Pokémon Masters EX

4.7 (207.8K)
1552.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
DeNA Co., Ltd.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pokémon Masters EX

4.7 out of 5
207.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Unbreon
As good as the main series
Pokemas is probably the closest thing you could get to the mainline game experience on a phone. I’ve been playing for about 7 months now and I genuinely adore it. If you’re like me and you’re really invested in the stories the human characters in Pokémon, you’re in luck because that’s the whole focus. You get to collect, battle with, and interact with you’re favorite trainer characters. Everyone gets unique character models and VOICE ACTING!!! I also love how there’s clearly some research going into the dialogue and story arks in the game. Tons of obscure character details are acknowledged and it’s so cool. If you’re more into battling, pokemas has you covered too. Battle mechanics here are a really good translation of mainline battles into the mobile format. It’s a little different, but once you get used to it it can become really technical and fun. There is one thing that is missing though and that’s the catching aspect of Pokémon. But this doesn’t impact the enjoyment of the app at all in my opinion, plus if you really want to just catch Pokémon we already have Pokémon Go to do that. I think my favorite part about pokemas though is the constant flow of new content and rewards. DeNa actually listens to it’s players and takes our feedback very seriously, which is such a refreshing thing to get from this franchise. Overall 9.9/10, super solid game, only negative is that Kalos characters don’t have French accents :’( #StopKalosCultureErasure2023
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4 years ago, P.Offed fan
Review of Game After 1 year of Play
I’ve been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning, although I haven’t followed the games or series since Gen 4. Great game to get you back into the spirit of Pokémon. However, since I’ve been playing this game for a year I’ve noticed some things. The game is fluid meaning there’s constant updates with new additions; however, playing the game since the beginning, not all of these new features or events are appealing, some are quite simplistic and fun to grind for items, other times the event or mission appear to be too difficult. Legendary events, elite 4 and leveling your Pokémon to 125 is quite difficult and takes the right set of skills and luck to achieve. This aspect makes the game worth it for me. Although, here are the flaws that I noticed or aspects that need improvement: Player and Torchic doesn’t evolve into Blaziken, egg level up items are too few compared to the egg Pokémon that exist for these items, sync orb system has been down since October and cannot use my 15,000+ sync orbs, skip tickets are absolutely pointless. The game gives you roughly 25/day even with the free 200 daily stamina on top of my current energy of 188, I can only use 19 skip tickets a day. Currently have 1000+ and this number only grows and not shrinks. Developers need to make adjustments all around and send out more surveys asking players what they want fixed/improved upon/removed to keep players wanting to come back.
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1 year ago, Lurkinblyad
After playing for after about a year
The game is pretty good the previous issues about levels being hard to obtain are eventually resolved about the third or fourth month of play, they give quite a bit to help you start up right if you fail to use it optimally that’s on the player, legendary battles are hard enough for the vets and there is loads of easy content for the newbies, the story does eventually end but that’s following the series so far. And you get a lot of gems doing story pro tip finish all the story and horde like a dragon until you see a banner you really like one really good Pokémon can make or break in this game. If you are not accustomed to gacha games don’t complain about the gacha knowing it’s a gacha game. They give a decent sum of gems from daily missions and claims as well as weekly and money claims for free and most events give gems somewhere. The only thing the game truly needs is more co op content the gear raid are simply not enough to entertain. The rest of the game is great, the quirky date sim side also offers exclusive Pokémon and tickets to get to level 150. A lot of the Pokémon have very interesting teamwork dynamics in this game and the same Pokémon is different when with other trainers or personally bred. New players should pay attention to Pokémon’s passive traits and sync grids for tactical edges that could be hidden.
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4 years ago, Tacotopper98
Amazing Game! One (Now Two) Little Suggestions
This is the most fun game that I have on my phone, and I wouldn’t want it any different. Well... besides this one teeny weeny suggestion that’s been driving me nuts and that I need to share: Please add an interlude or chapter where your character gets a mega bracelet for the Kanto starter that they chose from the egg (or any Pokémon that can mega evolve that you receive from an egg). Please, this would add so much more fun to the game, especially considering the fact that my Charizard has a center spot on my team as the ace with its fire blast. If this gets taken into suggestion, thank you in advance. Update: I have an even better idea! Make it to where there’s another legendary event where the legendary Pokémon is yours, similar to Solgaleo, but with Xerneas and Yveltal. Only here’s the gag: You only get to choose one, and one only, even when the event would re-run. I mean, Lysandre with Xerneas or Yveltal doesn’t really make sense to me. I think if he gets added then he should have gyarados that can trigger mega evolution as part of its sync move, and since Calum and Serena have already been added with their “aces”, so I really think you should take this into consideration. You can completely scratch the upper idea that I had in order to do this one, because I would much more prefer this. Thank you so much in advance (if this ever gets read)!
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10 months ago, Eden Santos83627
To Pokémon ex
I love the game it’s fun their are voices and I loved it I felt stronger when playing but you should add more stories in main story and when you do snicker pair summon make sure that people have more of a chance to get their favorite character I know 2000% but I wanted red and snarls I kept getting that captain guy I don’t like that character and plz add ash back with one free 11 summon or 5 times then you pay with gems I say that so thief is more of a chance that the player gets what they want you are not going to do this but plz add this and add ash as a character that has every Pokémon he had fighting Leon so if his gengar for example gets defeated he has dragonite so it’s like he has all six Pokémon they can all do sinc move which is power that have to attack 6 times ok this is the planing first Pokémon sirfeched he has a sinc move lucario has a mega dracofish has a sinc move gengar a g max and sinc move dragonite since move and pikachu has g max and z move which is sinc move plz add this but you will never do this so yeah great game in the future make a congrats and when you beat the game you can pick any character only one tho so when you beat the game you can choose any charter giveing you all upgrades for them and ex them to max plz and thank you this game is the best stay safe and got to catch them all.
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4 years ago, Proallstar123
Please make the level up manuals easier to get
I just started really playing this game and it was really fun at first. But I’m really starting to have a lot of problems with it. First typing if you don’t have the specific type weakness that it shows on their pokemon your not going to do any damage. For example let’s say a grass type is weak to fire and ice. When u get in the game it only says its weak to fire, but from my pokemon knowledge it’s weak to both. But when u hit it with a ice type move it barely does anything. I just started the game and I don’t have a lot of resources to level up. Usually in games if you need things to help your character level up like in dokkan battle you do quests for it which are long but easy. Why is it that I need a whole 20k power team to get the items to level up my pokemon. I can’t do that cuz I needed the level up manuals in the first place. I think they should of made that easier. When your battling you need to have a bunch of teams so you can have the advantage and beat them in the story. I can’t level my pokemon at all so I’m struggling please make the level up manual quests easier. It’s like you can’t have anything if you are a new player. I saw people being able to increase their move gauge which is NOT in the shop for some reason. People getting thousands of level up manuals when I can’t even get 10. I’m really like this game but right now I’m stuck because I can’t level up any of my pokemon
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2 years ago, JakeBorch
One of the best Pokémon Games Ever.
