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User Reviews for Polaroid

4.89 out of 5
15.5K Ratings
10 months ago, Akdude0188
Serves a good purpose.
So I’m used to the old school Polaroid where you just took the picture or figure out the best light or way to take the picture. I only had the the one touch 600 so at the time my options where limited. But now with this app and the Polaroid app it has kinda turned the Polaroid into a digital camera. I like the features and the tripod and timer functions and the aperture option and also tells you if it’s too far or too dark or says the picture is ok. Kinda takes the skill of photography away unlike the old Sx-70 camera days. But the app serves a purpose and I like it. Polaroid if your reading this bring back the SPECTRA FILM. I know it’s old and the equipment to make it is no longer available. You started off as the “impossible project” make it happen.
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2 years ago, Pants2.0
User friendly app for Now+ BUT…
This review is mostly for the developers and potential users that might experience the same issue I’ve been having. Little to no info online but the app features on the Now Plus advertise that the app’s tripod mode automatically reads the light from the cameras sensor and adjusts accordingly the exposure time i.e. the app will show the amount of time the subject will need to remain still before the shot is ejected. After noticing the time shown on the phone app fluctuated wildly even though the camera was steady and no light in the room had changed (from a few seconds to 60 min which I assume is that max it will read) I realized that the app is using the phone camera itself as the light meter, NOT THE NOW PLUS CAMERA SENSOR!!!! This is completely opposite of what’s stated in the manual and nowhere online or on Polaroids customer support anywhere. I’ve done a factory reset on the camera itself and deleted and redownloaded the Polaroid app to try and get different results but this is a huge mistake from the devs and renders the tripod mode almost useless if trying to remotely take self portraits or group shots where the user is in the frame. I very much hope this review reaches the development team and they can rectify this very inconvenient flaw in an otherwise streamlined system for taking artful instant photographs. Longtime I-type film user since the I-1 model and don’t know how this oversight happened but hopefully will be fixed soon.
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2 years ago, lil SllyBear
Very intuitive design and well made
I have been using this app on and off for a year now. I love the design and how well the the image scanner works. I use this for all of my Polaroids that I post online. There’s is only one thing that I wish was added. I wish I could quickly order film on the fly with the tap of a button, I do appreciate the option to order through the site but when out on shoots I’d like to just be able to order my usual order of round frame and standard 600 packs. And have the option to use my points when placing said orders. Otherwise a fantastic app especially compared to other apps from camera companies like Kodak and Fujifilm.
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9 months ago, Ylime
New iPhone cameras ruined this app
I used to love this app a couple of years ago, but am sad to find out it’s another one of those affected by the trouble the newer pro max models are having with cameras focusing. I am so frustrated by whatever kink Apple did not work out with the device being able to choose between camera lenses to focus correctly on the subject. Can barely take a photo of a piece of paper anymore without total blur because “i’m too close” I guess. Same problem here. Camera wants to use regular lense to scan but when asked to get closer, iPhone camera completely blurs and obscures the photo creating a horrible scan. Wish Polaroid could find a fix to get the zoom lense to kick in when bringing camera closer for newest phones. Not sure what to do. I have a 14 pro max for reference, wish I had an older model.
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1 year ago, P@!sl3y
Uhm…review ?
this app is amazing and had great detail for the polaroid camera! it’s Amazing in many ways with it self timer and double exposure!. If anything the only thing that bugs me is that if i want to save a polaroid photo it actually saves to my phone and not the app just by it’s self, I do recommend that the photo album in the polaroid camera be separate from the actual camera roll (my camera roll is die-ing in my phone ) though besides that everything is amazing! i love it all keep up the good work ^^.
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4 years ago, Chula Cece
Too dark..
I like this camera a lot but the lighting is tricky to get a perfect shot.. I hate that it depends on what kind of film ur using also.. the film isn’t cheap so why can’t they all b of good quality so I can get my money’s worth..? When I do get a good shot I love it but it takes time n lighting to do that.. I just wana hurry n capture the moment but hard with this camera.. other instant cameras I have can do that for me with a diff setting.. I love how its old school remade but needs better options but also easy ones to get that perfect pic.. oh n more Bluetooth options like seeing what my One Step + is seeing thru my phone to get that perfect pic without guessing.. maybe I need to study my camera more but I shouldn’t have to.. rt..?
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3 years ago, Bennii Mty
Very Useful App
I just got my Polaroid One Step + for Christmas and this app has been the most useful in getting shots when you can manually push the red button on the camera. The different features this app lets me use with my camera are all also very useful and the inspiration page on the app has allowed me to gain better understanding of my camera. I highly recommend for anyone to download this app if you have a Polaroid camera that it’s meant for.
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6 years ago, Edgy Kid
Great App!
