Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker

4.8 (115.2K)
139.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker

4.77 out of 5
115.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Jesus and God are one
Like professional
I never write reviews, but I definitely like this game. It's more like playing a real table. You definitely just keep on playing. Good players makes it even more fun! Definitely can be addictive whether you're winning or losing. Even when you lose everything you can't wait to get back on the tables when you get your next bonus. I just wanted to add to the person with the review about there's no way you can give me is a full house when you have a full house and a real table this is untrue it's happened to me on the river. There are times that there are problems with the game but all in all I have found it is still the best app so far. Did does bite though when people just constantly go all in just to keep taking everybody's money. It's nice to play real games of poker with those who like to really play poker online. One other anything I have found is with the wheel, first time I responded I won the big one. Already for me. But every other time since in the past year I've been playing it always stops just before or just after the big one. Is anybody else noticed this? I am liking the new updates but it seems to have slowed things down.
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6 years ago, PaigeWins4
Great fun but customer service doesn’t help when you have problems.
I love the app, lots of fun. My only problem is that a week ago I won a hand with a full house, 3 aces, 2 nines. The pot was over 11 million. The other player called my all-in and I won but the money never went to me. It went to nobody. I contacted the company and gave all of the details. I was on WiFi and have no problems with my WiFi at all. I heard back from customer service and they asked if I was on WiFi and other questions I had already answered in my original message. I responded and answered everything again. About five days later I received a response that told me my WiFi must have dropped for a second or two, which I do not believe, and they did not offer me the over 11 million I had won. They gave me a link which gave me 5 million, less than half of what I had won. I think the customer service should have given me my full winnings and not made excuses about WiFi and only give me less than half of what I had won. Just be wary of this kind of thing as a player, that customer service doesn’t do the right thing.
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2 years ago, Kj61
Stay away from this game
One of the most disappointing games I have ever downloaded. The main emphasis for the site is to keep having you purchase points to keep playing!! As you will read other reviews about this site there are many dissatisfied players on her. Management has offered no resolution to the glitches this site has, from frozen tables, quick timeouts and don’t even get me started with the bots that are on here just to drain you of your chips!! This has to tank as one of the worst sites I have ever downloaded. One example, got to a table and played 25 consecutive hands, played 23 of those hands and I did not even have a pair in 21 one of them after the flop. Two hands small pairs were played after the flop and then nothing. The last two hands I folded pre-flop and ended up getting a 3 of a kind on 8-2 hole cards off suit and a straight on 2-6 hole cards, coincidence I don’t think so!! The people who monitor these reviews will say either call customer service or will post their response saying that the cards are being dealt randomly, won’t sit that at all. I hope you all watch items of concerns that I’ve listed and what others have had as there is no customer support, no fixes in place and the bots will keep taking your hard earned chips!!!!! Good luck, you will need it playing this site!!
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2 years ago, Cornsnake9876
Great game, Great customer service
Among other poker games I’ve tried, this one is by far the easiest to follow and understand what’s going on. The progression through ranks feels very consistent, though obviously getting more challenging the further you go. The events give great rewards that are especially fantastic help when you’re starting out. At one point there was some odd technical issue, I closed out of the app after folding and upon reopening it later my 11+ million dropped to 0. I don’t usually have high hopes for customer support on most apps but I reached out anyways, and was pleasantly surprised to find they’d fully compensated what I lost, with a bit extra. One of the top reviews here describes a similar loss that wasn’t compensated, but was written 4 years ago, so it definitely seems they’ve upped the customer support since then. Probably the first time I’ve had a positive experience with mobile game support.
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6 years ago, Tawanna from boston
Bad customer support but fun to learn how to play
I never knew how to play poker and this game taught me. Your supposed to get 100,000 chips when a friend you refer and I contacted customer support and they told me I received the money even when I told them it was from someone else and they didn't respond back to fix the issue. So, ignoring people is good customer service??? And, it took them like a week to even respond. You can tell that the automation is made for you to think that you will win the next hand when you wait to join a table and you see the hand you could have used. So, next time you play you can think you'll have a perfect hand. It's smart but, I'm not stupid boo... lol Good to learn how to play and I've learned all the hands and when not to play a hand. So, this was good prep. To go to casinos and hit the tables with confidence. Response to developer: why would I up the ratings to 5 when I never received the coins and you guys never responded back. And, I stopped playing the game after week bc you guys were so rude. Give me my coins I worked hard to get friends to join and then I will.. Thanks
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6 years ago, Turk_SoCool
Highly disappointed
Updated review again: you have told me twice to contact customer support. I already said I did. They didn’t care that I had over 300 tickets for a contest that was guaranteed 1 in 50 win. I didn’t win. Customer support didn’t care. Therefore this game is a SHAM. I don’t recommend it. I won’t spend money anymore. It should be deleted by all. It is set up for you to lose. In response to the developer: I did contact the support team. They shrugged me off saying that if I did not receive the 10 million, I must not have won it. So I had 300 tickets where 1 in 50 were advertised to win, and I didn’t get the 10 million. The game is a SHAM. I don’t spend money on it anymore. Will be deleting the app next time I clear off my unused apps. Still recommend the no one uses this app. And it’s sad, because at one point I like it. Poker heat runs good promos. One promo, go all in and win tickets, went like this. I played in a room where when you go all in you get 10 tickets. It was advertised 1 in 50 win 10 million. I went all in at least 30 times. That’s 300 tickets. I did t win. Sure, it’s. It guaranteed. But with 300 tickets and a 1 in 50 chance to win? I’m done wasting money here and I recommend no one spends money here ever.
