Poker All Day - Texas Hold’em

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CaptivePlay LLC
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Poker All Day - Texas Hold’em

4.7 out of 5
16.1K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Crowski1
Look out for the River here
Excellent site. At least for me lve been crushed on the River more times than l count. The site generates revenue by you buying chips and lve purchased way too many, so l turning it over to my sons They do reply when lve had questions it may take several days. Bet lightly at first and see if POKER ALL DAY is for you. Be safe G
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3 years ago, Hawyn20
Bad Beats Galore
There are more bad beats than in real life. It happens so much that I decided to count the amount of bad beats in a tournament, I couldn’t believe that I literally counted 16 bad beats in the tournament that I played in and that was just on the tables that I was on. I lasted 53 minutes and had to laugh because I was taken out by a bad beat (my pocket kings lost to a flush when the river was the 4th club on the board making my opponents flush). There were over 300 players so there were at least 40 tables. Imagine how many bad beats there must have been in total. It’s fun for a little while but then you will find that it’s kind of predictable. Basically, you have a good chance at winning with a bad beat so it doesn’t make sense to fold your hand even if your percentage to win is low. For example you have pocket Aces…flop is Ace, 3, 4…other person has 2, 7…A Five (5) will most likely come on the turn or the river so the person with the 2, 7 will probably stay in and win wit a straight to beat the trip Aces. It truthfully happens way too much on this App. Like I said, it’s fun for a little bit but it really is unrealistic.
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1 year ago, i_love_norway
Report to Apple or the BBB
What this app is doing multiple times which I have screen recordings is to slow down your connection speed when you have a good hand and winning too much. Not Cool! I caught you too many times. Please report to have this app taken off the App Store. I will not tolerate this nor should anyone else. Stop it today! I will be sending to Apple my screen recordings to show how you are cheating! Stop it. Word to the wise. The cards from what I can tell are being treated correctly but check out what happens to your speed when it times you out when you have Aces and or any other high cards. Shame on you! Don’t try to deny it. It’s too overwhelmingly obvious. Shame on you. You need to be punished financially for cheating your customers. Stop it today!! In app Cheaters to the Max ! Do not! I repeat do not get this game. This game needs to be reported!
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2 years ago, Fick55
Great to horrible!
Great poker action, only thing I'd change starting out is hard to get in the bigger games because you get very minimal chips with your free spin every 2 hours! You don’t even get the daily free spin any more 99ents if you want it. The loyalty rewards points are ungodly ridiculous, 4000 rubies for 400,000 coins. , not real poker bad beats galore. I went all in with kq of spades only to loose to j 3 off suit that I had called someone else’s all in betwith , donks galore. Just lost about all my chips to a donk player that beat me on the river with 2 pairs vs my king q diamonds. I’ve never seen so many bad beats, I go all in with pocket queens on the flop is q 9 5 turn 10 , river Ace too loose to a river , I know I didn’t have the best hand but too loose,bit on the river like that , I’m sorry not random at all. Raise with crap and win, raise with good cards loose!!
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3 years ago, jmill7233
I’m over it.
This is actually a fine app to lose yourself into every now and then. My main complaint is it logs you out every now and then and when you try to log back in it will not recognize your log in so you have to create a new password. This is annoying and unnecessary. If real money was being used and someone could hack into your account then I could see why this happens. Every time this happens I say I’m done with this app. I’d been on and off this app a couple of times today and then I try again and guess what??? Logged out!! This time I am done for sure. There are so many other things and can and should be doing.
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1 year ago, Asdfvbnmlkjh
Bad beats or bots?
Social gaming like this only has the host platform to make sure it’s being honest. But the host gets 30% and some might call that a conflict of interest. Since only the developer and the host get the real money you spend buying pretend money to bet, it isn’t considered gambling. So instead of using an authentic random number generator, they can use a program to manipulate the game and maximize their revenue. Some might call that cheating. Finally, when you see a player call all in with 8/2 off suit, you might be thinking they’re just a bad player. But when they beat pocket aces maybe you should be thinking, what did they know that I didn’t? 🤔 Bad beats or bots…the end result is the same.