The scanner is what really sells it considering it’s hard to take pictures of polaroids without shadow, this app does it perfectly. As well as offering tips and ideas to take pics with. My camera doesn’t do all the fun stuff the OneStep+ does because mine is the original OneStep from the 70’s but it even offers help for that! Wonderful app. It’s nice to find a place for polaroids that aren’t overrun but those rectangle Fuji-Film cameras everyone seems to have. They’re terribly ugly.
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2 years ago, Tnkight
Best Camera Device!
I got this for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend, took a bit to learn about it and get the hang but I’m so fascinated by the way they incorporated the vintage film and style with new technology (the Bluetooth & app settings!) I wish the film wasn’t so much for just 8 in a pack, and bundles are great but still pricey! Love the filter caps and the lighting settings. 10/10 would 100% recommend to others!
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3 years ago, Chrissy_Chris24
It’s amazing!!!
I enjoy the app it has all the devices on the app, depending on which one you have. You can scan you pics into the app for you can post it on your social media. It is easy to connect as well. I have the one step + camera and it works amazing. I also love how it have tutorials to help you out to get a better understanding how to use your camera as well. Overall great app!!
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4 weeks ago, Work Yoda
Great companion to the Now+
This app works really well with the Now+. The Bluetooth connection is almost instantaneous with an iPhone and the app is laid out in a very logical way. I didn’t even really need to read the user documentation (though I’m familiar with film photography to begin with). I’m very pleased with how it expands the use of the Now+ from a fun point & shoot to more creative photography.
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3 years ago, Tahja C.
Can’t explain the amount of satisfaction from having this.
I was already in love with Polaroids and the 90s aesthetic they gave. And then i found out about the one step cameras from watching Dearra and Kens vlog. To say I immediately went and bought one the first chance i got would be grossly degrading my speed lol. Im in love with how the pictures come out, and I can see so many memories coming from this camera in the future.
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2 years ago, LeStrange0529
Love Polaroid’s New Printer!
The app works great, don’t really have issues except for wasting film here and there when it randomly lets something go without it exposing the picture on the frame. Still not used to the AR feature but I’m getting there. Overall, super easy to use and easy to learn for anyone. I really love it, just wish film wasn’t so expensive 😭
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4 years ago, Wet n dry
Does the job
This is not the greatest of quality upload, but it definitely does the job if you want to share your polaroids. I gave it 5 stars due to the ease of the application. Obviously you can get better upload quality if you used an actual scanner, but I enjoy the app for using to share via instagram or Facebook.
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1 year ago, solo0987654
Resolved-iPhone 13 Max won’t work with Lab Printer
Original: [I love the Polaroid app with the Now+, but the Polaroid lab printer does not seem to be compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max. app makes a noise, but lab blinks suggesting realignment. No amount of realignment helps. I believe there needs to be an update or some kind.] New: This issue has been resolved! There are a few settings that had to be adjusted in iPhone. For me it was the “reduce white point” has to be turned off as well as low battery mode. They also suggest you turn the brightness to 50%-75% after turning these things off.
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4 years ago, Iamkinggil
Cool app but...
We have the Polaroid lab... the photos either come out dark or over exposed even after messing with the settings 1-2 pictures come out great and the rest come out over or under exposed... the films are expensive, Polaroid needs to come up with a preview feature to see how the Polaroids will come out with the current settings we have in the app. Just a waste of money. Yes True Tone is off screen brightness is all the way up, I followed all the instructions correctly, I’m just well lit pictures and we still have all these issues with exposure
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4 years ago, tails57xoxo
Does not work with iPhone 11!!
Followed the recommendations and removed phone protector, changed brightness settings to full brightness, once you place the phone down, it makes the “ding” sound as if it recognized the photo but the led keeps flashing and when you press the red button, nothing happens. Tested this out on my iPhone 7plus and it works like it should, but never worked with the iPhone 11. Contacted tech support but never heard back from them. I would return it but this was a gift to my daughter. She’s disappointed and frustrated it doesn’t work on her phone. Waste of money for whoever gifted this to her.
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4 years ago, elasmo_11
Great app!
When shooting with instant film cameras, there are inevitable sacrifices to be made as far as control goes. The Polaroid app lets me do so much more with my OneStep+ than I could do with just the camera alone. The only feature I wish I could have, however, is an option to use a timer while also using other modes, like Portrait Mode or Voice Activation mode. Other than that, absolutely in love!
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4 years ago, Meteorite710
Great app but not good for editing the pictures
I use this for my Polaroid lab and when I select the picture I want I go back into my gallery to edit the photo because there’s barely any options for editing within the Polaroid app. Would like to see a change on editing but otherwise works great for printing my mobile pictures on old fashioned Polaroid framed pictures turning new into vintage love it.
