PokerStars Play Money Poker

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Stars Mobile Limited
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerStars Play Money Poker

4.56 out of 5
23.8K Ratings
6 years ago, lvbluehen60
I’ve been playing PokerStarsNJ for some time now...Although I’ve had some issues with cashing out before nothing like today. I made two deposits today totaling 330$. The site had no problem posting my deposits and then on to playing games. I thought to myself when they recently added sports betting it would be my all I. One shopping home for gambling. Today I tried on no less then 15 occasions to cash out some of my winnings only to be told “ I couldn’t cash out at this time.” Why not I asked ....they didn’t know but they would get right on it....that was 9 hours ago and all my winnings. As I sat on the site trying to gas out I began to play again, as gamblers would do ....obviously just as they had hoped I lost my winnings back... outside of my initial contact with them I have heard NOTHING! I consider not allowing gamblers not to cash out and hope they continue to risk their money as they have no other recourse, CHEATING! I have heard nothing all night to spite repeated fact when you hit the contact for issues button “you get UNEXPECTED ERROR “and you can’t even leave a message......what is going on here....doesn’t the state of NJ regulate this unethical business practice... Doug Martin
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5 years ago, Mithander1
Worst of the online play money poker games
So I have played and ground my way up to 14 million in chips without ever spending any money to purchase any chips. Log in today to find only 4 million left and 10 million missing. I contact support and they give me the BS answer that they “accidentally” had given be a billion in chips (I wish!) and they had to go in and take it back. But oh, they gave me a free ticket to go play in the “billion” dollar tournament, so IF I finish high enough I might win some of the chips they stole from me back. I think the scam is if you are someone grinding it out and earning chips without ever paying for them they are eventually going to screw you over and take your winnings, since the goal is to make spend money to buy even play chips so you can play.
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5 years ago, 1 dogbitbilly
I’m researching the online poker little different than playing live people looking for a place to deposit and play for real money I’ve played a good bit in my life never on the internet I figured out how to read by the way other players bet not having the Beni fit of reading body language i miss that and I know poker stars has the option to make a deposit but I will be careful of who I’m going to trust. I have to agree with the majority I’ve never had so many bad beats flushes etc, it certainly seems as if there are many bots on board I’m losing constantly with hands that will win 85 percent of the time three of a kind full House I mean really if you’ve ever played real poker you know that many bad beats js unrealistic seems when I do win it’s always a split pot. I don’t play with emotions I figure my outs calculate my odds I’m good with numbers and pretty much this defies all odds man so I guess the search for reputable online poker continues on and you made number ten on one the online review sites that I find credible it give the indication one should be careful I know I don’t understand how anyone could play on this fake money site and say yes this is where I wanna place a bet with my real money I feel I can trust this . One born every minute people just don’t do their own research I guess
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5 years ago, Ez blaze
The absolute BEST layout for tournaments. Has the most real feel to it. I absolutely love the design and gameplay, BUT with that being said it is the biggest scam out there. They want you to buy chips and that’s all it’s about. Not surprising because that’s just the way it is anymore. Every time I grind hard, and build up a nice bankroll, it only gets destroyed by absolutely TERRIBLE suckouts, and hands they set up that you just absolutely can’t fold. You will re-raise pre flop with AK suited and some donkey will call with 7-3 offsuit. The flop will be something like A-3-K and you’ll C-bet raise, get re-raised, go all in and the turn and river will be runner runner 3’s. DO NOT buy fake money play chips from these people. It’s not even practice because you’re learning the game the WRONG way. They reward the terrible players time and time again. This isn’t coming from some paranoid weirdo, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing Online Poker and gave this app more than enough chances. Just trust me. If I could give this app review a zero I really would. Without a doubt the absolute worst rigged Poker site there is. Can’t wait until an honest Poker site comes out where people can actually develop their skill set and practice. Meanwhile, I’ll keep wasting my time.
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1 year ago, DonkeyNutz1111
Dont take it seriously
Like others have said the software is not random. Im not gonna say its rigged because it doesnt seem to favor any one player. But the way the hands play out over and over again like a pattern will be obvious to anyone who has played real poker, its NOT random. I swear theres a 2 pair curse, I have never lost with 2 pair so many times, I win with 2 pair less than 5% of the time. Ive also noticed the more outs you have the less likely you will win the hand. The software seems to favor the person that has the least chance of winning, 1 or 2 outers. I miss open enders with flush draws and with top pair like hot cakes. I cant tell you how many times Ive flopped top set with a flush draw just to lose to a gut shot. Its a great source to kill time and have some fun, but if you take it seriously and get super competitive it will just leave you in a fit of rage. The software and interface is super clean and user friendly, and the throwables add a fun element to it as well. As far as graphics and interface go, pokerstars is the best app for online poker.
