of system where u gain a separate type of xp for a new move to teach. Like the actual games. After you win so many wild Pokémon battles it gives you the option to teach it a new basic attack. Being able to battle the wild Pokémon would make this game way better. An even make it easier harder to catch wild Pokémon like the actual game. Plus it actually lets you use your buddy rather than having it aimlessly follow u around an every now an again give u an item. If that could be added this game is 5 stars easy.
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7 months ago, Jeff Ramirez
Single players
Let me start by saying I completely understand that this game was made to get outside, meet people and be social. Over the years however, Niantic has made playing this game alone extremely difficult. Jacking up the prices, STILL LIMITING IN GAME CURRENCY TO LEAVING YOUR MONs IN A GYM, essentially making it a pay-to-play game, and limiting remote raids are all issues that are leaving behind people that live in rural areas or people that play the game be themselves. You would think Niantic would be trying to make it better for those that don’t have a community but in fact they’re making it worse. They release a single specific Pokémon behind timed research with barely manageable tasks instead of dropping the entire generation like they used to. THEY STILL HAVEN’T RELEASED MOST OF KALOS OR ALOLA. They completely skipped Galar to promote Scarlett and Violet. They made legendaries impossible to get unless you’re in a group. They added a Party mode that can’t be active by yourself. You still have to be nearby to trade with someone. TO TRADE!!!!!??? You mean I can battle with random people from all over but I can’t trade with someone down the street from me!????? Overall I think the single player experience is very lacking and Niantic is basically punishing those that don’t have the luxury to play within an active community. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be playing this game if I’m being honest. A lot has got to change and it needs to soon.
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10 months ago, blurrrrrr1
What can i say about this game that people had not. I watch it when i was a child and now i passed it down to my kids. I used to play legit and then I spoofed. I can’t afford to travel. I don’t battle other people because all my Pokémon’s are buffed out. It wouldn’t be fair to legit players. I knew tons of people that spoof never abuse their power. I do take down gyms but i go to remote area that hardly anyone plays or go to places that nobody knows. Especially i play when people are asleep. They loose tons of players by banning their accounts. That was a dumb move. The people who abuse it is the new legit players converting to become spoofers! All seasoned spoofers know them. It’s funny! They all think we do not know. They ask how to be a spoofer. I would spend tons of money on community events. I buy tickets to people that can’t afford them. I spent hundreds. Niantic lost a lot of good customers (spoofers) that pays a lot of money. Your loss! I was a well known spoofer in social (Twitter) media. I give back to the community all the time. People are always asking me for help and when i should come back. These YouTubers complain too much and made us (spoofers) a scape goats. To my fellow spoofers…Thank you for everything…..Blurrrrrr1
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1 year ago, coolooopaiebejnsd
What I Rate Pokemon and my Review
Over there | | V WELCOME to what I rate and write for my REVIEW. SO lets start with the review now. SO first, no offense but it’s kind of boring and I feel like there is nothing to do when: THERE is no POKEMON or Pokemon I already have. Or when there is no FRIENDS around. BUT when friends are around or Pokemon that I don’t have yet are there I really like the game! BUT it doesn’t bother me when I feel like the game has nothing to do so I hope I didn’t make the owner feel sad about the game. I love to do raid battles but I don’t really like it when it runs out. I know how to get raid passes but at the same time not. (SORRY if it do not make any sense) I still love the game even if there is no friends around or no Pokemon and Pokemon I already have there. (IF you know what I am trying to say) I also think it was really smart for PLAYERS to have to be next to each other. (MAX 100 meters) BUT I want to trade one of my friends when she is at her house at the same time but I would puffer to have to be next to each other for it to have a lower change to get scammed. I also like how they do that. Well that’s all bye <3 Caps = important words (to me) (like players, or family) or the first word of a sentence. P.S FOR real bye
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2 years ago, Ash_paws
Best game i have, but..
