PokerStars Poker Real Money

4.4 (24.6K)
266.1 MB
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Current version
Stars Mobile Limited
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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerStars Poker Real Money

4.38 out of 5
24.6K Ratings
2 years ago, bsolucky32
3 stars
No doubt definitely had some bad beats that I’ve not only haven’t experienced, mind u I’m 40 and been playing since I was a 13 year old, anyway I’ll give u one that still throws me for a loop, so I had pocket 3, hit on the flop, went all in, dude called had rockets, and yes he one but not because he got a ace, oh no instead the turn and river were sixes and there was one on flop so I lost by deafault, now try telling me u seen that just once, doubt it, u won’t because the odds are insanely low, it’s about the same as winning the power ball, but other than the craze really freaky and numerous bad beats its not awful I still play, but I do think they let the worse hand win to often just saying might have that set a lil high, cause I personally only experience one bad beat in person and to many to even count on here but it’s no funny business they are trying to make it exiting but might be trying to hard crappy hands are just that and nobody should wonder if they should call someone’s all in with rockets or kings yet on her my confidence that any good hands are good hands on this and other online but don’t think it’s personal or that it’s going to risk all that cash to make a lil extra, so not worth it it is fair just expect 3 to 10 times as many bad beat but again all the others are same deal with it or don’t play but that is only my personal opinion have fun
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3 years ago, RainbowFrags
17-yr poker veteran review
I’m 33, been playing poker since 16 and profitable nearly as long. As for this app, I play the tables 6-12 hours a day between mobile and PC. Honestly it’s a 4-star app, but I chose 5 to try and offset the droves of angry players who came here to vent after their bad beat. Anyone can say, “I only withdraw…” so I wouldn’t put too much stock in those words. Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll and you’ll never go broke… I mean, unless you’re an incredibly unprofitable player I suppose. To figure out 5%, divide your money by 10 then 2. (Move a decimal to the left and cut in half) If you see someone complain about how fast they lost money, you can be pretty sure they didn’t follow this most basic rule of gambling. After thousands and thousands of hands here, I’m quite sure there’s no fishy business. Action flips and beats happen in real life too, I PROMISE! Catch me on the tables -Valeyn
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5 days ago, oscar acosta esq.
This site is a joke, but do your own research!
Pokerstars is the worst gaming site. Everything about this site is garbage, but the worst part is the poker. The math and percentages are so far off it makes hand values different from actual poker. I encourage everyone to go through the hand history this site provides and check this for yourself. See how many times 80%+ favorites lose post flop. Obviously hands that don’t get called to the river can’t be included and you can only use this calculation on hands that complete, but if you start keeping track of stats like how often 80%+ hands lose post flop, you will most likely find the math and percentages are not even close to where they should be. There are so many anomalies in this game and i’m just pointing out one that can be tracked. I will also add that the customer service is a complete joke and bonuses are non existent. And for the future stock developers response your random number generator is not random. If it was the math would emulate actual poker math and hand occurrences, such as flushes and full house would at the same rate as actual poker, but that clearly is not the case. It is manipulated to deliver premium hands more often, pit hands against hands, and reward bad play and lower percentage hands. I have been playing poker for 30+ years and I have a large enough sample size in both live and online poker to know one is nothing like the other.
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2 years ago, cj102280
Not possible
Let me start by saying I understand poker has its bad beats and lucky hands and that it is of course gambling. That being said I’ve been playing poker for 24 years, I worked at a casino for more than 6 years and I have never in all that time seen the amount of bad beats and runner runners that this app gives to people! It’s gotta be 80-90% of the time you’re losing a hand you seem to pull the 1 or 2 cards that you need to win. 98% chance to win the hand and more than 80% of the time you lose the hand! It’s absolutely absurd and like I said I worked for a casino! If it wasn’t for boredom I would delete this app quicker than it took to download it! It’s a mathematical improbability to see that many bad beats on a DAILY basis! I’m just glad that I don’t put a ton of money into this like some other people do! If you don’t like getting screwed regularly and losing hands regularly that you have more than a 90% chance to win than I don’t suggest this app! Also if you’re easily angered and don’t wanna break your phone or computer stay away from poker stars! That doesn’t even include the times you get “timed out” or your location is lost and you get blinded out! That would be easier for me to handle than the mass amounts of bad beats this games gives on the regular!
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3 years ago, Be careful with this platform!
