Poker World - Offline Poker

4.5 (15.9K)
317.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poker World - Offline Poker

4.53 out of 5
15.9K Ratings
3 years ago, nabneumeier
Perfect for mild gamblers and travelers
This is what the app pre wrote for my review: “I love almost everything about this game. It’s very well put together and easy to use, plus the side challenges are entertaining. What I don’t like is that the AI is always the luckiest SOB on the planet. The further along you get, the longer your unlucky streak gets, which is frustrating. I won a tournament off of bluffing and only had two hands that would’ve legit won in all the rounds combined. It is really geared towards having you spend money, which is fine if the creator would let you replay locations you’ve already won, but you can’t. I just uninstall and reinstall when I get to the point where I have to actually pay for chips with no chance of winning that money back. Overall it’s a good app.” Honestly, it’s 100% accurate. I do like that you can play offline(airplanes) and it’s cheaper than the $20 buy in I play on Saturdays with friends. All things considered, I haven’t even come close to $20 and I’ve made it pretty far. If you like to play Texas Hold’m, you’ll like the app.
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6 years ago, Vintagenarian
There’s good news, and there’s...
I enjoy this game. It’s well-designed and fun to play (there’s a big But coming…read on). I’m a seasoned player, do not mind losing fairly, and play this game on my iPad at least 1-2 hours every day as a side diversion while working at my desk. I’ve achieved the #3 ranked player in “the world,” and have (eventually) won tournaments on nearly all continents. But after playing for a couple months now, and spending some $100 in Real Money for additional chips (the pleasure has been worth it to me), I’ll soon be letting my $20 million bank play out and move on. The honest reason is simple: the “house” (in this case the developer) uses shills, in the form of cartoon players, who make completely unrealistic bets having only one obvious purpose: to separate you from your money. No reasonable player ever goes All-In with the absurd frequency of these toon bozos; no real player ever bluffs that much or that foolishly. After all, cartoon players have nothing to lose. The end result, with frequent annoyance, takes away from the true enjoyment of this game when you know you’re being cheated by the house. For beginners, this is a good and fun way to learn Texas Holdem, with beautiful graphics. But if you expect fair rules in the long term, find another version of the game. (To the developer: this isn’t a decent way to make money, folks. Offer honest players an honest game, and you’ll have loyal users like me stay all-in for the long haul.)
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3 years ago, CS sj
Amazing game but now what?
So, I’ve completed the entire globe. All but one. Re-played the ones I didn’t get gold trophies until I did. I spent $1 to not get ads. I think this is a great value! Yes, it can be frustrating in the beginning when you don’t have tickets. You earn them for free by playing the 2 player free portion every 4 hours until you hit the ticket. I literally have over 50 tickets now because at the highest levels it is $6 million buy in. I wish I could pay with tickets. For $1 and many hours of entertainment, who can complain?! Here’s my question. I have the final tournament to win. Then what? Do I have to delete and start over or is there more beyond this with an update?
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6 years ago, Tom can't find a unique nick
Simulation needs work
I appreciate that this poker app has tasteful, elegant graphics and photo-realistic avatars. However, after four months of play, I have come to the conclusion that this product does not (yet) employ fair game play algorithms nor random shuffle. For example, your simulated opponents will frequently go "all in" before the flop for hands they could not win without the turn or river. Low card and other junk hands that most players would fold become full house or straight draws that justify open bets. It is as though the outcome of each round is known and your simulated opponents bet accordingly. That is frustrating. Also tournaments seem rigged in your favor such that, unless you really botch your hands, you'll likely end up at the top so it's easier to advance to the next tournament. I hoped for an authentic experience in order to improve my betting game. If you just want to practice Texas Hold 'Em in a gorgeous environment and don't care strongly about authenticity, I would recommend this app. However I plan to look for another poker app that better simulates real game play.
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6 years ago, CrPokeHer
Pay to Play!
4.3 out of 5? Uh huh. The tournaments aren’t worth playing once you advance. You actually lose money in every tournament you play in no matter what place you take. If you come in scone or third you may as well not even play. Buy in for 40k. Third place gets 7k in a 16 person tournament. Ok. It’s all just a way to get you to buy chips. If the payouts were more realistic there’d be no reason for you to have to pay to keep playing in the tournaments so they keep the prize money low so you end up running out. I refuse to pay for more chips so I end up waiting 4 hours at a time to spin or play free heads up games. I’ve been beaten so many times when the computer only has 1 out, or to 4 card straits or a 4 card flush. It happens way too often in this game to be coincidence. You put your money in with the best hand and more often than not you’re losing. The only way to win these tournaments is to play extremely tight and only bet when you have the nuts. But then the screwed up blind system catches up with you and you’re basically done. Again all a way for them to keep your chips low so you buy more. Waste of time, don’t waste your money by paying.