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4 years ago, shedster44
Thought it was different
I just saw THREE FULL HOUSES IN ONLY TWO HANDS. I tied the first hand with another guy with a full house, then lost to a full house the next hand...UNREAL. When I first started playing this game, it appeared to be different and closer to realistic than the other poker games I have played. It’s still a little better than most and there is much I like about it, but it’s definitely not as realistic of a game as I first thought. Im sure it’s fun for most people, but I personally don’t like to see a flush or full house EVERY SINGLE round I play. I just played SEVEN hands, 5 players, and saw THREE FLUSHES and TWO FULL HOUSES in only seven hands. Is that really fun for people to play? Im probably just getting old, but it’s not that much fun to me. Also, it “appears” to me, “almost” every time I play, there is one hot player at each table. Now, there are times when the winning does get spread around the table which is a lot more fun. But usually, in my experience, there’s ONE seat/player that repeatedly gets the “one card they need” or “ONE card better” to win a very high percentage of hands dealt.
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5 years ago, horsebs
So rigged it’s actually funny
This game is on the same level as a Ponzi scheme at best and flat out stealing at worst. Never, and I repeat never spend a dime with this company in any way shape or form because it’s so rigged, you will lose everything you put into it. I promise. Anyone below level 18 can’t lose and after that you will be drained of all money by rigged, set up hands played by Fake “guest” players. It’s so rigged it’s actually hilarious. You would think they would try to hide it a little better but they don’t. It so obvious, it becomes absurd. My hope it that people thinking about playing this game take this to heart, this company goes bankrupt and the people in charge end up in prison where they belong. You have all been warned and every word I said is the absolute truth. Please stay away and pass the word along to others so that they don’t end up in a similar situation. Please please please.
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4 years ago, KDash g
I used to love this game, but.....
It's really a huge shame to allow loyal players to purchase packages that they don't get or once they do get them, they get stuck with robots every time, that just bleed you dry.... It's really quite annoying.. ALOT of my friends play this AND spend alot of money to play in the bigger games, with the rare chance of getting really people to play against, most of the time it's just bots! if the robot situation doesnt get better, then we are all going to delete the app... It's really very unfair to have the advantage on the one game in the gambling world, that the house SHOULD not have an advantage on... Not to mention the robots know what you have every single time... I spend alot of money to play, which I have never done with any other addicting app, but I really enjoy playing poker.. But I can't stand buying chips and immediately after I get in even a smaller game and boom, robots take it all! Please fix this! It's one thing to have them in the game to keep games going but it's another to cheat you out of real money!! And the wheel spins! Holy crap, you can't hardly EVER get a good spin! It's so Fricken ridiculous...
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5 years ago, ArmyMom44
I see that every time I get to Master 1, I get on a losing streak then I fall all the way back down to Legend sometimes even Expert. Now, I just left the game, I had 33, called the raise, flopped 3,4, 10 non suited. I go all in and he has AA and guess what? Ace hits on the river but when I do the same thing, I get beat out every time!!! Yesterday, same thing! Flopped two pair, raise and a bot calls with not even a pair and rivers a straight. I’m not buying any more chips because I think this is ploy to make people do so!! I also get the cards the person to the left of me just had or if the previous hand flop was 886, I have nothing then next deal, I get 8-6. Or I have have K4, nothing then next hand flops KK4!!! And I never flush but every other hand is suited!!! Don’t tell me about algorithms because it’s BS! I’m not a beginner so I know better!!!