Very Sketchy App
I’m up money so I’m not just writing this because I’m down & I also use a lot of different poker sites/services. But this app is very sketchy and I’m not sure how they get away with is. The algorithms favor people who play like idiots and they know will keep dumping money into the site. I’ve never seen such terrible bad beats & awarding of stupidity across all poker platforms I’ve ever used. I won 2.5k in a tournament and the next day I was sitting on a big stack in the same tourney and got pocket A’s and flopped a set and called an all-in against someone with gut shot straight draw and they hit a runner runner flush. That happened three times in the same tournament one of the times giving the person a runner runner full house to beat my flopped flush. I know that’s part of the game, and usually don’t complain, but the stuff against me I’ve seen after winning a large pot is very suspect and someone needs to look into it. Just be aware when you’re playing on this app and know that the algorithms they use are set up to keep you depositing money so they can make a buck. You’re much better off using a different poker platform. Just trying to save you the frustration and money. They also take a much bigger percentage than any other platform. Just be aware please.
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10 months ago, Jm0031
Stay far away
Downloaded this app 4 days ago and I’m already done with it. After depositing for the FIRST TIME, the app gave me a notification in which I was “randomly” selected for a security check, in which I had to send 6 different documents. During this fiasco my original deposit was locked up with pokerstars and I couldn’t withdraw it whatsoever. After a frustrating back and forth with their security department, my account was unlocked. Forward to the next night, I deposit money once again and about 5 spins into my game, I’m hit with another “random” security check. This led to me being locked out of my account for the 2nd time within 24 hours. How random that must be! If I didn’t think it could happen again, tonight my account has been locked once again for a random security check, which must be indeed random for the sole fact I was targeted 3 times in 4 nights. Hard to enjoy an app when every time I deposit I get locked out of my account. The cherry on top is their lackluster and knock off slot games which have a non existent RTP and will vacuum your money. I will be sticking with betmgm and DraftKings, apps who don’t lock you out of your account and hold your money hostage.
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3 years ago, theadict34
Don’t dare win money!
I’ve played poker and casino with stars for years. I’ve done ok with poker and naturally lose a lot in the casino. You’re supposed to lose that’s fine. Well recently I won over $20k in slots and both my fiancé and I won a handful of poker games. Then she won $5k in the casino. We’re VERY careful not to play poker at the same time because we live together and we know what trouble that can be. Thankfully we cashed out all but $1,000 before the locked both of our accounts with no explanation. They said it will take a few minutes in the app but then I emailed them and they said several days. Today is a week with no response. No access to MY money no explanation why. I JUST emailed again and they sent the same reply except this time the put “several days “ in all caps. Still we’ve done nothing wrong and haven’t told what they think we did. We’re just locked out. When I was losing everything was fine. Now I’m ahead and they’re sour grapes. So go ahead and play because you probably won’t win but if you do cash out fast! I’m glad I did because they locked the account up 12 hours after the win.
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3 weeks ago, Johnnypistoljr
Great slots but horrible customer service
I win more playing slots on Poker Stars by far than any live casino. I have won multiple multi thousand dollar jackpots for $1/2 bets. What I love the most is you don’t have to bet a lot to win a pile. The only downside is their customer service and rewards chests. I play a lot and when I get a chest it usually has a casino bonus which is awful. They should just give cash back in the chests. Lastly, if you have any problems, questions, or concerns their customer service is lacking.I also play a lot of online poker here in PA and they are the biggest site. They know their the biggest game in town so they will use that to their advantage. I highly recommend playing their slots but if you have any problems, don’t rely on customer service to help you out.
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4 years ago, Grover006
Don’t waste you time or money
After looking at a lot of casino apps for PA, I decided to give Poker Stars a try because they were offering to match your deposit you to $500. I deposited $250. I guess the fine print said you don’t really get the match until you play a lot more, not even sure how it worked, but it had a progress bar that barely moved while I was playing. They gave me about a month to fill the progress bar to actually be able to get the $250. Also I could not even withdrawal my initial $250 until I filled the progress bar or forfeited the $250 match. Initially I had beginners luck as within a few days I went from $500 to a little over $1000. Still could not withdraw any of that unless I forfeited the $250 match. I continued to play loosing and winning until today. I had $850 and within about 3 hours I am down to $1.80. You read that right, $1.80. So in about 5 days since my $250 deposit and their $250 match, I went up to over $1000 to down to $1.80. Very disappointed. Cant wait till I can go to an actual casino again. I have never in my life lost $850 in 3 hours in a real casino.