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1 year ago, HelpfulDad
Not realistic-designed to sell chips
Don’t use this to grind for RL because the deal is designed to motivate you to but chips. There are so many things that aren’t realistic: more than once I’ve seen Quads 4-5 times in as many days, more than half the time the flop has a pair on the board or 3 suited cards, tables rarely fill and frequently have multiple players “sitting out” so you end up heads-up against a bot that always successfully chases a flush. It’s not that you always lose, rather they use psychology to balance lose/reward to prompt players to buy chips. When it’s your time to lose, you just can’t win unless you coerce another real player to fold a better hand. If you have a flush or straight, the bot will have a higher one or a full house. If you have pocket kings, a bot will have Aces. If you have Aces, the bot will get a set. Unless it’s your turn to win. Good luck pairing on the flop with a high pair It’s still fun when it’s your turn to win
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2 years ago, East Coast Slots
Been playing over a two week period
I play poker at casinos and local tournaments. I have never seen so many bad beats in my life. Like last card bad beats when you have them dominated pre and post flop only to lose on the river card. Of course most of these players really don’t know how to play poker holding onto bad hands and getting bailed out. In real life they wouldn’t last 5 minutes at a real poker table. So it’s fun for a break but don’t expect even the most skilled player to be successful here due to the “all in with a 4/6 off suit” against pocket kings but bailed out by hitting a straight, time and time again. Lol
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2 years ago, Gavin Stal
Payment Scam in app ads
Has a lot of good quality’s such as the modes you can play.(Tournaments, Final tables, cash games, etc.) …BUT, lots of issues, randomly logs me out ALL the time, constantly pulls up ads that you can’t stop or exit out of it just takes you to the verification of payment screen trying to trick you into accidentally buying something(WHICH IS A SCAM), Has no chat bar so you cannot communicate with other players except for emotes, no social capacity as in friends list or keeping up with other people chip counts/tournament winnings/etc., My biggest thing is the payment scam. If it doesn’t get fixed and taken off immediately I will move back to WSOP. Scamming is scummy.
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3 years ago, MTG EBAY TOP SELLER
Total scam
Do not play or definitely do not buy chips, I played for months and did just fine, they ran a special for $4.99 for several million, I bought into the deal and then magically I started getting beat real bad on bad beats, I would get amazing cards and lost every single time to crazy cards like Jack 4 off suit, it has to be bots playing to beat you to get you to buy more chips, the computer they have set up is designed to frustrate you and beat you Everytime on your premium hands. Trust me 100% go play WSOP or something entirely better then this app that was programmed to manipulate you to buy more chips.
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4 years ago, dbj76
Edit: FIXED (see below) App worked fine pre iOS 14.x I then ‘upgraded’ to iOS 14.x and I get the message “Unstable internet connection”. Then if I disable my WiFi connection and use cellular data it works fine and can play at tables. While sitting at a table I then turn on WiFi again and it immediately says “Unstable internet connection” or the app crashes. You need to fix the WiFi portion of your app so it works with iOS 14.x. And on top of that you need to stop rigging the hands. I’ve never seen so many pairs on the flop ... or bad beats for that matter. Completely unrealistic. Edit: Contacted support and for some reason during the upgrade to IOS 14.x the ‘Local Network’ setting for the app got disabled. Go to Settings and scroll down to the PlayWPT app. Check to make sure the ‘Local Network’ setting is enabled.
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2 years ago, 1Bayder
A slot machine disguised as poker.
I have been playing hold ‘em for over 30 years, and this game (when sponsored up to last month) for over 5 years. This isn’t poker, it’s odds defying. Random? Baloney. What kind of ‘poker’ flops quads on 4/10 hands consistently? Or pays off donkey calls consistently. EVERY river yields a less than 5% chance win - more boats than the navy. More straights than Mormon church. Since they lost WSOP, and made this abomination, I have lost over $120M chips trying to play quality poker. Can’t be done. Save your money, run away. I’m over it - deleting this ap. Wish I could do <1 star.
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2 years ago, tsgsbwt
Like the rest
You will get a lot of good cards that will hold up in the first 5 days or so. After that you will get the same cards but sucked out on regularly. Also, expect the river to be the determining card 85% of the time and will always swing to the weaker hand. Just my observations, but I’m sure everyone will agree. I’m sure if you buys chips, you will do well…just like the others. Tournaments will always make things exciting with weaker cards winning more. In order to rack up chips, best bet is to play cash tables. Update 24 hours later: Bad beats have gotten way worse, proving they do control cards. Have you ever flopped quads and gotten beaten by runner runner quads in real life? No, it’s happened twice to me since 1st review. Also, just got beaten by a flopped nut flush with runner runner straight flush. Such a fun realistic site.
