Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (63K)
235.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Polarr, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor

4.68 out of 5
63K Ratings
4 years ago, TyD84
My #1 photo editor
I had been playing around with so many photo editing apps hoping for something more than ready made filters and bottom basic crap. After years using photoshop in my school days, no app has even came close to satisfying me. Then I stumbled upon Polarr. FINALLY!!!! The first app to go beyond simple and actually gives various options in different ways. There’s just so many options, I haven’t even figured it all out yet. Like, creating your own filter!! I absolutely LOVE this app and can’t wait to see more to come from Polarr. Why I give 4 stars, there are a few snags here and there, but nothing major. Things like, heavy in to editing a photo and boom all black and the only way to get back is by exiting out of the app. Originally, I hated the window viewer for edges, but that recently has changed and is much better. In the beginning, the app was a bit confusing even with tutorials. Then as I started getting use to everything. Then, suddenly I couldn’t use any of my paid premium options and was told the app no longer existed. It was all pretty strange, then 2 weeks later it was back. I was so upset 😂 Anyways, I highly recommend Polarr to anyone, it’s the best photo editor your going to get, other then the super expensive ones.
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4 years ago, 🦋Angel🦋
What happened?
Why was the layout and the app itself redesigned? It was perfectly fine before where you could just scroll your fingers across and measure up to 100 or down to -100, simple yet useful and refreshing to make my pictures pop. Now it’s just plain and looks like you, no intention to offend or accuse, made it appear to look like the Darkroom app layout. It’s also glitchy my photos go blank when editing and only reappears when I click the before picture and never shows the picture I was in the midst of editing. In my opinion, the new things you’ve added are okay it would’ve been fine in the original layout and just as pleasing without the aesthetic to “just get it edited it doesn’t matter what it looks like so we made it all black” change. It’s also confusing, you hit adjust and flicker some changes and hit the check button and you’re like “huh? I have to edit all on the same tab?” it’s confusing having to remember I have to edit all of them on one tab itself that’s just sitting in a line above the adjusters instead of being able to hold down the adjusters and change it to what pleases you. Other than that it’s great.
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4 years ago, LHUSHLFKJNS
Change it back now
I’m so happy to see that I am not the only one who is completely infuriated with the new update. Why would you completely change an entire app so that even experienced users are dumbfounded. I can’t for the life af me figure out the set up for the new way that overlays work, I cant even seem to apply an image in the style of a gradient like was able to do before. From 5 stars to 1, if could I’d give it none. You were a top rated app, why would you make such a move, that was dumber than dumb, at least have the courtesy to roll it out slowly. Not all at once. I had not known how much more useful this app was over my previous go to until the last few months. But once I really played around with it, it soon became my newest go to. I wish I had never updated. Also why is there not an easier way to delete my custom overlays, y’all didn’t bother to reconcile that situation. Who ever made this decision should be fired, or given a second chance to fix this mess that now takes up room on my phone. If something is not done soon, I will be requesting an entire refund 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ this is not the app I paid for. Idk what this is.
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2 years ago, TactfulCactii
Nope, you ruined it.
LAST UPDATE BEFORE I DELETE: Now you can’t even save a photo without a subscription. It would be one thing if I hadn’t already *paid in full* for use of the app years ago, before they switched to a subscription model, and didn’t honor that purchase, which violates Apples TOS. App continues to get worse with every update. I’m finally fully done. MONTHS-LATER UPDATE: How could this possibly keep getting WORSE? They finally released some updates, did not fix the filter issues, did not fix the announcement window bug. And now, every time I open it, I get a “Not enough space” warning that forces me to clear my edit history. After only editing a few photos—with many, many GBs of storage left on my phone. ——— Strike 1: Charge a subscription after I had already paid for multiple things in the app. Strike 2: I pay for subscription, but still can’t get the same filters I already paid for and use on a daily basis back. Strike 3: I receive no response when I contact them via their website to ask if it’s possible to get the filters that have been a part of my daily workflow for years back. I can deal with changes to the UI. But taking away what I’ve already paid for and then offering no support for a paid service is just b.s. Also, what’s with the “Announcements” dialog box (with no announcements) that pops up EVERY time I open a photo, even after several updates?
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6 years ago, Jinafire Demew
Used to love, but the new update messed everything up.
I’ve been using Polarr since late 2016, and for the most part it’s been pretty great, with a few bugs in between and issues with the quality, but the problems were fixed quite quickly. I purchased Polarr Pro’s selective adjustments in around 2017 and it worked fine, but recently with the new Polarr SO many new issues have risen. The first time I updated it to the new Polarr, it would not let me save any of my selective adjustments. Gradient, color masks, none of them would save. Sometimes it would crash, other times it wouldn’t even save as the filter I had filtered it as, but instead another filter I had previously made?? Recently, a few issues have been fixed but new problems have started. Everything including gradient and radial all work with my purchases but when I add the color scale to a color mask, it doesn’t save. The color mask is still there, but the actual color scale is zero. Please fix these issues, or bring back the old Polarr and work on the new one on the side. So many new issues that me and quite a few of my friends who have been using it for a long time are giving up on it.
