PokerStars Casino - Real Money

4.3 (9.2K)
271 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stars Mobile Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerStars Casino - Real Money

4.31 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
4 years ago, jayfuredd28
4 stars
I love this game I really won a big amount of money the first 4 days I play I feel like I am at a real casino but a fue things I can deposit money from what ever card I what but only had a problem wen I wen to withdraw my second big win so I just spent it back but I keep playing..and also is been like a week now no new challenges so I hope y’all fix that and one last thing like come on I spent a lot of money I hit more in a real casino and so easy to get ur money in a real casino I don’t no yes I will keep playing just not spending so much cash no more because I only one big to times but only was able to take out my diet big winnings but not my second it was so hard I just used it and put back but after all is a good app
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2 years ago, Nequcharsi
Great App More chance to win
I’m not gonna lie the reviews had me a bit frantic. I didn’t wanna put any money into it. I decided to give it a try. I won a good amount of money without bonus. My first withdrawal I was a bit nervous because I read so many horrific reviews about it. I withdrew on a Thursday and it was there Monday morning around 4am. 3-5 business as they say and it was just that. Now for the customer service part. I talk with three different people. The first two was awesome and took care of an issue I had with no problem or attitude. Now for Ben whoever he is. Very much so rude. Not to mention he cut my conversation short in the middle of me texting. His attitude came out at the very beginning. He was too busy trying to tell me something I know. Overall still a good app just wish it was a way Ben could’ve got a little more peace of my mind after ending my chat when I’m a paying customer that was relatively still talking. Five ⭐️ because your app is amazing just get Ben off the lines of communication
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5 months ago, Steve1815
Don’t waste your time
I downloaded the app and loaded $100. I played and lost. So I like anyone else deposited another $100. On the first spin, I got a message, you are in verification. Security will reach out to you shortly. Never received the request. Went back and forth with live chat, they are unable to help. You must wait on email. Then instantly my “restrictions and limits were removed”. I thought ok, am just being sure it was me. I of course lost again and was like ok another $50. As soon as that was approved I was locked out and under investigation. Due to me wagering on 2 different games (closed one and started a new one) I was suddenly under investigation because they weren’t sure who I was after providing birthday, social and all 3 questions that no one else is supposed to know. Unfortunately they are unable to help me for 7-10’days and I’m unable to withdraw any funds until I provide more information such as bank account and routing numbers and an official bank statement to show I own the account. Something doesn’t sound right and honestly you should read all the reviews. They take your money and lock you out.
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2 years ago, moneylost8264747
Won’t pay me
Only online casino I’ve played on that won’t pay me on a winning bet. So I was playing roulette and had played multiple games betting a decent amount and lost each time. My next bet I play the same numbers and same amount and all the sudden my bet gets rejected and my number hits. I try again the next spin and sure enough, it goes through and they take my money. Out of probably 15 spins, the only one rejected was the winning bet. I contacted stars and they said they don’t deal with the betting on “their” casino and would have to reach out to a third party gaming supplier. It’s now been 2 weeks and they keep telling me I’ll have to be patient and that they have forwarded my request to the third party provider. I have now had to file a complaint with the gaming board and they want to download items from my phone which I’m not really comfortable with.
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2 years ago, bicycle86
Ignore the bad reviews, I’m glad I did!!
I deposited $10,$20 here and there after signing up but never seemed to have luck; I played on a few other casino apps religiously, but one day I claimed a $5 bonus with Pokestars from my email, that $5 lasted me FIVE DAYS of play, up to almost $3K before I decided i better cash out at $1200!! Zero deposit from me and I was $1.2K richer! I didn’t deposit A CENT for that, it was all of the bonus. I was nervous about the higher and my first ever withdrawal; I chose skrill for my withdrawal method and I literally had all of the funds within 15 minutes. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. Take advantage of the bonuses when offered, and the $1 daily bonus chest and more times than not you will end up able to withdrawal. Will always recommend this app, my new first choice and #1 vote!