I have played everything Pokémon since I was 5, starting with Fire Red, I’m 21 now and have played this game at launch, went away from it and now have come back to it. So, all in all, I have been playing this game everyday for about a year now. I can say, this game has so much content and so many unique things in it that make a mobile game so fun. Daily resets, weekly resets, etc. new content is added in all the time, literally about every week. Whether it’s the champion stadium, which is a weekly reset activity, that provides great rewards, or new story content. The amount of free gems in this game is amazing as well, the game is more than fair and generous in how gems and other rewards are distributed. Another things the developers do, which is great and other gaming developers should look at this, is they listen to feedback and give us, the players, what we want. (Ex, harder content, new battles) If you like/love Pokémon. Give this game a try, it seems daunting at first, you won’t win the more “end game” battles right away, you need to get your sync pairs leveled and “gridded” up. You will be hooked right away, and when you get into the game even more, you won’t be able to stop playing it.
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5 years ago, elijio7521
Great Pokémon game CONCEPT
The idea is nice, the battle format is actually good, and the animations and graphics are definitely nothing to laugh at. I’m having a huge bug issue right now where I have about 3,600 gems yet I cannot even buy anything from the in game Market with them and keeps telling me I have no gems to spend and directs me to purchase some. Yeah I’m not buying any gems if I clearly have enough to buy the 10 sync pack. The story feels really short and rushed, and I wish you could battle other people instead of with someone against the cpu otherwise there’s no point in me investing time or money into building a solid team. The characters are loveable and memorable. Honestly the game concept itself is great but it still needs more. I don’t understand why we can’t battle against other people but we can battle with them. There’s no issue connecting with other people already so why not just make some kind of rank system to play in. A lot of games have it and it would be pretty cool to see Pokémon have one. Pokémon is all about battling with your favorite teams so why wouldn’t it have some kind of battle system. Please don’t give us whatever abomination Pokémon Go battling is... if the market was fixed and I could actually use my gems I would not mind spending money for more characters to level up. There’s just no reason to even build a team because aside from the story, there’s no one to use the team against making it a waste.
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3 years ago, Nickname? Why Tho?
Unacceptable restrictions
I find it really annoying that there is no way to grind for gems in this game in order to obtain a character you really want apart from saving up for a few weeks but by that point he character you may want is likely gone by then the only other way to get gems in this game is paying real money and I find that unacceptable and greedy no one should be paying you money for gems on a character they might not even be guaranteed to get thus they may be persuaded to continuously shill money into the game until they get what they want which I hate with a passion even games like Arknights have the annihilation missions where you can earn a set amount of orundum each week with the catch that these missions are hard and long to complete (even if I also feel that it can be improved by being daily or by daily or increasing how much orundum can be obtained with how hard and long it can be to finish the missions initially and how small windows to obtain new characters are) why not do something similar in the training area where the player can earn a certain amount of gems daily/ bidaily or have a certain amount of times they can fight the stage like what’s already done with the evolution stones then have there be different amounts of gems depending if you beat the stage on easy, normal, hard, etc because literally anything is better than nothing and blatantly trying to nickel and dime your players
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5 years ago, Kiritatsu
Great Start, but needs a couple balances and add-ons
This game is pretty great, but there are a couple things I think should be addressed. In my opinion, it’s a little difficult to get enough currency to roll due to how expensive each roll is and how little rewards are provided in relation to the story line that is available even with the starting login bonus. Additionally, I think a PVP option is necessary as well for this game. Progressing through the story line forces one to focus on a core set of units that work well together in a single player mentality while the coop stages revolve around a different type of playstyle that makes a lot of units invalid or significantly worse. While it is understandable that the focus of this game is to try and facilitate interaction and cooperation with others, this lack of PVP will hurt the game more as time passes. It would fundamentally eliminate the importance of or desire for rolls in this gacha format and basically wastes the grand idea of the “PML” based in the storyline. I believe it’s perfect setup for pvp, and it may very well be in the works, but it is just a little strange that it’s not implemented from the start. Other than that, I do like the battle system, the way Pokémon and trainer moves are integrated, and how these moves and level caps work with the farming material. I look forward to seeing how this game develops in the future!
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8 months ago, AppleJoeAJ
It’s good, but there’s definitely room for improvement(Venting)
The only reason I’m giving it 1 star is because UI design team for this app was either fired or they stopped showing up for work back in 2012. The UI is so busy, all the menus look different, there’s so much clutter and it’s very distracting from the overall amazing gaming experience. Like I am not a fly, and you don’t need to grab my attention every time I go to a different screen like “look at the shiny! What’s that shiny thing over there!” It may seem a bit harsh given the great quality of the gaming aspect, but never the less. This app needs a major revamp of its entire UI concept. You have like 50 menus, before you can play or do something interesting. The purpose and the categories of the menus makes no sense at all. You wouldn’t need a tutorial every time you “unlock a new section of the game” if you would of designed it in a more coherent manner. It seems like every time you wanted to add a game mechanic you just piled it on top of what you already had. Every new thing you add to the game just feels like an after thought. “Hey I know how we can make this game more interesting and make more money in the process! Let’s make it more complex, add more information than necessary, make everything difficult to find. And just add more tutorials so people can get frustrated to figure things out” Honestly, the complexity and bloated-ness of this app is what keeps me walking away from this app.
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4 years ago, _mitch123456_
This is the first time that I’ve opened the App Store specifically to write a review for a game just because I’ve enjoyed it so much. This game has some excellent mechanics that I didn’t even know I wanted in a mobile game until I saw them. So many mobile games over the last decade have used energy mechanics to slow players down and try to make them spend money to continue playing, Pokémon Masters (PM from here on out) lets you play as much as you want, you know, like a video game... Breaking away from the industry meta, PM doesn’t weaponize endorphins to keep you coming back, they instead chose to deliver a fun experience and let you come back willingly. They’re very generous with their premium currency and make game advancing items very accessible. Mobile games tend toward putting barriers between the player and advancement to give a shallow game the illusion of depth, PM let’s you dive in as soon as you’re ready. PM has a rich story which expands on familiar characters from every installment of Pokémon since the insertion of the franchise but doesn’t force you to sit and read it all. Excellent voice acting, excellent animations, clean art style, very well optimized. What more can you ask for? I love it.