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9 months ago, ReneeEreen
I can understand the frustrations some people have had in the past. However, the app will always continue to evolve and improve, and with that comes the responsibility to learn how to use these new updates. I was really upset when all filters (other than the ones I pre saved and created before the subscription model started) required me to pay to use. But given it’s an app I used daily for several things, I was willing to pay the subscription fee. It’s worth it. I absolutely love the app, and haven’t found it much different or difficult to use than when I had discovered it two years ago. I think some people can’t withstand change. 🤷‍♀️ for a growing and powerful app, it’s no surprise to me that it would go from a pay once for access to subscription base. I still love it and will continue to use it! Though I would like to see a FAQ or Help page for laptop use, because I cannot use my upgraded account on my pc and nothing syncs over. However, I can sync and use my account across any mobile device. Which is perfectly fine, but I’d rather use on my laptop.
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9 months ago, Bejennerous
Polarr Lite = Cash Grab
I’m going to start by saying… I absolutely love Polarr. I have been a premium subscriber for a couple of years and I love it. However, now that money is tight and I had to trim the subscription fat, I switched to “Lite” because the description said it included “access to premium filters.” I thought this tier might save me some money. But it’s literally a cash grab. You can access premium filters but you can’t do anything with them. I tried to use the filters I made, but I can’t save the filtered image. I suggest not purchasing Lite. It’s a waste of money and now I’m stuck with it for an entire year. I think I’m going to switch to Lightroom. It felt like they lied just to sell a lower tier that doesn’t offer anything a free app could do. I would be happy if I could use my filters and save images but couldn’t adjust or create them because that would be a premium feature. Again. I love Polarr but this buisness model of leading the consumer on with misleading verbiage is why I’m writing this review and why I’m contemplating removing Polarr completely from my social media budget.
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1 year ago, Snowmoss
Polaar. The number means to reset a picture of a vintage image
If you’re looking for something to use editing, use the Polaar “stable” to edit, iOS included, that its picture tools help your jpeg(?) file look like the original photo you saw in the viewfinder, this App is a really good answer, the best…! (Others are ‘also rans’) which I ever have known. Even tools allow testing various, different flows, called filters, including total Undo functions and undo in removing steps, indeed. I also had created a jpeg of a proper copy of a cover picture of a newspaper Sunday Magazine, from many years ago and agree totally that adjusting with Polaar app was the only way to go. Polaar was used in iOS mobile after I quickly took a good enough jpeg, Polaar let me do adjustments, allowing me too, to undo, any number for me, and recovered on the jpeg in color incredibly [image file jpeg capture of newspaper magazine simply produced w/DSLR) from a publication long before now becoming to too delicate set hands on.
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9 months ago, give us our bts mv views back
disappointing update
polarr used to be my all time fav editing app. it was so easy to navigate, included plenty of useful features, and was accessible to everyone. then without warning, it all changed. i have a couple issues. 1) it would constantly log me out? every time i used the app i’d have to log back into my account… 2) almost EVERYTHING now costs money. everything that used to be free i now have to pay for? even the most BASIC editing features. 3) so difficult to navigate. i literally don’t understand how the app works anymore. i hate having to see that i’m required to pay for something with every button i click. filters that used to be free now aren’t? and there’s a browsing feature, but you’re only limited to a number of filters you can have? or it glitches and leads me to different tabs and pages that i can’t understand. then you’re not even allowed to save certain filters you like unless you pay? not only is everything just confusing, but it relates back to my second issue; having to pay for EVERYTHING. i don’t know, but i miss the app before the update. mind you, i NEVER leave reviews unless it’s positive or absolutely infuriating…sucks that everything just seems to be about money now :/
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2 years ago, miraculous4Lifes
My Go To Editing App!
Polarr has made me more of a creator considering their thousands of filters and adjustments available to use. I can just let my mind roam free without thinking of what the end will look like. Usually, in the end the pictures always look beautiful. It has introduced me to different adjustments i was never aware of. My favorite aspects throughout the app most likely would have been the filters, and the creators within the app. They make filters almost daily for our use. It’s just awesome! Using others’ filters & my own help me create more content by letting me just create the image I have in my mind. If I have a photo and think there should me more of a certain hue or sharpness, I’ll make a filter of it! And if I can’t get what I’m looking for, I search the discover tab! Overall, Polarr is just an AWESOME way to express yourself and a unique way to figure out your own style and create inspiring photos!