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9 months ago, John Lee Warner
Unable to Purchase a Lower or the Same Amount of Play Money Chips as Your Previous Purchase
I’ve been playing PokerStars now for almost 2 years now. After dozens and dozens of online purchases for play money chips, all of a sudden I’m unable to purchase the same or a lesser amount of chips than what I normally do. My usual purchase is the $20 deal, and occasionally I will buy the $10 or $3. After 2 years of playing almost weekly they are not allowing me to make a $20 purchase or lower, but when I click on the $50 or $100 bundles, then they allow me to put my card information in to complete the purchase. Attempting to lure me in for bigger purchases than what I am comfortable with is unethical as a company. I am disturbed by this as I always make purchases and am a loyal player for the site. Hopefully I can speak to someone about this, as this issue has been occurring for a couple of weeks now.
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1 year ago, Doucher12341234
Poker hands that should lose some win.
It’s fun and have enjoyed playing all day for the last 2-3 days. I’ve actually played it way to much but I’m looking to find a different one now. I was looking into playing online with real money but I absolutely wouldn’t do it with this company/app. As I’ve played I’ve noticed 4-5 times now that I seem to lose to a worse hand when I’ve been able to see the opponents hand. I thought I just over looked something since it goes fast sometimes but I just had it happen again with one I know for sure I should have won. I had flush vs 3 jacks and somehow lost. I even went to look at the poker hand rankings to see if they used something different than normal but nope even according to the rules inside the app I should have won. Stopped playing earlier today since it seems even with the stronger winning hand you can still lose somehow. I wouldn’t want to have that happen with real money so won’t be using this app anymore. Don’t waste time playing since it’s random anyways unless you just want to waste time
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4 years ago, denniston30
Impossible becomes possible
The cards are random but sure seems to benefit worse hands and really bad calls. Also today was the second time I played a tournament and registered for a 5 million tourney. Then the app keeps kicking me off.. when I do get to play, my money is gone but I’m not registered in any tournaments. This has cost countless chips, 10 million alone in 5 million dash, not to mention I get on there to play with friends and family but ends up robbing you and you don’t play. They don’t reimburse you... they expect you to pay more money. Really disappointing that this keeps happening. If I don’t get reimbursed I will have to drop another review and continue to whine til I delete the app. I won’t pay money to this app until everything is squared up. Bad app, bad customer service... really no customer service. If you put money in your account it will get taken from you by horrible beats. I got knocked out by three people all with qj I had aces. They all 3 hit two pair on the flop... seriously.. ridiculous
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3 years ago, Bsisbsandwillalwaysbebs
percentages of making a hand
The site told me the algorithms used are true.... True to what. Real players on their fun money game have to realize this is the furthest from the truth. When2 cards to a flush hit the flop on this site you can almost be certain over 50% of the time the flush will hit. If this site believes that is a true percentage they are insane. They should look at true percentages to make the site feel real and make the players confident they are getting a fair deal. They also use coolers which are nothing more than bots put in place to take you down. Ever notice you build a good stack at a game and then a particular player will take you down when you get a great and and flop with crap that he played to the river and miraculously hits a 3% out on the river to take the hand after calling you huge bets down to the river. That would almost never occur in live money poker. There are so many other unnecessary things. If the site would only be straight, play the proper algorithms and be 100% legit, they still would make a ton of money as the rake is way high and people buy chips with cash that are worthless so that is super profitable as well. One thing the site has is a super layout for players and tables which gives them a step up on every other site for fun money. To the site, Guys if you make the site play real and you remove your coolers/Bots you would do much better than the way you operate.
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6 years ago, Itabei
Two minor issues.
I like this app, but there are two fixes that would make it more enjoyable. The checkboxes, that are available to let players speed up the game by recording your intended move, change depending on the betting of other players. On more than one occasion I've gone all-in, when a box that said, "check," changed as I was clicking it. If the player before you goes all-in, the checkbox changes to call. The second thing is the sound the app makes if you are the first to bet, fold, or check a new hand. Specifically, if you are the first player after the big blind. The chirp is the same as the one used if you haven't made up your mind and are warned you only have eight seconds to bet or fold. That chirp is annoying. I know I have to play. The alarm isn't necessary, or helpful. The other sounds in this app are fine, so I don't want to just mute my iPad.