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5 years ago, mike a.s
Altight game the more ya bet the unrealistic it is🤔
Game has a few bugs and always want you yo buy something. Players are somewhat friendly on the most part. If you like to play poker this game may be good for you! I have liked since i know how to bypass most spam. Give it a try and do not get to greedy😊👍🏻 but game seems odd on higher stake tables😤 i have not gotten so many 4 of a kinds and bad beats in poker rooms! Still fun😊 but in real life play the cards are not like these! I cannot count the times my full houses were beat by 4 of a kind! Good time killer while waiting to do something else👍🏻 way to many ways to get ur real money, plus bonuses have decreased immensely. Still fun tho!But i do not like how they push u to buy chips. If im going to spend cash, i will go to my local poker room. Still am playing after 2 yrs, expert level is tough to keep. Smaller tables i think are better! God Bless😊👋🏻😱 One year after my words above, game, its a game to make you spend $! Simple as that👎🏻
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5 years ago, LeaveAMessage
Well, where do we start?! First off, if you’re looking for a “real play” style of game play, this is not it! It’s horrible to say the least. If you actually pay attention, it almost seems the same 15 cards are being replayed in the hands (5 players, 5 play cards) It’s actually interesting to see your winning hand come out on the flop! Or the player to your left & right end up with the hand you just won with. Lol... 4 of a kind is so common it’s ridiculous. Got a boat? Be careful, 8 out of 10 times the other player has that 4th Ace, King & so on. Hell, I’ve never played a single hold’em game holding a Ace/King (any dual face card at that) and it never come out on the flop! I mean it truly NEVER happens!! No lie. This app is setup like no other & what I mentioned above happens on a regular besides the all around bad beats... The rating on 4.8 is completely false. However, the graphics are awesome & there is some cool people that actually play the game. Oh, don’t bother trying to get ahold of anyone ether... Lol. Hopefully this gets posted.
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2 years ago, ChunkyZeus
3 stars but should be 5!!!
This game is awesome!!! The graphics (for a phone game) are excellent. The game play is smooth. The controls are intuitive. Players seem to play like real players instead of trolls or bots that go all-in on every hand. I can go on and on about how much fun this game is. But there are major problems that I have with the game. It’s buggy. It’ll just start auto-folding for me. Sometimes the action buttons - like the fold or check buttons - just aren’t there. I find myself having to open and close the game every 5 hands or so because the controls will just lock up or disappear. The other problem is the game takes over my phone. I am literally unable to close the game. I have to mash buttons and lock and unlock my phone until it eventually allows me to close the game. So like I said in the title of this review, it’s a great game that would be a 5 star game all day if not for the bug issues.
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5 years ago, Zuko917
Stay away from this “game”
I typically don’t write reviews. If I really liked something I’ll go out of my way to acknowledge it. If I really hated something I just walk away. This however I cannot walk away from. Before i get into the game issues let’s talk about customer service. I bought a chips package because it was on sale and I was out of chips. The sale was 675,000 chips for 4.99. I was given 475,00. I thought I bought the wrong thing and I figured I have plenty of time to kill today and bought another. Same thing. That’s 400,000 chips. I have emailed four times about this issue and gotten zero response back. This happened over a week and a half ago! Let’s talk about the game itself. It lags but only during high stakes hands? Seems convenient. It takes forever to find a room of people who aren’t just pressing buttons and know how to play. The daily spin wheel is a complete joke. This game was designed to be the ultimate scam and in that it succeeds, incredibly well. Stay away. There are plenty of better options if you want to play poker.
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2 years ago, Scottishlass2000
Haven’t fixed fold option
I’ve written a review before. This is an outstanding game which is why I gave it four stars. However, there is a glitch in the game where there are points were you can’t fold a hand. You should be able to fold it any point in a poker game. Instead you have to wait for your turn to time out. This is irritating and slows the game down. Update: It seems their fixes make everything worse. They still haven’t fixed the above and now it constantly loses connection, times you out before you even get your turn to bet, you have to wait until a player times out even though they probably left the table on the last hand. When you leave the table to join another one you end up at the same table. This could be a good game but the above things plus being automatically folded when you have a good hand is especially frustrating.
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1 year ago, EyeGer
How is this rated 4.8?
One of my first poker apps. Cool looking one. But I deleted it for the first time years ago for the same reason I deleted for the 2nd time now. I came back years later and it recognized me for some reason. Yet my position was not that much affected. In fact, I believe it was at a freeze. From what I know, 3-6 months later, data is supposed to be removed from the database. Secondly, although it is mentioned on others reviews as a response that cheating or tilting the game is not used, maybe so but I believe they at least don’t fight it because that is all you can expect to experience. I don’t understand. Why do all this work and create all of this just to allow others to take a crap on your work and effort. I even spent money and the game play did not get any better. Unrealistic to say the least. Whatever it is (logged in players or the designers of the app) but it is nothing but frustrating and cheating. Do yourself a favor and stay away until they decide to involve some type of ethics.
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6 years ago, jo jo 47
Losing chips, screen freezes , and thrown out of the game because of the freeze
I I am upset with the game. My screen freezes when I go to place a bet and I had a winning hand several times and I put in the bet, and the screen froze and I lost my chips which was quite a lot . I am waiting for the Next person to place a bet, and I’m waiting approximately a minute and nothing is happening, all of a suddenI see I am at a different table., And I lost all my chips Within this week it happened to me with the screen froze and all the sudden I’m sitting at a different table in my chips are gone so I couldn’t play and I did not bet all my chips so my chips I still should have had some there but there were none! I tried notifying you when it happened but I could not find how to get to this area. It just popped up now so that’s why am writing to you now. It’s a poor set up because I wanted to take care of this When it happened. You should have it on the main table screen if someone needed to report something.
