Poker 88 - Deuces Wild

3.5 (29)
21.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Code Redman Ltd
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poker 88 - Deuces Wild

3.52 out of 5
29 Ratings
12 years ago, Mommia123
Poker 88
Love this game, but getting more than 100 chips to start would make it better!
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7 years ago, Bvs2014
Love to play Deuces and Jokers but
I recently played the Joker and Dueces wild game and got one of each which should have been a straight! It did not pay... I saw recently had this happen on another Cade Redman game too. They seem to have fixed that other game but I can't tell on this game. Also, Game Center show somebody winning almost $500,000,000 on a hand. How? Seriously? I can't even win $100k!
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6 years ago, Granny 1 68
Poor performance
I have all four of these poker games and have had little luck with any of them hitting anything. Too bad because the graphics are awesome, the best I have come across. The free credits given are a joke and the wait time of 3 hours is ridiculous. I tried playing them for a long time and decided to try them again. So far not so hot.
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6 years ago, Baseball_maniac17
Avoid. It’s unfair
Don’t try to double your money after a win. I did a trial of doing this 30 times. I won 5 and lost 25. Probability of this win loss ratio if you flipped a coin is unheard of so I think they rig the game.
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7 years ago, ctbkrk
No good
Every one of your poker games is a piece of crap!! Deserves zero stars!!
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5 years ago, omer1$
No good
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12 years ago, Janine m K
Ok people, a way to not pay anything!
All you have to do is delete it, then re-download app. Start's from scratch. I've done this over and over. Never paid a dime.
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12 years ago, Drdj682007
88 games
Good game easy to play but not enough chips to start with to long to wait after going broke buying chips cost to much for the amount of real money spent just to play the game I wouldnt buy this app because of above statement glad the app wad free I wouldn't been happy if I paid for it with the rules the game uses
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12 years ago, Crozetbob
Great App
Why so many negative review? This is a great app. I never had to buy chips, I always have a couple thousand on hand to play with. One of the best poker apps out there.
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12 years ago, Melsie517
So much fun!!!!
Deuces wild is my favorite game, and I only get to play it when I go down to the boardwalk. Since ive had this app it's soo much fun and I've been playing nonstop all day! Must buy!
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9 years ago, Papflap
Can't put game down
Enjoy the game very much can't put game down even though o font buy chips I just play with the free ones
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12 years ago, Haddenkr
I really like the card games, wish you received more chips to play with, not gonna pay for chips unless I'm in Vegas!
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12 years ago, Lindad3991
Fun game
I like this game and I play conservatively so I don't buy chips. If I run out, I just wait till it reloads. It is after all just a game.
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10 years ago, Bosco107
Great Game
Great game to play. Screen is bigger than most card games. Really enjoy playing. Loaded this also on my wife's phone. Thanks
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12 years ago, Travel Mouse
Fun Game!
Works well. Entertaining. I have not bought any chips. I like all the developer's games.
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9 years ago, Langywaterboy
I have spent nearly 400 dollars on chips no never once got ahead, this wouldn't happen at any casino, I raise my bet and it doesn't give a winning hand until you are almost broke, plus your chips are too expensive
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11 years ago, Gaston maya
Best card game
This the most existing poker game I ever played you just can't stop playing
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11 years ago, JoeGastoria
Writing a review on deuces wild poker
I love this game I haven't been to Las Vegas to play in person, so this is an e xcellent diversion....thx for making it so much fun Dottie I give this game a 5star plus++++
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9 years ago, Tony48greenbay
Lots of fun
Nice game. Good graphics. I had a lot of fun playing it, but not as much fun as I had last night with your mother.
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10 years ago, Creamy12345
Have played for 2 years. Can't stop
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12 years ago, Laughalot2day
Great fun
I like that I have the option of waiting for free chips when I run out. I will never pay to gamble online.
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11 years ago, Joylynnek
Great Game......