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3 years ago, YellowYell0w
Polarr is swag 😎
This app is so good. I’m still pretty new to it but from what I’ve seen it’s better then any other editing app I’ve used before. My favorite aspect is how user friendly it is! With other apps I’ve tried they were hard to understand and confusing but with Polarr it was easy to figure out and understand! Another aspect are the styles. I love how easy they are to share and use! It can make it to where it can change it from one color completely to another which is very hard to do on other apps. My last point id like to talk about is their discord server. I recently joined/got invited to it so I haven’t been able to chat much but from what I’ve seen it’s absolutely amazing! I never see discord servers of it to have such active and helpful staff! In all id say polarr has to be my favorite editing app and I’m excited to see what I can learn in the future to come <33
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4 months ago, mina_444
trash now
all of polarrs features used to be completely free of charge, i’d never even see ads which is why i loved this app for photo editing. however, in recent years they’ve gotten more and more stingy in terms of money and have added SOO many ads to their app along with subscriptions with little to no updates with the actual features itself. i shouldn’t suddenly have to start paying for things i’ve used in the past, even my OWN filter presets i’ve made. i have loved this app and company, i have even been part of their research/major surveys they’ve done in the past with absolutely no personal gain and now it’s basically a slap in the face since i can’t even screenshot photos i’ve edited anymore. not to mention the pricing is insane for just some photo editing. highly disappointed in what they’ve become over the years, they’ve digressed as badly as other apps/websites who only now want monetary gain and don’t care whether if the product is good still as long as they can fool some people into buying it. upset i ever supported this company so heavily. don’t even see a reason to keep the app anymore.
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4 years ago, moreamealz
New Update is Awful
Polarr was by far my favorite photo editing app in the market, and I was happy to upgrade to Pro. The UI design was intelligent and intuitive. I used the app multiple times a week to edit photos for a small business I work for. I truly hate this new update. I don’t understand why Polarr changed the UI so dramatically and to such a poor design. The new UI is now very similar to most interfaces I’ve seen in the marketplace (including the editing software in Apple Photos), which not only removes a key differentiator of Polarr, it also leaves it feeling clunky. Why would I use Polarr if the design is similar to what already exists in Apple installed software? Or similar to another app on the marketplace? Not only is the layout of the editing capabilities now more obstructive, you can’t even rotate the screen! It’s very annoying to edit all my photos in a vertical view, rather than landscape. Maybe I’m just missing something? It’s rare that I leave reviews, especially negative ones, but there honestly isn’t anything I like in the new update. I felt very loyal to Polarr and truly disappointed.
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10 months ago, KiraRuby
Diminishing creativity and passion in favor of profits
I know rating it so high seems counterintuitive but I’m online doing this so it gets seen easier. Please change it back. The subscription is terrible and is screwing over the entire user base. Nobody likes this, nobody wants this. It is screwing over the passion and joy of art and creativity in favor of corporate profit and greed. I use Polarr for many things such as editing my artwork, editing sketches, editing, and many other creative outlets. This not only screws the user base over but will screw you guys over in the process. And even IF some of the profit goes to creator who make filters in the creator fund it doesn’t change the fact that many people aren’t privileged enough to afford a subscription. Most of the user base from my experience are teens, and most teens can’t afford some subscription.
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2 years ago, Lukehemmings.girl_56
amazing app
i’ve been using polarr for 2 yrs now! the amount of suggestions polarr gives for you to create amazing filters is incredible because not a lot of filter creating apps have all these suggestions that polarr gives. especially the overlays tool, i really like that option because usually, you’d have to go to another app to place overlays. i also really love that polarr now has the protect filter because a lot of us filter creators were dealing with people stealing our filters and claiming them as their own. so now that they have this option, i use it all the time! i’d say the only option i wish polarr would add is a delete folder, where you had deleted filters from other creators you’ve saved and your own. i had an issue a few days ago, where i needed to use a filter, i couldn’t find it because i had deleted it a few days before that. it was very frustrating that i had deleted that filter without knowing so and there was no way i could get it back. but other than that, this app is amazing, and i really appreciate how polarr’s instagram account interacts with other filter users on instagram and how they have different challenges for people to participate in! it goes to show that they really care about their users!
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5 years ago, @gyfueroa
great app but a few bugs
i’ve been using polarr for over a year now and it’s always served me well. i’d been putting off writing a review for polarr for a good amount of time now though because polarr itself is a great app, i just thought my problem would’ve been mentioned by other users and been fixed by now, but my problem still exists. the app itself is very easy to use and has TONS of features to use for pretty much every type of photo. my problem is that after editing and exporting maybe 6 photos at a time (individually instead of with the batch export feature), when i try to open another picture polarr either freezes and crashes or very tightly crops the photo (usually when there is a face in the picture). i don’t think it has to do with the hardware polarr is being running on. this has been happening to me for a few months now on my ipad pro and even recently on a new iphone.