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5 months ago, Mjrhvac
Not enjoyable at all
I’ve been playing live poker games for over 40 years now. I’ve seen just about everything. I understand that you see more hands and because of it you get more bad beats. But the odds and percentages should never change. However the game is not even close to real poker and the bad beats are unreal. Seems that the same players hands always hold up even though you have them beat from the start and they turn and river better hands. So even though 90% of the time you have them beat preflop and post flop I seem to lose 90% of the time. I’m a very good poker player and win in real cash games at brick and mortar casinos, but can’t seem to win by playing the natural odds that seem to be unnatural on PokerStars. There are too many bad beats and seems that bad calls are all too often made and rewarded. People say “why would play money be rigged?” Simple answer; so you will buy more play money chips! I’m suspicious of PolerStars reviews because all you have to do is read the all too many good reviews and some of the reviews that started off critical changed to 5 star reviews when PokerStars actually bribes players with rewarding them with free chips if they change their reviews ( they openly bribed them in plain site and made no attempt to hide it.) In conclusion, stay on the real tables at real casinos if you want a truly fair and enjoyable game. PokerStars play money is not enjoyable to play, if you’re used to live games!
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2 years ago, bevcarrick
I recently spoke with someone who did some contract work for jokerstars. They confirmed that the hands dealt and runouts were pre-scripted and weren’t legitimate, but the jokerstars devs would just laugh and claim it wasn’t cheating because they “weren’t favoring any particular player”. But the insider did confirm that there’s NOTHING random about the hands and runouts. When you’re set up to win, you will win, even if it means you overcoming Powerball type odds 50 times in a row. However if you are a good player, you likely won’t be taking advantage of it because you have to play really bad to get there on the river so the script is complete. And if you are set up to lose, you will continue to find yourself in situations where you have more than 95% equity and lose every single time. End of the day, regardless of if it’s fake money poker or fake money slots, all these devs need to be forced to pay back the millions of dollars they have cheated people out of all these years and they belong in prison.
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3 years ago, seandon375
Best App, To Practice Poker, But Be Mindful It’s For Play Money!
In my opinion this is the best app to play Poker and practice your game and have fun at the same time. You have to be mindful though not everyone is going to be playing as serious if it was for actual cash now. Seeing that we’re playing with “play money” nobody real let feels the actual pressure you would feel if it was your own cash. You will come across a lot of goof balls who will call a big raise with anything in there hand, also you’ll come across a few idjits who will go all in all the time. For the most part though, this is a great site/app, you have cash games, tournaments, zoom tables, etc... If you’re gonna play poker definitely consider PokerStars your first and only option!
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3 years ago, Bronsonceltics
Don’t listen to others!
This app is not “rigged” I logged into my account from my computer and was able to use my balance to play some tourneys. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 is it’s a little hard to navigate: the tournaments are different than the pc ones, I’m pretty sure there is no chat option, and it is overall just much more difficult to get a feel for than the pc version. One thing I’d love for them to fix is to be able to play music while playing… I never play poker without music. But for the people saying that the app is rigged and want you to just buy play chips that is false; I was able to win my first tourney for .5 mil and took 5th place the game before. Don’t listen to they people that say the odds are off, they just lost their “play money.”
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3 years ago, 453289765432
Rip off?
Twice in a row I registered for the same million chip buy in tournament and both times as soon as I registered I got kicked out of the app. Every time I tried to login the app crashed. Eventually I got back in and registered again and boom same thing kicked and crashes. When I was able to login the second time I did not register and instead checked the player list and sure enough I was listed as “finished” for 2 buy ins without playing a single hand. The app waited til I blinded out before allowing me to log back in. Now I did not use only free chips here, I purchased a chip pack so the value of the chips that were taken from me is $10. You get a million chips for $4.99 in their store. Not a lot but you can see it can add up fast. Might be an easy fix but there is no feature to contact support in the app so I am just screwed. Use caution if you start using this app. Stick to the free chips so when they start taking them you won’t be out any real money.