......I really enjoy this game,I look forward to playing as soon as coins are available,much mahalo's.
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12 years ago, hhslotter
Fun but...
I wish I could turn off the question about doubling my winnings each time I win.
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12 years ago, 462dave
Fun but still not enough chips
The game would be great except for the few chips that are given for free. It would be very expensive to play the game often.
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12 years ago, Bell lady 14
It's fun
The app is a good one... But I agree that buying chips would be pretty silly... Just play and have fun!
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12 years ago, CarrieElle
Fun, addicting game, would like more than 300 coins on refill, hence my 4 double or nothing to increase winning hands!
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12 years ago, Decor8rr
Fun to play while your waiting in a line and need to pass time
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12 years ago, Mrs Thea
Good past time
Fun game. I hate when the small amount of chips are exhausted, not worth buying chips.
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13 years ago, Ruduf
Why buy chips
Buying chips is have no chance of winning real money so why pay for something over and over that you are playing for FUN!
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12 years ago, expert1
Better than the real thing
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12 years ago, Just me Bama
Love this game
Great while you're waiting for a doctor
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11 years ago, Rock N Rick
Deuces Wild 888
This game is fun but it seems it is not a true random 52 card deck deal. I rarely can play as I would n real games. It seems to be about a 40% return rate.
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11 years ago, Twin Stick
Fun time killer
Great for airports, doctors offices and family reunions! Better than listening to Uncle Fred's stories about the Army.
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12 years ago, 1crazycajun1
Real cash ?
Dear developers if I'm gonna spend real cash I'm gonna go to a casino where I can get real cash back on my investment, not more fake chips ! Any one who buys fake chips is out of there minds and needs to be committed !!!! Since the update the game has gotten worse the house wins 95% of the time. Do not download , this game is a total waste of time and space ! Henceforth I am deleting it from my device !!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Chris Childers
Dueces wild
Fun game but does not last long enough.
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10 years ago, Crash cash
Love this game!
Can't stop playing.
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11 years ago, Shaynun
Love it...
I love this game too bad u can really win though...
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12 years ago, Waygone
Nice game to occupy time. But no matter what you always lose your money ..... Just like real poker
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12 years ago, Wasilla, AK
Why would I spend real money to play fake poker? If I'm going to spend real money to play poker, it will be for real poker. Not this game. Too bad you cannot give negative stars for a rating.
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13 years ago, R&gjg
Not sure yet if it as good as other deuces wild games,but it very easy to play ! Not enough free chips .,,, too long a wait for free chips. Other poker apps replenish at once when broke !!!!
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11 years ago, Technomomma
Great fun. Taught my GRANDKIDS while we were camping. They had a ball. I've had 2natural royal flush straights!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Kai Boy92276
App is kinda stupid not many options!! Who would ever buy chips to win fake chips back???? Not the greatest app!!! ;(
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12 years ago, Folfer
Fun game
Really enjoy, best "pass the time app." Play just about every day, at least for a couple minutes, while waiting in line or just killing a bit of time.
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12 years ago, 68Danny
Addicting and so much fun. It helps me practice what to do in real poker!!!!
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13 years ago, Mariya777
It was fun but once u lose ur chips in 2 minutes u can't play anymore unless u purchase more chips... Ur not even gonna win any money so why would u keep buying chips? Itl cost u $100/day!
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11 years ago, Kevin Shufelt
Great game
This is one of the best poker games I've played
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12 years ago, Gordyb71
Is not very fair. Should get more odds them to break even on three of a kind.
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10 years ago, L1946
never a royal flush
does anybody ever get a royal flush? I play all five of there games and they are very very tight with giving anything four of a kind is almost a miracle !
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12 years ago, bohdi2021
It's an ok game
Fun game but the house wins entirely too much. I keep having to wait for a fresh load of chips.
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12 years ago, Angelslilac
I Likey!
Love this game, hate when I lose to the computer
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