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3 years ago, uni is booty
Everything was going just fine when I first downloaded this app until the day with through money from my PokerStars balance. Directly following that there was a very noticeable difference in the fairness of all of the games and instantly became nearly impossible to win money. Once I wait to money from my balance the dealer suddenly started every single hand with a 10 or ace well I continuously am still getting the worst mathematical starting hands possible on just about every hand for over an extended period of time now and only seems to be getting worse. If you’re looking to lose money at such a rapid pace to the point where it will make you sick to your stomach then this is the app for you. You may be able to win for the first month or two you download the app but I have heard from multiple sources that they have experienced the same exact issues that I have been dealing with for months now and is the definition of unfair and great
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3 years ago, Ksuddeth605
Just awful customer service
I downloaded, deposited and played the slots on PokerStars. I got the bonus match and won a large amount of money. I then decided to withdraw and call it a good day, that’s where the problem started. My winnings were put on hold and I was locked out of the account and I found out through (a million) emails I was told I have to verify my identity. I sent through their ONLY form of communication and email my life story with documents to prove it. So after a few more days I was finally cleared only to be limited on how to withdraw my funds which by the way 2 sources I have never heard of, but I made an account with one of the sources and now the funds is back on hold to verify my credentials with the the only option they gave me to send the funds to in the first place. I believe if the amount I won was smaller I would not be going through this. They set you up to play only to set you up for grief if you win. The next email I plan to send is to the BBB with screenshot proof.
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2 years ago, Manar1987
Waste of time
Dealing with this terrible app all night. I downloaded the app and deposited $100, only to find out I did not opt into the deposit match. Spoke with chat support, they said I can withdraw my money and get it between 3-5 business days from today, then opt into the promotion, then make another deposit. I would then be all set. I deposited another $100 and see that my balance is only $200, no deposit match. Tried getting support to fix the issue, but instead, they flagged my account for fraud, asked for more documentation than a mortgage lender, and still they can’t verify my account. I asked them to return the deposits into the original payment method, and they keep sending me canned responses indicating that they rejected my documents. Honestly this has been very shady, I wonder if this is really stars casino or if I have been had by hackers. So annoyed and just want my money back….. don’t do it folks!
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2 years ago, WVU419
It’s good but not great!
I play Poker (BJ + THE) as well as Slots on a Full-Time basis and have used every Casino App possible. PokerStars (and each of their Apps) are definitely worth having if you like playing Poker and/or Slots. FoxBet is ran by the same company (Mt. Airy Casino) so if you have an Acct with them you already have an Acct with PokerStars. PokerStars has plenty of Rewards, Bonuses, Free Bets, etc that they give you and I’ve made a lot of money just from using their Bonuses. They let you collect 3,000 coins Per Hour to use in any of their “THE” Tournaments that are running at any given time. My only gripe that I have is why have “Play Money” and Slots on the same App but NOT allow to play any Slots with “Play Money”?? DOESNT MAKE SENSE!
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3 years ago, CBEC Girl
Hands Up Fantastic!
These online casinos is not about how much money you spend, its all luck. Some games pay out and some do not. Thats why its called gambling. I have played numerous online casinos in hope for the “BIG” win but never received it from any of them. This week I started playing this casino and I have to say I was blown away. I lost a few hundred but won a couple thousand dollars. Withdrawal each time and never had any problems. I have never had a problem with the games crashing as well. I have to say this online casino has me hooked! By far the beat out there to play. The games are fun and different from the other games you see. I give this app a 10 hands up!
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9 months ago, ok free plz
Worst so far in PA
I have used just about every legal casino app in pa and this is by far the worst. Maybe 3-4 slots worth playing out of 127. Two of which did not work at all for over a 5 day period. These including fortune coin and divine fortune(popular slots). Their house slots are boring. besides the “frog of fortune”. Which you might get lucky enough to get 1 of 20 played out bonuses. Sign up Promotion is trash. if you win on any of your bonus,it will then make you meet a set wagering match amount which is a joke. Basically you have to win what you just won multiple times for it to by any means be yours. In other words save your money unless you plan to play poker. I do not. so I have no comment on that side of the app. From experience id definitely choose a better option DraftKings/FanDuel/BetRivers/barstool Sportsbook.
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1 year ago, ReneeWinters
Don’t Trust!!! Deceiving Bonuses and Play!