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4 years ago, I've run out of patience
Restricted account
I recently joined PokerStars and went through the information process to proceed to play. At first I lost I then withdrew more money from my account and continued playing I then received a message saying my account was randomly selected for investigation purposes and they had to verify my info. I live chatted with an agent who could not help fix this matter because he said it had to be fix by security. I emailed the security department and they requested more info to verify who I am such as photo I.d, copy of utility bills and bank information. I was a little skeptical about it but proceeded with what they asked for. The security department doesn’t respond confirming that they are handling the issue. They do not have a phone number to call in case of such matters. It’s been a few days now and I haven’t heard anything from them but I have been emailing them at least 3x’s a day asking for them to remove the restriction so I can withdraw my funds and cancel. They really should not try to take people money like this hoping people stop trying to retrieve their funds and give up. Not me I want every cent that’s mine
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2 years ago, A. M. Mills
Poker (two) Stars
My chief complaint about this site involves the three player tournaments called Spin and Go games. First of all, the payouts are almost always the minimums. Then there’s the fact that once you register, unless the tournament begins immediately, unlike the WSOP sight which posts the number of players still needed for the game to begin, which is a nice feature, with this sight you have no way of knowing if there are even any other players even registered. Lastly, it also appears that some of the cards that come out, especially on the River, do so completely by chance. Highly unlikely outs seem to come out a disproportionate number of times which favor weaker hands winning pots which the percentages indicate they would be unlikely to win under normal circumstances.
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2 months ago, CieamKgE
Great Site till it isn’t !,
Had to change my credit card information, support sends you in circles, asks for a screen shot from an email that won’t accept a reply. I finally quit site loosing $1500 in the process. They have rules about credit cards don’t tell you what they are then are completely unhelpful when you try to resolve problem. No Phone line available if you want to work through problems. Email but won’t take reply emails so you can’t resolve issue. Chased my tail for hours trying to fix an problem only cashier support can fix and you can’t converse with them. Broken system designed to frustrate customer. Told I had to delete old credit card to update new one, but no instruction on how to do it, would accept deposits from new card but not withdrawals. Hmmm seems a little suspect, will be filing a complaint with Michigan Attorney General. Try another site one you can call on the phone. Chat is useless just sends you to someone else who is just more unhelpful. Try a different site……….
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2 years ago, MyLastGamble
Good app, want to offset complainers
After eyeing a review as I was waiting on an update, I noticed how he talked about offsetting the complainers who say this app is sketchy. PokerStars has been around for a few decades. They headline poker tournaments globally, have been working WITH the government to offer regulated online poker to states in the US…why would they want to rig the app? Or how could they! Bad beats happen all the time. That’s why poker is profitable. If bad players never win, they just won’t play. I run bad alllllll the time. It’s the nature of the game. But proper bankroll management, proper study, and proper volume shows that in the long run bad beats don’t matter. This app is not rigged. The site is not rigged. Plain and simple.
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5 months ago, Aces03301234
Complete Scam Happening
Do not use this site. Do not play on this site. There is a handful of guys that play in the $2.50/$5.00 and $5/$10 Game, and they know each other and they communicate with each other while they are playing and they will take all of your money. It’s not difficult to see how it’s being done if you just open your eyes. because as soon as you get on the game in the evening, not in the day. In the evening, as soon as you get into the game/table, and you are a newcomer, within two minutes and empty table, within one minute that table will be filled with all the same guys. if you play more than one table, and you get into a game where you are, the only person sitting at that table, waiting for people to enter, that same group of guys will jump in that game as well. I am speaking to my lawyer, because I have been documenting this and recording it, and going to be filing a lawsuit against PokerStars. Also, going to be filing criminal charges against six of the players on the game.
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4 months ago, TheFluffiestOfHeads
Maybe the worst poker app
Forget for a minute the highly questionable run outs, the tiny player pools, and the high rake/low rake-back. All of those things are here and make playing on Stars your worst choice for NJ poker. But beyond the platform shortcomings, this might be the worst performing poker app available on mobile. Aesthetically, it looks & performs like something on a Gen 1 iPhone. Manually typing out a bet is cumbersome and super easy to fat finger. If you show your cards after a hand, they won’t show in the hand history, but if you muck your hand it will show in history (makes no sense). If you sit out a few hands, and then come back, the chat is no longer available to you. There’s no table choice, so if tables are full and you want to play, it forces you to a new table instead of letting you waitlist at one of the full tables. Often you won’t be able to open your rake-back reward box. The list goes on and on. Oh and they have an egregiously bad sit out policy…players can sit out for ten minutes, with no cool down. So you’ll often be playing 3 or 4 handed, as players will sit out for ten minutes, play a hand, then sit out again. This is ripe for collusion. With all the money they make, you’d think Stars would hire some competent developers to upgrade their mobile app. But nope, this is just a straight up, bare bones, bug-riddled cash grab. Go with one of their competitors. Avoid this platform at all costs.