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5 years ago, Tobslice
Ok for super casual novices
I’ve been playing for a week. Very fun the first couple days. 2 main problems. First, they try to get your money. If you lose a few tournaments (highly likely), you can’t go back and replay a tournament you’ve already won, and it takes virtual currency to enter most tournaments. It’s very tempting to drop actual money to get some VC to play tournaments. Second, the goal is to increase your world ranking. I’ve already noticed that a head to head challenge is very’s as if the AI can see my cards and/or knows what cards are coming up. Several times, the AI went all in with bad cards and then caught a straight or flush or 3 of a kind on the river. Like the AI doubled up on me 3 hands in a row via a river miracle. So occasionally, the odds are stacked against the player, you lose VC, they try to get you to spend real money. Very fun game if you don’t care about progressing and just want to play a hand of poker on the toilet every once in a while.
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10 months ago, kadaka point
People must read this note
I have spent hundreds of real money to play this game and will not spend another cent. WHYI have played this app for over two years without any problems. Played around the world numerous times. Lost a lot but also won a lot. I felt this was the most realistic packer app of all that are free for download. Now l only give this game two stars for its foremat, down from from almost a five star. Reason for; it crashes every time I start a new game and 80% of that time it takes my money without letting me play that game. It takes tickets away when you try to use them. The games screen now is like magnified and people’s chips overlaps faces, and three of the players I can’t even see. I have tried multiple times forfeiting my existing chips that I either won and or payed for as to reboot this game hopefully for better results. Still did not fix my problem. Don’t even get me started on the annoying advertising . ?
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2 years ago, mrsnatklee41
App always crashes
I used to love this app and I played it all the time, until one day I opened the app and it immediately crashed and brought me back to my phone Home Screen. I've tried everything to try and make it not crash. Unfortunately nothing works that I've tried. I know the only way to play again is to uninstall and then reinstall the app, but then you lose all your progress in the game and have to completely start over. There hasn't been an update, atleast for iOS on this app in over a year. If they just fixed bugs and crashes, maybe more people would continue to play it. Highly disappointed. I suggest downloading governor of poker 2 offline. I've been playing that and have had no issues. Really sad that I can't enjoy poker world anymore. To anyone that downloads this don't ever shut your phone off while your mid poker tournament game. That's when it starts crashing all the time. Hope this helps others who are considering playing this app.
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6 years ago, Moxthafox
Completely Shameful
A smooth, entertaining offline poker game (albeit perhaps a bit strange algorithm design at some points) utterly ruined by blatant attempts of getting its players to pay real-world cash. The Ticket System in the game is a slap in the face to people who simply want a decent offline poker game. There comes a point in the game where it quite literally does not let you play any more poker until you reach for your real world wallet. Once you win a tournament in a certain area, you can’t go back and play it to get more chips or even just play it for fun. On top of that hurdle, they also have areas that you cannot play without having a Ticket, and you can’t take on any bosses without completing the whole area. In short, the game is designed to draw you in for cash, just like 99% of all of these horrible excuses for mobile games nowadays. It’s completely pathetic. Whatever happened to Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies, where you didn’t have to vigilantly wait for ads to pop up every time you do ANY ACTION on the game? It’s a slap in the face.
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3 years ago, xavmart
Fun but there’s a big problem
There’s a lot of things to like about this app however, after a little while of me playing, the app crashes & doesn’t stop until I completely delete the app. The first time this happened (I had put real $$$ into it to earn more coins) I was in the middle of a game & the app crashed so I closed out the app & tried again. It opened up but 5 seconds after, it closes again. Since this kept happening I decided to delete the app then download it again and when I opened it up, everything was reset & I was back on square one so I lost all my money! I kept playing like usual then not too long after playing it, it crashed again. After deleting it again & re-downloading it, it happened AGAIN. This must be only happening to me because I’ve looked at reviews for this game & that’s never been mentioned.