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6 years ago, Lana Ressie
Best editing app yet!
I’ve tried and tested many editing apps, and since I don’t use the premium version, many of them weren’t good. The other apps were just so bad, the picture ended up looking overly saturated and super cheesy. The only way you could have edited well on those apps are if you used the premium feature, and they were expensive! After testing many apps and almost giving up, I found Polarr. The editing actually looks natural and pretty and the functions and tools are really easy to use. Ultimately, my pictures ended up looks beautiful! The only request or frustration I have with this app is that there is no home screen so the only pages you have is the photo you are editing, which bothers me a little. But in terms of the editing quality, this app is perfect for me!
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7 years ago, P.mousse Esq.
Great results but a few bugs
For the actually editing, I would give this 5 stars. I also appreciate their useful tutorials and the many thoughtful touches that went into the app design (although the UI is rather confusing at first, once you figure out the guiding organization, it makes sense). The cloning/healing feature is the only one I really did not like in terms of how it's implemented. Way too fidgety; no apparent way to deal with larger areas. Other apps do a much better job. The two-hour trial of the pro version has almost persuaded me to scrounge up the $20, though it also introduced some concerns. Using more than one shape caused stability problems. It seems you can't use different colors for added shapes. Liquify didn't perform as well as I hoped, either. All in all, though, the actual photo-editing results were superior to what I've been able to achieve in the numerous other apps I've tried.
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2 years ago, Kristina Jolee
This app makes you pay for everything now.
In order to use some of the effects and filters you have to pay a subscription when almost everything on this app used to be free. It would be one thing if it was a one time only purchase, but now you have to go through a monthly subscription paywall which is insane to me. This app used to be so fun when everything was free and you could make cool edits with it but now most of the tools used for editing are “locked” and require a subscription and you can only import more than 3 filters at a time without a popup from the app saying “only 3 filters allowed you need to upgrade to be able to use more”. You also have to upgrade to be able to use the “liked filters” feature and most editing effects/features on the app are locked. Most things on this app now require a subscription which is unfair to now have everything hidden where you can’t even use it.
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2 years ago, traviswebrock
Used to be my favorite editing app
Polarr used to be my favorite editing app to use. It has lots of features that you can use and you can truly customize your photos as much as you like... If you pay of course. Now half of the app is stuck behind a paywall, and you have to pay for basic features that comes for free on almost any other editing app you can find. I was already on the verge of deleting Polarr as I've been disappointed numerous times with this app. The app crashes multiple times, it takes a while for it to even load one photo, and now a paywall! I even lost a whole account and never got it back no matter how many times I emailed the Polarr team for help. This app has disappointed me as well as many other users. I am done using this app. You're better off using another editing app that actually has free features. I sincerely hope they remove the paywalls and do something else instead. There are many different ways to monetize an app and this is not one of them.
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2 years ago, kasper64
Frustrating (Will Reevaluate Later)
I’ve been using this app for YEARS and have never had a real issue with it. For the past five days, when I’m choosing a filter (and adjusting it and so on) it’s fine. It’s when I’m saving the image that’s the problem. As soon as I hit “save copy” it blacks out the screen for a couple seconds, then the screen is completely white for a couple more seconds, and then it resets to “open photos” & “use existing photo” and it just keeps happening every time I try to save it. I’ve even gone into another app to save a different copy/change the size of it etc to see if that could be a solution but it happens regardless. Once I think I’ve fixed it on the one photo, I feel relieved, then it does the same exact thing for the next photo. I haven’t used Polarr in 24 hours, trying to see if it needed a break or something, but that did nothing. Today I see that there was an update, but even after updating it, it’s happening. I don’t know what to do.
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4 years ago, MB_studio
problematic functionality
Okay, okay, I got used to the new design and even got over the fact that some of the main features I previously used were taken away. I think the new perspective and cropping tools are an improvement. But the thing that is now making this app completely unusable for me is a new problem I've gotten no response from support - despite submitting several weeks ago. The app now, upon every single opening, says that “due to insufficient space, your recent edits will not be saved” and then reverts all of your edited photos back to their original form whenever you click on them. There is no way to undo this, or get your edits back. I have more than sufficient space on my phone, more, in fact, than when I used the previous version of this app, and more than when I started using the upgraded version (and did not have this problem at the beginning). This bug is making me search for other photo editing programs, which is frustrating, as I’ve been a longtime Polarr supporter.