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1 year ago, Mmmmmeh
1 star bad beat advice
It’s ok but try to play mostly bad hands that they allow to win when all the chips are piled in center(all in) (9/8s, 7:7, k and q clubs for ex) one time I had American Airlines( pock rocks) and this one guy has double crabs and whacks the flop. (333) I’m all in and he jams over the top and bang 6-6 with flop 6 and daddy scoops a nice pot if you ask me. So see first the worst hand is winning but then the worst hand won again so just be ready. They do stick to good math when they pick who wins, so if you are the favorite you WILL win when it’s your turn. But mostly they let the worst win but only if it’s like you flop two pair and they give them a flush. Which math would pick too so it’s fine if the stars( lol) align when they pick them. But they DO pick the worst hand the most so it’s cool though. Raise extra big with Pre JJ and check/call/limp cowboys-rockets for spicy action. Tilt the Coolest app too.
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1 year ago, LogyG
Save your money and well-being!
These guys are con artists. I have been playing poker since I was 8(uncle is a pro out of Kentucky). Obviously there are bad beats in Poker, but this software is rigged and or flawed so dramatically it’s ridiculous. You can play 100 hands where you are 95% odds or better to win the hand and I can guarantee at least 90 of those hands you will lose. If you are a good player just save your time and energy. This site is built to let fish win because they will keep dumping their money in this sham of a site. Multiple connection issues as well. I can’t count how many times i’ve had the app freeze and then lose a huge pot because my hand folded due to a “time-out”. This app is awful in every way, and these guys shouldn’t be surprised when a massive lawsuit hits them. I have started gathering evidence via screen recording of these blasphemous beats one after another. 70% of the time the flop is paired as well. Have you seen that happen anywhere else? Just a joke.
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7 months ago, AmateurAlchemist
Withdrawal is impossible
Once i tried to withdrawal funds i started getting a series of “run around” emails. First it claimed i had deposited funds recently, which wasn’t true, so my withdrawal had been frozen with a 10 day deadline to respond and my withdrawal funds were locked. No email address provided in the email “do not reply to this message” notice. I responded by logging into the online support. The support said my issue would get “escalated” and instructed me to wait for an email. I get a second email saying my withdrawal was rejected because they wanted a copy of my license and credit card. No link to provide docs. No email address to respond. The help center links on the website for “verification” and “upload necessary documents” go to dead pages. I am fearful of uploading more sensitive information as the website is based in malta. It feels like identity theft. Online support is not responding to additional requests for instructions to verify my account.
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1 month ago, AngryGamer10000
If I could give them zero stars I would. Per the withdrawal policy, if you request the withdrawal to go to PayPal it’s done within an hour. I was waiting on $300. They transferred my initial deposit back to PayPal of $100 within seconds. Hours went by and didn’t receive the rest. Did live chat, it’s pending nothing we can do. Hours later the same answer. Then it’s on hold because my PayPal info doesn’t match my PokerStars info which is a lie. So there is no problem sending my initial deposit back but to send what I won is now a problem. I was then asked for a picture of my ID, a picture of me with my ID, a utility bill with my address and a screen shot of my PayPal account with my address. I sent it over. Now over and over again I get the “the info is with the payment department we can’t do anything they will get back to you when they can” Take your money elsewhere. These ppl are scam artists. I already have a call into the NJ gaming commission.
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2 years ago, Xccam
Don’t play here
This is entirely random, and stacked. I have been both the benefiter of said stacked nature, and taken it in the keister. This is NOT a random distribution when it comes to their RNG. Zero chance of that. The way to play this software is MAYBE once a month. Come back, play a bit. Enjoy the tilted RNG in your favor, and then stop. Cash out. At the very least double your money and cash THAT out before you get felted under the most ridiculous of circumstances. This is how I play here. It never fails. Go on a hot streak, build a stack, and then watch yourself flop a boat while the other guy manages to table 4 of a kind. Every time. It’s a formula that I have now been witness to time and time again. I’d suspect the house has ‘players’ who benefit from these impossible RNG situations. They just want you to rake it up against the other sheep until it is your turn to be shorn. It is not what it once was. Obvious scam if you play here long enough.
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1 year ago, fjfjfidnbdy
Zero stars Horrible, untrustworthy
I used this app to try and get in to the the poker scene and i found that in my opinion i can’t trust this company with my money. They offer you rewards for spending so much over a period of time which i has done they then awarded me a ticket for a tournament they no longer hold, it was a monthly tournament i figured it had already happened last month when i received it so waited till this month then when nothing was still showing i reached out to see when it would be posted, at this time they responded that it was no longer being held and they are sorry. I reached back out to see if they would give me the credit towards what would have been entry fee or some other kind of reward and they just now refuse to answer me. I held up my end of their deal to earn the rewards that in my eyes were never given off I’m given something that’s obsolete.