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4 months ago, Evileyee
It’s rigged
It’s free you say what’s the big deal. Built my pot up to 14 mill then it started couldn’t win never bought any chips for cash, so they shut me off couldn’t win a hand , people would stay in and catch with nothing and beat me plus they always had a better hand and beat me. Definitely rigged, yes you get beat like that once in awhile but not for three months straight. I’m done everyone good luck having fun on this site.🤮
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2 years ago, pun503
Poker here is awesome
I have played poker on several poker sites and i find this site to be the most fair. When a person plays a lot of poker hands over the years… you can tell when its rigged. This site is fair and i encourage other poker players to tell their friends about this site and make it your home game 👍🃏
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3 years ago, BIG VEEEE
More $$ seems a smarter better bet.
I have played for years and always in the lowest man range. I thought that would be good practice a real game. Today I started with $20k game on 2 occasions won big in both. The reason is I placed safer , going out faster rather than just chasing a good hand. A lesson learned, I believe.
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2 years ago, Adamg7144542
After a few weeks of playing on this site I have seen more bad beats than any normal expectations could reasonably consume. Tournaments coolers are to the point that it becomes obvious they want to move the pace along and open open up space. Don’t get me wrong a few have come my way but one and two outers, aces being broken, etc. etc. etc….time after time. Bottom line is it’s free and you get exactly what you pay for with this one.
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3 years ago, DannyB005
I really like the app. However, wish we can communicate with the other players besides emojis, it would make the game more real thus more enjoyable. Love the tournaments but I feel like I’m playing against the computer at times. And how about avatars that are more inclusive friendly not everyone is white. A work in progress and I’m sure you guys will get it right.
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3 years ago, Steve.Hibbetts
While playing in tournaments I’ve noticed once in a while no hand is dealt to me or arbitrarily My Avatar is sitting out from the hand for no apparent reason, are these glitches or do these actions serve some purpose that I am not understanding?
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1 year ago, Farmer/Trucker
What a farce
Doesn’t matter what’s in your hand - there is a player to beat it and usually the same incredibly lucky guy. I flopped trips, he had nothing but winds up catching the river. After this, or similar, happened three times I sat back and watched. He was a bot and would bet or call with nothing yet win more than 60% of the hands. They want you to purchase chips and you will not compete, much less win with any consistency otherwise. I’ve been playing Hold ‘em for decades and this is a farce.
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2 years ago, .............,?;):&6?
Pop-up Scam
So the gameplay is fine, but beware the scam. When you open the app it asks you if you want to spend real $ in the in-game store. The pop-ups have an X to click but it’s designed to be missed… clicking near the X makes you open the pop up instead, and if you just so happen to unlock with your face or double tap… you inadvertently spend $99 on in-game currency. They could make the X more clickable but it’s by design — Apple, I thought you looked out for stuff like this!
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3 years ago, James840
Never got my chips
Don’t worry guys they are quick to give you chips when you make a purchase of them. But say you have 1m chips and decided to play at a table and got up to 4.04m chips in the Pro3 Table and left the lobby they will not generate the gold that you won nor put into it. A complete load of bull I contacted them through messages that’s available in the game but have yet to be heard back from. I should of had a total of about 4,080,000 chips but instead I only have roughly 30k chips. A complete load of bull
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3 years ago, SickoftheSuckouts
Only a fool would pay to play on this site! There is no way this is a legit site, the odds are so horrible the I am 100% sure you are playing against computer bots. The so called players call raises with absolute garbage and hit every time. Not to mention the impossible number of times people hit quads is insane! NO WAY IS THIS A LEGIT SITE! F WPT! If online poker is ever legalized in NY I would never consider playing on a WPT endorsed site. If they are cheating people who play for free the will do the same thing when real money is on the line.