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5 years ago, Duckyduxkysuxltnd
Don’t rage F2P players
Pokemon will forever be one of those things that always smacks nostalgia right into my face. Now this game itself brings the “feels” of every single Pokémon game in one, I can’t really put my fingers on it but let’s say it gives me the same “feels” of the gameboy Pokémon games and the 3DS Pokémon games which is such a nostalgic bonus! Now I know that since this game has JUST been released, it can seem like you have to grind if you’re a free to play player; making it kind of annoying as you have to finish the entire story to just collect roughly 3000 gems to spend on new trainers+ Pokémon. Now listen, cuz of this problem, I would have given it a 3-4 star but I won’t because I feel it’s something that the developers can work on and it would be a little unfair since they have just released the game, so I have faith that they can still add more ways to enjoy the game to earn more gems even as a free to play player. I do recommend this game! please stay calm if you are a free to play player like me, there’s still a lot more things they can add to the game to make it fair and fun at the same time so just have some faith in the developers and give them time to improve :) Also, just a side note: developers please add pvp! ಥʖ̯ಥ
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3 years ago, HYPERTEARS
They’ve made the game impossible to play
This game used to be really fun, I’ve spent a considerable amount on the game for how much I was able to obtain by just grinding. However after almost two years (longer?) there is no way to receive “gym notes” which is an essential part of leveling up your characters. Without access to these items you literally cannot level up no matter how many other items you grind to meet requirements. I have over 20 level 100 trainers and about 10 level 120 trainers and I have reached a cap to the amount I can level up. The “legendary battles” are almost bearable however they’ve managed to make everything in achievable therefore you spend an hour fighting moltres to get a very small bounty of reward. & as I mentioned my trainer roster is lit with a lot of 5 star trainers with a variety of other things added on that are also very limited now. So if I CANT BEAT THE GAME YOU CANT EITHER. (Ie the battle tower is actually impossible especially if there are not gym notes and stamina is only replenished every 9hrs) And if you do beat the game or manage to you have to spend lots of money (like me) and had to have been playing from the beginning (like me, but I took a year and a half break because of the last time they nerfed the game. I REALLLLLLY like this game but it’s pointless to play.
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4 years ago, meieiie
Pretty good
When I first got the game in 2019, I was not impressed. There were barely any character interactions and events, plus rng seemed to hate me so much I had only 2 5 stars. Almost a year later, it’s improved a LOT. I’ve played for about 3 months with 22(!!!) 5 star sync pairs and almost all my units at level 100 or more. I’ve never felt the need to spend money on banners and somehow I always seem to get limited pairs like Cynthia or Serena. Eggs are a nice addition, although not essential to gameplay. The supercourses are easy to do with Steven or Blue if you have him and the battle villa halls are challenging but not impossible. The events are really interesting and adds a lot of content. You don’t need 5 stars; 3 or 4 stars like Barry can be just as good and you can even upgrade him to a 5 star if you want. The only complaint I have is that some units are just too broken. I don’t have Red but I heard he is an absolute menace to literally everything. Serena’s passive is insane and you can even do a first day bv clear with her. If the devs are listening it would be great if there was a broken f2p pair everyone could have. Never been a fan of general Pokemon or gacha games but this is perfect. Don’t think I’ll quit anytime soon.
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5 years ago, Swagman_28
Best Pokémon Game I’ve Ever Played
This game is so much fun. I’ve been playing Pokémon games on Nintendo handhelds for the past 10 years, along with watching the anime, and this is the closest I’ve seen to the battling style shown throughout the anime. And it works EXCELLENTLY!!! I rarely give out 5-star reviews, but this game is a masterpiece. As a fan of the anime, I’m very glad that a Pokémon game finally reflects the battling style shown in the anime. Everything about this game makes me keep coming back to it. The sound effects in most Pokémon games are not the best, but the sound effects in this rendition are especially great. The music is also very catchy, something every Pokémon game has. This game has everything the normal Pokémon games have, but then adds a special twist. It was (at first) challenging to learn the new mechanics, but I pressed the “auto” button in the top right corner during battles to understand how to use it better. I recommend doing the same, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Pokémon enthusiast. It makes it so much easier. If there was anything to criticize, I would probably have to say that I wish the fonts were a little bit bigger. Other than that, this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. 5-star game without question.
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5 years ago, shadowhawk96
A pleasant surprise
I was very disillusioned with the mobile videogame market, with all the games out there that are just blatant cash grabs with a massive paywall, especially the pay-to-win multiplayer games where the person with the thickest wallet wins through a myriad of buffs, items, and specials only obtainable through straight hard cash. Then i stumbled onto this hidden masterpiece. I picked it up and was thinking “great, lets see how many minutes it takes before i have to spend money in order to go anywhere” i spent a few minutes on the app. Then later a few more. Then i started spending hours and days and still i was able to progress just fine without busting out a single cent. Soon i realized, Pokémon actually mostly stuck to its old school roots! Gameplay is fun and engaging, all the trainers and Pokémon are obtainable without spending any money, although i probably will spend a few bucks at this point just to show my appreciation to the developers, and for when they release some special event Pokémon. Seeing as this game is still in its early stages im sure pvp and more trainers will be added in the future. In the meantime, go and complete all the great content that’s already here! Awesome game! Good job developers!
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2 years ago, Panda🐉🐼🐉
Some people say it’s P2W. It definitely isn’t!! I have some VERY overpowered characters and I didn’t spend a cent. I say the game is AWESOME. It gives a ton of free stuff to it’s players. On the first day if your new, you get 3000 Free gems! ( Jump start login bonus ) Which you can summon 10 characters! (( Very most likely you will get ATLEAST 1 5 Star character )) The game is extremely genourous and the story line is awesome! The events are cool also. And if your thinking about downloading this, absolutely go for it! But I’m not going to force you. I’m just saying, it’s a really good game! It’s a great time killer. One of the best game’s I’d played. I’d do unlimited stars out of 5, but 5 is the max. Seriously, if your just scrolling and is interested in this, please download this! It’s an awesome game. I can’t say anything else. You don’t need to spend a cent on this if you want to get extremely overpowered. And I’m not lying! Seriously, you get so much free stuff! It’s unbelievable that this game is actually genourous and not a money taker unlike most games like this. This is all I can say, go download this game! ( Or maybe you already did and is just looking at the ratings for fun, and if so, GOOD JOB! ) 😃😃😃
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5 years ago, Nathaniel Kenney
Fun but limited
Before I go into this I just want to say that the game is fun and I love the concept, and is worth the download. There is co-op with friends which makes sense for a 3v3 style game. Now as for the negatives, there are a few big ones. My biggest one is no pvp. Pvp has always been a big part of Pokémon for me cuz me and my friends always loved battling each other, and hearing the devs say that it wasn’t going be in the game made me very sad that I couldn’t get that experience. I think it’s a little dumb that just because “It’s about cooperation” that you shouldn’t give the returning Pokémon fans the same experience. The gems are another thing. They shouldn’t have made paid gems and free gems a different thing. Your pushing micro transactions too hard for a franchise that already makes enough as is, and giving you 1 five star for paying 30 dollars is dumb because I got one on my first rng trainer. Lastly, grinding is too big of a thing if you don’t pay. Around chapter 4 and 5, I was too under leveled and on chapter 6, I was at max level (level 30 for 3 star characters) and was still too weak to do it, making me grind for 4 star or above of the right type trainers, and then grind for the levels for them. Like I said it’s still fun, but very limited to most players and I probably won’t stay on it for long unless they make changes.