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4 years ago, 5sosfangirl888888
update is just bad
i’ve used polarr for a while and it was my favorite app for filters when i can’t use psd, but this update is terrible. the design is not only a sore on the eye because it looks like every other editing app now, but it takes more steps to do simplest tasks. i don’t want to have to open a new tab EVERY time i want to use a different tool. i also can’t pinch the image to make it smaller for a better viewpoint, which is upsetting. and back to the new style visually, not being able to change the color of the background is highly problematic seeing as most of my content is black and i can’t differentiate the background from my photos, as well as the fact that i have other difficulties using the app with the background being black. honestly, don’t even try to fix the update with a new one, just go back to how it used to be. and stop throwing the “upgrade to pro” in our faces every time we open at app, it’s annoying and i’m on the verge of deleting the app—and so are all of my editor friends who use it.
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6 years ago, sweetninje
Polar photo editing app is awesome! Without even feting into the paid version you get a ton of amazing options, filters, effects and tools! Believe me , these are not limited to the Instagram or Facebook or editing photoshop copycats! Polar is professional grade in quality, user interface, appearance and detail. Appreciated the prompts and helper which you can hide if you don’t need or dislike . I found It tremendously helpful. It’s not the easiest app, so I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it to someone not accustomed to some version of photo shop or another editing apps, but with with the helper option you can figure it out and deliver pro -level edited photographs. I am probably going to bite the bullet and purchase the pro version . It’s that good!
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2 years ago, TMikeC📸
Worse with every update
I’ve been using Polarr Pro for years now but with each new update it gets further and further away from the original app that was worth spending money on. First they remove functionality like the Spot Healing tool for no reason. Now they’ve put almost all new focus and development into Styles which in and of itself is fine, but the app is so unintuitive and buggy now that it isn’t even worth keeping around anymore. I can’t edit and save more than one photo in any one session without force closing and restarting, edits disappear and reappear at random, copying adjustments from one photo to another causes all of the previews in the photo selection screen to go haywire; really the list just goes on and on. It’s unfortunate that the app has become less about photo editing and more about preset-sharing but I could live around that if it would just work at a basic level and at this point it does not.
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3 years ago, BAR112
Excellent app, BUT...
Just revisited Polarr after several years--some great improvements! Love the brush and the auto-selection features, especially. However, I've been begging for years: Please change it back to landscape mode!! (Or make an iPad-exclusive version). Do you know how inconvenient it is to edit photos on a big iPad Pro with attached keyboard turned sideways? Try it, developers--it's ridiculous! This is supposedly a professional editing app, not juvenile Instagram filters. Also, I do not appreciate the social junk attached (I just ignore it). This also knocks it down a notch from being a professional program. Other than those two gripes, it's great! I purchased Polarr a long time ago; I'm both pleased and disappointed with the directions it has taken over the years.
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2 years ago, JacksonAG
Recent updates have made my go to editor with multiple glitches, now unusable
Polarr has been my go-to photo editing for several years. I’m a freelance digital artist, and after trying dozens of different apps, Polarr was the best. It had very specific abilities regarding layering images and the size/resolution abilities, which I can’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, a few months ago, it started having more errors. It would freeze and close, sometimes losing any edits I’d made. It would open files as black boxes. These issues increased to the level it was hard to work. Their email customer service responds only after multiple emails, and the responses are copy/paste “please wait for a future update.” The most recent update changed the max resolution from 17”x17” to 13”x13”, so even if the now extremely frequent glitches are fixed, I have to reduce my size of my art by 20%. So, I’m again hunting for a new image editing app.
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1 year ago, Katzellll
You will never be able to cancel your membership once you pay. TERRIBLE!
I loved this app and software for so long. Recently it hasn’t let me download my photos when I know I have a pro account. I tried to trouble shoot myself and continued to hit dead ends. I contacted the support center and never received a response. Now I can only download one photo before it tells me to pay for the pro account (which I have for another 2 months). I decided I wanted to cancel my account and that is not working. Every link you click to cancel the account either doesn’t work or takes you back to support ticket where you have to enter in so much info and never receive a response from. Absolutely terrible customer service. Do not pay for anything on this app- you will not be able to ever receive a refund or cancel any service. You will also never receive a response from their customer support. Terrible app now!!!!!!
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2 years ago, action_b
I’m a bit confused?
I have a yearly subscription to Polarr that’s already paid through April of 2023, but now I need this new subscription to use the feature I already paid for? Do I get a refund for the time I already bought? If that’s the case not a problem, but a email explaining the changes to current paid subscribers would be nice. Not to mention it’s the shaky legality of this. I pretty sure your not allowed to just change payment plans that are still active and on a whim, but I’m not a lawyer. Regardless a emai explaining this would have gone a long way. Also this is the first time in the history of me using apps that I have felt the need to write a review!!! 😑
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3 years ago, ohitstheresaa
Polarr has helped me grow.