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3 years ago, math doesnt work
App is terrible
If you win a tournament, you will get the worst beats imaginable until you lose that money. I won a tournament last Saturday and ever since I’ve: flopped a straight on a dry board twice & lost to a running full house, twice. I flopped a set of kings over AA and the guy hit a running straight on me. I’ve called 3 all ins with AK where I’ve dominated a weaker ace only for the board to pair twice. The last 7 times I’ve had AA I’ve lost. Just now to a pocket pair of tens hitting a set on the river. Meanwhile I went all in with 10s yesterday in a tournament to get called by 89 and they hit a straight on the river (with a 10) I limped in with AK suited and flopped A29 (of the suits I needed) only to get no raiser and the big blind flopped 2 pair of 92. Didn’t catch any of my 15 outs but I’ve had 3 two outers knock me out of tournaments in the last week. The list goes on. Point is, the algorithm is trash. No matter how well You play they will get their money back.
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4 years ago, Billy digger
Worst site ever.
Opted Into their challenges, which is the only bonus incentive they offer to play on their site, and they keep telling me I don’t have the latest updated version, which I do. So I can’t open my bonus chests. They told me they could manually open them for me. They also told me I only have 1 chest available. Which on my screen it says I have 4. After $500 I should have more than 1. I know for a fact I do. This site is a ripoff. I suggest finding an alternative site to play on. It’s almost impossible to win on their casino and the poker app is full of bugs and horrible software that leaves you on tilt.
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1 year ago, concerned consumer carl
This site was built on integrity!
The developer responses are almost as big of a joke as this site. Copy and paste much? Stock responses, now that’s integrity. A 4.4 star rating when about 75% of written reviews are 1 star, now that’s integrity. The math on that would be about 1.25 stars, but that’s the kind of math you get with poker stars and their high level of integrity. Where is this site located? My emails say Malta. US based poker site in Malta? Nothing but integrity. It took 4 years for a developer’s stock response. It’s all about integrity, that’s how they built their reputation. No phone support, can you spell integrity. Fake and misleading bonuses, integrity. And finally the poker RNG, you can fill in the blank. I’ve been playing poker for thirty years and have never seen so many ridiculous outcomes. Math and probability are a huge part poker, but not on site. Bad play is constantly rewarded. You can sum it up in one word, integrity.
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3 years ago, Jrw387
Consider this a warning.
Absolutely unbelievable bad beats and suspicious activity. There should be a class action law suit filed against Pokerstars because it is flat out theft. Recently deleted the game because of it. And I know what you’re thinking, “It’s an authenticated RNG and sure you’ll get bad beats due to the increased hands being played due to variance but you will win in the end if you’re a solid poker poker with some decent knowledge of the game.” WRONG. One of my theories is that PokerStars makes the game appealing for new (bad) players who are just looking to gamble and will end up in the “casino” losing their shirt. I believe this because when I was brand new to the site I couldn’t lose even if I wanted too. However, after my first withdrawal the bad beats and suspicious activity started almost immediately. I can’t imagine this can continue for much longer without it poking the wrong bear.
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4 years ago, CDPascoe
Cheated out of my money
I down loaded this game about a month ago with some hesitation due to this being a computer generated poker site for real money. But, I figured I would give it a shot. First couple of weeks went well. I doubled my deposit, lost a couple, but all and all no issues. Suddenly after week two, I couldn’t win a hand to save my life. Didn’t matter what I had, couldn’t win. Then, I’m in a tournament staying about average in chips and I get dealt, A diamonds, 3 clubs. I fold, flip comes down with an Ace of diamonds. Yes it appears there is two aces’ of diamonds in this deck. I wrote to the poker stars admins through the app as well as uploaded screen shots of the hand twice and have not received any feedback at all. This was about 1-2 weeks ago now. In short this is rigged. Stick with play money for now or go to the actual casino. These people don’t care and only want your money. And will cheat to get apparently.
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3 years ago, punkrawkoi
Best Poker/Casino Games App I Have Found!
The “updated” version of the app is MUCH easier to navigate. I’ve been using PokerStars for 16+ years now and have been greatly enjoying the new features being adde and improved with each new version of the app! I’ve played poker, as well as many casino games, on several different apps and websites.... none of which were even comparable to the positive experiences that I’ve continuously had on PokerStars. The few (and far in between) issues that I’ve had while using the app, have been quickly responded to and resolved by the PokerStars staff.
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1 year ago, tigermywoods
This site has a lot of options for whatever bankroll. Small-bigger cash games… I tried just because I like playing poker, and trying to find a reason to keep with it.. BUT I think I’m done with playing, after playing consistently for 2.5 weeks. The amount of times I get money in ahead and end up getting rivered by a flush/straight or someone calling me 3 streets with bottom pair rivering trip or 2 pair is abysmal… I know it’s poker, but if it’s happening literally everytime I play then idk man… I am convinced the boards are rigged for action—- the amount of bad beats on every table I’m on is very sus. I’ve read others saying they’ve experienced an irregular amount of bad beats as well. First time experiencing online poker and probably just going to stick with live, but PokerStars poker is too sus for me.