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1 year ago, ArchitectFromTheMatrix
Worth it
After playing for a few months I can recommend it. I had an issue with disappearing balance but customer service helped, just be patient. There’s no way to know in any poker app if it’s rigged, but I like the overall experience. You are in control of how much to risk on different tables as opposed to other apps where they force you to play all your chips always (so you lose them and have to spend). Keep grinding and they have a nice reward system through rings which translate to chips. The status is something you earn by constant playing. If you take a vacation you’ll be demoted, but personally I find that engaging as there’s always something to aspire to or go after. Enjoy
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10 months ago, the restart
I’m confused and the game forgot who I was
Ive never wrote a review for any app but this problem really annoyed me. I’ve had this app for somewhere near a week or two and I have signed in using apple but then I decided to restart and go with sign in as guest. Things were going good I lost chips I gained chips to recently I had passed 1 million chips. I logged in today and I was signed out, it showed the Sign in with Apple, face book, or continue as guest. It seems the guest account used the Apple ID and I no longer can get into my account. I never pressed sign out or anything I just closed the app and next day it’s like this. I really don’t want to restart and reset my level. It’s a shame of all poker apps I saw this was my favorite and seemed the easiest and most fun to use. I really hope this problem can be resolved and for the creators if you can send a reply but for now it’s a three star.
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2 years ago, argetlam5
Good UX, but resets chips too often
Relative to other poker apps the UX is really good with nice features like: finding new tables, quick bets, easily readable player stats, and clean UI. That being said, it frequently resets my chips to zero. I’ll earn millions playing with players, then get on the next day for it to be zero making me have to start at the small tables over and over. Smaller pot tables frequently have bots and newer players that don’t know how to play as well. It takes time earning enough chips to play at larger tables only to get reset the next day. If chips were carried over/saved I’d probably give the app a 4. A couple other issues I have is with betting. It seems to try and predict what kind of bet you’ll make based on how good your hand is. I wish it would just give more consistent standard betting amounts like 3x blinds. Trying to pick a custom bet amount is a bit of a pain. World poker series app has a better betting UX imo.
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5 years ago, MrsDarryCurtis
Don’t waste your time!
I am deleting this app. This game is a joke! It is obviously rigged. Nothing is random about the deal. There are no options to control tables or table settings. Too many idiots ruin this game for the people who really want to play. You can’t enjoy the game when one of those fools going “all in” on every hand or betting a ridiculously high amount so that everyone folds and they win every time is at the table. It can sometimes take several table changes before you can find one with people who actually want to play the game. This would not be such a problem if players had the ability to create tables or boot players like that. Also, the ranking system is a joke. You must play non-stop to keep your ranking up, and sometimes that’s not enough because no matter what cards you’re dealt, you’ll lose every time, making it impossible to maintain your ranking. Too much chaos within this game to enjoy it! The real players need more control. Anyone who wastes real dollars on this game is the biggest idiot of all.
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5 years ago, Smoking green
Pay to play designed to take all your money away
This game chooses when to shut you down. I would roughly guesstimate I get to play one out of 6 hands or so and the rest they allow me to bet and call until it doesn’t usually when I have the best hand it disconnects me and the next thing I see is half my stack go to others while I’m not there anymore and no even Betted. I’m just out of the band over and over again. If I out money on this game I would drive myself to their HQ office and produce a Saw 11 or whatever that franchise is. When people take their time to play a game and more Importantly their money, and the gamers don’t have fair practices it shows these gaming companies are willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck including setting up players for failure. This is worst connectivity I’ve ever seen with any game. It’s so bad I can’t even make it to go the river without some delay, getting kicked off the table or just bologna runner runners that I would say DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!! It’s a nightmare!!! Get it together cheaters!!
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3 years ago, H-minus
Awesome app
I’ve tried a lot of poker apps and I have to say that this is one of the best ones that I’ve seen. You don’t see impossible hands and the people who play are very nice. Every now and then you’ll see some upper level player who lost all their money and is trying to get it all back by playing ridiculously, but besides that the app is very realistic to how people play in real life. I just see that as free money when they go “all in” on some garbage hand. I love the daily free chips, and the daily challenges. The only thing I do not like is not being able to turn off comments but I can overlook that. 10/10, highly recommend it. If I see you in a game I’m likely to take all your money, it’s not personal.