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5 years ago, AllRoundGuy
Just a money maker for the author
If you expect to play a poker simulator, this is NOT the game for you. If you just want to kill some time playing around with a poker game that you don’t expect too much from, this is okay. I haven’t spent a dime on this game and I’m glad. This game has up to 39, so far, cartoon characters that you play against. Remarkably they play aggressively and are extremely lucky - like going all in with a pair of threes before the flop against a pair of aces and surprisingly; snicker, snicker; hitting a third three. The probability of winning with pocket aces is 31.6% or about once three hands where you have pocket aces. I’ve had pocket aces numerous times and have yet to win a showdown with them and have only won twice going all in with them. The main point to this game is to make you watch commercials or pay for extra items, in other words, to make lots of money for the author.
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6 years ago, Krosisa
Not a free game. Here’s why
This game is not only free but in a sense a subscription service game. Here’s why 1. The ticket system. In each region, there will be at least one city where you must pay a ticket to play, not the chips you’ve won. Tickets are cash only items. The way the game is designed, if you win a city (get gold) you can not play the city again. So eventually you are stuck in a situation where you can’t play any poker game unless you buy a ticket from the cash shop. The response from the company to that will be there is a free daily challenge system where if you win 10 games, you get a ticket for free. Fair enough. Here’s the catch: you need to wait 4 hours in between each game so even if you are playing on the dot, you can’t play a real poker game (daily challenge is 1:1, not a tournament style) for 40 hours. The game is designed to get you stuck where you have to pay cash to play any more. 2. The ads. The unskippable, long, video ads before every single game. I understand they need to play ads because the game is offered “free” notwithstanding my point above. But the sheer amount of as on this thing was unbelievable. I did pay the money to get rid of the ads - that is before I got stuck in the situation mentioned above with the ticket and ads don’t matter anymore since I can’t play a game without paying more money. Good game, but terrible cash cow design.
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3 years ago, McLeod the Highlander
This is a very unrealistic poker game
So I play this game enough that I see glaring issues with it in every event game especially with the way the cards are dealt. But the “enough is enough moment” went like this. I’m playing the biggest tournament in the first area. I make it to the final two (by folding everything that doesn’t include a king or ace which is an entirely different problem this game has btw) at that point I lost 17 hands in a row and was knocked out. It was insane. It was like the game wanted me to lose so I would have to pay actual real world money to buy more chips to try and play again. There are several points where you realize this is the case. I believe this game is meant to take advantage of poker addicts and that it’s rigged for you to lose until you pay money. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone especially someone who already struggles with making good decisions playing microtransaction games like this.
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5 years ago, Ringorizzak
Yes, it’s rigged. But what do you expect?
Like the other reviewers have said, this game has an algorithm that lets you win with crazy impossible long shots, but then you lose with them too. I’ve been playing B/M poker and online poker 20 years, and the number of 1 outers and runner-runners when you have the computer dead to rights is just silly. I understand apps are meant to make money, but I’d rather just pay $9.99 up front and have realistic odds. Instead I refuse pay a dime and just move on to other games until it will let me win again. (Also some of the tournaments are structured where if you fold the first 8 hands you’re blinded out which is just bonkers. But anyway...) So if you’re looking to pass time it’s a good game. But don’t think that you’re learning anything about realistic hand outcomes- for entertainment purposes only.
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6 years ago, camdizzle
Loved it at first. Was cruising along, all of the sudden I lose 3 games in a row on unbelievably bad beats on the river and I have 900 chips left and the cheapest tournament I can play is 30,000. I refuse to spend any more real money, it’ll be a month before I can do enough daily challenges or watch 4 ads every 3 days before I can even play another tournament with hopes of getting at least second place to salvage some money. In what world do you lose money if you get 3rd? I mean seriously. The payouts are not nearly high enough compared to the buy in. A very obvious cash grab and it must be working well because they will not change it. I have now deleted the game in search of a more realistic and fair playing experience. P.S offer some type of exhibition or allow old tournaments to be played. Don’t want to shell out 30k in chips every time I feel like playing a game. Hopefully they fix it to stop the exodus of users. Until then I’m moving on.
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10 months ago, Fleeced in Iowa
Beware of Thief Owner - takes your money, then glitches your game so you will pay more!
