Poker with Friends - EasyPoker

4.6 (3.8K)
102.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appex IVS
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poker with Friends - EasyPoker

4.6 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
5 months ago, CABHCABH
This is a fun app BUT
I recently got top ten on the easy poker leaderboard with my account ZYNGAWSOP then I got this glitch where I can’t get in the app it loads forever and goes to a brown screen. I really don’t wanna delete my account because A I like the name and B I’m on the leaderboard with a lot of time invested into some mobile card game. So if you have a solution please help I will definitely pay for a premium subscription if you do.
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3 years ago, DaveGrosmanman
Issues on a regular basis
Regularly have issues with people unable to join a room, with hands inexplicably ending before they are complete, and with players timing out due to “no network” even though they otherwise have a decent internet connection. I downloaded this game so I can get together with some buddies for a weekly virtual poker night. I do like how easy it is to get people playing, and we haven’t found a better alternative that focuses on easy group play with people you know. We typically play for about 90 minutes together with a group between 4-8. We haven’t made it through one evening without several of the glitches mentioned above. We found that ensuring everyone had the most up to date version of the app helps. Hopefully the glitches are being ironed out. Will update my review if that’s the case.
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4 years ago, Signor Tito
Absolutely failed to let us play poker
I paid for the premium version of this app in order to allow for more controls and more than four players. $5.99 I will never see again. Tonight I tried to play a game with four players and we were not once able to play more than two hands of poker without a member of the group showing up as “no network” and locking up all game play. Multiple reboots and reinstalls did not solve the problem. When we actually could get 4 players in a hand, the response times was so slow that it could take more than a minute for a players move to be registered in game. I’m not sure what they are using for game servers, but I expect the design involves a hamster and wheel. I have never seen an app fail so utterly to do exactly what it was designed to do. It was unplayable and it ruined an evenings entertainment.
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3 years ago, JaysDubs
Fun and super simple
A lot of these other games are so complicated to set up and meant to be played single player. But I just wanted a fun poker game I could play with my friends and this does the trick! No time to setup, no need to do anything fancy, and no ads! The only recommendation I’d make would be to make be an option to play random people. Adding that would make this app perfect but other than that I love this app!
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2 years ago, ahdhdyy
Work in a dealership
So we’re productive and make sales and appointments and do great at our jobs but as we’re on the phones we play cards because most the time people do not answer... well someone got mad and told the GM we hadn’t been doing our jobs (which we had) so we can’t play cards with physical cards... BUT YOUR APP HAS MADE WORK ENJOYABLE NONTHELESS LETTSSS GOOOO✊🏻 appreciate you guys ! 🤝
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2 years ago, pokerfan69
This game has so much potential
This game has so much potential, but it seems like the developers don’t care cause I’ve seen the same complaints from months ago. It’s laggy sometimes it’ll freeze and you won’t be able to connect to play with friends. The devs are leaving so much money on the table by not fixing these issues, I’m not trying to sound ugly or anything but I really enjoy this game when it works 50% of the time.
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2 years ago, the ciber Psycho
Needs random match making!
I’ve played around in this app and I’ve loved it so far. There’s just one problem! I don’t have friends :(. If the app had random match making it would be great! But for right now the game is just sitting here on my phone. Please add match making!
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1 year ago, fungamesboi
Troubling issues
This game is simple and fun when it is working. However, more often than not there are some major issues, especially with the system not being able to read hands very well. The biggest example I have is I had a straight at the end of the river, and my opponent had a one pair. Somehow, the game said their one pair beat my straight. It’s problems like these that keep recurring and make me not want to play anymore. Please find a solution to this
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2 years ago, antonomase
Problem with the servers
When it works, it’s simple and does the job well. However most of the time we can’t create games. Seems like the servers are down. Update: problem seems fixed, updating my rating
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2 years ago, dharinithegreat
Fun and easy!
EasyPoker is a pretty fun and easy and it’s way more simple than any other poker game. The only complaint I have is that the game does not have a mode where you can play with players worldwide. I still think it’s simple and fun and the way to go!
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2 years ago, Njar!