Pokemon Go is the game i play the most, it's a good way to make friends and have a good time with family members.. But i have a few problems when playing. First off, i have this bug where sometimes when i click on a pokemon, my screen goes completely white and i cant do anything to fix it besides cross out the app. I haven't seen any other Reviews that have this problem yet, but it happens to me pretty often.. And it gets really frustrating when i need the pokemon for a collection challenge. Lastly, It annoys me when im battling someone and they use more than the added amount of shields.. I dont think its a bug, more like a cheater/hacker?.. But it annoys me. There are also a few things i would like to be added to the game. First, i think you should be able to chat with your friends to invite them to raids or battle them instead of having to have their phone number to talk to them. Second, i dont like that you have to be close to the person to trade pokemon, if you're trying to trade your friend from a long distance away, it won't let you and i think that should be added.. It would be nice. I wasn't meaning any of this in a selfish or rude way, None of this has to be added or fixed, it would just be nice. ♡
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3 years ago, By eeveegamertv
Truly Amazing
This Game Is The Best Pokémon Game, I’ve Liked Pokémon For My a entire Life Every Since I Heard About It. I Was SO EXCITED When I Heard Sylveon Was Gonna Be A Thing, But Sadly It Never Came Into The Game 😢Also, The Thing About Eeveeloutions Is, Their Rare. A Little Bit TOO Rare. Eevee Is Way Too Hard To Get For Me And My Siblings 😢It’s Been Like 3 Months And Not 1 Eevee. Eevees Are Common, Right? But Why Aren’t They In Pokémon Go? It Just Dosen’t Make Sense! My Goal Is To Get Every Eeveeloution In The Game And Atleast Try To Get Sylveon, But I Can’t Now! Eevees Are So Darn Rare! I Always See Famous People With Like 50 Eevees Because They Put On Incenses, Lure Models, Spin Pokéstops Etc. But People Who Are Stuck Inside Because Of COVID, They’re Mum Or Dad Won’t Drive Them Around For Gyms And Stuff, Etc. (My Dad Only Does That When We Go Somewhere Which Is Almost Never) Also, Where I Live Only Has One Pokéstop, And Its Like A Yard Away! Not Even When I Use Incenses I Don’t Get An Eevee. Ok This Is A Complaint About Eevees But Really, They Are So Hard To Get 😞. Anyways, I’ve Loved This Game For A While, And I Don’t Think I Can Quit. I’m Waiting For The Eevee Community Day In August And I’m SO EXCITED!! I Might Get A Shiny If I’m Lucky. Anyways I Think Pokémon Is An Amazing Game And Yea. (Please Let This Go Through It Never Does)
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7 years ago, Holyman47201
New update is great but it might as well have totally killed the go plus device
Update with the newest version. Really annoying bug I’m hoping it’s a bug at least. Every time you transfer or rename a Pokémon it always jumps back to the top of the list instead of staying where you were. Very annoying and time wasting change having to scroll all the time. I really like the changes in the new update. The weather pattern thing is great. The button push charge move in gym battles is a huge improvement. The spawn rates have improved. Overall a really great update. However, it has basically killed any usefulness the go plus device had. The catch rate wasn’t great before, but at least it was acceptable for what it was. That definitely changed with the update. With the weather feature causing affected Pokémon to be higher cp the plus is even worse. You just can’t catch an almost maxed out anything with a regular ball. I would suggest what I think would be a fairly easy fix. Maybe have the game automatically start a catch attempt with a suggested ball instead of a regular one every time. Ie... if it pops up and I see the circle yellow I switch to a great ball. Red goes to ultra balls. Have the game/go plus be smart enough to do the same thing. I have huge stockpiles of great and ultra balls so I’d rather the plus use those to improve the catch rate.
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1 year ago, Pokémon noob
Awesome game!
Very fun, I’m glad i downloaded it. One bug I encountered though, is that the Pokémon were like white orbs of light, or weren’t really loading in. It stayed like that for a while, and wouldn’t even let me get in the game without having to re log into the account. I did eventually grab the password and got back in! I would also like to mention that there should be more ways to get coins. Most of the gyms (even if my teams color, blue) won’t let me place a Pokémon there, so I haven’t been able to earn any coins, so when I run out of the ball thingys, I have to wait for the next day to get more. ALSO!!!! Could there maybe be more ways to interact with other players? I don’t know anybody who also plays Pokémon go I’m lonely while playing. Also, I would advise being careful while playing. I promised myself I would always be aware of my surroundings while playing while moving around, but the other day I tripped on a sideway that was uneven because I got so absorbed 😂 Anyways, I highly recommend this game for any Pokémon enjoyers new and old! I myself am new to the Pokémon community and this is the only Pokémon game I have. I love it and I can’t wait to catch more Pokémon! Thanks for reading my review!!!!!! :D
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1 year ago, Shinji 2009
Disconnected from player base and buggy makeup events
I have been playing Pokémon go in and off since 2016 and with the recent changes to remote raiding infuriates me, but what makes matters worse is this company refuses to acknowledge their player base. After my awful 2022 Pokémon go fest experience that I had paid money for ninantic refused to do anything for the bugs and issues they were having. As a result I had to go to apple to ask for a refund (fyi this was a common issue amongst players losing out on money and not getting something that was promised bc of glitches). Fast forward to now the changes of remote raiding is just plain rude and shows how much ninantic is unwilling to adapt and listen to their fanbase. This isn’t 2016 anymore and times are changing. In order for a business to grow they must adapt and listen to their consumers wants and needs however with ninantic it is falling on deaf ears and they just refuse to listen to their fan base. This game has resorted back to in person events which excludes rural and disabled players and has forced others to cheat by faking their location to bypass the remote raiding limit. The fact that one has to cheat now to enjoy the game is unacceptable and explains exactly how the company feels about their fanbase, and as with all companies now days it comes down to $$$. Stay away from this game if you are considering it until they start listening to their fans again. Google #hearusniantic
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4 months ago, Thomas Dayton
Pokemon go
The game is really good and I’ve been playing for 4 years now, the only problem that I have is if you lose a remote raid pass you should not lose that pass if others leave it’s not fair when you spend all your coins that took you forever to get. When you spend money it’s not that big of a deal but when you hav to work for those coins it’s annoying when you have to wait a really long time just to get enough for another one and you might not get the Pokémon that you want in time cause they raised the remote raid pass prices I don’t think that was fair they are way to much just for 1 but the game is good and that’s the only problem I have with it and they should make it to where we do more than 59 coins a day I mean I think 75 is reasonable, but that’s just me Niantic please make it to where I don’t lose my remote raid that I worked hard to get. It usually takes me 2 to 3 weeks just to get one because I can’t always spend money on the game so I would really appreciate it if I can not lose the passes if others leave and I can’t get the Pokémon that I want, like I just lost a darkrai one of my favorites and I may never get it cause I can’t get another pass.
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