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5 years ago, Kiantetheblackguy
Great game BUT
Love the game and a pokemon fan through and through. The only issue i have with the game is the balancin of getting new sync pairs. I know the point is to bring a lottle money to the game, but for the F2P players getting sync pairs is TOUGH. Ive been playing since the game came out and at first getting rare sync pairs was hard but lately for the past month ive literally only gotten 3 star syncs and 4stars THAT I ALREADY HAVE. Yes it wouldnt make sense to make them easily obtainable but at leat give the player a reason to spend money on the game. I spent money for gems at least 3-4x and each time i got a weak sync pair or one ive already had and its been like this for a while. Also increasing the percentage for the rarer sync pairs will make the co-op a lot more fun. Its very annoying trying to take down a hard co-op when fellow players join and dont have the correct sync pairs. So yeah only complaint is to make it slightly easier to obtain more useful and powerful sync pairs. LEGENDARY EVENTS ARE PERFECT CHANGE NOTHIG ABOUT THEM. The legendary raid concept in my opinion is balanced. It allows for the player to make a grind that isnt too long with proper payouts to allow you to get the legendary sync pair without too much trouble. GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE WORK!
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3 years ago, That_Dragon_ Ball_Fan
Could almost be great
First of all, it’s extremely difficult to increase your player rank, which is annoying as I just continued playing after putting it on hiatus for about 11 or 10 months. Also, the partner Pokémon system is extremely lame. The Pokémon that show up there are all just plain boring beside maybe Lapras or Kangaskhan. Also, what is up with the energy system. Some stages can go up to a full 20 stamina for one go. When the max stamina for a player rank 25 is 138 stamina. So you can only play certain stages 6 times in one day (excluding stamina from missions) . The only reason I’m going strong is because of the welcome back bonuses. Next, the way to increase the amount of stars is too annoying. There’re basically no places where you can get the tickets to increase the number of stars for a character, I can understand the 5-star tickets being rare, but I have only 3 in total for the 3-star tickets and none for 4-stars. And I’ve been grinding hard these past few weeks. Lastly (for now), the game gets boring after you finish the story and whatnot. The main reason I’m still going strong at the game is because I’m focused on powering up my favorite characters, but if it weren’t for that, I doubt that I’d still be playing. It could be so much better but so far the bad parts neutralize the good parts
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4 years ago, Wolfgamer2020
I love this game, but you should update the main story. It took me at least 4 weeks to complete the whole thing. Also, you should bring up the chance of getting a new sync pair. I love the fact that during Christmas the game gets a new look and people get a chance to get legendary Pokémon. I also think that you should add more to the customization of our character. I also believe that we should not get the same Pokémon almost every time out of an egg. I have a bunch of Pokémon that are the same as the ones I already made pairs with. Finally, I want you guys to give the egg hatched Pokémon an EX form. Or, you could add an item that you can get in the training area to let Pokémon hatched from eggs hold to get EX forms. P.S. please make a way to get paid gems is the game without having to pay real money for them. Also, lower the cost of unpaid gems for one/11 sync pairs. This is really hard to get gems now that I finished most of the game. (If you’re able to, please add side quests. This game is getting boring without the main story. The suspense on what will happen next is killing me.)Please add what I said here. I am a big fan. Thanks and keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Cutie pretty girls
Overall pretty Unique gameplay
Ives seen similar games using energy bars and stuff but with the moves in the this you could literally combo a huge attack and not let the enemy take a shot at you. I don’t know if this is true or not but if you can trigger a move before your opponent then it counts as the first moves then the next moves. But the thing is ppl could just spam the “buff” and all three at once while the ai triggers maybe one or two moves. I feel that this should be removed since if I had a fully connected thought out team I would be able to not even let the ai or enemy take a turn in using attack. Finally my biggest issue with this game as a Pokémon fan The leveling system I mean if you can at first lvl the living crap out of the first level 5 stat sync trainer you get then you can grind the level training room. I understand it says training room meaning it’s meant to help you grow but there should be a limit to it I mean I got my Pokémon’s that I mainly use up to lvl 85max and 80max and that was only in a day. I found my self with flowing right through the campaign and the pml league. Very sad I didn’t have a challenge. Biggest thing you should do right now though is nerf all training rooms to 10/10 try’s and put a 1 hour cool down for each try.
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5 years ago, We are the body
No since
I liked the game at first but once I worked my way through the story line and got to Ex raids and stuff this game is stupid hard at the higher levels. It was way easy at first then got so hard it’s more frustrating now than even fun. You can have three maxed out Pokémon and still don’t have a chance. Very aggravating grinding to max out what you think should be a great combo of Pokémon you need just to find out all that work for nothing. It’s even like that on the very hard training stages. At least with the real game you had a chance without the #1 Pokémon in each group if you was willing to grind and level it up. In this game it is too one dimensional it’s crazy. Only one way to win at upper levels or you just stuck playing the same old crap over and over. Another thing that I hate is they give your opponent a lot better moves and stats with the same exact Pokémon you have. Also in regular play why can the opponents sync move hit and knock out all three of your and your sync move only hits one at a time and usually very less effectively. Don’t waste your time unless you want to spend a lot of money and time trying to get the exact combo of Pokémon for all the various matches. If it was more like the real deal it would not matter. I could knock out anything as long as I had a strong enough Pokémon. In here level 100 doesn’t mean anything!