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2 years ago, jdouglasj
Not random
This is a fine app and a good way to learn how to play poker. But it is also designed to get you to buy chips. What this means is that there is nothing random about the dealing of the cards. Were you dealt a pair of sixes after a long dry run? There’s a high likelihood that your opponent received a great deal forcing you both to bet big. Sure, that happens in real poker, but nowhere near as consistently as it happens here. If you were dealt an ace, you can usually count on your opponent having been dealt either an ace or a high pair. Did you get the perfect two cards to complete a straight? Over and over again, your opponent received the same two cards. That rarely happens in real poker, but it happens every game in Pokerstars. And once you have gone too long without buying chips you will begin to lose every game. Countless All-In hands will show you with a 96% chance of winning at the turn and then you will lose MOST of those hands.
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3 years ago, DrackerDesign
Don’t Listen to Salty Reviews
I’ve played a lot of poker for going on 20 years. There are a lot of reviews lamenting over what people think are swayed odds. It’s not true. I’ve played a couple thousand hands already and I can confidently say the rate of good hands, bad hands, strings of 15-30 bad hands and runs of great hands is very much consistent with what one might expect playing in-person poker. I’ve tried every major hold ‘em app in the App Store. This is hands down the fairest and most pleasant to use. No overbearing ads like WSOP bombards you with, no action forcing, no perceivable scale-balancing. Just poker, straight-up, and that’s what I’ve been looking for. Great job, PokerStars. I can’t wait till you’re legal in NY again.
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3 years ago, Sftballr
Home Game love
I appreciate the home game function. Our friends play often. Home games are obviously for people who know each other. So why are we automatically kicked out of the “home game” action when we are taken out of the tournament? We would like to continue to watch the tournament until the end. We aren’t even able to say “good game” after we get taken out. Let us stay in the tournament as an observer so we can watch and still comment. The home game function would also be fun if we could see who not only bought in, but who added on or did rebuys during the tournament. Makes the game more competitive to know these stats or who’s in the standings and who’s not. We try to keep our own stats for tagging rights. Just some suggestions. We really enjoy the home game function.
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1 year ago, Hairdog37
Not able to purchase play money bundles
I’ve been playing PM Poker Stars for approximately two years. In the last month or two I have been unable to purchase play money bundles at various levels. Currently, I am able to purchase only at one level, getting a message when I attempt to make a purchase that says words to the effect that the purchase attempt was unable to be completed, and that I should try again later. What’s unusual is that I can make the one-level purchase using the same credit card, yet still receiving this aforementioned message for purchases at any other level. I’ve tried changing credit cards and reinstalling the app, but no luck. I’ve even sent my log files to Poker Stars and haven’t received a response other than one time when I was told that the files hadn’t been received. I’ve re-sent the files a couple more times, but still no response. Help!
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1 year ago, Justluvthegame
Same rigged software. All about getting people to buy chips.
Unreal frequency of one and two out suckouts on the river tells me everything I need to know about the aptly nicknamed “Jokerstars”. But if you have the four flush and an up and down straight draw after the flop, even with all those outs it never draws out. But that’s supposed to be random and normal. Pretty sure they use bots to manage and manipulate. When they decide they are going to trim your stack because you aren’t buying chips you’ll go through dozens and dozens of pairs of hole cards looking for a playable hand while they blind you off. Then get pocket K’s or A’s after an eternity and watch as a bot goes all in with rags and gets runner runner on the turn and river for a set. All you can do is stop playing for a while and hope their algorithm has forgotten about you. Answer this review Jokerstars. You may have a RNG but you also have a manipulated game.
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5 years ago, Caseytori
Changes in free poker
Once you fold your hand you could no longer see what card you were holding which is disappointing and the fact that you can’t tell how much money someone has when they sit out for an extended amount of time. Sometimes people will sit out in entire game and you have no idea how long it will take to get them out. Previously both of these things showed when you were playing the game and they have been taken away. Also, no longer do they respond when you send a comment
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5 years ago, Pramod7130
Why restart just to get sound?
I use almost latest iPad. When I stop playing for few hours, it correctly asks me to relogin and at that time, audio does not work. Occasionally it won’t ask me to relogin but shows zero for my chip count. I have a very strong opinion and feeling that they use robots and favor them by runner runner so that I keep buying play money chips. These robots say random stuff like have fun, can’t call for that much etc., and they chat very fast. When I try to chat, the chat window disappears and forces me to play. Make chat window more user friendly so that I can time little bit and switch to play mode, chat mode automatically based on my turn to play or not....a suggestion.