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2 years ago, BillySherm
Stole my JACKPOT
My screen name is FearTheSherm. I was playing poker and casino when I hit a bonus on steam tower. I was hitting like crazy and at max tower level with a multiplier of 10x. I had already won 680 ish dollars with 5 spins left when a dragon popped up and it said you hit max level jackpot with 4000 across the screen. Assuming it was 10x we are talking a lot of money. This was on a 1.20 bet. Needless to say the game was completely frozen. After a few minutes I hit lobby. No winnings in my account. I go to game history which they email me, the game isnt in the history. As a guy who gambles all the time, to hit a jackpot and have it stolen is beyond mind blowing. Then to add salt in the wound, there is no live person to speak too and there virtual assistant doesn’t understand anything. If you go to the site do not gamble, if you win they won’t pay you!
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3 years ago, Rwelch78
They reward stupidity
I almost think the site is rigged. People will call an all in with nothing and just happen to get that river card to make them win. I mean the board will be 998 and they call with q2 and a queen shows up. Multiple times someone calls all-in preflop with 2-7 off and will get 22 on the board like they know its coming. Some people are idiots and don’t know how to play this goes beyond that. You will find yourself saying why did they call that at least two or three times if you’re just playing 10 minutes. Something so up with this site.
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2 months ago, Kz643
This site 100% scammed me
I deposited $50 tonight, lost some and then got my $50 back. Upon trying to withdraw, I was told I had no available balance to withdraw. This site used to be reputable but it isn’t anymore, lots of bots and non random deals. Note the shuffles are probably legit, this scam app knows how to cover its tracks, but it is not random. Pokerstars knows the shuffle is the only thing that is tracked and I’m sure they provide numbers that add up. It is not random tho. I want my $50 back you thieves! Why can’t I withdraw?
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3 years ago, pep9111283
Do not play on here. You will get a 1099 which is different than a w2
If you think you can write off your gambling winnings, you are wrong and right. This site will give you a w2 to write off you gambling losses, but if you turn any of your pints to cash rebates, the will send you a 1099, which you can’t write off! Also, they don’t tell you that you can cash out your cash rebates, they give you impression you can only play them like a “free play” credit. I ened up with a 7k 1099 that I couldn’t write off. BUT that is not the only problem, their customer service is rude and their escalation teams take days to respond and there is no customer service number. I always complained about this even before they sent the 1099. Terrible customer service, free play is terrible and getting surprise 1099s are not fun. Save your money and go to a real casino.
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4 years ago, dan7362zie
Something seems shady
I played pokerstars prior to the government shutting them down For cash games and never saw the amount of system issues I have seen now. You can’t even make a deposit without continuous error polio’s occurring. They try a little too hard to get you to input your bank information which is a little concerning. I just tried for the last time to work with their system and tried contacting the customer support through chat and email and both have error pop ups occur asking me to refresh and try again. This has happened multiple times on multiple days. I would not trust this app or site with anything. Beware they try to get you personal information and then they tell you they couldn’t verify. I’m am warning my bank now. This is a scam app. My best friend is an attorney and is notifying the state about this.
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4 years ago, Kyle woohoo ya woohoo
Fun, easy platform, and I enjoyed it in the beginning, but it seems like the reviews about beginners luck are true. Since then nothing but bad beats left and right. Like crazy bad beats. All the time. On top of that I’ll earn chests, but when I click “open” my screen freezes and I have to close out the app, only to find no chest when I reopen it. However, the kicker for me is that I was never given the deposit bonus that was advertised (the reason I downloaded the app). It advertised $30 in free play with a deposit of $20 or greater. Never got it. I even contacted customer service about it and was told they “don’t usually do this type of thing”, but that they would credit me with the bonus anyway. Still never got it. At this point I do not trust this app in the slightest.
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2 years ago, TheTeflonDon(k)
App is a handicap
The more I use the app, the more I realize how much of a disadvantage I am at to pc users. 1. Pc users are able to write player notes right on a players avatar. I have to use a separate word doc, which isn’t easy to refer to in real time, causing missed opportunities. 2. Accessing my challenges is spotty at best, also resulting in missed hands. 3. Pc users can preview cash game tables, and rail/sweat them as observers. I can only choose the game and stakes. This is huge. And these are just things I’ve realized so far. It’s unrealistic to think I’m going to spend 1k+ on a suitable pc so I have a level playing field at the penny stakes. Also, the chests are stingy and scammy, and the chat is insanely toxic. I’m looking forward to some competition to roll out in Pa.