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5 years ago, Flash/arrow/legends/fan
Still a 5 star game
I have a few subtle issues with the game. Their are certain things that just don’t make sense and a few bugs. Like every time you open the game it spams the important message for news when it reality it is only new maybe once a day atm. Then I don’t really like the energy bar in the sense that one Pokémon takes from the others energy it’s a combined bar. Which to me is just kind of nonsense. It makes the game play much slower and less rewarding as far as damage goes and it makes the game require more turns or basically spamming single bar moves to moves the needle. Also I think it’s stupid some random moves hit all targets and then some special moves hit all targets. Doesn’t really make sense in the game logic. Other than that I still love it 5 start game just please balance the game a little better so it’s worth saving for 2 bar moves. Also please add more sync pairs!!! 65 pairs to start is not a lot when their are +800 Pokémon and we’ve seen and met hundreds if not thousands of trainers and leaders. It wouldn't be that hard to make an algorithm to randomize trainer styles like pokefan and poke ranger with different matching sync pairs.
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5 years ago, Delaney303
Just stop... don’t... get this game.
Typical grinder, get your mats level up beat next level, rinse, wash, repeat. Here’s the kicker, the potential system which is based on a star rating system 3 - 5 stars, is hugely flawed, you need 20 potential tickets to go from 3 stars to 4. Cool I’ll farm em’. Negative ghost rider you can only get those during events and three at a time. This is a problem because the lower the toons star rating the lower their lvl cap. Also the weird paywall they have, it’s kinda like a paywall but not really, because currently they hand out in game currency pretty regularly, but if you spend bucks for gems and do the sync pair scout x 10 there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get the toon you need or want so it’s a weird RNG paywall. Boring story, insane difficulty on the EX matches online to the point I can’t be matched with anyone for co-op, the auto play feature is pretty bad just let us steam roll those training matches without having to constantly hit the fight button, no way to farm Pokémon that aren’t gotten through story other then RNG, can’t join gyms and compete in PVP, the graphics are nice we get it can we speed the gameplay up? Combat is agonizingly slow. It’s almost like the Devs said to themselves “can we make a bad Pokémon game that people will spend money on? Yeah, yeah we can.” And that’s kinda what they did. So either wait a year and see if the devs get their act together or just don’t play.
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3 years ago, Jeoahxusdush
Game breaking crashes
I really want to play this game, but because I'm on an older device, I'm getting more and more restricted in what i can do. Without fail, every time i open a menu that pulls up all of my obtained characters, the game crashes instantly because it cant handle loading all of the characters i assume, and it gets worse the more characters i’ve unlocked. Because of this, i can no longer edit teams, level up characters, unlock level caps, level up theme skills, give lucky skills, level up sync grids, or access the potential & move level option. Summoning has also become pointless as i have no way to use the characters I obtain. The only characters i can use are those i was able to put on a team while i was still able to barely eek past the character list crash, which amounts to only six total. The rest are trapped behind a screen that crashes whenever i look at it. Please please adjust how the character menu works so that i may continue to play this game, as i truly do want to play it. However, without all these upgrades and a limited cast of usable characters, i see my future self quickly becoming unable to progress in the game at all. I would gladly rate higher if this problem did not exist, but cannot justify it now with such an unavoidable issue as this.
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5 years ago, Hannah Joestar
Some things I like, some I don’t
I won’t lie, this is a pretty fun game. However there are two particular things I’m disgruntled about. 1. Why are daily summons hidden behind a paywall? This is the first gacha game I’ve heard of that has done something like that. I am not planning on spending my money on this game and that fact that you have decided to do that is pretty dumb. I’m not the only one upset about this. 2. This is about the voice actors. Now, I’m a fan of and know of the majority of actors that were cast for the characters in this game, heck my friend Alejandro is one of them(he’s Roark), but wouldn’t it be possible to get the original or current anime voices of the pre-existing characters? One the voice actors in the anime, who’s name I won’t mention for privacy, expressed his sadness when he wasn’t even contacted about this game. He is one of the voices I grew up with but knowing you didn’t even bother to contact the current anime actors is a horrible move. I am absolutely sure that they would have LOVED to be in this game. In fact, in the credits, you don’t even list which actor plays who, just the actor’s name. Think about the other actors too. Please, you need to realize that they love what they do and the suddenly be replaced by someone else without their knowledge until they learn about it out of nowhere.
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5 years ago, KidChaor1
Honest Review
I have played many pokemon games over the years, on many different systems and this one fell short of my expectations. First of all the game is way to easy, and within less than 2 hours of gameplay time I beat every single story mission, and had three level 5 star characters all at level 85, and the ending or continuation is lacking as it just says this is as far as the game goes in a message. although i could have kept playing and maxed my characters out at 100, i did not see the point. The game istelf is too linear and the attempt to add on any free roam is pointless and linear as well. The replay value is pointless because you can get anything you need in training rooms within seconds. I find is tedious to play mission just for story thats two sentences the its complete....just add the to the next misison so it isnt a waste of time. P.s. pokemon games now with the internet are about being the strongest and playing online. either focus on the story and go big on that or go big on multiplayer, but this game fails in both regards. the multiplayer is basically you sharing attack turns with other players against a computer, and it isnt even a stronger player thay you couldnt beat yourself. thats all, no communicating with anyone or actually battling. The only beight side is seeing characters from other games all in one and the fact that in only took 2 hours of gameplay and didnt waste a lot of my time.
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5 years ago, Orphennnn2
Fun Game but huge error in direction.
Honestly I will give the game 3/5 because the animations are cool and the storyline is neat, and it’s unique to Pokémon. Honestly though in making this game they made a massive mistake. You took a franchise that’s all about collecting, leveling, evolution, and mainly battling and turned it into a fully focused PvE game. It’s 2019 and even during red, and blue back in the day after you beat the game all there was to do was collect, trade to evolve, and link up to battle. You took the main aspect out of Pokémon which is to be the best and battle it’s literally in the original song. It’s so sad there is nothing competitive about this game I really wanted to like it, and was prepared to put some money into it to get the trainers I liked, but honestly there’s no point in spending a dime on this game you can beat the whole game without spending any money and it’s super easy. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME DO NOT SOEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME. If you want to Kill time best the story there is no end game. There is no competitiveness. I was hoping this would make up for how Sword and Shield was looking but honestly at least sword and shield has PvE and PvP and end game battling with other players. I wish this company the best of luck with this game but without end game and a reason to spend money you won’t succeed and pvp is a reason a story line isn’t.
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4 years ago, kgdogdigd
Pikachu evolution
This game is fun and it’s a very good game to show somebody who hasn’t played Pokémon or doesn’t know it making this a great example for them. But the reason I write the review to you humble people is to add pikachu’s evolution. I know pokemon has this thing where it won’t evolve pikachu due to it being a iconic mascot and due to pokemon yellow’s popularity, but I just want the option to evole my pikachu into a Richu. I’m not saying you should add it and pikachu is an iconic character and by your making it evolve will take the fun out of it, but if you look at the other cast, their Pokémon can evolve to besides leaf which I also think should be able to evolve the eevee. It’s already logical the ash can’t exist in this Pokémon universe since red is here. Plus it’s already confirmed that blue and Gary are two different people dispite their personality matches. If you can’t give pikachu en evolution, then you could make friendship an evolution trait but then again leaf isn’t a major main character so that wasn’t work ether. Eevee could have some level requirements like “train eevee to level 30 at PM real life times” or something like that. I don’t want to come off as rude but I hope you continue to succeed in making this amazing game and I wish you the best of luck! -reviewer
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5 years ago, Skelterfelk
One of the bettter Gacha games.