The developers of this game is a thief. If you purchase any chips or other game items, beware because your purchase will not last long. Within a week or so of your purchase, the programmer will glitch your game, forcing you to reinstall it and purchase all of your purchases over again. It’s a nice scheme, I cannot believe it’s legal. I’ve reported this to Apple, so hopefully something will be done about it in the near future. As for the game itself, it’s adequate. It was clearly created by a rookie developer, who does not really know what they are doing, let alone knows anything about Texas Hold ‘em. The one thing that a certain, and if they are robbing their customers blind. In the Old West, cheating players out of their money would earn the cheater a bullet between the eyes. Not everything about the old west was bad.
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5 years ago, kimberly1963
No help
I loved playing this game until I could not go to next level and I had already complete all the spots but it kept saying finish previous spot well I looked several times there was no more spots so I installed it and I keep my progress I had played daily I was a good bit far in the game well when I reinstalled the app it kept wanting me to start at the beginning I emailed I know 10times or more they gave me every reason you can think of as to why I couldn’t get back to my level everything they ask me to do did now I can’t even get email back I suggest not getting this app there support system is not worth nothing
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5 years ago, petesamzeke
Well Designed BUT ....
This game is well designed, and could be five stars - but it is clearly geared toward skimming money off the users. If you don’t want to constantly spend your real money for more chips etc, you will have to patiently use the ‘Spin’ and ‘Free Games’ features to build up cash - then expect to be beaten by your cartoon opponents making successful bad bets against your rational ones. You can also expect to frequently receive a ‘five-two’ (or similar) hand three times in a row and/or frequently be beaten by a flush or full-house that is one card better than yours. It’s annoying that the game doesnt produce an honest card distribution and result. If you can overlook that, then you might have some fun with this game. Is it really too much to ask to have a well-designed, honest play, Texas Hold Em App?
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4 years ago, gdubs65
Smart playing equals success
Overall I enjoyed this game. Like every other game with in-app purchases there are aspects of it designed to make you spend some money while playing and I can accept that. A couple of those affect game play, but just like every other poker situation you have to learn to adapt in order to succeed. I’ll describe a couple of those - 1) the AI is very aggressive in its betting and bluffs way more than real world players 2) way more hands are played by the AI than should be 3) the AI is set up so that raises happen in succession by different players, requiring you to continuously call higher and higher bets in order to stay in the hand. How do you handle these - the same way you do in a real world game. Good stack management practices. Recognizing the games betting trends. Developing a strategy and sticking to it. And most importantly being patient and not just betting because you’re bored. If you utilize these strategies then ultimately you’ll win all of the tournaments while spending as little as possible. If not, then just like the real world, you’ll end up spending more money than you intended too.
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5 years ago, the tactition
Cheats & Expensive
This game will NOT allow you to continue to play unless you spend “Chips” which must be won or purchased to buy stupid things like fake sunglasses, houses, and motorbikes. Even if you win every tournament, you will not have enough chips to continue playing unless you purchase them for outrageous prices. The more you play, the more expensive this game becomes. Further, you’ll find their algorithms provide you with about 70% straight and flush draws during an average tournament table while also providing your competition with an 85% likelihood of pocket pairs or two pairs per tournament. Further STILL, the algorithm isn’t sophisticated enough to enable computer generated players the opportunities for true poker finesse. Thus, they consistently lay traps for you until the river is played or they immediately go all in before the flop. This occurs with about an 89% rate of repetition per tournament. Garbage app.
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6 years ago, Pillseller
First week I thought it was awesome, beatable players, logical advancement, and the offline stuff was great; play only when you want to play. Then Atlantic City hit, 23 players to beat and I’ve had bad beats that are beyond absurd. It’s been 6 weeks and still can’t beat it. It’s literally level one. I play poker weekly, I’m don’t have a bracelet or anything but I can hold my own. The bad beats are so over the top it’s not even fun. Just now on the first hand with 24 players in, 2 before me go all in. I call with a AK suited. Cards flip and the other players have 7-4 off-suit and 6-10 suited. No way anyone would go all in with that crap from the first hand of a tourney. Flop comes 5-6-8. Computer flops a straight and I’m first out. This has happened every other day for 6 weeks. If you want an unrealistic game to test your bad beat patience then this is for you, otherwise skip it. It’s ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Tmwill
A good offline poker game
I wanted to find a poker game that I could just play and not have to deal with crazy all-in every single hand, that online free poker usually is. This is a good game, with fairly decent computer play. I wouldn’t call it great because they way they structure the tournaments needs some work. What I mean is, the tournament as you travel through the different areas never really changes. The amount of chips you start with continues to increase as you move up and win tournaments, but the small/big blinds increase at the same level. So, each tournament throughout the entire game is the exact same experience. The number of starting chips increase, but the amount of play doesn’t. So, each tournament experience is basically the same.