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3 years ago, Badbeats2the MAX
please do not download this app. This site is so rigged it’s not even funny... I have had the worst beats possible. I’m talking AQ over AJ and they hit the J on the river. I’m talking about you flopping the nut straight and the board going runner runner flush. It’s ridiculous. Don’t even get me started about you having KK or AA and somehow your opponent gets it in terrible I’m talking JQ on a 733 flop and then going JJ to win. I’ve won a lot and lost a lot I’m 100% done with it and the 1v1 sit and go it’s litterly like PokerStars hires people they can just let win and beat the public so they can somehow add more revenue. If you wanna throw away your money then sure get this app if u want to play poker honestly go to your local casino because this is terrible and the worst beats you should see maybe twice a month u will see twice a day.
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3 months ago, swingtrad3z
These guys are bad business, they will withdrawal money from your bank without your permission and LOCK you out of your account, The support team is horrible. Then they want you to provide photo ID, card numbers,bank statements etc etc for them to unlock YOUR account, when you send documents in like they requested, they will tell you that they never received them, look them up on google there is hundreds if not thousands of people with the same issue as me. Hopefully the gaming commission shuts these guys down. I don’t know how they can operate a app like this. If you don’t take my word you will be sorry when this same thing happens to you. Now I’m under investigation because they took HALF of my money out of my checking account. Then LOCKED my account.
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4 months ago, Wang1890
Scam site. Will not even let me withdraw my initial deposit!
I deposited $600 from my US bank account. After a few days and losing $25 on blackjack, I sent a withdrawal request for the remaining $575. They rejected the withdraw request and then sent an email demanding to know why I was withdrawing funds. I told them I felt their site was extremely hostile and this very email was an example. They still rejected my request. I put in another withdraw request. They blocked it, asked for my drivers license AND my bank card. I saw an article showing they got hacked and leaked 100K customers personal info. I replied with that and asked for just a refund of the $575 to the original bank account. It has been 3 days and no reply. Sending an official complaint to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.
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4 years ago, uninstall this app...
5 aces in black jack?
Not gonna lie but this is actually the first complaint I ever wrote on anything my entire life. Just by reading other players reviews it seems like everyone is having the same problem with this app stealing everyone’s money. I was playing black jack and I had an ace and a 6 which equals 7 or 17. The guy next to me had black jack with a ace, as soon as it was the dealers turn he had 3 aces come up. Also, every time it shows the dealers 1st card (which is always 10,J,Q,K, or A) he always had another to equal 20 or 21. It’s impossible...I messaged support complaining that this game is dumb and is just taking players money and the only thing the dude said was “do you wish to deactivate your account?” Bruh... never said anything about deleting my account, just want this app to stop robbing us fellow players.
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2 years ago, Lukey_boi1212
Bad beats
I’ve been playing poker for about 2-3 years. I’d say im a solid player. In the beginning of using this app i played very well was profitable about 70% of the time. I am great at handling bad beats and have seen many, but the amount of 2-3 outers this app has caused for the last 5 months has caused me to question it’s algorithms and players. In the last month I have seen quads after quads after quads; along with royal flushes and straigh flushes. To be able to see this many insane hands in this small of a time span(i might play 5-20 hours a week) really doesn’t sit right with me. I decided to quit online poker and I will online trust playing in person. Do yourself a favor and don’t play online, it also isn’t the same game as it should be played in person.
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7 months ago, bwill_06
good casino game but not a good poker game
This app has a nice and fair casino option but than when you go to poker and it just throws all that out of the window. The problem with poker is that you can be leading with by far the best hand and than somehow you find a way to lose with trips to a backdoor straight. This app doesn’t even require skill to play poker at this point and it just relies on luck. I have recently stopped playing this game because of this fact. This app would be good if they fixed the problem with having people get bad beats 75 percent of the time.
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2 years ago, likely a race
Unrealistic card run out!!
I have been playing Poker Stars since way before they had the gov crack down. The algorithm for outcomes they had then seemed way more consistent to playing in casino. Now it is so bad, like truly rough… if you are behind in a hand, don’t worry on this site you will likely end up on top. It really feels like the are encouraging reckless play and people who like to chase to make their hand. I play on MGM poker and it is way better, there are suckouts, but not to the quantity pstars is showing. It’s so bad and I really gave them chance after chance, because I do like the platform little more than MGM, but this is like comical… I started taking screenshots and video recording to show my friends and family…
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3 years ago, cmacatttck
Bad beat galore
After playing for a month I have never experienced such bad beats in my life. Before COVID-19, I’ve played a lot of live poker in my life. Yes I understand unlucky situations happen from time to time. But everyday? Almost every other day getting beat with hands where I am a 90 or 95 percent favor to win. Making me feel like the site favors donk betting with nothing until you hit the river over made hands that get cracked. If you are looking for realistic poker play. It’s not here. It seems to be true when the first week you play you run like a god. But then the unreal bad beats start happening after a week and lose everything. Then have to deposit more so you can get bad beaten again so pokerstars can take the big rake from your big pot you just lost.