I’m a massive Pokémon fan and this was my first experience with a gacha game. It seems to be alright for a Gacha, but that’s not saying much. It doesn’t have a rich story to back up your time like Fate Grand Order apparently does, but it also doesn’t have an annoying energy system like many mobile games do. One less thing to sink money on is always appreciated. The micro transaction split makes me sad; there are certain transactions you can only purchase if you use currency you paid for. On principle, I am disappointed in this; greed of this sort is seeping into so many of mainstream games thanks to mobile. Still, the game gives you the best character both game wise and character wise for free anyway, so there isn’t too much of a push to use the microtransactions. Don’t really see why people say this game is pay to win though; game seems just as easy paid as free. In summary, for a Gacha game, it’s beautifully animated, has simplistic gameplay without an energy system in addition to a mediocre story, and microtransactions that aren’t too obtrusive but are ridiculous if you actually decide to pay. One of the better Gacha games especially if you like Pokémon characters, but still definitely a Gacha game with not too much to it gameplay wise.
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3 years ago, Hie boi
Please add pvp!!
I love this game a lot! I think it’s nostalgic, fun and it’s wonderful for passing time. I started playing a lot more and I’ve gotten really into it. I’ve spent money, beaten all of story mode normal and hard, I’ve don’t battle villa to where I can’t win anymore because it’s to hard, I’ve done all the things I can do by either completely finishing them or by beating them all the way up to where I can’t progress anymore because it’s to hard. There should be more ways to get gems (like more bingos) and there should be more events because those are really fun but most importantly there should be pvp...I think. Would be lots of fun if there was a pvp system in the game because 1 you could have something to progress in, you will have another way to get rewards by getting in different leagues in the pvp system. There are so many different things that pvp could bring to this game and I really think instead of adding new Pokémon that you should work on adding new things to do in the game like adding pvp. I’ve invested time and money into the game and I love it a lot and I would like to see some new things added :)thank you
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5 years ago, WesterBeaster
It’s alright but...
Before I get into negatives, I will say that I am having fun with the game so far. The concept is very interesting and I might like it more as I play. As for the negatives, I only have two gripes. 1) the battling. The Sync Bar on the bottom of the screen is a little slower than I expected. And the fact that there are moves that cost two sync points while doesn’t seem bad at first, you really have to wait a bit for it to fill back up to utilize your party’s moves and that can really halt the gameplay. The passive moves don’t really help that much either in regards to wait time. And then there’s 2) the gems. It’s no secret that micro transitions are becoming the social norm. But the way this game handles it is just dumb. Apparently there are two kinds of gems, the ones you earn while playing and the ones you pay for with real world money. As of writing this, there’s an event going on that would let you get a 5 Star character for 3000 PAID gems, and that is going to cost around $20-$30 dollars. FOR ONE CHARACTER. Why is the currency for this game like this? If the gems were used like in every other mobile game with micro transactions, then I wouldn’t complain as much. But this is just insulting. Especially for a franchise that has enough money as is.
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5 years ago, Kiara311R
Great game!
I recently downloaded this game, and to say the least, it’s very addictive. To the amazing, colorful graphics and to the wonderful and fun gameplay, this game is awesome! I love almost every aspect of it and I would definitely recommend it! Although, if I could recommend some things, they would be more options for character customization. As far as I know, YOUR personal character can only have pikachu and torchic at some point in the game, so that kind of makes our own character pointless if they aren't in a electric based fight or fire.(Which is the reason for our scouts, but I really enjoy having ‘myself’ in the game :[ )I think it would be nice if we could choose our Pokémon in the beginning? I know there were probably reasons pikachu was chosen as the automatic pokémon we are handled, but I feel it would be more personal and interesting to choose our own... Also, more physical customization? As in hairstyles and clothing? I would really love that. One of my favorite parts of video games is making my character my own and customizing them to my extents. BUT IGNORING MY RECOMMENDATIONS THE GAME IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AND I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!
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5 years ago, homedeepo
Played for one month
I really wanted to like this. Really tried. The fact the people behind this f-ed up a game is beyond me. Without the name “Pokemon” this would have flopped so hard. The grinding for little reward is too much. I pretty much leave my phone on auto to get awards. This isn’t a game... why can’t we just have a normal Pokémon game. Everything else besides gems is basically useless after a while. And 300 gems for each sync unless you want to pay... and pay? Wow that is so much money. How greedy can you be? I’m over this. Was playing Pokémon duel before this, which was okay... better than this. But this is awful. The fact the creator of this has publicly apologized... okay. So fix it? Your fix is adding more levels? More grinding? No dude! Add more Pokémon! Add way more Pokémon and make them more accurate to what they are useful for. HOW IS ARCANINE NOT A STRIKER!? You’ve really messed up Pokémon. Please stop, and give the job to someone else to salvage. Or better yet, remove this from the App Store and create a real Pokémon game. I hope people read this and stay clear instead of wasting time like I did. I’ll give this 2 stars because it still takes a lot to create a game and I do see the people behind this making updates and trying to fix it. But unfortunately, I don’t see myself coming back to this. Cheers.
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2 years ago, ghdytfg
Give the main character more outfits
I really like this game from the exit down to the Gacha life but I think that the main character forget some Victoria outfits like today for Christmas or new year or really anything we could just be me but I’m tired of blessing the main character in the normal outfit with nothing special too there is change the color also made the main characters instead of it just the regular old generic lose because I’m tired of just usingI’ll be using graphic impact on my Bulbasaur when I could be using a special move like one of a kind move by my beautiful the only other main character remove that has a special ability would be so go Leo and even so that you barely even use that we should at least be able to use tortured and really annoying that the main character doesn’t have any help with that audition with them in your normal which I really don’t like talking so if you guys are hearing this can you please give me a main care of tomorrow you can even have like a creator where you can create designs in parable Pokémon with it and then app rather than you just wearingThe same old outfit
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3 years ago, MoxieMaddie
Fixable problems
I want to love this game. But there are some very simple issues that surprisingly haven’t been addressed. Something extremely simple to fix would be the ability to look at a Pokémon and sync pair and view its details. It’s impossible to do this. Why should I spend money in a game that won’t let me actually view what I bought? When you click on a Pokémon/sync pair all it does is switch it out onto your current team, making it impossible to simply view the Pokémon and evaluate its stats and abilities etc. Seems like a really simple feature, not sure how they missed that. Secondly, removing the auto battle feature, or reducing how much it does, would help this abs countless other games. It’s tough to not get bored quickly with a game that you can simply choose auto battle. Most people have a hard time choosing to manually battle when there is the much quicker and simpler option of auto battle, the problem is that when you play a game with a total auto option it gets boring extremely quickly. Let us look at our Pokémon, and also get more involved in battles, and you’ll have a much more interesting game that keeps players from deleting after an hour of monotony.