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5 years ago, Rusty Gawain
Don’t expect a fair game!
This game is something to just pass the time. It’s ridiculous how the opponents in the game always somehow beat you with the craziest hands. The game is not realistic at all. If you stay in a hand it always seems that the computer playing opponents get lucky turn and river cards, right when it matters. When you have the hand won, and they go all in on a pair of 2’s... one in the hand and one showing.... you have trip Ace’s... he ends with 4 of a kind! Mind blown! When there is a game inside of the game that tests how many times you can get 4 of a kind in 24 hours.... you know this is bull****! Don’t spend money on this app... it is not fair to you and you will constantly lose and asked to put more money in it. Other than that... it’s coo
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11 months ago, BravoBronco
The slots mini game is broken
I enjoy this app for practice but after getting far enough to unlock the slots it freezes and loads forever. I quit the app but when reopening it, the app continues trying to load the slots game. I ended up deleting the whole app and losing my progress and started over. Once I unlocked the slots again, and after an app update, it’s still freezes and I don’t know how to reset it without losing all my progress again. WARNING TO ALL: don’t play the slots if you want to keep your progress. Or maybe the developers could fix this because I like that you can play smaller games to win tickets and $ but what’s the point of it trash’s all your progress.
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5 years ago, x7H
When can we expect Poker World 2
This game has been highly enjoyable for me. I work on ships and spend most of my time without WiFi. I hoping for a new version with more cities or you can just change the name to Poker Universe and just change the names of the 66 tournament sites. I’ll go for that. No other poker game looks or sounds as good as yours. I finished this game on 4 different devices I only paid the 2 dollars on each device to get rid of the advertising, but I would pay much more for 100 or 200 cities on Poker World 2 or Poker Universe 1.
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5 years ago, JuliannaB1983
Paid $15 and my purchased items never appeared
I submitted the issue to their Helpdesk. They asked for screenshots proving my purchase. I asked for clarification but didn’t hear back, possibly because it was a Friday. I figured it out on my own and provided the screenshots. No reply so far, but it’s the weekend now, so I’m hoping I’ll hear back soon. I’m blocked by a paywall and the items I purchased to get past the paywall never appeared. I understand the need for paywalls for free-to-play games, but I think it’s important that the developers prioritize fixing bugs such as this: If you’re going to block players from proceeding in a game until they pay, please make sure when I do pay, that my purchase is reflected in the app. Seems reasonable, right? I’m guessing it had something to do with a bad network connection, but who knows. Hopefully we can get the issue resolved soon.
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3 years ago, Shae District
Good not Great
Honestly overall I’m quite happy with the game. It’s fun, the graphics are nice, not too much distracting flare. My only issue is many have said is that the players rarely play realistically. Of course dialing in these algorithms is really difficult but my current issue is that either no one bets, or they go all in. I’ve played so many rounds where the computers start w a pair, two pair or set or the flop, often finishing w a full now, and then proceed to never bet at any of the stages. The flip side is that the shove with a pair 9s when there’s straight and flush opportunities on the felt. Overall i enjoy it a lot and do recommend it to friends, however it’s not THE poker app due to its lack of realism.
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11 months ago, yunesmezroub
Decent game, pretty devastating crash
I love the graphics and the feel of the game. Solo player and enjoyable to pass time. However AI is relatively dumb. My main issue with this game is the slots boat. I spent some money to get chips and stuff early on and once I unlocked the slots boat I decided to check it out. Do NOT do this. It hard freezes your game. Restarting your phone, closing the app, etc does NOT fix it, and you have to delete the game and redownload it in order to fix the issue, which makes you lose all the progress and chips you’ve earned. This happened to me TWICE now. I’ve contacted support with 0 luck, and I’m pretty mad. Take it out of the game or fix it. So dumb.
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2 months ago, geryoaks
Ads are a little much and the odds are definitely against you. Technically can be f2p.
