PokerStars Play – Texas Holdem

4.6 (18.2K)
241.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stars Mobile Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerStars Play – Texas Holdem

4.6 out of 5
18.2K Ratings
3 years ago, gm105
One of the best poker apps.
I’ve been playing for many years. This is one of the fairest sites I’ve played on, with quite a few skilled players. You get daily bonuses that help sustain you through unlucky streaks. Safe way to learn the game while playing against experienced players and acquiring an instinct for the odds. The site has open tables for both Holdem & Omaha and three person Holdem tournaments. Remember- poker is a dance hall girl who loves you and leaves you as your luck changes. She follows the money. Don’t bet your house.
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2 years ago, Coregorn
It’s free and a great way to see flops. Lots of donkeys but still worth the free-dollars
BRING BACK “BET ON POKER” LIVE DEALERS The only reason I don’t give it a 5 star is because there is no bet-on-poker live feed anymore. Being able to see 6 hands dealt by real cards shuffled before your own eyes! The single best way to see flops and run outs ever in real-time instead of just trying to conceptualize raw probability and translate to betting and bluffing/bluff catching like an autist. Tournament payouts aren’t the best, better to play sit-and-go. Their chips for ads schema is solid and allows you to toss some chips around for free which is fun. But when they had the live-feed of those nice Baltic/Slavic lasses and lads dealing and shuffling, it was like having a private service to show you flops, and I actually bought an embarrassing amount of chips to try and reach 10 Billion by betting probability, and I did it. It was awesome. When I lost the 10Billion on wild betting in large games and the largest tournaments, I would have spent thousands to buy a bunch more chips if I could watch the live dealers again. This live poker dealing really upped my table play at the local Ameristar. I started playing open ended straight draws a lot more if the pot odds were there, like the southeast Asian players do, after watching them come out like crazy over thousands of live deals over the course of a few months. BRING BACK “BET ON POKER” LIVE DEALERS
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11 months ago, Oddscounter
I just paid $100 for some chips. Can you do me the favor of creating an avatar that looks like a horse. Or, allow me to use a picture of a horse as my avatar. Please please communicate an answer to me. THANK YOU very very much!! LONE HORSE 777. Saturday, June 3, 2023. I will give you a five rating, if you please put a picture of a horse in the avatar selection. Thank you. Lone Horse777 P.S. What IS Odds Counter ????….. STILL NO Horse Avatar. :-( SOOOO how long does it take to put a new horse face in your avatar selection??? When that is accomplished, I will give you a five star rating. Thank you very much. OKAY…IDEA #3. how can I use a picture of a horse THAT I HAVE, to be my Avatar??? !! STILL NO Horse avatars for Lone Horse777 !! :-( BY THE WAY, my screen name is Lone Horse 777, NOT Oddscounter. Yet, there is NO picture of a HORSE in the avatar choices Have a good week! I keep saying that I need a horse avatar. I’m getting HOARSE, SAYING horse!! SOOOOO, can you hear my horse laff ?? i’m going to give you $9.99… I will double that if you give me that horse avatar. Sooo, thank you for your email. Unfortunately I do not use Facebook. However, I will raise my review up to 4 stars. I don’t use Facebook Sooooo, as I said, I have used the avatar shop! I have seen other players with a horse avatar! Can you please please put the avatar that looks like a horse back in the avatar shop?? And, thank you in advance.
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6 years ago, Guest Pokerstar
Needs a fix
The game is fun and it’s easy to use. The only reason I gave this a 3 star review is the profile system. It asked for my Facebook log in info or to create a guest account. I don’t like linking everything to my Facebook so I created the guest account. Played the game for a few weeks and then they closed the account. So I went into the settings and attempted to log in with Facebook. It didn’t work. Contacted customer support and they said I have to create another account. Why allow someone to create the guest account if you can’t use it long term/log in to facebook later? Not the worst thing in the world but it is annoying when you had 2 million chips saved up. I won’t be creating another account or playing this anymore. If you want to play this game, immediately create a profile using your Facebook info. Update: Changed to 4 stars since the developer reached out to correct the mistake. To the developer: My guest account was Goodflush570. I wasn’t able to link this to my Facebook after it got closed so I never made an actual account. Since I’ve removed the app I imagine the account is no longer active. Hopefully you’re able to see what happen. I appreciate the reimbursement but I don’t think I’ll be getting the app again.