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5 years ago, Shaka, When the Walls Fell
Good concept, poor execution
If you have a gambling addiction stay away! This game is set up to be very predatory. Endgame coop games are impossible without specific premium summons and this game is very stingy when it comes to free ones. Unless you had very good luck with your free pulls, you’re going to hit a hard road block. Towards the end, this game also gets super tedious and repetitive. Drop chances for certain items you need are low and it requires repeated grinding to gather enough for upgrades. What’s worse is that certain items are only available via coop play and those bosses are incredibly difficult to defeat. The random people you’re connected with might not have the right team and might not know the very specific method to use to win. With some of the bosses there’s no margin for error so you end up losing or quitting the vast majority of battles. Not to mention endgame bosses are basically immune to every disruption so a third of the characters are essentially useless. The game can be really fun but the developer needs to make some serious changes for it to last. It’s currently bleeding players. There’s barely any new content and the stuff that has come out has been lackluster. At the moment it just feels like a quick cash that will be abandoned after the player base has been sucked dry.
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5 years ago, NexusMHX
As a Longtime Pokemon Fan
Liking the game as it feels like the traditional Pokemon game when it comes to dialogue and corniness of how people act (which is a nice reminiscent). The Gacha system seems a bit weird at first but tbf, all games from Japan are like that. The gameplay is alright though I have a massive problem with that. Type matchups are inconsistent. It feels like each Pokemon have their primary typing (dual type Pokemon have a Primary and sub type) as their main attacking and each Pokemon is weak too only one type. This feels so lacking and such because Pokemon types have different weaknesses and resistances which is annoying when a primary grass pokemon isn’t weak to fire but rather flying (Rosa is an example). For some long time fans who know proper match typing for certain Pokemon will get thrown off by this system. Second Problem is the lack of a choice of a Pokemon for your trainer (the player) being limited by a Pikachu. Let me say that Pikachu is aight but far from my favorite Pokemon. It would be better if we could choose our Pokemon (within reason) would lead us to use them (the player’s character) more often instead of replacing them with a Pokemon trainer with a different Pokemon that they might like or for usefulness.
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3 years ago, jp3sonic
Critics are Wrong.
A lot of the critics are saying that this is a “Pay to win” or”waste of time” and the Company isn’t lazy they are busy and there’s Proof.1.Guaranteed sync pairs. A lot of people are complaining about not getting there fav Sync pair it’s not the companies fault it’s The chance fault it’s The reason why u aren’t getting ur fav Sync pair and if you look at the chances there’s a slim chance you’re going to get that if u don’t STOP complaining u will never get that Sync pair.2. Stats&moves. People are getting Salty about the Pokémon stats and moves like Pikachus Stats but the true problem is that u never upgrade your Sync pairs and if u do stop complaining ur wrong.3. Stamina. Of all salty comments I HATE! Is da stamina. Stamina is the very thing that keeps u playing the game and trust me stamina wasn’t here ever since the months this was released A lot of people are saying that u need ALOT of gems to refill ur stamina but the reason it’s happening is because u use skip tickets and they take away a lot of stamina in events and if u own a lot of gems I suggest you spend them. From ur godly Jp.
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5 years ago, Eidolon Odin
An amazing game!
If you told me 5 years ago that there was gonna be a Pokémon gacha game in the future, I would’ve laughed at you. Yet here we are... First off, every trainer seems to be in the game. EVERY TRAINER. From all generations. Rivals, Gym Leaders, Elite Four even Frontier Brains! The way they made summoning Trainers with their partner Pokémon and evolve them, was likely the best way to go about it. I like the 3 v 3 battles and that Pokémon are weak to one type not multiple like the main games. Keeps the game simple, even with current moves. Love the story too and I REALLY love the fact they put so much depth in each character’s background. I learned more about an unpopular Gym Leader than the anime and games put together. That’s some hard work. If you don’t like gacha games, they at least give you really good/cool F2P units. Whether you play this for your favorite trainer, the story or the sync battles, this is a must for anyone, ESPECIALLY if you’re a Pokémon fan. The tutorial is rough, but past it it’s amazing. Also the main games will never have you use Cynthia, Sabrina and Flannery on the same team...that’s how fanservice this game is and I can’t get enough of how perfect that is. Idk yet, but I wonder if Evil Teams are/will be playable...
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5 years ago, CDCount
No incentive
No incentive to play or even log in. To elaborate your daily challenge rewards only reward pitiful manuals that you can get by easily doing a training mission. Level a mon to 100? Enjoy your pitiful manual as a reward, maybe get that other new mon to level 6 with this bad boy. Incredibly greedy, even by gacha standards. Expect any celebration or give aways for 10 million downloads? Nope sorry. Not even going to acknowledge in game besides a nicely worded letter. Once the launch bonus daily rewards are gone good luck even doing one summon a day if you’re f2p. Oh and did I mention two different types of currency? Wouldn’t want you f2p-ers thinking you’re in the same tier as whale and dolphin-kun. Actually there is no reason to dolphin because you need 400 summons to get the pity selective summon. Oh btw this 400 countdown resets as soon as the next banner hits. So it’s pretty much worthless. Game has great personality in its characters and is a joy to look at but if you peel apart the beautiful wrapping you’ll find a game plagued with unnecessary greed from its devs that cripple the experience entirely. If you are dead set on playing it I recommend waiting a year and checking in to see if they’ve made any significant changes when it comes to their business model. If you have a gacha itch there are plenty out there that are much more generous without this level of avarice.
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4 years ago, AdamK16
Needs more story/ mechanics
Don’t get me wrong I love this game. I just feel the story is a bit short. It leaves on a cliff hanger. And co-op is the only way other than events and area to get any kinda fun afterward. Also, with co-op I don’t know I’d it’s just me or just local, but it always goes to NPCs. As if no one uses it. I feel as if the slow start to the game makes a lot of players quit playing, but trust me as you continue on, it starts to being fun again. Wish the stamina would be quicker refilling. Also for some aspects of the game, like having more egg incubators (cause yes you can have your own Pokémon pairs) they have to use a strict, buy only, gem policy. If anything there should be an option to buy it through gems earned through the game, but have the price jacked up. So yes it’ll take longer to get, but then you don’t have players doing 12 hours of waiting to do each egg they have. It’ll give them a goal to work towards and they’ll send more time in the game. But if all these little things get fixed in the future, I’m sure this could become a highly popular game.