I play on other real casino sites, and thought I’d play this one. Especially since they offer $100 in free slot play or a match. When I joined, I was surprised that the free play was spread over 6 days and you have to use real money to win and open chests to receive the free play on preselected slots. You start on day 0 and get a chest with like a 20 cent win. On day 2 which is really their day 1 I did win 50 free spins but I needed to fill the chest meter to open it. I played over $50 and was only halfway through to opening the chest. I stopped there. The site is very deceiving in their bonuses. However, I did deposit and withdraw using PayPal and I received my money same day. So I tried and played, lost some real money but got out before it was a lot. I don’t recommend this site. If it’s this deceiving to start with a new player, I don’t trust playing nor getting help down the line. I did have a few instances of playing and winning then the site crashed or rebooted and my win was lost. Just too sketchy to continue playing with real money. Especially when there are other sites that are more trustworthy and forthcoming with their bonuses.
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1 year ago, LamaraDene
Deleted same day!
For starters, the app freezing an insane amount. I had to constantly close and reopen the app and go back to the game I was playing only to get through two rounds and then the app froze again. I had no other apps open, etc. and this is the only casino app I had issues with freezing. Secondly I was supposed to get a $100 casino credit upon signing up only for them to not give me the option once I actually signed up. I was stuck with a deposit match offer that I did not want. I reached out to customer service about four or five times. They told me they would add the credit, but it never happened, and they gave me a really hard time about it. Won’t be continuing to use PokerStars.
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1 year ago, Dan2105G
Beware of withdrawal rules
This is one of the only casino sites I have seen that put a 7 day hold on instant bank transfers so that is something you need to factor in. Also they combine deposit amounts meaning if you deposit $500 and lose it all and then deposit another $500, you can’t withdraw until both the prior deposits clear the 7 day rule. That doesn’t exist for PayPal deposits but I would steer away from using PayPal as PokerStars makes you withdraw with the same source you deposited on and that subjects you to the new PayPal tax laws. I would 100% say try fanduel or draftkings over this site in a heartbeat. I don’t see any real issue with the games but they bother you everytime you log in with enabling notifications and that becomes cumbersome
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6 months ago, Becca 810
Worst app ever
None of the games work at all won’t even load and then in their promotion they tell you you sign up spend a dollar and you receive $100 nope liars you get $10 a day of the hundred dollars they were supposed to give you you don’t get the hundred at once half of the games that you get for your 50 spins free don’t even give me your 50 spins don’t even work. This is the worst app ever and I will never ever play on this app again I’ve spent hours on this app trying to load games and they don’t work at all. None of them, not even the one you’re supposed to get your free 50 spins on. I will not recommend this app to anybody at all and as soon as I’m done with my spins, I’m deleting it worst app Doesn’t even deserve a star at all
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4 years ago, Dlk196
Not pleased
I have so many issues since enrolling in to this site. I’ve used many other sites and have not had any issues. First when you have an issue it takes multiple days to get a response and multiple requests to get help. Should have live chat capability. Now I’ve deposited money using welcome2 bonus after the awful experience with the first deposit and now I can’t play again because my dep and bonus isn’t loaded to my real money play balance and again sent emails with no response! I guess I’ll have to inquire multiple times once again to get resolved. I’ve spent more time trying to get issues resolved than I’ve done playing!
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3 years ago, mamabear1121
100 stars
I will edit this if I don’t receive my last two withdrawals however. Signed up this month and cashed out $10,200 did get that. Played and lots a couple thousand. Played yesterday I withdrew $14,000 and supposed to have been sent to my bank. Today played with $250 deposit cashed out $10,000 again however this last one is a verification status to send documents I have sent them. I do not like there is zero way to live chat or call them. A little nervous about this set up.
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2 years ago, xbearS88
When I first played I was winning pretty good! Now after some months I can play a game and spin 30 times and all I’ve won was 20 cents no matter if I’m betting a dollar or 20 cents 🙄some of the games have glitches taking more cents from me than I’m betting or my money amount shows symbols instead of numbers and I’ve reported these issues numerous of times months ago and I haven’t heard anything back. I believe they just let you win good in the beginning to get you hooked then after all that all you’re doing is wasting your time and money!! I’d recommend chamba casino! They are fair with winnings.
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2 years ago, Cublake254
This is a great app.