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4 years ago, Mark walters jr
Let me start out by saying I’m in computer software.. I was told this app was very bad and lots of cheats so I did an experiment using my calculations and hand history over 10 hrs straight and started with 1k bankroll just to be able to test the theory correctly. Let me tell you what I found. People were in hands they shouldn’t have been at way too big a percentage and most every time they were cards were not just hitting for them but in a lot of instances two cards had to come and they got it!! This is not a app for the people this game is not straight up and I would highly recommend you STAY AWAY. I’ll be filling paperwork with my research and hopefully getting the government to shut them down.
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11 months ago, Bck_angel
I put $19 to bet decided not to bet and needed my $19 back they did everything they could not to give me my money back; kept denying my withdrawal because I never beg the money and took me through this loophole until they restricted my account because of a comment I made in the support chat “please give me my money I’m broke and need it back like come onn” and asking me if I’m betting money that I need for important things; like that’s none of their gd business they just look for anyway to steal your money I was back n forth for 2 weeks with these people who are only in the business of scamming and robbing you as soon as they can, would definitely recommend everyone to stay of this scam app.
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3 years ago, ejfhcudebw
Will steal your money
I never write reviews. First review ever!! They will steal your money. It’s the algorithm. If yo win, it will take it back. The amount of bad beats are laughable. Every single person I know have this issue. I’m not just some salty individual that doesn’t know how to play cards and lost my money. If you want to lose money, play here. If you want to pass time, fine. Just don’t put your hard working money in. First time I signed on I did good. After winning a couple hundred it was all down hill. FYI, I’ve played for more then 20 years and at one time in my life, Ive supported myself by player hold em. There should be a lawsuit. Do yourself a favor and google them. You will see the complaints.
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3 years ago, rollingred 767
Location/disconnected/sitting out
I guess my previous comment got erased. Didn’t like it for telling the truth. They are aware of location glitch, and they told me hey have no idea when it will be fixed. I have an email from them to prove it. Still they are letting people log in, register for tournaments and lose money by sitting there and not being able to play. By the time you log out and log in 27 times, till app finally lets you play, you lose 90% of your chips to blinds and antes. Ive lost around $200 due to their location issue and got refunded $37 , because, as they said , they were being generous!!! Thankfully I’ve made some money , chased out and never gonna use it again
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2 months ago, Jima76
Paid off for poor playing
Don’t get this app and definitely don’t put money into this site or any online gambling site cause the runouts are gross and the math ain’t mathing flopped 2 pair and opponent had same 2 pair but got runner runner to hit flush and I get things happen but this stuff happens way to often. Flopped 2 pair and dude hit a magical 1 outter. Flopped 2 pair and dude called my all in with 2’s and hit that magic 2 on the river! If you dare get this app take it with a grain of salt but don’t put money into i. I also notice when I look back at tournaments they’ll have everyone’s location but there will be a few with no location so they definitely scamming you. Don’t Trust online gambling sites like this one.
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4 years ago, gderr52
Stay away and wait until another poker app is available in pa
Where to start... well you will be given challenges and when you complete them most times you will not get what you were promised. Example they will give you “free spins” but the game your spins were rewarded to will not be available. That’s hoping the chest itself does not magically disappear. You will be offered deposit bonus but it will never show up and you will have to go through a customer service hassle to get it and that’s assuming they give it to you which has been 50/50 at best. The go to for them is they will offer you an instant casino credit but you need to bet somewhere around 100x that amount for it to really be turned into cash. Bad beats are out of this world on this app pocket aces win maybe one out of three times heads up. There is no way the cards being dealt are random. The cards are dealt in such a way it encourages betting to increase the pot so pokerstars rake increases and they make the most money they possibly can. The hand scenarios are so unrealistic. Stay away!
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2 years ago, mikeyyyy33
Platform itself is complete trash now
Ever since the update the platform is garbage. It has all sorts of glitches and every time I sign in it tells me to download the latest version so I have to go into the App Store and click open, since I already did. Then it sometimes opens the app or sometimes gives me the same message again. Not to mention the glitch where you lose connection for 5 seconds and when you get location back the table you were playing on still will say disconnected. It’s all well and good unless you’re invested in a hand when it happened or on a tournament. Then you just lose your money because the app is trash
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