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2 years ago, Todd Rahm
Probably the most glitchy poker game I have ever plaid. When I fold or sit-out, it keeps me in the hand. It shows other players as “Setting out” but they are playing? I had entire table folded or setting out, but they were all playing. It’s hard to tell who your playing against. Had the app for two days and when it’s working it’s ok, but about 40% of my games had the above mentioned issues. We’ll deleted it today!! I called a $50 bet, and it threw me all in.
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3 years ago, chedrcheis
Punish for not playing
Seems like it punishes you for not playing hand but after a few weeks you always get beat on turn or river. I don’t spend any real money on this app and feels like it’s been non stop beats on river for weeks now. Plus when people play with fake chips they’ll call anything. Was hoping this would be a good practice place. It however has no real similarity to actual poker.
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3 years ago, Eric4815162342
Very clearly influenced by algorithms
The overall app is pretty fun. The UI is easy to get used to, the avatars are neat, the emojis are a fun touch, and the ability to show the bluff is a cool feature. But, the game is very clearly rigged. I’m not a sore loser, and I’m fact, I mostly benefit from a lot of the ridiculous boards that pop off when playing. There are so many blockbuster boards that it just doesn’t feel realistic at all. I’m constantly seeing boards like: K/Q/K/9/J or 5/5/5/J/A or A/J/A/10/9 It becomes pretty evident after a short time that the game is skewed towards huge exciting hands. So just keep that in mind before you play. The game doesn’t play be real world poker statistics.
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2 years ago, Dum Sim
For kids or the birds
This poker game is mildly entertaining but I’ve played WSOP and this seems like child’s play in comparison. It’s an OK game for mid to low teens but it doesn’t have an adult feel. The only reason I am continuing to play this game is that my WiFi connection is too slow for WSOP to load completely. WPT has one other advantage: the ability of a player to sit out.
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3 years ago, LUP 3301
Thought I found a winner
I thought this poker app was going to be different from all the others because of the WPT name but I was wrong. I’ve played them all and grow increasingly tired of the cheat bots card manipulation and programmed deals. This app is no different, I really thought i had found my poker app finally but I guess they are all the same . Sorry but it has been my experience with WPT
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2 years ago, brkinfla
I liked this app but am frustrated when I am seated at a table with high rollers who raise to exactly what I have. Should be seated with others in same cash status to make it a game, not a run over where you can’t even play one hand. Tables should have income limits; as your money increases, you move to tables with higher limits
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6 months ago, VanJimbo
Every Table Has a Sweeper
The rigging on these games has become so obvious, I can pick out the "sweeper" who will always beat your best hands. Got 2 Aces? The Sweeper will have 3 Twos. Got 3 Twos, they will have a Set of Fours. Got a Flush, well you will almost always get beaten by a Full House. I had a Sweeper get two Quads in 3 Hands, one of which I had a Full House and the other a Flush. They give you a good hand to make you bet everything. Worst con of an app in computing history.
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4 years ago, bcinIN
iOS 14.1 broke it?
Everything fine until today after updating to iOS 14.1. Now it starts up, shows ‘Loading’, then quits after ‘Connecting’. Deleted app, reinstalled. No joy. All other apps ok.
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1 year ago, Cheftek1
Love it
It’s the only online poker I’ll play. This app has real players. When the chips are free people just all In every time on all the other apps. Can not learn anything that way. On wpt you can really hone your craft. Thanks wpt.
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3 years ago, idark~kradi
Excellent player base
I mean I can’t play music while using this app but I’m fine with that this game has impressed me~
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3 years ago, Bizzle222
The app plays you
Love the game. But I have seen 4 x 4 of a kinds playing here in less than one hour. Not sure what algorithm they are using but it’s definitely not a standard use.
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3 years ago, Feddoj
Absolutely Terrible
Nothing like real cards. No matter what you get, FREQUENTLY a bigger hand will hit ... much more often than true random cards ever do, beating what should be a winning hand most of the time. It statistically penalizes strategy and slow play. HATE THIS APP
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3 years ago, jrbrat
Love the game but….
We need some new cities to visit. Sometimes the connection can be slow loading. I don’t have that problem with my other games.
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2 months ago, PuzzledX
Not the same at all
I’ve seen reviews stating “New name, same great game”. Well it was for the first few weeks, the last week plus, I’ve seen the same outrageous River card busts, and frequent 4 of a kinds, full houses, etc. way beyond any remote random card generated possibilities. Thus, same outcome as the many platforms I tried before finding “WPT” app. :( Just deleted the app, with a $43M balance, constant river burns!!