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2 years ago, Frappstet(^_^)
Best potential PlayMoney game but needs some improvements
I love it. The UI is clean and not too flashy (in a good way) compared to competitors. It’s easy to accumulate chips without paying. Leaderboards are just a grind and doesn’t factor losses into your ranking, fine. You can bet by sliding your finger over chips but it scales up too quickly. It’s really unintuitive. After 1400 hands I still “misclick” and raise all-in too often or bet too little for me to justify using the slider… I stick to tapping the buttons even if it takes me longer. I also raise accidentally when trying to call sometimes. WSOP has a better betting system using buttons, presets and a visual slider but that’s about all it does better. I wish I had more control over settings. I have vibration enabled but it only notifies me after the clock has 50% time left. It should notify as soon as action is on the user. This slows down play a lot. Overall I like the app but it could use some improvements. Edit: I forgot to mention… if you sign up with an AppleID you can’t sign in anywhere else but on Apple devices. There’s no option to link your account to a PokerStars account. I’m stuck to playing mobile.
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3 years ago, merzap
Do not buy chips
I bought chips and they didn’t even give me the right amount of what I bought, after contacting the developer they gave me the difference (that was only after some back and forth emails). It was frustrating to say the least, due to the fact that if your the developer and you have my player ID you should know what was deposited in my account and what deal I bought. Not with poker stars play, they were questioning me as if I had not bought the chips with the deal I had stated. The good thing is I had taken screen shots of the play chips and the deal f not I feel they would had brushed me off. Another thing I noticed and this what has me displeased, It will play the hand and at the end you lost when you have the winning hand. The system did it on several occassions, I thought that I was wrong but on my last hand tonight I had triple 9 before river at the end of the hand it said the other player one with two pairs 10 2. How is that possible? do not waste your money. It would be nice if they had like poker stars lite or poker starswhere if you tap at the chat you can see what other players had in that hand and the id for that hand that way we could contact the developers.
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3 years ago, kstoked
I been playing this game for years, I’m talking 5 -6 years. And I always buy the 30,000,000 chip package. I’m really good at poker and played almost 2 times a week for over 10 years. On this game Youll have a hot streak then, BOOM you lose back to back to back. I’ve lost 15,000,000 in a day and I played for hours and all I usually play is AA,KK,JJ,QQ and sometimes 89 or J, 10 ya know especially if up in chips. Well here lately after I bought 39,000,000 chips I have lost hand after hand after hand. And I’m talking all I’m playing is face cards. And it’ll never hit. I see a pattern too. 1 day I’ll hit hit hit, then the next I’ll lose lose lose. But you lose more than you can Gain. Any poker player can tell you that. . I just feel like they’ll give you a hot streak. Then take everything away from you so you have to buy more. And I’m upset about this cause I’ve spent Hundreds of dollars on this game. And the pattern never fails. I won’t spend another dime on this till the manager/ Developer of this game makes it right!! They didn’t respond to me last time. So I hope this gets there attention if they actually care
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3 years ago, fukjokerstars
Proof that this is a sketchy app.
Second review since my first one was replied saying they are fair play certified by gaming labs, and their shuffle and distribution are random. While this may or may not be true, I think they need to be tested again. I’ve ran simulations with my own cards in person and the results don’t match up. With a sample of 100 hands in the app, 76 hands were won on the river. (I only used hands where two or more players went to the river and showed) For example, two pair is leading up to the river, river comes and someone without a pair hits a gut shot straight. 57 of those were runner runner where they had for example 6 8 10 on the flop, and then comes 7 and 9 on the turn and river. After doing 100 hands in real life, 12 hands were won by the river card, 6 of those hitting two pair or making a boat. Two gut shot straights, and two flushes. Not a single runner runner. Obviously these results will vary, but Kind of off putting that when done in person with truly random cards, there were 64 more hands won on the river in the app. If you still want to use the app, just call everything, especially when you have no business doing so.
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5 years ago, Cainsofoxford
It’s hard enough to sharpen your game playing with play chips because people will call you down with nothing. It’s COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to sharpen your game with this rigged app. First off, their claim that the card generator is definitionally incorrect. There is absolutely nothing random about computers. Computers only do what they are told to do or programmed to do. And with this app, it’s completely ridiculous. I’m assuming that they program it to create “exciting” hands. About 75 percent of hands are decided on the river. There are an insanely disproportionate number of hands that contain flush over flush, set over set, etc. if you flop top pair, you can bet your life that the other two cards match someone’s hole cards. It seems that I am on the losing end of these rigged hands most of the time but I also have won several hands in the same ridiculous fashion. There’s just no possible way that all of these crazy wild hands that are decided on the river are random. Also DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY BONUS CHIPS FROM THIS APP. I did this on three occasions and after each time, I lost EVERY SINGLE TOURNANENT I entered until the chips were gone (lost 17 straight tournaments one time). Do not waste your time!