After a few rounds you will get unskippable ads before every match and after every match so take that as you will. In terms of the gameplay the AI has three play styles, spam check and fold any time you bet, spam all ins, or call bot you. Once you are in showdowns you will see craziest things; mostly the AI will get the exact card they need to beat you on the river constantly. The river is programmed to rob you as once you play for a few hours you’ll notice every time you are beaten it was the exact card they needed on the river (assuming you play wisely and carefully, obviously they will crush you if you just play every hand). The furthest I have ever gotten is region 5 as free to play and I am pretty sure this game is unbeatable as eventually you just never win hands unless you bluff them out. The good news is the 4 hourly tasks can help You slowly accumulate chips if you wanna do f2p, but in the later regions it would take days to obtain the buy in.
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4 years ago, DannyBoy328
App Crashes!
I’ve been a user of this app now for about two years. Everything was fine for awhile but the app crashed several months ago and I contacted support. They were nice enough to put the chips I had coming back into my account. Now the app crashed again while playing Mexico City. I contacted support but it was like talking to a wall- no response to my immediate issue. They ordered a ticket on my issue but never looked into the app crashing on me. They replied and said since they didn’t hear back from me the ticket has been closed and the problem was resolved. Huh????? They never addressed it to begin with. I’m uninstalling and going to another app if I don’t hear back within a week. Oh well, what’s $450 million in lost chips anyway! Terrible app. Don’t download- you’re wasting your time.
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2 years ago, JDHgames
The crashed yet again and ALL the data and progress in the game was lost. I was told to remove the app and reinstall due to the crash and that I would NOT lose the progress… Well i either have to start over or move to another poker game… I’ll be moving on. Fun idea overall for leveling up on poker games however having to buy virtual cars and boats and whatnot is all nonsense and not what you want or need in a poker game. I get they want you to buy your way to the top but means foregoing the challenge of playing poker. Also - numerous times I’ve restarted a tournament and the cards that fell were identical to the previous play. Learn the cards and you can cheat your way to the top. Needs a much better AI for dealing.
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3 years ago, Hedstrng
Fun but rigged
The gameplay is great for the most part. Love the lay out. But the game cheats....yeah I know how that sounds. Players way over bet their hands forcing you out of games essentially. The hands you are dealt vs the computer players, especially at the end of a match, can be ridiculously unfair. The blackjack can be fun. 90% of the time if the dealer card is a face card the other is a 10 or face card. It’s absurd honestly. I kept track out of 25 hands and went 4-18-3, 3 being push. It’s completely unrealistic. I’m no expert gambler but I know how to play blackjack. So all in all the game can be fun, but very frustrating too. Ultimately they want you to spend money on the game and that’s why it plays the way it does. I don’t spend money on games so we will see how long it lasts.
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4 years ago, Shelby, B.A. UVA '19
A good starter app - until you run out of chips
This is a great format for poker! The first rounds are awesome for learners as the setup is very clean and predictable. It shows you what your hand is qualified as, which is great for those who are starting to learn. The only drawback that this has is, like a lot of poker apps, once you run out of chips from losing a few games in a row, it’s incredibly hard to build them back up. There is a free spinner that renews every 4 hours where you can win chips, but you have to pay real money for chips or another spin. The ads are a reasonable amount, I hardly notice them. Overall, I would recommend this game.
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3 years ago, gator#44
Need help from a glitch
I won a 21,000 pot in San Paulo about 10 minutes ago and as soon as the money was coming to me the app shut off. I’ve tried going back at least 10 times and brings me back to tourney but as soon as the money starts coming to me it continues to shut off. I have pics but not sure how to send or get a hold of anyone to get it fixed or give me my 50,000 entry fee back. It has never done this before. It is terrible that computer always catches on the River. If admin see this please reach out to see if can get this fixed. I tried several card games I play and were no glitches, so not my IPad thanks for any assistance. I will be glad to change my review if can be solved
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5 years ago, Avgeek425
Good graphics, sucky algorithms.
I enjoy this game. The graphics are good. The offline feature is awesome. But the algorithms really need to be improved. The game is basically stacked against you. Doesn’t feel genuinely like a real poker game. It’s almost as if the computer knows your cards. Now I understand if the developers and programmers are over their heads with finding the right algorithms. That’s ok. That’s why other games make more money anyway. about increasing incentives. Like instead of waiting 9 minutes to play the free game, you can increase the rewards and lower the time to keep players more engaged in the game. If you can’t fix the algorithms I think you can increase the rewards side to boost player’s advantage to win and keep them engaged in the game.
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4 years ago, UnCiv
Adequate, but room to improve.