Difficult Poker
The app has become unplayable for both paid and free subscribers. Endless glitches, crashes and ‘freezing up’ during game play. While noticeable “improvements” have been added over the two years I’ve been using it, the game has become a sloggy/jumbly mess as of late.
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1 year ago, TheEgyptianBallr
Not Fully Working
When achieving certain levels, you obtain prizes like chips or card styles. However, whenever I try to chance my chips, they do not change in the game I play. The check is over the chip style I selected, but as I play, it is the common chip I didn’t select. How can I resolve this?
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3 years ago, RPKCUSA
Amazing Social Distancing Poker App
Just wanted to say thanks to the Team that created this Poker App! We have been searching for a way to play Poker with the Fellas since Covid turned everyone’s lives upside down. This has been the best one by far and is so simple to use. Thanks for creating such a great App! 5 Stars aren’t enough! Ryan (USA)
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11 months ago, Hellaae
This game is great for playing with friends
I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this one. This is a good game to play with friends while you’re hanging out. It’s simple and straight to the point. Great game can’t recommend it enough.
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2 years ago, pitpens246
Near perfect!
It’s a super fun game, we play it in the office from desk to desk! The only problem is that it is a little buggy with connectivity, other than that it is really fun to play with your buddies
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2 years ago, Matho18
Doesn’t work
It just doesn’t work unfortunately. I wanted it to so bad I even paid the $4 to be able to customize the blinds and everything. I just wanted a spot to be able to play my brothers in poker without all the buying free chips nonsense but it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried 5 different games and every time there is a network issue with someone which renders it useless. It’s not our internet connection, it’s the app.
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2 months ago, Mjpeyton25
Favorite poker app, but too many issues.
This is hands down the best poker app available; however, there are issues loading the app. Not just with me, but with the 4 other users I was playing with. Potential to be the most used poker app, but the technical support teams needs to work out the kinks.
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2 months ago, Bob 124
Great when it works
This app is great when it works. My husband and I both even paid for premium so we could avoid the annoying adds but this app seems to constantly have bugs. Tonight we’re trying to play and every time we get to the end of a hand and one calls the other it never shows the winner and the chips just completely disappear. Super annoying.
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3 years ago, Widdy4
App needs a lot of work
Laggy but “works.” Hands feel very discrete. UI is not initiative at all. Only plus is that you can create games with your friends. If you want a cheap feeling experience, this is the app for you. 2/5: lots of potential. But the owner clearly needs to hire better devs, or take some classes in human/computer interaction before this would be even remotely worth subscribing to. Disappointing.
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4 months ago, supermegalucky
Fun just some minor issues that make game difficult
It’s a really good app when it works I’ve had some issues loading it but when I am I enjoy it a lot and is really fun to play with friends.
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4 years ago, rcurtisAA
Second Income!
I love this app. Through playing just one opponent — my friend Jason from Columbus, Ohio — I’ve managed to earn a handsome second income. I can now take my wife out to nice dinners and my family on great vacations! all thanks to this app!
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2 years ago, 6272727262626262627
Used to be Great
the original version of the app was great. now it's almost unusable because of bugs. the simplicity of the earlier version was what was enjoyable about it. it would be super fun to have a multiplayer online version, but they still haven't added that. I mean, there isn't any great online multiplayer poker apps or websites. so I'm sure if they had that it would be used rampantly
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4 years ago, 3.14perSlice
Would be better for face to face
Used it 3 times for remote games... a few times there was confusion about who had the bet, or what the winning hand was. Would probably work beautifully for face to face (real) games. Overall i recommend it
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4 years ago, papa95472
Great option for a quick game at the dinner table.
Very easy to use for everyone in the household. Subscribed for the year. These guys are great, they respond to feedback. Thanks again for a great, safe, poker experience!
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4 months ago, hhaunefhvuf
Creating a room
I am able to create the room but I’m stuck in the number generator and it keeps going for over 5 minutes. What can I do to make it work?