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5 years ago, Tape Doctor
Finally had to delete
Played for a year. I have noticed what must be random patterns according to all these poker apps including yep this one and read reviews of others that say same thing. Get a lot of beginners luck. See a lot of miracles on the river. See a lot of spin & go where you check all the way through with 6,7 unsuited and the winner has 7,8. Seen a lot of trips on the flop, get a full house and someone always has four of a kind. See a lot of bad luck after you buy chips. Seen a lot of bad beats including losing to three full houses in one session. Seen a lot of top pair hole cards where everyone folds before you can make a bet. Have been on both sides of all these but mostly the wrong side. Rigged or not and I notice that the developer does not say they have been certified by some independent fair play organization - which WSOP say they have and post every time someone writes a review like this one. In the end, if you want to spend money being entertained, then go for it. I went on a bad losing streak and deleted the app after I lost on a straight to a flush on the river. I am going to go back to playing with real cards shuffled by real people.
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2 years ago, Dongo92506
Not a poker game
This game is not a poker game. Don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent platform for a pseudo-poker experience. This is a game that’s designed to get you to give them as much money as possible. Periodically I will get some kind of mechanism which would give me a bunch of money but then my hands become incredibly bad. I was lucky enough to get one of those scratchers they gave me $50 million and then every single one of my hands became garbage. I’m a pretty good poker player, but the odds and play change dramatically it’s designed to get you to run out of chips so that you will buy more chips from them. This can be very frustrating as every other aspect of this is fantastic it’s a three person game it’s really fast moving etc. etc., But it’s really designed to get you to run out of money so you have to buy more chips and that can be extremely frustrating the people who want to play. I don’t believe they’re Fairplay garbage it’s just been happening too often you’ll get really great hands and then the other guy will get a better hand etc. etc. it’s just simply fixed.
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6 years ago, Geezuskereist
Glitches and patterns
Was skeptical of new software (old PokerStars player) but gave it a shot. Not bad for a play money app. I have come across a couple of glitches that aren’t frequent but aren’t rare either where the check button doesn’t come up forcing you to bet or neither the check nor the bet button comes up - annoying but not often enough to hate playing. What I got into though was the leagues portion of the game. Unfortunately, I’m noticing that it doesn’t log all my tournament wins. I won several the night before and I come back today to a 0 balance (and yes, this was after the old league stats ended and should have been counted on new league) very disappointing. Also, they really should eliminate the 1.5x tourney prize on these games - but that’s just my opinion. Also starting to notice patterns of repeated odds beating by certain players meaning time after time in the same tournaments they defy odds to win. Not just the occasional bad beat but runner runner over and over again (and runner runner runner runner too). I understand the “Unbelievable” as one of your three default options for chat.
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2 years ago, The_Knight_2023
100% Rigged- deleted
This app loves to profit from the ignorant. The cards are dealt in algorithms, basically meaning they’re not random and they never will be random. You have 13 individual cards, each individual card has 4 suits. If you were to play real poker with real cards, it would take a very long time before you noticed any type of pattern, if there is a pattern at all. Why? Because real poker is 100% random, It’s impossible for patterns to form with this type of odds. PokerStars poker is 100% predetermined, that’s why you see a pattern after pattern repeat over and over again. Totally rigged. Buying chips allows a player who loves poker but who might not have the kind of free time that is required to amass the necessary chips for the high roller tables to enjoy the game on their own level. PokerStars Poker is using rigged deals to make people buy more coins. The game determines a winner before the cards are even dealt. Then the game set’s up multiple ‘possibilities’ based on the player's perception, in fact, there is only one possibility and that is the winning one.
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3 years ago, Chirnobyl
Not Random
Of course the game will say the cards are random but their algorithm is off. When you hit a 3 outer at a 7% chance, it’s obvious that something doesn’t make sense. Their algorithm offers a 33% chance of winning a hand on a tournament rather than proper randomization on cards being dealt. It’s a fun game to play if you want to burn some time and money but it’s definitely not like real poker. Too many times have I seen AK lose to A8 because of a 4 card straight in the board or a 4 card flush. Not random, not realistic. Also, they base your rank and mastery level on how many chips you earn in a week. Not based on percentage of wins. So a Pay to Play player can buy millions of chips, play 1 big tournament for 50mil, lose all their money afterwards never winning another tournament, and still upgrade to next level of mastery, whereas a player with a 100% win percentage at 100k chip tournaments will never exceed past a certain level. This is a pay to play game with an altering algorithm designed to incentivize the purchase of fake money for their own profit. A big waste.