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5 years ago, low flume
It’s great
I got a old sx-70 I’ve been blasting photos on. The app is a easy way to upload with minimum glare/reflection . The one critique I would make is to let people submit their photos to be put on the inspiration page it’s a little bit stale and I would love to see new photos every week or so submitted by the community. Overall this is a great app though!
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4 years ago, JasEltareb
When I first received this camera I was kind of annoyed because I had a Polaroid before and for me it was a bit difficult to use. But I decided to try again and when I saw it was also Bluetooth I was excited once again. The app makes this so fun and easy to use. Thank you so much!!
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2 years ago, Jmedi217
Needing a fix!!
I own a polaroid lab and its worked perfectly until I upgraded phones. I recently upgraded to an Iphone 14 and now when I try to print the picture will not align in order to take the picture. It doesn’t register the two dots from the lab itself. I’ve tried everything from taking my case off to taking the screen protector off to even trying to turn the lights off for exposure purposes. Please help. I love the product and would hate for this to be an ongoing issue.
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5 months ago, BigSancho805
Polaroid rating
Absolutely love the new Polaroid +! The fact that it doesn’t take batteries does it for me. The hassle of looking for batteries is gone and all I gotta do now is just plug it in like everything else. And it still has the old school feel. Good job Polaroid
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4 years ago, cwhittier
polaroid lab
seems sometime with the one of the recent updates for the Polaroid Lab that there’s a more greenish tint to the finished prints even after correctly allowing them to develop in darkness for no less than 30mins and having several days to set. this has been a consistent observation despite several different packs of film. and yes my iphone is properly set with full brightness and truetone, and night shift turned off. hopefully this has been reported and is being considered for a future update.
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5 years ago, Kingkongerdonger
Terrible product and support
Since receiving this I have only been able to print one photo and it was after adjusting my phone 100 times. I can’t even tell you what I did to get it to print but it will not do it again. Every photo I try to print the device blinks rapidly and gives me the “ding” that is supposed to signify it’s ready to develop but never stops blinking and won’t let me print. Does this with all phones and they will not answer my calls or call me back. Terrible. So much money spent to be so disappointed
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1 year ago, Zeel7
Polaroid Lab
I love the Polaroid Lab, I think it’s a great idea however for some reason my app doesn’t let me publicly print an AR photo, I watched the video from Polaroid and I don’t get that window where it asks you if you want it to be either private or public, I tried looking for videos online and I can’t find a way to do it. Please help!
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4 years ago, Thomaspsgirl
Polaroid printer
So far no complaints. It was a Christmas gift from my husband & I loveeee it. I have the camera as well but I noticed I don’t use the camera as much since I got this. The pictures give off a more vintage look so if you’re not into that this isn’t for you.
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4 years ago, RobertDK
Cannot access albums
When I tell the app to go to a different photo album, it hangs. Only option at that point on the screen is to hit cancel and go back one step So I am only able to access what’s on the camera roll. What can be done to fix this issue?
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1 year ago, Tam, Tam
Why can’t things be simple with this camera like they use to be instead of this computer stuff. I remember when I use to just put the film in and go. Now you just have to do all this stuff on your phone after you put your film in the camera. Why does it have to be so difficult?
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3 years ago, ghostcapp
Awesome app but newest update messed up AR
When you scan the photo a black screen appears instead of the video. To get the video to appear you have to click the black screen, push play, and then click back. It will continue to play on a loop but it’s pretty shaky. I was hoping to utilize this for a project this week and regret doing the update.
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4 years ago, rkg glogrvv
The only thing I’d say is that I had to figure out myself that when you put the film in, a piece of the top is supposed to move down, so I was trying to put it in all the way. I thought I broke it, but that’s supposed to happen so it can fit.
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3 years ago, Purdypatty
This app is amazing for scanning your pictures instead of just taking a picture of your picture. It is also great and necessary for all the features the camera has. Double exposure is my absolute favvvvvvvvv.
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5 years ago, missbinx
Even with the expensive camera this is garbage
If it connects to my phone via Bluetooth like my watch, why can’t I see through it’s camera like my watch can see through mine? Really freaking irritating. I got the one step Plus for this exact reason. Am I doing something wrong or should I return this expensive garbage? I only wanted to use it if I could see through my phone because I find the lens to be pretty inaccurate to what the camera sees :/ esp with lighting.
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5 months ago, lulstinky
First off, (to dust it off my brain) I’m new to polaroid, and.. it DOESNT WORK WITH THE POLAROID NOW. I downloaded this. (Also) Thinking it’ll be compatible with the Polaroid Now, (not Polaroid Now+) i’m trying to find the Polaroid Now section, but the ONLY things i find where: Polaroid I-2, Polaroid Now+, Polaroid One-step, and the Printer. They completely forgot about Polaroid Now, ISN’T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE A ALL-POLAROID CAMERA FRIENDLY APP??