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2 years ago, deehole
Worst Poker Game Ever - Don’t bother!
I’ve only been playing about a week. The most that is so irritating is most of the games to choose from have “Re-Entry” in red before you even click on the game. That is not true Poker. So it also shows how many to start the game, as in “6, 8, 9 Max. So pretend you are one of the 6, 8, or 9 players to start. So game goes along and your money is dwindling and a few other players have exited, here comes 2 new players that pop in. Of course they have the full amount to start. And that goes on throughout the game. WHO DO YOU THINK BENEFITS THE MOST? Poker Stars. What poker players really like that set-up? Very few, very very few. Also I have repeatedly tried to send a message to PS, but all I get is “Oops, page not found.” They have no phone number to get help. Anyway, l choose not to play at Poker Stars. You decide for yourself.
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4 years ago, Stochasticman
Why rig the game?
I understand the developers want to make money and they should. The philosophy of this app is to give people incredible odds at draws to make the pot and rake bigger and the developers think that when people get all this action and lose play money, they will pay real money to buy play money. I am sure there are some idiots who would do that but anybody who understands pot odds and basic probability theory will not keep this app for long, yet along pay for it. So why are you rigging the game? Why not give true odds and put some commercials and make money from commercials? Please please do not tell me that “I feel the game is rigged because of playing many hands online syndrome”. That may work for your average Joe but will not work on people with advanced degrees in math and probability who can collect statistics about dealt hands.
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4 years ago, Vituperat
Site Great, App Not Great.
I’ll go ahead and start by saying I don’t normally review apps, but I’ve played Pokerstars for a few years now and I have to say it’s the best site I’ve found for one of the activities I love, playing poker (and other casino games) with strangers. However, and it may just be me, but I cannot get this app to keep a solid connection for as much as a full hand as of now on the iPad app. I tried on 3 different internet connections and I live in a city so I don’t think it’s me. It would occasionally be fine for a hand or 2, but became a frustrating challenge when the game would freeze without showing me the next card, and then jump for me to need to act very quickly in order to get a bet out or call before my hand was folded automatically. Not a great experience so far.
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1 year ago, Nickasu14
Nothing about this app is legit
This app is highly unethical. If you ever purchase coins, you have to continue purchasing coins or you will never win ever. I’m not gonna go into horror stories about bad beats because I promise you,When I see you will lose hands that aren’t actually possible to lose besides like maybe one time in 1 million. You will lose them every time and I mean every time. If you do not purchase coins, you will not get to play very long I can promise that as well. And I don’t know what in the world they are talking about with challenges and all that. Because there’s not one challenge on the entire app, their leader board doesn’t even work. This is a racket for you to spend money on fake coins that have no value and I understand paying for entertainment but the love of God don’t waste your money here.
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7 years ago, Bstump0313
Always lets bad players win!
I used to love poker stars until they made it where you can’t play with real money anymore. Now I have to play with fake money and it will always let the worst players in history win over and over again. Also no one plays like they would in a real cash game. At least try to make it filter some how to not always let the bingo playing idiots win! I probably am going to quit playing for a while due to that. You’ll go 10 or more hands and not get nothing and the bad players get good hands over and over. You finally get a good hand pre flop and will call one of the bingo players and they’ll end up winning with a pair of 2s. Or you have a pair and go all in and other player have a pair of 2s and call it and they’ll get another pair and win. Makes the really bad players think they are actually good and they are not.
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2 years ago, Request...
💔This is the best poker we can get....?
Whats wrong with this app? Let us count the ways... 1️⃣The poker is ridiculously skewed to have you go bust in all in hands. You can use this to your advantage, at times, if you are the higher chip count but not always. Its really no different than all the other big poker apps out there but the point is actual randomness is non-existent. 2️⃣ Since the interface change from wayyy back... you cant see registered players until you register for sit and go and tourneys... you cant pick your seat at any table and it often puts you behind the blind which forces you to wait to play... you cant pick your table at any individual cash games... you cant view any table as an observer... you cant comment during play since it becomes inactive on your turn... you cant fold and watch on zoom games... you cant mute players or block their images any longer... you cant cant cant cant........🤔🤭🥱 3️⃣ If you play minimums (15k refill every 4hrs) your options to play are very limited as new minimums on many games are now 25k. 4️⃣ All that said when it works as intended (which is bad 😅😂🤣) its still the best poker app out there sadly 🥺😢😭.