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4 years ago, Jsfhfjajah
I just want to play
I’ve played for a while and I was too in my state for a while. One day I stopped playing and I used my Facebook account to log in and play and the other night I decided to download this app again. I’ve put $25 in on this new account and who knows what On my old account. I tried logging in with the old account and it just doesn’t work. I loved playing this game but I logged on today and couldn’t even play hold em which is the reason why I downloaded this. All that shows up is slots and live games and the featured games but I miss the large games I used to be able to play with 6-8 people or whatever number above 3 players there was. A few months ago this game was perfect and one of the only apps I enjoy on my phone. Now clearly there’s been an update and I don’t like it and I don’t understand it at all. I just want to play hold em.
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3 years ago, smellyfartbox
Rigged and full of bots
I thought zynga poker was bad, but this game is way worse. Its full of fake players because they dont have enough real players to fill the tables. You get a bot in almost every game. TONS of glitches as well. Multiple times i waited in a spin and go lobby and no one joined so i went to find a new lobby and it tells you that your chips will be refunded if you leave but they never refund you. Multiple times i have had the winning hand and it gives the win to someone who doesn't even have a hand at all. The check button and bet buttons have also disappeared in game and made it to where i could only fold or run out of time and it would stand me up from the table in a tournament. You will also see a lot of things happen repeatedly that have astronomical odds of happening in real life. This game is horribly rigged and horribly run by bots. Save your time and money and look for a different game to play
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4 years ago, FriendlyFolk
Fun, but major glitch
This game is fun and I enjoyed playing and climbing the ranks. However, there is a major glitch that occurred three times. I emailed customer support and never heard back which is part of the reason I’m only giving this app 3 stars. Here is the issue: I entered a sit and go tournament, however it did not fill up for several minutes so I returned to the lobby. There was a pop up asking if I want to leave and it noted I would receive a refund of the entry amount. I did not receive it. This happened three times with a 50M, 50M, and a 10M buy-in. Most people who are playing for those wagers have either spent real money on the app or have played for many hours earning the developer revenue through ads. These glitches should not occur. If someone from the developer reads this they should know that I emailed them and my userID is RichBrag6480. I am happy to help assist in resolving this bug.
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4 years ago, SkisaWinner
Can you give a negative star review? -⭐️
Now that PokerStars has removed the 6 player “HoldEm” tables; completely gone & was what I mostly played, they can kiss this player goodbye!!! I played this game on occasion and climbed fairly well on my own and they have removed HoldEm completely. WTH?!!??!?!? Well, I hate that I have to, because their HoldEm rooms were pretty well laid out; insta-chat, player info, advance opportunities & so-forth. Even their customer service was decent; messaging was easy enough & quick to respond. So, I hope they listen to their customers & read my and other’s reviews, (I will check back in a week, or so to see if they have) I can honestly say, that if HoldEm doesn’t return in what I enjoyed most about the game, I will dump this game & they will have lost a customer!!! And I imagine many, many others will, if not have already followed suit!
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6 years ago, jackderwindt
A play money app should make all of its income from advertising(which there is plenty of on this one), right...unless people actually purchase chips(which seems highly unlikely [but not necessarily “unbelievable”])? My biggest complaint is that on the spin and go 3-person tournaments that the most frequent payout is only 1.5 times the buy-in, which is completely absurd. Not once have I played and it spun for the however many millions each one has as its highest denomination on the wheel, but regardless the least you should make back for winning is 3x your buy-in which doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the chip value is imaginary(and by winning more people would naturally play more)... maybe I’m wrong and people actually do purchase fake chips, if so then good on ya, if not it would make more sense to keep people on the app furthering your advertising exposure, no? Just one guy’s $.02.
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11 months ago, RLFVII
It’s Fake
I just played to tournaments with the hands dealt being identical to two tournaments I ha previously played. I believe they were even the same two players. I guess it is kinda fun to see if you can out bet the system, I am just disappointed it is not random. In response to developer: Within a 24 hr period I played cards that were identical. I beat on a pair of Aces and was beat by two pair, Aces and Sevens. The entire tournament was familiar to me. The Aces vs Aces-Sevens loss was significant because the opponent had beat aggressively on previous hands disguising his stronger position. My thoughts on how the beating had transpired was identical, which triggered the memory. The very next tournament was also familiar. I have an excellent memory and I’m confident this isn’t random dealing. I decided after thinking through how I wanted to spend my time to delete the app.