I have used polarr for years now. I love the way I can creatively express myself with ease. Being able to share and create filters, and use others filters is such a great idea! If you can't make a filter that fits your picture correctly, there are thousands of creators who have created filters that will fit! Not to mention, you can easily take inspiration from other creator's filters to help create your own filters. There are so many options that there is no need to completely copy a filter. Even changing one thing may have a drastic difference. I love polarr and will not be leaving it anytime soon, if I ever leave at all!
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2 months ago, 45lovelobster
cash grab
I used to be a full time editor back in mid 2021 for an app that I used + discord. this app was amazing for filters and editing; I was really happy with it at the time because it had so many great features. it's a shame what it came down to. everything..and I mean EVERYTHING is locked behind a paywall. you cannot save more than 3+ filters without being asked to upgrade to their crummy "premium" feature. even then, it is still unusable due to the amount of bugs that's implanted in the app. putting filters on your photos? premium. Adjusting the filters? premium. even CROPPING the photo requires premium now. Polar is basically just a money grab now and it's so sad because this app was so popular with beginner editors. I don't mind paying for a little feature now and then, but don't mind it what your ENTIRE APP is running off of. please fix your app and remove the god awful premium features that ruined it.
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7 months ago, akdhfkfnamdbckdje
Decent App, But Pay to Use.
I love this app. I've been using it for years to edit for a variety of reasons, to be creative and help filter cover photos for my stories. However, I feel if you're going to continously price everything, make it to where people can purchase it for one time for full access. A few years back, everything about it was free with maybe one or two premium features you could buy with a subscription for like $3/$4 a month. No biggie. Well, as time has gone on, you've made it only possible to get more than 1 filter by purchasing and throwing $10/month+ away. Just to edit? Picsart is already doing that too. And Now I have to upgrade my plan to even get EDIT the filter if it's not to my fitting on a picture? Ridiculous. For free, all you get: 3 filters. That's it. If you've saved more than 3 filters while it was free, you no longer have access to ANY of them until you buy a subscription. The only thing you can do is crop, but even then, it's only free crop. You can't manually select what size you want, it's either free crop or what polarr offers. Honestly better off using Adobe Photoshop at this point. I may never use this app again
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4 years ago, aziaW
New update set up isn’t that great.
I’ve used Polarr for a while and the set up was easy and efficient and didn’t get in the way of me seeing my project I was working on. But since the new update the set up had changed and it’s harder to see and navigate what I’m doing. The bar of items and things I can do has gotten bigger and when I try to make changes it zooms in on the picture defeating the process. All in all I don’t really care for them taking away some features but changing the layout was a mistake in my opinion, Inter of staying at the bottom making it easier to see, there are more things to tap to get what I want and it’s difficult to see the outcome because it gets in the way. Maybe in the next update can it be so you can choose the layout because this new one isn’t the best.
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6 years ago, Sarah - House of Wend
I have been looking for a pro level photo editing program to use for all the photos I take as a travel blogger. I just was reluctant to jump on he lightroom bandwagon. After reading a ton of positive reviews about Polarr from photographers, I decided to give it a try. Within minutes I was hooked! It is such a powerful tool and the fact that you can use it across multiple platforms is HUGE! I initially had some trouble unlocking the pro features on my laptop that I paid for in the phone app. But within minutes of writing to support I got a response and within 24 hours they had fixed the kink. Can’t beat that! I’m so thrilled with this app and excited to master all of its amazing features!!!
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3 years ago, im seb <3
why i love polarr so much
polarr made me more of a creator by seeing how different filters and effects can alter photos and make them look a certain way which has inspired me to start creating filters myself, my favorite aspects are definitely the variety of things to do. polarrs style creation helps me create more content in the way that i can do so many things in the ways i want to, from adding overlays, brightening or darkening, adding more color/changing the color and being able to try new looks on photos, it really inspired me to create filters of my own that i can share with people. i use polarr for editing any pictures i use, like profile pictures and shared content, polarr is the best filter app i've ever used and one i will continue to use time and time on. i would absolutely recommend polarr to anyone looking to mess with the appearance of their photos, the only issue i've had so far was my photo going black after looking at too many filters, other than that everything is fantastic ^^
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4 years ago, xxTylerhxx
Please revert to the old UI!
I absolutely loved using this as a photo editor, it was incredibly convenient to use on the go to get professional edits that could honestly rival photoshop use on the desktop. However with this new update things are now just overly cluttered and make no sense. I loved using this exclusively to edit my photos from my DSLR that were transferred to my phone but now with the new update things are just super messy and cluttered to the point of not being able to use it anymore. The old UI was clean, very enjoyable to use, and extremely professional.. now it’s just a cluttered mess that looks like it’s trying to fit in with common photo editors. However, this isn’t a common photo editor, this is something used by people who understand photography and what it takes to edit their photos. So please revert to the previous UI, you’ll be doing thousands of us a favor so we can get back to doing what we love!