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5 years ago, YRU2NVS
Welcome to Jokerstars...
I have been playing both live poker, and online poker, for quite some time now. And just so there is no debate in my skill set, I played in the main event last year when I won a ticket through a charitable poker event. So, this is what I know: if you are behind a big stack call on jokerstars, you have a .032% survival rating. Do you see the problem? This is a program defined for a decomposing tournament structure. The reason is because IT IS A COMPUTER GENERATION. It was designed to narrow the field, so that the time involved for the software is minimized through the game play. When this us achieved, RANDOMNESS is NOT a FACTOR. THAT being said, I ONLY use this program to see more hands. NOT how they play out, because the odds are BS. EVEN the auto shuffle device on tables in the WSOP circuit would AGREE...
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3 years ago, Otthello
Last hand of tournament
Here is the scenario. Your all in, your leading the hand, then in the flash of 1 second the last card comes out and a pop-up covers the screen “You have busted out” or some phrase like that. There is one button on the pop-up “close” which takes you back to the lobby. I am not claiming I lost unfairly but it would be nice to be able to review your final hand. Some of us use the play money for practice. I realize hand histories might be costly for play money but how about letting us review our bust out hands. It might be nice if you let us stay and watch the table play out too.
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3 years ago, Slc*1969
most interactive poker site but apparent flawed algorithm
It is by far the best interactive poker site. Is it representational of real poker? Not with so many flopped straights and flushes. And how does the program almost always match an ace? And if there is a pair on board how come someone almost always gets trips? Well if you sign up you decide. This new update for the mobile app is the worst one I have ever seen. It is difficult to use. Functions that used to be on a menu at the table are gone. No player list to see who is playing and leading, no way to observe other tables, no way to block chat without leaving game and finding settings. The main page of tournaments is too busy and hard to read. If someone was trying to get people away from play tables this app update will do it.
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6 years ago, ddd_texas
Find a game that doesn’t sell chips. This game is set up to make you lose when you start accumulating a big chip bank so you will have to buy more. I’ve wasted a lot of time (and money) learning this. You will get a lot more bad beats than EVER occur in real poker with a physical deck. Go all in every hand for an hour and you’ll see. Ask yourself “why don’t they give bonus chips for bad beats?” Before you think I am a bad player, in real live poker I have placed 10th for the year in a local poker league with over 500 members. I have won $1800 for finishing 5th in a charity poker tournament of over 100 players. I recently won $300 (split $3300) for finishing 11th in a tournament with 154 players. I am almost always at a final table. Joker Stars will probably reply to this review with a bot saying they aren’t rigged. BUT THEY ARE BECAUSE THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!
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2 years ago, Timr25
Player Beware
This isn’t a poker site. The odds are so jacked in favor of calling to river and low odds winning it can’t be called anything but pure lotto. 20% odds will win 80% of the time. Flushes appear so regularly it would break a toilet. That being said, if you really think this approximates real poker you’ve never played real poker. The vast majority of players don’t respect the game, it’s just something to occupy some down time. The game regularly removes lower buy-in games to force a player to buy chips. Right, buy play chips. These are the fools which who you’ll be playing. Don’t be surprised to play bots either. When a low odds bettor wins 90% of the hands you realize it isn’t right math at work. Don’t play thinking you can win, you can’t. Nice graphics though, see, I said something nice.
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4 years ago, TBgO@T12!11#87
Setup hands
I have been playing with this site for a while now and initially it was to play home games with friends during quarantine, which worked out really well. The issue arises when you play on your own, I play strictly cash games and the last month it has been the same thing, cooler after cooler hands, not the normal amount, it’s almost statistically impossible for it to happen as much as it does. I constantly find myself in hands that when finished it almost feels like you are being setup. Being one outed 3-4 times in few days time, constant set over set and flush over flush. I am really considering having myself and friends look into another site for our home games because of the frustration level I am at at this point.
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3 years ago, danimalmx3
4/23 Update No Good
Just updated the app and not a fan already. No more auto login with fingerprint when you first open the app. Now every time I go to play free games it always asks me to go to my settings and allow my location to be accessed. Then another pop up comes to verify my choice which can be confusing at first and kept throwing me out of games. After finishing a game when I hit the button to start a new game (from the game that just ended) there is a serious lag before that table opens up and the game has already started. You can no longer see the tables you were just on to see how the rest of the hand plays out and watch other players. All this put together just makes for a terrible playing experience.