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2 years ago, schveigal
Fun but has a critical bug
Fun game, I do feel like it’s more like roulette sometimes, so many players betting all in on things they shouldn’t pre flop. But you can’t expect more, just play very tight. The critical bug is that sometimes the ui glitches out and you can’t check or fold, or you don’t see your hole cards. Putting in chips always works though lol. The ui has other glitches, such as the blind increase notice not appearing, even though the game pauses as if it’s showing it. There appears to be a big bug in the underlying ui framework. Please fix. I don’t hold out much hope as some reviewers from 4 years ago mention this.
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4 years ago, card player1524
All poker apps are rigged
Just when you think you found a poker app with real odds you didn’t.... the same as all the other so called certified odds.... so obviously not.... twice in one game I was one upped a card in a flush... he was dealt A10 spade and I was dealt K 9 spade but didn’t hit.... couple hands later I was dealt J 9 diamonds and he was dealtA Q diamonds and it hit and I lost.... in heads up poker that’s just about impossible to happen twice in one 10 minute game... it’s fun but not real at all... definitely just a time waster ... don’t play poker apps if you want to play real live poker the odds are nothing near the real thing.... the better you are the more they just counter that when they’ve learned you... they want people to run out of chips so you will buy more or watch an ad... so close... almost a good app... I have given up on these stupid apps
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4 years ago, Oliver Rat
Joined for Texas Hold’em and its no longer offered
I downloaded and began playing this app 4-5 days ago and had a lot of fun on it. Good format, fast play, easy to chat at the table, achieved my goals for the first 3 days. When I signed in the next day, they removed the poker feature I was playing on. In the picture shown to advertise their app shows the following four play options: 1) Featured; 2) Poker (this is what I enjoyed and would rate 4.5 stars); 3) Slots; 4) Live Games. For some odd reason, over the past two days they have removed the “poker” play feature. The rest of the live options appear to be slow and are not enjoyable for me personally. Sent them an email and hoping they respond. If they return the feature, I would rank this app 4.5 stars so long as it doesn’t disappear everyone few days with gaps of no play options in between these break periods.
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8 months ago, batavela
Don’t waste your time playing here. People who buy chips from them gets hands. Yes, they gonna let you win few hands, make few millions in chips and then rigging starts. It’s all about to lure you on playing and make to buy chips. You can try to play actual poker but believe that doesn’t work here. You can wait you pocket of AA , KK or any other pair for that matter but believe idiot who calls your raise with 23 or 45 will get straight. Or any one who playing junk suit cards will get his flush. Enormous amount of straights and flushes coming out. Not even to mention sets on flop. And I don’t mean set if someone holds pocket pair. But sets for example for so called players with , let’s say 24 in the hand and here it come 2,2, 5 on the flop. As I said don’t waste your precious time on this earth by playing on this site.
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3 years ago, Mr. Jeff33
Seems rigged.
I have been playing this app for awhile. I have even spent some money buying chips. I have noticed as you get higher in the tiers the amount of games won decreases significantly. I have specifically noticed when playing against unranked players the chance of getting beat on what would be considered unbeatable hands goes up. For instance I go all in on ace, king with an ace on the board. The other player shows 6, 3 unsuited. First of all who goes all in on this hand but then to hit 6, 6 runner, runner. And it has happened continuously, once I made it to the top tiers. Also the app has frozen on several big hands and caused me to lose tournaments as I have to leave and come back and by then most of my chip stack has been reduced. I would suggest spending your time and money elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Babaju2
Garbage. Stay away.
This isn’t real Poker. It’s completely rigged. I had a 40% tournament win rate when I was beginner/novice rank. But now that I’m in ‘skilled,’ I’ve lost about 20 tournaments in a row with maybe ONE win in between for only a 1.5x gain and my win rate has dropped to 37%. I am not exaggerating. Ever since my rank has been in ‘skilled’ tier, almost every single hand that I raise, the other two players call me with absolutely nothing and then one of them hits the nuts on the river. I have lost with pocket aces to quad 2’s TWICE this week. After you begin requiring a large amount of winnings to advance to the next tier, the game tries very VERY hard to clean you because it knows you’re likely to spend. It’s merely a cash grab, nothing more. It’s also full of glitches such as having your cards dealt to your face down, or being unable to raise. Big waste of time.