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2 years ago, Singshua
Super frustrating
Good lord- had to start several rooms to try to get it to work. Some didn’t allow more than 3 people, some didn’t give me the option to start the game, some would let others see their cards…I signed up for the free trial hoping that would solve some issues, but alas…we cancelled our poker game and I cancelled the free trial.
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8 months ago, crmcalls
Great UI
Love this app because of the outstanding user interface, it’s not bloated or overwhelming like many other apps out there.
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4 years ago, chipatmcgee
Pretty and unusable
Great UI but unusable due to connectivity problems not related to network but related to the app. Not ready for prime time.
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4 years ago, steam rollin whatever I see
It could be 5
It just needs to be called “EzPoker” instead, then you get my 5 star
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4 years ago, khkothar
Truly easy
Just what I was looking for to play poker with my family :-) All researching a lot, I came across this and it’s really good!
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2 months ago, ELIOHRT
Couldnt even play
I downloaded the game to play poker with my friends but the game wouldnt load. (if it did which if it did it would take forever) I got in once or twice but i couldnt make an account or play as a guest. Every time I tried it would just sit their and load forever.
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3 years ago, Hornedfrog 1517
It’s a great app, but I don’t have any friends to play with
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10 months ago, Young Stoker 21
Too many glitches to use
The free version is unusable bc of glitches and limited settings, people’s app freezing on loading screen, getting stuck on ad screens, people’s app crashing randomly. I wish it worked.
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2 years ago, Anyonehome
Crash alot
This would really be a good poker app if it didn’t freezes and crash all the time. It crashes during games with friend. Many bugs and I hope the developers are planning to address these issues.
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2 years ago, Dane_GR
Very buggy
The app works phenomenal…. WHEN IT WORKS…. Constant freezing and game crashes. Friends not being able to join table. Stuttering between hands. Would be a great app if the servers actually worked and didn’t freeze constantly
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3 years ago, Kobepaz
Enjoyed playing this game. Played a few games for free. Right when I got a one month membership, the game stopped working and my battery started getting hot, like what’s happening?…. Want my money back and ruined my evening with friends
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6 months ago, Farquiaddius
Fun but with problems
Ads in the middle of turns, app randomly glitches, and settings are locked behind an absurd paywall. Apart from that it’s alright
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7 months ago, urgameshit
Have to pay for everything
You need to pay for basically everything and u get ads in the middle of the game, I don’t mind ads but they play in the middle of your turn
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2 years ago, darlingnikkip
More options
More options!!! Customizable, non timed, and the biggie of family share!!
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1 year ago, masonknight55
Basically stole money
Purchased the year subscription and the game was so laggy it was unplayable. Tried to contact customer service via email and other means for a refund but no response.
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3 years ago, Nick5273737
Worst experience
Bugging everytime. Can’t buy in, can’t rejoin sometimes game kicks you out. Worst experience playing poker with friends. Doesn’t worse 4$ monthly subscription. Don’t recommend
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9 months ago, mASTER mEMER
Good game
But glitch happens sometimes where screen is orange and I have to delete and redownload
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4 years ago, vsb recovering addict
Buggy and Awful UI
Overall user interface is absolutely ridiculous and the game has far too many bugs - skipped chances, different players all show the same name, etc.
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2 months ago, dylans703
Simple app but buggy
Simple to navigate the app but too many bugs. I prefer to play on a site like poker patio. Best of luck with the initiative though!
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6 months ago, higivvuu
Doesn’t work
Im on 5 g network and when i try to make a guest account or a normal account it doesn’t work it load forever and does nothing wouldn’t recommend 👎
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2 years ago, zaan869
Ok when it works
It kinda messy sometimes
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2 years ago, Gabe Itches 43
Impractical, buggy
App isn't well made at all. To the point where it takes away from gameplay. Devs need to quality test.
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1 year ago, bootymunchah
Great game. A lot of potential
Gonna be a great game in the future.
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3 years ago, fyuuuit
Good for friends
But would be nice if they made the user interface a little more realistic
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4 years ago, kgj12345
Not stable
Been using the app for 3 months. Every 5 games or so a player will get out of synch( no cards or cant see flop) the synch Button doesn’t help. Don’t use this app for a serious game.... it has stability issues
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