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5 years ago, Rocco1408
Bad Update
I’m not a fan of this newest update. I hate the single chip, read how much it’s worth graphic. I really liked the far more realistic looking multiple chips for bets. This gives a cheap, cheesy look. I don’t like that you can no longer stay and watch a hand play out one you’ve folded. I enjoyed seeing what may have happened had I stayed in the hand. It also helps to gather information on other players and how they play (you know, just like in real life games). Taking that option away really detracts from the game. I don’t like the new sound effects when cards are dealt. Overall, just a pretty substantial step backwards with this update. I feel like I’ve gone from playing on a quality site to a cheap starter site.
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4 years ago, MorganStair
Painful interface, otherwise good
If you want a “play money” poker app, AND you want to learn the “poker stars” interface for poker, AND play multiple tables at once, AND you want to practice on full ring /6+ tables, then this is the app you want. But if you don’t want all those things then use something else because this app is really painful, boring, and slow compared to others. It’s so bad, I find that if I don’t take breaks, I get bored and start losing. I’m not talking “tilt” here, I’m talking frustration at how much time each player is allowed to sit there doing nothing when it’s their turn to bet. I’m giving this 3 stars because of these pros: (1) it’s legitimate poker that doesn’t cheapen the experience with lots of free chips, etc., and (2) I’m sure the “boring, slow, and clunky” isn’t a factor if you play several tables at once. I’m not giving 5 stars because they need to (1) add a “fast play” option, (2) improve the general quality of the user interface, and (3) add some social features to make single-table play a bit more interesting.
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8 months ago, Gibberish Inc.
All things considered…
Great poker site because most players are serious about winning. The problem with free poker sites is they attract a lot of fools who aren’t interested in developing the discipline to become good at the game. They accordingly throw chips around without thinking. They treat the game like it’s predicated on slot machine algorithms and intimidation is the greatest factor in winning. Fortunately they don’t last long on this site because PokerStars is shark infested waters. You’ll sharpen your skills and thinking on this site. Remember though- Poker is a fickle mistress, she loves you when you win but leaves you when you don’t.
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4 years ago, Rich364
Better than the WSOP App
My review of “PokerStars Lite” to help others who are trying to find an App to play Texas Hold’em... this is the one to play. I was concerned by it being the “Lite” version, but have learned of no negatives. I was so frustrated while playing the “WSOP” App... the pop-up advertising was constantly intrusive and appeared non-stop, even during critical game play moments. This is not an issue with “PokerStars Lite” I can’t say if the cards dealt are truly random or not... but it does feel like you (and other players) each share in hot/cold streaks. I don’t play the App with real money, so I’m not concerned. For me, it’s been a joy to play against real players while in coronavirus isolation. And if you find yourself playing against a player who goes all-in every time before the flop... just leave and play at a different table (if that’s not your favorite type of player to play against). Again, I highly recommend this App.
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5 years ago, sassy arse
Boring design, ugly avatars
Guys, you make millions and can’t do a decent design? Seriously? Animation is a primitive school level. Learn from the Chinese. Check PokerMate or PokerKing. Whatever! Any app is better designed than yours! And your avatars - whose idea was to put all these ugly drawn cartoon faces? Picture of my grandma is better than this! Why don’t you give a possibility to upload my own pic? The app shows zero chips when I know for sure there are chips on the account. I had to close the app and re-login to see my chips back. To be honest, I’m extremely disappointed in your designers. It’s sooo 1980s level. Just hurts my eyes. If not 6+ Hold’em I wouldn’t even bother to open the app again. I am quite happy apple suggested this “lite” version. I can’t imagine playing real money on such awfully designed platform.
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2 years ago, SuziRox
I love playing poker in bars for gift certificates … sounds lame to some, but poker is about a adrenaline rush, knowing how to play the game and patience. Play money doesn’t change that feeling of going all in. This site offers real players who know how to play the game all the way down to the all in moron who is soon out and is there to donate to your stack. I play tournaments and once you are in the “cash” you are playing against real players who know what there doing … hope to see you out there!
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6 years ago, USSpaceCowBoy
Pretty good poker, 2 minor issues
Pretty good poker, only two minor issues. I'm not a millennial, so I have patience and prefer a game tempo that's not on the beat (game pace) of speed-metal. For all of you that are metaphorically challenged, Zoom, plays at hypersonic speeds (fast paced), and even the straight play-cash games are quick. But, patience is a dying virtue. Second issue, and the programmers can't control it, many players play under the philosophy of chaos, no manners: All in, after all in, nearly every hand. Smash play, not poker. Please, Play with some class, have some self respect, maybe even, is it too much to ask, a modicum of dignity?