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3 years ago, Good🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Omaha Issue
Before I start off, other than the issue I’m about to bring up, I do think that this is one of the best fake money poker games that is on the App Store. I myself most commonly play Omaha poker, as I find it fun. However, recently I have noticed that the game is not registering all of the hands on the table correctly. Multiple times I have had full house, a straight, or 2 pair and it has not counted as what it should have. This results in me losing 350k+ pots where I should win but the game is incorrect, or when there’s a tie, it doesn’t count high cards correctly. I would greatly appreciate if they would fix this issue as I do really like this game. TLDR: Omaha hands not counted correctly Plz fix
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6 years ago, BretV-23
No way it’s random
I have been playing this game for about 2 months. I love the ease of use and the playability, however, if you go into this thinking it is a “fair game”, you are going to be very disappointed. I have played MULTIPLE tournaments at all levels and regardless of the situation I have seen hands such as 3 of a kind, full houses, straights and even straight flushes get beaten on the river by hands that should never have even been in the pot to begin with. It’s a crapshoot at best. People calling all in bets when all they have is a small pair, 3 to a flush, needing 2 cards t fill an inside straight and somehow winning against dominate hands, REGULARLY. I’ll you want to do is pass the time, enjoy, but if you want a realistic experience, pass on this one. Edit—not sure what u want in regard to ID, all it says is Bret
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4 years ago, BrianCovey16
A pretty fun one
This app is pretty fun and pretty straightforward to use. The primary reason why I didn’t rate it at 5 stars is because of the fact that there’s no ability to merge accounts or achievements. My account on my computer and my account on my phone were two different ones since I used the “guest” account (FastDog7W606) on app and my current account “briancovey16”. I just wish the achievements/exp and chip transferred over, I had a little bit saved up, but I’m missing those VIP bonuses!! All in all, pretty great app, but make an account with Facebook otherwise you’ll lose everything up until that point to start fresh :/
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3 years ago, Edro Navissi
Actually stop being rigged
I keep winning because I’m good at poker but they always give the prize to the loser. I have played the game for 3 years and it was great and fair until this last month. Stop this right now and people might actually be interested in this game. It’s also putting these terrible streaks onto my account and others that spend so much money on this. The game used to be good and it’s wasting all my time on unfair matches against either hack clients or the game is just managed poorly by the creators. I demand a refund of the 50,000,000 chips sent off of my account to other people and the other chips I actually paid for and got glitched out during cash games. Please get a creator to hear about this.
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3 years ago, Karatejoe13
Impossible support
Have had to remove and reload over 7 times , bought 4.99 worth of chips an less than 24 hours can’t get it to open or load . It gave me a message asking me to take a screen shot to report to tech support. Trying to do that was a complete waste of time w a automatic pick your problem list that asked me to rephrase my question , Saying it did not understand?! SMH Click the green to contact a person?! Clicked it and started all over. I only invest 7 bucks but can tell you I would never gamble w any amount of real money because if anything goes wrong they make it impossible to reach them . Will definitely let my family and friends who do invest to beware. Sad . The only reason I gave 1 star is the little I played I liked.
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6 years ago, thom114
Give us our online freedom back
Wish that it was like the good old PokerStars days.. I miss real money play tourneys and satellites can't get the numbers in real life like online and micro buyins are my flavor because I'm not very wealthy,This app seems like it started having bad beats more since I actually purchased a bonus offer I had pop for chips , I didn't think I ever would but now I have expensive taste as far as my blond size and tournament buy in size but , I lost all of it after realizing it was against me I got a little tilted and started donating my chips in my rage.. now it kind of ruined the normal play for me with the free 15-45k they dish out, it's just dull to me now, but I don't have the desire to buy any chips that seems kind of dumb that I would have to begin with.
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6 years ago, SuperSayin'
The worst so far (and that’s saying something!)
I don’t know how the “new” PokerStars apps are designed, but I can tell you this one is terrible. It looks okay. It’s addictive...but it’s garbage. I could go on all day about why. But I’m just going to say the community is toxic. They don’t have any form of fast play, so people slow roll any time they lose a hand. Call each other derogatory names. Chips vanish when you leave a table. Most of the time they come back after you exit the app. But sometimes they don’t. It was the same thing every table. Tossed my 30,000,000 chips in two hands (on purpose), so I wouldn’t be tempted to play again. It was difficult to get someone to call because they thought I was donking it. Anyhow, play WSOP or hell, any of them before you play this one. If you do play this one, good luck...
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5 years ago, 1 dogbitbilly
It’s fun but I get a feeling
It’s fun at first but I must say in beginning it runs smoothly my experience is I caught a lot of good cards a the start won a good bit of chips once I hit a million no matter how good my hand is someone has better I see it cause now there’s a glitch before the hands last card so that’s led me to believe that I’m gonna most likely lose all my chips so that I buy more but once they’re gone I’ll delete it. I could be wrong that’s certainly the way it seems though my experience anyhow. 24 hours later........ so to reassure me that what I thought was true I just had a strife and was beat by one pair did the rules of poker change?? That was bs I never knew one pair was better than a straight yea there’s no fair dealing for sure. Too many poker apps to put up with such obvious cheating
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5 years ago, Якков
Entertaining but too fast
Fun and easy and visual. It’s free but not exactly free since you need more chips to play with better players. So chips cost something. It makes the game more interesting as players become more responsible. I put 4 stars and not 5 because it’s too hard to play for inexperienced players. Time for your turn goes by so quickly you barely can weigh your hand. And when the game is done and all the cards are on the table it’s only a second to see other players’ hands (to understand their ways of thinking) Overall it’s a very decent game especially for the regions where money poker is unlawful.