I have read a lot of these reviews and cannot understand the bad reviews. I recently download the app, made an initial deposit, I played, I won and I withdrew my winnings. The money was back into my checking account the next day. A few days later i made another deposit, I played, I won and withdrew and that time it took a couple of days to appear in my account but I’m thinking that was PayPals delay. Not PokerStars. Cublake98
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3 months ago, KelJJ323
I deposited $100 and played slots with it. I won the $100 I put in and I cannot withdraw it. My withdrawal was declined. I contacted customer service and they requested a picture of my drivers license and a picture of me holding it. I sent what was requested and my withdrawal was still declined. I have been in contact with customer service several times. Now they are saying it’s my card that is not accepting the the deposit. This is not true! They have also tried to get me to deposit more money off of another card to try to withdraw my winnings. Do not give your money to this app, you will be sorry!!
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1 month ago, Bad10283017
Do not download
Do not download this app! I created my account this morning. I was able to deposit money and play it like normal. When I lost and went to added more money and then when I went to play a slot game it said my account was randomly selected for review. Now I’m not able to withdraw my money and it’s asking me to send one front and back of my credit card, a picture of me with my ID, a bank statement and then also a bill that has my name and address on. this is ridiculous because it should’ve asked me to do this when I created my account and now my money is being held hostage.
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3 years ago, Bobprobert2424
First and foremost I am not one who normally does negative reviews but this experience has been stupid, aggravating, and a waste of time and energy. My WIFE and I share the same bank account so they flagged me asking for verification of identity. My SS card DL , DOB along with my wife’s was uploaded in email as per request by stars!! After numerous emails they canceled my account because of association with my wife’s account me dumb but I was under the impression that married couples are in association with one another!!!! I actually have a marriage license to prove that.... I am just glad FanDuel is a great site for no hassle all fun online gaming!!!! I highly recommend them Minus 5 stars
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2 years ago, mrsswish
Glitching - Cannot play, cannot do a withdrawal
Have a little over $200 sitting in account - cannot make a withdrawal against it. Cannot play, getting error saying unable to determine location. Although I’ve tried other devices and connections and was playing from same phone and connection earlier that day. Gives fix of live chat, click on live chat, get error showing live chat not supported, will be corrected with next update date. Send in help ticket, revives a message back saying multiple users experiencing similar issue, days later no resolve.
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4 years ago, VannillaJew
You will be kicking yourself for downloading this one. If you’re (un)lucky enough to get a chance to play, you will see a very low chance at getting any return. The welcome bonus is a SCAM. You will cover $250 in real money for $500 in casino play, with a long amount of play needing to qualify to ever turn that into real money (about 10k in wagers). Eventually you will log in and location services will no longer work in the games even if it works at login. Then when you go to withdraw your money, it’s about an 5-13 day process. Don’t use, theres much better apps on the market
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4 years ago, Cmp8884
Horrible online casino/save your money
Downloaded this app because someone said it was decent. That was not true. I set up my account and deposited money as an echeck. So it updated and reflected the money I deposited but wouldn’t let me use it. I contacted support and they informed me it was because of the form of deposit reflecting as an echeck. It had to clear which will take a week. This is such a run around. I use another casino app the same way and it lets me spend my money as soon as I make the deposit. So my advice would be not to waste your time on this casino at all unless you have a week to burn.
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4 years ago, KN-PA
Great app until the most recent update
All of a sudden the newest update verifies your location when you login as usual but then when you press on any game it says we need to verify your location and that never works. Now I can’t play and it’s frustrating because I do actually like this casino app.
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3 months ago, 8ub8les17
No payout for hitting green 0
I placed a dollar on black and said “watch it hit green 0” and ofc it just so happened to hit! But I didn’t get paid and decided to contact support to complain and ask why I received nothing. There system showed I only bet on black and that I lost… if you can’t payout a win to someone, how is anyone playing on this?? Stick to fanduel, dk or ESPN bet. Customer support basically wrote me off like I would come and lie about $36. Fine, enjoy the dollar, I’ll take my hundreds elsewhere that actually pays or at the very least will compensate.
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2 years ago, bulllllcrapppppp
Issue with withdrawal
Played thousands of dollars on this app and have withdrawn multiple times and never had any issues until last week. Now all of a sudden I did not get my money transferred into my bank account and it’s been a week since the withdrawal. Customer service said could take up to 4-6 weeks to get it all figured out. 🙄🙄🙄 so I will be going to another app and deleting this one unless they can get my money figured out in the next 2 days!!!!