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1 year ago, Piperwarrior II
Good platform but technical problems
The application does not allow people to go all in when a hand is immediately dealt At least not on an apple iPad. I have downloaded the most recent version, but the platform technically does not provide a player any choices, other than fold or check during the first hand being dealt. Further in the game, it allows it, but not at the first hand.. this is a technical problem with the platform. I have witnessed other players go all in immediately on the first hand, but this choice is not allowed for me and probably some other players. Additionally, they will only allow you the help of a virtual assistant. That’s a joke.
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2 months ago, Marthad36
Charged but never received
Purchased chips which I was charged for, but never received. Edit: days later the chips I purchase showed up. In addition to the purchase issue the help link is broken. Also, would like to add that after playing for about a month now this is the only play money game that I have found where the shuffle seems to be truly random and fair. Of course, there are bad beats, but no crazy leading miraculous bad runs like you see with other play money apps. Minus a star for contact/help section bugs.
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4 years ago, Delrio-12its me
Gambling problem message?
I keep getting a message about getting help for my gambling addiction. This is for play money? I have been playing for 7-8 years for fun. Now retired and in a 19 foot travel trailer with Covid 19 running ramped out side, I alternate between big10 football reruns, back episodes of Monk (the detective) re-runs and pokerstars. And I play poker for free, I don’t think I have a gambling problem. Only too much time in the trailer with the wife and cat. Please get rid of ad for help for my “addiction”. Wife is asking if there is an ad for football addiction? Please advise. Sincerely. Delrio 12
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3 years ago, hugz4Mom
New changes
Pokerstars has made so many changes!! We no longer can play the lower tables. Free chips are every four hours. And USA can't play real money. Good luck folks, I'll move on to another site. By the way,try Znyga, it's fun!! unbelievable, this site pays to the higher hand, even if you have the best hand, never fails !!!! It’s computerized , Their people will win!!! Be wear’. This site is out for the money and all your accounts. Be careful! Very low rating, Be careful!!
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5 years ago, Billy Sage
Like all other app...".not very realistic
To many good hands get beat by a better hand. Example: 3 of kind gets beat by straight or straight gets beat by flush. Happens constantly. Can see it happening some but it happens so often it makes it not fun. Getting beat on the river happens constantly also. Last 5 tournaments I went out by losing on the river. It's ridiculous Again sometimes but shouldn't be as often as it does . Going all in with a good hand and then get beat by someone who has something like 9-3 or jack-8 really stinks but it happens pretty often. This app is pretty much like the others I have tried. Guess I will keep searching for one that is realistic
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2 months ago, Nicknack888
Money money, no cust . Service
I have used PokerStars for years and enjoyed it. it’s not so much the app I will complain about, but the customer service and support or should I say the lack there of. I recently spent around $20 on money chips, my bank account was charged but I never received the chips. I contacted customer support and they told me the chips would be credited to my account within four days. I received nothing or heard nothing for about a week so I decided to follow up. The representative told me that they cannot refund or credit my account and I need to contact Apple for a refund. Apple Declined the refund. And poker stars said there was nothing they could do. Terrible customer support
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1 year ago, jayjjohnsonjr
Not very good for new players/caters to people who buy chips
Been playin for about a month now, haven’t bought chips or anything just using the free chips it gives you every 4 hours. The cards are horribly inconsistent and the game doesn’t play out correctly. For instance a guy and me went all in, I had a pair of queens, the other guy had ace high, it did not give me his chips, it said in the chat I had won and when I clicked the replay it told me again that he had went all in and yet I didn’t get his chips. And then the very next hand he goes all in again and gets a flush. Absolutely terrible for learning the game, and absolutely terrible for playing. Would not recommend
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4 years ago, Opie2hot
Game is good but customer service won’t get back to you
I had really enjoyed this game until recently when I purchased chips and got charged but no chips arrived in my account. I had sent emails to customer service who initially asked me for screen shots in which I shared. Email stated that the situation would be resolved soon and to look for an email. Two weeks later and multiple emails asking the status, I haven’t heard a word. At this point it is the principle of the point. Buyer be aware that if you don’t get the chips you paid for that the customer service will leave you hanging. Sad!
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