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3 years ago, tonybass5555
Constant glitches
Constant glitches and issues every time there os an update.I am referring to the home games. Every time there was an update, something that worked just fine before, stops working. And when you write to customer service, They generally answer with some generic response that doesn’t help at all. As an example, the option to show cards or not recently disappeared. They seem to be more concerned with bells and whistle‘s, like stupid graphics, then they are with real issues. It’s still one of the only options, I guess best of the worst, but they need to get there programming house in order and stop messing with things that work perfectly fine.
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4 years ago, Potatoess
No poker
This sounds ridiculous, but I opened the app today and there’s no option to play poker any more. Under the featured section, they are promoting their slot games and a chip buying event. There’s another tab for live games, but I can’t find the option to just get into a poker table anymore. I opened the app and checked it out a few times throughout the day, went through ALL the menus and I can’t figure it out. I’ve used the app a hundred times. I can’t find any resources or a way to contact them online so I figured I’d post a review here. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I am really confused why they would just remove the option to quick play from the front page and then make it this hard to find.
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6 years ago, srfrb3
Love the game
Love PokerStars was an old player when we could actually play for money. Government took that away from us in Indianapolis and I helped you fight the good fight in DC. Gave it 4 stars due to a few glitches, one is I get disconnected quite a bit on my cell phone, 2 is sometimes trying to fold a hand I can’t get the cards to move. 3rd is I made it through the ranks quickly to find out you get Demoted when there is no time in my busy schedule to play. I understand the lower ranks but once you reach elite you should be able to hold that respect from other players. On the whole, love you guys and gals.
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4 years ago, JermTheRugger
So I Loved This App but then...
My wife and I wanted to play poker during quarantine. So I downloaded about a dozen and have been trying them out. The app doesn’t hand out chips like napkins so there are few table bully’s just throwing around chips knowing they will have a ton more in an hour. Generally, the cards seem to be pretty random. I have seen more high card, pairs, and two pairs win than other sites. And often their is no chance for anything higher than trips - like real poker. The Spin and Go Tournaments were definitely the best. That was 5 stars. But it lost a star because the spin and go tourneys say a chance to win up to 100x the buy in. I have never seen one be more than 3x the buy in and I’ve played a lot. So down to 4x. But this morning when I logged on, there was no poker to play!?!? The only options were slots and featured which had slots and chip sales. Even my daily challenges tell me to win x number of hold’em games. But that’s not an option now. I only dropped it to 2 stars because I’m not giving up hope yet that they will fix this.
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6 years ago, zorch890
Really unexpected
Geese I always thought PokerStars was great and upstanding been playing on the original site since 2001 so I decided to download this game I hate to say it’s poor 😕 1) I watch a commercial to get some chips and guess what after watching there’s no way to get out ?? so I have to leave the app and get no chips BOO ! Doesn’t anyone check this stuff out ? 2) playing in a game sometimes the cards are facedown how the hell you bet when you can see cards I just laugh and say geezus and No it’s not my internet connection and Yes I have all the latest updates Ya know I hate to bash PokerStars cause I like playing on your sites you want me to spend money BUT you need to clean up some things I expect more from PokerStars!
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2 years ago, ilovetisssgamee
Charged me twice
On December 31st, I bought $100 in poker chips, but the first time it said it didn’t go through, so I tried it again and it worked but it charged me twice, it charged me for the time it didn’t go through and the time it did go through. I messaged support on Facebook and they said they are looking into it and would get back to me. It’s been three weeks since and I haven’t heard back from them. I either want the other $100 in poker chips that they charged me that said didn’t go through or I want that $100 back. It’s been three weeks and this is getting ridiculous. Is there management or anyone relevant that I can talk to? This is crazy and I will not ever buy poker chips again.
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4 years ago, Feline_Nine
Super Spin Joke
Wanted to get some free coins today and there was an option to rate Poker Stars to get a free ‘Super Spin, wish I didn’t spend my time giving this app a good review as the did not give me my free spin. Also, there default in-game responses are pretty cheesy like “I’m so tight now” or “Can’t call that much” when you fold etc., but not to big of an annoying deal. When you do their daily spin on the wheel I get $5,000 to $7,000 chips, and will get something more like $25,000 out of a million maybe a couple times a year.