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2 years ago, biggityiggity
Fun game except......
two separate times I have gone to bed and have 7,000,000 in chips and then I wake up with 15,000 and I didn’t play them, I didn’t lose them in a hand...they just vanish. I’ve tried to reach out to the support team because that’s how much I love this game but no one responds. it’s a real bummer. Enough for me to delete it. *update* Support team wrote me back and gave me back my chips only to block my account. I wrote them again and they said I was blocked to a techno difficulty. When they unblocked me they had stolen 12 million of my chips again. I wrote them again and told them about it and they said well you have 10 million chips so I don’t know what to tell you. That 10 million was won by me on the hero royal table from 300,000 of my daily chips. Not from the 12 million they stole. And guess what my account is blocked again this morning. Now you maybe thinking I have too much time on my hands, and you maybe right but it’s the principle of them being thieves and rude. Zero stars for this highly addictive game because they are targeting me.
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3 years ago, repowiz
Game play
Game play is good but not realistic at all. I’ve seen 4 out of 5 players with full houses on the same hand, I’ve played a lot of real poker and know dealers and that is almost impossible. It’s not unusual to see multiple full houses or flushes on the same hand. It’s also rigged to take your chips, they have virtual players that fill in tables, but they can see your cards and only bet when they have you beat, and fold instantly when you have a hand. To bad they have to rig the game this way to keep you buying chips. I will be deleting this app as soon as all my chips are gone! I got the standard response about cards being dealt randomly and everyone has fair chance blah blah. While cards may be dealt fairly, it’s rigged by dealing multiple monster hands at once so you get 3 full houses which is not realistic, and just helps them wipe out chip stacks so you buy more. Also how is it fair play when the “virtual” (bots) players can see everyones hands?
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3 years ago, Fitnesslovey
Wheel of Doom
I have been playing this game off and on for a few years. It’s definitely the best poker game on the market and it’s addicting. I really enjoy the various contests and the developers keep it fun. I’ve not spent one penny, so I have to disagree with the other negative reviews as far as people saying the game is rigged, etc. Play better; that’s all I have to say. My only complaint with this game (and my reason for the title) is that the wheel which requires 10 hands to spin thrusts you into the highest paying table and I have so far lost 2 million because I ended up being the big blind the very second I was thrown onto it. I will never spin the wheel again LOL. It is most definitely the wheel of doom. Not worth it. I think I won 30k and lost 1M on the most recent time. It’s laughable.
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11 months ago, Retarded elephant
No way this isn’t rigged
I had 1 person go all in on me on 3 different hands, 2 of which I had a straight and a full house and the opponent had nothing and won from the flop(only bots with scripted advantage would do this.) The third one I had pocket jacks and the flop reveals J, 10, 10. I go all in as well as my opponent, The final 2 flops are K, A, and my opponent had K, A, and won with a Full House, it didn’t even make sense, that’s not a full house. I had a full house. I tried to screenshot but it went away too fast. All these opponents had default pfp and generic names. That was in Heat Royale, but another time at Amber Hall I won a 2.7M pot and only received 941k, I only noticed this because it was tracking my winnings in a challenge. I’ve lost 75M in the last 2 days, not even playing super risky, I’d play with 35M at Bronze Park table and lose 10M just trying to get decent cards, even though I’d also win a couple bluffs on the way down, and that was in like 40min.
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7 years ago, dannyboy1373
One player got 5 good hands in a row..rigged
I like the game and it is better than most poker apps. The good: A majority of the people are good players. Every now and then you run into an all-in fool but most are good players. The extras are nice and the music does not put you to sleep. It has special effects that make the game more fun to play. They have contests that can last 2-3 days instead of 7 days which is awesome. They also give you free money, especially if you do well in the contest. The bad: Sometimes it can take forever to get a good hand. I played the game for two days straight and most of the cards I got were crap. They need to fix this part of the game. The game also has computer glitches. I was waiting for a contest to finish so I could see how much prize money I won. As soon as the contest ended I was kicked out of the game. The error message said it was some kind of interruption and I was supposed to refresh the game but nothing worked, it locked me out and I never got my prize money. They have now added a show hand button which you can use to your advantage. When people show their hands you can see how they play and use that info to your advantage. I play this game more than my other poker apps so give it a try.
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1 year ago, BrBak86
They know how to make you want to pay
Like any gambling game app, it’s coded to play on your psychology. When you’re getting into the game, you will win a lot of hands to give you the fun and thrill of playing the game. It will give you good cards, give you runner runner straight/flush/full house, give the opponent the 2nd nuts so that they’re likely to call and pay you off, etc. Later on, you’ll be the one getting the 2nd nuts and your opponents will be hitting runner runner cards, especially when you’re close to a bonus, which will make you want to purchase chips because you’re so close. I’ve had opponents hit runner runner to win 10 times in a row, which is a near statistical impossibility, like hitting the lottery. Not only that, that statistical impossibility has happened multiple times. I have never purchased chips and will never purchase chips.
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5 years ago, Jajaja333
Rigged to spend!! No advertising.