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8 months ago, Bi0lum1
Don’t bother.
This app has declined incredibly and it’s not even worth its occult following anymore, I spent years on this app creating things for a following- now I can’t even use the filters I’ve been making and using for years without paying. Which I’m not , by the way. Why would I pay for something I used to be able to make for free? It’s extremely exploitative and has gone down the same money hungry rabbit hole picsart has. Invest in other programs people, I don’t know what but anything other than this. It’s stupid how I can have made something years ago and now be completely unable to use a single thing because of these premium features or whatever— I can’t even save a filter I made two years ago which I use on pretty much all of my public edits and that’s exploitative marketing. My review? It’s just another thing ruined by a paywall. Not getting my money.
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5 years ago, Lipbitestyles
Best app I could find but..
I have been using this app for a little over a year and everything has been perfect so far but recently I’ve started to notice a slight change or bug if you will. I click on the app and everything is fine when I edit a photo, I am a pro member, but when I click out and then back into that same photo, suddenly it’s super cropped to the point where there is barely anything to see. And it also will not let me save any filters I have created. Other times when I click into a photo I desire to edit, the screen goes black (sometimes it becomes white) and I have to restart the app. Please fix this bug and I will continue to use the app because it has become very frustrating. I rarely write reviews..
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10 months ago, bluehorsess
used to be great
Used this app for years and it was my favorite. I recommended it to everyone and it was genuinely so unique and had some of my favorite filters. Then y’all limited some of the editing features—even things you can do on THE IPHONE PHOTOS APP. Why would anyone pay for that?? Then you stopped letting people save new filters without paying. Okay, that just limits the time people spend on your app since they’re restricted to the ones they’ve saved. I was annoyed but kept the app since I had saved my favorite filters. Now, you can’t even access your saved filters. Unbelievable. The owners of this app are greedy and have no respect for the people who have used this app forever. I hope they can do some self reflection because the app is basically unusable now. Oh, and you have to watch ads to save photos. It just gets worse and worse.
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11 months ago, The_Vampire_Queen28
Gone Downhill, No Longer Worth It
I used to really love Polarr, I used it for years. Now, it’s clear that it has just become a money grab. I didn’t mind the stupid rule about only having 3 saved filters since I still had access to the ones I’d previously saved, it just meant I couldn’t save anymore. Now you’ve taken away access to previously saved filters too, even those that aren’t premium and were created by others. Literally what was the reason? To push a subscription? There are tons of free apps I can use for filters, and at this point I’d be better off paying for photoshop to do other things. There’s nothing special about this app to need a subscription for it, it would be a waste of time and money. It was better off when the developers actually cared about the users more than the money. For their sake, I hope it doesn’t tank.
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4 years ago, #INSULIN4ALL
Actually, I would say this is a BIG improvement
Edit: Oct. 3, 2020 No way to shut off announcement nag screen?? Seems to never go away and no option to remove sadly. Everybody seems to hate the new update, but actually, I would say this is a BIG improvement from the previous version. (ONLY REAL BUMMER IS: Batch Save is a “premium feature now”) Far as I can tell everything is still there in the free non-subscription version worth is salt and the new additional tools and tool finding layout is a huge benefit for expediting the editing process so I don’t see the issue. Most people just hate change once their used to something but I feel this new update adds more value to the previous version so I’m all for it. — nice work guys 👏🏻
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5 years ago, Aleena Marie
Pretty Good
The features in this app are pretty great, actually- everything is in one place which is very practical. My only major annoyance is that you only get one free export a day without upgrading. The cost to upgrade is fairly reasonable, especially for what the app is- but I’d like it if we could export more than one picture a day with the free version. Even if it were like 3 a day, or maybe unlimited exports but without the option of choosing if it is saved as a png/jpeg/the quality etc. Other than that, you can get around just fine without upgrading and not feel terribly frustrated. It’s nice that the app doesn’t accost you demanding you upgrade every time you open it. Over all a pretty capable and easy to navigate photo editor.
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1 year ago, Guddi_boy
I’m a photographer and have been using for years
I started using this app for my photography when i was 15. I am now 23 and use it everyday. Photoshop is great, but it’s overly complex. This app is very user friendly and i find that i can do pretty much everything i need to do as a photographer in this app, so why use photoshop? It’s way cheaper and easier. If your starting out or if your a professional, you need this app. It will dramatically increase your workflow with its simplicity and user friendly design. It would take me hours to edit a group of photos in photoshop, and it will only take 30-45 mins in this app.