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5 years ago, Jason@Indiana
Each tier of buy in has a higher jackpot spin in which you could play for a large amount of chips. Unfortunately that’s never the case. Example: just bought in for 500k, and played for 750k! That’s robbery! At the very least you should be playing for the buy ins, of the players! In this current situation, if you lose one game, you have to win the next two tournaments to break even! That’s BS! This is how they get you to make a purchase if you want to continue playing, smart! I’ll continue to play until my free chips runs out, but if I’m paying to play, I’m gonna play live cash games instead of paying to play for free.
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2 years ago, bdhsjiwjwnjw
Hard to Read Showdown
Hi, I gave 3 star only because I want to let the developer know certain aspects it needs to be improved. The showdown time is way too short for me and it's not even 1 second, lots of time I don't even have the time to read the hands of myself and my opponents and I don't even know how I won and how I lost. Besides, the pop out window after showdown is even more annoying, sometimes it just block the showdown hands and I couldn't read it at all. Could you make it at least last several seconds? Or at least let user to choose the showdown time?
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8 months ago, Gibberish Inc.
Played site for a long time.
This is a great place to have fun playing poker. It’s also a good place to learn strategy. The site does however have a quirky shuffling and dealing algorithm. You will see an inordinate number of flops of the same suit. You will also be dealt the same cards, of different suits, consecutively. I’ve played other sites and haven’t done as well because the deals were lousy. The graphics here are good and the chips flow even when Lady Luck has left you for another suitor. Cheers.
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5 years ago, Limodriverjeff
The cheaters seem to be more and more
I have found cheaters of a couple different kinds Programs are out primarily in USSR players that allow the user to see all cards and cards due to come off the deck They never loose a hand they are in and outrageously bet over the top on hands they are in. The next type are players from the same country. They never compete against each other and come in to the table at close to the same time and are on the phone to each other or on the phone to a few players at the table, again all from the same court try and never bet against each other and are usually out of hands by the turn card. It’s a problem that they know about at PS and have taken some steps to return integrity to the site. I have notice some obnoxious players loosing the chat side. Some are suspended for a period of time and can not sign in and play....then are Chat-less for awhile if I see them again. I enjoy the game and can usually spot consistent cheaters
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4 years ago, Jeremy458384&
I don’t need to play for my entire bankroll when I select a tournament worth 3 percent of it.
Game works perfectly fine. However, when you select a tournament with one buy-in, and for whatever reason the game gives you the option of that buy- in or another one that is worth your entire bankroll, and you make one false click and are then playing for everything you’ve accumulated, it can be pretty frustrating. Until they remove that option, or at least ask for confirmation for playing for your entire bankroll, I am giving this one star. I just lost all the play money I’ve accumulated over the last 3 months and want to smash my iPad because of this poor option and my mis-click. Thank You
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4 months ago, Online Games Should Be Fun
Freezes and videos are too long
UPDATE: My account just disappeared. I’ll update if it comes back, but I wouldn’t waste my time with what’s happening in this game now. The game freezes during a hand at least a couple times per day. Sometimes you can bet but can’t see your cards. Other times your only option is to bet because you can’t fold unless you time out. Then you might be able to fold but you can’t move chips. Watching videos to collect anything takes entirely too long compared to other games. Finally, you earn chips in a quest but it takes so many clicks to earn 1,000 chips at a time that it’s frequently not worth the effort.
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2 years ago, Cin G 17
Never, ever make a purchase here!
I paid $50. for chips that they admitted they canceled after it was paid! Now they won't give chips I paid for, they won't give me a refund AND they say that since I bought through Apple they can do nothing & will do nothing! What is this crap? Give me chips! You have my receipt, you see you received the money, give them! It has nothing to do with Apple, it's all on you so take care of business. I will be telling everyone to stay away from Poker Stars, I'm going to post about you stealing from your customers everywhere that has poker interests. Do the right thing! And stop deleting my reviews, I have the right to post about my experience.
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2 years ago, 64trying to be fit
Still glitches
Love playing this game and noticed from time to time it won’t open. Can’t sign in also. Restarted phone and deleted the App Started app again and it won’t let in. Support is minimal. They say they are escalating the issue and never hear back. Need to work on responses and glitches. At this time it flashes maintenance mode for 12+ hours. Deleted app, reinstalled app, shut down two devices and still getting errors. The app does not automatically save user name and password to your device. I just wish they would improve the games glitches and have better ways of reporting errors.
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