Games rigged to make you spend. I did great before spending ! However, wanted to play higher limit tables. To do well, I have to lose all the money I purchased. You then all of a sudden, straights, flushes, full houses & four of kinds. Then boom, losing streak conveniently during a contest. “They’ll spend to keep going... Especially if they spent before!” Not first game to do this. Algorithm is painfully obvious. Also, loves to give big hands to beginners to entice them. Don’t spend & have fun! Be patient. No advertising nice, but they have to get paid somehow. Spending algorithm is the key! Also game does not add winnings properly & screen button malfunctions. (Not being able to fold) Have to wait for timer to run out.
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4 years ago, 13Bit13
Rigged! Please read
Same here, I never write reviews but I could not help it. This game, if you play a lot will lead you all the way up to World Class ( around the halfway mark before you start receiving great benefits). You will win and lose normally. Then you will each and EVERY time start losing. No matter how strong your hand is, the last card will go in the favor of paying players. ( look at their dollar amounts in profile to verify, if in millions they are a paying player 99% of the time). I have played live at a real table poker like a lot of people and can definitely tell the difference in honest dealer hands and a system that favors otherwise. My advice,.....get to World Class and pay, or unless you want to be a constant loser at poker ( know matter how good you may be), quit and play another game or find an honest environment, NOT this game. I’ve invited over a DOZEN other players to play this game and EVERYONE of them experienced exactly the same thing. Thank you.
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11 months ago, sundanceforme
It could be fun
Even though you have better odds winning in Las Vegas you can still have some fun with this game I don’t take it too serious. It becomes aggravating when other players like all the morons who Over bet so high it’s becomes pitiful it takes away the enjoyment for the other players who don’t have that many coins. It could of been a great game if it had limits on raising because like I said players with 30 or 40 million coins can easily over bet a player with let’s say 100,000 coins in which this is not very fair but to waste time when you have nothing to do it’s not that bad.
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5 years ago, Keenen F.
Don’t buy chips!! You’ll have them taken away
The app plays very well and has solid mechanics...but the game will glitch out and take 3 MILLION of your chips for absolutely no reason! To top it off, they won’t respond to you when you try to contact them for help. I want to give this application a high rating, but unless I get my chips back I simply’s something that’s extremely difficult to look past (considering the chips have SOME correlation with real money, evident by one being able to PURCHASE THEM), and a bug as large as this one ends up being somewhat dissolving to the otherwise solid foundation that the gameplay, features, etc. establish in the first place. Be very careful when making in app purchases!! If you were to spend $30 or however amount for whatever reason, just know that there is a chance that the game will TAKE IT AWAY.
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4 months ago, Amberlfairy
0 Rating
Every time it tells me I have a $500,000 bonus and says it puts it into my money it does not. Any time I ever put real money on this app it’s always doing or saying I’m getting some thing and I never receive it it’s not the first time I didn’t receive my $500,000 bonus. $25,000 Min or lower Buy-In but you put me on the table with all of my money. When I’m done spinning you don’t put me on the same table that I’m playing on. Always on a really high small an big blind on table. As a casino shift manager there’s other things that are highly suspect. If you could make it at least fun people wouldn’t care so much that you’re ripping them off. It’s just my opinion after playing the game for a while. when buying in make they make it confusing, Making me feel like you’re gonna get more money for your buying get,
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11 months ago, jdesco
Where do all my chips go?
I enjoy the play, speed, and different games they offer. But for the second time now. I log in and all my chips are gone. Is there something I don’t know of if you don’t log in x amount of days you lose everything? Or maybe there’s seasons you start over from? But it’s very discouraging after all the the time and effort I put in to win my chips. About ready to delete the game. The first time was 30 mill+ and I was like okay maybe I didn’t close the app and stayed logged in. Maybe it put me in the top room and I got blinded out. But I worked my way back up all great and dandy awesome. All a sudden I log in today and over 60 million in chips poof, Houdini, abracadabra gone. Honestly I don’t even want to try again if this is just going to keep happening. Never have I ever had a poker app you lose everything when you’re not playing out of nowhere.
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5 months ago, Daape
Is there zero stars option?