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6 years ago, MEMBERS_ONLY
Lowers Photo Quality
I really do love this app. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and i have to say it’s super easy to use and it’s honestly so different from other editing apps like VSCO or Afterlight, etc. However i find that when saving my edit to my camera role, it lowers the quality of the photo, which is very disappointing since the edit looks so amazing prior to saving it. It’s like i get a final result I’m happy with and when i save it and check the photo just saved, the quality is not as good as shown on the app itself. Because of this i started to use other editing apps, none of which allow me to create edits just like this app does. So please fix this as i really want to have good quality photos!!
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2 years ago, K4u2 x45
Unfortunately the app has fallen victim to greed like so many other developers in the past couple of years. If it wasn’t bad enough that they abused in-app purchases, then moved to the dreaded subscription model for a product/service that it doesn’t even make sense to have one for, they’ve been chipping away at features that have long been included, and putting them behind a paywall in order to try and strong arm you into getting a subscription. The app is now borderline useless unless you pay for a subscription, where as before you could edit a picture completely and only need to pay if you wanted more advanced features. It’s a really shameful and disgraceful act to see the greed of these companies always getting in the way of user experience. If you want to start charging more, ADD value, don’t remove it.
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2 years ago, 0kzen
what happened. 😐
seriously ? why would you make the limit of filters 3 ?? you do know this can make people STOP using YOUR app ? annoying things like this makes people upset at the fact that they can't have good things and your app was one of those good things. this update of the filters having a limit of only 3 is so unnecessary. people will only get angry and delete this app & write bad reviews like these instead of just buying the membership. its a waste of money especially since its only for a bit of time. at least change it back to make it a good app again, otherwise people will just delete it and write bad reviews like this
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5 years ago, jewel_and_stone
Love the options but stop the upgrade ads!!
I really enjoyed using this app, it’s actually become my go-to editing app along side one other. I don’t even use the Pro features and my pics look awesome. But now I can’t even save my non-pro image without an ad coming up for me to either “Upgrade” or “Try Pro Features”. To get out of the ad (because there is no “X” button) I click “Upgrade” and it takes me to a page with options and prices. I can then click “X” out of that, but when I try to save my picture again it tells me I’m using Pro features and I cannot save the image without upgrading. It was a little annoying at first but now I legit cannot save ANYTHING. And I haven’t used a single Pro feature!! I’m so annoyed and irritated. I just want to use this app the way it’s supposed to be used, but the “Upgrade” ad keeps messing it up!
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3 months ago, 1693862
I miss when it was free
You can’t do anything without spending money or watching an ad. I had the app for a while before it updated to having a premium version. I had so many filters that I created and had saved. But now I can’t even use my own filters. You have to pay for premium if you want to use the majority of the app's features, and every time you save a photo you have to watch a 30-second ad. It’s frustrating how much money they want you to pay for how little you’re getting, I’d rather spend a one-time price for the app. I understand app developers have to make their money, But this is not the kind of app I expected to have to pay a significant monthly fee for. Don’t get me wrong; It’s a good app. But it’s only worth it if you can afford it.
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6 years ago, TimBsTechTalk
Pricing has me concerned
The ubiquity of the new pricing model has me a bit concerned. Before subscriptions, you could at most pay $4.99 outright for an app like this. Now we are asked to rent the app $36 a year or $24 a year if you pay for a year. Even if you paid 5 in-app purchases for $1.99 when using the earlier model, you are still only spending $15 for owning the app out-right. If you plan to use the app for 3 years, you pay $72 to rent. That is 5 times the price and we are still only borrowing it. This subscription model is hard enough with movies and music, but to use this model for every app you purchase? I like trying different apps to see what developers are capable of offering. If I downloaded 30 apps a year using the subscription model, I can be expected to pay $720 a year - just to rent the apps. And that’s not including Mac apps. This is unadulterated greed. It’s a shame because this is a nice app and developers deserve to make a living, but not like this. Unfortunately, I now have to be very selective and I choose not to pay another subscription fee for filters. Maybe Apple’s next conference should be WWCC, a customer’s conference.
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9 months ago, Wwwwwwwkkkkkkkkk
Officially completely unusable for me
This has been my go to app for a long time. I had an editing process down and loved the results every time. Unfortunately, little by little, the tools I would always use became premium tools. It was annoying at first but I could still make use of what was left but had to go to other apps to finish what I couldn’t do on Polarr anymore. However, this last time I opened the app it seems like pretty much everything is premium now. From what I can tell even the simplest editing tools are unusable. There’s no reason for me to even stick around and I really have no desire to pay to get any of it back. It’s worthless now. I also don’t ever feel compelled to leave app reviews but witnessing polarr’s transformation to the point of unusability for me has been pretty disappointing.
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