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4 months ago, wwwwflux
Poor casino
Your casino never pays anything you deposit and you never get any bonuses and when you do receive a bonus and never pays anything so all the casino is designed to do is take your money and give you no bonuses at least if they gave your bonuses at least it would give you something worthwhile to look forward to, but your casino doesn’t even give you the bonuses and when it does like I said it doesn’t even pay it sentit’s not worth it. That’s why I think you deserve a star rating.
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3 years ago, comeon987654321
Thieves and Crooks
I made a deposit and attempted to withdraw and each was denied multiple times for different reasons. It was only until I told them via email that I will take to social media and notify the Michigan Gaming Board that I received a reply that my withdrawal was approved. They deactivated my account afterwards so hopefully I get my refund. They froze my account as if I did something wrong see the cut and paste below Could you please explain why you wish to withdraw your funds immediately after making a deposit? We have an obligation to understand the reason for the movement of money on our site. We need to know this information so that we can comply with relevant rules and security regulations. Your recent deposit and subsequent withdrawal are unusual because we are not a bank or a money transferring service - deposited funds should be used for gaming activity.
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3 years ago, KurtRishel123
Scam bonus program
The site is very user friendly. However, there bonus program is a hoax. I deposited $50 and they gave me $50 free dollars to play with. The kicker was I had to earn what they call 500 redemption points. You quite literally have to wager AT LEAST $2500 to unlock the measly $50 in bonus cash. I think I wagered roughly $5000 and didn’t even get halfway to unlocking my bonus money. Oh and you cannot touch your principle balance until you unlock or surrender your bonus. I don’t recommend this site and there antics are all!!
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3 years ago, slot queen8
Third time using this app
This is my third time using this site I wasn’t going to play it again because I have been unlucky but today I finally won! I will definitely use this app again it was very user friendly and offered a lot of different games!
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4 years ago, Km6810
Worst online welcome bonus stipulations
I signed up a week ago and received my first (of three) advertised welcome bonus. I played the amount required before you can take a withdrawal (as most online welcome bonuses work). I then withdrew the remainder of funds I had left. Today I went to make my second of three welcome bonuses deposits and was told since I made a withdrawal I am no longer eligible for any bonus. I have used many online gambling sites and have never heard of such a requirement. So thanks but no thanks, I will continue with other sites who appreciate my business.
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2 months ago, EMART2525
They let you deposit funds all day and with no problem, started playing and all of a sudden they locked my account saying I needed to verify my person. They literally asked for 5 different types of verification. Days later, still have locked account and can’t get my funds back. Still waiting.. if verification is what they want, why not ask for that up front before you deposit funds instead they take your money then freeze your account.
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3 years ago, mncrla
I downloaded app, deposited $30. Tried to play and then all of a sudden it said my account has been picked for a security check. Then I’m getting emails saying they need my license, debit card, copy of a utility bill, bank statement, etc. I said absolutely not will I be sending over all that information. They will not give me my money back unless I send all the info through. Not that it was a ton of money but it’s the point. When I signed up if they specified all of this I wouldn’t have signed up.
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1 month ago, samm.mc4
They let me deposit no problem the first time ($100) but the second deposit they locked me out of playing because they needed to “verify” my account as if all the questions and information I gave in the beginning wasn’t enough? They needed a picture of my ID and my card and a bank statement? That’s insane and when I tried to speak with someone about just getting my money returned I got one reply before they started ignoring me. So im down $150 total. This app is trash…
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11 months ago, mikman27
Very pleased
I had trouble in the beginning with games not loading. I reinstalled and can play most if not all games. The win rate I’ve found had been significantly higher than any other casino app I’ve played!!! Really enjoying this one
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3 years ago, anico1229
Terrible don’t waste money
To whoever says they win right away is bogus and straight lying. I know everyone that’s played out money in and they have spent hundreds of dollars all bets around even playing card games and they lose all of their money because it’s how it’s set up. How you gonna let me play $50 on casino games on one single game and not give me free spins until the last spin which gave me a .50 cent bonus. I’ll stick to my other apps. This one takes your money with no mercy lol
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11 months ago, Nikkib1025
I had a withdrawal actually multiple withdrawals this morning and they withdrew it from the wrong bank account an account it doesn’t even exist anymore. There is no customer service or way I can contact these people also it doesn’t load my winnings right away which I find extremely weird something is definitely wrong with it. I am hoping I can get my money back because now I lost all of my winnings and I needed it.