I rate this app 3 stars, because it does what I downloaded it for, which was to play Texas Holdem on a progression of scale, offline if necessary. On the other hand, that progression is throttled, not by my ability (entirely) but by a premium currency which can only be obtained with real money, or by winning 7 consecutive head to head games, each of which must be played 4-28 hours after the last. There is technically another activity based way to get them, but it isn’t possible at low levels because one of the numerous bugs prevents “Win $x at poker” quests from reporting progress. It also crashes frequently and timers sometimes go negative for hours.
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11 months ago, Dave250000000000
Lost all progress and purchases twice
This could have been my go to offline poker app as its interface, visuals, and worldwide tourney system makes for an appealing experience. But one huge problem is that if you exit the game in some “wrong” state (i.e. anything other than the world map is risky), you can never get back in as it will just be stuck on startup. And the only way out is to delete the app, and then all of your progress is lost… grr… I’ve now lost all my progress twice, (including $20 in purchases) so I’m done with this. I noticed a button in the Settings named “Restore Purchases”, but pressing it does nothing at all. I will now try to go through customer service to at least get a refund, and will post back here if they actually help vs not giving me any response (which is what I’m expecting will happen). Additionally, all the comments from other reviewers about completely ridiculous AI bets and bluffs that ruin the legitimacy and logic of the game is all true. I’ve managed to work my strategy around it, but it’s certainly not a very realistic experience at times.
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3 years ago, Froggurl5827
App crashing
This was actually a pretty well constructed poker game. The AI isn’t amazing, but they make up for it with large tables, rapidly escalating blinds, and the fact most computer characters will call if they have anything (enough of them playing means someone caught a hand), so you have to play smart to advance. There’s enough ways to earn more $ and tickets that if you’re careful you aren’t forced to spend like crazy just to play Unfortunately they must have created a glitch in the most recent download because now it crashes instantly, and I can’t even get past the opening sequence….so the game is stuck. Might have lost all my progress. I spoke to a friend who also plays the app and he’s having the same experience
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5 years ago, MB1111
When you win all the tournaments it just ends, can’t play anymore
I enjoyed playing it, the different players (and there are many of them) all have there own playing traits, I made it all the way through without spending 1 cent, gold in every tournament and when I won the last tourny it just ended, i expected to at least be able to visit different casinos and buy in but no, once you win all you can play is blackjack or slots. the slots cost 100k per pull and I've never seen them pay more than 30k. After all that effort it would be great if I could still play in the casinos
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6 years ago, TheBet777
One star cash grab
This game went from 5 stars to 1 star in my mind. Great interface and gameplay, and was fun to start. But... it starts off with small tournaments with 5-8 players and low buy-ins. I was enjoying the game and paid money to remove ads. Soon after that, the tournaments have higher buyins and more players, but the payoffs remain small. A tournament with 16 players and $5k buyin, but you only get $9k for winning and $3k for coming in 3rd? How does that make sense? The next one is 24 players and $10k buyin, but you only get $19k for winning and nothing for 2nd or 3rd. If you play twice, win one and come in 2nd one, you’re actually down chips! With 24 players! After paying money for chips (and remove ads), I’m out of chips after one day and feel like I was robbed. Not a good feeling.
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3 months ago, Preacherchrist
Unrealistic hands
Ok been playing a little while at first I liked the app until a few annoying things happened. For starters the toons frequently go “all in” with terrible hands, don’t bother trying to bluff them you will lose, I had a full house kings and 9,s and was beaten by 4 of a kind, with 8 players(very unusual) or if you have a strait to the ace invariably you will be beaten by a flush other than the frustrating tickets that are hard to get for final tournament it’s a fun game Edit: I deleted the app I literally had a flush on a heads up match and my opponent had a strait flush every time I go all in the computer knows my hand
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11 months ago, Samsonites
Fun at first until…
The first level to complete in southeast US. It’s pretty fun - good mix of small tables and tournaments. And the buy ins are small enough that even if you lose a few, you could make money from the extra things and still play tournaments. Then you get to the next level in South America. Once you lose a tournament though, it becomes very difficult to make enough money with the extra things to join another tournament. I wish there was a way to play the lower level tournaments in the southeast US to continue building your bank and then play in the bigger tournaments again. I will probably delete this game soon just based on frustration.
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5 months ago, Doc_Daddy
Best offline poker app but broken functions
I have played this game every day for a year but recently the “last hand “ function and the standings in the current tournament have been broken and display nonsense. Hope this is temporary. By far better than his later games (governor of poker) - the faces and names create familiar foes with distinct playing styles. Tourneys and head to head matches are challenging and fun. Wish he would do a version two. I completed the game, world champion, after playing a long time. Deleted and restarting because I can’t find another offline tournament Holdem App to match it.