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3 years ago, goat402
If you like poker.
This is it. The most fun ever. Learning the game this is it! It’s where I learned to play poker. It is free and they give you challenges to bank. can watch videos to bank. Truly best ever!
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1 year ago, Samsbud*
I’m done
Been playing for a while and I’m done. I am convinced this game is a cheat . Repeatedly lose with flush or full house to a higher flush or full house, or go all in with a high pair against something like 2 - 7 offsuit and lose to a straight or a flush, true it can happen in real poker but not the vast majority of the time. I thought I would try again because the name changed. But the game is the same.
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2 years ago, LockeHart67
Cruise table play
Fun, it’s like playing on the cruise ships so the hands thrown are unrealistic at best. Lots of crazy plays which keeps this a strictly fun to play game. Don’t expect real hands as the table gets multiple hands forcing you to play and get beat on outer space odds lol
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4 years ago, Caliburbob
Would be and was a 4star rating
Would be and was a 4star rating until the app suddenly stopped working on both iPhone and iPad. App now hangs while loading with an unstable internet connection message. Removing and reinstalling the app does not correct it. On PC or iPad using browsers it works and I can keep my account active and open. Hoping this gets fixed soon. For now I am playing Zynga only because it is working.
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4 years ago, ThatWasEasy2010
Won’t Open - Unstable Internet - Do They Not See All The Co mplaints?
Update 11/10 My one device does not update and working OK. Now just getting 1k tables and those people are just “all in” on everything. Annoying. And I seem to have had 100k of earned points disappear in a couple of days of playing. Weird. Disclaimer that I am playing the free stuff, so maybe they just want me gone. Can’t give them too much crap for that. Was fun. Ain’t no fun no more. I liked to use it for improving my poker mojo. ==================== Dang, I really enjoyed playing this. Hope they fix it soon!! Amazing that so many people are complaining. Don’t they get a sense that not as many people are playing because we can’t launch the app?
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4 years ago, j0brien2
Excellent Design
Really happy about continuous updates. The game play is great and the app is improved pretty frequently. Highly recommend for the causal player not looking to head to a casino.
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3 years ago, Latte7112012$
It’s quite obvious the way play happens on here. There are bots that come in, hit crazy hands and then leave table with all the chips. I guess that you hope people will buy chipset it only confirms that programming produces winners and losers.
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3 years ago, dbook24
Do not believe the majority of the 5-star ratings. Take time to read down through them. 1 -star reviews everywhere . Most 5-star reviews are obviously written by bots. Speaking of bots, that’s most of your opponents. NO human element to play against. You’ve lost before that flop! Pocket kings will lose to 3/7 off suit every time - miracle straight on river for the bot! You’ll win a bit at first but that doesn’t last long. Don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, charlesdick3
Terrible game
This game is ridiculous. The deck never plays like a real deck and you could have 4 of a kind and still lose somehow to a straight flush. Every time you have a winning hand, all somebody has to do is call you and have absolutely nothing, and they will still win on the River. It’s ridiculous and super unrealistic. Don’t waste your time on this game.
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3 years ago, alasuncion
Login problem
Unable to go to the main menu because of connecting. I login, but unable to go in.
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4 years ago, Allkewlnamzgon
Fun but..
Good game play. Wish betting interface was a bit easier for custom bet amounts. Not enough time to bet using slider and try and get close to what u want to bet. Larger bet timer would be good as well.. and more people. But all in all a lot of fun
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3 years ago, stubreeze
Bad Beat Central
Way too many bad beats. The game is rigged. Developers please make the gameplay more enjoyable. I’ve spent hours using your app to train for deep stack poker tournaments. By in large, this app constantly rewards bad calls. If you download this app be prepared for some of the most outlandish post-flop boards and bad beats on the river. Trust me, you will be livid!
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3 years ago, no nsme golfer
Bot city
It’s statistically impossible to get a straight at and 80% frequency. Nobody gets straights that often. Definitely would NEVER play real money there. Your opponent catches on the river every time that you loose. Never the flop, never the turn. You’re just a fool if you pay them for ANYTHING. Completely corrupt, totally fake. I can’t begin to tell you how bad this site is.
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