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4 years ago, pfargtlgeist
Great, could be better
It shouldn’t have to constantly be connected to the Internet. That’s probably why it’s such a battery-drainer. Also, certain features could benefit by being unlocked earlier in the main story. By the time Co-Op mode is activated, story mode has become monotonous and people probably stop using the app before they ever unlock co-op, which is probably why I keep playing with NPCs after never finding a Co-Op partner. Other than that, the game does a good job of recreating a Pokémon game experience on the mobile platform. It’s weird that the music is loosely based on tracks from the games—I’d either have a combination of entirely new tracks and arrangements of old tracks, but these tracks feel like they’re teasing at nostalgia without letting you enjoy the whole track that’s in your memory. But unlocking items like pearls and gems and level-up manuals is very fun. And the best part about this game is that I’ve played for at least 48 hours and I haven’t hit the point where I’ve had to pay real money for something, which is WONDERFUL—I probably WILL spend real money on this app BECAUSE it’s not required to play through the story! Good game, Pokémon Company, but it would be perfect if a few things like these were changed.
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5 years ago, DS*eevee
Fun game but
This game is really fun but there’s still a lot that needs to be fixed. The game sometimes freezes or takes forever to load when I want to load the battles. I know it’s not my internet because it works for all my consoles and laptop with no issues. I would rather have a team of 6 Pokémon, not 3. And the fact you can’t pick your starter is a let down. It would also be nice have more options to make my character unique(clothes, hairstyles etc.) Another recommendation I have is for the exchange and to be able to mass exchange the same item if you have more than ten. It’s annoying have to go back and click on the same item if you have more than 10 of it. Loving the game so far and I’ve hooked on it but I wish summoning was cheaper. And also make it so that a Pokémon has more than one weakness. Not just that water is weak against grass but also electric. I can’t wait to see how this game improves! I have a few more recommendations for the game that is to make the evolution stones cheaper since for the 3rd evolution is overpriced and there’s much of an option to earn coins. I can see 300, 000 for all 3 stones but not just one. And grinding for items to release the level cap is annoying and takes too long. Especially to get the gym notes. I don’t want to uninstall this game but for the moment, it’s not an enjoyable experience.
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4 years ago, w👀my
As a Veteran yet New Player
I've played since the first day, but never really got into the actual gameplay other than completing the battles that give the legendary sync pair such as Zinnia or the MC. However, around the stamina update, I got more into the game and actually started caring for the gameplay and not just the gacha aspect. But, when I did, I noticed how far behind I was on EVERYTHING! My Skyla wasn't at 3/5 yet or my Iris wasn't at 5 Star yet... etc..., but I wasn't able to do so easily because of how getting those are designed. While I understand that you should work for these type of upgrades, it is so hard to get these upgrades. Every time there is a new Full-Force battle for the events, I barely bother because I don't have any of the upgrades to be able to beat them. Well, woops guess that's MY fault for not being able to do this old event and having no way to get that opportunity again. I love this game, and it is by far my favorite piece of Pokémon media, but I really wish there were better ways of letting new players/those who missed out get the upgrades that veterans have. The gacha box from the rerun of the Zinnia event is a good start, but I wish it was much more. Please and Thank you :)
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4 years ago, FQADADE
Good Until “The Cycle” Comes
For all it’s worth, the game is definitely a cut above the previous applications that have been presented to us. Naturally as an avid Pokémon fanatic since childhood I give every app a chance and this one impressed me. It gets a little bit repetitive and boring after a while because of how prolonged and strenuous the leveling up process is. I think the items that can be purchased with gems should be expanded to beyond just lottery selections (e.g. - once you reached a certain level cap, leveling up beyond that requires a large amount of training books — a process that may take hours for nearly achieved only to get to the end and become too tired to even want to continue on.) There’s no P2P battles which takes away from the traditional Pokémon experience, so It’s enjoyable but after a while, it becomes a hassle and almost a “job” to be able to continue to enjoy the game if that makes sense. Also, do not delete the app, I had to learned the hard way that it does not save and/or link with your Apple Game Center account. You will have to start from square 1 if you do, another reason why loyalty to this app and enjoyment of it sits on a adjustable tilt. Either it’s really fun or really terrible..
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4 years ago, Jerry198405
Awesome but...
This game is awesome but I think that the story is way too quick. I mean, when it said I entered the PML, I thought, already?! It was way too quick I thought. It’s fine you can keep this but can you add more parts of us exploring Pasio after we entered the PML? And 300,000 coins for 1 evolution crystal!? Can you guys at least do something like, 5 evolution shard for an evolution crystal? I also want you to continue the main story. I’m already finished with it but I really want to know what’s going to happen next, so please hurry! Can we also get more diamonds? I know you guys did an event so we can get more diamonds but we spent 300 diamonds for a sync pair scout. Can you guys also add more sync pairs? But everything else is great. The trainers are fun to be with and you guys do a great job of making it feel I’m right there, experiencing it. The stories are fun and I like the sync pair stories and co-op battles. I totally think this game is amazing, just needs a few changes. I also discovered a bug. The boost “No Turning Back” fails when I use it a second time and “Time to Energize” makes the move gauge full instead of boosting it by 3. But other than that, it’s fun.
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5 years ago, PotatoGuy13
Okay for a little while...
I’m just going to get straight to the point, the game is really fun, but only up to the late storyline. After that you either spend tons of money and still have to grind for a while to progress, or for F2P people you almost need to grind indefinitely. There’s no PVP or catching Pokémon, you can’t swap your own sync Pokémon (no more forced pikachu partners anymore PLEASE) and the storyline isn’t even finished yet. The plot isn’t that unique, even with tons of characters from all the regions. It’s just the same old “Pokémon are partners not servants” theme that’s been used in Pokémon countless times. Some sync pairs are completely overshadowed by stronger ones, and have little to no use due to the fact that the only effective strategy against the bots is to boost up and spam. The game does have its good points, the graphics and designs are awesome and the sync pairs all act the same way they were represented in the anime or the games. There’s tons of side stories you can do too that are pretty well made. The game could be a lot better and I’m hoping it will improve in the future by reducing the grind and balancing sync pairs to shake up the meta. It’s definitely at least worth a run through the main storyline if nothing else.
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