Unbelievably bad Was ok a couple years ago when I started, but now, no doubt in my mind I’ve been placed in a tail spin of terrible bad beats, full house losses to a higher full house, straight flushes to my lower straight flush, and many other improbably hands that are constantly occurring against you. Not occasionally mind you, I’m saying these are happening pretty much every time I play, and several times during 10-20 hands. I’ve never purchased a thing, never bought a chip. I think eventually the game figures that out and before you know it, no matter how skilled you are, you are gonna lose. It’s just a matter of time, of which, this is a waste. These games are all geared this way I guess, unfortunate. This one started out ok but has since been lost. No help from support either. The hands are in a routine pattern now, simulator is about as real as my avatar
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4 years ago, pokerheathater
I started noticing that my chips were not adding up whenever I would go “All In” and win the pot, so I started recording on my IPad whenever I would play. After reviewing my videos, I found out that they steal a large chunk of your winnings every single time. It is difficult to add up your coins every time you win because of the fast pace of the game, specially when the pots are very big. It’s sad to know how these people steal from everyone that plays the game. It doesn’t make any sense to me why they have to steal from the people that spend their money and invest a large amount of their time on this app. POKER HEAT: the least you can do is be honest to the people that have made Poker Heat what it is instead of stealing from them. These people deserve better. I gave you ONE STAR because I couldn’t give you ZERO STARS. You are really a disgrace to the game of poker. Very sad.
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6 years ago, sassy arse
Hurts my eyes
Design is awful for a poker game. Cards are edgy, the suits drawn ugly. Flipping avatars is the worst. Then it takes ages to check the profile - that burning ring in the middle is beautiful, but ffs how much memory it eats? Or whatever else you put there? Which iPhone I need to buy, so it be faster? iPhone 20? I can’t upload pic from my phone, but have to log in with FB. I don’t have bloody FB for these purposes! Update: contact support for what? They don’t read this? You can’t forward this? The app is freezing all the time, because your genius programmers and genius designers wrote is so awfully and put so much stuff into it, that your servers don’t have enough power to process it. Get rid of flipping avatars. Get rid of too much flushes and burns and all sort of stuff that distracts eyes and makes app heavy for a phone and your servers. Btw, your avatars are ugly, each and every of them. I had to get fake fb page just for your app, lol.
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2 years ago, "Sherry"
Love this game!
The customer service team is outstanding. It’s rare that I have to contact them but when I do I get a prompt answer. If they need a day to research my problem you’re not left hanging wondering why you haven’t heard from them. They contact you explaining they need a little more time than usual. I’ve been treated like a customer service rep should treat me. No attitude or like I’m a nuisance. I tell you this because it’s become rare you meet employees of any company who aren’t rude, on their cell phone complaining about their job. Some stores have to close early because their staff simply don’t report to work.I’d like to give a big shout out to the few who realize players are important.
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6 years ago, feddupp
Let me say that I love poker and mostly enjoy the play and meeting new players even though it is almost impossible to communicate with them because of limited space to do so. You also must watch the screen constantly because there is no way to go back to see who won the hand or check what someone may have sent to you. My biggest complaint is that I am tired of being dealt a really good hand, making much better hand on the flop (such as a straight or 2 pair)only to have some bot or bingo player going all in holding non connector off suit cards and hitting full house or flush to bust me and put me out of game. Guess it is your way of trying to get us to buy more chips which I absolutely refuse to do under the circumstances. Sure there are times when one loses all their chips on bad beats but it happens with all too frequent regularity here. Deleting this app and going to another poker site.
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6 years ago, webercoder
Classy hold'em game with a nice UI
I was looking for a casual iOS poker game to pass the time, and was referred from an ad in another game. I'm pleased overall as a f2p player and I tend to hang out in the lowest betting tables to prolong gameplay. If you're careful and don't tend to overdo it, you can play this game for hours without spending a penny. If you get hasty and go all in unnecessarily, you'll burn out and have to wait a day to collect free chips. Sometimes that's just going to happen when you go all-in with pocket kings against pocket aces. ;) The gameplay is smooth and the UI is clean on my iPhone 8. The animations don't seem to lag at all or detract from gameplay. It would be nice if the devs would allow us to upload an avatar that isn't my Facebook picture, but I can live with their built in pics for now. The company pushes their micro transactions pretty hard with pop ups when you sign in and various other flashy sale animations, but I haven't noticed any mandatory video ads or anything of that nature. Still, the frequent IAP advertisements do get annoying, which is why I'm going with 4 instead of 5 stars on my review.
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11 months ago, Ms _behaveb
Too much going On-get kicked from games
First of all there are way way way too many pop ups. Should not have to go thru 8 pop ups to get to the main screen to play. Then to top it off if you hit some kind of milestone it forces your to open a screen which interrupts your game and then you are forced to leave your table in the middle of a hand. I was pretty ticked off when I had pocket queens and a queen appeared on the flop. I wanted to raise and most likely would have won the hand but as soon as I was about to raise again a screen popped up congratulating me on achieving some level and then booted me from the game. It was a freaking huge pot I missed out on. This is just one example of the many times I have been booted in the middle of a game because of some stupid achievement reached. Will most likely delete the game since I can’t enjoy it
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1 year ago, Brankica_U
They will jus erase your money
I’ve been playing for a few weeks and got to a little over 37 million. Login to play few hours later account at ZERO. I know a person who had this happen at about 100 million. Took him a week of back and forth to get his money back. I will not spend my time doing that. I will change my rating if they fix the issue immediately. Update: I am changing this from one star because they did fix the issue of erasing all my chips. WARNING: this game has a lot of bots playing. They all have variations of 4 same names plus numbers and same stats. Be careful if you’re spending real money in the game.