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3 years ago, M.dukeshouse
I play to win
I play casino games to win, which means I always check reviews about how the withdrawal process has gone for players before me, and when I downloaded this game the interface looked so attractive I really wanted to play it, however, the withdrawal process as reported is utter garbage, therefore I will not be playing this platform at all. If they clean up their act, I would love to deposits my money here, it looks lit.
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3 years ago, hottgirl
Just download first game wasn’t sure about it put $10 in it and one pretty good amount for $10 on 100 back hoping and praying to see this money in my account email first try not bad doesn’t happen all the time LOL enjoy I like this site
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11 months ago, Jennm4200
I win here decently. Lack of games compared to others but the real issue is white screen I get when I’m opening a game. I have had to uninstall and reinstall multiple times this app as once the white screen hits not a game will open
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12 months ago, Sisishere!
Trouble withdrawing
Have some winnings from slots and site will not allow withdrawal into my banking account which is how I placed my initial deposit. What’s up with that??? Cashier system is not user friendly and offers no other way to withdraw except for using Skrillz. What if a person doesn’t want to use this? Where are options to withdraw by Venmo, PayPal, Credit Card? Just Ridiculous and a Hoax. DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY TO THIS SITE - Use BetMGM, Draft Kings, or FanDuel instead, they are more legit.
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4 years ago, lonr29
Same issue as everyone else can’t play it due to the ‘location’ issue after it’s already verified the location. It has no issue accepting a deposit oddly. Junk
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3 years ago, GuruAD
If I could rate 0 stars, I would
Now this being a casino app, it’s clear that you know that’s you’re likely going to lose money, which is fine. However, losing money because the app is so glitchy, games work about 2 percent of the time, and the game selections are pretty abysmal, is a bit depressing. There are a few games that wind up in a bootloop where you can’t actually play the game. The welcome bonus doesn’t actually seem like a bonus at all. 50 dollars free credit requires you to play at least 300 dollars at a minimum to actually make a difference, and locations resetting every 7 seconds seems like this app was an after thought. If you were interested in playing the game because it seems fun, don’t do this to yourself. It’s awful.
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3 years ago, jasonchop
The worst app
I was playing jumanji activated the bonus wich you roll for money free spins I hit for 10 free spins and still had 3 rolls left I was playing my 10 free spins up 45$ when the app forced closed took my best and lost everything I won
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4 years ago, Smash307
Geolocating Issues
The app says your location is verified but when you click on a game to play, it says it can’t verify your location. I have an iPhone 10. I contacted the casino and they said they weren’t having any issues with the app. I contacted Apple and tried to see if it was my phone. Couldn’t find anything wrong. I have iOS 13.5, not sure if the app is compatible with that. So, I haven’t been able to play. I’ll have to find another online casino.
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3 years ago, Britney deville
No longer works
Ever since I updated to iOS 14.7 the app doesn’t even work right, I cant login half of the time the app just times out or crashes, or once I do get into the app I cant even get the daily bonus because the challenges tab won’t open. It just loads forever and then closes the app. This is disappointing since I play this regularly. I won’t be wasting my money until this is fixed.
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3 years ago, Mjjaor23
Computer wins don’t play
I write programs. I also was a dealer and play a lot online. This is one of the worst black jack apps ever. It lets you win small bets. As soon as you increase a lot, black jack for the dealer. I tested this theory many times by placing $5 bets and it let me win. I then bumped it to $100 and blackjack dealer. Went back to $5 bets and I won. I placed multiple bets with $100 in a row and as many as 3 blackjacks in a row. This is a rip off. Do not play go to FanDuel live dealer.
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3 months ago, MI_TG
Horrible Casino Site
I have never used an online casino that made you jump through so many hoops to deposit money. On top of that, every other time I use the site, I’m chosen for a “random” security check. To make matters worse, the help section doesn’t work at all, even the option to close your account errors out. I would give zero stars if that was an option.
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