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3 years ago, Ej-38
Crash crash crash
This app crashes every time I get to reputation 14 which requires me to reload the game and purchase all over. The first time it crashed I had over 170k and 14 reputations conquered several US And South America countries. I reached out to service and nothing was really resolved. I gave it another shot and had success getting back to level 14 was top 7 player and purchased coins with over 856k and a 175k piggy bank opportunity and it freezes again. I’m done with this app as I counting to spend money purchasing tickets and chips to play and advance and the system crashes having me start all over from scratch. I give up. I’ll play in airplane mode which is the best feature when traveling.
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11 months ago, .,mqwertyzxc%-+
Good game except for progress loss bug
I was really enjoying this game and was doing really good right up until level 9 I think when I unlocked the slots yacht, and when I pressed it, it didn’t load, and it sat there for like 20 minutes, and then the game would not load in again even when I just left it sitting for like 2 hours, I then deleted the app and redownloaded and lost all my data, and I had like $100k in chips 😡 I even tried the customer service route and no response, kinda disappointing ngl. If this happens again I’ll change to a 1 star review
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6 years ago, Casual Poker
Don’t download unless you plan on spending real money
This game seemed fun enough until I spent the weekend watching the computer act like no other poker player on the planet. This game is rigged for you to have to spend real money. Every time it looks like you are about to advance you watch the computer move all in with 2 + 7 pre flop and end up with a full house. I’ve seen the computer catch 4 of kind multiple times in consecutive sessions. Then once you have exhausted your bank of money the only alternative is to purchase in game currency with real money. Don’t fall for this trap. If they were running a legit game I’d say it could be worth it. But after deleting and re-downloading the game at least a dozen times, I’ve realized that you literally can’t win.
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2 months ago, RyloRiz
Unbalanced RNG
This game initially caught my eye because of its amazing graphics, but after a couple hours of playing it’s evident that the RNG for heads-up (1v1) games is pretty unbalanced. I’ve written down the hands of some games and can say that on multiple occasions the opposing “AI” had at least one royal card in its hand SEVEN times in a row, while the value of my cards were typically below 8-9. On top of that, the flop almost always included a pair for their royal card, which almost always guaranteed them a win. I first chalked this up to coincidence, but I’m having a hard time believing it happens this much. Fix your RNG, devs.
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1 year ago, Mike Thain
Not Designed For Real Poker Players
Imagine playing in a poker tournament with 24 players and 10k buy in, the total prize pool is 30k going to the top 3 players (so 210k or 87.5% is taken by the house). You start with about 20 big blinds and the blinds double every 4 or 5 hands. Even though all the opponents are ridiculous and will go all in with 84 or Q7 off suit, the best player in the world couldn’t beat a game like this. Basically they quickly take all your chips then try to convince you to pay real money to get more fake chips to throw away at their terrible tournament structure. It’s sad because it looks like they put some real work into building a game that functions nicely but set it up in a way that makes it unplayable.
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4 years ago, jeyshdjxijdbe
Good graphics, poor poker
The game is nicely designed but gets frustrating pretty fast. This app is clearly built to force you into spending real money to play. IF I WANTED TO SPEND REAL MONEY, I WOULD PLAY POKER SOMEWHERE THAT LET ME WIN REAL MONEY. Buy-ins for tournaments are way too high for what is paid out. Odds of hands make no sense and the computer opponents make ridiculous bets. Literally no one in real life bets like they do in this game. Deleting the app because I’m really tired of the opponents going all-in before the flop, I call with a pair of aces (or other good hole cards) and they just happen to win with a full house or flush when they originally just had a 2 and 3. Every time.
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5 years ago, scammmmer123'
Read all
Over all, it’s pretty good game play. (Big but coming) There’s fun tournaments, objectives, and in game mini-games. One thing though; if you go broke the only way to get money is waiting hours for free options or spending real life money. I’m relatively new but semi dissatisfied. Update: after playing this game for a while it’s quite annoying that you have to either be rich, spend real life money, or just be a poker GOD to play. With the entry fee for every game it’s expensive to pay. The last thing is after level 7 you unlock blackjack then 10 slots, but there’s never a place where you can just play poker for free
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