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3 years ago, KateRenee.
Game Changer
This app and the Bluetooth feature of the Polaroid OneStep+ is a total game changer for people who want the traditional Polaroid look but also want to try to creative techniques and put a new twist on their art! I just received this camera for my birthday and I’m obsessed so far!
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3 years ago, Adeleinem
Can’t use the app
I have an iPhone 11 and the app will not work for me. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting the internet has to offer. Removed app, re-downloaded, turned devices off and back on. The camera is paired as it can tell me when something is too far or close to the camera but I cannot take a photo using the app. Trying to find answers on the app website is no use. So bummed!
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8 months ago, theriseofskywalker
I love using my Polaroid I-Type camera. It makes everything so much more aesthetic and vintage, definitely will recommend people to get it and the app for a more immersive experience
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1 year ago, brandon_nirvana
The app is bad which makes the Polaroid bad
The app was so bad two packs of Polaroids I took came out blank And also the digital photo scanner comes out garbage too. I can see my iPhone, my reflection, sometimes even my thumb I’m going to email this review as well. Hopefully this will help the future uses or models. I’ll probably return this one and wait until it gets better. Just give me the 80s version again
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3 years ago, Mayahi hussien m
The app is not working
Hi I am having trouble taking photos using my Polaroid one step plus with the app. the app is connected normally to the camera and even receives information about film left, camera charge and even the exposure meter(manual mode) BUT when i touch the shutter button in the app the camera does not respond. And this is in all modes (remote,double exposure,manual,noise trigger). I already tried reconnecting the camera again, deleted the app and reinstalled it again and still didn’t work. I have an Xs max, updated to the latest iOS with the latest version of polaroid app. Looking forward for your help.
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5 years ago, pironio
Camera is just fine. App works. Please no more hipster photographers
Everything is fine camera and app wise, but please stop using hipster photographers to show off your cameras and for sample images. Let’s try using other artists that are actually making art. Not just waisting their parents money on figuring out why they aren’t special. Thanks.
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4 years ago, ms.realreviews
Working great! Modern Take on Retro
I just got the One Step+ and this app is amazingggg for taking different kinds of pics! It’s like a tool to enhance whatever you’re shooting. Already went through a whole roll Lmaoo. I intend to use it more this summer.
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2 years ago, Leny123456789
Major bug today. Keeping me from scanning
I rely on this for work. I need it daily - as a business - BAD. Otherwise amazing product but it poops out on you soon. I’ve had to buy 6 in the course of a year. I keep one as a backup because they stop working so easily! But honestly it can take your work to a new level. Just wish it wasn’t poorly made. Make sure you project high-res images.
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7 months ago, joecunningham
Please fix the curved frame top
I’m sick of having to always correct the curve the scanner part of the app leaves at the top edge of the photo. I use this app mostly to scan and a company with Polaroids heritage, attention to detail, and resources should be able to draw straight lines. Five star app otherwise. Will give five when this is finally corrected.
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Photo scanner button only works 10% of the time and 90% of the time it does, it just loads to a black screen.
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4 years ago, gigisolo****
So stunning and intuitive!
Sometimes I just open the app to watch the rainbow open up. I love all the features and how simple and easy it is. The scanner is especially helpful these days!
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8 months ago, kolbywithac
Doesn’t Work With iPhone 15
Just a heads up, if you have the new iPhones, it doesn’t line up correctly on the lab with the picture so it won’t even let you print it out. There should be a way to override if it’s lined up or not or hopefully they’ll figure out how to make it compatible with the new phones. Nonetheless it’s great to have just wish it worked like my old phone.
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5 months ago, Beckston91
Just what you need
Bluetooth capabilities for Polaroid cameras is awesome and extremely helpful! The options in the app are ready to handle any situation assuming you have the passion and put in a lil bit of practice!
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2 years ago, alecwj
Updates are amazing <3
All my original issues with the app have been addressed! Dark mode to save my eyes, and scanning my Polaroids right on top! Thank you guys! Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, peter honeyman
iPad is supported
I’m having a terrific time controlling the Polaroid Now+ camera from my iPad. I had no idea the app was so versatile. I’m just getting started — so many things to try!
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1 year ago, Mjklt
Awful digital aliasing
The digital aliasing (jagged-looking lines) created by this app in my photos when using it for the polaroid lab are so disappointing. It makes my prints look awful and I feel like I’ve wasted my money. This didn’t happen on the impossible project app, nor does it happen in other apps I have, so it truly is a problem with Polaroid’s app. Please fix it.
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