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10 months ago, Stray Duck
Great site if you hate poker
Where to begin? Do you like hitting four of a kind? Full houses? Then this is your poker site. I’ve played a lot of poker and have never seen such frequency of great hands. Got a king high flush? You’re going to lose to someone with an ace high flush. Got a straight? Better be the absolute nuts and then prepare to split the pot. Idiots playing every hand, staying in hands with little chance, and then automatically rewarded with incredibly low-odd rewards. I gave it a good run and made a decent amount of chips. But to hold into your chips means suspending all of your previous experience of how poker, logic, and human nature work. Feel free to dive in and play bingo. But if you have ever actually played poker, then you’ll have no interest in this poorly “randomized” game. This is a game for kids and folks in retirement homes who just want to feel good.
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5 years ago, Brewer fam
Avoid this app
This is by far the most greedy free to play poker app their is. First I log out with 120k chips in my account to feed my baby before bed time. I log back in a half hour later and all my chips are gone. I spent over 2 days trying to get someone from the site to contact me and help me with my issue but the people never contacted me back to help. Second, the site favors junk hands and you will def know when you’re being pushed out. The game has no fairness too it and you’ll see an A,K have a full house but the guy next to you will have 3,5 clubs and hit a straight flush. The game bAits players into playing very strong hands only to give someone who is calling raises with a garbage hand to hit on the river. Avoid this app at all costs . Bad customer service and game play. Also, free chips are non existent. You get maybe 10 minutes of free chips before its all over.
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6 years ago, Manseltek
So far so good
I just started so we'll see how it goes. I have an older iPad so my experience playing is hit or miss. Lag, kicks me off, but sometimes it loads quickly and I can play hands in a timely manner. The PC version via FB is slow for me. It works but takes extra time to load and delays between screens. Thought it might work better on PC the way WSOP version does. I don't mind the intro music but you could lose it after the player is in. If I could turn the epic music off after entering and leave the sound effects but I can only turn off sound. I like the sound effects but the music is too intrusive beyond the intro. I'm playing poker not scaling a dangerous peak. Take care
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5 years ago, Ryscmc58
I will try to keep this short. Playing earlier tonight, had over $15 million in chips (just earned a 3rd ring which rewards you with $15 million chips) logged in just now THEY WERE ALL GONE. When I read reviews w/those statement I think, really? They just disappeared? (Sarcasm) I’m not sure if it’s related, but it’s one heck of a coincidence That a few hours ago I was playing, had $15 million in chips. Wrote a poor review because the game has crashed several times the past few days in the middle of a hand resulting in losing a lot of chips. Anyway, back to the main reason for the review, I’m just really surprised that this happened. I use to really enjoy playing this game. I even spent money on in app purchases. I won’t make that mistake again. Be careful and watch your chips if u play this game. I will change my review if I get my chips back.
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6 years ago, Tipnos
Aggressive in-app purchase
The game itself is fine, but the in-app purchase mechanics are ridiculously aggressive. There was a pop-up telling me I was out of chips and saying I could purchase them—I was not interested in making the purchase, but the ‘x’ in the corner wasn’t working to close the pop-up, so I pressed my home button to close the game. At the exact moment I pressed the home button a purchase screen popped and and was completed. I am going to request a refund through Apple, but I think this in-app purchase mechanic by the game developers is way too aggressive as there was no way to close out of the pop up (the x in the corner didn’t work—I had pressed it a good 10 times before I decided to close the game—which instead made the purchase, even though the in-app purchase prompt was not up when I started pressing the home button).
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1 year ago, jdihhxhjaidyggauxuwixhga
Poker app
This app when its works is really fun however getting it to stay connected is very disappointing I'm on excellent internet connection and this app consistently is unable to stay connected and when it does you get the vanishing fold button or only the option to go all in. This game is loaded with glitches. Play freezes, server crashes, and chips disappear. I had 22 million chips at one point and the next time I turned on the app they were gone. I contacted the support service via email. Followed all the instructions and after several attempts I finally gave up and deleted the app. This app is a rip off
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6 years ago, Nadealand
App freezes
I have lost a lot of chips for the past week with this app because it’s freezing just after several hands. Many times I bet on something big that I have, maybe a full house and I want to win, then there is someone calling and boom, the app freezes, and it gets me back to the home screen. Really? I thought I’m the only one having this problem but I saw other reviews here that have been not answered by CS, pity. I also noticed they have on their site in categories “ frequent questions” about the exact same problem. The only suggestion that they say to fix it is to remove completely the app and then launch it again. A method that I tried and it did not work. I never experienced this with any other apps before. Pity that I bought chips from them!
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